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Found 43 results

  1. 'Go vegan, become a *** god'. That's what PETA seems to be saying in their latest video. And boy, have they managed to annoy everyone or what. For those living under a rock, PETA's an animal rights group known for their rather controversial campaigns - they're certainly no stranger to controversy, and, frankly, that's part of their DNA, their raison d'etre, so to speak. © PETA Did we mention they're controversial AF: PETA once sued a photographer (the infamous monkey selfie case), they've compared dog breeding to the Holocaust (yeah, we're no fans of the dog breeding industry but that is just ridiculous), published ads that make fun of issues such as weight and eating disorders, compared women to meat, and perhaps most disturbingly, they've been accused of euthanising most animals taken in by their shelters. And last month, they scored one more win in Internet outrage bingo by being as annoyingly PETA as possible - asking people to stop using idioms such as 'kill two birds with one stone' and 'take the bull by the horns'. And now comes the latest doozy - a new ad that's even managed to attract flak from ardent advocates of vegetarianism and veganism. © PETA The ad, with the tagline “Traditional masculinity is DEAD. The secret to male sexual stamina is veggies” shows a bunch of men (with some rather disturbing facial expressions) dancing while waving around genitalia made from vegetables. Family friendly? Heck no. But more than that, what is annoying folks is PETA's cavalier attitude to the current discussion on how to nudge ideals of masculinity towards the healthier side. And let's face it, leering men waving around carrots stuck to their groin isn't exactly the most convincing argument to turn vegetarian. It's been done for shock value, and are people shocked or what. © PETA Yup, the Internet has gone into a fury over the ad - Leading newspapers have covered the video, columnists have penned scathing notes, and Twitter users have gone absolutely ballistic. Even any advocates of veganism have lashed out at PETA for trivialising the vegan and vegetarian movements - let's face it, making vegetables look gross might make for great shock value, but it's hardly likely to encourage people to switch over from a meat-based diet! © PETA But hang on a second, if their video's really managed to get so many eyeballs, they've somehow won, haven't they? Sadly, we'd agree. Excuse us while we drown our sorrows in a bowl of (certainly not carrot) soup. Anyhow, Twitter is up in arms and is calling out PETA for ruining vegetables for the world: This is so fucking horrible. I'm literally a vegan, and will never be able to eat vegetables again ð¬ð¬ð¬ — Dame Holly Lloyd (@artyfuckwit) January 16, 2019 So getting a bunch of gross dudes to ungulate with phallic vegetables hanging from their pelvis was PETA's attempt at attracting people to their cause? It's a wonder they're not more popular... https://t.co/UbH4K5bauX — Gary From NY (@GaryTheNYer) January 21, 2019 PETA just ruined vegetables for an entire generation of people. — Andrew Donaldson (@four4thefire) January 16, 2019 This is why people should wash their vegetables before serving them — Ris (@RisBLP) January 20, 2019 PETA has turned people off vegetables. You had one job, @peta. One. Job. — Anamika- Don't @ me (@NameFieldmt) January 18, 2019 What in the world is wrong with these people? Who in the marketing department gave the go ahead on this? This is HORRIBLE, DISGUSTING, and just DISTASTEFUL!!! — Andrea (@Andrea19332319) January 21, 2019
  2. Video game revenue has been on the rise for the past few years and it reached a new peak of $43.8 billion. That's 18% up from previous year and has surpassed the projected total global box office number for movies. The numbers were released by the reliable NDP group and Entertainment Software Association. In fact, we predicted this over two years ago as games like GTA V, Fortnite, Fifa 19, PUBG and others are literally taking over the world. The increase in Video Games revenue could be attributed to a variety of factors. Free-to-play games such as Fortnite, PUBG Mobile and even AAA games have implemented micro-transactions in their games that may have resulted in an 18% revenue increase. In fact, Fortnite made almost $3 billion in profit last year. The same could be said about PUBG as the game also managed to rake in a $1 billion in revenue in 2018. Last year, it was projected that global box office revenue from around the world would hit $41.7 billion, according to comScore data. In fact, Video game revenues also surpass streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime where it is estimated to rake in $28.8 billion. Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix said in a shareholder letter “We compete with (and lose to) Fortnite more than HBO,” the company's shareholder letter stated. “When YouTube went down globally for a few minutes in October, our viewing and signups spiked for that time…There are thousands of competitors in this highly fragmented market vying to entertain consumers and low barriers to entry for those with great experiences.” According to te NPD group analyst Mat Piscatella, revenue in video games comes from a variety of sources i.e. hardware sales, micro-transactions, digital and physical game sales and mobile gaming. With keeping trends in mind, the video game revenue will steadily increase in 2019 and 2020 thanks to new consoles launching soon and blockbuster games like Anthem, The Division 2, and Death Stranding are on the horizon. Source: TechCrunch, NPD Group,
  3. It has been long established that Ranveer Singh is a complete entertainer both on and off camera. From his eccentric sense of style to his goofy and approachable persona, Ranveer manages to charm his way into the hearts of people he meets personally, and even those who know him from the other side of the screen. View this post on Instagram Loop pe, Lala ð§ð¤ð¥#apnatimeaayega #gullyboy #machao @vivianakadivine @dubsharma @zoieakhtar @ankurtewari (Ps: i'm static at a traffic light #roadsafety first ð¦ðð½) A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on Jan 15, 2019 at 4:22am PST While we already know of the many reasons that made 2018 an absolutely stellar year for Ranveer - be it his regal wedding to Bollywood's leading lady Deepika Padukone at Italy's Lake Como, or the mega success of 'Pamaavat' and 'Simmba', Ranveer has been on a high since last year. Given this background, and the kind of crazy response Ranveer has been receiving for his upcoming film 'Gully Boy' with Alia Bhatt - be it the posters, the trailer launch or the release of Ranveer's first rap song, the pace of Ranveer's growing popularity and demand doesn't seem to be cooling off. View this post on Instagram Wolfpack ðº@vivianakadivine @naezythebaa #gullyboy A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on Jan 17, 2019 at 8:03am PST Now, with the date of the movie's release drawing closer, Ranveer is clearly spending more and more time with Divine and Naezy, the two rappers who inspired Zoya Akhtar to make this film. A few hours ago, Ranveer took to his Instagram account to share a video giving a sneak peek of his jam sessions with the rappers. View this post on Instagram Mere do Anmol Ratan ð¬ð@vivianakadivine @naezythebaa #gullyboy #ogs A post shared by Ranveer Singh (@ranveersingh) on Jan 17, 2019 at 7:44am PST In the video, we can see Ranveer ad-libbing to the title track of 1989 film 'Ram Lakhan', and clearly indicating that he considers Divine and Naezy as his 'Do Anmol Ratan'. There is no denying that the trio gets along really well, and have a good time in each other's company. Directed by Zoya Akhtar and made under Karan Johar's banner, 'Gully Boy' is set to hit the screens on February 14.
