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Found 4,050 results

  1. PSL 2021 final to be played on June 20; players and officials to undergo 7-day mandatory quarantine stay at hotel before tournament begins
  2. The much-awaited Friends: Reunion special is finally materialising with the main star cast which includes Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer. This special feature is already in the works and it looks like the filming for the same has begun. Several photos from the set have been making rounds on the internet. In terms of the set up of the show, all actors—Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, and David Schwimmer will be reprising their original roles and more importantly, it will be unscripted, unlike more episodes that were previously shot for the series. This much-awaited feature was first going to be shot in March 2020 with a live audience. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, as most countries introduced severe lockdowns, even the production of this reunion episode was impacted and halted for the time being. Are you ready? 🥺 #FriendsReunion pic.twitter.com/I9woqpuVuz — Inside Friends (@insidefriends) April 9, 2021 This reunion episode has been in the making for a fairly long time. The Hollywood Reporter first claimed back in November 2019 that Warner Bros Television was developing a reunion special to help launch HBO Max, WarnerMedia’s streaming service. We finally got picture of the #FriendsReunion set from yesterday - I can't be more ready! pic.twitter.com/FDIGaz5vjj — MLP Updates (@MatthewPerryNew) April 8, 2021 In February 2020, the special was officially announced along with the release of all 236 episodes on the OTT platform together. Even though the special was halted amid the coronavirus pandemic, original episodes are streaming now. | More Pictures of the #FriendsReunion set !! - it's actually happening pic.twitter.com/O86docBSR1 — MLP Updates (@MatthewPerryNew) April 9, 2021 Schwimmer, who played the role of palaeontologist Ross Geller on Friends, has already said on the Graham Norton Show, “I’ll be myself. I’ll be David. We’re not in character...we’re all ourselves, the real people.” MATTHEW PERRY pic.twitter.com/AI0luXv55u — tiff (@summerqberts) April 10, 2021 Friends, one of the most iconic sitcoms that defined pop culture, ran for over 10 years from 1994 to 2004. View the full article
  3. Katrina Kaif wrote in her Story, ?I have tested positive for Covid-19.?
  4. Prince William was expected to attend the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards this week
  5. If there is one cricketer who is indisputably loved and respected by every single person out there, he has to be Mr Rahul Dravid. In the present cricket scenario rife with often unnecessary aggression, all one needs to do is to take a look back at how this man conducted himself, in order to be reminded why Cricket is called 'The Gentleman's Game'. However, the whole country has been in shock and awe after watching his maddeningly angry avatar in a commercial yesterday, for the first ever time. He has been in the news ever since. View this post on Instagram While we can't stop applauding this man for being absolutely perfect at everything he does, including this new angry avatar, here are 10 rare photos of him looking his fashionable best, and not angry. 1. If he had taken up modelling instead of cricket, perhaps he'd have been just as successful. © Reuters 3. Even though it's not a legit function where he's dressed like that, but a felicitation instead, the man does know how to knock traditional outfits out of the park. © Facebook/Rahul Dravid Fan Club 9. Was Manyavar around back then? Pretty sure not because they won't NOT have wanted this man for their campaigns! © Facebook/Rahul Dravid Fan Club Bonus picture: The Wall playing with a snake, because he can do anything. Also why the hell not? View the full article
  6. The bodies were recovered from the mountainous region of BoboKhel, which borders the city of Nowshera
