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  1. The Bigg Boss 13 house has become totally interesting since the time Paras Chhabra and Sidharth Shukla have been sent to the secret room. Their bromance and active commentary on contestants are being extensively loved by the fans. However, to make their stay in the secret room even more interesting, Bigg Boss announces a task for Paras, in which he becomes a commentator. In the latest promo, which was released on Tuesday, Paras is seen making contestants perform weird tasks. He asks Rashami Desai to paint her entire face and dress up like a clown to entertain everyone in the house. She accepts to do it and starts roaming around with a clown face inside the house and also dances in the garden area dressed as a clown. View this post on Instagram @parasvchhabrra aur @realsidharthshukla nacha rahe hai @imRashamiDesai ko apne isharon parð Kya captaincy milegi unhe? Jaanne ke liye dekhiye #BiggBoss13, aaj raat 10.30 baje! Anytime on @voot. @Vivo_India @daburamlaindia @bharat.pe @beingsalmankhan #BiggBoss #BB13 #SalmanKhan A post shared by Colors TV (@colorstv) on Dec 10, 2019 at 8:59pm PST Shehnaz Gill accompanies Rashami by dancing along. Later, Paras also asks Rashami to mimic Asim Riaz and Shefali Jariwala. Next to follow Paras's orders is Shefali. He asks her to balance a mug on her head while talking to Asim and Vishal in the garden area. Both Paras and Sidharth laugh their hearts out looking at the inmates during the commentator task while making it interesting for the viewers as well. View this post on Instagram Asim Ka vishwasghat..paras ne Achi li ghrwalo ki ðð @realsidharthshukla @parasvchhabrra @shehnaazgill @officialmahirasharma #SidharthShukla #sidnaazâ¤ï¸ #BB13 A post shared by sidharthshehnaazfanpage (@sidharthkingofbigboss13) on Dec 10, 2019 at 10:41am PST In addition, the housemates will continue to play the captaincy task titled the 'BB Post Office'. Mahira lets go of the captaincy as she gives the letter sent by Asim's family to him instead of destroying it. However, when Asim gets Mahira's letter sent by her family, he destroys it. In last night's episode, Asim and Shefali were also seen fighting badly. The dynamics of the house only continues to change with interesting twists and turns week by week. Keep following MensXP for all the latest updates. View the full article
  2. The nuclear submarine wargame kicked off back in the 1950s, when the Americans commissioned the USS Nautilus - a $55 million project that sparked off yet another arms race with the Soviet Union. Ever since then, submarines have evolved out of their cheap, noisy and inefficient diesel forms into naval feats of engineering - some of which rival even NASA's greatest efforts. While India spent most of its naval years retrofitting German, French and Russian/Soviet subs, in recent years the armed forces have taken a special interest in creating its own nuclear submarine platforms (such as 2016-commissioned INS Arihant), and beefing up its defence capabilities with the biggest, baddest submarine of them all - the Akula. With one of the Cold War crafts already in India's arsenal, a second on the way and a third in the works, the submarine represents some of the most deadly features of any marine defense system to ever chart the Earth's waters. Here's why it's so special. Tactical Superiority © Reuters Submarine tactics rely heavily on sensor and radar proficiency - a feat that the US has traditionally proved superior when the Soviets ran their fast, yet noisy Papa-class subs back in the 70s. The Akula, however, is far more stealthy than its predecessors - forcing competitors to rethink their upgrade strategies in the who-shoots-first environment of underwater warfare. The Russians achieved this by relying on Russian designs for noise-dampening tiles and chambers within the power plant, Japanese machining equipment and Swedish computer systems - making the Akula a truly international engineering effort. High Maneuverability © Reuters Aside from being stealthy, the Akula-class is considerably fast - outspeeding the comparable Los Angeles-class and nearly matching the doubly expensive Seawolf-class subs at 33 knots or 61kmph. It has top-class diving capabilities as well, being able to reach a test depth of nearly half a kilometre under sea level. Extreme Resilience © Reuters There's no two ways about it - the Akula is pretty damn big. It displaces nearly thirteen thousand tons of water when submerged, with all that space capable of housing a crew of 160. Due to the efficiency of its 190-megawatt nuclear reactor, the sub can take a crew of 70 underwater for a staggering 100 days, when in low-power mode. Aside from these features, the Akula provides a signature Russian double-hull design. Made out of steel, this allows the craft to survive otherwise-lethal attacks and take on higher levels of ballast water. Insane Firepower © Reuters While this varies depending on the level of warhead equipped to the submarine's missiles, nuclear warfare isn't known for being a subtle pastime. The Akula comes with a missle bay capable of housing 28 nuclear missiles. While the Indian export versions carry Russian Kalibr missiles with a range of 300km, India itself is capable of creating missiles with 6,000km range - and a warhead blast yield of up to 400kilotons. That means that a single Akula-class can hold upto 11200kilotons of blast yield - that's roughly equivalent to eight hundred and sixteen Hiroshimas. Apparently the Russian-spec comes with its own swimming pool too - after you're done working a sweat in the sauna. Hopefully, the jawans get one too - we'll see once Putin and Modi put ink to paper. View the full article
