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Found 2,193 results

  1. It has been over 8 months since Death Stranding launched for the Playstation 4 and the game is now making its way to PC on July 14th. We played the game for a short while on our PC rig to test out the performance and how the graphic fidelity of the game. The game has been written, directed, and produced by Hideo Kojima; so as expected the game offers some whacky narratives and gameplay mechanics. The game has already been out for a while, so our review is going to limited to the actual performance of the game. For people who want to know what the game is all about, you play Sam Porter Bridges; a courier delivering essential supplies in the post-apocalyptic world of ‘United Cities of America’. You will spend a lot of time traversing the rough terrain, climbing hills, and constructing bridges to deliver your packages. The game is quite connected to other players of the world where you will also find pre-existing bridges, shelters and other resources left behind for you to use. Inversely, you can also help out other players of the game by leaving behind tools and buildings for them to use in their playthrough. © Kojima Producrtions_505Games Simply judging by the visuals, we played the game on both a 4K TV and a 1440P monitor and the post-apocalyptic world of North America looks absolutely stunning. Whether you are playing in 4K or lower resolutions, you will thoroughly enjoy the world crafted by Kojima and his team for the PC port. You will be spending anywhere between 40-45 hours completing this game with bonus content for Half-Life fans. We tested the game on our dedicated gaming PC build that consisted of an RTX 2080 Ti, 32GB of 3200MHz DDR4 RAM, and an Intel i7-8700K CPU. We have to point out that we were able to achieve anywhere between 55-60 frames while playing in 4K resolution which was more than enough, as this game was playable even on the PlayStation 4 with 30 FPS. Having said that, if you turn down the resolution you can push even more frames; we were hovering between 110 - 120 FPS on 1440P resolution. The game’s video settings allow you to extend it up to 240 FPS. However, to achieve higher frames, we recommend turning off motion blur effects and toning down the depth of field from the settings. The game also provides additional settings for shadows, ambient occlusion, the choice between TAA or FXAA anti-aliasing amongst other settings you can tweak according to your preference and PC specifications. © Kojima Producrtions_505Games Having said that, the game doesn’t require a powerful gaming PC like ours. Sure, you will experience a little drop in performance on older hardware however it will still hold up well for most current PC gamers. The minimum and recommended requirements for Death Stranding are mentioned below: © Kojima Producrtions_505Games We do have to mention that the game does not offer any real-time ray tracing which was a big disappointment. However, the game makes up for it for having NVIDIA’s DLSS 2.0 support. NVIDIA has already issued a driver update and we highly recommend upgrading before playing this game. DLSS 2.0 only works on RTX GPUs where it uses a neural network to boosts frame rates while maintaining the overall image quality. For RTX GPU users, you will not face any major frame rate drops even when playing in higher resolutions. Having said that, with DLSS 2.0 turned off, we did feel the game was being held back a little. If you aren’t an RTX GPU user, you may experience lower frame rates but nothing too drastic that would hamper the overall experience. Overall, the PC port of Death Stranding has been optimised well and delivered an experience expected from a single-player adventure. The Final Verdict If you’ve been wanting to play this game with better performance, frames and upgraded graphics; you really should check out Death Stranding on PC. However, if you already own a PlayStation 4, you can find the game for cheaper online and at your local retailer. 505Games didn’t follow through with regional pricing for this game and it could be a bit expensive purchase for a game that has already been out for several months. View the full article
  2. Amid the COVID-19 scare across the globe, people and especially celebrities are making the most of the lockdown period. Using the time at hand productively, many celebrities have taken to the fitness path and shed those extra pounds during this time period. The latest to join the league is Punjabi singer Guru Randhawa. Of late, Randhawa has been flaunting his all-new, perfectly toned body on his social media account. His latest few photos have him shirtless and showing off his well-cut physique. Well, those pictures are sure enough to inspire the lazy bums in us! He recently updated his profile pic with a stunning photo with the hashtag âeverydaystrongerâ. #NewProfilePic #everydaystronger ï¸ pic.twitter.com/v84sXfCgej â Guru Randhawa (@GuruOfficial) July 5, 2020 Earlier on Friday too he took to his Twitter account to share a photo with the caption, "I'm Loving it." Iâm loving it ï¸ pic.twitter.com/p4ohtmS2w4 â Guru Randhawa (@GuruOfficial) July 3, 2020 This was posted a day after he shared on his Instagram account about his fitness journey. He wrote, "The CHAMP IS HERE. Thanks to my coach @mouyiefitness for believing in me and working more harder everyday for my transformation. It's just a beginning. Thanks to @dabbooratnani sir for helping us in photoshoot through Video call with my team @thewhitecollarfilms and giving us such a great picture. @makeupbyastha did great job like always. My Guru Nanak dev ji helped me everyday with more power." The CHAMP IS HERE Thanks to my coach Mouyie Fitness for believing in me @DabbooRatnani sir pic.twitter.com/JZBuef0iWF â Guru Randhawa (@GuruOfficial) July 2, 2020Just wanna say ï¸ pic.twitter.com/Fzb4CxiKXt â Guru Randhawa (@GuruOfficial) July 4, 2020Late night picture ï¸ pic.twitter.com/oWpS7qRJIo â Guru Randhawa (@GuruOfficial) July 4, 2020#NewProfilePic #everydaystronger ï¸ pic.twitter.com/v84sXfCgej â Guru Randhawa (@GuruOfficial) July 5, 2020This is how my Sunday looks like. Prauntha with Dahi with achátale with Makhan and love ï¸ï¸ OMG incredible taste pic.twitter.com/DwELdx9qOk â Guru Randhawa (@GuruOfficial) July 5, 2020On the work front, the popular singer is back on stage. After his recent gig in Delhi, he told IANS, "I performed after almost three months and it was a good experience. Though the audience was limited, they were very entertaining. We sang songs that we usually sing for our shows and earned as well." View the full article
  3. There is nothing like a big fat Indian wedding. Desi shaadis are nothing short of an extravaganza in the garb of a union between two individuals and their families. A typical Indian wedding, for the most part, will have these following elements. Firstly, there would be a huge gathering! Expect at least three to four generations of family members to be in attendance apart from a whole bunch of excited friends and awkward colleagues. Next, desi weddings are loud AF all with live bands, fireworks and crackers as well as a DJ who seems to have sworn off his soul to fufa ji and plays just the kind of music which pushes all his buttons. © Outcry Entertainment This is followed by a fashion walk of sorts, where every attendee is trying to outdo the others, including the bride and the groom, when it comes dressing in glorious attires and showing off all the gold and precious gems they own. Then of course, there is THE feast where the norm is to have a three-course buffet meal which caters to every kind of palate, although taya ji will still find something to complain about in the menu. © Outcry Entertainment Thatâs a typical Indian wedding for you on a regular day. But, things have been anything but regular of late and all of this is now a thing of the past. At least for 2020, and if we are too unlucky, things might be no different in 2021 as well. With the coronavirus wreaking havoc in India, as well as globally, a lot has changed. But the one thing that will always remain a part of