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Found 592 results

  1. Prime Minister Imran Khan. Photo: FilePrime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday reiterated calls for an end to India’s gross abuse and oppression of Kashmiris.“On Human Rights Day, we must appeal to the world's conscience, to upholders of international law and to the United Nations Security Council to act against the illegal annexation of Indian occupied Kashmir (IOK)by the Indian occupation government,” PM Imran tweeted. “We salute and stand resolutely with the brave Kashmiris struggling for their right of self-determination,” he added.Occupied Kashmir has been under military curfew since August 5, when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi revoked the constitutional autonomy of the region and arrested thousands of people. Since the annexation, New Delhi has also enforced a near complete communications blackout by blocking internet and telecommunication services in the disputed territory.‘Govt committed to protecting the rights of all citizens’In a separate tweet, PM Imran assured that his government remains committed to the protection of the rights of all citizens without discrimination. “On International Human Rights Day, Muslims need to remember that the message of equality, justice and protection of human rights for all was given more than 1400 years ago by our Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him),” the premier said.The prime minister added that the message of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)"embodied the cardinal principles of respect for human rights and human dignity".The premier said his government was committed to the protection of human rights for all citizens as preached by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), especially in his last sermon.World Human Rights Day is observed every year on December 10, the day the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948.
  2. The first day of a strike saw giant rallies across the country coupled with walkouts that paralysed transport and closed schools. Photo: ReutersPARIS: A strike that crippled public transport and closed schools across France entered a second day on...
  3. Australian cricketer Will Pucovski has shown that he belongs in the highly challenging domestic cricket circuit that the players have Down Under. Born in 1998, the top-order batsman has 18 first-class matches and 12 List A games and is tipped as the future of Aussie cricket. Currently playing for Victoria in a Sheffield Shield contest against New South Wales, Pucovski has shown elite-level professionalism and is playing with the kind of focus even some of the veterans of the game also fail to achieve after years of dedication. While he stands on the pitch like a concrete wall scoring at his own pace, with utmost patience, the bowlers seemed to have found another way of forcing him to lose his game, by hitting him right where it hurts the most! View this post on Instagram Not once, not twice, but thrice! It's been tough going for Will Pucovski today ð¥ A post shared by cricket.com.au (@cricketcomau) on Nov 30, 2019 at 5:50pm PST Not once, not twice but THREE TIMES did the poor man get smacked right in the nuts followed by an expression which can best be put in words as, “why God, why!” Now if you have ever shared Pucovski's pain, you'd understand and empathise with the poor lad but Twitter users, as usual, have been ruthlessly hilarious with their comments and you can't help but crack a smile: No ball. — Stylez (@Styletix) December 1, 2019 The best part is the physio's name 'Adcock' ð — Sandy Lanceley (@sandylanceley) December 1, 2019 pic.twitter.com/UFywPDKuFr — Dr M Amir Bhat (@DrMAmirBhat1) December 1, 2019 Ooft! I felt that in Glasgow! ð« — Fraser Middleton (@FraserMiddleto8) December 1, 2019 But credit to Pucovski for holding his own (no pun intended) against the stormy deliveries by the New South Wales bowlers, as he played through the pain and made 82 runs in a staggering 257 balls. He helped his side make a strong comeback after their opponents scored a respectable 294 in the first innings. Pucovski went down in the 105th over as Victoria trailed by 12 runs. View the full article
  4. We have come a long way since the time when the ancient ways of the world dictated our lives. While this 'way of life' was, obviously, laid out for women, men have also shouldered the burden of the unsaid expectations and taboos for a long time. However, now, as the world has learnt to respect the concept of 'live and let live', things are slowly beginning to change. © Red Chillies Entertainment With such a welcome change, men can now truly get over the insecurities that have weighed on their mind all this while. As the world and people around us change with time, they have proved that it's time men completed accepted themselves for who they are, and that would pretty much be the same as celebrating themselves and fellow-men every day! Here are 5 such insecurities among men that have become a thing of the past for good: 1. Balding © Maddock Films Most men wouldn't want to shave off their heads for no good reason, though personal and religious reasons cannot be discounted. Yet, somehow, natural causes related to sparse hair coverage brings in 'shame' as opposed to men choosing to shed their tresses. However, people have now begun to look beyond bald patches and receding hairline. The success of Ayushmann Khurrana starrer Bala and the popularity enjoyed by the likes of Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel only reiterates the fact that people have come a long way since the time when lack of hair on one's head would turn most men into a laughing stock. 2. Height © HBO And again, since we are leading with examples, in any case, it's about time we acknowledge that height-related insecurities can happily take a backseat now. The world has finally come to measure people's worth based on their skills and talent, and not how closer to the clouds they are. Before turning into the superstar that he is today, even SRK started out as a regular guy with an average height. It was his skills as an actor that eventually got him such immense success. Ayushmann Khurrana, for that matter too, does not come in the category of taller men in the industry, but his back-to-back hits are proof that your 'height' and your 'talent' have absolutely no connection whatsoever. 3. Weight © Twitter - Shannon Werle With “dad bod” really trending this year, it can be said that the fixtures around the idea of 'ideal male body' has gradually loosened enough to allow men to enjoy breathing space that lets them be and not chase after runway-inspired 'mod(el) bod'. Take Jason Mamoa, Chris Hemsworth and Leonardo di Caprio for instance. Wrinkles, grey hair or a couple of extra pounds doesn't make them any less desirable. 4. Di*k Size © Wikipedia Now, as debatable a topic as this might be, research has shown that the entire tussle related to 'size' mostly rests in a guy's head. Women are more taken by the appearance of the ***** than its size, because while the length of the ***** was rated sixth on the list of importance, women rated the girth third. 5. Skin Colour © Mensxp Now, we understand how obsessed the Indian society can be with skin colour, but let us assure you that your skin colour has got nothing on the kind of person you are and what your achievements are. Vicky Kaushal and Nawazuddin Siddiqui are two of Bollywood's most popular actors currently, and their skin colour never got in the way of them facing the camera or making it big. View the full article
