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Found 8 results

  1. What's with boys and their beards? A lot, apparently, but looks like their obsession is finally dying down. So on cue, we are here to introduce you boys to something called the #BreakTheBeard challenge. Now, before you get all worried, let us clarify - we are all for different facial grooming styles and summer is just the season to experiment! If you aren't motivated yet to give your bread an all-new look, let me remind you that this stylish trend is all that people are going to be talking about throughout the summer. And it's not just us who are eager to get this new trend going, our favourite cricketers have already hopped on the 2018 summer trend #BreakTheBeard. Yes, they have cleared the extra fuzz off their face to let their face feel the fresh air. Well, have a look and decide which cricketer has aced the summer style. Also, don't forget to pass on the challenge like the cricketers did! 1. Shikhar Dhawan Here is something new for my fans, from my fans! Time to take it to the #NewLevel. Gabru ni bolda ohda swag bolda. Buraaahhhhðªð½ðªð½ðªð½#newlook #breakthebeard A post shared by Shikhar Dhawan (@shikhardofficial) on Apr 10, 2018 at 11:45pm PDT Shikhar cleared off that extra fuzz to sport a stylish French beard. His new look is definitely a summer winner and one that is perfect for those who don't want to go all the way by shaving their beard and yet maintain a stylish look. 2. Hardik Pandya @krunalpandya_official - Oh! The style game just got interesting brother and if this is the #newlevel then my #BreakTheBeard look is the finishing move. Watch and learn brother, watch and learn.ð Cut it! A post shared by Hardik Pandya (@hardikpandya93) on Apr 19, 2018 at 4:33am PDT Hardik Pandya just gave a cool new twist to the regular French beard with his experimental style. Very millennial and cool, isn't it? Now, this is a look that you'd want to opt for if a summer makeover is what you're looking for. His fans have already gone crazy about his new look, comments have been pouring in on his Insta-post and it's not just the fans, but fellow teammates are also leaving him a compliment. 3. Krunal Pandya I am blessed to have fans who support me and after last night...the game is on and so is my new #BreaktheBeard style. Love you paltan, in particular #BestVBest #summerlook #MIGotStyle A post shared by Krunal Pandya (@krunalpandya_official) on Apr 18, 2018 at 5:11am PDT The Pandya brothers sure know how to do it! Krunal styled his beard by giving himself an edgy new cut that doesn't let go of his entire beard but at the same time, represents his cool persona! 4. Ravindra Jadeja Kya Kamaal look hain, Gabru Gabbar. Six ho ya style, taking this season to a #Newlevel. This is for all #csk fans #BreaktheBeard #newlook #rajputboy #whistlepodu A post shared by Ravindrasinh Jadeja (@royalnavghan) on Apr 11, 2018 at 10:03am PDT Giving a big shoutout to all his CSk fans, Ravindra Jadeja dedicated his new Break The Beard look to all his fans and let's just say, we are clean bowled! With his new look he went the classic old way with a French beard, however, unlike Shikhar, he opted for a fuller looking mane to give the regular style a new twist. 5. Rishabh Pant When it comes to hard work,dedication and some little fun, the young guns can't be left behind. My#breakthebeard look ! @shikhardofficial and @royalnavghan A post shared by Rishabh Pant (@rishabpant) on Apr 13, 2018 at 8:41am PDT Rishabh Pant went for the Royale beard style by adding a chin strap and goatee to his moustache. Now here's a style that just might be the look of 2018! 6. Kane Williamson Thoughts on my first dab? ðð My Sunrisers team mate @shikhardofficial slowly teaching me some of the Punjabi swag. Time to munt the beard #BreakTheBeard goes international! #NewLook #dabneedswork#savedbythesong A post shared by Kane Williamson (@kane_s_w) on Apr 18, 2018 at 7:10am PDT Kane had quite a full grown beard that needed some dramatic new makeover this summer. So he decided to flaunt off his Punjabi swag by joining his teammates in the #BreakTheBeard challenge and decided to opt for the Balbo beard style by letting go off of his sideburns and trimming his moustache to give a more groomed look. And by the looks of it, he sure did take things international. His fan base has been loving his new look and is ready to hop on this new stylish global trend. 