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Found 654 results

  1. Friendship day is finally here and this year the celebrations are going to be slightly different! As much as we love the tradition of gifting each other friendship bands, we thought of making things slightly different this year! It goes without saying how much we cherish the bonds of friendship. We mean it! So instead of simply wishing your friends a ‘happy friendship day’, maybe this year you should give them something useful and fun instead! And don’t worry because all these gift ideas are highly affordable! In the true spirit of friendship day, here are 7 affordable gift ideas for 2020! 1. A Fun T-Shirt This friendship day gift idea is probably the best way to make your friend laugh. A t-shirt is a very useful item and going for some funny and witty graphics makes it even better. This simple gift is just perfect for something like friendship day. __ECOMPRODUCT__399__ 2. Beard OilIf your friend happens to have a beard, a beard oil is a great gift idea for him. This simple gift is again very useful and highly affordable. This particular one by Whiskers helps in the growth and improves overall quality of the beard. __ECOMPRODUCT__298__ 3. Dark Chocolates Chocolate is one thing that literally everyone likes. It’s mostly underrated as a gift idea, but is actually quite a simple, yet thoughtful gift. When nothing else works, go for the trusty chocolates. __ECOMPRODUCT__400__ 4. SunglassesEven though your friend might not need sunglasses right now, he will wear them in the future. Nevertheless, it’s a great gift idea for all those fashion forward men out there. These statement sunglasses are trending big this season! __ECOMPRODUCT__401__ 5. Perfume Perfume is undoubtedly a great gift idea for friendship day. Most often good perfumes are always super expensive. However, you can trust us for this particular one. He is sure to love its musky fragrance. __ECOMPRODUCT__402__ 6. HeadphonesLike many other gadgets, good headphones are always expensive. However, this particular one isn’t. Bluetooth headphones are on everyone’s wish list, making it the best gift idea for friendship day. __ECOMPRODUCT__403__ 7. BraceletsWe thought it would be okay to keep a little bit of tradition alive. These bracelets are like the friendship bands we used in our childhood, only better and more fashionable. Moreover, if your friend likes accessorising, he will love nothing more than some interesting jewellery. __ECOMPRODUCT__404__ BottomlineNow that we can’t really celebrate friendship day by going out, what’s better than a small gift for your friend! These friendship day gift ideas are highly affordable, useful and will surely make your friend smile. Explore More View the full article
  2. Fatherâs day is just around the corner. But do you have your fatherâs day gift ready yet? How exactly are you planning to say âHappy Fatherâs Day, Dadâ differently this year? Nothing seems worthy enough for your father, right? Well, how can you pick a fatherâs day gift for the man who has been your Santa off duty since day one. Maybe you could simply ask him what he wants? Nah, just kidding! We already know the answer to that one! He will probably make a statement about already owning everything that he possibly needs and how you shouldnât spend your money on expensive gifts for dad. However, nobody is ever sad about receiving gifts. A thoughtful gift is sure to bring a smile on his face! Here are some Fatherâs Day gift ideas for the superheroes of your life! __ECOMLOOKS__731__ __ECOMLOOKS__732__ __ECOMLOOKS__733__ __ECOMLOOKS__734__ __ECOMLOOKS__735__ __ECOMLOOKS__736__ __ECOMLOOKS__737__ To Sum It UpFathers love a gift they can actually use and use daily preferably. You can literally go for anything occasional or premium to something simple and basic, depending on what he likes best. In the end, remember that it's the thought that counts. No matter what you give him, he will love it! Explore More View the full article
  3. If youâre bored of the usual Fatherâs Day gifts guides online, you are going to love this one! The best fatherâs day gift is one that is as unique as your old man. Something that reminds your father of the special bond you share with him every time he uses it. Where can you find such unique gifts? Well, we have put together some unique Fatherâs Day gift ideas that are thoughtful, pleasant and perfect for this occasion. __ECOMLOOKS__726__ __ECOMLOOKS__727__ __ECOMLOOKS__728__ __ECOMLOOKS__729__ __ECOMLOOKS__730__ Itâs The Thought That Counts!Gifting your loved ones is all about making them feel special. And this time round, wish your dad a Happy Fatherâs Day, something you know youâve always wanted to do and say it with a thought and a gift that reflects the lasting emotion of love. Let us know in the comments what's the best gift you have ever given your father that made him feel special! Explore More View the full article
