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Found 3,549 results

  1. FDA has lodged a complaint against the government employees, alleging that the employees steal petrol during the night
  2. Prince William?s real inheritance from Princess Diana hs finally been unearthed by experts
  3. India made history by winning the Test series against Australia recently, and only the players who made it happen know how much hard work and sacrifice went into it. We're all excited for India's victory but we also have to take into consideration everything players put into making the country so proud. View the full article
  4. When the trailer of the film, The White Tiger came out, actor Adarsh Gourav stole the show. He plays the role of a central character in the film. He blends into the skin of his character seamlessly. But before he became an actor, Adarsh Gourav had already built a music career as a musician and the lead vocalist of the Rock band that went by the name of Oak Island. Oak Island also featured in Indies-Never Hide Sounds and had a sizeable following. Adarsh was born in Jamshedpur, there, growing up he also trained in classical Hindustani music for more than 9 years, as his music career flourished, he has also got the chance to work with industry greats including Sukhwinder Singh, Illyaraja, and Subhash Ghai over the course of time. © Instagram/Adarsh Gourav Adarsh Gourav, who is the alumnus of The Drama School in Mumbai and has directed a few theatres plays in his time, first made his big Bollywood debut with the film, My Name Is Khan starring Shah Rukh Khan where he played the role of young Rizwan Khan. Since then, the 26-year-old actor has worked in films with prominent actors like Manoj Bajpayee, Sridevi, Kumud Mishra, and more. A few of his noteworthy performances include the likes of Rukh, Mom, Leila, and Hostel Daze. Speaking about the film, The White Tiger, the story of the film is based on Arvind Adiga's 2008 book by the same name which also won the 40th Man Booker Prize in the same year. The story follows the life of Balram, a driver working for a rich couple played by Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Rajkummar Rao respectively, as they return from the US to live in India. Since his childhood, Balram has been made to believe that his destiny entails serving his masters. But, when circumstances make him realise the cruel maze he's trapped in, he decides to break free from the shackles. But coming back to Adrash Gourav, he has a very unique style aesthetic almost like the boy next door. Case in point: 1. Here he has layered a leather jacket with a shirt. View this post on Instagram 2. Here, he wore an all-white outfit with rad sneakers. View this post on Instagram 3. Here, he is experimenting with a purple blazer with a regular outfit. View this post on Instagram 4. He can even rock quirky prints. View this post on Instagram 5. His style aesthetic is casual, inhibited and effortless. View this post on Instagram View the full article
  5. Kangana Ranaut's online presence is, honestly, a trainwreck that you just cannot look away from, and it has been like that for quite some time. Once upon a time, she was one of the most admired actors of our time for her strong performances and making it into the super exclusive Bollywood industry as an outsider. But now, she has become just another Twitter troll whose rants online make us wonder if it's actually her or if she got hacked. Sadly, it's always her. © Twitter The self-proclaimed Jhansi ki Rani has a new thing she's angry about every day and looks like people have enough of it as #SuspendKanganaRanaut has been trending on Twitter for hours now. The trend started after one of her tweets seemed to be inciting violence and spreading hate speech. The now-deleted tweet talked about taking the heads off of left-leaning people. Yep. © Twitter Even if she didn't mean it literally, it does come across like that, especially after her sister Rangoli was banned from Twitter for inciting violence as well. Well, Rangoli was a little direct with her threat as she demanded that 'mullas and secular media' be made to 'stand in a line' and be 'killed'. © Twitter People have gone to jail for much less, and here everyone is just asking for her to be removed from Twitter. I'm honestly curious what she'll do if she actually got suspended. Anti nationals are trending #SuspendKanganaRanaut .... please do, when they suspended Rangs I came and made their lives even more miserable,now if they suspend me will exit virtual world and in real world will show you real Kangana Ranaut- the mother of all fathers #babbarsherni pic.twitter.com/Msl2PosqDK — Kangana Ranaut (@KanganaTeam) January 20, 2021 People want her gone. It's a venom spitting, hate-promoting handle. Please take the necessary action @Twitter @TwitterSupport #SuspendKanganaRanaut https://t.co/KaHAuVKzGa — Sayema (@_sayema) January 20, 2021 Hmm. Hey @TwitterIndia Suspend Kangna account permanent for spread hate among Nation....