7. Suresh Raina As the season intensifies, time to hit a new level! #Whistlepodu and #breakthebeard. Some #yellove for all you lovely fans! Keep your support coming. #ipl2018 #newlook #summer A post shared by Suresh Raina (@sureshraina3) on May 9, 2018 at 4:36am PDT How cool does Suresh look! Retaining his moustache, Suresh went for a fuller yet trimmed goatee on his chin to add to his summer look. 8. Shakib Al Hassan First @shikhardofficial, then @kane_s_w and then @manishpandeyinsta …Why should batsmen have all the fun? Time for all-rounders to show their all-round style too! Here is my #breakthebeard look…clean sweep… #OrangeArmy #IPL2018 #summerlook #sunrisershyderabad A post shared by shakib al hasan (@shaki_b75) on May 19, 2018 at 2:38am PDT Inspired by fellow cricketers like Shikhar Dhawan and Manish Pandey, this all-rounder international cricketer decided to show his style in a clean-shaven look! After all, he too knows that nothing works its magic like a clean and debonair look. 9. Manish Pandey Thinking is such a waste of time...Just do it... #BreakTheBeard and hit a new level. #OrangeArmy #newlook #summer A post shared by Manish Pandey ð®ð³ (@manishpandeyinsta) on Apr 18, 2018 at 8:48am PDT A look more similar to Rishabh's beard style, Manish decided to shave off the extra and groom his beard to add a stylish chin strip that would compliment his moustache. 10. Nitish Rana New dab king in town! ðð»ð¤ð» What say @paulpogba? That crucial part of the season, time to take it to a new level. #newlook #breakthebeard #dab #pogboom #pogba #pogdab #amikkr #ipl2018 #onedirection A post shared by nitishrana_official (@nitishrana_official) on May 11, 2018 at 3:44am PDT Now, this is what we call experimenting! Trying out a completely fresh look for the summer, Nitish sported a goatee that is growing into a fuller chin strap. This is a style that you just might want to copy this summer! Well, each of the boys has set their own distinctive style this summer, but that's not all, they are even challenging others to join them in #BreakTheBeard this season. And we couldn't be happier! After all, full-grown beards are so passé. And joining them to Captain the team as their 11th player, MS Dhoni too joined the Break The Beard bandwagon. From a full beard to a clean-shaven look, this Captain Cool is surely setting new trends and styles! BCCL
  2. Two or more people sharing the same first name, isn't something new. In fact, having 5 students with the same name in the same class was often a difficult task for teachers to deal with. I am sure we all have a Pooja, Neha or Aarti in our lives, because these names are so common. But, what are the odds that they all share the same surname? And what are the chances that one of them is a global megastar? Not many, right? Well, I would have thought so too had I not come across Ryan Reynolds. Confused? Well, I am not talking about him… © Instagram Or Deadpool… © Marvel Entertainment In fact, this is also not about Blake Lively's husband, who loves to troll his wife on social media. © Instagram I am talking about Ryan Reynolds from Australia, who went viral on social media, after he enquired about Marvel Stadium. Seriously, 'Deadpool 2' actor talking about Marvel Stadium, what can possibly be so interesting that people are going crazy over it? Well, this Ryan Reynolds is actually a sports journalist and the stadium in question has nothing to do with MCU or superheroes. Neither does this Ryan Reynolds has anything in common (except the name), with the more famous Ryan. And sense of humour probably. In fact, given the blue tick on the Twitter accounts of both the Ryans, I won't be surprised if any of us ended up following the wrong Ryan in haste. © Twitter Back story: Melbourne's Etihad Stadium will soon go by a new name – Marvel Stadium, after Disney struck an eight-year deal with them. Before 2009, Etihad Stadium was known as The Docklands Stadium, Colonial Stadium and Telstra Dome. Taking a cue from this excellent 'Deadpool=Marvel' and 'Ryan Reynolds=Ryan Reynolds' opportunity; the sports reporter who works with Geelong Advertiser posted this. Do I get free entry into Marvel Stadium? #Deadpool2 — Ryan Reynolds (@Reynolds_R) May 23, 2018 In fact, Ryan even tweeted to the 'Deadpool 2' actor, asking him out for a coffee next time he's in Australia. Any chance of catching up for a coffee next time you're in Oz @VancityReynolds ? My shout. https://t.co/bd3c6YTjjP — Ryan Reynolds (@Reynolds_R) May 24, 2018 Well, thanks to his cheeky tweet we finally know that there's someone apart from Ryan, who will now probably be the target of all the Deadpool and Ryan Reynolds jokes. Good luck covering the Australian Football League (AFL), Ryan. We wonder how Ryan Reynolds will react once he comes across the lesser known Ryan. Source: Geelong Advertiser