  4. Arguably one of the biggest names in international cricket, Shane Warne was the golden boy for Australia in a generation that dictated terms in the gentleman's game. In an international career that spanned over almost 14 years, Warne, on the back of envious bowling records, established himself as one of the greatest spinners to have ever graced the game of cricket. By the time he retired in 2006, Warne had 17,995 runs and 708 wickets in Tests alongside 7,541 runs and 293 wickets in ODI cricket. While his feats surely give a glimpse of his cricketing success, Warne's wizardry with the ball is perhaps best showcased in the 'ball of the century' he bowled on 4th June, 1993 to England's Mike Gatting. #OnThisDay in 1993, a 23-year-old Shane Warne delivered 'The Ball of the Century' pic.twitter.com/vcGkv885yG â ICC (@ICC) June 3, 2020 Warne had only played 11 Tests and one ODI when he was included in the Australian line-up for the Ashes against England for the Manchester Test. While others would have been a bit nervous, Warne, having taken 33 wickets in 12 international matches, probably took it as a challenge to prove his mettle early in his career. Introduced into the attack, after his team was bowled out for 289 runs in the first innings, Warne was facing Gatting, a renowned player against spin-bowling, at the other end. While many had backed experienced Gatting to give young Warne a tough time, the Australian turned the tables on the veteran in style. One heck of a delivery... Shane Warne, you beauty.... â Ashwani (@ImashwaniKsingh) June 4, 2020 Bowling his maiden delivery in the famed Ashes, a 23-year-old Warne took his famous slow-walk, as part of his run-up, towards the crease and used his wind-up action to deliver a masterpiece. The leg-break delivery saw the ball, moving through the air, beginning to drift to the right, eventually pitching several inches outside the line of leg-stump. Taking note of the trajectory, Gatting, as an experienced player of spin-bowling, pushed his leg forward to get to the pitch of the ball to nullify the danger. But, to Gatting and everyone's surprise, the ball, despite pitching outside leg, spun back in (almost two-and-a-half feet), cuffing off sharply to beat the batsman and clipping the top of the off-stump. The sharp turn and bounce extracted by Warne didn't just leave Gatting surprised and bemused, but also saw the unbelievable delivery labelled as the 'ball of the century'. The dismissal of Gatting opened the floodgates for Australia as Warne claimed three more scalps as England were bowled out for 210. Sensing Warne's success, captain Allan Border declared Australia's second innings at 432/5. And, as expected, Warne took four more wickets to help Aussies seal a 179-run win and go 1-0 up in the six-match series. While Australia won the game, Warne etched his name in the history books for his legendary delivery which didn't just put him on the cricketing map, but also earned him the reputation of the man who saved the dying art of leg-spin in international cricket. Warne went on to establish himself as one of the greatest spinners of all-time, taking wickets and shattering records at will. And, while he might have retired from the game, Warne's legends, like the 'miracle ball', continue to live on. View the full article
  5. A couple of weeks ago, Indian gamer and noted YouTuber, CarryMinati (Ajey Nagar) decided to start the biggest e-war in the country, when he planned the roast of TikToker Amir Siddiqui in a video titled âYouTube Vs Tiktok - The Endâ. The issue about professionals of which particular online video platforms make better content resided with people from every corner of the country, so much so, that CarryMinati's roast quickly became the most liked non-music video ever on YouTube India. The YouTuberâs diehard fans and followers even went the extra mile to make fake accounts only to give bad reviews and low ratings to TikTok on Googleâs Play Store and Appleâs App Store. When you create 100 fake accounts to bring down TikTok rating: pic.twitter.com/6vXZquvpub â SHREY JAIN (@simply_lame_) May 21, 2020 On the other hand, TikTok followers reported CarryMinatiâs videos in large numbers, forcing YouTube, the company to remove the video under the charges violating its ' terms of service'. And just when everything seemed to be calming down a bit, Indian comedian Kunal Kamra became a part of the trend and roasted the gamer in his own way. In a video titled âAaja Beta Carry Teko Roast Sikhaye!