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  1. Social distancing, working from home and self-isolating can be really hard and they can take a toll on your mental health. This pandemic is hitting everyone differently, but if there's one thing that's common to all, then it has got to be stress and anxiety. And therefore, we think it's the perfect time to develop the habit of taking some time off for mindfulness and meditation. In case you need some help with that, we have curated a list of the best meditation apps to help you stay calm and keep the anxiety away. Calm © App Store Calm is probably one of the most popular mindfulness and meditation app there is. It has a beautiful and easy-to-use interface, which is what we all want right now. From mindfulness exercises and guided meditations to stretching exercises, there's a lot to check out here. And in case you don't want to download the app on your phone, you can even head over to their dedicated page to get a glimpse of all the available resources. Download: iOS, Play Store Ten Percent © Play Store Ten Percent is an app that's great for both who are willing to pay a premium or simply use a free tier. Ten Percent has a lot of really good explanatory videos and guided sessions. We're talking about short sessions that are no longer than a minute or so, making them perfect for people who don't have a lot of time. They also have a dedicated COVID-19 section with daily live "sanity break" videos. Download: iOS, Play Store Smiling Mind © App Store Smiling Mind is a free app that's designed for kids and young adults. It has a ton of videos and sessions across a lot of modules that can be very useful during these tough times. This particular app is also very well designed and it's very simple to use. Also, Smiling Mind is one of the very few apps offering the premium tier membership for free for those who can't afford to pay, so be sure to check it out and give it a try. Download: iOS, Play Store Insight TimerThis is a free-to-use app with a library of over 30,000 guided meditations. This is a very basic app that's not going to offer you anything out of the ordinary. Just pick a meditation routine, set a timer and you're good to go. There's a premium tier with a very generous 30-day free trial, so it's a really good option. Download: iOS If meditation isn't for you and you just like to kill some time by playing games, then be sure to check our recommendations for the best relaxing games you can play. View the full article
  2. It can get difficult to feed yourself if you're stuck at home because of the uncertainty around the availability of supplies. Not everyone has access to a kitchen or some may only know how to cook instant noodles. But this doesnât mean you cannot eat from restaurants as food delivery companies like Zomato and Swiggy are still operational, albeit with limited services, depending on your area. However, with food delivery comes the stigma of whether it is safe or not and arguably, it is a genuine concern during these tough times. Both Zomato and Swiggy have introduced zero-contact policies for restaurants and their delivery agents. However, in order to order food from places that are safe and hygienic, there is a simple way to make sure you are ordering from the right places. © MensXP When ordering on Zomato, make sure you select the âSafe and Hygienic' filter to exclude restaurants that are not following safety and hygiene guidelines. In addition, the search results will also show restaurants that are following WHO safety practices in blue text right below its listing. The app also lets you check the riderâs sanitisation if you are not convinced about the delivery agentâs hygiene. After placing the order, in the delivery agentâs information section, Zomato will show whether the agent has sanitised before picking up the order. Additionally, you can even ask the delivery agent to leave your order at the door to avoid direct contact. © MensXP © MensXP For Swiggy, you can access all the restaurants following safety standards from the homepage itself. The app also highlights restaurants that are conducting daily temperature checks for their staff and pick-up agents. An additional badge can also be found on the listing where it mentions the restaurant follows the âBest Safety Standard.â Both food delivery companies have implemented safety practices such as educating their staff about precautions that are necessary to protect themselves, ensure their staff wash their hands regularly, that hand sanitisers are easily accessible for riders, ensuring that their kitchen staff is trained to wash and sanitise their hands thoroughly, ensure restaurants are disinfected daily amongst other practices that you can read in detail in the app itself. Riders are also being screened for higher body temperatures and assuring that food does not get delivered by an agent with higher than normal body temperature. If you are going to order food online, we urge you to only order food from restaurants that are following the hygiene and safety standards. View the full article
  3. Amid this current state of quarantine, or self-isolation or lockdown that most of us are in, the one common issue that a lot of us are facing right now is, a clear shortage of 'me time'. Given that most of us live with our families, and now that we are all under one roof 24/7 thanks to Coronavirus, it can get a bit trying as this constant closeness can get on one's nerves. But, for the king of Thailand, that is the least of all problems as he is self-isolating in a luxury hotel in the Alpine resort town of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. © Reuters King Maha Vajiralongkorn booked the entire Grand Hotel as soon as the four-star hotel was granted special permission from the district council to serve the king. Not only this, the 67-year-old kingâs party of people, who will be joining him during isolation, includes a harem of twenty concubines and servants. While all the other women will be living with him under the same roof, we are still unsure if his four wives are living in the same hotel as the rest of the group. © Reuters However, all the other guesthouses and hotels are shut due to the pandemic but the Grand Hotel Sonnenbichl was an exception as the guests are âa single, homogenous group of people with no fluctuation,â said a spokesperson of the local district council. However, around 119 people of his entourage have been sent back to Thailand under suspicion that they have come in contact with the virus. © Reuters It's not a surprise but the Thai people are not really happy with their Kingâs luxurious lifestyle during the self-isolation in Germany and many criticized him on social media for the same reasons. However, Thailand is still a Monarchy and according to the laws, anyone who criticizes the monarchy or insults it could face around 15 years of imprisonment. © Reuters Yes, shocking but true! In Thailand over 1400 cases of Coronavirus have been reported, so far, and across the globe, the cases are dismally increasing every day and the death toll keeps on soaring. View the full article