#SuspendKanganaRanaut@_garrywalia#SuspendKanganaRanaut — Piyush Mishra (@PMLUCKNOW) January 20, 2021 No more hate. Who stoping you @TwitterIndia#SuspendKanganaRanaut Stop spreading hate ,no more hate. pic.twitter.com/IhwDUfcdpz — Fatima (@Fatima1_jk) January 20, 2021 People want Twitter to do something. Kangna called our Farmers terrorist.....she is spreading hate nothing else on @Twitter Take action @TwitterIndia@_garrywalia#SuspendKanganaRanaut — Vijay Prakash ( बेबाक विजय ) (@VijayPrakashJi) January 20, 2021 Oops. Kangana aware she can't sustain long That's why tweeted She is shameless Her Nationalism is same as Arnabs Nationalism. #SuspendKanganaRanaut — Simmi Ahuja (@SimmiAhuja_) January 20, 2021 Okay, then. Simply I am requesting to @Twitter and @TwitterIndia that #SuspendKanganaRanaut because she is breaking the rule of twitter. Her tweet is always full of Hate.@_garrywalia — Sindil Saad (@Isindilsaad) January 20, 2021 So many supporters. #SuspendKanganaRanaut THIS IS ONE TREND I WILL SUPPORT WITH EVERY SINGLE CELL OF MY BODY BECAUSE?#**!$$**#* pic.twitter.com/iJS63H8XiU — Luna Noot in pain // sanatana tankie (@stalynn07) January 20, 2021 Yep. merely suspending her twitter account won't be enough, she should face serious consequences for attempting to incite violence.#SuspendKanganaRanaut pic.twitter.com/s6qxy9JvWM — bunny (@itzsohamx) January 20, 2021 She's violated so many rules and regulations. Dear @TwitterIndia the account @kanganaTeam has been violating all the rules n still u all have not suspended the account.#SuspendKanganaRanaut https://t.co/6wUfN4tCWD — RiA (@RiaRevealed) January 20, 2021 What is this Twitter account? Hating on Muslims and calling punjabi farmers terrorist but had a terrorist mentality herself!! @KanganaTeam#SuspendKanganaRanaut pic.twitter.com/YArOm8HRf1 — KanganaLies (@KanganaLies) January 20, 2021 Hmm. #SuspendKanganaRanaut Use Sushant Singh death for publicity, then stand in support of BJP, then hate speech, then security from gov & now beheading head on the name of God, isn't the part of inciting people for riots & killing,and no action actions her! pic.twitter.com/QijtWb5bjg — Faisal (@Faisal35491631) January 20, 2021 Sure. Kangana Ranaut's twitter must be suspended. She makes a lot of baseless allegations and uses cheap language. She must go. #SuspendKanganaRanaut — Vijay Prakash ( बेबाक विजय ) (@VijayPrakashJi) January 20, 2021 View the full article
  6. India will be celebrating its 72nd Republic Day on January 26. UK’s PM Boris Johnson was invited to India to attend the celebrations, but now, due to Coronavirus restrictions, he won’t be able to visit India. However, this year’s celebrations won’t be extremely grand due to the pandemic. But, one lucky girl from UP’s Gorakhpur will have the honor of witnessing the Republic Day parade from the Prime Minister’s box. © BCCL Divyangi Tripathi topped the district in class 12th CBSE board exams last year and scored 99.6%. She is extremely excited to sit in the VIP box, along with other meritorious students from all over the country. Divangi’s father Umesh Nath Tripathi who is a chemistry professor said that it is a matter of pride for him and his entire family that his daughter has been invited. According to a report by TOI, “Divyangi's mother said that they got the invitation from the Union government on January 13.” © BCCL Divyangi said, “It is like a dream come true for me to watch the Republic Day parade with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is my favorite leader. I am very happy.” She also expressed that she aims to become a doctor and she has been preparing for the NEET exam. “I want to serve the country as a doctor,” she said. © BCCL This year’s Republic Day will also be different as the number of participating children and folk artists has now been restricted to 400 instead of 600 last year. The decision was taken due to the COVID 19 restrictions. View the full article
  7. In 2021, as consumers, we are becoming more aware of what goes into the product that we use on our skin. In fact, more people have started reading the back labels of packages than ever before. More than ever, we have an understanding, that in order to get the best skin, we need to know what we treat our skin with or what product we lather-up our face with, In fact, even state departments like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has banned around 30 chemicals for use in beauty and grooming products. This explains the ever-growing demand for 'clean' or ''natural' grooming products. But how can one be certain that the product that is claiming to be clean is actually clean? Clean products, by definition, are nontoxic, often plant-based, and safe for humans, and not toxic for the environment. This directly means steering clear of certain ingredients when it comes to your grooming products, these include: Parabens: Infamous for the reputation of being 'endocrine disruptors,' they mimic estrogen inside the body, which can cause hormonal and reproductive damage. © iStock Phthalates: A compound that helps preserve fragrances, but has been infamously linked to hormonal disruption and reproductive damage. © iStock Fragrance: There's a reason most beauty bloggers like us to be wary of scented products. Many scented grooming products use synthetics to create these aromas. This is precisely the reason why one should steer clear of scented products. Refined petroleum: The production of refined petroleum is inarguably harmful to the planet and the use has been linked to cancer as well. © iStock Chemical sunscreens: Toxic ingredients you need to be on the lookout for include oxybenzone and avobenzone and steep percentages of octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate, or octinoxate. They also have the reputation to disrupt both estrogen and testosterone production and besides that, they’re extremely harmful to marine life, also. © iStock Sulfates: Most products that form a lather when emulsified with hands have sulfates. Usually labelled, SLS and SLES (sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium lauryl ether sulfate). Built over time, they can prove to be carcinogenic. Besides, a sulfate-free grooming routine is better for your hair and skin.) View the full article
  8. Here is your day's wholesome and inspiring story to make you feel good about someone getting to live their dreams and overcoming difficulties to become successful. Binesh Balan from Kerala started doing manual jobs when he was young in his native Kolichal in Kasaragod, to overcome poverty. Belonging to the Mavilan tribal community, he has had the most inspiring journey, from Kerala to Europe. © TNIE Now, the 29-year-old has developed an open banking software as a researcher at the University of Amsterdam in The Netherlands. Overcoming all the tough situations life threw at him, he made his dreams come true and it was all because of his sheer perseverance and hard work. Talking to The New Indian Express, he said, "From language, college admission, and getting a scholarship, there was no shortage of obstacles. But I was able to overcome the hurdles with the help of a few enlightened minds." © Reddif He went on, "Right from my early years, I had a deep passion for computers and used to do programming. Hence I thought of startups. Last year, with the help of a colleague from Idukki I started working on a banking software which will cater to future generations. Now, it has been fully developed as an open banking software. The Fintech software will be called Reciprocity exchange or Rexchange." Basically, what sets Rexchange apart is that it stores money value not in Indian Rupees but in a digital value called Reciprocity or Rv. The account which keeps Rv is known as the Coop Bank Account Number (CBAN) and can store high denomination currency values like euro, dollar, and pound and can also be withdrawn in Indian Rupees. © University of Amsterdam Talking about his app, he said, "The app was launched a week ago and already 69 people have downloaded it. The value of Rv is decided by Live Rexchange Rate (LRR). LRR will rise as per the rise in the number of CBAN accounts." His love for computers started off early when he used to travel 8kms to the nearest town of Rajapuram to play video games at an internet cafe when he was in class fourth. Three years later, he learned to develop basic programme language. © Pexels He said, "Though I managed to secure a pass in only one or two subjects in high school, I was an expert in computers. Even our teachers used to consult me." He was able to go to the UK under a central government scholarship to study at the University of Sussex after completing his degree in Development Economics and obtaining an MBA. About his time in the UK, he said, "I had to work as a cleaning boy from 4 am to 8 am in Sussex since the scholarship amount did not suffice." © University of Sussex Lastly, he had an extremely important point to make - "The approach of the Kerala civil society, state government, and NGOs towards tribal communities is deplorable. The general view is that tribals should learn from the other ‘civilized’ communities. But in my view, it was just the opposite." Well, he's the living example of that. Kudos to this man and everything he's managed to achieve. Source - The New Indian Express View the full article
  9. Lil Wayne pleaded guilty to a federal gun charge and even met with Donald Trump after the sentencing
  10. PML-N asks ECP to conclude case as PTI's petitioner Farrukh Habib admits holding no evidence
  11. KP Inspector-General of Police Sanaullah Abbasi says vehicles being misused for years, handed back to customs and excise dept
  12. Music producers usually take a percentage of the sales from an artist?s album or songs, referred to as producer royalties.