  4. Grandparents. The mere mention of this word fills our mind's eye with a flood of memories featuring some of the most fun, adorable and lovable people of our life. For most of us, our Nana-Nani and Dada-Dadi stand synonymous to a secondary set of parents, who can not only school and tame our mother and father but pamper the life out of us all at once. Their gap-toothed smiles, saggy and leathery skin, as well as the greying fluff on their head, is no match to the twinkle of wisdom in their eyes and mischief laden throaty laughter. Grandparents always bring out the best in us and seem to be a part of most of our fondest memories, no matter the age. © Netflix Now imagine sitting across them on a sofa as you hear them talk about some of the most unconventional topics for the elderly that there are. From ***, size, and sexting to friends with benefits and homosexuality, you name it! As awkward and unusual as that might sound, something of the sort has already happened. There is a video doing the rounds on the internet where three adorable pairs of grandparents are talking on camera, and sharing their views, experiences and opinions on the aforementioned topics. And in all honesty, it isn't just there presence in such a video that caught our attention, but their responses on each of these distinct topics that floored us. These wise couples have no inhibitions talking from experience, and candidly tackling every question with an answer that brings such acceptance and perspective to such less talked about topics. Once you watch it, you will realise how loving and accepting their generation is. If you thought that millennials are the coolest of the lot, then get ready, because you are minutes away from having your bubble busted. On Having *** © Netflix Each one of them began their answer with a “yes, of course” and added how natural a thing it was in the same breath. And here we are, all hush-hush about the many adventures we seek between the sheets. On Matters Of 'Size' © Netflix All the grandpas were of the opinion that size matters, while the grannies couldn't really agree with it. Well, this continues to be a hot topic for debate and we shall keep our comments section open to hear your take on this one. On Sexting © Netflix Who would have thought they were very much into it themselves? But yeah, only with their partner on the receiving end. *wink* On Multiple Sexual Partners © Netflix While health risks remain a concern, most of them said it was acceptable. One grandpa was also quick to add that though “one is enough, but once is not enough”. Touche, old man! On Friends With Benefits © Netflix The verdict was, if two consenting adults decide on it, there is no harm it in! On *** Education © Netflix While one of them called it a 'no-training' natural phenomenon, others gave credit to porn magazines and Harold Robbins books. On Homosexuality © Netflix “Why oppose something where you play no role?” Good point, well made, sir. These old people, in all their wisdom, shared some great life lessons, and this video captures all the ways that make them so much more cooler than the millennials. We must take notes from their liberal and all-accepting stance, especially when it comes to something as essential and crucial as ***. They would make for perfect *** education teachers, don't you think?
  5. Even after Shaun Marsh's absolute beauty of a performance, the heroics of Indian cricket team's captain, Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni along with the crucial role played by wicketkeeper and batsman, Dinesh Kartik proved to be too much for the Aussies to handle as India won the second ODI to tie the series at 1-1. While Kohli's 39th career ODI century was more of a necessity than an occasion for celebration, it was Dhoni who played like he once used to, during his prime, and put on a show to stun critics both overseas and here in India who were sceptical of the inclusion of the former skipper in the ODI roster for the series Down Under and the speculations of him being a part of the 2019 ICC World Cup team instead of Rishabh Pant, as he ended the match in a great fashion with a six to tie the game and then a single to seal the victory in the final over. It all seemed to be just like any other classic win for the Men in Blue until a video of MS Dhoni taking, what is called a 'short-run', popped up on the ever-so-resourceful internet. Did anyone notice that dhoni actually didn't complete the run here? pic.twitter.com/F9KjKiFILc — neich (@neicho32) January 15, 2019 In the video, it appears as if the batsman walked across the pitch for a single but didn't touch the crease with his bat to complete the run. According to the 'Laws of Cricket' (1744) the rule to complete a 'run' requires for the batsman to touch the crease or the area behind the line. If the batsman fails to do so, the run does not count. "If either umpire considers that one or both batsmen deliberately ran short at that umpire's end, the umpire concerned shall, when the ball is dead, call and signal Short run and inform the other umpire of what has occurred,” reads the ICC rulebook. If the umpires feel that the short-run taken by the player is deliberate, they are entitled to tax the offender's team of five runs as penalty. Although, the suspected short-run taken by Dhoni looks completely nonintentional, it could have had some serious consequences, getting him run-out had the bowler realised, being one of them. Run out chance missed! — Sameer Kumar Bhoi (@ImSKBhoi) January 16, 2019 But, somehow, the on-ground umpires and even the third umpire missed the short-run completely and gave the run to Dhoni. It's the small things that matter, isn't it?