â Kamra mostly talks about how most of the jokes CarryMinati makes has him abusing the other guys and how itâs not comedy, eventually giving him a couple of lessons on how to be funny. For Kamra to suddenly get involved in something like this took a lot of people by surprise and many even thought that this was a way for him to gain popularity and publicity for âgiving itâ to CarryMinatiâs work, which is the hottest topic of discussion on Indian internet right now. Unfortunately for Kamra, the plan backfired as a large sum of people who saw his version of what comedy truly is, didnât find it funny. The video, which currently has approximately six million views, also has one and a half-million dislikes, most of which came his way in just a day. NEW: Indian comedian Kunal Kamra's new video is on the way to become one of the most disliked videos in YouTube history. pic.twitter.com/CykooDTBSN â Norbert Elekes (@NorbertElekes) May 30, 2020 Very aware of how things were going for his ever since the video, Kamra decided to take a shot at the fans of Nagar, from his Twitter account: I think the best case future for Carry fans is joining the BJP IT Cell... â Kunal Kamra (@kunalkamra88) May 30, 2020 âI think the best case future for Carry fans is joining the BJP IT Cell,â he tweeted as his video raced towards the âone million dislikesâ mark. A lot of Kunal Kamraâs jokes throughout his career have been about Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Bharatiya Janata Party and how they have been running the Indian government recently, which also garner polarising responses. While viewers have been actively participating in the discussion and taking sides between Nagar and Kamra for the past day and a half, the latter has been AWOL from Twitter since releasing a teaser for his next project, YALGAAR. YALGAAR.... COMING SOONhttps://t.co/hbFt2ScLH5 â Ajey Nagar (@CarryMinati) May 24, 2020 Are you team CarryMinati or Team Kamra? Let us know in the comments section. View the full article
  6. Early this Sunday, Mumbaiâs Nair hospital experienced nothing short of a Mother's Day miracle. After being turned down by seven hospitals, an expectant mother was taken in by Dr Ganesh Shinde of Nairâs Gynaecology department, where despite having tested positive for COVID-19, she delivered a set of healthy triplets - each of whom tested negative for the deadly virus. Itâs not too much of a stretch to say that sheâs been through one of the most dire 24-hours of her life this weekend, but if thereâs a Motherâs Day message to take home from here, itâs this: There is nothing more difficult on this Earth than being a mother. Being A Mother Is A Full-Time Job via GIPHY I think we all deserve some slack for not realising this as children. After being asked countless times about our ambitions and plans for the future, many of us wanted to grow up as soon as possible - no more rules to follow? That sure sounded great back then. And so, as we grew older into our teenage years, we threw ourselves into friendships, relationships and personal interests that came and went - all with the hope that we wouldnât grow old with regrets. All while our mothers stood by our sides and dealt with our mood swings, our avoidant behaviour and tendency to jump the nest. © Trimurti Films While we make progress on the front of women's rights inch by inch every day, itâs only been just over seventy years since the first womenâs rights movement marched onward in the western world - just a blink in the eye of human history. When our mothers were growing up in the late 20th century, many of them had to fight against social pressures the likes of which we take for granted today - especially as men. Having a child as an Indian woman came with many expectations that remain invisible to us today, especially if weâre not actively looking for them. Our mothers have sacrificed so much in the name of raising us - everything from career opportunities as working women to late nights and early mornings spent on household chores and family expectations. Not Just A Mom, But A Friend Too © Hope Productions Thatâs why, perhaps this Motherâs Day, when weâre socially distanced and donât have the means to produce grand gestures or expensive gifts, perhaps the most important thing we can give our mothers is the chance to open up. To have a tougher, but more honest conversation about the realities theyâve faced and the sacrifices theyâve had to make. One that they could not have with a young child by their side, but can definitely have with an older, matured one who also isnât just a son or daughter - but a friend to lean on as well. View the full article