  7. Sugar! Spice! and Everything Nice! (Boom) Chemical-X! Pretty sure most of us made it a point to watch this iconic intro while catching up on our daily dose of cartoons on Cartoon Network. Yes, long before Amazonian Princess Diana AKA Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel, there were a trio of mutated girls created in a laboratory, who came to be known as the beloved "Powerpuff Girls." © Cartoon Network Studios The animated show about the supergirls pretty much garnered the attention of everyone, be it a girl or a boy, as the trio fought crime using their awesome powers while also juggling school, before getting tucked in bed by their human father and creator, Professor Utonium. While the 90s kids are now all grown up and managing the payments of rent, electricity and (meh) the usual pandemic life, there is a news that will hit it right in the feels. According to latest reports, the live-action reboot of The Powerpuff Girls has officially begun production stages. The new CW series, which received the green light for the pilot season in February, is being directed by Maggie Kiler, who took to Instagram to confirm the news of the production. View this post on Instagram © TMZ Moreover, in what was an added bonus, the set photos released from the production offered a glimpse of actors Chloe Bennet, Dove Cameron, and Yana Perrault donning the cartoon-accurate costumes of Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup. 'Powerpuff Girls' Stars Shooting New Live-Action Show, Blossom Goes Flying https://t.co/2bSv35gilf — TMZ (@TMZ) April 7, 2021 However, while the red, blue and green colored signature costumes have been designed with the dress and belt in a similar manner to the iconic cartoon show, many fans showed their displeasure. Here are some of the reactions shared on microblogging website Twitter: pic.twitter.com/DKFm67I5WY — jahleel kibler (@MLPrime19) April 7, 2021Wow, pretty bad my own roommate whose a plus size actually cosplayed Blossom better than these. — Eric Red Hawk (@eric_redhawk) April 7, 2021This is bullshit.🤬 I only wanna see Powerpuff Girls in cartoon form. — Ulтrα αғтerlιғe (@ultra_afterlife) April 7, 2021Oh lord, here comes another shitty live action garbage heap. — Plant Mama (@jaciebooboo) April 8, 2021No thank you. Unless Mojo Jojo going to be in it. — Emily Tee (@EmilyTee9) April 8, 2021I hope this is an incredibly elaborate prank — Jason Bourne (@Jabo4223) April 8, 2021Must they ruin everything pic.twitter.com/MQsb6tNJWR — Ballz D. Magee (@Ballz_D_Magee) April 7, 2021Yeah, no.... pic.twitter.com/xnLTL40qCg — Corbin (@captainquantam) April 8, 2021 pic.twitter.com/71gyMn4Pvf — Grogu (@hothead_dragon) April 9, 2021 Clearly, the fans aren't buying it. Reckon people are still recovering from their beloved Archies' role in live-action reboot series, Riverdale. via GIPHY View the full article
  8. In an incident that seems to be straight out of a Priyadarshan film, 3 elderly women in Shamli were given the rabies anti-viral shot instead of the COVID vaccine that they had asked for. © AFP (Representational Image) In a bizarre and freak incident that would have certainly made the health officials and everyone involved in the incident facepalm themselves really hard, the Community Health Centre at Kandhla, from where COVID vaccines were being administered in Shamli, immunised three elderly women, aged 70, 72 & 60 with rabies antiviral. Only in Uttar Pradesh can something like this happen, given the madness that often ensues there. #Shamli- स्वास्थ्य विभाग की बड़ी लापरवाही आई सामने, कोरोना वैक्सीन लगवाने गए लोगों से लापरवाही, कोरोना वैक्सीन की जगह एंटी रैबीज का टीका लगाया, वैक्सीन की जगह एंटी रैबीज का इंजेक्शन लगाया। pic.twitter.com/fobXBb4hTH — भारत समाचार (@bstvlive) April 9, 2021 The “mistake” first came to light when one of the women, aged 70, developed some complications and started showing some side effects. Worried that these might be the side effects of the COVID vaccine which was administered earlier, the woman’s family members took her to a private hospital. © ANI At the hospital, one of the doctors discovered that the woman in question had been given the rabies antiviral shot. © ANI The two other women spotted the red flag when they were not asked to submit copies of their Aadhar cards, even after getting the shot. A “gangster” move like this can only be planned by graduates of WhatsApp University, doesn’t it seem so? The three families, upon learning that this wasn’t exactly a mistake, but a fraudulent practice by the Health Centre, obviously created a ruckus, and demanded that the CMO be involved in this matter and order an investigation. Shamli’s DM, Jagjit Singh, has ordered a probe into the incident and has assured the family that strict actions shall be taken against the perpetrators. This incident of fraud, has since then, taken a major political colour given how disorganised the vaccine drives have been in certain parts