  6. In what turned out to be a sensational start to their campaign, the Indian football team sent their fans into delirium after kickstarting the 2019 Asian Cup with an emphatic 4-1 win over Thailand on 6th January. Despite a noticeable difference in their rankings, Thailand was expected to pose a threat to the 'Blue Tigers'. But, riding on the back of an all-round display, the Sunil Chhetri brigade produced one of their first win in the competition since 1964. "We've finally got respect for Indian football, we've woken the sleeping giant. It was dead and buried four years ago," an elated Stephen Constantine, Indian football coach, said after the game. If their win against Thailand left the fans back home wanting for more, the fact that Indian captain, who scored a brace in the opening match, surpassed Lionel Messi to become the second-most prolific scorer in a national football team, further gave us a reason to celebrate some more. For a man who has netted 67 goals for India since his first national cap in 2005, Chhetri's legend continues to grow as he goes past opposition defenders, finding those tiny gaps in their defence before unleashing that killer strike past the goalkeeper. His leadership skills and consistency in front of goal is what has made one of India's most cherished sportsperson. But, his stardom isn't just restricted to India. ðð®ð³âï¸ Cool as you like from @chetrisunil11âï¸ð®ð³ððpic.twitter.com/FaPfb6eMlB — #AsianCup2019 (@afcasiancup) January 7, 2019 As it turns out, the Indian football captain is respected and loved by football fans outside India as he is in his home country. Ahead of India's crucial encounter against the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on 10th January, a viral video has once again brought Chhetri's popularity in a foreign land to the fore. The video shows the Indian skipper obliging a UAE fan for a brief Q&A following their triumph in the Asian Cup opener. Labelling him as the "best player in India", the female fan asked Chhetri about his career before putting him in a spot by asking him "who's going to win between Emirates and India?". Being a sport, Chhetri cunningly turned the tables by asking the fan to predict the winner instead. Nice to finally meet you @chetrisunil11 and good luck ð®ð³ðð»pic.twitter.com/jS3a8ZnHAq — Ø´ÙخةÙÙرةð¦ðª (@shaikha_kooraa) January 8, 2019 Finding herself in a bit of a dilemma, the fan, too, played safe before predicting a 1-1 draw to suffice both the team. Saving the best for the last, the female fan decided to dedicate a song for Chhetri ahead of their second game in the competition. To everyone's surprise, the UAE fan ended up singing 'Saare Jahan Se Achha' before Chhetri joined her in some of the verses. The video has elated Indian and UAE fans alike, once again, highlighting that our love for football knows no boundaries. While Chhetri was considerate of the fan in the video, he will not be so welcoming of the opposing side when his team locks horns with UAE in their second Asian Cup game later today. Following their opening win against Thailand, Chhetri's men will face a much sterner test against UAE who are currently ranked 18 places higher than India in the FIFA chart. © Twitter/@IndianFootball When it comes to the head-to-head battle, UAE, again, holds a clear edge over India. In the 11 games they've played so far, UAE have claimed eight wins, while India have only two to show for themselves as one game ended in a draw. On the other hand, India can also take some inspiration from 113th-ranked Bahrain who managed to hold the hosts UAE to a 1-1 in their opening match. Though it's a tad too early to predict, if India manages to get the better of UAE, it will be their first back-to-back wins in the Asian Cup history - something that will surely get their fans back home in a celebratory mood.
  7. If we ever decide to write a horror story series named 'Salon', we know what to put on Chapter 1. What you're about to read is a story that will make you laugh (probably), but would have definitely given you a mini heart attack if that happened to you. A man went to a salon, and showed the barber a reference video about what hairstyle he would like. Now, what could possibly go wrong? Turns out, a lot. © 9GAG The barber thought that the 'play' button in the middle of the screen is a part of the hairstyle, and shaved - wait for it - two huge triangles on both sides of his head. © 9GAG Apparently, the barber even asked him whether he was sure about the triangle, but he said 'Go ahead' because he was unsure about the question. The result? An MP3 player on the head. © 9GAG But well, turns out he wasn't all heartbroken, and even seemed to enjoy the result. Moral of the story: Do not trust your barber, and definitely DO NOT ever show a paused video as reference for a hairstyle. Phew!