  7. We all love to get the hottest tech every year and the newest smartphone that launches from your favourite brand. However, there is one problem that is making the smartphone game even more boring than ever before. Lately, most smartphones across all budgets look identical to each other with slight differences that donât really matter. Innovation in design is also very incremental where most smartphones just look like a slab with screens that can only be differentiated by their branding. However, this was not the case back in the 2000s as we saw phones with innovations both in terms of functionality and software. Whether you were a Nokia user or a Motorola user, it doesnât really matter because they all looked different from each other. The competition was stiff back in the day, and it made companies innovate in terms of design that canât be replicated by phone companies today. Hardware is more or less commoditised today, which limits companies from experimenting as much they did in the early and late 2000s. There was a phone for almost every type of phone user and really do miss those days. There are plenty of phones that fit this category, but we decided to compile a list of five phones that pushed the envelope and embodied real innovation when it came to the design: 1. Nokia 3310 © Wikipedia Commons Youâve probably seen this phone before and heard many stories about its durability. In fact, the phone looked quite basic but its high durability factor was the reason why most people bought this phone; and to play Snake. The phone took the world with storm, thanks to its smaller form factor and the fact that it can last longer than your average phone during its period. The phone also upgraded the text limit to 459-character, three times longer than any phone at the time. No wonder it sold more than 125 million units. 2. Motorola Razr © Wikipedia Commons We still consider this the sexiest phone of all time as it was the coolest looking phone anyone can get. It was featured in movies, music videos and even in cartoons making it one of the most innovative designs of flip phones. It was sleek, it had a colour screen and the flip closing sound was addictive to hear. The phone also pushed boundaries with its ring tone selection and it even came with a camera that was not available on every phone. The phone was first launched in 2004 and the company tried to give a modern twist to the Razr with a foldable screen but that was a massive failure. 3. Nokia N-Gage QD © Alophone We all dreamt of playing proper games on our phones and Nokia N-Gage was the first phone to deliver on this promise. It was an attempt by Nokia to capture the Nintendo Gameboy Advance audience. The second iteration of the phone i.e. âNokia N-Gage QDâ had ironed out all the design flaws from its predecessor. However, the phone wasnât as successful as we would have liked it to be. Having said that, this phone shows that Nokia wasnât afraid of experimenting with phone designs and actually deliver a phone that can also play some awesome games. Some say Nokia N-Gage QD is the inspiration for many gaming smartphones we see today, albeit none of them are as impressive as Nokiaâs design. 4. Sony Ericsson P900 © YouTube/Cortado In a way, the Sony Ericsson P900 was the first smartphone that supported third-party Java applications, had a touch screen and a flip design all in one phone. The keypad could be flipped open to access an entire display that could be used with a stylus. The phone also had a jog-wheel on the top right corner for easier navigation. It was a great successor to the Sony Ericsson P800; however, it was the P900 that challenged the status quo in 2003. 5. Nokia Communicator © Wikiepdia Commons The first phone to infuse a laptop design into a phone was the Nokia Communicator and the phone is still considered quite legendary by many. You can say the Nokia Communicator is the Godfather of the modern smartphone as many features introduced on this phone are now being used in smartphones today. The phone looks normal from outside but when opening the clamshell front, the phone had access to a full-blown QWERTY keyboard and an LCD display that was almost as big as the phone. The phone also had internet connectivity for people to email documents that could be typed on the phone itself. 6. Apple iPhone © Reddit The most revolutionary phone of our time is no doubt the first iPhone which was introduced by Steve Jobs on stage in 2007. It was nothing like the competition and is responsible for the demise of the feature phone as we know them. It had a sleek metal and glass design and had only one main button. Instead of using a stylus, you could use your fingers for using the screen and it came with apps that were far superior to anything we had seen. The iPhone paved the way for modern smartphones in a way that we havenât really been able to go back to where phones came from. View the full article
  8. Demonstrators pledge to continue the protests till the release of MSR and lifting of curbs on media
