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Found 53 results

  1. Post the deadly Pulwama terror attack, the entire country is left in a state of horror and shock. Over 40 CRPF personnel lost their lives and we're still trying to put the pieces together, all across the country, not sure if they'll fit anymore. But an international humanitarian organisation by the name of 'Khalsa Aid' and some local Gurudwaras and individual Sikhs helped the Kashmiri population who were trying to escape vigilante mob attacks all across the country and we know for sure there is still some faith left in humanity. © Twitter The organisation gave protection, food and shelter to many stranded Kashmiris and helped them reach back safe to their homes in Kashmir. The violence erupted all over North India where many Kahsmiri students were being attacked in retaliation to the attack on the 14th of February and with the help of Khalsa Aid, they've all made it back home safe. © Twitter As a mark of gratitude and in order to thank the Sikh communities, the Kashmiris have now expressed their love for the Sikhs for helping them out in times of need and have offered free services to the Sikhs, namely medical treatments and education and free snow bike rides in Gulmarg. © Twitter So much so, a cartoon caricatured by a Kashmiri cartoonist by the name of Suhail Naqshbandi has gone viral on social media. The sketch depicts a Sikh offering a helping hand to a drowning Kashmiri, narrating the benevolent services and gratitude towards the brotherhood. Sardar means a leader and they lead by example. Hats off to them for being everywhere to help the humanity. @Khalsa_Aid #kashmirisindistress #kashmir pic.twitter.com/H6kUfIVlzk — Suhail Naqshbandi (@hailsuhail) 20 February 2019 The cartoonist tweeted: “Sardar means a leader and they lead by example. Hats off for being everywhere to help.” The post went viral on Twitter and was re-tweeted many times. The cartoon was also shared by former Jammu & Kashmir chief ministers Mehbooba Mufti and Omar Abdullah. I salute our Sikh brethren who came to the aid of young Kashmiris all over the country. Admire their exemplary spirit to serve with utmost dignity & fortitude. https://t.co/rOGN4mS2PA — Mehbooba Mufti (@MehboobaMufti) 20 February 2019 This cartoon is very apt. The Sikh sangat has gone above & beyond the call of duty in reaching out & helping Kashmiris in distress, whether in Jammu or outside the state. A special thanks to @capt_amarinder Sahib for his statesmanship in ensuring security & safety for Kashmiris. https://t.co/QRPsTf1JoI — Omar Abdullah (@OmarAbdullah) 20 February 2019 Although, the Khalsa Aid CEO Ravinder Singh corrected the former CM from the National Conference for giving credit to the Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh and over a tweet told him the effort was made by the Gurudwaras. With due respect the initiative was taken by the GURDWARAS in Chandigarh and then the @khalsaaid_india team funded & coordinated the 20 buses for the students. It was the Panjabi people's love for humanity ðð»ðð» @OmarAbdullah https://t.co/L4BIkhHvrP — ravinder singh (@RaviSinghKA) 20 February 2019 A lot others took to the internet as well, to express their gratitude. No one in #Punjab can harm any #Kashmiri..strong message from #SikhCommunity to mindless mob after #PulwamaTerrorAttacks .Thanks to Sikh Community. Other must learn form them.#Pulwama #PulwamaEncounter #KashmiriMuslims #Kashmir pic.twitter.com/lNyAacSuig — Manzoor Shah (@manzoorshah_JK) 19 February 2019 Appreciations,⤠n respect being paid to the Sikh community from #Kashmir. Discount on shopping, free admissions,free coaching, free gifts n what not. Request every Kashmiri to donate wholeheartedly 4 @Khalsa_Aid international who r always there to help irrespective.#pulwama — Firdous Shah (@shah__firdous) 21 February 2019 Kashmir is indebted to our Sikh Comunity Khalsa Aid & sm gud souls who hv com frwd to help Kashmiris stuck in other States and wr in dire need of help post Pulwama Attack Salutes to you all ð#HumanityStillExists#ThankYouFromKashmir@Shehla_Rashid @SagrikaKissu @KangriCarrier — Ali Irfan (@AliIrfan_09) 20 February 2019 Sikhs always stand against tyranny, oppression and discrimination. Thank you @Khalsa_Aid, @amarpreet1313 and @RaviSinghKA, alongside local Gurdwaras and local Sikhs, for exemplifying this after #Pulwama. ðð½ðªð½ pic.twitter.com/0l8G571CCm — Jaskaran Sandhu (@jaysingh_01) 21 February 2019 A Srinagar based restaurateur, Java Parsa was among the stranded Kashmiris and he recounted his experience with the Khalsa Aid community and took to Twitter too to express his gratitude towards then. He said the Sikh community " fixed my heart and restored my faith in humanity". He helped give aid to a lot of stranded students as well. Zindabaad @Khalsa_Aid pic.twitter.com/PtqO2lLSv1 — Javid Parsa (@parsa_javid) 18 February 2019 #KashmiriStudents thanks for #Sikh community in #India after situation of hate & fear created by some goons after #PulwamaAttack. Those chanting #IndiaWantsRevenge and #BadlaKab #Badla should learn some #Humanity. If U want #Kashmir but Hate #Kashmiris. #Shame #WednesdayWisdom pic.twitter.com/4fPCiqgVA0 — Mehreen Chisti (@mehreen_chisti) 20 February 2019 Thanks to Sikh community and @Khalsa_Aid for helping and rescuing Kashmiris. pic.twitter.com/PPLTxslgWF — Daanish Bin Nabi (@DaanishBinNabi) 20 February 2019 Many Kashmiris also recounted how many Sikhs stood outside college and universities, guarding students from the vigilante mob. Sikhs guarding one of the college in Punjab at night. Sikhs in groups went from college to college in Punjab to look for Kashmiri students and help them out following mob attacks on Kashmiris at many places. pic.twitter.com/nHbq1bfrjI — Muhammad Raafi' (@MohammadRaafi) 19 February 2019 © Twitter Truly, kindness and a helping hand at such tough times is all we need to restore our faith in humanity and Khalsa Aid along with many other Sikhs have gone beyond just giving a helping hand. They've taught us what true brotherhood really looks like. We at MensXP would like to extend much gratitude towards the community and we hope they continue such good and kind work always.
  2. NASCAR races are extremely fun to watch. The sight of sports cars covered in sponsored logos just whizzing past in a split of a second, the sound of engines working on overload combined with the smell of burning tyres grinding against asphalt just gives a rush of adrenaline to the viewer. What makes the sport so exciting, rather nerve-wracking, is the fear of a blunder that could take place even with the slightest of nudges between the races that are going at 320 kph. Car crashes are pretty common in racing events, much like NASCAR Daytona 500 which produced one of the biggest collisions in the history of the sport. When driver Paul Menard tried to do a 'bump and run' around Matt DiBenedetto's car number 95, he nudged the rear passenger side of DiBenedetto's ride resulting in it to spin out in the middle of the race track while knocking out 17 cars in his way with the race in its last leg. Although nobody got injured during the crash, which is miraculous to say the least and Menard took complete responsibility for the entire incident, what prepares a race driver's psyche to take the hit during the smash is worth talking about. In an interview with Tampa Bay Times, NASCAR driver and one of the sufferers of the Daytona crash, Aric Almirola shares his experience. “At a certain point in the wreck, you're just kind of along for the ride. The initial instinct is to try to drive the car and avoid the wreck. Once you know that you're in the wreck, you kind of just brace for impact,” said the driver. “A lot of people take their hands off the steering wheel, but that is very unnatural for me. I keep my hands on the steering wheel. I kind of lock my elbow in and just, everything tenses up and tightens up and you brace for impact.” Amongst the first cars to get involved in the chain reaction that Menard had started, Almirola's ride (# 10) got tagged behind car #12 and almost did a somersault. Due to the momentum of the drag in favour of the car, Almirola stayed on his wheels and didn't turn over. © NASCAR In totality, the crash led to wrecking 21 cars (almost half of the contestants) but luckily not a single driver got injured. Obviously, it wasn't long before people took to Twitter to show their concerns towards the mishap and the safety of the racers: This still amazes me how big this crash was even for Daytona #NASCAR #Daytona500 pic.twitter.com/Shh7tLzp0c — Penske17 (@Penske_17) February 20, 2019 Now that's a nasty crash... #Daytona — Steve Twynstra (@SteveTwynstra) February 17, 2019 The biggest Daytona 500 crash of the whole night!!! pic.twitter.com/dvYojiuAzG — Gameoholic1994 (@gameoholic1994) February 17, 2019 Daytona 500. What a crash...... pic.twitter.com/03ufmvwH5h — Parrish Hadley (@ParrishHadley1) February 18, 2019 DAYYUMM this Daytona Nascar crash that just happened .#daytona500#nascar pic.twitter.com/mt7t2mqdEG — Sports Gifs & Videos (@Supreme_Gifs) February 17, 2019 Meant to post this Sunday - my son reacting to the crash at the Daytona 500. pic.twitter.com/bcpkJqwtqp — Roy White III (@RDubThree) February 19, 2019 Damn. Massive crash at the 2019 #Daytona 500 takes out 21 cars. https://t.co/A5QMvhlxvM pic.twitter.com/W7l0TZRKUB — Chris Force (@Chris__Force) February 18, 2019