of the country. People on Twitter were especially very vocal about this. मुखिया जी तो कह रहे हैं कि कोरोना की रोकथाम के लिए बेहतर प्रबंध किए है pic.twitter.com/Pb3gXH8MeA — Dr Bharat singh (@DrBhara88528116) April 9, 2021 This user says - “The chief had said that better arrangements have been made to stop Corona, hadn’t he?” कहाँ हैं स्वास्थ्य सेवाओं के बेहतर होने का ढिंढोरा पीटने वाले लोग ऐसी लापरवाही पर एक शब्द भी बोलने में दुबक जाते है सत्तापक्ष की नेक नियत की दुहाई देने वाले चाटुकार लानत है — Dr Bharat singh (@DrBhara88528116) April 9, 2021 This user says - “Where are the people who were beating drums and saying that healthcare and related services had been improved” Truer words have never been spoken... Indian Alabama. — Gulrose Shaikh (@GulRose_views) April 9, 2021 Exactly, from WhatsApp University... UP’s doctor has gotten advance knowledge. — Shaikh Gulzar (@ShaikhGulzarPbh) April 9, 2021 Say what you will, but officials in Uttar Pradesh ensure that the rest of the country, no matter what, comes across as far more developed in one way or the other. Let us know in the comments below, if you can recall other instances, where state officials have had to face such embarrassment, about something so rudimentary and basic. View the full article
  9. Remember how beauty pageant winner Mrs. Sri Lanka ended up in a hospital with injuries to her head after her crown was snatched from her on-stage? The incident unfolded soon after beauty queen Pushpika De Silva won the ‘Mrs. Sri Lanka’s title at the Colombo theatre. She was crowned by Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksha’s wife Shiranthi Rajapaksa. Soon after, Mrs. World Caroline Jurie, who was present at the ceremony appeared on stage and announced the Ms. De Silva cannot be Mrs. Sri Lanka and is disqualified as she was divorced. And then in front of the audience, Ms. Jurie walked towards Mrs. Sri Lanka and ripped her off her gold crown, also ruthlessly removing a set of pins in the process as the situation got really heated on stage. Check out the video here- Police have now arrested Mrs World on charges of assault over the on-stage bust up in which she pulled the crown off the head of the new Mrs. Sri Lanka. Jurie was the previous year’s Mrs. Sri Lanka and had also won Mrs. World competition organised by a California-based company. De Silva needed hospital treatment after the incident and the spectators were stunned by the entire episode. Ajith Rohana, a senior police official said, “We have arrested Jurie and (her associate) Chula Manamendra in connection with a charge of assault and causing damage to Nelum Pokuna (theatre).” #MrsSriLanka - Pushpika Sandamai has reportedly lodged a complaint at Cinnamon Garden police regarding last night #MrsSriLanka incident - Reports Hiru News #LKA #SriLanka https://t.co/IIMA12ztU7 — Sri Lanka Tweet 🇱🇰 (@SriLankaTweet) April 5, 2021 De Silva also told the reporters outside the police station in Colombo that she was fine with dropping the charges but only if Jurie made a public apology. However, she refused to do so. De Silva said, “I tried to end this out of court, but she has refused. I can forgive, but not forget.” Now a court hearing has been fixed for 19th April after Jurie and her associate who crashed the stage were released on bail on 8th April. View the full article
  10. In an incident that would make Pablo Escobar turn in his grave and facepalm himself unbelievably hard, Jammu & Kashmir police recovered an insane number of bottles of cough syrup, hidden in a tunnel. © ANI A police party in Tulkhan village apprehended two people after stopping and searching them on a routine drive. The reason? Both of them were carrying 15 bottles of prescription-strength cough syrup between the two of them, with no legitimate cause. Police party at Tulkhan crossing apprehended two persons in possession of 15 Codeine bottles. Interrogation led to the search at a location in Tulkhan Bijbehara (Anantnag district from where 1715 bottles of Codeine were recovered: Jammu and Kashmir Police pic.twitter.com/gNs8zebCuS — ANI (@ANI April 7, 2021 For people who have been living under a rock all these years full strengthened cough syrup, also known as codeine, is highly addictive, and highly intoxicating, and is often used as a substitute for drugs and alcohol. Consuming high dosages of codeine concentrate leads to a solid high, that often lasts for hours. That is the reason why most over the counter cough syrups are diluted by pharmaceutical