our lives are weddings. But that too had to undergo many modifications in order to make the whole affair suitable for the current circumstances. And no we arenât talking about the court or video call weddings, but a true blue desi wedding. © Outcry Entertainment With government restrictions on hosting weddings, many couples have either postponed their weddings or have been forced to get married under restrictions which call for physical distancing and a limited guestlist of not more than 50 people at the ceremony. A recent wedding in Mumbai gave us a glimpse of what big fat Indians weddings will probably look like in the times of coronavirus. Organised by a luxury wedding planning company named Outcry Entertainment, they managed to bring the coupleâs wishes to life without flouting any government rules. © Outcry Entertainment Hosted at The LaLit, Mumbai, the organizers ensured the safety of the guests without hampering the 'larger than life' aspect of the wedding. Ample safety measures were put in place and hygiene standards were maintained at the venue at all times. Every prop and surface was sanitized Talking about his wedding, groom Saurabh Shah said, âAiming at zero compromise at fun, wedding feels and excitement, they made this event happen with complete Covid safety norms. I got a mask that matched my sherwani with a shawl and a turban.â © Outcry Entertainment "This also looks like a beginning towards a new way of doing events and adapting to scenarios that no one has experienced before. Peopleâs wishes and need to move on with their life was a matter of great concern for me as Wedding Planner. Style statement and the luxurious feel of the weddings will never bow down to restrictions imposed because of Covid," believes Saurabh Chaudhary, Director of Outcry Entertainment. © Outcry Entertainment Given the current scenario and looking at the pictures from the event we agree with Saurabh that this might indeed be the new normal for Big Fat Indian weddings in the times to come. Itâs true that this looks nothing like the usual stuff and itâs all new, but there is no denying that this is the need of the hour and the best we can expect in a situation like ours. View the full article
  4. We are almost 3 months into this work from home life, and if you thought youâd be going back to the office in June, you couldnât have been more wrong! With more and more private companies opting to keep their workforce at home and safe from the ongoing health crisis, working from home has become the new normal in 2020. So unpack those office bags and get comfortable at home, because you are in for a long ride. Finding The Work-Home Life BalanceWorking from home isnât easy, and juggling your housework and office work is an enormous task. Every time you sit down with your laptop, the used utensils in the sink remind you of all the labour you need to put in. Besides the housework, your family life can also take a toll if you are available for work calls 24X7. With work from home becoming the new normal, you need to define your office working hours and stick to them. For example, 'No work calls post 6 pm'. Evenings are for some exclusive âme-timeâ and âfamily timeâ. Donât take extra work over the weekends just because you are available. Set into a work-life balance, and stick to it. Pexels Set Up Your Office Space At HomeGet off the bed and find a work desk thatâs comfortable and clean. The first step to a work from home life is setting up your workspace in the house. A private corner where no one will disturb you and you wonât be tempted to take a quick nap between your Zoom calls. You can even turn a spare room into your office. Get An All-Rounder Laptop & Necessary AccessoriesWith no IT operations handy, it is best to upgrade your laptop and internet with the best in the field. And HP India is ready to help you out with both your concerns! HP India has just launched its first affordable 4G LTE powered laptop, the Personal Internet PC which comes with its very own sim slot and card. The 4G LTE premium feature was otherwise available in laptops costing over one lakh. However, HP wanted to make this feature much more affordable to all. The Personal Internet PC with 4G LTE starts at the price of only Rs 44,999. The best part, thanks to the 4G feature, you no longer have to be dependent on the shared family WiFi that has a slow bandwidth. Powered by Windows 10 home and 10th Gen Intel Core i3/i5, it gives you a smooth user interface. With 24x7 connectivity and uninterrupted data services, it makes the never-ending virtual conference calls a lot more tolerable. It is a perfect upgrade if you've moved your office home amidst this public health crisis. HP India Thatâs not all; your home office also requires some important functioning accessories. From bluetooth headphones to a steady mouse to a printer, make a list of all your work requirements and look up the best offers on the HP India website. Have more suggestions for the perfect work from home life? Drop them in the comments below. View the full article
  5. The Last of Us Part 2 launched with much success since launch day last Friday and became the fastest-selling PlayStation 4 (PS4) game of the year and beat other popular titles like Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It was also the biggest launch of any first-party title for Sony beating previous titles like Uncharted 4 and God Of War. © Naughty Dog A new report by Gamesindustry.biz concludes that The Last of Us Part 2 (TLOU2) sales have surpassed Uncharted 4 physical sales and the report doesnât even take digital sales into account. If one takes digital sales into account, there is a possibility that the margins are even higher than reported. In comparison to the first installment of the game, GamesIndustry says TLOU2 sales have been roughly 76% higher than its predecessor. In the UK, the physical copy of the game has become the fastest-selling game of 2020 and outshined the highly successful Animal Crossing: New Horizons to put it into second place. © Naughty Dog We reviewed TLOU2 and gave it a 9/10 for being one of the greatest games of this generation. The game is already selling well in almost every region including India. Having said that, if you havenât bought the game yet and are still on the fence, we give you six reasons why should consider getting the game. The game is brutal, beautiful to look at and has a compelling story that even puts movies to shame. It really is Naughty Dogâs best work yet and we highly recommend playing this game at least once in your lifetime. TLOU 2 is now available to buy on Amazon India, Games The Shop, Digitally via the PlayStation Store and your local games retailer. Source: Gamesindustry.biz View the full article
  6. From the era of Amitabh Bachchan and Dharmendraâs Sholay, toxic masculinity has been a much-debated aspect of the Bollywood culture. We have time and again questioned this tryst. Back in the 70s, we had male characters that were shown to be macho and female characters were reduced to damsels in distress. Cut to the 90s, we accepted characters like Prem Mehra from Biwi No. 1 who cheats on his wife but the load of the blame is only shared by the girlfriend for an extra-marital affair, instead of the husband. Then we have movies like Veer Zara and Gadar where men were made heroes and they crossed borders to save the women they loved and well, the female characters were just either loyal partners or just loved daughters. Maybe, itâs just the kind of liberation that the women characters got on screen. Yes, things have changed as now there are movies where you have male leads challenging the toxic masculinity and showing the different shades of men who support women. But, the aspect of toxic masculinity is still very much prevalent 21st-century movies and itâs time that this trend needs to stop. So, we are here to talk about 5 Male Bollywood characters that glorified toxic masculinity and we are not okay with it: 1. Kabir From Kabir SinghThe movie completed a year of its successful run yesterday. It might have got all the applause for Shahid Kapoorâs acting prowess but