  3. FIFA Is Coming! Ready To Pass This Basic Football Trivia Quiz?
  4. Razer has announced the Blade 15 today and it's their newest, hottest and sharpest laptop ever. It comes with a 15.6-inch display, 8th Gen Intel Core processor and according to the company, it is the world's smallest 15.6-inch Gaming Laptop. The first change you'll notice is the bezel. On a laptop, its the thinnest we've ever seen (4.9mm) giving it a very sharp and modern look. The only other laptop that looks as good as the Blade 15 is Dell's XPS 13. Alongside the laptop, Razer also launched a new Razer Core X external graphics enclosure, which can boost the gaming performance of the laptop to desktop levels. © Razer The new $1,900 (Rs 1,30,000) Razer Blade Stealth has a 15.6-inch full HD screen (1,920-by-1,080 resolution) and a 144 hertz refresh rate. It uses sRGB colour and enables users to upgrade it for a fee to 4K (3,840-by-2,160) resolution with touchscreen functionality and 100 percent Adobe RGB colour support. The components get updated as well, to an eighth-gen Core i7-8750H with Turbo Boost speed up till 4.1Ghz and your choice of Nvidia 1060 or 1070 GPUs. For multitasking, Razer also includes 16 GB of 2667MHz dual-channel system memory and fast PCIe SSD storage with configurations up to 512GB, with support for up to 32 GB of memory and up to 2 TB of storage. © Razer “The chassis is 3 percent smaller than our 14-inch model despite the bigger screen, and that makes it the smallest laptop,” Kevin Sather, global director of product marketing for systems at Razer said in a press briefing. The laptop uses nanoparticle material and graphite-based server grade thermal interfaces to reduce hot spots and facilitate heat transfer. Razer is also taking advantage of Nvidia's MaxQ power saving technology to increase battery life. Being a Razer, it also sports a highly customizable backlit Chroma keyboard. Each individual key can produce 16.9 million colours along with patterns and designs. © Razer Coming back to the Core X, it is basically a big box with a single slot for your graphics card and a heavy 650-watt power supply. All you need to do, is plug it in with your laptop via a Thunderbolt 3 point and you've got an instant gaming rig. The Razer Blade starts at $1,899 for an HD configuration with a GeForce GTX 1060 and a 256 GB SSD and can be purchased from Razer.com in the USA.
  5. 'Race 3' memes are actually a big thing now and there is no one who hasn't seen it. Twitter is going crazy and people can't stop obsessing over Daisy Shah's dialogue from the movie, “Our business is our business, none of your business.” Thanos - Coming on Earth to get all infinity stones. Daisy Shah - Our stones are our stones, None of your stones. Thanos - Maaf kar behen.#Thanos #DaisyShah #OurBusiness #Race3 #Avengers — Saurabh Mavjekar (@SaurabhMavjekar) May 22, 2018 These #DaisyShah memes are hilarious ððð pic.twitter.com/NUs2dAvN8p — Muhammed Rayees VP (@RAYEES_vp) May 19, 2018 #Race3 #ourbusinessisourbusiness #DaisyShah My condition after listening to Daisy Shah's dialogue in Race 3 - pic.twitter.com/AiZ2DSlZJF — Saurabh Mavjekar (@SaurabhMavjekar) May 22, 2018 Me when other girls come near my boyfriend. #Race3 #ourbusinessisourbusiness #DaisyShah pic.twitter.com/aEHTgMayBr — Saleha Shaikh (@Hazel_shadow_) May 21, 2018 Salman Khan obviously didn't like his protégé getting trolled and came to her rescue instantly, which made us tell him to take a chill pill. © SKF For people who are still living under a rock, check out the trailer from 01:00 onwards and you will know what the meme-fest is all about. If you think about the dialogue, it is interesting to see how this line can be related with anything and everything. People are totally obsessing over it and now even Mumbai Police has joined this “None of your business” meme brigade. People who haven't checked out Mumbai Police's Twitter account, let us tell you that it's one of the coolest accounts ever. The account picks everything that's topical and trending and makes it a point to use it to give out a meaningful message. Ghar se Kuch dur nikalte chalte hi... hi... pic.twitter.com/1nSWbB0H92 — Mumbai Police (@MumbaiPolice) May 16, 2018 Following the trend, this time they have taken Daisy Shah's dialogue and have warned followers about data theft. “Mind your own data to make sure that no one else takes advantage of it to beat you in the #RaceOfSafety,” wrote Mumbai Police. Check out the epic tweet now: Mind your own data to make sure that no one else takes advantage of it to beat you in the #RaceOfSafety pic.twitter.com/WJ4ADZEl1a — Mumbai Police (@MumbaiPolice) May 23, 2018 Earlier even Salman Khan tried to give it back to the 'Race 3' trolls, which