  5. Apple has revolutionised wireless audio ever since the company removed the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 and instead started offering AirPods. The most common issue with wireless Bluetooth earphones is that they are unreliable and pairing can be a tedious process. Apple made it easier for iPhone, iPad and MacBook users as we can connect AirPods seamlessly with Apple products. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla However, it was launched in December 2016 and needed a much-required redesign for users who wanted more from their wireless audio devices. Apple recently launched the AirPods Pro that comes with active noise cancellation (ANC); a feature that has been a staple on headphones but only a handful offer them on earbuds. Even though Apple introduced a newer version of the classic AirPods, the new AirPods Pro is the real upgrade everyone has been wanting. I've been using the AirPods Pro in various scenarios to test its sound quality and noise cancellation abilities. Here's what we think about the new AirPods Pro and why I can't go anywhere without them for a single day. Design The biggest difference one will notice is the major difference in design when compared to the AirPods. It now comes with a silicon tip that makes the fit in the ear canal much more tighter and gives a better seal than the regular AirPods. The overall shape of the earbud is now more oval than before and the stem is now shorter as well. The stem of the earbuds now also comes with a sensor that is also flat and can be used to control playback, switch between ANC, transparency and ANC off modes. The new AirPods Pro's design is a bit more subtle than the regular AirPods but is still quite distinctive. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla For people who didn't know, the regular AirPods aren't meant for use while working out, will love the fact that the AirPods Pro is sweat and water-resistant and make a great gym accessory. It comes with an IPX4 rating which means you can use them without worrying about damaging them in the gym. The AirPods Pro are also perfect for runners who want the better sound quality and want a tighter seal so that it doesn't fall off while running. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla The AirPods Pro also come with a different charging case; i.e. larger, wider and shorter than the AirPods' charging case. Like the newer version of the AirPods, the Pro variant also supports wireless charging. The case itself may be bigger than the original AirPods, it is still small enough to fit in your pocket. I personally own the new Sony WF-1000XM3 and in comparison, it is much smaller in size. When comparing the two earbuds sizes, the AirPods Pro are less bulkier than its Sony counterpart. How It Works Like the AirPods, the Pro variant also connects and pairs with your phone as soon as you open the lid of the charging case. As soon as you are paired and connected, you can find additional features in the Bluetooth settings of the iPhone. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla The AirPods Pro comes with three different silicone tip sizes and in order to find the right size for your ear canal, you need to do an ear tip test. The AirPods Pro has two microphones to adjust the ANC level for the earbuds. It uses the one microphone on the outside to detect ambient noise and the other microphone detects any other remaining noise to calibrate the optimum noise cancellation level using the on-board software. This way, the AirPods Pro can always monitor your environment and adapt the noise-cancellation level. Apple says that the AirPods pro scans and adapts the ANC level 200 times per second. The AirPods Pro also comes with the H1 Chip that uses 10 audio cores to make the adjustment in real time. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla Using these techniques, the ear tip test scans and tells you if your seal is good enough to use ANC on the AirPods Pro. If the seal isn't good enough, the test will ask you to adjust the earbuds or change the tip altogether. The test is carried out by playing a small portion of Tycho's “Awake" track. However, what we would have liked to see is a prompt of this test as soon as you connect the AirPods Pro to your iPhone for the first time. If you don't know what you are doing, you may completely miss the ear-fit test if you don't go digging into the Bluetooth settings. Performance and Sound Quality © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla I used the AirPods Pro in various scenarios to test the noise-cancellation ability. I tested them in our office where it can get very loud especially during heated debates. I tested the AirPods Pro in one of the busiest markets in Delhi, India surrounded by traffic, street vendors and loud music blasting from speakers in stores. I even tested the AirPods Pro at a busy Delhi Metro station to test out the noise cancellation features. In all scenarios, we can confidently say that the AirPods Pro can block out most of the sound in each of these scenarios. The AirPods Pro cannot block everything and I think that is by design so that you have at least some sense of your surroundings. Having the ANC work like advertised and also helped us in keeping the volume lower. This is, in turn, reduces the risk of ear damage in the long run and you can still enjoy your music by blocking out nearby noise. What we found impressive about the ANC feature was that it was also effective for Podcasts. While music can generally block out a lot of sounds, when listening to the spoken word, the AirPods Pro did a really good job in blocking out the ambient noise as well. You can still hear some ambient noise, but we were quite surprised to see them perform well even when hearing radio shows. I mentioned earlier, one of the modes that can be controlled by the Force sensor on the AirPods Pro is the Transparency Mode. This mode basically lets you switch off the ANC mode and let the ambient noise come through the earbuds. It is a very handy feature to have if you want to talk to someone face-to-face or just want to get a sense of your surroundings. I would recommend people to use this feature when running on the street so that you are aware of oncoming traffic. This mode can be activated by simply holding the force sensor on the stem to switch between the different modes. When it comes to sound quality, you will instantly notice the difference from the regular AirPods the moment you hear the first track. The vocals sound punchier while the sound stage makes you feel closer to the music than ever before. The AirPods Pro mid-range frequency is probably the star here as the lower frequencies (bass) also sound a lot clearer and more impactful. This is partly because Apple employs Adaptive EQ which tunes these frequencies according to your ear. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla While sound quality preference can be subjective, the AirPod Pro probably offer the most balanced sound you can get from wireless earbuds. The kick drums on any Hip-Hop track sound much more defined and you can even visualise it if you've ever seen a music producer's arrangement window or a mastering mixer. For electronica, the synths, panning automation and different filter effects feel very much lively. To test the AirPods Pro, I listened to Synkro's “Images” and “Realize” tracks that have all the elements an electronica track needs. The soundscape is way more layered when listening to a proper mastered track. Most new-age Hip-Hop tracks are shabbily mastered due to which the sound experience can differ on differ headphones. However, Synkro is known for making tracks that are generally better mastered and have enough room in the layers for you to notice every instrument and effects. After listening to the two Synkro tracks, I can confidently say that the AirPods Pro is the current king of mid- and low-range frequencies in the wireless earbud segment. The last thing we need to mention is the average battery life on the AirPods Pro. With ANC turned on, you can expect it to last around 4 to 4.5 hours, however, when turned off it can last up to 5 hours. When using the AirPods Pro for making calls, you can expect the battery to dip down to 3.5 hours. With a fully charged case, you can use the AirPods Pro for up to 24 hours in total listening time. The Final Say If you are looking for wireless earbuds that can block out outside noise, deliver great sound quality and aren't very bulky, the AirPods Pro is the best ANC device you can get right now. It may not be perfect but it sure comes close. If you are an iPhone user, this is a must-have accessory that will probably come in handy more than you can imagine. After using the AirPods Pro, I can confidently say I cannot go a day without using these wireless earbuds no matter where I am. View the full article
  6. The most complete batsman of his time. The most prolific run-scorer of all time. The biggest cricket icon the gentleman's game has ever known. A living God amongst ordinary men with the unique ability to evoke passion amongst cricket fans. Sachin Tendulkar needs no introduction when it comes to cricket. Arguably one of the greatest cricketers of all time, Sachin Tendulkar pretty much achieved everything one can dream of in his illustrious career. From his majestic batting, admirable demeanour to records galore, few have come close to matching the Little Master's ability to capture the imagination of fans across the globe. Boasting a full range of rage of orthodox shots, Tendulkar's batting was based on the purest principles - perfect balance, economy of movement, precision in stroke-making and, above all, anticipation (an intangible quality, possessed by few greats, which continues to elude some of the best in the business even now). © Reuters But, before Tendulkar eventually became the world-dominating, bowler-slaying 'Master Blaster', he was a youngster whose batting genius, too good for domestic cricket, propelled him onto the international stage at just 16-years-old, an age where others aren't even sure about their appearances, let alone their career choices. However, Tendulkar was different. In 1988, the Indian team had travelled to Bombay to play against the touring New Zealand team when the senior cricketers first laid eyes on the Tendulkar's artistry with the willow. The youngster's ability to negotiate the top fast bowlers, including Kapil Dev, in the nets convinced then Bombay captain Dilip Vengsarkar who handpicked him to play for his team. A Ranji Trophy debut came at the age of 15 and Tendulkar repaid the faith of Vengsarkar by smashing an unbeaten hundred against Gujarat, which made him the youngest Indian to score a ton on his first-class debut. His sensational debut was followed by hundreds in Deodhar and Duleep Trophies. And, at the end of the 1988-89 Ranji season, Tendulkar emerged as Bombay's highest run-scorer with 583 runs at an average of 67.77. Owing to his spectacular domestic season, the precocious little kid had already shown he belonged in the league of men. And, a national call-up was around the corner. At the end of the 1988-89 Ranji Trophy season, as the Indian team set course for West Indies, Tendulkar was the talk of the town with a chorus of his international debut. But, he eventually missed out on making the cut for the Windies tour. © Reuters It was Raj Singh Dungarpur, the then Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) president, whose insistence finally led to Tendulkar getting Team India's Test Cap Number 187 as the national team toured Pakistan. On 15th November 1989, Tendulkar found himself in the company of men and at the highest level of cricket as he walked onto the field at the National Stadium in Karachi. But, that day was not about Tendulkar impressing anyone with his batting or scoring a hundred. In years to come, his debut was going to be remembered as the day a 16-year-old boy became a man. The rivalry between India and Pakistan was at its peak in the late 80s, especially after Javed Miandad had slammed a last-ball six off Chetan Sharma to win the Austral-Asia Cup in 1986. Thus, when India decided to hand Tendulkar his debut, a lot of people were as nervous and the young Bombay cricketer. Becoming, and continues to remain, the youngest Indian to make his Test debut, Tendulkar had a forgettable outing as he was clean bowled for just 15 runs in the first innings by Waqar Younis, who was making his debut for Pakistan. Going up against one of the fiercest bowling attacks in the world which included the likes of Wasim Akram, Imran Khan and Abdul Qadir, Tendulkar couldn't improve on his score as he didn't get a chance to bat in the second innings as the game eventually resulted in a draw. © Reuters But, Tendulkar remained unfazed by his debut innings. He soon gave everyone a glimpse of his batting masterclass when he hit his maiden fifty, a gritty 59 off 172 balls, in the first innings of the second Test. In the next match, he came close to registering another fifty but missed out after being bowled by Qadir on 41. For a batsman of his age, Tendulkar, in his own capacity, had already proved his abilities. But, it was the final Test of the series that truly showed his character. With the Pakistani fast-bowling attack targetting his body with nasty bouncers, Tendulkar kept on swaying out of line and dropped his wrists to keep his wicket. But, a nasty bouncer by Younis struck him on the nose as everyone gathered around him in concern. But, despite the gushing blood from his nose and enduring extreme pain, Tendulkar declined medical assistance and continued to bat, proving that even the chin music or body blows thrown at him weren't enough to shatter his confidence. Showcasing the composure of a seasoned professional, the 16-year-old scored his second fifty - 57 off 135 balls - of the tour. © Reuters As the four-match Test series ended in a draw, Tendulkar finished off with 215 runs, at an average of 35.83, to his name. Two days after the final Test, the ODI series was set to begin in Peshawar. But, while it was expected to be a scintillating contest, incessant rains ensured that a 50-over match could not be completed. Instead, a 20-over exhibition match, a friendly, was played as a token of gratitude for the fans who had turned up in large numbers at the stadium. With nothing on the line, the players from both sides probably looked at the fixture as a mere training session which explains why young Tendulkar was given free rein with the bat. Chasing a total of 157 runs, India had lost three wickets with 88 runs on the scoreboard when young Tendulkar walked out in the middle and clubbed a young Mushtaq Ahmed for two sixes in an over. In the next over, a seasoned Qadir challenged Tendulkar with an alleged taunt: "why're you hitting kids, try and hit me if you can". And, Tendulkar obliged. © Reuters The right-handed batsman smashed Qadir for four sixes, including three big hits in a row. Letting his bat do the talking, Tendulkar ensured Qadir finished his over after conceding a staggering 27 runs (6,4,0,6,6,6). While India lost the exhibition match by four runs, a young Tendulkar won everyone over for his blistering 18-ball 53 - labelled as "one of the best innings I have seen" by the then Indian captain Krishnamachari Srikkanth. On a tour that many thought was too big a task for a young cricketer like Tendulkar, the Mumbai batsman used it as a platform to showcase his batting abilities and great temperament which set the tone of what would eventually turn into a breath-taking career. Tendulkar played a record 200 Test matches for India in a career that lasted 24 years. And, when he called time on his career in 2013, Tendulkar bowed out as the highest run-scorer of all time in international cricket. This is something that I love doing the most!