  4. One of Indiaâs biggest threats when it comes to fighting the Coronavirus pandemic in the subcontinent, is the countryâs low COVID-19 testing numbers. Even as the Director-General of the WHO advised all the affected countries to âtest, test, testâ on every other citizen, India has only been testing people with foreign travel history or those who have been exposed to confirmed Coronavirus patients. The major reason why weâre facing this situation is that India has limited testing facilities. Or so was the case until very recently. Because now, a Pune-based virologist named Minal Dakhave Bhosale has successfully developed Indiaâs first, low-cost COVID-19 testing kit which is being hailed as a game-changer for Indiaâs fight against Coronavirus. Who Is Minal Dakhabe Bhosale © Twitter Minal is a virologist who works with a Pune-based molecular diagnostics company named Mylab Discovery Solutions as their Research and Development Chief. Reportedly, Minal was eight months pregnant and had just come home from a pregnancy-related complication when she took up the project to create the first âmade in Indiaâ coronavirus testing kit - âPatho Detectâ. Minal was heading a 10-member team and handled major proceedings remotely from home since February this year. She, along with her dedicated team, worked non-stop to develop the testing kit in a record six weeksâ time, given the countryâs growing need to test more people for the Coronavirus infection. © Twitter Minal submitted the fully-finished kit for evaluation at the National Institute of Virology in Pune on 18th March. And as fate would have it, the very next day she gave birth to her daughter through C-section. But even an hour before she was to leave for the hospital, Minal submitted her proposal to the Indian FDA and CDSCO seeking commercial approval. She got it all right in the first go, got the necessary clearances and gave India a much-needed weapon to fight Coronavirus. What Makes This Testing Special © BCCL - LinkedIN Not only has this development come as a ray of hope for Indians, the kit developed by Minal and her team also comes with its own salient features that make it invaluable. This COVID-19 testing kit can reportedly test 100 samples per kit and would cost one-fourth the price at Rs 1,200 as opposed to Rs 4,500 imported testing kits cost. Thatâs not all. Indiaâs COVID-19 testing kit is capable of giving correct diagnostic results in just two and a half hours as opposed to the six or seven hours imported test kits take. Whatâs more, the kit can also indicate potentially positive cases among asymptomatic patients What This Means © BCCL The first few batches of kits developed by Minal and her team have already been sent out to diagnostic laboratories in major Indian cities. The director of the manufacturing company of the COVID-19 kits, Mylab Discovery, told BBC that the company can supply up to 100,000 kits in a week and push it up to 200,000 if needed. This week will see more kits reaching many other labs and take-up Indiaâs much-needed testing numbers higher. Talking about the feat, Minal told BBC, "It was an emergency, so I took this on as a challenge. I have to serve my nation." Given the dire need to scale up the number of random testing of Coronavirus in India, 'Mylab PathoDetect COVID-19 Qualitative PCR kit' can not only help with early diagnosis but also help bring down the number of fatalities in the process. Kudos to Minal Bhosale and her team for their terrific work! View the full article
  5. A pandemic is upon us and the only and most important thing people can do to stop it is just stay at home. It's that simple and it's great to see everyone who's able to stay indoors actually are. It's the bare minimum people can do to stop the spread of coronavirus. While most Indians seem to be following the protocol, there are some extra measures taken to keep people inside their homes. For example, just start re-airing a show that used to keep people glued to their TV screens even without a potentially world-ending event. Yes, because of popular demand, Ramanand Sagar's iconic show Ramayan has started airing on DD National from today, and there's so much nostalgia attached to it that people are over the moon about the recast. © Twitter To paraphrase the message, my dad was just reading aloud - "Back in the day when Ramayan aired, the roads would be empty because everyone was watching the show. Now that the roads are empty, they have started airing Ramayan again." It's like everyone has transported back in time and are once again glued to the TV to catch every episode of the legendary show. Full attendance infront of the TV @ 9am. We are re-living our childhood (I was 7 years old and my parents bought a Bush TV for me to see this show)... my kids might never understand but Iâm happy they are watching with me. #Ramayan @DDNational pic.twitter.com/pYIM7zj4wD â Shweta Shalini (@shweta_shalini) March 28, 2020Legends only. Kids watching :- hotstar Men watching :- Netflix Legends watching:- #Ramayan pic.twitter.com/SM8Tz1dgQQ â Ajay Anuragi (@Lazy_Anuragi) March 28, 2020 Hmm. DD national started retelecast of #Ramayan TRP* pic.twitter.com/kjltXsxYsf â Professor (@_Kalpesh_lohar_) March 28, 2020 Now that's an entrance. Ramayan Returns in style * Not just the first episode of Ramayan crashes the Doordarshan website due to high traffic * But also becomes the top searched in India on Google This shows the love Indians have towards Prabhu Shri Ram #Ramayan â Mahesh Vikram Hegde (@mvmeet) March 28, 2020 Great comparison. The first #Super30 batch of mankind #Ramayan pic.twitter.com/s3dy75TdNv â SOCIAL DISTAN SINGH (@mayankrai3133) March 28, 2020 Everyone is. Goosebumps ... Thankyou @PrakashJavdekar Relieving my Childhood again ï¸ #Ramayan #Doordarshan pic.twitter.com/oXpPR3MIt6 â Vineeta singh ð®ð³ (@biharigurl) March 28, 2020 So much nostalgia. Nostalgic to see the late Ashok Kumar on TV narrating the start of #Ramayan pic.twitter.com/HXkg9cXgsc â Aman Sharma (@AmanKayamHai_ET) March 28, 2020 Hmm. Happening right now #Ramayan .. It's important for all us to watch Ramayana & Mahabharata as it will offer you spiritual answers and also answers to the fascist propaganda being run by RSS-BJP in the garb of religion. Watch it, won't find any reference to Hindutva! Jai Shri Ram! pic.twitter.com/tQFGqgXXPp â Gaurav Pandhi (@GauravPandhi) March 28, 2020 Hopefully, they're practising social distancing. All indians now. #Ramayan pic.twitter.com/RWHXbhF5x6 â sonu sahani (@sarcashubh) March 28, 2020 Aww. #Ramayan *Having seen their viewers increased* Doordarshan: pic.twitter.com/raqU7QvItp â Prince Pandeyð¦ (@princepandey_) March 28, 2020 People are enjoying. Taking me back to childhood. #Ramayan and #Mahabharat on @DDNational with the entire family! This was our routine weekend plan. so glad itâs restarted, great way for kids to learn Indian Mythology. pic.twitter.com/ZFc4X0oTFl â Kajal Aggarwal (@MsKajalAggarwal) March 28, 2020 Yep. Indians from tomorrow at 9 am and 9 pm.#Ramayan pic.twitter.com/PvlSuyjDuR â CHEEKU (@Okay_Bye___) March 27, 2020 And I oop... This got to be the best meme on this #Ramayan #Mahabharat #DDNational #lockdownindia pic.twitter.com/3Kv8lFk6Jp â Neha (@itsstillneha) March 27, 2020 View the full article
  6. Amid the novel coronavirus outbreak, people have been asked to self-quarantine themselves in order to stop the virus from spreading any further. The very first step taken by the government was to shut down all the gyms, theatres, schools, malls and all the other public places where people could gather in large numbers. Itâs already been more than two weeks that people are locked in their homes with no physical contact from the outside world. Now, PM Narendra Modi has also announced a 21-day lockdown which means we have been restricted to our homes for a longer duration now. Well, people are also working from home and with gyms being shut, their movements are also restricted. So, the only thing to keep your body active is to either work out or burn off calories in doing the household chores. People on social media platforms are complaining that they are lacking the motivation or are finding it difficult to figure out a few easy and handy exercises that can be done at home. In order to address their problems, I got in touch with Shah Rukh Khan and Varun Dhawanâs personal trainer Prashant Sawant and asked him to share some of the easy exercises that can be done by anyone at home. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@prashantsixpack) He told us, âI have built my career on the basis of repetitions so I advise you should start with a minimum of 20 reps in one set. Let me tell you that anyone can do exercises at home without weights.â Here are 5 exercises you can do as advised by Prashant : â1. Surya Namaskars When I started, I used to do like 100 in one go. But, I would suggest starting with 10 as a beginner. 