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  9. Hugh Jackman may have left Wolverine behind but his fans are not ready to let go of the iconic character just yet. Even the slightest hint towards the return of Logan makes everyone go crazy and no one would mind the return of Wolverine, of course. Moreover, Ryan Reynolds is also not helping Hugh convince everyone that Wolverine is gone for real. Hugh posted a workout video and everyone thinks there's only one reason that he could be working out - Wolverine's return. It's not like he's an actor and has to stay in shape for his job, nope, he can only workout to play Wolverine. Gym Heckler. #dogpound #Bri #cameo pic.twitter.com/pLJuTW0H0M — Hugh Jackman (@RealHughJackman) January 7, 2019 Beast mode, obviously. #Beastmode ðª pic.twitter.com/igTjaYtaeC — WolverSteve (@WolverSteve) January 7, 2019 *Wolverine Bloggers will say that he's preparing for the cameo in Avengers 4 ðððð — MaicWithAMouth (@MaicolPezzi98) January 7, 2019 Will he? why are you training so hard like this ? wolverine will return? 𤠗 Maioli (@jvmaioli) January 7, 2019 More Wolverine gifs. pic.twitter.com/qYxQqW63dL — Philip Rodriguez (@pinoyakohahaha) January 7, 2019 Just one thing? When Huge Jackman begins uploading fitness pics/vids it usually only means one thing: pic.twitter.com/tQW9AeF3DG — Michael Taylor (@TheTaylor1982) January 7, 2019 Yep. Yes, The Wolverine part of you is saying, you can do it Hugh!ððªðªðªðª — Naeemaothman (@naeemaothman4) January 7, 2019 *insert Thor's gif saying 'Is he, though?'* Someone's getting in shape to be Wolverine again ðwelcome back Logan #Marvel — Kieran Ince (@MarvelINCE) January 7, 2019 It would. Are they going to find a way to get Wolvie in #DarkPhoenix? That'd make a lot more sense than Avengers. — X-MenFilms.com (@XMenFilms) January 7, 2019 Okay, so apparently he's back. Welcome back Logan ð — TheViewFromNowhere (@MarkASedgwick) January 7, 2019 You know why. Why you building up your guns again Hugh? ð¤ð¤ð¤ð¤ð¤ð¤ð¤ð¤ð¤ð¤ð¤ð¤ð¤#snikt — Mattytime (@Mattytimetweet) January 7, 2019 Yes, he's the one who will defeat Thanos. But this #cameo makes me curious ð¤ð¤Maybe Avengers Endgame rumors are real? pic.twitter.com/5dMskZK8FK — julia (@juliaxmrngstar) January 7, 2019
  10. Yo Yo Honey Singh is back with another song, yay! And, it's obviously a little sexist, but that's a given right? So, the song is called 'Makhna' and it's the top trending video on YouTube at the moment as you read this because, well it's Honey Singh's comeback track and we are aware of the popularity that he enjoys. It also became the fastest Indian track to get 2 million views, so it's a song everyone loved apparently. But, even though it won't affect the song's performance, as we can see, I still want to discuss some of the lyrics because they kind of fall into what one may call a 'problematic territory' and need to be called out. “Mein aur mere kalakar Sab baith ke kare chill Par main hoon womanizer Mujhe akele mein mat mill” Okay then, don't meet Honey Singh alone. Youtube “Silicon wali ladki ko mein, pakadta nahi Brown girls se mera, dil bharta nahi” Am I the only one who feels that this is just a lil problematic? “Tu hai patli si naari Par mera weight ho gaya thoda bhari” At least he made a dig at himself.Thanks Honey. Youtube “Teri life mein dena chahta hu main dakhal Meri ex se milti hai teri shakal Mere lambe sabar ka tu hai phal Oh yeah yeah lemme grab you girl” Umm, wow. That's all I want to say. Youtube But, the problem is that all of this doesn't even matter. The song can be totally problematic and it will still perform well, and we have a perfect example. Along with being the number one trending song, Makhna also has received almost 22 million views on its video since its release yesterday. That explains a lot about Honey and his fans who maybe love his production.
  11. Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are celebrating a year of togetherness today and are celebrating their first anniversary in Australia. View this post on Instagram Can you believe that it's already been a year to this beautiful day? Exactly a year ago, I woke up and had the most normal day until 8:51pm when I read virushka's tweets. I swear, I just refused to believe the rumours of their wedding until we had confirmed news from virushka's teams or from virushka themselves. I really still don't believe that their marriage was kept such a secret until after a few hours since they tied the knot. But well, I guess it was better off as a secret. 11th of December will always be so so close to my heart â¤ï¸ This day will be cherished forever. How stunning did Anushka look and she proved that a girl looks the most beautiful on her wedding day. The glow on her face, ahh, I'll never forget that! Congratulations to the most beautiful couple that we know of! Sending the best of wishes along their way â¨ð [ #anushkasharma #viratkohli #virushka #cricket #bollywood ] A post shared by Anushka Sharma ⨠(@anushkaslays) on Dec 10, 2018 at 5:38pm PST Their holy matrimony and the gorgeous, lavish Tuscany wedding took the internet and social media by storm when their pictures and videos got viral. View this post on Instagram Her Bridal entryâ¤ï¸â¤ï¸ðð The most beautiful BRIDEðððð "Din Shagna da" in backgroundðððð This couldn't have been betterððâ¤ï¸ðð #virushka #anushkasharma #viratkohli #happyanniversaryvirushka #happyfirstanniversaryvirushka #happyfirstanniversary A post shared by Virushka lover , admirer â¤ï¸â¤ï¸ (@virushka.life) on Dec 11, 2018 at 2:24am PST View this post on Instagram 1 year of togetherness ðð . . . . #ranveer #deepveer #Ranveersingh #deepika #deepikapadukone #alia #aliabhatt #rk #ranbir #ranbirkapoor #kjo #karan #karanjohar #aamir #aamirkhan #janhvikapoor #janhvi #suhanakhan #suhana #virushka #Saraalikhan #priyanka #priyankachopra #nick #nickjonas #anushka #anushkasharma #Viratkohli #virushka A post shared by Filmy adda (@filmyaddaa) on Dec 11, 2018 at 2:23am PST Their wedding video was shot by the awesome people at 'The Wedding Filmer' and on the occasion of their first anniversary today, the wedding video is finally out. The couple obviously wished each other on social media and we got a glimpse into a few more candid pictures from the wedding which we obviously loved! View this post on Instagram Can't believe it's been a year already because it feels like it happened just yesterday. Time has truly flown by. Happy anniversary to my best friend and my soulmate.Mine forever ⤠@anushkasharma A post shared by Virat Kohli (@virat.kohli) on Dec 10, 2018 at 9:13pm PST Here's wishing the beautiful couple a happily married life! May they continue entertaining us and stay madly in love, just like these pictures depict.