  3. Lady Gaga has always stood out, no matter what, and her performance at the Grammys obviously couldn't help but be memorable, and apparently meme-able as well. As usual, she set the stage on fire with her solo rendition of 'Shallow', the emotional ballad from her Oscar-nominated film, 'A Star is Born', but little did she know that one moment from her incredible performance would make her the only Grammys meme that matters. She won three Grammys this time - Best Song Written for Visual Media for 'Shallow', Best Pop Solo Performance for 'Joanne', and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance with Bradley Cooper for 'Shallow' - but the most important award was Twitter's seal of approval for her deathly stare at the end her performance. At the end of the song, she pulled this pose - Twitter It doesn't look that bad from here, right? It's a little terrifying and uncomfortable, that's it. But, it looked like this in the camera. Twitter Yikes. And thus, a meme was born. What my food sees when I check on them in the oven #Grammys pic.twitter.com/jWzozNUVLJ — Akafi Ali (@AkafiAli) February 11, 2019 We've all been there. Amazon: Your order has shipped. Me waiting at my door: #GRAMMYsâ â #ladygaga pic.twitter.com/4BG303IqOh — Aquacheese (@aquacheeseplz) February 11, 2019 Why do people have private profiles? Trying to look at the profile picture of someone on private who adds you on Instagram #Grammys pic.twitter.com/9lrH8ypiBA — Individual - Not the 1 (@MikeJBruno) February 11, 2019 Card or die? Me when the restaurant is cash only #grammys pic.twitter.com/BXF11lgxw1 — Andy Kenareki (@AndyKenareki) February 11, 2019 Exactly. “per my previous email” pic.twitter.com/nkAJOEkkaG — ryan carey-mahoney (@thegoodcarmah) February 11, 2019 Who did it? Me checking outlets to see who stole my charger. #GRAMMYs pic.twitter.com/hkQTqlidBo — Kari (@karidigg) February 11, 2019 All Lady Gaga stans be like. Anyone: *talks shit about Lady Gaga* Me: pic.twitter.com/q902GhPyGS — Alex Goldschmidt (@alexandergold) February 11, 2019 Umm. Me when the bar has last call 30 mins before 2am. #GRAMMYs pic.twitter.com/49KbH1BjT5 — Andy Kenareki (@AndyKenareki) February 11, 2019 Every single Sunday. When someone tells me tomorrow is Monday...#GRAMMYs @ladygaga pic.twitter.com/WcFzLGTq5d — Cosmopolitan (@Cosmopolitan) February 11, 2019 Is she peering into our souls? Lady Gaga staring in the camera I'm sitting here like: #Grammys pic.twitter.com/XQ0QoO3Uyl — Errol Nicholson (@errol_nic) February 11, 2019
  4. After serving a brief suspension over his objectionable comments on a popular chat show, Hardik Pandya has returned to the Indian team with better focus and more determination. Thriving in the role of an allrounder, the Baroda cricketer has adequately aided the Indian team during their recent tour of New Zealand. However, during the third and decisive third Twenty20 International (T20I) at the Seddon Park in Hamilton, the Indian cricketer was seen struggling with the ball. The right-arm seamer was clobbered all around the park, conceding 47 runs in his quota of four overs. He was India's second most expensive bowler after his brother Krunal (0-54) on the day. When it came to his batting, Pandya couldn't do much to rescue his team from a four-run loss. With his side in desperate need of some power-hitting, the 25-year-old was promoted up the order but couldn't make it count as he departed after a 11-ball 21. If his outing in the third T20I got him frustrated, Pandya further became the subject of criticism after a young Indian fan asked him an interesting question while cheering for the visitors in the stands during the second T20I at the Eden Park in Auckland. give this lady a Bharat Ratnaððð#INDvNZ pic.twitter.com/PQA8KtGNFB — Sunil- The cricketer (@1sInto2s) February 8, 2019 Dressed in India's iconic blue jersey, a young girl was seen holding a placard that read: "Pandya Aaj Karke Aaya Kya?" - a dig at Pandya's remarks during his appearance on 'Koffee With Karan'. As soon as the photo of the Indian girl holding the poster surfaced on the social media, cricket fans used the opportunity to take a dig at Pandya. It's not online trolling This was real trolling ðð — Shashank (@shashankachrya) February 8, 2019 #Cricket trollingðððð Best poster presentation ð — shahJahanch (@shahjahanmath) February 10, 2019 Karke nai aaya isiliye haargaye ððð𤣠— Harish George (@george_harish) February 10, 2019 ð¤£ð¤£ð¤£ð¤£pandya ki lag gaye — Shakir Sheikh (@ShakirS67500288) February 10, 2019 Champion she is! ð — Sukrit Ghosh (@Sukrit_G) February 10, 2019 Give this lady her dues : Kya bola re.... @ICC Best Say of The Day !! — Neelum Guha (@zoinxy) February 10, 2019
  5. For a man who initially started as a translator for foreign coaches, Jose Mourinho undeniably came a long way to establish himself as one of the best football managers in the world. Owing to his shrewd tactics and understanding of the game, the Portuguese won two UEFA Champions League and three Premier League titles amongst other notable tournament wins with multiple football clubs across the globe. In fact, it was his coaching success that saw him being roped in by Manchester United as their new manager in 2016. But, a series of dismal seasons, comprised of disappointing results, and deteriorating relations with players that eventually got him sacked at Old Trafford last December. © Reuters Since then, Mourinho, amid all the criticism and backlash from fans, has gone about enjoying life away from the dug-out. He carried out some media work and was seen spending time with his family in the warmer climes of his homeland. More recently, he has appeared as a special guest for Avangard Omsk's ice hockey match against SKA St. Petersburg in Siberia. But, just like his stint with United, it was an outing to forget. Jose Mourinho was a special guest at the SKA - Avangard game. Something went really wrong at the opening face-off. Pavel Datsyuk saved The Special One pic.twitter.com/I6SBRpobxi — Igor Eronko (@IgorEronko) February 4, 2019 After dropping the puck between Avangard's Evgeny Medvedev and SKA's Pavel Datsyuk, Mourinho was looking to occupy his space in the crowd to enjoy the match. But, as he turned around to walk back along the red carpet, the former United boss fell on the ice as the carpet slipped beneath his feet. gerrard slip absolutely nailed the impression, is there anything this man can't do? ðpic.twitter.com/gXFba1qD3F — rei josé (@KingMourinho) February 4, 2019 Mourinho was quick to laugh off the incident as Datsyuk helped him back to his feet. The incident pretty much summed up his recent troubles and football fans made full use of the opportunity to take a dig at Mourinho on the social media. @sebastienesciorpic.twitter.com/BESG0cyFKP — JérémyNescior (@JeremyNescior) February 4, 2019 Sums up Mourinho's last season st united — Zed (@danzed_) February 4, 2019 Specialist in fallure. — glueface (@face_glue) February 5, 2019 ððððThe Chosen one!!ððððð.....doing a Gemma Collins on ice!!ðððððit don't get any funnier!ððð — D (@quatermass3) February 5, 2019 The slippy one — Levi Stubbs (@levi_stubbs) February 4, 2019 Gemma Collins in disguise? — TomStLawrence (@tomstlawrence) February 4, 2019 pic.twitter.com/WFSjQ5d2It — Tyler (@SergioKun0) February 4, 2019 Secret lemonade drinker ð¤pic.twitter.com/c7L2Y8uMG9 — Black and White Boy (@Biz_McIntosh) February 4, 2019 Paul Pogba wishes he'd been thereð¤£ð¤£ — Jack Clark (@saddlerjack05) February 4, 2019
  6. PM Narendra Modi recently visited Jammu and Kashmir and there's obviously nothing wrong with that, I mean we all know how much he loves travelling. #Wanderlust But, his visit isn't being questioned, what he was doing there at one point is confusing everyone. PM Shri @narendramodi takes boat ride to inspect Dal lake in Srinagar. #NaMoInJK pic.twitter.com/YkW4ogtCOR — BJP (@BJP4India) February 3, 2019 The video is from when he took a boat ride on the Dal Lake, and it looks like he's waving at a lot of people but there's no one. What going on? Yes, PM Modi is waving, that's pretty normal, but who is he waving at? That's the biggest question. There's literally no one around. Is it just for the cameras? What is happening? The nation wants to know! Yes blame the cameraman, sure. This camera person has done the Hon PM a huge disservice by not showing all the people furiously waving back because there is no way the PM would be waving at an empty lake. https://t.co/YJoEfX8DJ3 — Omar Abdullah (@OmarAbdullah) February 4, 2019 Is it? Must've been embarrassing to wave at cameras only Modi at Dal Lake in Indian Occupied Kashmir pic.twitter.com/fhpdYF70Ow — omar r quraishi (@omar_quraishi) February 4, 2019 Is he succeeding? He is trying to Create MODI WAVE ðððð https://t.co/oVixLUm3ws — emrn bichu (@emrnbichu) February 4, 2019 We need answers! I see no one there. We hear Kashmir is under lockdown for his visit. So...who is he waving to? ð https://t.co/oCvrgTaF8C — Rita Banerji â â (@Rita_Banerji) February 3, 2019 Could be. Who is he waving at? Aquaman? https://t.co/zLiKKwL9x1 — Akshay Parvatkar (@camera_wala) February 4, 2019 Everyone's angry about the lock down. Not sure who pradhan mantri ji could possibly be waving to, since Srinagar has been on lock down since last night and internet snapped. All for a couple hours of PM's visit. https://t.co/RFa9MLa2ch — Naveed Iqbal (@NaveedIqbal) February 3, 2019 Same energy. Same same... pic.twitter.com/tSs3mMDdby — Dr. Jonathan ððð®ð³ (@just1doctorwala) February 4, 2019 An explanation? For the those who are asking , the ð is for BJPs countless imaginary 'friends' in Kashmir. https://t.co/l0YPq2oiVy — Mehbooba Mufti (@MehboobaMufti) February 4, 2019 Give him a raise! Cameraperson has done tremendous job ... Must be awarded. pic.twitter.com/BCw5UFEpV4 — Muqadas Jeelani (@jeelani03_) February 4, 2019 Never. World : When will you stop making memes outa Modi's infamous dal ðð¼ wave?#Koshurtwitter : pic.twitter.com/PddKKdUmz2 — ðð¬ð¦ðð§ ðð¡ðð§ (@usman9khan) February 4, 2019
  7. The 'Super Bowl' is a widely watched event worldwide and hence always brings a bag of goodies in the form of some big shot trailers and teasers dropping our way. Here are the top 5 movies trailers that left us all excited: 1. Avengers: Endgame- Tony Stark is coming back and everyone is gearing up to take on Thanos. How do we keep calm now? April is way too far! 2. Captain Marvel- This one is going to be special with Brie Larson, as the insanely powerful Captain Marvel, getting stuck and fighting it out between two alien races. 3. Toy Story 4- This one is packed with a lot of action and nostalgia because Bo Peep is coming back after more than 20 years after making a debut back in 1999. The movie will hit theatres in June. 4. Fast And Furious Presents: Hobbs And Shaw- This is going to be the 'Fast And Furious' spin-off that we deserve and stars Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham who will begrudgingly join hands to fight the terror known as Brixton. 5. The Handmaid's Tale ( Season 3)- If you're a fan of this mega-popular series, then we know that you're on pins and needles waiting for the release of this one. After the last season left fans on a cliffhanger, this one promises more drama. So, which one are you the most excited for? Let us know in the comment section.