  13. Despite losing his father, Mohammed Siraj's decision to stay with his teammates Down Under did show his commitment and dedication to the sport. But, the right-arm seamer faced an uphill battle when he was asked to spearhead the Indian bowling attack in the 4th Test against Australia amid the absence of key players. And, going by his exploits at the Gabba, it's safe to say Siraj has shown great character and responsibility on the back of a commendable bowling performance that has allowed injury-stricken India to stay in the game. The 26-year-old could only manage to take a single wicket in the first innings, but it was his brilliance on Day 4 that got everyone singing his praise. The moment Mohammed Siraj broke through for his first five-wicket haul in Test cricket! @VodafoneAU | #AUSvIND pic.twitter.com/xZgHvrVgZE — cricket.com.au (@cricketcomau) January 18, 2021 The Indian seamer got the better of key opposition batsmen, including the likes of Marnus Labuschagne and Steve Smith, before notching up his maiden five-wicket haul. Siraj finished up with impressive figures of 5-73 and played a key role in restricting Australia to 294-run total. Thanks to his bowling exploits, India now have an achievable target of 328 runs which could have been a lot bigger. A standing ovation as Mohammed Siraj picks up his maiden 5-wicket haul.#AUSvIND #TeamIndia pic.twitter.com/e0IaVJ3uA8 — BCCI (@BCCI) January 18, 2021 While his brilliant bowling performance earned him plaudits from cricket bigwigs and fans, Siraj also got a standing ovation from his teammates as he walked off the field after Australia's second innings. A video of the entire episode was also shared by the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) on social media where Siraj was seen getting a warm hug from senior bowler Jasprit Bumrah who seemed mighty impressed with the youngster's performance at the Gabba. Jasprit Bumrah saying Miyan and hugging siraj - Moment of the day!️ — Jayesh (@jayeshvk16) January 18, 2021 Siraj's performance is a befitting tribute to his late father who always wanted him to do good for India. "He was my biggest supporter and it’s a big loss for me. He wished that I should play for India and bring glory to the nation. From here on my mindset is that I will fulfill his dreams. He may not be with me in person but he’ll always be there with me in spirit,” Siraj had told bcci.tv after the loss of his father. “I liked how all the team members supported me in this time and didn’t let me feel the pinch of the loss. Virat [Kohli] bhai said ‘Miyaan tension mat le’, he asked to stay strong and fulfil the dream of my father. He told me that it was important for me to stay strong. His positive words made me feel better," he had added. View the full article
  14. Punjab Education Minister Murad Raas writes welcome message for students and teachers on their first day back at school after two-month gap
  15. Samsung’s latest flagships i.e. the Galaxy S21 Series do not come with a charger or headphones in the box which sparked funny reactions from fans. However, the company has now confirmed in a statement to The Verge that the South Korean giant will apply the same approach to other models going forward. © Youtube_y Vo Xuan Samsung mobile communication EVP and head of customer experience Patrick Chomet wrote in an FAQ that Samsung will be taking a “gradual” approach to removing chargers and earphones from the boxes of the forthcoming smartphones. He noted Samsung customers can already reuse accessories from previous owned devices and the removal will address sustainable consumption issues and remove any pressure that consumers may feel towards continually receiving unnecessary charger accessories with new phones. "We’ve also been implementing standardized USB-C type charging ports since 2017, so older chargers can still be compatible with our newest Galaxy models," he added. Samsung smartphones for the past three years support USB-C Power Delivery Fast charging which makes it easier for existing customers to use previous accessories. Users can also purchase any third-party PD charger for fast charging needs which makes it a bit easier to make the transition for Samsung as compared to Apple. However, we don’t know as of yet which future models will be removing the accessories from the box. © Samsung Budget-friendly devices such as the Galaxy ‘M’ and ‘A’ series tend to have chargers in the box. However, it will be interesting to see if Samsung will take the same approach for the cheaper models. © Samsung Samsung mocked Apple for removing accessories from the box soon after the iPhone 12 line-up was launched. The company soon after scrubbed its social media accounts of critical posts prior to the Galaxy S21 series launch. What do you think of Samsung following Apple’s footsteps to remove accessories from the box of the Galaxy S21 Series? Let us know in the comments if you would favour this move if Samsung opts to go for the same approach for budget smartphones as well. View the full article
  16. Schools in Pakistan have opened with strict compliance of coronavirus standard operating procedures
  17. Schools in Pakistan have opened with strict compliance of coronavirus standard operating procedures
  18. Ana De Armas is demanding ?more space? from Ben Affleck since the duo keeps getting into huge fights
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