ð pic.twitter.com/cbliXB47bJ — Sachin Tendulkar (@sachin_rt) November 15, 2019 Thirty years after his debut, Tendulkar is still celebrated as one of the greats to have ever graced the game and remains a fan-favourite. While those who saw him play would surely feel blessed, but, for those who couldn't, Tendulkar shared a video of himself playing his iconic strokes on the eve of his 30th Team India debut anniversary. View the full article
  7. It's Children's Day and people across social media are sharing throwback pictures from their childhood to wish their inner kid and children across the world, because it's their day. Our beloved celebrities too have joined the bandwagon and are sharing their baby pictures with their fans. Former cricketer and one of the most savage social media users, Virender Sehwag also shared a picture on his social media. But, he didn't share his picture. Instead, Sehwag shared a heartbreaking and one of the most courageous accounts of a young boy, who lost his life for the love he had for his country. © Instagram That young boy is Shaheed Baji Rout from Nilakanthpur, Odisha who was the youngest martyr of India's freedom struggle. He was killed at the age of 12 by the British Army when he refused to ferry them across river Brahamani. Sehwag posted his picture with the caption, "On this #ChildrensDay it's time we know about Shaheed Baji Rout, from Nilakanthpur in Orissa, the youngest Martyr of India's freedom struggle." He further wrote, "At the age of 12, this young boy was on guard of a country boat and was ordered by the British troops to ferry them across river Brahamani. Baji who had already heard details of the brutality of the troop which had killed innocent people in the village understood if the British troops were to be obstructed, then they needed to be stopped from going across to the other bank. He therefore refused to ferry them across. The troop threatened to kill him if he did not ferry them across immediately. Baji however rejected their orders." Sehwag then narrated, in the post, about the brutality of the British Army and how the young boy faced it with the utmost courage until his last breath. View this post on Instagram On this #ChildrensDay it's time we know about Shaheed Baji Rout ,from Nilakanthpur in Orissa ,the youngest Martyr of India's freedom struggle. At the age of 12,this young boy was on guard of a country boat and was ordered by the British troop to ferry them across river Brahamani . Baji who had already heard details of the brutality of the troop which had killed innocent people in the village understood if the British troops were to be obstructed,then they needed to be stopped from going across to the other bank. He therefore refused to ferry them across. The troop threatened to kill him if he did not ferry them across immediately. Baji however rejected their orders. One of the British soldiers hit Baji's head with his gun butt that fractured his skull severely. Baji collapsed,, but he rose again gathering whatever little strength and courage was left with him, and raising his voice to the highest pitch beyond even his strength, warned the British troops not to ferry them till alive. A soldier pierced his bayonet into the soft skull of Baji, Another British soldier started firing ruthlessly. While one of the bullets hit Baji and he lay dead, his other friends Laxman Malik,Fagu Sahoo, Hrushi Pradhan & Nata Malik were also killed. India's youngest martyr definitely deserves more recognition.Salute to one of he bravesrt child. A post shared by Virender Sehwag (@virendersehwag) on Nov 13, 2019 at 10:14pm PST Shaheed Baji Rout was born on October 5, 1926, at Nilakanthapur village in the Dhenkanal district of Odisha. We salute Baji Rout and all our freedom fighters for sacrificing their precious lives for the freedom we enjoy today. View the full article
  8. Every year celebrities flood social media with their childhood pictures on Children's Day and this year was no exception. Celebrated on independent India's first Prime Minister late Jawaharlal Nehru's birthday, we really dig this trend of sharing throwback pictures. Without further ado, here are a few celebrities who shared pictures of their childhood today. Let's take a look at how these celebrities looked while growing up- Kangana Ranaut View this post on Instagram You know it's a #ThrowbackThursday when you see cute little kids dancing to folk songs, dressed in traditional Indian outfits, during a school function. The question is, can you spot #KanganaRanaut? A post shared by Kangana Ranaut (@team_kangana_ranaut) on Nov 7, 2019 at 12:49am PST Kangana Ranaut took to her Instagram and shared a childhood picture of hers saying, “You know it's a #ThrowbackThursday when you see cute little kids dancing to folk songs, dressed in traditional Indian outfits, during a school function. The question is, can you spot #KanganaRanaut?” In the picture, Kangana can be seen dancing in a pink lehenga with dark green borders. She will be next seen in Panga, set to release in 2020. Pulkit Samrat View this post on Instagram Throwback to simpler times, summer holidays & no responsibilities! #HappyChildrensDay ðð¤¡ðªð» A post shared by Pulkit Samrat (@pulkitsamrat) on Nov 13, 2019 at 9:54pm PST Pulkit Samrat also shared his childhood picture saying, “Throwback to simpler times, summer holidays & no responsibilities! #HappyChildrensDay.” In the throwback picture Pulkit can be seen dressed up as Krishna looking very adorable holding a bansuri in his hands. Pulkit is at the moment promoting his film Pagalpanti starring John Abraham, Kriti Kharbanda, Ileana D'Cruz and Arshad Warsi. Bipasha Basu View this post on Instagram Mini me and my Swagð While didi is trying to look camera friendly ð ð My childhood is precious and amazing thanks to my awesome parents and family â¤ï¸ Happy Children's Dayâ¤ï¸ #blessed A post shared by bipashabasusinghgrover (@bipashabasu) on Nov 13, 2019 at 9:35pm PST Bipasha Basu also shared a picture of her childhood saying, “Mini me and my Swag. While didi is trying to look camera friendly My childhood is precious and amazing thanks to my awesome parents and family.Happy Children's Day!” She also shared another picture of herself dressed as a baby bride and captioned it as, “Me in my dressy best. Then and Now #loveyourself #childhood #blessed #happychildrensday” View this post on Instagram Me in my dressy best â¤ï¸ Then and Now â¤ï¸ #loveyourself #childhood #blessed #happychildrensday A post shared by bipashabasusinghgrover (@bipashabasu) on Nov 13, 2019 at 10:03pm PST View the full article
  9. Angelina Jolie pauses work on 'The Eternals' for a beach day with her children.Angelina Jolie is known far and wide not just for the magic she weaves on screen but for also proving time and again to be an exemplary mother. With her currently busy...