  12. Remember waking up on a Saturday morning, loving that you didn't have to go to school, heading straight to the TV, putting on your console and playing your favourite game? Yeah, that's what the weekends looked like when we were kids. Wasn't it fun? Way better than the present day when all we have to look forward to on the weekend is paying electricity bills and getting the flush repaired. Yes, we're all at an age where nostalgia is hitting us hard at every single turn, so today, let's look back at 5 video games we never got enough of as kids: Contra There's no way we're ever forgetting this game. From the cool music to the endless action, it was pretty much the best shooting game of its generation. I'm yet to meet anyone, gamer or non-gamer, who hasn't heard of Contra. As a kid, it was the ultimate video game for me. Shooting games couldn't possibly get any better, right? Boy, was I wrong! Still, you know how they say you never forget your first. Yeah, that! Super Mario Bros. There have been tons of different versions of Mario but the original will always be one of our favourites. No, we're talking about Mario's first appearance (Donkey Kong), we're talking about the game the entire family can enjoy. I remember my brother and my cousins patiently waiting for their turn to play. Spare a thought for Luigi though, the poor guy never stood a chance back then. Road Rash This list wouldn't be complete without paying homage to the first co-op video game in Indian history. No, Road Rash wasn't actually a co-op game, but all of us remember controlling the bike while our younger siblings got to kick anyone who came close to us. If that's not teamwork I don't know what is. I have some fond memories of this one. Midtown Madness Road Rash was our first tryst with racing games, but Midtown Madness was a cut above in more ways than one. We had so many vehicles to choose from, so many different maps. It was a dream to play. It was also my first introduction to the roadster. Boy that car could move. Pac-Man We end this list with possibly one of the most iconic games of the millennium, Pac-Man. The concept was simple, fun and the music just made it so much more enjoyable. It also taught us that eating fruit would scare ghosts away. Now that's top-notch life advice, right? We will never forget any of these video games no matter how many years go by. But, if you're looking for a, sort of, mini-jolt of nostalgia, check out 'Ralph Breaks The Internet.' It is a more than apt successor to the first movie and nostalgia is just one of the reasons why you should check it out.
  13. Shah Rukh Khan has been ruling people's hearts as the uncontested 'King Of Romance' for more than 25 years. But, not many people know that SRK is one of the greatest pranksters in Bollywood. And, he recently gave a glimpse of his pranking skills to his fans, in this BTS video from the sets of his upcoming movie, 'Zero'. View this post on Instagram Bauua ka pyaar hai, Aafia ussi ke naam hai. #MereNaamTu out tomorrow. @anushkasharma @katrinakaif @aanandlrai @redchilliesent @cypplofficial A post shared by Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) on Nov 22, 2018 at 3:35am PST In fact, this video touches base with a crucial topic - the curious case of the missing samosas. The video begins with director Aanand L Rai gorging on samosa on the sets and asking other people on the set to return his plate of samosas. SRK being SRK, he printed out posters that read "Mera samosa wapis karo..." with Rai's photo on it. That's not it, he got his team to post those posters everywhere in the studio. We all know that one person or have a friend in the group, who teases people for being a foodie, but SRK's prank is by far one of the best ways to prank a friend. The video also shows Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif laughing on the sets as SRK continues pranking Rai. The video hilariously ends with Rai requesting SRK to leave him alone. He says, "Mera peechha chhor do" to which SRK's iconic dialogue from the movie plays in the background, "Hum jiske peeche lag jaate hai, life bana dete hai!" However, no one in the video discloses how and where did the samosas go. That's an interesting mystery and we want India's 'finest' team of detectives to come back and solve this mystery. We're talking about CID's ACP Pradyuman and his two ace team members Daya and Abhijeet. 'Zero' is releasing on December 21.
  14. Ever since making his international debut in 2016, Yuzvendra Chahal has become a vital cog in the Indian cricket team's spin bowling department. From breaking partnerships to providing crucial breakthroughs, the leg-spinner, with his ever-increasing variations, continues to aid his side in crunch situations. Bowling in tandem with Kuldeep Yadav, Chahal also forms a formidable partnership in spin bowling for Team India. But, in the Virat Kohli era of Indian cricket, successfully carrying out predefined roles aren't just enough. For a man who emphasises on fitness, Kohli demands its players to be agile and fit to perform in other departments of the game. Thus, we have seen the new-age Indian cricketers spending quality time in the gym to raise their fitness levels. View this post on Instagram Trying to UP the game down under #stayahead #IndvsAus A post shared by Yuzvendra Chahal (@yuzi_chahal23) on Nov 20, 2018 at 3:46am PST Chahal was probably doing the same when he shared a brief video of himself on the social media. Taking to Instagram, the Indian spinner uploaded his workout video where he was seen sweating it out in the gym as part of India's fitness session ahead of the first T20I against Australia. "Trying to UP the game down under #stayahead #indvsaus," he wrote on Instagram. While the 28-year-old failed to make the cut for India's playing XI at the Gabba, he thronged the social media for all the wrong reasons - courtesy Chris Gayle. Responding to Chahal's post, the Jamaican marauder took a dig at his former Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) teammate by writing: "Lord help me". On the other hand, while Chahal was sitting out, his compatriot Kuldeep took two wickets at the expense of 24 runs in the first T20I against Australia. However, India's decision to play Krunal Pandya backfired big time as the allrounder gave away 55 runs in a mere four overs, conceding six sixes as Australia romped to a competitive total of 158/4 in the rain-hit clash which was eventually reduced to 17 overs.