  8. Arguably one of most impressive off-spinners of his generation, Harbhajan Singh ruled the bowling charts during his stint with Team India in international cricket. Making full use of his whiplash action, Bhajji managed to alter the length and pace of his deliveries with relative ease, which, in turn, spelled doom for opposition batsmen. But, a lack of form and rise of young spinners has pretty much restricted him to domestic cricket now. While he might not have featured for Team India in almost three years, Bhajji continues to be a vital cog in Chennai Super Kings' bowling unit in the Indian Premier League (IPL). While cricket remains his first love, the 38-year-old is a self-proclaimed fan of wrestling. He was earlier seen arm-wrestling prominent WWE superstar Dalip Singh aka the Great Khali. And, now the 'Turbanator' has backed it up by stepping in the ring himself. View this post on Instagram Panja with great khali @dalipsinghcwe #bigfella #Awesomeguy #bigman A post shared by Harbhajan Turbanator Singh (@harbhajan3) on Jun 8, 2018 at 8:51am PDT Invited to Khali's wrestling academy - Continental Wrestling Entertainment (CWE) - in Jalandhar, Harbhajan stepped in the ring and gave a motivational speech to the youngsters. The Indian spinner was urging them to work on the area of their interest irrespective of the sport they chose to pursue. But, before he could finish, Harbhajan's motivational speech was cut short by a local wrestler. The wrestler, whose ring name is 'Dubey-ji', entered the ring to interrupt the Indian cricketer's speech. Confronting Bhajji, the local wrestler introduced himself as the Singham of CWE wrestling. To which, Harbhajan broke down laughing before mocking him by saying: "What kind of a Singham are you because the Singham's that I've heard of, have strong personality, unlike you". View this post on Instagram Some CWE time at @dalipsinghcwe Khali academy jalandhar ððªð A post shared by Harbhajan Turbanator Singh (@harbhajan3) on Feb 2, 2019 at 8:41pm PST In response, the irate wrestler said: "You may be a superstar but you don't know the first thing about making any sort of motivational speeches". The confrontation went on before 'Dubey-ji' challenged Bhajji to a fight. But, he soon regretted his decision as Harbhajan landed a tight slap on his cheek that saw the local wrestler running out of the ring. To make a point, Bhajji, then, also dropped the mic in the middle of the ring. While it pretty much looked like a publicity stunt, Bhajji's latest antics surely reminded us of the infamous slap he landed on the cheek of S Sreesanth following an encounter between Mumbai Indians and Kings XI Punjab in the IPL in 2008.
  9. We are living in very interesting times where literally anything and everything is capable of stopping a game or a match. From a naked dude streaking across the field to elements in nature, no one can expect where the next obstacle in a match can come from. A few days ago, the 2nd ODI between India and New Zealand went on a halt because of sun outrage. And yesterday, another old mate came back onto the field to halt yet another match, none other than our beloved bees. © PTI Over the years we have seen many 'bee attacks', the most memorable one was witnessed in South Africa two years ago, when the host were playing against Sri Lanka. Something similar happened yesterday during the fourth one day match between India A and England Lions in Trivandrum, where the play came to a standstill for 15 minutes when a swarm of bees attacked the spectators at the stadium. An unexpected and painful turn of events took place at the Green Field International Stadium, as the match was just in its 28th over when the bees began to charge at the audience and left a lot of spectators in the stadium injured. All of this was captured in a video which went viral after the incident. Fortunately, none of the players at the stadium were seriously injured at the scene, as the bees did not enter the field. But the India A coach, Rahul Dravid, who was around the stadium at that time, had to run for his safety. A few spectators were taken to the hospital immediately because of the bee attack and the crowd at the stadium was shifted from the west side of the stadium to the east. The Chief Operating Officer of Sports Facilities Ltd told The Indian Express: "It was an unfortunate incident. We had ensured that the gallery where the spectators who sit for watching the match was cleaned ahead of the match. But it were some spectators who went upstairs where they were not supposed to go in the normal circumstances and stirred the hive unknowingly or mischievously." Though India won comfortably by 6 wickets, in which the recently named ICC Emerging player of the year, Rishabh Pant scored a blistering knock of 73 of 76 balls, and with Shardul Thakur assisting in the bowling department, team India safely secured the fourth straight win in the series.
  10. The title of this article might have stumped you and got you thinking like 'who does that?' but trust us, it did actually happen! Now, how far are you willing to go to ensure that when your team calls you, your presence is ensured? Turns out Ridvan a player of FIFA Manjeri, which is a team in Kerala's Malappuram 7s league, was ready to give it all and probably thought he could get Hermione Granger's time turner when he decided to get married and play football for his team on the same day! © talksport So, when duty called and Ridvan had to choose between getting married and playing for FIFA Manjeri, he decided to take a short 5-minute break, excused himself from the ceremony and went ahead to play for his team and even won the match. Well, not much is known about the consequences that he had to endure once he returned to his fuming bride and in-laws but his action has won him some love on social media at least. Ridvan asked 5 minutes from his bride on his wedding day to play football! What passion! I want to meet him! #5MinuteAur #KheloIndiahttps://t.co/BLLvpPr715 — Rajyavardhan Rathore (@Ra_THORe) January 25, 2019 Proud of himð. Keep the spirit and let the passion growð»ð¤ — Amer Akbar Antony (@araf06) January 25, 2019 A true sportsperson... — Umesh (@Umesh89053246) January 26, 2019 Let's just hope his call of duty was answered with love and his wedding went on smoothly! That is some insane dedication there.