it was questioned for the character he portrayed as it romanticized toxic masculinity. Well, there is this handsome and hyper alpha male Kabir whoâs obsessed with a submissive Preeti. Thatâs very projection is questionable, let alone pin-pointing every aspect in the movie. Kabir doesnât even let Preeti choose her own friends for that matter and we are celebrating Kabir as if he is some epitome of how men should be. 2. Chulbul Pandey From DabanggWhen famous actors like Salman Khan play such roles, how do you expect a change? You might argue that the portrayal of Chulbul was more done in light of a comic spectacle but, itâs very problematic. If you have watched Dabangg, you know it all. Let me give you a few examples from the movie. So, Rajjo is devastated and is mourning her fatherâs death and Chulbul not only gatecrashes the funeral but also tells people not to grieve as itâs time for Rajjo to celebrate her new life with him. Like seriously? In fact, he introduces himself properly to Rajjo after their marriage. The very item number is questionable as it says, âMunni Badnam Hui Darling Tere Liyeâ. I rest my case here. 3. Bunny From Yeh Jawaani Hai DeewaniSo, many men want to be like Bunny and actually, for that matter, many women want to live life Bunny style. But, the character is problematic and accepting it as it is not a cool idea. Bunny wants to live his life and he decided to live it fully. When he comes back, he realizes his love for Naina. Everything was acceptable till this moment, but you will lose your sanity when he goes to claiming his right on her when he, himself, is not very sure about commitment. Thereâs a scene wherein Naina is sitting with a friend (played by Rana Daggubati) and Bunny is jealous and thinks itâs his right to shun the other man but what about seeking the approval of Naina. 4. Sonu From Sonu Ke Titu Ki SweetyWhile I get it that Luv Ranjan wants to show things according to how men feel, this puts me in a very uncomfortable position as it shows a different picture of men who have multiple issues with the opposite gender. So, Sonu advises Titu, who is having issues with his new girlfriend, to have post break-up *** instead of getting into a new relationship. It doesnât stop here. Sonu gives a character certificate to Sweety and tries every way into manipulating Titu to leave her. Do men think of women as only gold-diggers? Now, thatâs objectionable, isnât it? 5. Rahul From Kuch Kuch Hota HaiThinking why Rahul is on the list? Well, he, too, is a prime example of toxic masculinity. From falling in love with someone whoâs beautiful and is not a tomboy to saying things like basketball is not for women, Rahul is nowhere close to being an ideal man but we still idolize his character and in fact, think he is how men should be. Itâs time that we stop showing only one shade of men as in reality; there are men who are supportive of their partners so why not celebrate them instead? View the full article
  7. If it werenât for the Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Machine (UDM), working from home would have been way harder than ever since the Coronavirus outbreak and lockdown happened. While it may seem fitting to review a router during these times, I got the router a few weeks before the lockdown. Now that Ubiquiti finally operates in India, I can finally talk about the best router I have used in years. Sure, you can invest in a fancy gaming router by ASUS, but in terms of functionality, it may not match the UniFi Dream Machine in most cases. The UniFi Dream Machine is the first consumer product by Ubiquiti that is perfect for homes that require a stable connection for various purposes. The Dream Machine does make networking easier for newbies but is also a great router to consider for networking enthusiasts. It costs the same as any 4x4 MIMO routers from the competition but offers more customisations and solutions for its users. While using the router given by your ISP serves the purpose if you are using a wired connection, WiFi, on the other hand, is a different ball game altogether. Design © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla When you first look at the router, you will normally assume that it is a digital voice assistant speaker simply because it has a similar design. The cylindrical shape looks way better than a generic router with antennas as it blends in well with the overall aesthetic of modern homes. It has a light on the top; a speaker and an in-built fan to keep all the components nice and cool. The WiFi router uses the 802.11ac Wave 2 standard which is currently more reliable than the newly launched WiFi 6 routers you can find on Amazon. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla While the UniFi Dream Machine did miss out on the WiFi 6 bandwagon; real-world tests show that it doesnât matter. The UDM also has its security gateway with advanced firewall policies and a dedicated threat management system which you cannot find on most routers today. At the back, there are four dedicated gigabit ethernet ports which are an integrated gigabit switch for network enthusiasts who want to add network storage or wired client devices. The blue light at the top indicates the network health which can be dimmed or even turned off from the backend settings. We did mention that there is a fan in the router; however, it only kicks in during the initial setup of the router. The speaker makes a noise when your setup is complete and the router is ready to use. We donât think this router has any microphones so a possibility of the UDM becoming a smart speaker in the future remains impossible. Performance Many routers donât even bother to mention whatâs inside it but the UDM is powered by an ARM 1.7 Hz quad-core processor with 16GB of internal storage and 2GB of RAM. These specifications are necessary for the router as it powered the switch and the controller found inside. To set up the device; you need to download the Unifi Network application or use it via Google Chrome on your desktop. The app or the desktop interface can be used to manage devices; set up guest networks and add in additional settings like setting up custom VPN services. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla Setting up the router is also straight forward where you need to simply insert the LAN cable to the WAN port and the router will do everything else automatically. You can then assign a network name, password and adjust other settings if need be. However, you do need to sign up for a Ubiquiti account before you can get started. Once everything is set up, there are numerous settings for network enthusiasts who want to take advantage of features like port forwarding, manual channel selection or simply look at a detailed breakdown of the connected devices and usage statistics. Having said that, the router does have its AI-assisted feature where the router selects the least congested channel automatically. You can even control and manage the router even when you are not home from the app making it super convenient to use for newcomers. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla On the desktop interface, there are some more features that you can look into if you plan to use this router for enterprise solutions. Many of these features were new to even me and we suggest you do your research before messing with the settings. In the same settings, you can set up four additional virtual Wi-Fi networks. You can even use the integrated cloud key to create a captive portal similar to hotel networks. Here you can set up your terms of service and even issue coupons and make money from your home network. You can charge guests for using your internet connection and issue coupons for a custom price. If you are looking for more customisations, you can even assign specific purposes for each of the four ethernet ports. You can set up an L2TP VPN server and configure DNS, DHCP, QoS, UPnP, and RADIUS servers. Ubiquiti gives you so many customisation options that make the UDM an awesome purchase for home or small offices. Connectivity When you are talking about WiFi routers, connectivity is the most important feature to consider and the UDM exceeded our expectations here. It managed to work well at long distances and deliver a consistent speed even with thick walls between the device and the router. With the UDM, you will not face random network drops even on devices with weak WiFi adapters. We managed to use the UDMâs network at great distances with a stable connection that even some of the best gaming routers canât deliver right now. For example, using a phone some 20 meters away from the router resulted in giving us a speed of 120 MBPS on a 150 MBPS connection. If we went further, the speed would drop a bit but it always remained consistent. At a time when everyone is working from home, the UDM delivers performance that gives everybody the freedom to move around the house. Weak WiFi signals often force users to stay close to the WiFi router. However, with the UDM you can go up to 50 feet and still enjoy a healthy network. This alone makes the UDM a worthy investment for professionals who are working from home. Apart from work from home professionals, this router is also perfect for users with a lot of smart devices. Now that smart lights, voice assistants, air purifiers and smart TVs have become a part of many households, you need a good WiFI router that can support all of those devices all at once. The Final Say Backed with awesome hardware and great connectivity, the Ubiquiti UniFi Dream Machine is the perfect router for homes and small business. If youâve been wanting to get a router that is reliable and offers enough customisations for your networking needs, the Dream Machine is that reliable router that offers both. Buying this router is a valid investment as it will not only let you work freely from anywhere in your home, it will also last longer than your ISPâs router. If you are interested in buying this router, it is now available in India via the official store. View the full article
  8. Who would have thought that instead of walking alongside a beach, we would be spending our summers locked up inside or standing in long queues! Even though this is probably the longest nightmare ever, we can make it a little better by adding a whole lot of fun to it, through fashion of course! Where masks have become the ultimate fashion accessory for 2020, sunglasses for men are not too far behind either. And now that you are all getting ready to step outside again, you will need some latest trendy sunglasses for men to shield your eyes. This is where we step in! Handpicking from the best reviewed sunglasses, here are our top 2020 picks for men __ECOMLOOKS__775__ __ECOMLOOKS__776__ __ECOMLOOKS__777__ __ECOMLOOKS__778__ __ECOMLOOKS__779__ __ECOMLOOKS__780__ __ECOMLOOKS__781__ Getting Experimental! We agree that all these sunglasses for men are highly experimental! But itâs no fun doing things the basic way! Let us know in the comments if you loved any of these! Explore More View the full article
  9. It has been long rumoured that Apple has been working on its own custom chips for its laptops, and the Cupertino giant is about to announce its shift very soon. According to a report by Bloomberg, Mac computers will be housing Appleâs custom processors instead of chips from Intel. The report goes on to say Apple will be announcing the new move at its annual developer conference later this month. © daniel-korpai-unsplash The new chipsets are rumoured to be based on the same technology used in iPhones and iPads that are already industry-leading for its performance and power capabilities. Having said that, macOS have completely different requirements than iPhones and it would be interesting to see how Apple plans to integrate the new chips. Apple will be licensing the technology from Arm Limited and will have a different architecture as Intel chips. Developers will need to optimise their apps for future macOS products if this rumour turns out to be true. It will be the first time in 36 years Apple will be using their own chipsets for their laptops and computers. © radek-grzybowski--unsplash The shift to custom processors comes after Apple engineers got worried about sticking to Intelâs roadmap which would delay or derail Appleâs future plans. Bloomberg reports that Apple has been testing Arm-based Macs internally and have already seen sizeable improvements over MacBooks using Intel chipsets. Apple is aiming for more power-efficient chipsets that will enable the laptops to be even thinner and lighter. The report adds that Apple has been working on three different versions of its own processors. The processor is said to have its own graphics processing unit and a Neural Engine for machine learning and other types of AI learning. Apple has been working on chipsets for laptops for years and we may finally see their results at the annual WWDC conference scheduled for later this month. Apple is expected to announce new versions of iOS, TVOS, iPadOS, macOS and other improvements for the following year. Source: Bloomberg View the full article
  10. If youâre bored of the usual Fatherâs Day gifts guides online, you are going to love this one! The best fatherâs day gift is one that is as unique as your old man. Something that reminds your father of the special bond you share with him every time he uses it. Where can you find such unique gifts? Well, we have put together some unique Fatherâs Day gift ideas that are thoughtful, pleasant and perfect for this occasion. __ECOMLOOKS__726__ __ECOMLOOKS__727__ __ECOMLOOKS__728__ __ECOMLOOKS__729__ __ECOMLOOKS__730__ Itâs The Thought That Counts!Gifting your loved ones is all about making them feel special. And this time round, wish your dad a Happy Fatherâs Day, something you know youâve always wanted to do and say it with a thought and a gift that reflects the lasting emotion of love. Let us know in the comments what's the best gift you have ever given your father that made him feel special! Explore More View the full article
  11. Arguably one of the biggest names in international cricket, Shane Warne was the golden boy for Australia in a generation that dictated terms in the gentleman's game. In an international career that spanned over almost 14 years, Warne, on the back of envious bowling records, established himself as one of the greatest spinners to have ever graced the game of cricket. By the time he retired in 2006, Warne had 17,995 runs and 708 wickets in Tests alongside 7,541 runs and 293 wickets in ODI cricket. While his feats surely give a glimpse of his cricketing success, Warne's wizardry with the ball is perhaps best showcased in the 'ball of the century' he bowled on 4th June, 1993 to England's Mike Gatting. #OnThisDay in 1993, a 23-year-old Shane Warne delivered 'The Ball of the Century' pic.twitter.com/vcGkv885yG â ICC (@ICC) June 3, 2020 Warne had only played 11 Tests and one ODI when he was included in the Australian line-up for the Ashes against England for the Manchester Test. While others would have been a bit nervous, Warne, having taken 33 wickets in 12 international matches, probably took it as a challenge to prove his mettle early in his career. Introduced into the attack, after his team was bowled out for 289 runs in the first innings, Warne was facing Gatting, a renowned player against spin-bowling, at the other end. While many had backed experienced Gatting to give young Warne a tough time, the Australian turned the tables on the veteran in style. One heck of a delivery... Shane Warne, you beauty.... â Ashwani (@ImashwaniKsingh) June 4, 2020 Bowling his maiden delivery in the famed Ashes, a 23-year-old Warne took his famous slow-walk, as part of his run-up, towards the crease and used his wind-up action to deliver a masterpiece. The leg-break delivery saw the ball, moving through the air, beginning to drift to the right, eventually pitching several inches outside the line of leg-stump. Taking note of the trajectory, Gatting, as an experienced player of spin-bowling, pushed his leg forward to get to the pitch of the ball to nullify the danger. But, to Gatting and everyone's surprise, the ball, despite pitching outside leg, spun back in (almost two-and-a-half feet), cuffing off sharply to beat the batsman and clipping the top of the off-stump. The sharp turn and bounce extracted by Warne didn't just leave Gatting surprised and bemused, but also saw the unbelievable delivery labelled as the 'ball of the century'. The dismissal of Gatting opened the floodgates for Australia as Warne claimed three more scalps as England were bowled out for 210. Sensing Warne's success, captain Allan Border declared Australia's second innings at 432/5. And, as expected, Warne took four more wickets to help Aussies seal a 179-run win and go 1-0 up in the six-match series. While Australia won the game, Warne etched his name in the history books for his legendary delivery which didn't just put him on the cricketing map, but also earned him the reputation of the man who saved the dying art of leg-spin in international cricket. Warne went on to establish himself as one of the greatest spinners of all-time, taking wickets and shattering records at will. And, while he might have retired from the game, Warne's legends, like the 'miracle ball', continue to live on. View the full article