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  16. In this fast-paced millennial world of filters, insta-worthy travels and like-worthy pictures, the real you, the real me, has taken a sudden backseat. And that is exactly where we all need to head back to! Shed the filters, stop catching up with the lives you see on Instagram. Not everything you see on the web is real. If every conversation you ever have makes its way to your social media timeline, you, my friend, have a serious problem and it is about time that we address it. The snarky short film 'The Icebreaker' by Cocktail Crew India, is a direct and much-needed take at this world driven by pretences, that turn your friends into strangers living in a parallel digital universe. The film is live on Cocktail Crew India which is India's first and largest drinks community. The lead actor in the ad film is rising Bollywood star, Divyendu Sharma. The film is the perfect reminder to live a little more and laugh a lot more with friends. Watch this hard-hitting short film burst your digital bubble and make way for reality. So, the next time you catch up with your friends over a drink, be the icebreaker – ditch the smartphone, toss it over and have a heart-to-heart conversation instead!
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  18. Actor Anupam Kher deserves a special mention in the list of celebrity doppelgangers. Why? Because after his next movie, people won't be able to differentiate between him and former prime minister Dr. Manmohan Singh. Instagram We're talking about his upcoming movie 'The Accidental Prime Minister' and the uncanny resemblance he shares with the former PM. Instagram Anupam Kher, who has been constantly updating his fans about the movie on social media, recently shared this BTS video from the film sets, on the last day of their shoot. In the video, Kher is seen dressed as Dr. Manmohan Singh, sipping chai with on-screen Sonia Gandhi, Suzanne Bernert. Instagram What's the best way to stop spoilers from getting circulated? Share it yourself and Anupam Kher did exactly that. He wrote, "On the sets of 'The Accidental Prime Minister' somebody quietly shoots a candid moment between Suzanne Bernert playing Mrs Sonia Gandhi and I having tea and biscuits and shares it on social media. Now it is already on TV channels. So the best option is to share it myself. So here it is. Enjoy," View this post on Instagram On the sets of #TheAccidentalPrimeMinister somebody quietly shoots a candid moment between @suzannebernert playing #MrsSoniaGandhi and I having tea & biscuits and shares it on social media. Now it is already on tv channels. So the best option is to share it myself. So here it is. Enjoy.ððð¤ #DrManmohanSingh @tapmofficial @sunil_s_bohra @vijay.gutte #LastDayShoot #CrowdScenes #SocialMediaLife A post shared by Anupam Kher (@anupampkher) on Oct 26, 2018 at 8:55am PDT In another post, Kher wrote that "And it is a WRAP for one of my most cherished films. Thank you the cast and the crew for the most enriching times. Thank you #DrManmohanSinghJi for your journey. It has been a great learning experience for me." View this post on Instagram And it is a WRAP for one of my most cherished films #TheAccidentalPrimeMinister. Thank you the cast and the crew for the most enriching times. Thank you #DrManmohanSinghJi for your journey. It has been a great learning experience for me. I did have my reservations before doing this film and also wrongly judged you at times but today after finishing the shoot and having almost lived the role for more than one year i can say it with utmost sincerity that history will not misjudge you. Will wait to have that cup of tea with you once you watch our film. ðð #JoyOfCinema @tapmofficial A post shared by Anupam Kher (@anupampkher) on Oct 26, 2018 at 3:19pm PDT He further wrote, "I did have my reservations before doing this film and also wrongly judged you at times but today after finishing the shoot and having almost lived the role for more than one year I can say it with utmost sincerity that history will not misjudge you. Will wait to have that cup of tea with you once you watch our film." Directed by Vijay Ratnakar Gutte, 'The Accidental Prime Minister' is a political drama based on the 2014 memoir written by Sanjaya Baru, and is expected to release on December 21.