  11. The ability of sports to connect with people and entice them thorough unheralded entertainment is what makes it a global rage. But, such has been the excitement on offer that, at times, it pushes the spectators out of their seats, quite literally. Over the years, we've seen matches coming to a standstill because of the pitch invaders who persistently chase their moment of stardom. Similarly, in cricket, the fixtures are often halted owing to numerous reasons. Apart from the pitch invaders, a rain delay is something that's quite common in the sport. Then, there is bad light which also ends up affecting play every now and then. But, 'sun holds up play' is definitely not something you read on your television sets during a live broadcast. That exception came to the fore during the first One-Day International (ODI) between India and New Zealand on 23rd January. The visitors were going about their business in their chase of 157-run total at the McLean Park in Napier when sunlight became too prevalent to continue play. The 'sun strike', as we've come to know of, obscured Shikhar Dhawan's vision as he took his guard in the 11th over against Lockie Ferguson. And, as a result, the on-field umpires decided to halt play as the players made their way into the dressing room. Meanwhile in Napier...#NZvIND pic.twitter.com/3p5j18O3hg — ICC (@ICC) January 23, 2019 "The setting sun is directly in the eyes of the batsmen. So, we got to consider the safety of the players, umpires. So, we have decided to suspend play until conditions improve. This is the first time in my 14 years that I have seen something like this happen on a cricket field. Good news is we have 30 minutes extra time. We are hoping to be back in 30 minutes and it will still be a 50-over game," umpire Shaun Haig explained. The incident was first of its kind (at least in international cricket), but not new to McLean Park. The same venue witnessed a similar delay during a Super Smash - New Zealand's domestic T20 tourney - fixture earlier in January. But, the unique interruption of play surely caught cricket fans by surprise. If you thought, the 'sun strike' was quite weird, wait till you read the following incidents where the gentleman's game got interrupted due to bizarre reasons: Car On The Pitch © Twitter In 2017, a Ranji Trophy clash between Delhi and Uttar Pradesh came to a standstill when an unidentified man drove his car onto the field of play. In a major security breach at the Air Force Sports Complex in Palam (New Delhi), a man was seen getting his car on the field, turning it around and driving on the pitch while the players including Gautam Gambhir, Suresh Raina, Ishant Sharma and Rishabh Pant were still on it. Drive in theater just progressed to #DriveIn match. Shocking scene in between #RanjiTrophy match today witnessed with @GautamGambhir I:NDTV pic.twitter.com/fNq44TlZBZ — Ishant Sharma (@ImIshant) November 3, 2017 Surprisingly, despite the man in question driving his car on the pitch, the match referee deemed it playable after examining potential damage. Food Delivery Gets Delayed Lunch extended by 10 minutes in Bloem because Bangladesh team's Halaal food arrived late... true story. pic.twitter.com/JgLNBWc4tG — Neil Manthorp (@NeilManthorp) October 6, 2017 Earlier this year, the first day's play of the second Test between Bangladesh and South Africa at Bloemfontein was delayed by 10 minutes due to the delay in the delivery of food. Apparently, Bangladeshi players demanded 'Halal' food (or meat) for their consumption. The two teams had separate caterers, but the ones serving food for Bangladesh were given a wrongly printed menu that carried incorrect time. As per media reports, the caterers said that while they were told by the organisers to set up at 11:00, the time printed on the menu was 12:30. However, it barely had any impact on Bangladesh as they continued to get hammered all around the park by the Proteas, conceding 256 runs in the first two sessions that day. Burnt Toast © Reuters The tales of burnt gravy setting off fire alarms and halting play between Lancashire and Kent at Old Trafford in 2007 have echoed in England's cricketing circles for years. But, it was reinvented during the Sheffield Shield match between New South Wales and Queensland in the 2017-18 season. With 18 runs for victory, New South Wales were forced to stop their batting after a fire alarm at Allan Border Field in Brisbane caused a 30-minute delay. Later, it was found that New South Wales very own Nathan Lyon had burnt his toast in the dressing room which set off the fire alarm. In a sheepish confession, the Aussie spinner told ESPNcricinfo: "(The toast) popped up first and I wasn't happy so I put it back down and I got carried away watching the cricket. There's a first for everything". While his team eventually secured victory after the resumption of play, Lyon hogged the limelight for the bizarre incident. No Bails, No Play © Thinkstock Images Back in 1981-82, the start of the third day's play of a Test match between India and England in Delhi was delayed after the umpires, shockingly, misplaced the key to the cupboard where the cricket balls were kept. A similar tale came to the fore at Lord's in 2009. The third day's play of the Championship match between Middlesex and Glamorgan began late after the bails went missing. According to Wisden, what made matters worse was the fact that the groundsmen were on their mid-morning break and it took some time for umpire Garratt to find them before they got hold of the missing bails. Fried Calamari © Twitter In 1995, a Castle Cup - South Africa's domestic competition - fixture saw Boland hosting Border in Paarl. With Hansie Cronje and Daryll Cullinan at the crease, Border needed a mere 121 runs on Day 4. The home fans knew their side is going to lose so they probably thought of overcoming that grief with some fried calamari outside the boundary ropes. During one of the overs, Cullinan had enough of the singles as he smashed Roger Telemachus for a towering six. While the maximum breathed some life into what looked like a one-sided affair, unfortunately, Cullinan's hit sent the ball straight into a spectator's frying pan where it lay among a generous portion of squid that was being fried. It took 10 minutes for the ball to cool off before the on-field umpires removed the grease and play resumed. But, according to Wisden, Telemachus was still unable to grip the ball and it eventually had to be replaced.
  12. Over the years, Mahendra Singh Dhoni has added value to the Indian cricket team in multiple roles. His wide array of stroke-making has aided Team India in crunch situations. Then, his leadership skills allowed the Indian team to scale new heights in international cricket. And, when it comes to his wicket-keeping skills, not many can match Dhoni's brilliance from behind the stumps. Such has been his know-how of the game that despite renouncing his captaincy, Dhoni is still seen setting up the field and guiding bowlers as to where to bowl. Dhoni's advice has, for long, been hailed by the Indian bowlers who've often credited the former Indian captain for their wickets. © BCCL Following an impressive outing Down Under, the Jharkhand cricketer continued to make his presence felt during the 1st ODI between India and New Zealand at McLean Park in Napier. Mohammed Shami's effective first spell had already pushed the Kiwis on the backfoot when the spin-bowling duo of Kuldeep Yadav and Yuzvendra Chahal came together to bamboozle the opposition batsmen. In the 38th over, the hosts were nearing their end with just 157 runs on board at the loss of nine wickets. With Kuldeep bowling his final over in the match, the likes of Tim Southee and Trent Boult were looking to get as many runs as possible to give their side a chance of defending the total. And, those intentions bore fruit as Southee clubbed the Indian chinaman for a six over the square boundary. A single on the second-last delivery of the over brought out-of-sorts Boult on the strike. Fancying the opportunity to claim the last wicket, Dhoni was heard instructing Kuldeep before his final delivery of the game. "Ye aankh band karke rokega. Andar nahi aana chahiye. Idhar se daal. Isko doosra wala dal sakta hai," Dhoni quipped from behind the stumps in his usual baritone. "Yeh aank band karke rokega. Dusra waala daal sakta hai isko." MS Dhoni from behind the stumps reads Boult, suggests Kuldeep to bowl a googly. Kuldeep obliges and Rohit takes a simple catch at first slip. NZ have been bowled out for 157. #CricketMeriJaan #NZvIND — Mumbai Indians (@mipaltan) January 23, 2019 Soon after, Kuldeep followed suit, bowling the googly - advised by Dhoni - from around the wicket. The trick worked like magic as a clueless Boult tried his best to defend before edging the ball straight into the hands of Rohit Sharma at the first slip. Following Boult's departure, Kuldeep, who finished off with impressive figures 4-39, beamed with joy and disbelief as to how exactly Dhoni managed to predict the nature of the dismissal. How wonderfully @msdhoni set up the last wicket for Kuldeep if you heard his instructions to the bowler! Terrific performance by India, terribly disappointing by New Zealand: dented by Shami, demolished by the spinners. Should be an easy chase — Cricketwallah (@cricketwallah) January 23, 2019 It was, once again, one of those priceless moments where Dhoni, on the back of his vast experience, helped a bowler in effecting a dismissal. The 37-year-old might not be able to do a lot of things he once used to pull off with relative ease, but Dhoni, in all the ways possible, continues to prove how important he is for Team India.
  13. Do you often admire the athletic physique of your college friend? Wonder why your friend is obsessing with his or her diet during college hours? Most of us during our college days think that a good physique is merely for looks, getting girls and appreciation from fellow mates. Apart from these superficial aspects, a fit body can have many other positive effects in your life. Here are the benefits following a dedicated training regime and a balanced diet plan during your college years: Reduced Stress & Anxiety Levels: Lifting weights and having a decent cardiovascular endurance can help reduce stress and anxiety levels. Aerobic exercise has shown to elevate and stabilize mood. Enhanced Cognitive Function: Exercise has been demonstrated to have an impact on our cognitive(brain) functions and improve alertness and focus. This can help you with your exams and academic endeavours. Better Sleep: Daily Exercise will help you fall asleep faster, improve your sleep quality and regulate your natural sleep cycle. Health Management: Whether you are skinny, fat or skinny fat, a daily exercise routine can help you enhance muscle mass in your body and reduce the excess unhealthy fat over time. A Sense Of Achievement: Completing your exercise goals and achieving small chunks of progress gives us a sense of achievement and increases our motivation levels inside as well as outside the gym. Increased Positivity: Seeing your body change for good and putting efforts for something productive makes you feel positive and you become more positive about life. Enhanced Physique: Who doesn't feel good with a good pair of strong arms or shoulders? Who doesn't feel good when clothes fit them better? Who doesn't like a compliment or two? I think this point is self-explanatory and yes please don't skip your Leg Day! Being fit and healthy increases your sense of self-value and your perceived value (value given to you by others) both of which contribute to an enhanced persona and self-confidence. This confidence can be highly rewarding while giving a seminar or networking with new people. Apart from the confidence boost and other potential upsides of participating in daily physical activity, there are some people who fall prey to the downsides by taking fitness to an extreme, skipping social occasions, and being too restrictive. Please don't take this route unless you are a competitive athlete, as college time won't come back and in the long term, such short-term deviation won't matter much. That's it, folks! If you are a college student and are not participating in any form of physical activity on a daily basis, you are making a HUGE MISTAKE. This is one of the most perfect solutions for someone looking to increase their confidence in a holistic manner. Yash Sharma is a former national level Football player, now a Strength Coach, Nutritionist and Natural Bodybuilder. He also runs a YouTube Channel Yash Sharma Fitness via which he aims to educate all the fitness enthusiasts to maximize their gains by methods that are backed by science and applicable easily. Connect with him on YouTube, YashSharmaFitness@gmail.com, Facebook and Instagram.