  12. Engineer, industrial designer and technology entrepreneur Elon Musk finally made his dream come true when his company SpaceX successfully managed to send two astronauts into space in their very own rocket ship earlier today. What makes this achievement so special is that it opens the doors to the possibility of commercial space travel and a completely new era of space exploration, the very reason why Musk founded Space Exploration Technologies Corp 18 years ago. The blast-off took place without a winkle in execution and the National Aeronautics and Space Administrationâs (NASAâs) Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken rode off into the sky. Images from the launch have ever since been making rounds on social media and have the viewers in complete awe of how majestic it appeared: Falcon 9 lifts off from historic Launch Complex 39A and sends Crew Dragon to orbit on its first flight with @NASA astronauts to the @space_station pic.twitter.com/UOoaKiQaFk â SpaceX (@SpaceX) May 31, 2020 NASA also shared recorded footage of the two astronauts from inside the âEndeavourâ capsule, before Bob and Doug gave us a tour of their fancy spacecraft which is currently en route to the International Space Station, where the two will spend between 1-4 months as a part of this mission. Welcome aboard the @SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft! In this video from space, @AstroBehnken and @Astro_Doug reveal the name of their capsule: Endeavour. Take a look inside as the crew continues their journey to the @Space_Station: https://t.co/K9S5mejONx pic.twitter.com/mvH8UhE5FW â NASA (@NASA) May 31, 2020 And while Musk may have taken a giant leap towards realising his dream of populating foreign planets, the common people of Twitter couldnât help but show their jealousy towards those who got the opportunity to leave Earth on the spaceship in such horrible times. super jealous of these SpaceX astronauts leaving earth right now, talk about timing. â ððððð â½ (@becccasky) May 30, 2020https://t.co/T2HOUnAdid Good call leaving earth. ð½ â Magi-Carlos (@CtotheARLOS) May 31, 2020Riots everywhere and people leaving earth. Wtf is going on. Wait for me.... â Just Looking (@JustLoo29276504) May 30, 2020Lowkey jealous of those astronauts that got to leave earth today, congrats @SpaceX â Ronak Patel ⢠(@_patel4k) May 31, 2020Saw this on Instagram and had to steal! Haha!! Iâm definitely jealous of them!! ð¼ #2020 #nasa #spacex pic.twitter.com/cFJvWsks3j â Michelle C Bush (@michelleCbush) May 31, 2020Other than the coronavirus pandemic taking over the world, causing people their lives and livelihood and pushing them into poverty, the US is also battling racism and police brutality. Ever since the horrible death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, protests and riots have flooded the country which takes pride in being called âthe land of the free and the home of the brave.â Dude brought a bow to SLC riots, got taken out. pic.twitter.com/K58QpwBDkU â Garth Mortensen (@voldemortensen) May 31, 2020 Itâs not just America that has been fighting the demons of their backyard. India too is struggling from the locust attack, ruing the crops of farmers from states such as Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. Heartbreaking stories of people losing their loved ones are making headlines every single day. Many are resorting to crime just to fill their stomach. A man broke into a roadside eatery in Maharashtra's Yavatmal district to steal food as the coronavirus-induced lockdown had left him famished https://t.co/tz8U3LyUZ7 â SK Iyer (@iyer_sk) May 31, 2020 Given the situation, their envy towards the two astronauts away from this toxic planet is completely understandable. View the full article
  13. Iâll be honest here, guys. I actively stay away from literally anything and everything related to TikTok. The cringe content on that platform is something I have no intention of viewing, however, this morning, for the first time in my life, I came across a TikToker who actually left me smiling and in awe, and he happens to hail from a village in Jharkhand, India. Everyone, meet Sanatan Kumar Mahato. A brilliant dancer with no professional training, whatsoever, and still manages to rake in millions of views on his dance videos on TikTok. Oh, by the way, he has garnered over a million followers on TikTok in a little over a year. Impressive or what? A viral video on Twitter caught my eye this morning and I was pleasantly surprised with what I witnessed. A young boy and girl, dressed up in village garb, located in a clearly authentic rural setting, dancing beautifully to an old Bollywood song, displaying pure professional talent. Now, thatâs something you donât come across every day. This is cute. ï¸ pic.twitter.com/RQtKvMYtFt â Bhaiyyaji (@bhaiyyajispeaks) May 29, 2020 Naturally, I was intrigued about this dancing couple and delved deep into social media to find out who they are and see if they are already popular or not, because from what I had just watched, they deserve recognition. Lots of it. Turns out, these dancers, mostly the boy in the video, are already super popular TikTokers. The comment section of the Tweet which had posted Sanatanâs video, was filled with people praising his talent and simplicity. God bless to these siblings and they are literally poor but people like them can not be made famous by us !! In reality platform like tik tok or toutube must be utilised to give them avenues to show their acrobatics to wipe out their abject poverty!! â Transcendental Mind (@003AbhishekRaj) May 29, 2020Hidden talents get unearthed due to social media. No one needs to depend on a producer to launch them in public space in today time. Just a phone and an internet. â Hugo Stiglitz (@aatli_baatli) May 29, 2020दà¥à¤¶ मॠपà¥à¤°à¤¤à¤¿à¤­à¤¾à¤ à¤à¤¿ à¤à¤®à¥ नहà¥à¤ हॠà¤à¤° न सामाà¤à¤¿à¤ à¤à¤¾à¤® à¤à¤°à¤¨à¥ वालॠà¤à¥ बस हम लà¥à¤à¥à¤ नॠदà¥à¤à¤¾ हॠनहà¥à¤ à¤à¤° समà¤à¤¾ हॠनहà¥à¤ à¤à¤¦à¤¾à¤¹à¤°à¤£ बà¥à¤²à¥à¤µà¥à¤¡ मॠहॠदà¥à¤ लॠसब à¤à¤¼à¤¾à¤¨à¤¦à¤¾à¤¨à¥ à¤à¤²à¤¾à¤à¤¾à¤° हॠà¤à¤¿à¤¨à¤à¥ बाप दादाà¤à¤ à¤à¥ बदà¥à¤²à¤¤ मिला हॠà¤à¤° वहà¥à¤ राà¤à¤¨à¥à¤¤à¤¾à¤à¤ à¤à¥ यहाठà¤à¤¹à¤¾ à¤à¤¾à¤® à¤à¤¾ ठनहà¥à¤ à¤à¤¤à¤¾ लà¥à¤à¤¿à¤¨ सब सामाà¤à¤¿à¤ à¤à¤¾à¤°à¥à¤¯à¤à¤°à¥à¤¤à¤¾ बनतॠफिरतॠहà¥à¥¤ â ठà¥à¤ पहाड़ॠ(@Dilse_Tweet) May 29, 2020Talent acquisition team should look forward to them..woww â vikash kumar (@vikkuuuu) May 29, 2020Meanwhile tiktokers pic.twitter.com/btUcfUWR0C â Pankaj Sharma (@pankajsharma006) May 29, 2020 Sanatan joined TikTok on February last year and has come a long way since. Intrigued to know more about the humble origins of this talented boy, I scoured through YouTube and stumbled upon this video, made by his own close friend, giving a closer insight into Sanatanâs village life and his viral videos. Of course, Sanatan has his own YouTube channel as well where you can check out more of his content. You can also follow him on TikTok where he goes by the username âdancersanatanâ. © TikTok/Sanatan I have been watching his videos back to back on YouTube and guys, he is incredible. It's so hard for me to believe that he has not received any kind of training. His movements are so accurate yet fluid, I just can't stop binge-watching him. Truth be told, this is what TikTok was originally supposed to be. A platform to discover talent from the most unexpected of places instead of the horrifying and cringe-worthy content that it is filled with right now. You have found a new fan in me, Sanatan and I am sure that the more people see you, the more they are going to be in awe of your talent. Way to go, man! View the full article