  3. Putin slammed the decision as a 'politically motivated' ruling. Photo: AFP The World Anti-Doping Agency on Monday banned Russia for four years from major global sporting events including the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the 2022 World Cup in Qatar over manipulated doping data, prompting an angry response from President Vladimir Putin.WADA´s executive committee, meeting in Lausanne, handed Russia the "robust" four-year suspension after accusing Moscow of falsifying data from a doping testing laboratory that was handed over to investigators earlier this year.The toughest ever sanctions imposed on Russian state authorities will see government officials barred from attending any major events, while the country will lose the right to host or bid for tournaments."For too long, Russian doping has detracted from clean sport," WADA president Craig Reedie said."Russia was afforded every opportunity to get its house in order and rejoin the global anti-doping community for the good of its athletes and of the integrity of sport, but it chose instead to continue in its stance of deception and denial."Under the sanctions, Russian sportsmen and women will still be allowed to compete at the Olympics next year and the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, but only as neutrals and if they can demonstrate that they were not part of what WADA believes was a state-sponsored system of doping.Russia will still be allowed to compete in qualifiers for the 2022 football World Cup, but WADA director general Olivier Niggli added that should they progress to the finals in Qatar, "the team there will not be representing the Russian federation".Russia´s participation in Euro 2020 -- and Saint Petersburg´s hosting of four matches -- is not affected by the ban because it is not defined as a "major event" for anti-doping purposes.Speaking in Paris, Putin slammed the decision as a "politically motivated" ruling that "contradicted" the Olympic Charter."There is nothing to reproach the Russian Olympic Committee for and if there is no reproach towards this committee, the country should take part in competitions under its own flag," Putin said.Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev also said the ban was politically motivated. "This is the continuation of this anti-Russian hysteria that has already become chronic," Medvedev told domestic news agencies.´A tragedy´ The significant extent of state-sponsored doping in Russia, notably between 2011 and 2015, was revealed in the independent report by sports lawyer Richard McLaren, released in 2016.It led to the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) being suspended for nearly three years previously over revelations of a vast state-supported doping programme.Full disclosure of data from the Moscow laboratory was a key condition of Russia´s controversial reinstatement by WADA in September 2018.RUSADA´s supervisory board is set to meet on December 19 to take a decision on whether to appeal against the ban at the Court of Arbitration for Sport.Yury Ganus, the head of RUSADA, told AFP Monday that his country had "no chance" of winning an appeal."There is no chance of winning this case in court," Ganus said."This is a tragedy," he added. "Clean athletes are seeing their rights limited."Documents released Monday show WADA´s Compliance Review Committee (CRC) believes "deletions and alterations" to Russia´s doping data "materially prejudiced the ability to pursue cases against 145 of the 298 athletes" whose doping controls between 2011 and 2015 WADA thought to be suspicious.About one third of the 145 athletes are still active, WADA chief of investigators Gunter Younger said Monday.The WADA decision was widely predicted, with Reedie having made a presentation Saturday to the Olympic Summit, participants of which "strongly condemned those responsible for the manipulation of the data from the Moscow laboratory"."It was agreed that this was an attack on sport and that these actions should lead to the toughest sanctions against those responsible," the IOC said, asking that the Russian authorities deliver the "fully authenticated raw data".Positive doping tests contained in data leaked by a whistleblower in 2017 were missing from the laboratory data supplied in January 2019, which prompted a new inquiry.