  14. If the Indian Premier League (IPL) is considered to be one of the most lucrative T20 tournaments across the world, Australia's very own Big Bash League (BBL), too, continues to entice cricket fans with entertaining and exciting clashes over the years. From some breathtaking bowling spells to batting masterclass of marauding batsmen, the BBL has given cricket fans some of the greatest moments in the sport. Staying true to its nature, the eighth edition of the BBL is proving to be one of the best since the league's inception. More recently, the 29th match of the ongoing edition between Melbourne Renegades and Brisbane Heat, too, produced some priceless moments that enthralled pundits and spectators alike. Yes, Baz! He goes large to bring up another half-century, this one from 31 balls!#BBL08 | @Weet_Bix pic.twitter.com/XqpNstvA2a — KFC Big Bash League (@BBL) 13 January 2019 If the blistering batting display of the 'Bash brothers' Brendon McCullum (69) and Chris Lynn (66*) - who combined to score nine sixes for their side - helped Brisbane to post 192 runs, the magical spells of Brendan Doggett (3-16) and Mitchell Swepson (3-22) forced Melbourne to bundle out for just 91 runs in their run-chase. While a massive 101-run triumph for Brisbane was already a talking point, the best, or should we say, the priceless moment of the game came through a fan in the stands at the Geelong Cricket Ground. A 16-year-old spectator produced one of the most cherished moments of the game in the 15th over when Lynn hit a massive six straight down the ground. This would've been the greatest catch in sporting history ðð He didn't get the catch, but he gets a Bucket Moment! #BBL08 pic.twitter.com/03o3HBlxDU — KFC Big Bash League (@BBL) 13 January 2019 While the Brisbane batsman wasn't too bothered with the fielder at the ropes since the ball was travelling well beyond his reach, the young boy, who was sitting in the stands, ran from his seat and attempted to catch the ball near the sight screen. Showing great determination, the youngster nearly pulled off what would've surely been the greatest catch in sporting history, but he just couldn't hold onto the ball which slipped in the last moment. Though he missed out on completing the catch, the youngster's effort was hailed by cricket fans across the globe. Great effort considering he nearly copped it in the face ð ð ð ð — stephanie williams (@steph_983) 13 January 2019 Love bbl for these reasons basically. Entertainment. — Aneesh Chandoke (@AneeshChandoke) 13 January 2019 Surely he deserves free KFC for a month..,cmon what a effort — Glen (@kingschoppe) 13 January 2019 Bad luck.......... but Gr8 Efforts — Abhijeet Pathania (@AbhijeetCE03) 13 January 2019 Great effort It's just a shame that security nearly kicked him out! — Drew Semmens (@drewie_5) 13 January 2019 Incredible effort on so many levels — Stefan (@Stefandvb) 13 January 2019 aw! This is one of the best attempts i have seen in cricket by a fan! — Eshan (@_eshan) 13 January 2019
  15. Do you struggle to manage your fitness goals (bulking or fat loss) and college simultaneously? Do you have to take off from the gym for days or weeks during exams? Pretty sure most of you just nodded your heads to the above questions, which is why today I am going to tell you the best way to manage a fitness routine during your exams. Before we get to the solution, let's first focus on a few reasons that make us deviate from our fitness routine during exams: 1. Lack Of Preparation/ Last Minute Study We all are guilty of this, aren't we? Chilling during the entire semester and starting to prepare for our exams as the deadline arises. 2. Increase In Stress Levels BOOM! As the exam approaches, we get more anxious, stressed and worried which results in a significant imbalance in our eating habits. 3. Poor Sleeping Patterns Late night study routine? Poor sleep = poor workouts & poor eating habits. 4. Our Environment This is a rare occurence but happens to many people I have coached along the years. People around us can increase or decrease the perception of pressure on us and it can have a significant impact on us adhering to our fitness routine. Eg: "Study" "Focus on exams now" "Keep everything else aside for this period." (Incomplete advice) 5. Priority Some people like to give out their maximum during exams, even if that maximum produces a 1-2% increase in CGPA or percentage. However, that is up to you and we certainly do not mean that going gym during exams is an absolute necessity. Despite what the circumstances are, at the end of exams most dudes are going to end up saying: “aaah I missed the gym for no reason” Below are a few tips which will allow you to train even during exams days: 1. Training © Thinkstock Images If your exam is a one-day exam (like an entrance test) then it would be harmless for you to take a couple of weeks off before the exam as a way to de-load. You can also do minimal training i.e. two full-body workout a week when possible. Studies have shown that short breaks of 1-2 weeks will not have a major impact on your fitness levels but can help you psychologically come back with more motivation and focus. If you are an engineering or medical student, who has month-long exams, then 3 full body workouts per week are optimal to conserve your strength and muscle mass. The intensity of your training can be reduced during the exam time depending upon your sleep levels from the previous day. If you are feeling of stressed and fatigued due to studying, then there is no use of trying to attempt a 5 rep max. Instead, train with 3-4 reps in your reserve. To get workouts done faster, you can superset exercises of the opposing muscle groups such as Quads & Hamstrings, Biceps & Triceps, Chest and Middle Back, Lats & Shoulders. Keep your rest period between 1-3 minutes at the most. Focus on doing the exercises which give you the most bang for the buck. Eg: Squats, Deadlifts, Bench press, Barbell Rows and Shoulder press which will target multiple muscle groups instead of focussing on isolating individual muscles Incorporate small 10 min walks whenever possible to keep your mood flowing and feeling fresh. Engage in 5-10 mins of deep breathing with your eyes closed. There is no specific pattern for inhaling and exhale, just whatever you decide, keep it same for the entire period. 2. Nutrition © Thinkstock Images Focus on preparing your meals in advance and storing them whenever you get free time to avoid loss of focus and energy preparing the food between studying Bulking? Create high-calorie smoothies with oats, banana, whey protein & nut butter to get the calories you require. Personally, I would suggest that you increase your calories during the exam phase to help manage stress and to feel better in general. Being in a caloric deficit, which is a state of stress for the body, coupled with an exam, which is additional stress, can have a negative effect on your body. © Pixabay Summing everything up: Get in the training room whenever possible, plan your meals in advance, add in small walks, meditation sessions and adjust your routine such that you can adhere to it easily and stay focused. Go, achieve the best in your exams without comprising on your fitness routine! Yash Sharma is a former national level Football player, now a Strength Coach, Nutritionist and Natural Bodybuilder. He also runs a YouTube Channel Yash Sharma Fitness via which he aims to educate all the fitness enthusiasts to maximize their gains by methods that are backed by science and applicable easily. Connect with him on YouTube, YashSharmaFitness@gmail.com, Facebook and Instagram.
  16. Winter is 'the gaining season', and no, I am not going back on my words when I told you earlier that you can gain and cut anytime irrespective of what season it is. However, you would agree with me that majority of the people who follow fitness religiously, prefer winters to bulk up and for summers to cut down. So, today let me tell you the only 3 tips that you need to follow for 'The Winter Bulk'. 1) Count Your Macros © Pinterest Yes, you can't get away with this. Just because you are bulking, it doesn't mean that you will add any random food item that comes your way into your diet. People who do so, are the ones who complain of adding too much fat during their bulk. The purpose is to gain muscle mass with minimum fat gain. Now, there are various methods to calculate your calorie intake, but this time, I will give you a very simple formula. Take your weight in pounds and multiply it with 18. For example, if you weight 70Kgs which is approximately 154lb, then your calorie intake will be 154 multiplied by 18 which is equal to 2772. Now, I am not saying that this is the most scientific way to calculate the required calories but I know that a majority of you won't make any efforts to make the calculation, if I gave you a complicated equation. You will atleast get a rough idea of your calorie intake through this simple method. 2) Choose Your Macros Wisely © Thinkstock Now, when have you the calorie calculations in your hand, you need to find out how much of each macro you need to have and what will be the source of each macro. First, let's talk about protein, as protein is the macronutrient that's going to help you build muscles. I am going to take an upper limit here which would be taking per gram protein per pound of body weight. So that would come down to approximately 154gms of protein. The calories that will come from protein will be 154x4=616. Now let's calculate the fat intake. Take one gram of fat per kg of weight. In our example, that would come down to 70gms of fat. Calories from fat will be 70x9=630. Now, the left over calories 2772(Total) – 616(Protein)+630(Fat)=1526 will come from carbs. Since a gram of carb has 4 calories, the total grams of carbs will be 1526/4= 381. The overall macro ratio of carbs, protein and fat will be approx 55:22:22, which is a good ratio for gaining muscles. A good source of carbs will be the ones that have a low GI and are carb-dense like sweet potato, oats, brown rice, chapati, quinoa, beans, whole wheat bread and pasta. Lean source of protein include chicken, eggs, tofu, whey protein, milk etc. Fat can come from nuts, nuts butter, olive oil and coconut oil, cheese etc. 3) Progressive Overload Training © Pixabay You will hear lots of stuff about the reps that you should be performing in a set to gain muscles. I am not going to get into the details of those, but I am just going to suggest you a rep range that will help you to gain muscles. You can't measure the exact number or reps that will give you the best results, but you can definitely follow a rep range to gain muscles. I recommend a rep range of 6 to 8 reps with progression overload. Progression overload means that you add certain amount of weight every week in your lifts to create that stimulus in your muscles for growth. The body will only build new muscle fibers when they are constantly put against an increased resistance. Thus, try to follow a rep range of 6 to 8 and try increasing the resistance every week as the rep range increases. Anuj Tyagi is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Sports Nutritionist and Therapeutic Exercise Specialist From American Council on Exercise (ACE) . He is the Founder of the website where he provides online Training. Though a Chartered Accountant by education, he has been closely associated with Fitness Industry since 2006. His motto is to transform people Naturally and he believes that the secret formula for Fitness is Consistency and commitment towards your Training and Nutrition. You can connect with him through Facebook and Youtube.