was just uncalled for. No words @BeingSalmanKhan what better reply one could get then the best one itself... we love you for the human you are !!! #Race3 #salmankhanourhero @ItsRaviD @PlanetSalman pic.twitter.com/FYUmIsAMLq — Rahul.N.Kanal (@Iamrahulkanal) May 21, 2018 Also, an irate Daisy had responded to the memes saying, “To all The people who think they are too smart. Create ur own identity 1st n 'GET A LIFE', Wait! I am sure u don't have any #patheticLosers”. © Instagram Later, she even clarified saying that her post wasn't for the trolls, which made us ROFL and you just know why! © Instagram 'Race 3' is one of the most anticipated movies of the year and it also stars Anil Kapoor, Jacqueline Fernandez, Bobby Deol, Saqib Saleem and Freddy Daruwala. © SKF Directed by Remo D'souza, the movie is set to hit the theatres on June 15.
  6. Summer is here and the temperature outside has already reached a million degrees. But, if you can survive the heat, the set-up actually serves as a perfect backdrop for a weekend worth of chilled beers, pool parties, and awesome sundowners. But, before you venture out into the wild wild west, you'll need two very important things to help you tackle this monstrous heat: sunscreen with SPF-15 and sunnies that will make an impression! So, to elevate your sartorial game and up your cool quotient, we at MensXP have curated a list of the most stylish (and affordable) sunnies out there. Hit it! 1. Pepe Jeans UV Protected Aviator Unisex Sunglasses © Amazon India Looking for a stylish pair of classic aviators that don't burn a hole in your pocket? Look no further! Price: Rs. 1,539 Buy it here 2. IDEE Gradient Square Men's Sunglasses © Amazon India Take cues from Varun Dhawan and pair these with your fave athleisure look! Price: Rs. 1,529 Buy it here 3. Fastrack Polarized Goggle Men's Sunglasses © Amazon India This affordable pair of eyewear which will look great with (almost) all your ensembles. Price: Rs. 1,566 Buy it here 4. Opium Men's Clubmaster UV Protected Sunglasses © Amazon India Our personal favourite on the list, these round clubmaster sunglasses are stylish AF! If standing out from the crowd is your thing, then this combination of blue and gold is the ideal bet for you this season. Price: Rs. 2,250 Buy it here 5. Ray-Ban UV Protected Men's Sunglasses © Amazon India You can never go wrong with the iconic brand Ray Ban. And these black round sunglasses are the perfect companion for your face this summer. Price: Rs. 6,471 Buy it here 6. Oakley Iridium Men's Sunglasses © Amazon India Pro-tip: Team this stylish piece of eyewear with a cool pair of pop colour shorts, a floral shirt and sliders for a dope-ass pool party look. Thank us later! Price: Rs. 5590 Buy it here
  7. This week, we were inspired to discuss home automation after @Joel R raised the question in a topic. With so many commercial options available now, such as Alexa, Siri and Google Home, we started discussing what automation we have in our homes. This week we'll focus on the a few team members who have heavily automated teams. Although @bfarber's answer "I have kids to help automate the home" was a clear winner. Marc S (Support technician & cycle injury enthusiast) For me I just have Hive, which is automation for my central heating system, and an Echo. So I can tell my heating to switch on and off by speaking to the echo if I wish, but to be honest its very rare that I do so. I tend to just use my phone, as it would rely on me being in the same room as my echo. I have some lights which are on sensors in my en-suite, and in my entrance hall. I have thought about getting bulbs I can switch on and off with voice control, but I'm honestly not sure how much they would be used in comparison to what they cost to buy. Because of the way my lights are configured, it would cost a fortune to do (for example my living room would need 5 bulbs for the main light). If I decided to go down that route, I would be looking for lightswitch adaptations, rather than bulbs. Andy (Developer and Support technician) This is a hobby of mine so might be a long answer! When I fully renovated my apartment I took the opportunity to go wild and put structured cabling and do all the prep work for a complete system. I use a system designed and manufactured by a company in my local area (Idratek.com) as the “controller” which handles heating, lighting, presence detection, intercoms, door locks etc and binds everything together. I installed everything myself and in total used about 2km worth of cat5e wiring with hidden magnetic reed switches recessed in door and window jams. I’ve then extended this by adding integrations with other things such as Hue lighting, automated