  4. If you have ever wanted to get a bargain from Delhi's infamous Gaffar market, you could have been buying counterfeit products. In fact, Xiaomi has disclosed due to its anti-counterfeit measures, a complaint was filed with the local police and raids were conducted in the Karol Bagh market. In the raid, the police and Xiaomi representative retrieved fake or counterfeit products with Xiaomi's branding at multiple stores in the market. © Xiaomi Over 2000 products were seized from shop owners and were arrested for allegedly selling counterfeit Xiaomi products. Amongst the counterfeit products, it was found that products like Mi Powerbanks, Mi Neckbands, Mi Travel Adaptor with Cable, Mi Earphone Basic with Mic, Mi Wireless Headsets, Redmi Air Dots, Mi 2-in-1 USB Cable and others were being sold at a number of stores. © Xiaomi According to Xiaomi, “The police found out upon interrogation that the four suppliers have been managing this business for years now. These counterfeit products were allegedly sold in retail and wholesale to the customers from their retail shops: Galaxy Mobile Accessories, BCM Plaza, Shop No. 14 - Sega Market, Shop No. 2 - Lotus Plaza.” © Xiaomi The counterfeit industry is estimated to be valued at $650 billion annually according to the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and is not limited to technology products. In most cases, consumers can identify a fake product by looking at the packaging, quality of build materials, branding and logo details. Some products now come with a barcode or a serial number that can be double-checked from the company's official website. “Illicit suppliers and retailers attempt to seize the opportunity to cheat consumers and introduce fake products in the market. It is strictly advised to all customers to purchase authorized products from authorised stores of the brand and partner outlets and also to be cautious and aware of purchase decisions.” Xiaomi said. View the full article
  5. Facebook spokesperson says the disappearances were the result of WhatsApp?s policy on inactive accounts. Photo: FileNEW YORK: The Kashmiris, whose access to the Internet was blocked by the Indian government four months ago, are gradually losing...
  6. Yes, you read that right, a “USB Condom” does exist even though it is probably the worst phrase you may have heard in the technology space. It is a device that prevents your smartphone at public charging points from transferring data. It can also be termed as a USB “data blocker” and is officially called the PortaPow 3rd-gen USB data blocker. © PortaPow It costs around Rs 500 and has the ability to kill all data transfers as it removes any data transfers by obstructing the connection physically. This device prevents scammers from phishing at public charging points as a way to steal data from users. One needs to simply attach the PortaPow data blocker to the charging end of a cable and then plug it into the smartphone. © PortaPow Scammers or hackers use “juice jacking” as a method to copy sensitive data or install malware on smartphones, tablets and other smart devices. In other cases, scammers have been able to install ransomware on smartphones and lockout users from their own devices unless the demanded ransom is paid. Scammers have also gone to the extent of leaving charging cables at these public charging points to target users who have forgotten their own cables. If you really do care about your own privacy or do not want any malware on your phone, Rs 500 is a very small price to pay. However, this data blocker is not compatible with USB-C devices. So, until the company releases a new one soon, you can get another adaptor to make it compatible with your existing devices. View the full article
  7. A good murder-mystery is kind of rare and that's why when we get one, we should immediately get our butts to the theatres to watch it. That's why, at least according to me, Knives Out is a movie that honestly everyone should watch. Disclaimer - first of all, there are no spoilers for the movie, obviously, and second of all, no I'm not getting paid to get people to watch this movie. I just really loved it so much that I needed to share it. So, moving on, we have a great 'whodunnit' starring Daniel Craig, Chris Evans and Ana de Armas, among other great actors. The movie has a lot of great moments, from serious to just funny, and even though it can get annoying to watch a movie like this in theatres since some people don't know how to put their phone on silence and some people don't know how to keep their mouths shut during movies, but if you look past that, it makes