  17. It seems as if Virat Kohli is still hungover from his big fat Punjabi wedding or maybe he's gearing up for the wedding season back home, but he's definitely not shy to show us his dance moves, a fact proven on day 3 of the opening test at the Adelaide Oval. India bowled Australia out for 235 runs, which clearly, in turn, put Kohli in a severely good move. He was seen doing a little 'jig', while fielding, as India was on a 15-run lead in the first innings, before the rain affected the match throughout the day. (c)Twitter Earlier on day 2, the Indian skipper was all geared up after the Aussie batting line-up came under attack by India, but the third day beat the second as he showed off his excellent dance moves out of sheer excitement! Virat's loving it... #AUSvIND pic.twitter.com/JV0lxo4Aen — cricket.com.au(@cricketcomau) 8 December 2018 The unpredictability of the weather delayed the game by 45 minutes in the morning but that didn't deter the spirit of the Indian team, especially that of Kohli's! (c)Twitter The innings have been quite satisfactory for the Indian team so far, after setting a score of 250, Indian pacer Ishant Sharma dismissed opener, Aaron Finch, for a duck, followed by spinner Ravichandran Ashwin picking up 3 important wickets, dismissing Marcus Harris, Usman Khwaja and Shaun Marsh. But Kohli still stole the show for us with his epic on-field dance moves. No wonder Anushka seems happier by day, as it looks like he is clearly keeping her entertained!
  18. For a team that remained unbeaten in the group stage, the Indian women's cricket team undoubtedly left their fans disheartened after producing a mediocre performance in the all-important semifinals against England at the ICC World Cup in West Indies. While the tournament has come to an end with Australia clinching the coveted trophy, the troubles of Indian women's cricket seem far from over. Right after the tournament, Mithali Raj, India's senior-most women's cricketer, opened a can of worms by accusing coach Ramesh Powar of humiliating and embarrassing her during their stay in the Caribbean. She also claimed that her exclusion from the semis clash against England, that saw India losing the game by eight wickets after being bundled out for just 112 runs, was "baffling and hurtful" and that her main issue was with the coach who was indifferent to her in the lead up to the match in Antigua. Apart from coach Powar, Mithali also accused BCCI's CoA (Committee of Administrators) member Diana Edulji of ignoring her ordeal despite knowing everything. The 35-year-old claimed that Edulji used her position against her and made her feel vulnerable. If Mithali's allegations stirred up a storm, coach Powar's response further added to the controversy, instigating strong reactions all around. © BCCL In a 10-page tour report submitted to the BCCI, Powar gave nearly a five-page assessment of India's leading run-getter in T20Is. He claimed that Mithali threatened to leave the tournament midway at being dropped from the opening slot despite being duly consulted before the move. He also accused her of chasing personal milestones while ignoring the team's cause. "I was saddened by her attitude and it gave me an impression that Mithali Raj comes first and then India. She threw a lot of tantrums and created a lot of chaos," Powar stated in his report. “I hope Mithali Raj stops blackmailing, pressurising coaches and also stops putting her interest first than team's. I hope she will look at the bigger picture & work towards betterment of the Indian women's cricket,” he added further. I'm deeply saddened & hurt by the aspersions cast on me. My commitment to the game & 20yrs of playing for my country.The hard work, sweat, in vain. Today, my patriotism doubted, my skill set questioned & all the mud slinging- it's the darkest day of my life. May god give strength — Mithali Raj (@M_Raj03) November 29, 2018 In response to coach Powar's assessment of her, Mithali penned a touching note on her official Twitter handle. "I'm deeply saddened & hurt by the aspersions cast on me. My commitment to the game & 20yrs of playing for my country. The hard work, sweat, in vain. Today, my patriotism doubted, my skill set questioned & all the mud slinging- it's the darkest day of my life. May god give strength," she tweeted. Mithali's emotional tweet evoked strong reactions on the micro-blogging website. In fact, former Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar rallied behind her before lauding the batswoman's illustrious career. “I feel sorry for Mithali. She has a very good point. She has served Indian cricket for 20 years. She scored runs, she won player of the match in both matches (she played at the World T20),” Gavaskar told India Today. “She was injured for one game but fit for the next game. Just convert this situation into the men's game. If you had a Virat Kohli who was injured for one game and then is fit for the knockout, will you leave him out? You have to pick your best player for the knockouts. You needed the experience and expertise of Mithali Raj,” Gavaskar said. Apart from Gavaskar, Indian cricket fans, too, backed the senior cricketer during the "darkest day" of her life. Chin up Mithali..You r fighter. After Pakistan women team Cricket matches,I often watch India women team cricket and I have been watching you since long playing outstanding cricket for India and having great skills. This tough time will be gone. Stay strong. Respect frm Pakistan — Dr.M.Tahir (@dr_tahiryousuf) November 29, 2018 This is nothing new in @BCCIWomen @BCCI_Women @BCCI many Legends have been doubted. You stand tall amidst all these in people's heart. Stay Positive.. May god give strength — Kishore B R (@kingofgudtimes) November 29, 2018 Who said that your patriotism doubted, We all are with you.... à¤à¥ लà¥à¤ doubt à¤à¤° रहॠहà¥à¤, à¤à¤¨à¤à¥ लिठयॠलाà¤à¤¨ :- ..................दà¥à¤à¤¨à¤¾ हॠà¤à¤¼à¥à¤° à¤à¤¿à¤¤à¤¨à¤¾ बाà¤à¥-à¤-à¤à¤¦à¥à¤¦à¤¾à¤° मà¥à¤ हà¥à¥¤ — Kapil Bidiyasar (@BidiyasarK) November 29, 2018 More power to you, Mithali. You are a champion and our support is right up there for you. Looking forward to see you on field with yet another match winning performanceð — harionaroll (@harionaroll) November 29, 2018 Champ !! Yu are too good for this shitty coach and others you had to deal with , this comes from a pakistani , May Almighty gives you the strength to deal with all this , blessings ð — Ammar Khalid (@AmmarKh444) November 29, 2018 How to break a person everyone knows. It's your turn to prove how a person can come back. #BeRoleModel #GoGirl — Senthil Prabhu (@senthilprabhumk) November 29, 2018 Mithali,every Indian who has watched you play and grow into a fine sportsperson and captain a much neglected team with unquestionable dedication...believes in you,your calibre and intent. Fire on girl,let not those that have not played your kinda' calibre, thwart you !@BCCI — Radhika S. Nair (@bacwaters) November 29, 2018 While the BCCI is yet to act in the ever-growing controversy, Powar's tenure as the Indian women's cricket's interim coach will come to an end on 30th November. While he will be eligible to apply for the post again when fresh applications are invited, there is a very small chance that he will be retained in the same role, as his player management skills have come under scanner due to the ongoing controversy.
  19. I thought everyone in this country - and the world - loved Shah Rukh Khan, but turns out I was wrong. Well, when you're one of the most famous people in the country, you end up having to deal with hate and threats, and no, that's not okay, but it still happens. Everything is not exactly okay for King Khan right now, as an Odisha-based outfit has threatened to attack him with ink and show him black flags if he visits the state during the Men's Hockey World Cup slated to kickstart next week. This seemingly random threat by an organization called the 'Kalinga Sena' did not come out of the blue, as there's a long history attached to their grudge. It goes all the way back to SRK's 2001 film 'Asoka' as the Kalinga Sena felt like the movie insulted the culture of Odisha by depicting the Kalinga war wrongly. Moreover, the organization had also previously filed a police complaint against the actor on November 1 for allegedly 'insulting' Odisha and then, even a rally was held to burn his effigy on November 11. Now, that seems a little too much, doesn't it? Okay, just a refresher, here's the story of the Kalinga war. It was a battle between Emperor Asoka and the Kalinga king which was won by Asoka. The movie is like almost two freaking decades old, so obviously, this is not a new issue. Reportedly, 'Asoka' faced problems 17 years ago as well when it came to its release and did not screen in the state for more than a week due to the protests against it. Hemant Rath, the Kalinga Sena chief, has demanded an apology from SRK. In a statement to the press, the outfit's general secretary Nihar Pani said, “We have made preparation to throw ink on the actor's face and show him black flag at any place from the airport to the stadium. Our activists will remain present all along the road where Khan is likely to visit.” As mentioned above, SRK is all set to visit the state in a couple of day for the inauguration of the World Cup at the Kalinga Stadium and therefore the issue and the protests have resurfaced again. Obviously, this calls for extra protection for the actor and the other celebrities set to attend the ceremony and the police have already made arrangement for that, of course.