  19. Who knew that it has gotten so bad for David Schwimmer since 'Friends' ended, that he has to resort to stealing to survive? Well, it really hasn't been his day, his week, his month or even his year, but it's okay Ross, your 'friends' will be there for you. Okay, all jokes aside, this David Schwimmer lookalike is really up to no good, and is even wanted in the UK for theft. Police do post stuff like this to get any extra help they can get, but this one really blew up – for obvious reasons – with people making as many 'Friends' jokes as they can. But, we'll get to that later, because the biggest response came from the man himself, who was quick to clear his name. Looking at the first picture, it really is hard to convince yourself that this person is not actually David Schwimmer and after seeing the eerie similarity, he himself decided to post his alibi on Twitter to convince the police and everyone else that he really is innocent. In an attempt to recreate the original picture, he posted a video and I'm now even more convinced that he is the thief from UK. Officers, I swear it wasn't me. As you can see, I was in New York. To the hardworking Blackpool Police, good luck with the investigation.#itwasntmepic.twitter.com/EDFF9dZoYR — schwim (@DavidSchwimmer) October 24, 2018 *Shaggy voice* “It wasn't me!” The police seem to have believed him. Thanks for being there for us @DavidSchwimmerðð#appreciatethesupport@BlackpoolPolicehttps://t.co/RsMhsbN0JE — LancsPolice (@LancsPolice) October 24, 2018 Well, I still don't and I'm not the only one who's not yet fully convinced. The replies to his tweet are as hilarious as his video. We already know Ross has a history of stealing. Don't believe @DavidSchwimmer, ask any hotel he's visited. Remember this little episode? We do. pic.twitter.com/p2AqeBn2bC — Brian for Brains (@BrianForBrains) October 24, 2018 Phoebe also has criminal history. The plot is thickening. Found the getaway driver. #probablywaspic.twitter.com/muUFrpFcKJ — á¶ááªáá¬ð (@gracejynr) October 25, 2018 He can never say Emily. I Ross, take you....beer. — Claire Behind The Hair Blue Tick (@urmumsausername) October 24, 2018 Dammit, Russ! I think "It was Russ!", will be a meme. ð — SJ Wrandt-Minne (@PizzaAbuser) October 24, 2018 Classic. Haha classic ross pic.twitter.com/iA1oJF9NWl — Clair Knight (@LadyOfRockNTea) October 24, 2018 Exactly. Friends S8 E4: The one where Ross moves to Blackpool and turns to a life of crime — GGS (@perthbearblue) October 25, 2018 Maybe he can flirt his way out of this one. #DavidSchwimmerpic.twitter.com/Durjlr0OMJ — Goldhawk Int Books (@Goldhawk_IntBks) October 24, 2018 Wait, there's more. All the fans of the show 'Friends', which is basically the entire world population, came in the comments of the police's picture and put their extensive 'Friends' knowledge to good use. It's all because of Monica. Yeah, you probably did. Very serious. I can guarantee he did that. Do yourself a favour and go through the entire comment section if you want a good laugh.
  20. Dealing with spam can be an annoying problem for community moderators. It's bad enough that our inboxes get clogged up with it daily. Invision Community comes with several tools designed to mitigate spam, and make it hard for spammers to get a foothold in your community. This short video takes you through several key areas: The Invision Community spam defense system CAPTCHAs Question and Answer challenges Group Promotion Flagging a member as a spammer Do you have any tips on dealing with spam or spammers? We'd love to hear them. Let us know in the comments.
  21. If you've always wanted a full-fledged role-playing Harry Potter game, then it may just be your lucky day. A video has been leaked online that showcases the unannounced game set in the Harry Potter universe. The video was removed by Warner Brothers, and sources say the video was leaked from a focus group conducted in the U.S. © Reddit © Reddit Sources say, the game is set in a 19th Century version of Harry Potter's world and is probably set in the prequel era of the universe. The game is currently rumoured to be under development by Avalanche Software. The Reddit user who posted the footage said they were approached in a mall to watch the trailer and complete a short survey for $8. During these focus group sessions, cameras and smartphones are not usually allowed, however, the company conducting the survey failed to do so. © Reddit © Reddit Last year, Avalanche Software had put up a job posting for a writer with “a deep understanding of the British culture” to work on an RPG with “branching storytelling.” Avalanche Software is currently owned by Warner Brothers who in turn, own the rights to publish games based on the Harry Potter world. © Reddit Supporting images also show that players can choose to play as eight different wizards and can choose their own house, a path of good or evil and customise attributes such as a look and clothing. The footage basically showed the typical create-your-own-character screen. As of now, there is no confirmation whether the game will release anytime soon or whether the footage is real or not. Having said that, this game can prove to be one of the most exciting new additions to the franchise, especially for fans who've been wanting a proper game ever since the books were first released. Source: Reddit
  22. Following their debacle in England, the Indian cricket team has undoubtedly done a brilliant job in the ongoing 2018 Asia Cup. They avenged their 2017 Champions Trophy final loss on the back of two successive wins against Pakistan. Despite the absence of Virat Kohli, the Rohit Sharma-led side has remained unbeaten on their way to the tournament's final where they'll take on Bangladesh for the coveted trophy. But, while Team India is getting ready for the summit clash to successfully defend their Asia Cup title, their opponents for the next series - West Indies - touched down in their backyard to a rousing welcome. The Caribbean giants arrived in Vadodara where they will begin their tour with a practise match against the Board President's XI which is scheduled to be held on 29th September. We got a vibrant welcome to the hotel earlier today with a display of India's rich culture. #WindiesCricket #ItsOurGame pic.twitter.com/DytrbIJGL9 — Windies Cricket (@windiescricket) September 27, 2018 However, despite taking the field, the Windies were already bowled over by the "vibrant welcome" they received at the hotel. Cricket West Indies (CWI) shared a video of their team's arrival at a Vadodara hotel. The video showed the Windies cricketers making their way into the hotel where they were greeted to a traditional dance performance, displaying India's rich culture. View this post on Instagram They've arrived! The WINDIES Men landed in India earlier today to a traditional welcome! The guys are in India for a full tour (2 Tests, 5 ODIs and 3 T20Is) starting October 4th. Let's Go WINDIES! ð #WindiesCricket #ItsOurGame #LetsGoWindies A post shared by WINDIES Cricket (@windiescricket) on Sep 26, 2018 at 7:43am PDT Ahead of their tour, Windies coach Stuart Law claimed that he is confident that the Caribbean side will give tough competition to the world's no. 1 Test side in the upcoming series. “Our top six are going to stick their hand up and score the big runs, they are capable of doing so. If we can put runs on the board we can create pressure by giving the bowlers something to work,” Law said. #WIvsIndia "We're going there to compete..." - WINDIES Men's head coach, Stuart Law, shares the game plan and advice he gave to the guys as they trained in Dubai for the WINDIES tour of India. #WindiesCricket #ItsOurGame #LetsGoWindies pic.twitter.com/QMZ4dHPXPO — Windies Cricket (@windiescricket) September 26, 2018 Team India will host West Indies for two Tests, five One-Day Internationals (ODIs) and three Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is) in a month-long tour. The two teams will lock horns in the first Test at Rajkot on 4th October.