2. Squats You can totally do squats as they will help you burn those extra calories quickly. 3. Pull-Ups You can have something to hang on to, and easily incorporate pull-ups in your daily regime. 4. Planks and Whole Abs Workout This is the time you can focus on strengthening your core muscles. You can do planks and crunches staying at home. 5. Cleaning and Focusing On Household Chores I have been taking care of my kid and playing with him and also cleaning the house and this is helping in burn calories. I would suggest to keep yourself busy with something.â Furthermore into the conversation, I told him that people who werenât actively involved with working out earlier at the gyms have now become even more lethargic given the current situation. So, I asked him for his suggestion for the people who are completely inactive during this lockdown. On this, he told me, âFor all the people who are not active, they should start taking small steps. They can start with a 20-minute workout regime. They can do a bit of warm-up and they can start with 10 reps (repetitions) and then keep increasing their stamina. I would suggest a very basic workout regime as nowadays, all the movements have been restricted and the body is going into a lethargic mode. As people are working from home, they are sitting in one place and no one knew that they would be restricted for this long. It's better to start moving a bit as this can only help in keeping your body active.â View this post on InstagramFollow the circuit at home.. Perform each exercise for 30 Sec and you can go up to 45 sec Also.. start 10 min warm up jog in place or skipping or you can do burppies , after workout 10 to 20 mins cardio you can even dance , stairs, walk, run, burn 200 cal in 20 min Step up Squats Star jump Squats with tricep extension Windshield wiper Good morning to dB press Crunches Round kicks right side Round kicks left side Ball rollout push up Standing mountain climber Squats jack Chest press Scorpion push ups Jog in place Knee tuck up Jumping jack Swiss ball abs crunch Ball hamstring curl #Committedtofitness #workoutfromhome @reebokindia @bodysculptorofficial @leankitchenbymaya @rohanbodysculptor @maya_pereiraA post shared by (@prashantsixpack) I also wanted to understand why are people getting demotivated and are not willing to continue with their workout regime at home. Explaining his stance on the same, he told me, âPeople, maybe, are getting demotivated by seeing workout videos on Instagram. One reason could be that they are not able to cope with what other people are doing and the kind of exercises they are doing. I would suggest following a tutorial that has stage 1, stage 2 and stage 3.â He also went on to add, âDo not lose hope and be consistent with working out, you will eventually see the impact. Build on your stamina step by step. I wouldn't suggest sweating out hard in the first three days and then, you lose the grip so keep it slow and gradual progress will help you attain your goals.â Prashant is not only just a trainer but he also owns a chain of gyms which are shut due to the outbreak. I asked him how is he taking of all as the business is surely getting impacted. On this, he said, âI am taking it positively and for the gym owners, they will have to be patient and stay calm because of this outbreak. Well, it's time to be with your family. I would advise keeping yourself busy with whatever you like, be it reading, cooking or playing with your kids. This will help in keeping your mind healthy.â As we are about to end the conversation, I take up the chance to ask him the golden question about how is SRK working out at home. View this post on InstagramA post shared by (@prashantsixpack) , âI have been training Shah Rukh sir for good 22 years and the rapport we share now is quite strong. I have already given him the workout and he is doing it twice a day at his home. Right now, he is focusing more on strengthening his legs.â He explained. âI would suggest keeping working out at home as it will keep your mind sane,â he said and signed off. Well, MensXP hopes that you will take Prashantâs suggestions seriously and incorporate them into your lives. View the full article
  7. When stuck at home, you need to keep yourself going no matter how hard boredom hits. Some people cope with movies and TV shows, I cope with playing games. Most of the time you will find me playing games as it is required by my job but is also something I'm deeply passionate about. Gaming keeps my brain stimulated and is the perfect source of entertainment/distraction when you need it most. While being stuck in quarantine, I've been playing some heavy-duty games like Call of Duty Warzone, Doom Eternal and other intense games. However, you can't keep playing these games all day as it can get exhausting and eventually raise your blood pressure level. However, a new game called Animal Crossing: New Horizons launched last week for the Nintendo Switch. It is a sandbox relaxing game where you live a virtual life by building your own island, cutting trees, go fishing or planting flowers. It was my first time playing an Animal Crossing game but I've played similar sandbox games in the past like Minecraft, Stardew Valley and Farming Simulator. The game has been my saviour during the lockdown simply because it lets me do things I cannot do in my real life. © MensXP Animal Crossing enabled me to bond with friends using its in-game postal service and let me build a world I felt was beautiful and chaotic at the same time. The game gave me a purpose where I had to go collect fruits from my farms, catch fish to sell and cut wood to build tools. I even have a daily routine in the game; something most people tend to struggle with when stuck at home. Having a daily routine in the game let me focus on my goals and kept me entertained at the same time. To some, these may sound like chores but for me, it sounded like something that will keep me busy most of the day. AC: New Horizons offers me an escape from the real world that is currently filled with bitter news. It is a way for me to interact with my friends daily while doing activities together. In the game, we have the ability to visit other people's island and it is always exciting to see what others are doing. Animal Crossing merely imitates life, just on a virtual level. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla You start off with a tent on the island and you can gradually build a house by taking out a loan, just like real life. By collecting fruit, fish, bugs, fossils and trees, you can pay off your loan easily and then upgrade your house with another loan. Speaking of houses, the game also lets you decorate interiors with objects, paintings and furniture to create the perfect abode for yourself. The game has very basic objectives like building bridges, organise a pop concert, getting new neighbours, catch bugs, go fishing, chop wood and the only time you may face problems is when encountering a tarantula or a wasp. Animal Crossing does not ask too much out of you and doesn't feel like a game you will ever get tired of. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla While I understand not everyone owns a Nintendo Switch or can get their hands on one right now, there are similar games that offer a similar experience. One of the all-time favourite games Stardew Valley is available on both iOS and Android. It is very similar to Animal Crossing where you have to farm fruits and vegetables, contribute to the town with donations and even get married to your desired partner. Stardew Valley is the perfect sandbox game that comes closes to delivering a similar experience as Animal Crossing. The game is a one-time purchase and does not come with any micro-transactions that can hinder your progress. Similarly, Minecraft is another sandbox game that is available for mobile where you can build your own town on a deserted island. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla If you've been bored to death during this lockdown, a game like Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley can be your saviour. It encourages living a virtual life with relaxing music and daily tasks that are not only rewarding but addicting, as it helps you in building a better home for you and your friends. View the full article