  10. While a lot of people are okay with a sloppy or unkempt look, there are times when the occasion does demand a debonair that's classy and sharp and that's exactly when you need to up your game. In such cases, learning the art of tucking your shirt the right way will play a bigger role. The visual difference never goes unnoticed. With minimal wardrobe changes and a few tasteful tricks, you can easily ace the tuck-in game. Here are four fail-proof ways to do it right while you look your best! 1. The Basic Tuck © Istock The first technique is the basic tuck that almost all of us are taught ever since the beginning. Wear your pants and pull down your shirt as much as you can. Then, simply tuck it in. Close the zipper of your pants and then wear a belt and tighten it. This method is quite basic and super effective. Remember, you can't ace this method without a belt. 2. Military Tuck © Istock An advanced version of the basic tuck is a military version. It's an efficient method and once you have learnt it, your shirt would just stay in the right place. Start with your pants and keep them unbuttoned. Tuck in your shirt and then shut the zipper. In the meantime, you need to pinch the excess fabric of the shirt from the side seams. Take help your thumb and index finger and make sure you are pinching it right. You will end this step with a neatly folded pleat on the side. Once done, close the button and then wear a belt (if you want) for an additional grip. 3. The Underpants Tuck © Istock The name of this tuck might sound very unflattering but in a real sense, it can actually do wonders and keep your shirt tucked in for hours. All you need to do is wear your undershirt with your underpants, and your shirt with pants, basically, in layers, one after the other. Wear a belt to hold the friction better! 4. Shirttail Garters © Istock A technique that men have been using since the 19th century to keep their shirts tucked in well has to be shirttail garters. There's no hassle of pulling or pushing down your shirt. This item uses the downward pressure and then locks the shirttail at the right place so that your shirt stays right there. Wear your pants and voila, you are done! View the full article
  11. Knowing how to apply a perfume might appear to be a no brainer for you but perfume is an integral part of your personal style and people tend to remember you by your fragrance. There are so many different ways of applying it and the risk is you will either end up smelling worse or give an overwhelming whiff to every person. But, you can quickly master the art of applying it. Thankfully, this guide will come handy and let the fragrance last the whole day. 1. Buying The Right Cologne © Istock The first thing you need to know here is to not look for a cheap scent that will wear off straight after a minute of its application. We recommend you try out fresher summery fragrances like woody or spicy colognes. They work well for winters too! Use the samples between your wrists and wait for a minute. This will help you understand how the perfume matures over time. 2. Applying It The Right Way © Istock The better you are at applying it, the chances of it lasting longer are higher and you will also get the most out of every bottle. Ensure your skin is dry when you are done with your shower as this will allow your fragrance to get trapped. Next, you need to identify your heat spots and those could be your neck, inner elbows, wrists and armpits. Spray only onto these areas but from a distance. Apply it lightly on your heat points. Bonus tip: Don't rub your wrists. 3. The Lasting Effect Of Your Cologne © Istock Your perfume's ability to last longer totally depends on the way you keep it. Many people tend to get sloppy when it comes to storing the fragrance. Never keep it near the bedside table as it will be exposed to different temperatures that will turn down the fragrance level. Keep it in a dark, cool place. This quick tip will let you smell great all day long! 4. Wear It At An Appropriate Time © Istock Applying cologne is your best bet to be confident, no matter where you are. But you need to be aware of how it blends with your natural oils. For example, if you are going to a party, apply only a few sprays. Your body odour can get mixed with the cologne that will only make you stink and not smell fresh. 5. Dab It Well © Istock If your cologne doesn't include a nozzle, use the dabbing process to apply it the right way. Once you have opened it, cover it with your fingertip. Take the liquid on your finger and dab it on your pulse points. One dab of it is enough and once you are done, wash your hands thoroughly. 6. Don't Apply It Too Often © Istock Once you start using a particular cologne, you will get used to the fragrance and you might think it has worn off. But, that doesn't mean you reapply it more than twice a day. Apply it before you head out and use it later when you actually feel there's a need, spray it and make sure to keep it light. View the full article
  12. Bollywood actor Sunny Deol crossed the border into Pakistan on Saturday via the Kartarpur Corridor, generating a lot of buzz on social media. On Saturday, Pakistan opened the four kilometer-long Kartarpur Corridor which houses the largest Gurdwara...
  13. Let's not kid ourselves, most of us will look pretty horrible when we hit 60. Remember the internet going crazy over the age filter on FaceApp? Well, that was a scam beyond anything else, wasn't it? We are not even going to get into whether or not they used our images for some nefarious, big-brother-is-watching conspiracy. The fact that you'll have a full head of hair and not grow a paunch when you age, is just idiotic. © Instagram/abhilashatd However, there is one exception to all these old age woes who continues to be a glimmering beacon of hope for us - Anil Kapoor. The fact that the veteran actor seems to be ageing backwards is not a mystery to anyone who follows Bollywood, but what is indeed a mystery is how exactly has he managed to stop the ebb of time? © Instagram/abhilashatd The answer lies partly in how well he takes care of himself, and partly in how well he dresses. © Instagram/anilskapoor Be it a rather classy and sombre outfit such as this one, in a sleeveless Nehru jacket, and contrasting linen trousers, or the following, laid back, cool dude outfit with the black jacket and checked pants, it seems that there's nothing that Anil Kapoor doesn't look dapper in. © Instagram/anilskapoor There are a few clever styling tricks up his sleeve and that of his stylist, Abhilasha Devnani, which we believe should work for all of us mere mortals. Read on, and take note guys: 1. His Silhouettes © Instagram/abhilashatd One key way Anil Kapoor manages to look not a day over 30, despite being 62, is the fact he keeps himself abreast of all the latest trends and styles that are “in”. This means staying on top of what colours are in season, what prints are the flavour of the year, and most importantly, what silhouettes millenials find uber-cool. Take this co-ord set of monochrome jacket and joggers, for example. The jacket has a very minimal but pronounced industrial and technical vibe to it, thanks to the enlarged pockets and stripes on the outer seams. 2. His Selection of Footwear © Instagram/anilskapoor One area that men have to pay a little bit more attention if they want to come across as fashionable, are their shoes. Wearing a regular pair of sneakers or derby shoes just doesn't cut it. You need to take care of the silhouette, the construction, and in case of sneakers, the colour and the material as well. 3. Having Strong Basics © Instagram/abhilashatd Another factor that really works in his favour is how strong his basics are. Notice how he added a contrasting element using a very basic t-shirt, in what otherwise would have been a very basic, monochrome outfit. Monochrome or not, adding something that breaks a large singular block of colour is always a good idea. It can be anything, a belt, a shirt, or even a small emblem or a brooch, a monochrome outfit always needs something to break the otherwise monotone look. 4. Knowing What Works For Him & What Doesn't © Instagram/anilskapoor A buttoned-up kurta sure has its moments but for the larger a part, it makes for a very basic and rather drab outfit. Sure, you can throw in a really nice pair of oxfords to mitigate the damage, but unless your kurta has a really impressive embroidery or a print, it won't go a long way. In such a scenario, simply throwing on a properly fitting classic coat does the trick and really make the ensemble pop. 5. The Way He Goes Against The Norm © Instagram/yogenshah_s We have often said that while travelling, you should dress minimalistically, and make your life, as well of those behind you in the security check, a whole lot easier. That being said, if you can really pull off something like this, full marks to you, sir. In a day and age where everyone is huddling to the airports in jeans, joggers and tracksuits, it's actually very refreshing to see someone bring class to an airport outfit like this. View the full article
  14. We see too many examples every day that makes us believe that humanity and generosity are just words and there's not much of those two left in the world anymore. But here's how we need to learn a great deal from this 70-year-old man, Sitaram Das Baba who is feeding 500-600 people food every day. Sitaram is a native of Gujarat who is now settled in the holy town of Rameswaram and has been providing free food to tourists and pilgrims. According to ANI, his day starts at 5 am when he starts cooking food for people coming to his Ashram. © BCCL He serves North Indian and South Indian food to pilgrims who visit him in his Ashram. In an interview, Sitaram told ANI, "From the past 36 years, I have been doing this service. Here we provide North Indian food as well as South Indian food. This Ashram is open to everyone and there is no discrimination based on their gender, caste or religion.” Well, we do need more humans like Sitaram who'd selflessly feed people. The ashram is located near the Ramanatha Swamy temple in the Keelavasal area. Sitaram can serve these many people with donations he receives from people who visit his ashram. He has a team of ten people who helps him in taking his initiative forward. This just makes us believe that age is just a number and you can make a huge impact with a budding thought. View the full article
  15. A pro-Brexit protester in London on October 31, 2019. Photo: AFPLONDON: On the day Britain was supposed to have left the European Union, voters instead faced the start of an election campaign, with opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn pledging to...