for a great movie-watching experience. Here are some of the reasons that would convince anyone to watch Knives Out: 1. It actually is a 'whodunnit like no one has ever dunnit' The movie did deliver what the trailer promised. A great, unexpected murder mystery even if it follows all the cliches in the book - a very old rich guy gets murdered, his family is full of a*sholes who have everything to gain from his death, literally every character is a suspect, and the police get some help from a mysterious detective. Even after taking in all the plot points of every murder-mystery novel out there, the movie still surprises you with every twist and turn, and even makes you laugh at a lot of points. 2. A rich, as&hole-ish, very unlike Captain America, Chris Evans Who would've thought that just after seeing Steve Rogers prove how worthy he is by wielding the Mjolnir, the next role he would be playing will be of a rich a*shole-ish trust-fund brat? Yeah, Hugh Ransom Drysdale is as big a douchebag as the trailer portrayed and Chris Evans really deserves a lot of credit for going from Captain America to this. Special shoutout to his acting skills in the scene with the dogs, because Chris Evans would never. 3. The perfect 'eat the rich' movie As I mentioned, almost every character in the movie is part of this one family - the Thrombeys - and everything falls apart for everyone when their patriarch, Harlan Thrombey, is found dead right after his 85th birthday. They're all rich, they're all millionaires, they're all privileged, they're all entitled, they're all a*sholes. All of them are dependent on Harlan for money, one way or another, and now that their source of income is dead, they're all suspects. It's very interesting to see the family fall apart when money is in question and to see how fake their concern is for Harlan when it comes to them losing their wealth. 4. Daniel Craig's accent The James Bond from the south! Even though you can hear Daniel Craig's accent in the trailer as well, it really was something else to hear him speak in theatres. Moreover, there's a very important speech - not giving any spoilers - that is one of the best parts of the movies, and his accent just makes it a hundred times better. Special mention - Chris Evans' dig at him, which was so lame that it made it hilarious. 5. A great star-studded cast that works well off of each other I debated actually putting the names of the entire cast here, but everyone can see that in the trailer itself so there's no point. But, there are some incredible actors in the movie and all of them work so well together, it's hard to imagine that they're actually not a dysfunctional family. They have a useless son, ambitious daughter, a freeloader daughter-in-law, a rich trust-fund brat, a liberal left-wing activist granddaughter, a Nazi right-wing troll, it's the perfect mix of an interesting family to watch who would stab anyone in the back to get what they want. Bonus - Katherine Langford's lack of acting skills don't ruin the movie. A very, very important point, especially after seeing that deleted Avengers: Endgame scene where she plays a grown-up Morgan talking to Tony Stark after he snaps his fingers. View the full article
  8. Yet another shocking incident has shaken the entire country to its core. Hearing about how brutally the 26-year-old Hyderabad girl was raped and burnt to death has sent shivers down our spine. After Nirbhaya, certain amendments were made to improve safety for women but after almost seven years, another act of brutality negated any and every change that was made. A vet by profession, she was trying to make her way back home when she realised her scooter's tyre was flat. It was later found out that the perpetrators deflated it on purpose, which gave them the opportunity to grab her and rape her, where even her screams weren't audible. © Thinkstock Getty Images While, a lot of women are demanding justice for such a serious crime, many are even demanding safer spaces so they can carry forth their lives in a normal manner, even while sexual predators are out lurking around different cities. Recently Ludhiana police decided to offer free rides to women between 10pm to 6am, if they are working late or out of the house at wee hours in the morning. The rides offered will ensure they safely return back to their homes. And now, Nagpur police too has made provisions to ensure women are dropped home safely from 9pm to 5 am, if they're out of their houses for work or any other commitment. © Twitter The way to approach the cops is simple. As per directive, the woman has to dial '100' and ask for a