  20. Like the famous Wallace Stevens' poem Disillusionment of Ten o' Clock, the tiny state of Goa tenders myriad different hues. So, what did I choose for my latest trip down the west coast? Biker. This choice offered me an insight into India's eccentric riding community, via Rider Mania, the world's largest gathering of Royal Enfield owners. The three-day festival rode the wave of the RE's brand new 650cc twins – Interceptor INT 650 and the Continental INT 650 – that were presented to India hours before the motorcycling extravaganza kicked off. I even hit tarmac astride both the bikes and they seemed nothing like any RE you would've ever ridden before. But more on that later. Royal Enfield/Alshaar I landed in Goa to dirt tracks and racing competitions on Day 1 of the festival to all sorts of Royal Enfields – from the custom vintage models to the more recent over-chromed 350s. There were vibrant custom helmet stalls, a testosterone-heavy beer drinking competition and a Maut ka Kuan that invoked a very familiar mela nostalgia from my childhood days growing up in small towns. Standing on one leg, a biker called Vinod Rawat stood out amidst this colourful bedlam. He lost the other limb when a truck ran him over at the tender age of six. Despite the efforts of doctors for the next six months, one of his legs had to be amputated owing to financial struggles. But a Mumbai hospital designed a special prosthetic leg for him when he was 27, and he has not looked back ever since. Royal Enfield/Alshaar He started the Convoy Control Club in 2010 for differently-abled riders, after facing rejection from other clubs due to his disability. Starting with three motorcyclists, the club now boasts of 120+ members. The youngest is 21 while the oldest are in their mid-50s. He took the stage to share his story at Rider Mania to an inquisitive audience. “In 2010, I was a part of Rider Mania and from then on I have always been a part of it,” he says. He has always ridden alone but receives whole-hearted backing from his family. “I have preferred Rider Mania to the other biking events because here you have everybody riding the Bullet. There is uniformity and everybody is on the same platform whereas other biker's music festivals have mixed bikes and hence there is a great disparity.” Royal Enfield/Alshaar His spirit reverberated in the beats of one of India's most promising young rappers Vivian Fernandes alias Divine, and his Gully Gang, on the main stage, later that night. “Sikander Vo Jo Jeeta Hain/Dilo Ko Beta Andar Se/Chhutkara Paoge Jhanjat Se/Mehnat Aur Thodi Mannat Se/Thakaan Aur Thodi Kismat Se/Par Moti Bante Kankad Se/Aarami Hogi Jannat Mein/Hum Pale Jaha Tu Matti Le/Iss Jungle Ki Kahani Mein,” he rapped the evening to a close. And after dark, what happens in Goa, stays in Goa. Royal Enfield/Alshaar More biker events awaited at the main arena on Day 2. But a quick meal at Sarah Todd's Antares later, I rode my Himalayan (borrowed from RE only for a day) to the RE Garage Café, in Baga. A friend had described the café's vibe to me as unruffled and laid-back. A mammoth industrial fan whirring overhead in the restaurant area was the epitome of this aura. Apart from an eatery, the café also has a merchandise and gear shop and more remarkably, a tiny motorcycle museum that houses prized machines, from the 1939 Flying Flea to the 1965 750cc Interceptor and more. The chief food curator Jamshed Madon is the face of this property that some Goans still refer to as the erstwhile J&A's Little Italy. And although I couldn't meet him on the day, his words from the launch, earlier this year, stayed with me. “It's a country- style kitchen for bikers and non-bikers alike. There's a lot of goodwill that has gone into the place. The goal is to reflect the local food and the food available on the road.” Royal Enfield/Alshaar The evening drew to a close with gigs from the likes of Su Real as I decided to spend it quietly by the Anjuna beach. But Is there ever a quiet evening when you're vacationing in Goa, I wonder. In the unexpected company of some old friends and a few new ones, the only colour I remember from the evening is black. How. Ever. I still woke up just in time for the big day. It was now time to ride the new motorcycles, in Goa's south-central village of Dona Paula. With the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) taking place in the background, it was me who felt like the real action hero as I first leaned into the corners first on the new Continental and then on the Interceptor. Having ridden the Himalayan over the weekend, these felt like massive upgrades. In fact, I'd even dare call them very very world-class. It wasn't very long ago that I was speeding on the latest Ducati Scrambler in Italy. Royal Enfield/Alshaar For starters, the Interceptor 650 features the styling ethos of a roadster in the classic mould, while the Continental GT is a cafe racer. Both the motorcycles use Royal Enfield's brand-new 648cc parallel twin-cylinder engine, which is surprisingly smooth and well-balanced (check out Kartik Singhee's Chaai ka cup test ICYMI ). Though unlike your usual REs, it also sounds brilliant thanks to the 270-degree firing order, even on the stock exhaust pipes. The new tubular double cradle frame, basic but competent suspension, excellent brakes and standard dual-channel ABS completes a rather thorough if basic package. And the big news is the incredible starting price of Rs 2.50 lakh for the Interceptor and Rs 2.65 lakh (both ex-showroom) for the Continental. There is no upside fork on the front nor is the engine liquid cooled. There aren't fancy electronics as well. But this duo will sell because it's RE and India loves it, just like Goa. It was my fifth trip to the Konkan state this year, and it remains to be a gift that keeps on giving. Still enough time for a sixth maybe? Royal Enfield/Alshaar
  21. According to a Twitter user, an iPhone X apparently got overheated and caught fire during the process of updating to iOS 12.1. The images of the aftermath were shared on social media and showed cracked glass and burn marks. The user claimed that this incident happened while he was charging his phone during the update process. He noticed that the phone started to overheat and removed the Lightning cable and the wall adapter. The phone soon emitted smoke and later exploded. The user as given information to Apple and the company is currently investigating as to what happened to this particular iPhone. © Twitter Smartphones generally explode due to faulty batteries or due to unlicensed cables that tend to overheat the battery and the motherboard of a smartphone. It is not clear whether the user was using an official Apple Lightning cable or a third-party cable or whether it was faulty or not. There are no details about the charging condition either i.e. whether it was being charged on a flat surface in a cool environment. Apple has asked the user to send the phone to them for further investigation. © Twitter Burnt images of the iPhone X was posted by Twitter user Rahel Mohamad who hails from Federal Way, Washington. The smartphone was bought 10-months ago in January. In a reply on Twitter to his original tweet, Apple Support said that this is definitely not expected behaviour and would wish to resolve it soon. @Apple iPhone X just got hot and exploded in the process of upgrading to 12.1 IOS. What's going on here??? pic.twitter.com/OhljIICJan — Rocky Mohamadali (@rocky_mohamad) November 14, 2018 Recently, a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and even Xiaomi's Mi A2 had exploded due to similar reasons. The Galaxy Note 9 exploded in a woman's handbag and as filed a case against Samsung.
  22. Touted as one of the favourites in the tournament, Indian women's cricket team fired warning shots early in the ongoing ICC World T20 on the back of some sublime performances in the West Indies. The Harmanpreet Kaur-led side stunned New Zealand in their tournament opener before decimating arch-rivals Pakistan in the second match. While there have been a lot of positives for the Indian eves, pragmatic skipper Harmanpreet has arguably been the one that stands out amongst the rest. The right-hander became the first Indian woman to hit a T20I hundred when she smashed a 51-ball 103 against the Kiwis in the opening game at the Providence stadium in Guyana. © Reuters Going into the second game against Pakistan, Harmanpreet's leadership skills were also on full display as her side skittled the opposition with an emphatic seven-wicket triumph. Though a low total and Mithali Raj's 56-run knock didn't give Harmanpreet an opportunity to showcase her big-hitting abilities, but still the Indian T20I captain found a way to grab the headlines. Ahead of the Indo-Pak encounter, both the teams stood in unison for the customary national anthems on the field. The cricketers were also accompanied by young mascots who stood right in front of them before the national anthems from the two countries were played. pic.twitter.com/06Q3KxvfMU — Mushfiqur Fan (@NaaginDance) November 11, 2018 During India's national anthem, the mascot accompanying Harmanpreet fell ill. Taking notice of the young girl's health issues, Harmanpreet wasted no time in carrying her in her arms and handed her over to the management before taking the field. Harmanpreet didn't just showed her concern for the youngster, but also had the respect for the national anthem as she waited for it to get over before doing the needful. The Indian skipper's touching gesture was caught on tape and later shared on Twitter. Since then, every cricket fan across the globe has showered praise on Harmanpreet for showing her concern for the young girl. @ImHarmanpreet is and will always be a legend. As for why some of us see this as a no-biggie, everyday act of kindness & the west fawn over such displays of genuine care & look at it as a rare event, this thread is all you need. https://t.co/1kW5sO23IH — YonSolitaryHighland (@YonSolitary) November 12, 2018 Salute sister — Krio Fezzil (repeat mode villain) ðð (@mkkrioanku18) November 12, 2018 You showed the world it's not special about wining the game it's all about the wining the hearts. Thank a lot for make me proud on my country .God bless — Balakrishnan (@Sudhirbalakrish) November 13, 2018 You showed to world the Indian Culture. Thanks Mam. We are proud of you.@ImHarmanpreet — M.G.Dinnimani (@MGDinnimani) November 13, 2018 Respected mam you are really good Indian. — Manish@rj (@Manishrj6) November 12, 2018 After recording two consecutive wins, the Indian team will now lock horns with Ireland in their third game on 15th November. But, their biggest test awaits on 17th November when Harmanpreet's side will take on mighty Australians in their Group B clash at the Providence stadium in Guyana.