curtains, zoned heating, a smart kettle and cameras etc. A particular favourite of mine is the integration with Logitech Squeezebox. If somebody rings the doorbell or calls me on Skype then the volume automatically decreases in the room I’m in so I can take the call. This system goes beyond the mainstream ad hoc automation kits such as Hue and other retail “smart” products in that it’s not just motion detection but presence. So for example if you’re in a room and the doors and windows are closed the system knows you are in that room until the door is opened. So if you’re sat still reading the light won’t turn off on you but it will still turn off automatically as soon as you leave. There’s no relying on extended 10 minute time outs. Lighting is controlled using internal and external light level sensors too so there’s no messing about adjusting the on/off times with seasonal changes. The system has all the usual smartphone controls but the idea is that it is truly “smart” in that once set up there is little intervention required. Heating is weather compensated for example and although curtains open automatically once the sun comes up, they won’t do so if you’re still in the room to prevent inadvertent flashing to neighbours. If you open a window in a room then the radiators in that room and connecting rooms are automatically switched off so you’re not wasting money heating the outside. I like to kid myself that I’m saving money but in reality the money I have spent probably exceeds any savings I will make in two lifetimes. So if I’m not saving money at least I’m being eco friendly whilst having some fun seeing how far I can push the tech. Mark W (The Senior Developer) I'm not as crazy as Andy, but I do have quite a bit of stuff: All the lights in the house are Hue. These are coupled with motion sensors (Hue motion sensors which also handily double as temperature and light sensors) but for completeness, I took all of the light switches off the walls, replaced the switches with a blank plate which I then added Hue Dimmer Switches on top of - this means that I can still use "normal" light switches when I want to. I have a Hive thermostat, and wrote a Homebridge plugin (https://github.com/mark-wade/homebridge-hive) to allow me to control it with Homekit, which is what I use to tie all my stuff together (Homebridge itself is running on a Raspberry Pi) I have a coffee machine and kettle from Smarter, which I also have Homebridge plugins for. Every room has a Sonos (Play:1 in bedroom and bathroom, Play:3 in office, kitchen and living room), again with Homebridge plugins I have automation set up to: Turns the lights and music on and off as I move throughout the house Turn the coffee machine on after I go into my office in the morning Turn everything off and turn the thermostat down once everyone has left the house But, because I use Homekit to tie it all together, I also use Siri quite a lot. "Hey Siri, turn the coffee machine on" literally never gets old. I'd really like to get a smart door lock and window blinds, but I'm still waiting for products that are actually decent to arrive on the market (there's a lot of US-centric stuff available, but here in the UK we normally need to wait a bit longer). Mark H (Support Technician and part-time Phil) I use an ISY-994i by Universal Devices, which controls *almost* all lights in the house, the door locks (Schlage Z-wave), and is integrated with my: Elk security system OneLink fire/CO alarms 3 Raspberry PI's with temperature sensors (DS2482-100 I2C to 1-Wire IC) Logitech Harmony Davis weather station (Vantage Pro 2) The mobile App I use to control this all, is Orchestrated Mobilinc. Daniel (Support Technician and Developer) A Raspberry Pis running HomeBridge 2 Amazon Dots + 3 Logitech Harmony Hubs & Elite Controllers allow me to control everything via remote controls, phone or voice. Lights: Hue Sound: Sonos in all rooms I have also dozen of homekit compatible sockets to control some none smart devices via the system. The Harmony Hub but also the Raspberry allow me also to control Dyson Fans. Since I moved to a Samsung Phone it's quite a mess because I had to find an alternative to control the homekit stuff Quite clearly, giving developers a box of gadgets and some spare time can lead to very creative things. Do you have any home automation? Do you prefer Alexa to Google Home? Do you also want to move into Andy's house? Let us know.
  8. Just freshly installed ips 4.21 nulled, signed in with admin account i created during install. I can access the moderatorCP but the AdminCP is locked ...how can I access it ? See pic included... thanks in advance. I am really new to this so feel free to dumb down your answer.....thanks