ride back home, between the allotted timings and if she doesn't have adequate and safe transport to return home. The news reports suggest that a beat cop will show up and escort the woman home safely. For some extra added safety measures, a female police officer will also be present in the vehicle to escort the lady home. Police Commissioner Bhushan Kumar told a popular publication that this initiative will help build the shaken confidence of a lot of women, after the terrible Hyderabad incident. © Twitter With Nagpur second in row in assisting women get to their destinations safely at night, we feel more cities should follow suit. Women are scared and relentlessly hopeless where their safety is concerned. Their confidence is shaken and the only way to build it is to have responsible watchdogs in society which will help overcome the fear that has gravely settled deep within the psyche of each and every woman. View the full article
  9. Suniel Shetty is 58 years old. Let that sink in, before we get into the man bun tips. Why? Because he probably is the only actor in Bollywood who at 58 can give 25 year olds a legit run for their money, both in terms of style and fitness. © Viral Bhayani He just grew a man bun, and we're here for it. Not only does it look absolutely stylish, it is also serving us grooming lessons on a platter. Read on! © Viral Bhayani 1. You don't have to have extremely long hair to make a man bun. Yes, it is called a bun, for which the assumption is that quite a bit of length is required, but that's not true. As long as you have enough hair to tie in a ponytail, you can manoeuvre it to look like a bun. Tie it in a pony, and twist the end to get the bun look. It does the job quite well. © Viral Bhayani 2. A messy bun is a legit bun. Often, we are under the impression that a man bun has to be impeccably combed back for it to look legit. That again is not true. Comb it back if you have the time, but if not, just use your hands to do the best that you can, tuck in the rest behind your ears, and you'll be all set. © Viral Bhayani 3. Salt-n-pepper is absolutely fine, people. In fact, it looks better, if you're into looks that are intriguing. A lot of people go for dying and that then results in uneven colouration issues and finally give up on growing the hair. Don't fall into that trap, and just embrace your natural tresses. It looks good, trust us. © Viral Bhayani 4. Always keep your beard and moustache well-groomed. If you're sporting a man bun without a beard, ignore this point, of course, but if you do have a beard, or even a stubble, make sure that it is groomed to perfection. That bit will add that extra oomph to the man bun you're sporting. © Viral Bhayani Go ahead and get that bun! View the full article
  10. The latest Bollywood trend seems to be time-travelling, especially travelling to the past and 'seeing' for ourselves what transpired during some of the most iconic events in Indian history. Bollywood's upcoming film Panipat also happens to be one such attempt at rediscovering the past visually, and truth be told, the Ashutosh Gowarikar directorial looked pretty regal and close-to-reality in the Panipat trailer that recently came out. © Ashutosh Gowariker Productions Now, we don't want to sound too harsh, but the only thing that seems less convincing in the entire affair besides Arjun Kapoor's dialogue delivery is Arjun Kapoor himself. Arjun Kapoor as Sadashiv Rao Bhau almost seems out of place, lacklustre and drab as a Maratha warrior in the era when the Marathas were India's most powerful empire. Set against the backdrop of the historic Third Battle of Panipat, the film traces the journey of Sardar Senapati aka Commander-In-Chief of the Maratha army Sadashivrao Peshwa, and his role in trying to defend his motherland from the notorious Ahmad Shah Abdali of the Durrani Empire. © Ashutosh Gowariker Productions But if not the lead actor, we feel this movie is worth a watch for the performances of these 4 brilliant actors who also star in Panipat. 1. Sanjay Dutt as Ahmad Shah Abdali © Ashutosh Gowariker Productions Known to the world as the founder of the Durrani Empire and modern-day Afghanistan, Sanjay Sutt as Abdali looks more than convincing in its attempt to inspire fear and anger all at once. Sanjay Dutt really looks the part as the notorious and ambitious king Abdali. 2. Mohnish Bahl as Nana Sahib Peshwa © Ashutosh Gowariker Productions Noted veteran actor Mohnish Bahl will once again be seen on the silver screen and this time, as the most powerful and successful Peshwa the Maratha Empire ever saw. As Nana Sahib Peshwa, Mohnish will be seen making the historic decision to fight Abdali's forces with Sadashiv's strategies. 3. Padmini Kolhapure as Gopikabai © Ashutosh Gowariker Productions Wife of Nana Sahib Peshwa, Gopikabai was known to be very religious and orthodox. Padmini Kolhapure is all set to make a comeback to the big screen after a gap of six years. 4. Zeenat Aman as Sakina Begum © Ashutosh Gowariker Productions Yesteryear megastar Zeenat Aman is all set to make a Bollywood comeback with this movie. Though not much is known about her character, it is enough to be able to watch her on the silver screen after so many years. View the full article