  8. With terms like quarantine, social-distancing, and self-isolation sliding into every conversation, text and social media, some of us seem well prepared for the 21-day lockdown ahead. We are talking about those with “Quarantine Game Strong” caption on Instagram. Quarantine or social-distancing may make for cool hashtags, but when it comes to dealing with life right now, most of us are losing our cool. There's no denying that different people are dealing with the situation in different ways. While introverts and binge-watchers might have had to make the least adjustments to their lifestyle, there are travel lovers and gym enthusiasts who may feel like it's the end of the world. Let's have a look at the different kinds of people stuck at home. __ECOMLOOKS__336__ __ECOMLOOKS__337__ __ECOMLOOKS__338__ __ECOMLOOKS__339__ __ECOMLOOKS__340__ View the full article
  9. We have 21 days â 21 days to sit at home and flatten the curve. Thatâs all we need to do, folks! To beat Coronavirus we need to channel our inner couch-potatoes and do the best job of sitting at home and binge-watching one show after another. And if youâve already run out of content, donât worry, weâve got you covered. After running through every must-watch list, we decided to help you broaden the spectrum by adding some regional dramas/shows to the mix. Here are 5 slice-of-life family entertainers that you can sit and watch with your family on MX Player. Aani Kay Hava S1-2 The firsts always hold a very special place in marriage â be it the first time you cook together, the first festival together, your first major fight or simply the first down payment on your car or house together. These little joys of life are explored in the magical season 1 of Aani Kay Hava starring Priya Bapat as Jui and Umesh Kamat as Saket in the series. The second season explores what comes next in their married life. When the honeymoon phase is over, how does this couple change their mundane routine to strengthen their bond? Watch this amazing 6-episodic series directed by Varun Narvekar on MX Player. Samantar When everything goes wrong, one clings on to even the slightest ray of hope. And thatâs exactly what happens to Kumar Mahajan in this 9-episodic series Samantar. When Kumar is fired from his job and canât meet his familyâs needs, he starts panicking. Even the smallest things seem to go astray for him. Thatâs when he finds his ray of hope â a visit to an astrologer reveals that a man called Sudarshan Chakrapaniâs past will be his future. That sets into motion a change of events that will take on you a thrilling ride. Directed by Satish Rajwade this show is based on a novel by the same name. It also marks the digital debut of Swapnil Joshi along with the beautiful Tejaswini Pandit who plays his wife in the series. Pandu Pandu, also a famous colloquial slang for the Mumbai Police, depicts the everyday problems and situation of the hardworking police force. This light-hearted comedy is a laugh riot and a real insight into the complexities of their job. The series stars Suhas Sirsat, Deepak Shirke, and Trupti Khamkar in pivotal roles. Once A Year Not all college romances are like fairytales. They have their ups and downs. This show traces the journey of a couple who are college lovers and how hard they fight to stay together. The series showcases their journey over six years. Nipun Dharmadhikari and Mrinmayee Godbole play the lead roles in the series. Famously Filmfare Marathi This is the regional version of the popular celebrity chat show Famously Filmfare. The Marathi version on MX Player is hosted by Amruta Khanvilkar and sees several A-lister celebrities baring their hearts out and getting up, close and personal! Before you start worrying about buying another OTT subscription, hereâs the good news â MX Player is FREE and you can start streaming your favourite shows right away. View the full article
  10. Beginning with the initial outbreak in China, the current crisis in Italy and subsequently, throughout the world, doctors and nurses in all departments were told they may have to start working in emergency rooms and intensive care units, a directive that sent shock waves through the medical community. Doctors and health workers across the world are giving up time with their loved ones to help keep ours safe and well. They have a simple request for all their hard work in combating #coronavirus ...#socialdistancing #stayathome #stayhomeforus #COVID2019AU #medtwitter pic.twitter.com/z9EUsiYnvs â AMA Media (@ama_media) March 19, 2020 As demands ramp up with the number of cases inching closer to 300,000, itâs sobering to realise how crucial the role of medical personnel are in society. An estimated 10-15 million doctors practice across the globe, and their counterparts in some of the worldâs more flashy, glamorous job titles receive compensation thatâs quite simply absurd - given the need of the hour. Weâre taking a closer look at the income disparities doctors have to face in four hotspots where the virusâ physical and social presence has made massive changes - India, China, Italy and the United States. Hereâs what we find: 1. Social Media Influencers © Reuters Thereâs no avoiding it - social media influencers have taken over their respective platforms in the last 10years, and their incomes have also exponentially exploded in return. Perhaps the most obvious and popular example is Kylie Jenner from the Kardashian dynasty - the âyoungest self-made billionaireâ rakes in $180 million per year according to Forbes. In case youâre wondering how much she earns compared to her counterparts, most of them are in med-school - the young celebrity is just 22 years old. © Reuters Meanwhile in India and China, while thereâs no shortage of influencers across films, music and fashion plying their trade, the emergence of Chinese-owned TikTok has spread the influencer bug much deeper into Indian cities and towns, amassing over 120 million users. Mr. Faisu, who we interviewed earlier in December, had close to 20 million followers before being hit with a ban for political content - a fanbase that allows him to earn an estimated 30-40 lakhs per annum. Thatâs about twice as much as that of a specialised cardiologist in India. 2. CEOs © Reuters It all starts from the top, of course - most of the worldâs richest people are helming global corporations with thousands of employees. In the case of India and the United States, things already seem severely tilted, with both nations topping the ranks for CEO to the average worker ratio. Reliance mogul Mukesh Ambani earns a staggering 48 times more than the average Indian doctor, not even counting stocks and a diverse portfolio of earnings. © Reuters When it comes to the US, things are clearer. Amazonâs Jeff Bezos makes about 14 times more than the average, fully-qualified doctor, not counting for his 16% stake in the company. Bring that into the picture, however, and Bezos earns an astounding 6 lakh times more. 3. Athletes © Reuters According to estimates, the worldâs sports industries make up close to $500 billion - no doubt supported by the tireless athletic and marketing efforts of the worldâs biggest athletes. Italy has been a key nation behind the dominance of football in sports today - most of the teams in Serie A pay their players between 4 to 1 million US dollars a year. Juventus, in particular, pays over twice of that with an average of 10 million, but what about Ronaldo? The legendary player pulled in a whopping $108 million in 2019 when combining both his winnings, earnings and endorsements - 805 times that of an average Italian dottore. © Reuters Things arenât that different in China - the epicentre of the worldâs viral crisis, that has major income disparity as well. The Chinese Super League attracts worldwide talent to play for its teams and the economic powerhouse pays its players around $1 million annually - around 250 times that of the Chinese average salary. Bring doctors into the mix along with the leagueâs wealthiest player, Brazilâs Oscar, and his heavy $25 million earnings tower in comparison to the $13,000 that Chinese docs take home each year. Thatâs a ratio of nearly 1:2000. © Reuters Leaving aside football, India (until recent years, perhaps) has considered sports synonymous with cricket, and on that spreadsheet, no one dominates the competition quite like skipper Virat Kohli. While the average IPL player nets around $5 million annually, the Indian captain pulls in $25 million per annum - making his bank accounts fill over 3000 times faster than most Indian doctors. 