companies. This is also the reason why pharmaceutical companies warn against driving or operating heavy machinery after having regular dosage of cough syrup. Upon interrogating the two apprehended men, Jammu & Kashmir Police were led to a rudimentarily made tunnel in Tulkhan Bijbehara, from where they recovered 1715 bottles of prescription-strength bottles. © ANI On one hand, we have a city like Mumbai, which has been dubbed as the drug capital of India by the NCB, and then, on the other, we have the district of Anantnag in Jammu & Kashmir, which has to depend on cough syrup, to get their buzz on. ‘Saste Nashe’ indeed. All jokes aside, Anantnag has been infamous for being a district where drug trafficking is rampant. Local newspapers often run reports of police seizing unbelievable quantities of narcotics. Upon reading this people on Twitter, had some hilarious reactions. Udta Kashmir — John Wick (@udbeast April 7, 2021 Meanwhile a user from Bihar - Every nook and corner of Bihar you will find these bottles — rahul shankar roy (@rahulsroy95 April 7, 2021In punjab nashedi often buy 6-7 syrup and drink it in one go there are strict restrictions on buyinh from chemist. — Suraj Gupta (@Suraj__leo April 7, 2021 Hmmm…. Deliberate game plan of known external forces. — ashesh kumar🇮🇳 (@ashesh065 April 7, 2021 Not gonna lie, from the pictures it does seem like it. First look I thought some bomb or something like cocaine or something. This is just cough syrup. — Sajinu N (@sajinu April 7, 2021 View the full article
  11. Suniel Shetty's son, Ahan Shetty doesn't make a lot of appearances but when he does, he never fails to catch our attention. So much sometimes that he ends up giving his father a run for his money, with his style statement. There was a time when the future star kid, was seen carrying one of the most expensive backpacks from Louis Vuitton which looked quite edgy in our opinion. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani Spotted yet again in an uber-cool outfit, Ahan was seen at Mumbai airport. The look had interesting details though including the same backpack. But, his sneakers were quite something and amplified his overall look instantly, with its modern construction. Take a look. Before we talk about the sneakers, take a look at his outfit. © Viral Bhayani Ahan made an easy statement with his zippered style plaid shirt. If you are looking for something sartorially advanced, this one is the way to go. The pattern is sitting perfectly with his black pants. We also like the way he has layered the shirt over a white T-shirt. Overall, the ensemble is a go-to for impending summer days. © Balenciaga Coming to the sneakers, these are Balenciaga's Speed Sneakers. These come with a sock-like design, and technical 3D knit. There is a white black contrasted sole and ergonomic sole with no memory technology. © Balenciaga These sneakers are easy to put on, as they steer clear of laces and have a hyper-sleek silhouette. These shoes started as an unusual breed style of shoes, with stretch-knit and breathable fabric, that actually resembled an actual sock but were an answer to many people's footwear woes. The sneakers no doubt scream fashion but the price will certainly set you back. The pair is worth almost Rs 59,417. This doesn't include the extra customs and import duties levied on these shoes. At a fraction of this price, we would be able to get a pair almost similar to this one from Palika. But to be honest, nothing can beat Balenciaga's original aesthetics. © Viral Bhayani The outfit is easy, minimal and seems to be working well for Ahan. The Louis Vuitton backpack and Balenciaga sneakers added a dash of nonchalance to his look. Seriously, Mr Shetty would be proud. Way to go, Ahan! View the full article
  12. Miss Papua New Guinea was recently stripped of her crown over a TikTok video in which she was twerking. The critics said that this reveals a deep-rooted culture of misogyny and sexism that exists in the island country. Lucy Maino, 25 years old, shared a video of herself twerking on her private TikTok account. According to The Guardian, the clip was downloaded from her private account and was then shared widely on social media platforms. This led to sparking intense criticism and cyberbullying of Maino. Many critics branded the dance as ‘inappropriate’ and said it wasn’t proper not fitting for a role model to make such videos. © Screenshot Facebook After the backlash, Miss Pacific Islands Pageant PNG (MPIP