  11. Ali Fazal is, without a doubt, a star that aspiring actors look up to. There was no looking back for him after his movie Fukrey became a massive hit at the box office. Slowly and gradually, he made his mark in the industry and now, he is all set to entice his fans with his upcoming movie Death On The Nile, where he will be sharing screen space with a bevvy of stars including Kenneth Branagh, Gal Gadot, Russel Brand, Rose Leslie, Armie Hammer, and Letitia Wright. Fazal's new look from Death on the Nile is out wherein he is seen sporting a pencil-thin moustache, wearing a black striped suit with black gloves and a striped muffler. Fans are looking forward to seeing the actor nail this character as well. © Kinberg Genre Talking about his look, a source close to him told Mid-Day, “The actor who was earlier sporting a prominent facial fuzz has shaved off his beard. His look for the last month has been with a pencil moustache. Ali is the kind of actor who believes in sinking his teeth into his character completely. Because of the representation of Indians in movies, Ali is extremely particular about his look in films he does internationally. He categorically picks parts where acting is a priority over the race of his character. For the longest time, Indian actors in the West had stereotypical imagery, and Ali is cautious to not allow his characters to suffer from similar issues. He is imbibing the traits of his character, taking a step ahead of what the script had. He even started reading the original material at the start of the shoot, keeping the script as his bible all along.” View this post on Instagram Abide! A post shared by ali fazal (@alifazal9) on Dec 1, 2019 at 2:25am PST The film is a follow-up to the 2017 blockbuster Murder on the Orient Express by the same studio, 20th Century Fox. It was also an adaptation of Christie's novel of the same name. Death on the Nile is slated for an October 9, 2020 release. Are you excited for this one? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  12. No matter what the season is, there are certain fashion trends that tend to make a huge comeback and stay with us for a while. Of late, if there's one thing that's definitely making sense to us is that there are various sneaker styles that have become a big deal. From mismatched to worn-out sneakers, these trends are outlandish and artistic at the same time. © Viral Bhayani While many elite B-town celebrities have been hoarding on such sneaker trends, it looks like even Arjun Kapoor couldn't stay behind in this league. Recently for the promotions of his upcoming movie Panipat, he stepped out wearing sneakers without removing the security tag. How was he even able to pass the store? © Viral Bhayani © Hypebeast © Hypebeast When we dug, we found that this pair comes with a security tag attached to them and it's a trend that's certainly quite quirky. AK is seen in Off-white x Nike Air Max 990 'Desert Ore'. These sneakers have unfinished edges and tongue tabs with a signature zip-tie. The deconstructed pair has a monochromatic upper and is further decked in hyper jade bright mango Nike logo on the side. © Hypebeast As per Hypebeast, the Off-white x Nike pair is available at 160 USD that rounds off to Rs 11,468 in India. Lately, Arjun is spotted experimenting with various sneaker styles but this one with security tags is hands down our favourite. © Viral Bhayani At the moment, he is promoting his upcoming movie Panipat and hence, we are hoping to see him in more such striking ensembles and sneakers. This is a major statement and we guess only Arjun could do it right! View the full article