4. Filmstars © Reuters Unsurprisingly, both India and the United States have points to make here, with them both running the two most successful film industries in the world. Artists, in general, see great variation in income - while struggling actors make extremely irregular annual incomes, things are very different at the other end. Dwayne âThe Rockâ Johnson sits at the peak here, raking in close to $90 million a year. The top ten ranges anywhere from that figure to Will Smithâs $35 million, making them earn between 900 to 350 times the average American doc. © Reuters In India, the difference is truly astounding. Akshay Kumar, who also happened to be the 4th most paid actor in the world last year, raked in $65 million - close to 6.5 thousand times an Indian doctorâs takeaway even in major cities such as Mumbai. 5. Politicians © Reuters Well, at least for the other three you have the benefit of saying theyâve earned their worth - nailing down the exact incomes of politicians turns out to be an understandably difficult affair. In the United States, Donald Trump entered the presidency as the only billionaire in US Presidential history - in 2019, the POTUS raked in somewhere over half a billion dollars, making him at least four thousand times richer than the average doctor in the US. © Reuters In India, however, expecting a straight annual income figure for politicians is naive. On paper, for example, PM Narendra Modi, for example, has a salary of around $30,000 per annum - less than the average tier-1 city specialist earns. If we look at the scale of major scams led by any of the many corrupt positions in our government over the years, things seem to feel a lot bleaker. Take the mid-2010s Coalgate scam, which cost the nation $33.33 billion, close to 10% the net worth of Indiaâs entire healthcare industry - thereâs no shortage of reasons to raise eyebrows at the earnings of Indian politicians. While all these professions have their place in the society, the current pandemic is a wake-up call for many to remember just how much time, attention and money is diverted towards not so essential figures in the society. Hopefully after the crisis is averted, governments and regulatory bodies will step in to ensure that the invaluable service given by the worldâs medical professionals gets the recognition it deserves. View the full article
  11. Here's a list of all the things you need to know about how to stay safe from the coronavirus
  12. These are hard times and all of us are feeling the tremors of a pandemic that is threatening life on Earth. As the Novel Coronavirus continues to make its steady climb and put more and more people at risk of losing a piece of their lives, doctors and health care professionals at the front lines are putting up a strong fight against the onslaught. © BCCL However, as the number of cases continues to rise, hospitals are slowly beginning to feel overwhelmed by the number of patients that need their attention. The situation seems especially bleak when we look at the global crunch in the number of available ventilators in hospitals needed to treat COVID-19 patients. © Getty Images But there is still some hope, thanks to outstanding medical practitioners like Dr Alain Gauthier who came up with the genius idea to use a DIY hack that would help nine Coronavirus patients avail the benefits of a ventilator from a single instrument! The news came to light when his colleague Dr Alan Grammond took to Twitter to share Dr Gauthierâs awesome idea. So in ten minutes the evil genius who is one of our GP anaesthetists (with a PhD in diaphragmatic mechanics) increased our rural hospitals ventilator capacity from one to nine!!! pic.twitter.com/yNmuCCDbWd â alan drummond (@alandrummond2) March 17, 2020 According to a Daily Mail report, Dr Gauthier is Canada-based anaesthetist who works at the Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital in Ontario. Reportedly, this idea struck the doctor when he came across YouTube videos created by two Detroit doctors in 2006. He has since been able to come up with a method to put these modified ventilators to use. © Twitter Dr Gauthier told Daily Mail that to make it work seamlessly, patients with similar lung capacity have to be paired together. Then with the help of multiple hoses attached a ventilator, it can be used to run several times its normal power. We personally think this life-saving hack could be a game-changer at this time of global crisis when so many people are in need of medical attention to fight off the coronavirus pandemic. This man has yet again proved that doctors and health care professionals are the real saviours. View the full article
  13. When it comes to wellness and grooming for men, a Korean skin care routine is the best one to follow. We can thank the Koreans for blessing the world with specialised skin care. From exfoliation to deep hydration, they have solved so many skin problems. They have literally perfected the glass-skin look and there is no harm in trying their skin care routine for yourself - especially now, when all you have is time. Turn your lazy quarantine week into a fun, self-care one! __ECOMLOOKS__296__ __ECOMLOOKS__297__ __ECOMLOOKS__298__ __ECOMLOOKS__299__ __ECOMLOOKS__300__ __ECOMLOOKS__301__ Explore More View the full article
  14. While the Corona outbreak is like a "dream come true" for introverts, it's a nightmare for all the extroverts out there. We understand how social distancing can get to you. Well, just because you can't go to a party, doesn't mean you can bring the party to your home. From sanitisation tips to fun party games, we have got you covered. Here are seven things to remember while throwing a quarantine party this weekend. __ECOMLOOKS__289__ __ECOMLOOKS__290__ __ECOMLOOKS__291__ __ECOMLOOKS__292__ __ECOMLOOKS__293__ __ECOMLOOKS__294__ __ECOMLOOKS__295__ EXPLORE MORE View the full article