  9. Remember the HTC Exodus 1S smartphone? Yes, the entry-level blockchain phone from HTC that we asked you to stay away from? Well, the phone is back in the news again. It looks like the phone is capable of turning into a money-making machine, thanks to a cryptocurrency mining app. Yes, the phone is said to be getting an app called DeMiner that will be able to mine cryptocurrency when the phone is plugged in and idle. The app is being developed by Midas Labs and is scheduled to launch every soon. © HTC If you're good at math, then you may have figured out that at that rate, you'll be looking at just over a dollar a year i.e. $1.38 a year. That's like making roughly Rs 100 a year, which means the phone can't even make enough cryptocurrency in over 100 years to pay for its price. And on top of that, you're looking at additional expenses like electricity costs and more. Even if you're planning to buy it to use a phone that can also mine cryptocurrency while it's charging, we still think it's a bad idea. It's definitely not worth the asking price and it's probably not going to last long enough with those basic entry-level specs. This is just to tell you how bad the phone really is and we're yet to have seen anything useful from the folks over at HTC. Source: TheVerge View the full article
  10. Amid the Coronavirus Lockdown, most of us have weird sleeping patterns and there is no real schedule that we follow. Turns out that all the celebrities are no different and they are facing the same problems as us! Sunny Leone recently shared a video of her husband and her manager Daniel Weber singing praises about her. However, what he was saying was completely opposite to the placards he showed in the video. View this post on InstagramHappy Anniversary to the man I love more then anything in the world. Life is crazy but our love remains the same...everlasting! Love you @dirrty99A post shared by (@sunnyleone) In the video, Daniel praised her cooking skills and expressed how beautiful she is but the placards tell a different story- it says that she is a terrible cook and wears pyjamas all day amid the lockdown. Now, thatâs basically almost all of us! Sunny shared the video saying, âHmmm...just saw this! Tomorrow I will show you what @dirrty99 is really doing all day! REVENGE!! Itâs on!â Checkout the video here- View this post on InstagramHmmm...just saw this! Tomorrow I will show you what @dirrty99 is really doing all day! REVENGE!! Itâs on!A post shared by (@sunnyleone) The video is hilarious and adorable at the same time as Daniel goes on to say good things about her and on the other hand, the placards show the reality of what he actually feels about her. The placards read, ââHelp me! She is driving me crazy. She sleeps all day, her cooking sucks, sheâs so lazy, she lives in pyjamas, she takes selfies all day.â View this post on Instagram30min before the next @lockedupwithsunny episode with @shahdaisy A little of what happened on one of the last episodes with @dirrty99 #lockedupwithsunnyA post shared by (@sunnyleone) Sunny and Daniels are parents to three kids and are enjoying the lockdown spending time with family. Recently, Sunny told HT, that she is keeping very busy doing the house chores amid the lockdown as she has three kids and a lot of household work. She said, âThe lockdown definitely has not been easy. I have three very small toddlers who need a lot of attention and school time. This place needs to be cleaned and all the household duties need to be taken care of. Itâs not that itâs so difficult to do each of the things, itâs just that there are not enough hours in the day to do it all.â View this post on InstagramTrying to keep spirits high with a little @justintimberlake My children have been locked up in our building for many days now. @dirrty99 and I are trying to do our best everyday :) Daniel's dancing is the best!! LolA post shared by (@sunnyleone) Sunny is also taking celebrity interviews amid the lockdown on Instagram and she recently taught her fans to make homemade masks in just thirty minutes. View the full article
  11. Princess Diana saw Prince Charles? ex-girlfriend, Camilla Parker Bowles, as one of the pews of the church
  12. Pakistanis are being provided electricity at the most expensive rate in the region, says inquiry committee
  13. MS Dhoni has earned the name âCaptain Coolâ for his ability to control his anger and remain calm under intense pressure. The man who led the team to the 2011 World Cup trophy and ended the countryâs 28-year-old championship drought has rarely shown emotions on the field. However, there was this one time when Dhoni let his rage get the better of him and forced him to shout at his teammate and left-arm spinner Kuldeep Yadav and the south-paw continues to remember that day. © Twitter In an Instagram video with Jatin Sapru, Yadav relived this moment like it was yesterday: âKusal (Perera) smashed a boundary over the covers. Dhoni bhai shouted from behind the wickets and asked me to change the fielding. I did not listen to his suggestion and in the next ball, Kusal hit another boundary through the reverse sweep now,â said the chinaman. âNow agitated Dhoni came to me and said, âmain pagal hu? 300 one-day khela hu, aur samjha raha hu yahan pe.