  23. While most of us were busy dreaming about Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone's wedding in Lake Como, Italy; Asia's richest businessman Mukesh Ambani was busy booking the very same location and getting it ready for his daughter's glittering engagement. Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal are set to get engaged in Italy in a three-day engagement ceremony that began yesterday and will end tomorrow. Facebook The Ambanis have been so secretive about the ceremony that no one knows anything, except the fact that it will be a three-day celebration. But, we now have a video straight from the venue, where Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal are expected to get engaged. Twitter In the video, one can hear opera music playing in the background and flower petals being showered on the happy couple, who can be seen standing there taking it all in amazement. Nita Ambani was also spotted in the video, standing on a podium, probably getting ready to deliver a speech for her daughter. View this post on Instagram #ishaambani engagement with #anandpiramal at #lakecomo @viralbhayani A post shared by Viral Bhayani (@viralbhayani) on Sep 22, 2018 at 4:19am PDT From Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, Anil Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja to Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Alia Bhatt; most of the Bollywood bigwigs are expected to attend the event and we've already seen some of them make an appearance at the lavish event.
  24. You can always be sure of one thing – if a famous person says or even barely refers to India, desi people will always find out, no matter how big or small the reference is. The same thing happened when Johnny Sins made a video eating biryani. No desi person would ever leave the opportunity to troll him, I mean it's always funny to see White people trying to eat spicy Indian food. The video in question was posted on his vlog channel on YouTube – yes, he makes videos that are actually SFW – and already has more than 1 million views. Actually, it turns out that out of the 7,00,000 subscribers he has on the site, a lot of them consists of Indians. Well, no surprises there. He also was a little shady and mentioned the T-Series and PewDiePie subscriber war that is going on, but he decided to 'embrace his subscribers' unlike Pewds, who has, as we all know, made fun of Indians a bunch of times. No one can ever forget the greatest thing to happen online ever – the iconic war between PewDiePie and Ekta Kapoor. As a way of thanking his subscribers, he tried a bunch of popular Indian food items, everything from pakoras and samosas to biryani. But, doesn't he know biryani is sacred to desi people? You need to eat it the way it's intended, or you don't eat it at all. But the first strike came when he said, “I read one of the traditional ways to eat it (biryani) is with the bread.” Umm…who is educating you about Indian food bro, because this ain't it. You just DON'T eat biryani with naan. Well, you know how no one ever messes with biryani so obviously desi people came together to call him out. Oh well. Johnny Sins ruining Biryani for u. Eating chicken biryani with naan ðwho invited him pic.twitter.com/QPRXPVg7Xx — Farooq Afridi (@FaryAfridi1) September 13, 2018 It's just too much. my cousin, who is married with 2 kids and probably doesn't even know what porn is, just shared a video of johnny sins eating biryani with naan. the secondhand embarrassment is eating me alive — pettyð» (@sanwlisalonii) September 13, 2018 That 'hmm' is very powerful. johnny sins eating biryani with roti hmmm pic.twitter.com/vRX06qQDr4 — Unclejokes_ (@k3wlbwoyy) September 11, 2018 I feel like the bigger abomination than that forbidden combination is the way he was pronouncing 'gajar ka halwa', but that's just me. Here's the video:
  25. Now that the second season of Netflix's original Marvel's 'Iron Fist' is out, we are totally obsessed with the darker, grittier and bloodier world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The interpersonal drama between Danny Rand, Colleen Wing, Ward Meachum, Joy Meachum, and Davos is what's driving the latest season, and things are getting beyond intense. While the true fans of the show have already binged-watched the series countless times, some are taking baby steps into the fandom and getting familiar with the oh-so-many badass characters. One can talk all day long about Danny's (Finn Jones) kung-fu mastery as he fights against the criminal elements corrupting New York City and his ability to use the fiery Iron Fist. With Matt Murdock gone, Danny is scaling his game to protect the city. Every character in this show has their own set of powers that make them unique. © Netflix While Danny is at the centre, we can't help but be in awe of the fierce Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) who can give anyone a run for their money with her action-packed performance. Wonder what all went into the making of this awesome character and how has she transformed? Well, read on. © Netflix Check out the BTS video and hear her talk about her most amazing fight sequences in the show. And don't miss the part where she talks about her mind-blowing fight sequence with Danny Rand. Also, don't we all want to know how the dramatic relationship between the two actually started? © Netflix Check out all the BTS action from Marvel's 'The Defender', 'Luke Cage' and her bonding with Misty Knight. Also get a sneak-peek into some new information about the latest season. Check out the video now:
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