  15. With the number of confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus crossing well over 160 (166 to be exact, at the time of writing this article), most people in India are preparing for self-isolation for the next few days, if not weeks. © iStock People have various concerns about the deadly virus, that has crippled the day-to-day lives of all of us, such as how long does the virus survive in different conditions, how long does it stay in the air, and can the virus be caught from different surfaces and so on. Well, it seems that we have some answers, although, they aren't exactly as clear as we would have wanted them to be. © iStock The World Health Organisationâs official stance is rather vaguely worded and has a very broad scope, for understandably obvious reasons. Their website says that the virus âmay persist on surfaces for a few hours or up to several days...under different conditions.â The website stays silent on what exactly are the conditions, and for exactly how long does the virus survive. The New York Times newspaper studied a paper that was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, which went in great detail about the surface stability of the virus on different surfaces. © iStock The study claims that the deadly virus survives the longest on all forms of plastic, and all metals, barring copper. As per the study, if the conditions are conducive, the virus may survive on hard surfaces like those on plastic and metal for about 72 hours or 3 days. That being said, the virus grows less viable by the hour, over the course of 72 hours. The virus survives for considerably lesser hours when it is on softer surfaces such as cardboard. Surprisingly, on copper it survives for just four hours. © iStock One interesting fact that the NYT article pointed out is that although many experts have repeatedly said that the virus does not spread through the air, the study claims that in aerosol form, or tiny droplets that may get suspended in the air when someone sneezes or coughs without covering their mouths, it can stay up for half an hour. Although the chances of someone getting infected through the virus when it is in the air is slim, medical professionals and people who are taking care of coronavirus patients still need to be careful. © iStock According to a different article published by the Harvard Health Publishing of the Harvard Medical School, the virus, like most other forms of the coronavirus does not survive for long when they are on a softer surface, like fabric. © iStock However, there has been very little research on the virusâs behaviour with fabrics, this strain is showing a lot of similarities with the other strains of the virus. By a thorough and a well worked out calculation, it is being estimated that the virus should not last on light fabrics for more than 3 to 4 hours. Having said that, since there is no proper and extensive research on the subject, many experts are suggesting that we be extremely careful and cautious. The American body CDC or the Centre of Disease Control & Prevention has put up an advisory on how people who need to deal with patients should deal with their clothes. © iStock First and foremost, if you have been near a patient or are a medical professional, wear a mask and disposable gloves when youâre handling the clothes. If you have a family member who is showing the symptoms of the virus, it is imperative that you wear a mask and disposable gloves when handling their clothes. Secondly, under no circumstances should you shake the clothes or beat the clothes vigorously, before they have been put in the machine. Wash the clothes at the highest temperature of water that the fabric allows. Wash using regular detergents and softeners, you donât need anything special for that. © iStock Third, get them to dry in sun. Avoid your machineâs dryer function as they already are a cesspool of germs, unless you get them washed & disinfected regularly. © iStock There are a few other things that you need to keep mind. If you use a laundry basket or a bucket to store your clothes before they are washed, disinfect them regularly. Also, if ever you get some bodily fluid on your clothes (blood, phlegm, saliva, or anything for that matter) get changed immediately, and straight away wash your clothes. © iStock As testing as these times are, this is not the end of the world as we know it. Just stay alert and cautious and things should be fine. View the full article
  16. The coronavirus outbreak in the country is gradually sending people into a tizzy, and it might not be long before real panic strikes as the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in India sees a steady climb. However, despite having witnessed the havoc coronavirus has wreaked across the globe, if our country is still managing to stand tall, it is because of the unsung heroes who are braving all odds, risking their personal safety and working relentlessly to serve the people and help contain this life-threatening contagion. © Twitter These 7 heroes are godsend and the real saviours during this global pandemic, and without their selfless service, our world would not only come to a scary standstill but perhaps also collapse altogether. 1. Doctors, Nurses & Public Health OfficialsWe couldnât have kicked off this list without these miracle workers who are literally saving lives right now. With 162 countries trying to fight the pandemic, we have heard of enough heroic tales of the doctors and nurses who are literally working straight 8 hour shifts wearing diapers and shaving their heads off to wear the safety gear - just so that their patients find relief. © BCCL For instance, this Indian plastic surgeon who stayed back in China to help the infected victims instead of seeking the safety of his homeland. There are thousands of more such inspiring stories. 2. Armed Forces © Twitter Over 890 Indians have been evacuated by IAF and Air India rescue flights so far. The IAF is also set to rescue Indian nationals from Iran, The Indian armed forces has been doing extensive work not only by opening its bases to serve as quarantine facilities, but also by carrying medical supplies and serving the general public amid the outbreak. 3. Public Transportation Drivers & Conductors © BCCL Remember that Hubli bus conductor who was handing out free masks to passengers? That is just one way these guys have been serving the country. Imagine what would happen if these public transportation drivers went on indefinite leaves? Life really would come to a standstill. 4. Delivery Guys © B P Deepu-EPS With so many people working from home amid the nationwide coronavirus outbreak, and with 80 percent of them being clueless about cooking, a vast majority of people are relying on food delivery services to keep them well fed. But despite the fact that even they have faced a dip in their sales, deliveries are still being made. These men on bikes and cycles risking their safety to deliver food to these less culinarily-endowed (or just too lazy/entitled) people, also deserve a special mention. 5. Security Personnel © BCCL We feel safe because we know they are out there guarding us. Be it our guard bhaiya or the security personnel on the roads and public places who are helping maintain law and decorum at this point, we ought to acknowledge their service especially at a time like this. 6. Shopkeepers & Salespersons © Pixabay We donât often think about it, but imagine how lucky and privileged we are to have people out there who are putting out food on the shelves for us. If the salesperson stopped coming to work and decided to stay home, or if the shopkeepers shut shop, how would we manage to survive the mass quarantines? Quarantines have already taken an ugly face with empty shelves and people crying for basic commodities, imagine living through a complete lockdown like that? 7. Sanitation Workers © BCCL Last but definitely not the least, because all of it will be equally meaningless without these people who are relentlessly going about their job cleaning and sanitising not only our streets, offices and public places, but by also helping sterilise public transport, airports and railway stations therefore playing a vital role in containing the contagion. There is so much we take for granted in our daily lives. There is so much to be grateful for and itâs sad to see that it took something as dreadful as the COVID-19 pandemic to open our eyes and appreciate the efforts of these unsung heroes put in every day of their lives. View the full article