  13. What is it that makes a teacher something more than just that? A mentor, an idol, somebody one would be extremely lucky to have in their life as a guiding light? For Sanju Samson, former Indian batsman and the current head of the National Cricket Academy, Rahul Dravid has been all those things for the better half of the decade. It was recently announced that the 25-year-old will be replacing Indian opener Shikhar Dhawan in the upcoming T20I series against a visiting West Indies side which is scheduled to take place later this week. Sanju Samson gets a second wind as he returns to the India squad as a replacement opener for the West Indies series. https://t.co/6IWyxUE6lO — ICC (@ICC) November 27, 2019 Following the update, Samson spoke about Dravid's influence on his cricketing career in an interview with MensXP. “I consider myself to be extremely lucky that I was being trained by someone as great as Rahul Dravid ever since my teenage days,” he says. “Whether it was the India A team or Rajasthan Royals or Delhi Daredevils, I think I was very fortunate to build my career with him by my side.” Sanju Samson thanked Rahul Dravid for Everything ! https://t.co/gs99jUOHJh — ICT - Bleed Blue (@ICT_Bleed) April 11, 2017 Despite making a name for himself in the domestic circuit, the only opportunity Samson got to play for the national Indian roster was a 2015 T20I match against Zimbabwe in Harare. Since then, the talented yet unlucky wicket-keeper batsman has been looking to return to the squad but didn't get the call until now. And even though he describes his career as a “roller coaster ride”, the success he saw during multiple Ranji Trophy seasons as one of the best athletes Kerala had to offer Samson credits Dravid for the way he bats. “I have learnt a lot about my game and the way I bat from him. After every match, we used to talk about the way I played and he'd tell me what I could have done to have a better performance and I have seen a significant improvement within me because of him,” Samson added. Not only did Dravid make himself available to coach Samson on the field, but also made sure that he'd become a part of the young cricketer's happiness off of it. When Sanju decided to tie the knot with his college-mate and longtime girlfriend Charulatha in December last year, he decided to keep a very low-key wedding with not more than 30 people being invited to the wedding, including the family members of the bride and the groom. Even then he invited his coach to be a part of such a close gathering and Dravid made sure that he'd be there for him. “Rahul Sir has been a mentor to me and all players who made their India A debuts in the last few years,” Samson had told ET Panache earlier this year. “He is very approachable. You can just walk up to him for tips.” Even Prithvi Shaw, the man who led the junior Indian cricket team to U-19 World Cup championship in 2018, has spoken about how Dravid helped him get back on his feet when he was banned from cricket for unintentionally consuming prohibited substances. This is who Rahul Dravid is. The man who has never believed in showboating but has always put in the work to make himself, his team and eventually his students become better versions of themselves. View the full article
  14. 2019 has been a great year for smartphones in general. From budget phones to high-end flagships, we got a ton of new phones this year. And if there's one thing that has improved a lot this year, then it's the smartphone cameras. This has been the case across different price ranges, which is simply amazing. Today, we'll be taking a look at some of the best smartphone cameras according to DxOMark. DxOMark, for those of you who don't know, is an independent benchmarking website that scientifically accesses smartphones and its lenses. They do a pretty job of testing out the cameras and coming up with a comprehensive review of the same. So, let's take a look at DxOMark's picks for the best smartphone cameras. © YouTube/ TheVerge Firstly, we have the all-rounder category, which basically means these phones are good for both photography and videography. According to the website, it's the Huawei Mate 30 Pro and the Xiaomi Mi CC9 Pro Premium Edition. Both of them are kickass devices and they pack some really good cameras. The Mate 30 Pro sports a quad-camera setup, whereas the Mi CC9 Pro Premium Edition sports a Penta-camera setup with a 108MP sensor. The Mi CC9 Pro Premium Edition isn't available in India right now, but we think Xiaomi is already gearing up to launch it, or at least a version of it, in India as the Mi Note 10. So, keep your eyes peeled. © YouTube/ Marques Brownlee As for videography, well, this one must've been very easy to pick. It's the iPhone 11 Pro Max. One of the reasons we think it's best for videos because it has the ability to shoot HDR videos without losing any details. That makes a whole lot of difference. Heck, Selena Gomez even shot a music video with the phone. Yes, it's