â (Am I mad? I have played 300 ODIs and you are not listening to me),â he further recalled. © Twitter The 24-year-old went on to talk about what happened after the match, when he went to the wicket-keeper batsman to check if he was still mad at him. âI was so scared of him that day. After the match, I went to him while travelling on the team bus and asked if he ever gets angry. To which Dhoni bhai said: 20 saal se gussa nhi kiya hai (I have not gotten angry for the last 20 years),â Kuldeep said. © Twitter And thatâs essentially who MS Dhoni is. The guy can break a cork ball into two halves with the kind of might he possesses in his shoulders but somehow, manages to keep his temper under check. Maybe, it was because of this reason why he is considered to be one of the greatest skippers to have led the Men in Blue. View the full article
  14. It's lockdown day number 28 and no one can differentiate weekends from weekdays now. Itâs like time doesn't exist anymore. Everything is a blur and people who are privileged enough to stay at home safely are just getting bored out of their minds. With everything going on, turns out all hours have turned into horny hours on Twitter, something that was reserved for just night in our non-quarantined life, and came right before âsadboiâ hours. But, turns out it was actually National Horny Day yesterday and it's still going strong. It was time for rise and grind since it has been trending since 9 am in the morning. Technically it's still a workday and a trend about being horny on a working day, that too so bright and early, is not something we thought would actually happen. But hey, we're in lockdown and honestly, nothing sums it up more than this. I agree. its been #NationalHornyDay every day since quarantine. nothing new â J. David Alvarez (@DavidAlvareeezy) April 16, 2020 Pornhub is ready for it. National Horny Day? It's like the day was made for me. â Pornhub ARIA (@Pornhub) April 16, 2020 There are thirst traps. thirst trap Chief Hopper reporting in for national horny day pic.twitter.com/5AMFWdA5iE â NX (@NXOnNetflix) April 16, 2020 Everyone right now. When itâs National Horny Day, but youâre in lockdown and single: pic.twitter.com/X4SFM9EPXm â Brownie (@CronicBrownie) April 16, 2020 I can't decide if this is a good joke or it's so bad that it's good. I, for one, think it's wonderful that we have a holiday to celebrate the beauty of these powerful creatures' distinctive, majestic horns. #nationalhornyday pic.twitter.com/Mh27IqK2CF â Evan Blass (@evleaks) April 16, 2020 Simu Liu is celebrating. In honour of #NationalHornyDay might I present my list of top horns of all time: pic.twitter.com/q1afG87um8 â Simu Liu (@SimuLiu) April 17, 2020 Everyone's apparently. Itâs national horny day, but itâs trending in the US, India, and Canada so whoâs national day is it really â mae â¼ (@itookapanga) April 16, 2020 Sounds fake, but okay. so...youâre telling me national horny day isnât every day? â zoey (@dumbzrld) April 17, 2020 The worst. It's national horny day but my bf and me we are not in the same house. pic.twitter.com/zmew7rNce5 â ðð®ðð±ð²ð»'ð ððµð¼ð¿ð² | nsfr (@anakinhoee) April 17, 2020 Yep. I see #NationalHornyDay is trending. Honestly seems to get earlier every year. â Mark Watson, indoors (@watsoncomedian) April 17, 2020 Okay, everyone. National horny day is over pic.twitter.com/herXJjE54U â MarkAssBrownie (@MarkAssBrownie) April 17, 2020It is funny and coincidental that how this trend actually perfectly sums up the lockdown mood for us. View the full article
  15. The dismally increasing coronavirus cases across the globe have crippled global economy bringing lives of people to a standstill. This is the first time in the history of mankind something of this level has happened. In the wake of this global pandemic, many countries including India have imposed a country-wide lockdown to contain the spread of this deadly virus. Consequently, many people who earn wages on a daily basis have been left in the lurch. In such testing times, humanity and kindness are the qualities that help us get through life and this tough time. Turns out that humanity continues to stay alive despite what happens and proving this is an instance that occurred in Florida recently. according to a report in HT , an unknown customer left a tip of 10,000 USD (Rs. 7.5 lakh approx) at a restaurant called Skillets in Florida to be distributed amongst its staff members. What a kind soul! He did this in a bid to help staff members make their ends meet until the lockdown is lifted. This incident happened just a day before the state mayor asked all restaurants to shut down. © Yelp The owner of the restaurant revealed that the customer handed the money in cash to the manager of the restaurant, asking him to distribute it evenly amongst the staff members. There were a total of 20 employees working at Skillets and they all received 500 USD (Rs. 37,500 approx) each. According to NBC, the owner spoke about the gentle customer and said, âWe have regulars who have been coming in forever, and theyâre our friends but we donât always know their names. We know their faces, their orders, their favourite tables, but we donât know exactly who they are.