  14. The quadcopter had intruded 700 metres into the Pakistan side of the Line of Control, says ISPR
  15. 10-year-old Lyza Brooks Mosie from Georgia, United States has become a fitness sensation all over the world because of her dedication towards becoming the best gymnast that she can. According to Lad Bible, the young athlete got in touch with gymnastics at the tender age of four and completely âfell in loveâ with it. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@lyzabrooks) Now, not only does she want to master her craft but is also training like an absolute beast to meet her goals. Lyzaâs mother Jill Mosier opened up about her work ethic and it is nothing short of inspirational. "She stays on top of her game by getting up at 5.30 am to train - we have set up all sorts of gymnastics stations in our storage room where she would go for hours to workout,â she says. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@lyzabrooks) According to her mom, Lyza trains five days a week for over 30 hours and is willing to do whatever it takes to make herself better, and the best part is that she enjoys it. "She fell in love with working out when she started coming to my fitness classes last summer and she has drastically improved in such a short amount of time. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@lyzabrooks) "She aims to be the best gymnast she can possibly be, nothing will get in her way." Having said that, many have criticised the family for putting too much pressure on Lyza, who, at the end of the day, is just a 10-year-old, but thatâs the beauty of the apprentice, she is self-motivated and nobody asks her to spend so much time at the gym. She is does it on her own. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@lyzabrooks)"She loves hearing that she inspires others, however, we also get the occasional mean person as well who say we shouldn't make her train so much,â Jill adds. "But I assure you, we have nothing to do with this - I have four kids and Lyza begs to workout. Going through the young starâs YouTube channel, her dedication towards getting fitter by the day can be seen and is 100% genuine. Her posture while working out, the patience with which she holds her positions and the enthusiasm with which she continues to get back to the gym every single day are just a few characteristics most of us have failed to imbibe even today and can take a lesson or two from Lyzaâs book. Confident and in full support of her daughterâs dream, Jill also said: "I am so proud of her and I can't wait for her to achieve her dreams and become an elite gymnast." View the full article
  16. Early this Sunday, Mumbaiâs Nair hospital experienced nothing short of a Mother's Day miracle. After being turned down by seven hospitals, an expectant mother was taken in by Dr Ganesh Shinde of Nairâs Gynaecology department, where despite having tested positive for COVID-19, she delivered a set of healthy triplets - each of whom tested negative for the deadly virus. Itâs not too much of a stretch to say that sheâs been through one of the most dire 24-hours of her life this weekend, but if thereâs a Motherâs Day message to take home from here, itâs this: There is nothing more difficult on this Earth than being a mother. Being A Mother Is A Full-Time Job via GIPHY I think we all deserve some slack for not realising this as children. After being asked countless times about our ambitions and plans for the future, many of us wanted to grow up as soon as possible - no more rules to follow? That sure sounded great back then. And so, as we grew older into our teenage years, we threw ourselves into friendships, relationships and personal interests that came and went - all with the hope that we wouldnât grow old with regrets. All while our mothers stood by our sides and dealt with our mood swings, our avoidant behaviour and tendency to jump the nest. © Trimurti Films While we make progress on the front of women's rights inch by inch every day, itâs only been just over seventy years since the first womenâs rights movement marched onward in the western world - just a blink in the eye of human history. When our mothers were growing up in the late 20th century, many of them had to fight against social pressures the likes of which we take for granted today - especially as men. Having a child as an Indian woman came with many expectations that remain invisible to us today, especially if weâre not actively looking for them. Our mothers have sacrificed so much in the name of raising us - everything from career opportunities as working women to late nights and early mornings spent on household chores and family expectations. Not Just A Mom, But A Friend Too © Hope Productions Thatâs why, perhaps this Motherâs Day, when weâre socially distanced and donât have the means to produce grand gestures or expensive gifts, perhaps the most important thing we can give our mothers is the chance to open up. To have a tougher, but more honest conversation about the realities theyâve faced and the sacrifices theyâve had to make. One that they could not have with a young child by their side, but can definitely have with an older, matured one who also isnât just a son or daughter - but a friend to lean on as well. View the full article
  17. As the world continues to struggle with curbing the spread of coronavirus, we have been hit by two successive jolts that have left the country in shock and grief. Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor, though very different in their approach to the craft of acting, have left voids that canât be filled by others. And while we were still grieving the legends by revisiting their masterpieces, we came across a poignant video on YouTube, where Irrfan Khan talks about life, death, spirituality and much more. © YouTube/Anand Gandhi Uncanny as it may seem now, as soon as the conversation starts, Irrfan brings up the topic of death - trying to understand Asha Jadejaâs perspective on whether death is beyond understanding. Asha Jadeja is the wife of Rajeev Motwani, who was one of the first advisors of Google. Asha offers a rather interesting insight on how she coped with her husbandâs death by looking out for signals. © YouTube/Anand Gandhi The conversation freewheels into how the society has become consumeristic and drifted away from spirituality with some profound insights from Irrfan. Citing an example from his childhood, Irrfan explains how the epiphany struck him that he was a mere device of all the information and influences around him and how we are all, as a society, designed to work like that. What stood out for me though and can really give anyone goosebumps is the way Irrfan wraps the conversation up: Irrfan says, âSometimes we have the audacity to understand reality. Thatâs the energy which has created you - you cannot look back and understand it. Itâs unknowable and you should be easy with that uncertainty and the unknowable. We have this sense of being, but we are nothing. Maybe the consciousness is experiencing itself through us.â Though eerie to see him talking about life and death, the note on which he ends this video not only gives some solace in dealing with his loss, it also comes as some much-needed reflection amidst these testing times of isolating from the world. View the full article
  18. The number of people facing acute food insecurity could nearly double this year to 265 million due to the economic fallout of COVID-19, the United Nations? World Food Programme (WFP) said on Tuesday.