  17. Arguably one of the most popular and prestigious football clubs across the globe, Liverpool have managed to rediscover their lost glory ever since Jurgen Klopp took over the reins as manager in 2015. Under the tutelage of their German coach, the Reds have undeniably been giving their opponents a run for their money. They came agonisingly close to winning the Premier League title last season, eventually losing out to Manchester City by a mere point. But, despite their EPL title loss, Klopp's men gave their fans a bigger reason to cheer for after clinching the UEFA Champions League last season. But, it's the 2020/21 season that has truly defined the Reds. Carrying on their rampant run, the Reds looked in a class of their own with a 27-game unbeaten run in the Premier League this season. From their defensive solidity, midfield masterclass to attacking prowess, Klopp's side undeniably made every other team look mediocre. So much so that even defending champions Manchester City have struggled to match the Reds in their strides this season. © Reuters But, just when it had started to look like a walk in the park for Liverpool, the champions of Europe have witnessed a turnaround that has left many scratching their heads. The Klopp brigade were, first, knocked out of League Cup, then FA Cup and, most recently, Champions League. In matter of just weeks, Liverpool, who were being compared with Arsenal's legendary 'invincibles' side and aiming for a quadruple, have found themselves in fray for just one title, the Premier League, this season. But, thanks to novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), even that looks unlikely as of now. The Reds need just two more wins to claim their first Premier League title in 30 years. But, the suspension of the ongoing season until 4th April in a bid to contain fast-spreading COVID-19 has left everyone, including Liverpool fans, on the edge. While the current plan suggests that EPL will resume on 4th April, it is quite likely, given the situation at hand, that the suspension will be extended. © Reuters All eyes are on the Premier League meeting this Thursday which holds the key to deciding the fate of this season. The 20 participating clubs are expected to vote on the best course of action with a 14-team majority needed to make a decision. The choices: Give Liverpool the title? Finish the season, not matter what it takes? Or scrub it out and start again? As we have reached the epidemic and, now, pandemic stages of the deadly COVID-19 amid cancellations, postponements and suspensions, it's quite obvious to admit there might be things more important than the Premier League. But, for Liverpool fans, it seems there is nothing more important than the Premier League title. Ahead of the much-anticipated voting by EPL clubs, the Reds loyalists have begun contemplating the possibility of their pending title victory to be declared null and void. Bracing themselves for the worst, the Kopites are discussing what they would do if the unthinkable happens. © Reuters A Reddit thread has emerged asking fellow Liverpool fans how missing out on the title would âimpact their relationship with footballâ and what they would do in response. And, the responses are unbelievable. "Iâve said this before. If the season gets cancelled Iâm becoming a monk and gonna live the rest of my life in isolation in a temple at the top of a mountain," one fan wrote. "I'm not watching a second of football besides Liverpool games if they cancel the league," another Liverpool supporter claimed. Another added,"Call me a cry arse but I'd be done with it. Not the club's fault but I'd just have to leg it for good. I've had a season ticket for 10 years too, it'd break me but I'd never watch footy again". "Football can f**k off if they void the whole season," an angry fan opined on the possibile threat to Liverpool's title this season. © Reuters âI wouldn't be able to watch football anymore apart from the foreign leagues perhaps, but even that is a stretch. I'd probably follow results for betting purposes that is about it. I could never accept us losing the title and then accept the next winner, assuming it isn't us,â another Reds supporter claimed. Finally a desperate fan added,"I'll never watch another game again, if they screw us out of this, then we're cursed. I've spent my whole life chasing this title, really will be the last straw this time." With 27 wins, alongside one draw and a loss, in 29 matches, Liverpool currently lead the Premier League table with a staggering 82 points to their name. Their closest rival, Manchester City, with 57 points in 28 games, are 25 points adrift at the top. With all eyes on the club voting this Thursday, Liverpool and their fans' dream of lifting the elusive Premier League title hangs in balance. View the full article
  18. Since when did viruses start having nationalities? Well, US President Donald Trump is back at it again and this time, it's racism, among a host of other things. While the whole world is figuring out how to put a stop to the deadly Coronavirus that has been declared as a global pandemic, President Trump just took the issue to the next level with his pedestrian comment, referring to it as the âChinese Virusâ. © Reuters In his recent tweet, he wrote, âThe United States will be powerfully supporting those industries, like Airlines and others, that are particularly affected by the Chinese Virus. We will be stronger than ever before!â The United States will be powerfully supporting those industries, like Airlines and others, that are particularly affected by the Chinese Virus. We will be stronger than ever before! â Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 16, 2020 Trump, referring to the Coronavirus as âChinese Virusâ, has irked people on social media who are ridiculing him for his racist approach. People are schooling him and reminding him that itâs a human virus not an 'Asian' virus for that matter. It's not a the "Chinese Virus" you fucking racist dickhead! â Palmer Report (@PalmerReport) March 16, 2020Its called the Coronavirus and its now as American as apple pie so stop racist comments. â Mia Farrow (@MiaFarrow) March 16, 2020Letâs remember. Coronavirus is not an Asian virus. Itâs a human virus. We must elongate the epidemic curve for slow rise, slow fall. We must release all medical stockpiles. We must limit public gatherings of any sort, of any kid. Sooner we do this, sooner we conquer this disease â â»ï¸ðºð¸ Christopher Zullo (@ChrisJZullo) March 16, 2020There are no words to express my absolute hatred of this man. None. â Seattle_Gal (@TerriSeattle) March 16, 2020The virus doesn't have a nationality â Hussein (@leb_hussein) March 16, 2020"Chinese Virus?!?" Now you're adding racist hysteria to an already dire situation??? In times like this, we need a sane, steady hand at the wheel, and that ain't you. So why don't you just STFU if you can't say anything useful? â BrooklynDad_Defiant! (@mmpadellan) March 16, 2020However, there are also people who are agreeing with Trump for calling it a 'Chinese Virus' as it originated from Wuhan in China. They even cited examples of the Spanish Flu and the Russian Flu. They even went to say that the Chinese should be held accountable for all the current misery around the world. Well it did originated from china, no one called "racism" for the Spanish Flu. â JimBimBum (@JimBimBum) March 16, 2020It started in China. Hence the name Chinese virus. Imagine thinking thatâs racist. â BuffsFan (@BuffsF) March 16, 2020Youâre right, it is 100% the Chinese Virus and we need to hold them accountable for hiding it from the world for months. â Ryan Fournier (@RyanAFournier) March 16, 2020Thank you THE PRESIDENT for calling a spades a spades "Chinese Virus" #ChineseVirus was designed to eliminate all non Chinese, we need a global probe in this â Amitabha (@aMiTaBhA_74) March 17, 2020A Chinese Twitter user agreed that Trump is not being a racist and wrote, âIâm a Chinese. We all know that the virus is from Wuhan. Donald Trump didnât say anything wrong. We also called it a Wuhan Virus or Chinese Virus. It is not racism #WuhanCoronavirus #ChineseCoronavirus.â Iâm a Chinese. We all know that the virus is from Wuhan. Donald trump didnât said anything wrong. We also called it Wuhan Virus or Chinese Virus. It is not racism #WuhanCoronavirus #ChineseCoronavirus â lok (@loklokhk3232) March 17, 2020 Clearly, people on social media have different opinions on Trump calling it a 'Chinese Virus'. But, I am wondering if we can actually focus on eradicating this virus and making an antidote rather than giving this whole thing a political tinge. Whatâs your take on the same? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  19. AMD has been on the rise for quite some time now with some of its components offering similar or even better performance in some cases over Intel parts. But not all AMD-powered machines, especially laptops are worth checking out, thanks to AMD's "not-so-good" track record when it comes to mobile devices. The new MSI Alpha 15 laptop, however, is something that'll catch your attention. The Alpha 15 A3DDK is a part of MSI's Alpha series that includes all AMD components. On paper, it seems like it packs a powerful punch for a very lucrative price. But is it really worth it? Well, I've been using the MSI Alpha 15 laptop as my primary machine for a few weeks now and I think it's a really good machine for the price. Here's what I make of it: 1. Design & Build Quality MSI's Alpha series notebooks look a little different from their usual gaming notebooks. Instead of flaunting a gaudy red or blue colour, which most gaming laptops tend to do these days, the Alpha 15 has a simple matte black chassis. © Karthik Iyer/ MensXP I like how the front of the laptop looks like a race car hood with two curves and a thunderbird logo in the middle. The hinge of the laptop also feels solid and it's complemented with a few red accents at the back along with the heat vents. The laptop is not overly heavy, nor is it gigantic in size. It's the kind of compact notebook that I'd happily recommend. On the inside, you'll see a gorgeous keyboard courtesy of the folks over at Steelseries. The display also has minimal bezels on three sides, so there's not much to complain about. The keyboard layout is made out of plastic, but I'd like to point out that it feels just as premium as a high-end notebook with a chassis made out of a different material. The really like the finish, especially where my palm rests on the laptop as I write this review. © Karthik Iyer/ MensXP Overall, I'd say the MSI Alpha 15 is a solid gaming notebook. The overall design and the build quality of the notebook kind of reminds of the ASUS TUF gaming notebook series. Solid build quality with impressive looks. 2. Display The Alpha 15 sports a 15.6-inch FHD display inside. It supports 144Hz refresh rate as well as AMD's FreeSync, which is a fancy tech that's made to eliminate screen tearing in-game by syncing the refresh rate between the display and the GPU. Technical details aside, this is a beautiful looking panel. © Karthik Iyer/ MensXP The viewing angles are really nice and the brightness is on-point. I also like how the display shows a natural color palette. This is now one of my favorite display to consume content on. Be it gaming, or simply watching a movie, you'll instantly notice a difference, especially if you're like me who's coming from a two-year-old laptop. 3. Keyboard and Trackpad The Steelseries keyboard on the A3DDK features per-key RGB lighting and it looks great. You can play around the Steelseries software to change the lighting patterns and there's a ton of them to choose from. There's also a dedicated button to change between the different patterns and brightness. As for the keys themselves, this has been one of my favorites keyboards to use for typing. Steelseries makes really good keyboards and this is no different. The keys have decent travel and are perfect to churn out long-form stories. © Karthik Iyer/ MensXP As for the trackpad, it uses Windows precision drivers and it's quite responsive. Instead of a clickable trackpad, you get two buttons. They're nice and sturdy, so no complaints there either. Since this is a gaming laptop, you'll anyway be investing in a good gaming mouse, so there's hardly anything to worry about. 4. Ports Despite having somewhat of a compact form factor, the Alpha 15 has pretty much all the ports that you'd need. On the right, you a two USB 3.2 Type-A ports along with an SD card slot. On the left-hand side, you get an ethernet port along with an HDMI port, a mini display port, USB 3.2 Type-A, USB 3.2 Type-C ports along with 3.5mm headphone and mic jacks. © Karthik Iyer/ MensXP If there's one thing that I don't like the placement of the USB Type-A ports on the right side. The wires connecting to the peripheral will often come in the way of your game by restricting the mouse movement. Not a deal-breaker, but it might take you some time to get used to this. 5. Performance The Alpha 15 A3DDK is powered by the AMD Ryzen 7-3750H processor with 16GB of RAM. My review unit comes with 512GB NVMe SSD which is pretty fast. I remember being able to transfer a 5Gb file in around 11 seconds which is not bad at all. Since this a gaming laptop, let's talk about the GPU. This machine is equipped with AMD Radeon RX5500M GPU with 4GB VRAM. This GPU is comparable to the GTX 1650 and the GTX 1660 Ti. In many cases, the RX5500M manages to beat the GTX 1650 with better frame rates at 1080p. I wanted to push the GPU to its limits, so I ran all the games that I tested in 1080p with the highest graphics settings. This is not what I ideally do to test the performance, but I figured why not put the AMD GPU through its paces. You can see the results below in the benchmark chat. It's' worth pointing out that the frame rates are much better when you tweak the graphics settings a bit. Games like Apex Legends and Fortnite will easily hit 144Hz when you play around the settings a bit or turn them all the way down. But if you want nothing but absolute best when it comes to graphics, then you have the numbers in front of you. As for the thermals, I'd say the Alpha 15 has some powerful fans. They don't hold back while gaming. I set them to max performance while gaming, so they instantly kick in as soon as I launch a game. The laptop sounds like it's about to take off any moment from a runway, so you definitely need a good pair of headphones to play games. That being said, the fans keep the laptop from overheating. I am yet to have faced thermal throttling even while playing games for long hours. I've been playing a lot of Apex Legends lately to get better at the game, so I usually end up playing for more than 6 to 7 hours in one sitting. If the laptop can handle that, then I think it's sorted. 6. Battery Life © Karthik Iyer/ MensXP The Alpha 15 A3DDK packs a 51 Wh battery. Simply put, the battery life of the Alpha 15 is not impressive at all. I think it's the only thing which I don't like about this laptop. With moderate "work" usage, I was only getting 3 to 4 hours of battery life, which is not good. Yes, gaming laptops all have average battery life, but I expected better from the Alpha 15. 7. The Final Say Overall, I'd say the MSI Alpha 15 A3DDK is a decent mid-range gaming notebook. The Ryzen 7 3750H paired with the RX 5500M will allow you to play all the current-gen AAA titles at 1080p resolution with decent graphics smoothly. As I mentioned, the RX5500M sits right smack in the middle of the GTX 1650 and the GTX 1660 Ti. I also like the display and the build quality of the laptop, so it definitely gets brownie points for that. The only issue I have with this laptop is the battery life, but I think that's been the case with a lot of gaming laptop these days, so it's not exclusive to the Alpha 15. For Rs. 81,000 (best price online), the MSI Alpha 15 is a very good laptop in my opinion. If you're on the lookout for a decent gaming laptop and don't want to spend a ton of cash, then this is worth considering as an option. View the full article
  20. Before he was elected prime minister, the cricketer-turned-politician said he would file a petition against Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman with NAB
  21. Sara Ali Khan is one of the most honest personalities of Bollywood who always put their opinions forward
  22. Pakistani family has distributed thousands of free face masks, gloves and other products among the locals amid coronavirus outbreak
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