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Nine arrested during raids in Karachi, five dacoits held in Hyderabad, Khairpur

153197_665092_updates.jpgFile Photo

KARACHI: Nine suspects were arrested and 15 detained during search operations conducted late Thursday night in various areas of the metropolis, police officials said.

Three suspects were taken into custody during an operation carried out in the city's Saudabad area, police stated, adding that weapons and contraband have been recovered from them.

The arrestees are said to have been involved in street crimes, authorities said.

Five suspects were arrested late Thursday night during an operation conducted in Sultanabad, Manghopir, Superintendent of Police (SP)-Orangi Abid Baloch mentioned, noting that 15 others were held for further questioning.

Weapons and contraband were recovered from the arrestees, the police official added.

CTD encounter

The Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) on Thursday night was involved in an encounter near Bagh-e-Korangi, resulting in the arrest of one suspect, while another managed to flee, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Munir Shaikh said.

The detained suspect was injured during the exchange of gunfire, the police official said, adding that he belongs to a political party and has been involved in cases of target killing.

Police added that weapons were seized from the arrestee.

Raid on sheesha bar

Law enforcement agencies (LEAs) on Thursday night carried out a raid on a sheesha bar in Block L of North Nazimabad, SP Gulberg Town explained, adding that the owner of the outlet was taken into custody.

In addition, a large number of sheeshas were seized from the bar, the police official mentioned.

Geo obtains CCTV footage of robbery

Geo News has obtained the CCTV footage of a robbery that was carried out in Nazimabad No. 4, the channel reported.

The video clip shows the dacoits arriving at the scene on a bike, looting a citizen, and then driving away. The robbers' faces are clearly visible in the footage.

Lahore search operation

A search operation was carried out by police late Thursday night in various areas of the city's City Division, officials said.

Places included in the search were truck stops, shops, and factories, among others, police sources mentioned, adding that identities of numerous people were checked through biometric verification.

Dacoits held in Hyderabad, Khairpur

One dacoit was taken into custody during an alleged police encounter carried out in the city's Baldia area, security officials said.

The dacoit ? who was injured during the exchange of gunfire ? was subsequently transferred to a hospital for medical treatment, police added.

Weapons were recovered from the detained suspect, police said.

On the other hand, four dacoits were detained during a similar encounter late Thursday night in Khairpur's Babarloo police station jurisdiction, LEAs said.

Of the four arrestees, two were taken into custody in a wounded state, police explained, adding that all of them were involved in robberies on the National Highway.

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