  19. India is a land of abundant talent and the Internet is a big world in itself, that has given us some heart touching moments. While some rejoice looking at memes or sharing pictures, others resort to change the lives of other people, bringing in happiness for them. In some cases, their lives are transformed completely. © Twitter/Ranu Mondal_Fanclub It all started with Ranu Mondal, whose journey is unforgettable. A homeless woman spotted at a station in West Bengal sang for us and her talent inspired many, just in a video of a few seconds. Himesh Reshammiya recognised her talent and gave her a chance to sing in his movie Happy Hardy and Heer. © Amazon Coming to the latest instance, a clip of a homeless man from Patna has surfaced on social media and the video has gone viral. A short video shows a him singing the rendition of Jim Reeves' song 'He'll Have to Go' in his melodious voice, and the Internet is stunned by the impeccable talent hidden away in the narrow lanes of India. The person who recorded this whole video engaged with him and asked him to several questions. When asked, if he can speak English, he said yes and then the banter goes on which made the video quite heart-melting and interesting. The man asked, "So what do you do for your day to day life?" To this, he replied "I beg" When asked about his food and other dire situations, he said he knows how to manage and didn't complain. He also added "I am a singer and a dancer. My name is Sunny baba." With his magical voice and fluent English, this man from Patna decided to take the internet by storm overnight with Jim Reeves' 'He'll Have To Go' at the end. This song is an iconic one from Jim Reeves' list of songs, that was popular in 1960. The pop song has unforgettable lyrics and is remembered and sung even today. The caption read as "This man, a beggar from Patna sings Jim Reevesâs Heâll Have To Go. Priceless,â This man, a beggar from Patna sings Jim Reeves "He'll have to go". Priceless ï¸ pic.twitter.com/lJdoRjrxMa â Vandana (@VandanaJayrajan) April 20, 2020 As the video went viral, people couldn't stop applauding the man for his voice. Check out these reactions. Seems to be a Caribbean runaway. â Shwetank Singh (@shwetankbhushan) April 20, 2020His English is better than that of the person interviewing, but I think he is either from the Caribbean or Africa. â Mrs Shrini (@bezubaan) April 20, 2020What is impressive about him is he is happy and content.. thatâs a great quality. â narasimhasð®ð³ (@Lotusfeetns) April 20, 2020Wonder what circumstances would have compelled him to be on the streets & beg ! Yet he looks so content ! This is a classic instance of having achieve Viveka (disenchantment) & Vairagya (detachment) from desires & he is clearly looking inward This is a lovely share ð» â Besura Taansane (@BesuraTaansane) April 21, 2020This man, a beggar from Patna sings Jim Reeves "He'll have to go". Priceless ï¸ pic.twitter.com/lJdoRjrxMa â Vandana (@VandanaJayrajan) April 20, 2020Hollywood ka ranu mondal â Vakratunda (@Vikram_Noolvi) April 21, 2020 All in all, we have to say, with such a melodious voice, this man can indeed give the Indian idols a run for their money. Watch out for him! View the full article
  20. In unprecedented times like these, amidst the coronavirus lockdown when business isn't as usual, people are finding creative yet effective ways to get business as close to 'usual' as possible. For instance, Subrata Pati is conducting his daily classes from the top of a neem tree in his village The history teacher is giving lessons to his students from his native Ahanda village in West Bengalâs Bankura district, which is about 200 km away from Kolkata, on seminal importance that shaped civilizations and conquests by kings and generals © BCCL Subrata Pati teaches at two educational institutes in Kolkata. However, taking online classes has been a struggle from his native village. In fact, his phone screen has been frozen in the past while taking these classes, exasperated, as he was about to give up, he was struck by the innovative idea of climbing a tree to see if a change of altitude made a difference in catching network on his phone, and it, in fact, did make a difference. For Subrata Pati, this was the beginning of a new routine. Every morning, the 35-year-old man climbs up the neem tree next to his house and settles in on a makeshift wooden platform tied to its branches that makes hours of teaching more comfortable whilst sitting on the tree. Then, he receives an uninterrupted signal on his phone which he uses to teach his students with. © BCCL âI have temporarily shifted from my Kolkata residence to Ahanda, which is a part of the stateâs Jangalmalal area, to be with my family in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. That done, I couldnât have shrugged off my responsibility as a teacher. The Internet network here is mostly patchy, so I had to look for a solution,â said the history teacher at Adamas University and RICE Education. He also makes it a point to take food and water with him to the tree-top, made of bamboo, gunny sacks, and hay. âSometimes the heat and the urge to pee bother me, but I am trying to adjust... sometimes storms and thundershower damage the platform, but I try and fix it the next day. Under no circumstances I would want my students to be inconvenienced,â he told PTI. âThe students keep boosting my confidence. They have always been very supportive. They assured me that they would put in their best efforts to score well in my paper,â he told Hindustan Times. People are applauding him for 'taking education to new heights', quite literally. Good to see that somebody is taking education to new heights in India :p â Gallimimus (@Gallim1mus) April 21, 2020 At least, we have internet in the age of lockdown. Digital India ð¤·ð» â MeEr (@MeEr93736930) April 21, 2020 People also think that he should be awarded for his efforts. He should be encouraged and awarded for his efforts. â rao_sh AISSMSCOP (@aissmscop) April 21, 2020 And some people saw the opportunity to make fun of the situation as well. #CoronavirusLockdown | Teacher climbs tree for internet connectivity to teach students during lockdownhttps://t.co/5pH1rfu0DW pic.twitter.com/GhsxXuyjrA â Hindustan Times (@htTweets) April 21, 2020Regardless, we're glad his students aren't missing out on history lessons. View the full article