PNG) committee took a stance to release Ms Maino, the 2019 winner of Miss Papua New Guinea from her duties. MPIP PNG said in a statement, "After discussions with Miss Maino last week, MPIP PNG now formally advises that the reign of the 2019 crowned Miss Papua New Guinea had come to an end and Miss Maino has been released with immediate effect.” "The MPIP PNG is focused on developing young women holistically, ensuring that they grow in terms of academia, social consciousness, personal development, and exposure to a bigger brighter world with awareness of issues facing PNG and the region," they added. © Instagram Lucy Maino The decision to take away the crown from Ms Maino has been criticized and The United Nations in Papua New Guinea called it an instance of surrendering to cyberbullying in a Facebook post. Women’s advocate, told the Guardian, "The committee could have handled it better by first outlining the clause that she breached as a reigning queen ... I feel that they threw her under the bus and didn't give her a chance to come out and talk. That is not the way to go.” What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  13. As India suffers a second wave of the coronavirus pandemic with a mutated version of the original virus with a significantly higher rate of spreading, the plan prepared by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) to hold the Indian Premier League on home soil, becomes more and more difficult to execute. Mumbai, which is one of the six major locations for the 2021 edition of the Indian T20 league, remains one of the worst-hit cities in the country to be affected by the new strain and has become a big cause of worry for those who live around the iconic Wankhede cricket stadium, especially as the tournament begins in a couple of days. Some residents near the Wankhede Stadium request CM Uddhav Thackeray to shift IPL matches from the iconic venue. Remains to be seen whether there would be any response from the state government on this.#IPL2021 https://t.co/0VuglfhGpa — Subhayan Chakraborty (@CricSubhayan) April 5, 2021 While the rules established by the BCCI do not allow any spectators inside the stadium when the matches are taking place, there is no rule stopping the fans from crowding in front of the stadium, just to steal a glimpse of some of the most favourite cricketers as they make their way to the matches. The potential of hundreds of people getting together in one such small location, therefore, becomes a major reason of concern for the residents around the stadium. According to media reports, residents have also written mails to Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray to consider moving the IPL matches away from Mumbai and asking the BCCI to use one of their backup facilities for the same. Excerpts from new Covid-19 restrictions by Government of Maharashtra @OfficeofUT @AUThackeray. While we know Mr. Jay Shah / @IPL is above all, atleast come up with corrigendum declaring Wankhede/Brabourne not to be treated as Sports Complex. Junta deserves optical "transparency" pic.twitter.com/kzmJOjbcVk — Nikhil Somani (@NIKHILSO) April 8, 2021 On April 2, a resident of D Road which is right next to the Wankhede stadium wrote to the CM: “The state government is compelled to restrict religious and other social activities like marriages, deaths etc. and contrary to this, in these difficult times, IPL cricket matches of such magnitude lasting over several days is permitted.” “Every year during the matches, there are parking restrictions, which make it difficult for the senior residents and is unacceptable in these times of Covid,” wrote another resident. #DelhiCapitals captain Rishabh Pant is planning to do "something different" against MS Dhoni's #CSK on April 10. #IPL2021 pic.twitter.com/3X3gO9cuBE — Circle of Cricket (@circleofcricket) April 6, 2021 Ironically, the inaugural match of the season is scheduled to take place at Wankhede between Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Chennai Super Kings and Rishabh Pant’s Delhi Capitals. The two franchises have been at the venue for about a week and have been visiting the stadium for practice, rather regularly. View the full article
  14. According to the Balochistan Board, 130,000 candidates will appear for the matriculation examinations
  15. American actress Dakota Johnson got candid while revealing that she used to steal underwear from the sets of Fifty Shades films
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