  16. You might have heard the story of how Mary Kom lost two kilos of weight in just four hours ahead of being weighed in for her final at Silesian Open in Poland to match her weight category and went on to win gold back in 2018. How is it that these boxers and MMA fighters can lose so much weight so quickly, while people like you and I take weeks to do so? We got in touch with one of the best boxers of our country, Amit Panghal, who let us in on some truth. View this post on Instagram The biggest joy in my life is playing for ð®ð³#chakdeindia #keepsupporting #keepbelieving #boxing #worldchampionships A post shared by ðððð ððððððð (@boxeramitpanghalofficial) on Sep 17, 2019 at 11:10am PDT 1. Liquid Consumption (Increase or Decrease?) “While we try to maintain our weight during our training camps, everything changes the day before the fight when you need to get weighed in. We pay more focus on consuming more liquid items like juices and shakes and completely avoid eating solids,” Amit tells MensXP. It is interesting because international athletes have confessed of restricting the number of calories they take in and moving away from fluid consumption (because water weight is gained more quickly) a day or two before standing on the weighing machine. 2. Speed Training In terms of exercising during this brief stint, Panghal says that he majorly focuses on “speed training” which is essentially the kind of exercise which would make you sweat a lot and that too quickly (a lot of cardio). The reason behind this is that the majority of your body weight comes from fluids and you can reduce your weight very rapidly by sweating those fluids out. Athletes from all around the world, be it boxers or fighters from inside the octagon, have admitted to participating in some rather unique methods in order to sweat more including cycling inside a sauna and sprinting while wrapping themselves in pads in order to increase their body temperature quickly and in turn sweat faster. 3. Excessive Sweating © Instagram/Mary Kom “This isn't something new and every boxer, no matter which level he plays at, does it one or two days before the weighing. We have to train hard and literally sweat it out in both morning and evening in order to bring our weight within the category,” says the pugilist. 4. Drawbacks Obviously, the byproduct of such vigorous sweating is dehydration and weakness, which is why within minutes of weighing in, athletes instantly load themselves up with a lot of calories to replenish lost energy. View this post on Instagram Someone has rightly said "Stars can't shine without darkness' #deep #sundaywisdom #thoughts #boxerboy #boxing #sundayvibes #boxerlife #goodnight #goals #ambition #preparation #practice #training #energy A post shared by ðððð ððððððð (@boxeramitpanghalofficial) on Aug 25, 2019 at 9:11am PDT “Such weakness and dehydration has happened to me just once when I was in Bulgaria, fighting in the 49kg category,” Amit says. “It was too cold for me to be able to sweat and I was having a lot of trouble in bringing my weight down. So I had to practice till midnight and I had to fight the next day. “I skipped and ran with pads till 12:30AM and still I was above my category by half a kg. So I got up at five in the morning and went to train again to get lost that extra weight.” “That day I felt every muscle in my body ache even before the fight had started and even though I won the bout, it was probably the most troublesome moment of my boxing career," he says. 5. Is It Safe? Now for the most important question of them all. Is it safe what these boxers do to rapidly bring down their weight? Restricting your caloric intake so severely for a long time can have some adverse effects on your body. It can ruin your metabolism and excessive dehydration can lead to multiple organ failures as well as leading to paralysis and even death. Short-term caloric restrictions are not dangerous; however, continues to be unideal. View the full article
  17. A DAY LIKE TODAY "Sim?" "Hmm.." "I'm not a good person like you say , I have dated women before you and now also I'm leaving you to marry another woman . But how do you never feel bad about it ?Why do you never hate me? Never ask why I still run to you whenever I need ?" "You know what ?" "What ?" "I was searching for a drop of water when I met you ,the whole damn ocean was in front of me. Since then, I have never been thirsty. I just needed a ray of hope and you came as the sunshine , replacing the darkness of my life. I was in need of a shelter to seek in, and I found my home in you . I was a little lost ,found my lost pieces in you. Piece by piece I found out that you live inside me more than my own soul and I need nothing more now. Even if you are not mine. That's a feeling of completeness." "Hmm, but you know, I never loved you . Still, I don't know why I feel, the most peaceful place is in your arms . I feel secured when I lie in your lap ,I feel heavenly when you run fingers in my hair . Everytime I'm disturbed I just want to run to you and cry like a child and I know you won't judge me. And you; without asking anything, just understand me and be there for me . Why is it so that I don't love you , yet I feel so complete with you?" "Hmm, well, I don't know . I also feel the same way. " I said, and for the millionth time I spoke to myself ,why don't you understand that it's nothing but 'love' . Why do you keep running from it ? I closed my eyes tight and prepared myself for telling him now. "Yes , I should " my soul whispered giving me a thumbs up My heart was on the verge of exploding . I spoke with quivering ,dry lips. "Sweetheart ,we feel so because we love each other, please stop running from this fact" . My eyes were still closed waiting for an answer. With the all the courage in the universe I opened my eyes to face him , just to find him sleeping peacefully like a kid. I bent , stole a kiss , held his finger and realised that maybe destiny didn't want him to hear it . I spent the night watching him sleep with that charming face and wondered "if only he could understand that maybe he won't need me someday , but I'd always wait for him to need me even if for just a single day, like today". And in days when he need me I live my life , rest , I just breathe and survive . ~Simmi Bhatnagar , The Storytellers
  18. Pakistan were 127 for three, taking a lead of 19 runs, when stumps were drawn. Photo: PCBAyaz Shah claimed three wickets for 14 runs as Bangladesh U16 were bowled out for 108 runs in their first innings on the opening day of the second three-day...
  19. [embed_video1 url=http://stream.jeem.tv/vod/0255b58d269a9a9bea9e8b4d2c8a3a24.mp4/playlist.m3u8?wmsAuthSign=c2VydmVyX3RpbWU9MTAvMjgvMjAxOSAyOjUzOjM1IFBNJmhhc2hfdmFsdWU9QWpHMkF5QmhLQWNqRGxlbDJRZndKUT09JnZhbGlkbWludXRlcz02MCZpZD0x...
  20. President Alvi, PM Imran reaffirmed Pakistan?s unflinching support for Kashmiris. Photo: File Black Day is being observed across Pakistan and around the world on Sunday to show solidarity with Kashmiris and to convey to the world that they...