  23. Not everyone enjoys the sound of crackers and the bustle of the Diwali party, and for those of us, heading to a nice peaceful place is the ideal alternative. So we are here to sort out your Diwali plans, with the 7 best places to head to for the festival. Celebrate the festival of lights with a few diyas, some solitude, in one of these brilliant places. Spend time with yourself on a solo trip, or with your loved ones away from the noise, pollution, and the smog. So pack up your backpack, and head to one of these beautiful places. Sikkim © Wikimedia Commons The hills are obviously a great place to head to during this time. Sikkim is a place that sees a lot of rain during the non-winter months, so going right before winter is actually a pretty great time. It's not too hot, it's not too cold, although it is quite nippy. Much of the population there celebrates Diwali, though it is a lot less showy than what you may get in other states. You can head directly to Gangtok now, and check-in in a small village homestay where you can enjoy the simple Diwali. Make sure to pack your trekking gear, and a backpack , as the landscape is perfect for hikes and treks. Andaman Islands © Flickr Before the crowds start flocking to the Andaman Islands come December, take your chance to see it, minus the huge tourist crowd. These secluded islands make for a great escape. And while you are there, you will be far away from any noise pollution, or smog, whatsoever. You do need the whole week for this vacation, so don't pack too light. The weather is quite pleasant during this time as well. Make sure to pack beach essentials into a bag, and some sunscreen. Varanasi © Pixabay Head to Varanasi this Diwali to see the beautiful aarti they are known all over the country for. Although you will see a lot of crowd there, the experience is unlike any other that you will have. The banks of the Ganges are adorned by millions of lights, celebrating the victory of good over evil. As one of the most deeply connected places for Hinduism and its celebrations, the whole atmosphere is filled with culture and a connection to tradition. There may be some crackers and smoke, so be prepared for that, while you soak up the sights of a million lit diyas as you ride on a boat along the river. Rajasthan © Amer Fort/Pixabay Rajasthan's many forts and hills offer something that most places in India cannot give you: a fantastic view of the city. You can pick any of the beautiful and historic cities, or take the week off to cover a few places. You can climb up Nahargarh in Jaipur and look down upon the city with all its houses lit up for Diwali. At Udaipur, spend time by the lake as you experience the fireworks, and the palace, being reflected in the waters. You can also head to Jaisalmer or Kumbhalgarh fort for an authentic Rajput experience. Sri Lanka © Tangalle Beach/ Flickr Sri Lanka is the land of Ravana, so it does have a lot of symbolic significance to Diwali and the story of Ram. Unlike what you may expect, many people there celebrate Diwali. The Hindu population, which is mostly present in the central and eastern part of the island nation, celebrate Diwali with a quaint simplicity. The festival is about the lighting of lamps and distributing sweets, especially sugar figurines called 'misri.' Rent a bungalow along the seaside and enjoy this colourful ceremonies that are relatively quieter and simpler than what we are used to. Hampi © Wikimedia Commons Diwali is celebrated in Hampi in a big way, the wonderful and grand architecture creating the perfect backdrop for the celebrations. The people of Hampi light up the town with lights, and you can walk around during the evening enjoying the sights. The city is also great for backpackers and travelers, so if firecrackers and celebrations in the bazaar area is not your cup of coffee, then spend time at any of the city's cafes. You can also visit the Virupaksha temple to witness some special ceremonial functions during the evening. There is also a local procession where the temple elephant is decked up and participates in the celebration. Bali © Bratan Lake/ Pexels Bali is another one of those rare places that are known for the celebration of Diwali. Although the majority of Indonesia is Muslim, Bali has a decidedly large Hindu population who celebrate the festival of lights in their own way. The legend of Ram and Sita is also a big part of the region's culture and mythology. They celebrate it much like we do here in India, but with local touches. So head to Bali to experience the festival in a new way. Ready to head out into adventure this Diwali?
  24. Time and again, the plight of Indian athletes has thronged the headlines to the sheer shock of common man. They are denied adequate training facilities. There is rarely a cash reward to acknowledge their efforts. And, most of them struggle to get a proper diet - a prerequisite for any sportsperson across the globe. The sorry state of Indian sportspersons once again came to the fore recently in Karnataka. In a ceremony where they were supposed to be felicitated, the state athletes were left disgraced by Karnataka Revenue Minister RV Deshpande. Invited to inaugurate the indoor stadium built by the PWD in Karwar's Haliyal town, Deshpande was supposed to felicitate the national, state and district level athletes from Karnataka by distributing sports kits to them. But, believe it or not, Mr. Minister was apparently so eager to wrap up the event to make time for his other engagements that he tossed up sports kits from the stage. #WATCH Karnataka Revenue Minister RV Deshpande throws sports kits from a stage at national, state and district level athletes, in Karwar's Haliyala. (31.10.18) pic.twitter.com/m82LYSh9wL — ANI (@ANI) November 1, 2018 There were no handshakes, no pat on the backs and no words of encouragement from Deshpande. The athletes were asked to line-up in front of the stage like destitute before the Karnataka minister began throwing sports kits at them which looked more like charity, than felicitation. The video of the disgraceful felicitation ceremony has caused quite a stir on the social media, with the netizens slamming the Karnataka minister for his heinous act. But, Deshpande isn't bothered. In fact, while defending his actions, he termed it an unnecessary controversy. "They are all our boys and know me very well. Some people are trying to make a mountain out of a molehill," Deshpande was quoted as saying by TOI. Whether he was trying to speed things up to be on schedule for another event or not, Deshpande's actions are nowhere close to what our hardworking athletes deserve. If we cannot give them cash rewards, basic diet or proper training facilities, the least thing we can do is acknowledge their efforts and show them some respect, or else, their hard work wouldn't mean anything. How shameful it looks! — NAVIN JALOTA (@NAVINJALOTA) November 1, 2018 Sick — uthuni (@uthuni) November 1, 2018 they are not beggars ok!! — bhavani prasad (@baavacs) November 1, 2018 Its not his fault, its fault of the ones who voted him to be this arrogant and insensible. — Swinckles (@Jinki_Boli) November 1, 2018 Shameless minister. — Sachin Cyber Expert (@CyberSachin) November 1, 2018 He has insulted the sportpersons by this act. Distributing kits to them in such a way denotes that this dolt doesn't have respect towards the people who shines nations name worldwide. Very sad. 𥠗 ðPurushottam ð (@Uttam_puruah) November 1, 2018 They should have boycotted this function instead of getting insulted by these illiterate filthy gutter politicians — Psgopalakrishnan (@Psgopal11120588) November 1, 2018
  25. Virat Kohli & Co. might be busy with the 5-match ODI series against West Indies, but in the back of their minds, the team is also low-key planning for the ICC World Cup that will take place in England in 2019. In case you're wondering if they are finalising their game plan or working on their fitness, you're wrong. While this might happen eventually, but currently the team is busy preparing their odd wish list for the tour which includes lots and lots of bananas. Confused? via GIPHY Reportedly, Team India's wish list for the tour is out and it includes bananas, a reserved rail coach and permission to have their wives accompany team to the tour. These were the requests that were put forward by the team, in their review meeting with the Committee of Administrators (CoA) in Hyderabad. Just like us, the request of bananas confused the CoA as well. According to a report in The Indian Express, sources said, "Apparently, the England cricket board failed to serve the Indian team with the fruit of their choice during the tour. But the CoA was amused by the request and said that the players should have told the team manager to buy bananas on the BCCI's expenses." Twitter/ BCCI Another demand that raised eyebrows in the review meeting was the preference for train travel in England. The team wants a coach to be booked for them and although the committee was initially concerned about their safety, they "agreed under the condition that the CoA or BCCI won't be held responsible if anything untoward happens." Sources further said, "There were other demands about booking hotels with a proper gym and discussions about the duration and protocol regarding wives accompanying players on tours." Team India is currently busy smashing massive runs against West Indies and giving their opponents a tough time on the ground. For those who missed out on yesterday's match, Team India won by 224 runs in the 4th ODI that was played at Mumbai's Brabourne Stadium on Monday.