  21. The Coronavirus outbreak has allowed us to finish watching all the shows we had on our lists and even make time for some new ones. Well, for those who love Vir Das, he is there to treat you with his new show, Hasmukh. While the genre of comedy might not be new to Vir Das, the actor-comedian goes down the darker route in this new series. If dark comedy is your thing, then this show is surely for you. The new series shows the journey of Hasmukh Sudiya (Vir Das), a man from Saharanpur who wants to be comedy's biggest star. The only problem lies in his crippling creative blocks. The show will unravel all the mysteries. Featuring Das alongside Ranvir Shorey and Manoj Pahwa, the series has got the people talking on Twitter. Before you see why people are recommending the show, hereâs a look at the trailer: People who have watched it are recommending this show as the next binge-watch series and are appreciating Vir Das and Ranvir Shorey for their brilliant performances. Watched #Hasmukh on #Netflix. Compelling dark narrative. @thevirdas does a marvellous job immersing totally into the role. â Sanjeev Chhabra (@chhabs63) April 19, 2020Just watched #Hasmukh on @NetflixIndia! @thevirdas and @RanvirShorey are absolutely fucking killing it! @Deeksha_k_s Lovely You are. P.S. Dialogue of the Year - Muskuraiye, kya hua, koi mar gya kya!! â Pankaj Kumar #StayHomeSaveLives (@PanksSays) April 19, 2020@thevirdas you just killed it man... Right time right show right skills... Expecting many more .... Thank you and all the best ...#Hasmukh â KAILASH MIRANI (@mirani_kailash) April 19, 2020Once again @RanvirShorey showcases his acting chops in #Hasmukh.. hereâs one actor who doesnât get the credit he deserves.. watch #TrafficSignal and youâll understand! â Nikhil Sakhardanday (@niks2410) April 19, 2020Just got done watching #Hasmukh @thevirdas amazing act by this man. @RanvirShorey you were the master piece. Seriously it was a killer ð». Casting and story line was brilliantly done. â Aftab A Khan (@i_affy) April 19, 2020You kept me awake all night last night bro LOVED #Hasmukh Its wicked, funny, dark and such amazing performances! Especially by the supporting cast! 𤪠Love you bro! You ROCKED! And a huge round of applause for @Nikgonsalves 𤩠https://t.co/Iznkr1aX8d â Milap (@zmilap) April 19, 2020Watched #Hasmukh on #Netflix. Compelling dark narrative. @thevirdas does a marvellous job immersing totally into the role. â Sanjeev Chhabra (@chhabs63) April 19, 2020Talking about the show, Vir Das had earlier said, Hasmukh is purely a fictional tale. But every fictional story is founded in some wild imagination. As the writer, thatâs what I have applied here. One can never imagine looking at Amol Palekar on screen and say that he can have a dark side. His on-screen characters are so affable and endearing. Hasmukh is similar.â Since many people have already recommended it, I will give it a shot and watch it tonight. What about you? View the full article
  22. A lot of memes come from cringe content, of course, and that's something India never has a shortage for. We have had some iconic moments of viral videos and it honestly doesn't get the recognition it deserves. Why should only desi people suffer? We have the most over-the-top daily soaps and it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that any reality show produced here is a goldmine for memes. Bigg Boss alone has blessed us with so many gems over the years, and I think we, as a nation, would forever be thankful for that. Sometimes, way less often than I would like, these hilarious videos cross the border and get the international fame it so desperately deserves and I'm so happy about it. So, I thought I would make a list of all the instances where desi videos ended up going viral all over the world. 1. Pooja, what is this behaviour? Hands down, the most iconic Bigg Boss video of all time. People know the entire conversation by heart and honestly, that's legendary status right there. And, the fact that our beloved Pooja changes her accent like four times will never not be hilarious. Please do yourself a favour and watch this video again, you deserve it. © Reddit 2. How can she slap? Another great moment in Indian TV history and I really hope this one lives on forever, it's just that funny. The violence, the drama, the titular slap? It has something for everyone. An iconic video, out and out. © Twitter 3. Gopi bahu washing the laptop Oh no Gopi bahu, what are you doing? I can't believe this level of comedy originated from a freaking saas-bahu serial but oh well! Moreover, I love how it became relevant again recently after people were using this video as joke about cleaning their laptops because of coronavirus. © Pinterest 4. The curtain slap I really find it so hard to believe that this is genuinely a scene that exists and it's not intended to be something hilarious. I mean, just look at her, what the hell is she even doing? Who goes and wraps a curtain around their neck like this? Indian TV peaked with this, tbh. © Youtube 5. The other guys in her DMsHer: **** you, I got plenty other guys in my DMs Her DMs: pic.twitter.com/e09cLFw2oq â The real GSK (@GSKINOT) September 15, 2018Okay, I kind of feel bad for this one, but at the same time, I don't. It's just a fun video and its main intention was to make everyone laugh and it did. Also, you can't deny desi guys, just like all other guys, are creepy in the DMs. BONUS © Twitter How can we have a list about desi things going viral without the iconic 'Bobs and Vagene' comment? That phrase is recognised all over the world and is probably the first thing people relate with India, and I don't know if it's a good or a bad thing. View the full article
  23. The coronavirus lockdown across the globe has brought a looming doom on humans at the moment. As we continue to stay in quarantine, the world is divided in several categories of lifestyle. On one hand we have the privileged lot which is trying hard to make it look like one long vacation, and on the other hand are people who cannot afford a single meal. Talking about first world problems in this pandemic, Indians are dying for âthekasâ to open so they can fill up their booze stock at home and continue having a quarantined life in peace. However, as per new guidelines, sale of liquor and cigarettes is banned, and maybe rightly so. The governor of Nairobi in Kenya has been the target of some flak after the COVID-19 care packages that are being given by the government include alcohol as well. âWe will have some small bottles of Hennessy in the food packs that we will be giving to our peopleâ¦â - Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko Note: WHO warns that drinking alcohol does not protect you against COVID-19 and can be dangerous pic.twitter.com/vuSuVAb8dy â Citizen TV Kenya (@citizentvkenya) April 14, 2020 When the governor was questioned, he agreed to the claim and actually had an explanation for the same. He explained that alcohol is in fact a âthroat sanitiserâ although according to WHO, alcohol doesnât protect you from COVID-19 nor is consumption recommended. The video went viral on social media and people had many opinions around this move. Creative politician award to Mike Sonko governor of #Nairobi, #Kenya He distributed #COVID19 care packages included food, other needs & cognac, #Hennessy. Sonko suggested the #WHO suggested alcohol helps kill #Coronavirus, the Hennessy would serve as a âThroat Sanitizer.â ... â Delrish Moss (@Delrish_M) April 18, 2020 People actually want to vote for him and wish every government was this cool. Everyone is hating on the governor of #Kenya for giving out bottles of Henny in Rona relief packages but come on, I want my government to be this cool...@MikeSonko hook it up!!!! â Bill Tracy (@BillTracyIV) April 17, 2020Not sure about his choice of outfit here, but he had me at HENNESSY! pic.twitter.com/XRKvdyU6zz â Shawnasaurus Rex (@ShawnG927) April 18, 2020 Jokes apart, some people didnât find it cool and called him out for this health hazard. There is alot of ignorance as regards preventing COVID19 in Africa, just heard a governor in Nairobi Kenya shared cognac to his people claiming it kills coronavirus, some Men for Naija go like that kind Governor ooooo â Owen Gee (@OfficialOwenGee) April 17, 2020His hand sanitizers are pretty cool actually with all that customisation included. I wonder if it has a personalised not as well? © Twitter/ _Kimenyi All things said and done, hope you are staying indoors and adhering to the government rules. source: CNN View the full article
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