  21. Steve Smith was hit twice in the same afternoon by the phenomenal Jofra Archer on the 4th day at Lord's today. The pictures below are extracted from the highlights published by the England & Wales Cricket Board. It was the headline contest on a memorable, rain-free 4th day of a Lord's Test which has otherwise been mauled by bad weather. The wicket has played slower than usual. All Test cricket is made up of a contest between one batsman and one bowler. The average batsman and bowler in Test cricket are of the highest standard. But even among them, some stand out. Steve Smith has a better eye than most Test batsmen. It lets him use a technical approach which would be considered high risk for most batsmen. Smith's method against seam and swing bowling involves shuffling across his stumps and is based on his confidence that he cannot be beaten on his inside edge by most bowlers because they are not quick enough to do this. As the bowler is about the release the ball, Smith's back foot is planted outside off stump, and his head is positioned such that his eye is in line with off-stump. His front foot is still on middle and leg. The bat always comes down perfectly straight. This helps Smith's judgment outside off. As long as he does not play outside his eyes, he's defending his stumps. The picture below shows Smith's position as he was about the receive a ball from Stuart Broad yesterday. Jofra Archer is quick, effortless and precise as a fast bowler. He seems to have terrific endurance. Archer bowled 29 of England's 94 overs in the Australian 1st innings. He troubled every batsman he bowled to. He hit Smith twice and beat him often. But more than that, he forced a change in Smith's approach. Archer's extra pace meant that Smith could not shuffle across his stumps knowing that he could always catch up with the fast, full in-dipper designed to beat his inside edge. Archer's afternoon spell was especially quick. This sustained pace seemed to shrink Smith's shuffle. The picture below shows the delivery which hit Smith on the arm. Compare the position of Smith's feet here to their position above where he is shown facing Broad and Stokes. The front foot is not in front of middle and leg. Against Archer, Smith is as worried about being beaten on the outside edge as he is about being beaten on the inside edge. Archer's extra pace, allies with his high arm action and natural height means that he also gets steep bounce. This means that a ball which is short of a length on about off-stump which Smith would normally play off his hips to mid-wicket or square-leg cannot be addressed with a vertical bat without the batsman having to fend at it (the short leg fielder makes fending a risky proposition). If the batsman doesn't want to fend at the delivery, he has to try and evade it, or pull/hook it. Smith's shuffle makes evasion harder. For most batsmen, the way to evade a climbing delivery on off-stump would be to sway out of line and let the ball fly past the chest or the nose. For Smith, unless the bouncer is outside off stump, the only possible evasion is to let the ball fly over his left shoulder. This was the first of two occasions when Smith was caught in no man's land and had no option but to turn away from the delivery. The picture below is the first ball of the 77th over of Australia's innings. England had set a backward square-leg about 40 yards from the bat. Archer banged this ball in short of a length, and Smith managed to complete a pull shot which went just wide of that fielder to the boundary. The fact that it went so close to the fielder and the fact that he didn't control the shot well may have put a little bit of doubt in Smith's mind about playing the shot again. By now he'd faced most of Archer's quickest spell of the day. The picture below shows the very next ball. It was on a similar length and just as quick. While the previous ball was on middle stump and allowed Smith to go through with the shot, this one was on off-stump. Once Smith had decided not to play the shot, his only option was to try and get out of the way. He tried to do this but couldn't. Instead of whistling past his left ear, the ball slammed into Smith. It would be a mistake to think that Archer has the ability to move his bouncer with that much precision from middle stump to off stump. It is far more likely that Archer saw Smith's shot on the previous ball and thought that it was worth letting Smith have another one. The long-leg and the backward square-leg were positioned for the miscued hook, and the short-leg was waiting under the helmet if Smith fended at one. It was a classic ploy. What was remarkable was that it came from a bowler on Test debut. It would also be a mistake to think that this is a significant problem for Smith. Its a line of attack he has left himself open to in his pursuit of other advantages. What is most likely is that Smith will work out a method of evading this line of attack against Archer's extra pace. Justin Langer has described Smith as the best problem-solver in the game. Archer presents a problem worthy of Smith. It worth considering the fact that all this happened on a pitch where outside edges have not always carried to slip cordon. A more even-paced wicket than this uncharacteristically slow wicket at Lord's may make Archer easier to deal with. Fast bowling in Test cricket requires a unique combination of intelligence, power, endurance, and concentration. If Jofra Archer's debut demonstration of fast bowling is anything to go by, a new genius has emerged this week at Lord's. Not since Kagiso Rabada in 2015-16 has there been a more exciting arrival of a new fast bowler on the Test match scene. The thing about Archer (a fact he shares with Jasprit Bumrah) seems to be that he is genuinely quick without being a tearaway. Every ball he bowls is measured. As he bowls each ball, you can tell from his reaction at the end of his follow-through if he thinks he bowled the delivered well. Batsmen are often celebrated for their ability to play exactly one ball at a time. The idea behind this phrase is that some batsmen have the ability to forget what happened on the previous delivery when they face the current one. Archer, like Bumrah, seems to bowl exactly one delivery at a time. In the process, he managed to lay a siege to the best batsman in the world in his debut Test. The weather has probably interfered fatally with this Test match already. Only 203 overs have been played in the first four days. Nevertheless, Archer, Smith, Broad, Cummins and the others have provided a compelling exhibition of Test Cricket.
  22. Jason Momoa is not just admired for his choice of roles, his insane body and chiselled features, but also for the way he thinks about his family, cultural values and his expression of love for his wife and kids. The 'Game Of Thrones' actor celebrated Father's Day yesterday with his kids and unlike most people, his celebrations did not include going out for dinner or running for a swim but actually building a Harley-Davidson bike with his family heirlooms in the company of his kids. He spoke about how he grew up without a dad and therefore, being a wonderful parent to his kids was his top priority and the idea was to build something together which could be a memory they all share. “I'm a husband and a father and it is the greatest honour of my life. It has taken three decades in the making [to build the bike] – the longest dream I have ever held onto. And now, the best part is I get to share that dream with my children and the people that I love. I'm 40 [Jason turns 40 on August 1], and I finally built a bike. There are people who come into our lives like guiding spirits, providing the missing lesson we need. Teachers become friends, and friends become family”, Jason says, proving he is truly the 'moon of our moon'. © YouTube He fulfilled his own dream of building a bike with his kids and that proves that the best things in life cannot be bought. So, build more memories, spend more time with your parents, because tomorrow is not promised and today is all we have.