â Turns out, this one customer isnât the only one who surprised them with his kindness. The owner of Skillets also revealed that many servers received big tips from other customers in the past few weeks. Owing to the current coronavirus crisis, the restaurant unfortunately has been forced to lay off 90 percent of its employees due to lack of funds. All restaurants were asked to close down. Itâs because of instances like these that people still believe in humanity, kindness and compassion. Kudos to all those people who are helping each other in the time of crisis. View the full article
  16. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa information minister Ajmal Wazir Khan reveals another person has died from the coronavirus in KP
  17. We have 21 days â 21 days to sit at home and flatten the curve. Thatâs all we need to do, folks! To beat Coronavirus we need to channel our inner couch-potatoes and do the best job of sitting at home and binge-watching one show after another. And if youâve already run out of content, donât worry, weâve got you covered. After running through every must-watch list, we decided to help you broaden the spectrum by adding some regional dramas/shows to the mix. Here are 5 slice-of-life family entertainers that you can sit and watch with your family on MX Player. Aani Kay Hava S1-2 The firsts always hold a very special place in marriage â be it the first time you cook together, the first festival together, your first major fight or simply the first down payment on your car or house together. These little joys of life are explored in the magical season 1 of Aani Kay Hava starring Priya Bapat as Jui and Umesh Kamat as Saket in the series. The second season explores what comes next in their married life. When the honeymoon phase is over, how does this couple change their mundane routine to strengthen their bond? Watch this amazing 6-episodic series directed by Varun Narvekar on MX Player. Samantar When everything goes wrong, one clings on to even the slightest ray of hope. And thatâs exactly what happens to Kumar Mahajan in this 9-episodic series Samantar. When Kumar is fired from his job and canât meet his familyâs needs, he starts panicking. Even the smallest things seem to go astray for him. Thatâs when he finds his ray of hope â a visit to an astrologer reveals that a man called Sudarshan Chakrapaniâs past will be his future. That sets into motion a change of events that will take on you a thrilling ride. Directed by Satish Rajwade this show is based on a novel by the same name. It also marks the digital debut of Swapnil Joshi along with the beautiful Tejaswini Pandit who plays his wife in the series. Pandu Pandu, also a famous colloquial slang for the Mumbai Police, depicts the everyday problems and situation of the hardworking police force. This light-hearted comedy is a laugh riot and a real insight into the complexities of their job. The series stars Suhas Sirsat, Deepak Shirke, and Trupti Khamkar in pivotal roles. Once A Year Not all college romances are like fairytales. They have their ups and downs. This show traces the journey of a couple who are college lovers and how hard they fight to stay together. The series showcases their journey over six years. Nipun Dharmadhikari and Mrinmayee Godbole play the lead roles in the series. Famously Filmfare Marathi This is the regional version of the popular celebrity chat show Famously Filmfare. The Marathi version on MX Player is hosted by Amruta Khanvilkar and sees several A-lister celebrities baring their hearts out and getting up, close and personal! Before you start worrying about buying another OTT subscription, hereâs the good news â MX Player is FREE and you can start streaming your favourite shows right away. View the full article
  18. In 2019, a total of 2,846 cases of child abuse were reported from all four provinces of Pakistan
  19. A ban has been imposed on cinemas, public gatherings and events at wedding halls
  20. Tom Hanks said he and his wife were taking their new roles as quarantined coronavirus patients in their stride
  21. BBC One aired the service, covering performance of Alexandra Burke as well as Anthony Joshua?s reading about being a member of the Commonwealth.
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