  23. Jason Momoa is not just admired for his choice of roles, his insane body and chiselled features, but also for the way he thinks about his family, cultural values and his expression of love for his wife and kids. The 'Game Of Thrones' actor celebrated Father's Day yesterday with his kids and unlike most people, his celebrations did not include going out for dinner or running for a swim but actually building a Harley-Davidson bike with his family heirlooms in the company of his kids. He spoke about how he grew up without a dad and therefore, being a wonderful parent to his kids was his top priority and the idea was to build something together which could be a memory they all share. “I'm a husband and a father and it is the greatest honour of my life. It has taken three decades in the making [to build the bike] – the longest dream I have ever held onto. And now, the best part is I get to share that dream with my children and the people that I love. I'm 40 [Jason turns 40 on August 1], and I finally built a bike. There are people who come into our lives like guiding spirits, providing the missing lesson we need. Teachers become friends, and friends become family”, Jason says, proving he is truly the 'moon of our moon'. © YouTube He fulfilled his own dream of building a bike with his kids and that proves that the best things in life cannot be bought. So, build more memories, spend more time with your parents, because tomorrow is not promised and today is all we have.
  24. There is something special about our men in green, won't you agree? Dressed in their crisp camo-green uniforms, with stand-out medals and stripes pinned over their proud, selfless heart evokes a kind of respect and admiration that is exclusively reserved for our greatest warriors who make up our motherland's most formidable protectors. However, given the sort of picture our mind paints when we say “army dad”, it wouldn't be wrong to state that somehow, certain aspects from their field of work often tends to rub onto the image of “army dads”. For years now, Indian television has fed its audience with a certain image of an army dad - someone who is strong yet stern, doesn't give in to strong emotions easily, is a man of few words, lives by the book and treats the world as his oyster. (c) Getty Images But, surely you don't believe all of that to be true, right? There's got to be an affectionate father's heart thrumming quietly but firmly, under that tough shell of a persona they put on everytime they don their uniforms. Like any other father on this planet, their hearts brim with love, pride, hopes and dreams for their children. Like most father's, army dads are quick to make sacrifices too but theirs always weighs heavier because it comes easily not only for their kids but also for their motherland. (c) Getty Images Army dads don't get to be around their family and children as often as they'd like, or for as long as they'd want. Duty beckons them and somehow their country always 'seems' to surpass the children to grab the top spot. Still, that never stops them from going all out looking out for them as fiercely as their motherland. There is a lot we are unaware of when it comes to a father's love towards his child, and an army dad is somehow a step ahead even here because there is so little we get to know about their personal lives. (c) Getty Images This Father's Day, we caught up with army dads and asked them to tell us their side of the story, and throw some light on the kind of relationship they share with their children given their demanding job and busy schedules. When we asked Colonel Khan Mahmood how being in the Army impacted his relationship with his kids, he told us that, “With great pride, I state that I am a third generation Army Officer. My father Late Col SA Khan has tutored me to spend quality time whenever possible. With my wife's support the impact on the relationship with both my sons has been excellent!” (c) Twitter Yet, Col Khan didn't shy away from admitting that he did miss out on some significant milestones in his sons' lives that he wishes he could make up for. Talking about it he said, “Life is certainly not a bed of roses.Who knows it better than a man proudly donning the Olive Green. I have missed out on various precious moments. Won't say 'regret' but yes I would have loved to see both my sons taking their 'first step' towards progress.” However, regardless of it all, when Col Khan shared his favourite Father's Day memory it left us beaming, just like him. He said, “For our generation 'Father's Day' is everyday. The day my 3-year-old elder son gave me a Father's Day card and wished me in the most adorable style, made me promise to try to be the best father to my sons, and best son to my father.” That isn't all, here is what other Army Dads told us about their special bonds with their children. (c) MensXP (c) MensXP (c) MensXP
  25. We know them as fathers, but they go by a gazillion other names. Some of us call them 'dad', while others refer to them as 'papa', 'baba', 'pops', and 'daddy', besides myriad other endearments. But no matter which name we use and how we choose to call out to them, our fathers continue to be our greatest heroes - one of our greatest joys and pride. What is it about them though, which makes us feel a thousand times better the instant we know they are looking out for us and have our back? Why is it that a mere question from them regarding our well-being eases any discomfort in our lives and their words do wonders to boost our confidence and outlook towards life? (c) Getty Images Is it the backhanded compliments they pass on from time to time, or the fact that they never seem to think twice before making us - their stubborn, sassy kids - the centre of their world? The unsaid sacrifices our parents happily make for us, and all the forgiveness that comes so easily to them (no matter how many times we mess things up or how badly), and the way they are always so quick to love us, pick us up when we fall, and thrash our ass red when we are out of line. Yet, it is somehow always their silent support, selfless affection and care that helps us stay afloat through a ton of shit life throws our way. That's how it is for most of us out there. Surely, not always one of the most simple, but surely one of the strongest bonds we share is between a father and his child. (c) Getty Images However, did you imagine what it would feel like to have all that taken away from you because the society cannot understand who you are and sympathise with your reality? When a father is cornered by unknown faces of judgements and social castration which provokes him to question his own child and the bond they share? That is exactly what happened when Dr. Meera Parida and Meghna Sahoo's family found out they were transgenders. Suddenly their loving fathers would not look at them in the same light and the affection receded to pure detestation. Not being able to live with such a tremendous change in their relationship, Meera left her home and Meghna was asked to leave by her father. (c) Meghna Sahoo Losing their fathers bothered Meera and Meghna to no end, they simply couldn't get over the fact that they no longer had a father to call their own. Meera shared with MensXP that though it started out on a sour note, her experiences and explorations over the following years made it clear to Meera that it was the society and its diktats that were to blame, and not her father. Even Meghna seconds this as she told us that it was indeed the societal pressure that pushed her father to take such a drastic measure. But eventually he did come around. Meera & Her Father Yet, Meera is quick to admit that regardless of it all, it was her father who saved her from choosing the wrong path when the going got tough. She said, “there once came such a low point when I had almost gotten into working as a *** worker. Transgenders are infamous for the job, and perhaps that is why even my father loathed our kind. But I remembered by father's words that we must never do something that would break a family or stop us from holding our head high. That's when I decided to turn my life around.” Meghna & Her Father She adds that, “when my father read about my work and the movement I had launched for the transgender community, he made my brother call me. But when my brother began threatening me on the phone I heard my father slap him, and the next moment he told go ahead and do what you want, live how you want to.” Meghna also has a similar story of reconciliation that is equally heartwarming. Fours years after she was thrown out of the house, Meghna received a call from her father. She says, “my father told me that they have built a new house and I should be there with the entire family for the housewarming. He added that the celebrations would be incomplete without my presence.” (c) Meghna Sahoo A lot has changed in Meera and Meghna's life since those fateful days of reconciliation with their fathers. Meera holds a doctorate, is a transgender rights champion and an active face in Odisha's political scene. As for Meghna, she is a well-known Transgender activist from Odisha with a MBA degree and an NGO that she runs, apart from being the first transgender driver with OLA. (c) Meghna Sahoo But if there is one thing both of them earnestly believe, it is that no matter what happens, nothing can alter the bond a father shares with his child.
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