that good. Next up, we have the best smartphone with ultra-wide cameras. According to DxOMark, the Galaxy Note 10+ has the best ultra-wide lens. iPhone 11 Pro Max is also equally good, but it looks like Samsung's your best bet. And when it comes to optical zoom, DxOMark says the Huawei Mate 30 Pro is the winner. Well, that's not really surprising considering the fact that you can use the phone to take some stunning shots of the moon, just like you would on the P30 Pro. Lastly, we have the low-light photography, and the website says the Mate 30 Pro is the winner here too. Sadly, the iPhone didn't make the cut here, and neither did the Pixel 4. © YouTube/ GSMArena DxOMark hardly has budget phones on the list, so we decided to add our picks. If your budget is under Rs. 15,000, then we think the Redmi Note 8 Pro is a great option for you. It has a 64MP sensor, which means you can get some stunning-looking images with crisp details. However, if you're on a tight budget, then we think you should check out the Redmi Note 8 or the Realme 5s. Both of them have 48MP sensors and have a ton of different lenses for a versatile setup. View the full article
  15. Deepika Padukone recently expressed her desire to take part in the viral Dheeme Dheeme challenge. On Friday evening, she asked if Kartik Aaryan is free to teach her the hook step of the song Dheeme Dheeme. To which Kartik Aaryan responded through his Instagram story saying, "Zi, zarur. Aap jaldi pick kar lengi... bataiye kab." View this post on Instagram Swift moves #dheemedheeme with #kartikaaryan and #deepikapadukone â¤â¤â¤ A post shared by Viral Bhayani (@viralbhayani) on Nov 30, 2019 at 8:30pm PST However, today we saw that Kartik Aaryan turned dance teacher for Deepika at the Mumbai airport. Here are several videos of him teaching the hookup step of the song Dheeme Dheeme to Deepika from the movie Pati Patni Aur Woh. Deepika was seen acing the dance step with Kartik's guidance quickly and the crowd was seen applauding for the both of them. View this post on Instagram Woah @tonykakkar this one is for your bro ð¥ð¥ð¥ #kartikaaryan #deepikapadukone today at t2 for film promotions #viralbhayani @viralbhayani A post shared by Viral Bhayani (@viralbhayani) on Nov 30, 2019 at 8:42pm PST Kartik also took to his Instagram saying, “#DheemeDheemeChallenge has reached d next level. @deepikapadukone. Too much fun.” View this post on Instagram #DheemeDheemeChallenge has reached d next level ð¥ @deepikapadukone ðð»ðºð» Too much fun ð¶ A post shared by KARTIK AARYAN (@kartikaaryan) on Nov 30, 2019 at 9:52pm PST The #DheemeDheemeChallenge has been going viral on the internet and has been gaining a lot of entries from fans sharing the signature step videos on social media. The film is directed by Mudassar Aziz and is a comedy-drama about a married man who is suddenly interested in his beautiful new colleague. The film is set to release on December 6. View the full article
  16. Our parents, students and society in general, put a great amount of faith in teachers. They entrust their kids' future in the hands of teachers. They believe that even if the whole world says no, if the teacher says 'Yes' then that's right. But, what if that teacher is not right? We get it that it's not possible for everyone to know everything. Even teachers make mistakes. But, for an English teacher to have difficulty reading from the English textbook is not one of them. That's not a mistake, that's plain ignorance and scary on a whole new level. © Pexels Recently, an inspection was done in a government school in UP by the District Mgistrate (DM) Devendra Kumar Pandey. During the inspection he asked an English teacher to read a few lines from a class 8 textbook. However, she failed to do so. She couldn't read properly. Reportedly, Basic Shiksha Adhikari (BSA) Pradeep Kumar Pandey said, "An inspection was done by District Magistrate (DM) Devendra Kumar Pandey, and I was also part of the inspection. In classes 6 and 8 when the lessons were asked to be read in Hindi then most students were able to do that. But when the students were made to read in English then most of them failed, and even some teachers failed to do so." #WATCH Unnao: An English teacher fails to read a few lines of the language from a book after the District Magistrate, Devendra Kumar Pandey, asked her to read during an inspection of a govt school in Sikandarpur Sarausi. (28.11) pic.twitter.com/wAVZSKCIMS — ANI UP (@ANINewsUP) November 30, 2019 The DM further scolded the teacher that if she can't read properly then how will she teach the kids. He said that she should be suspended immediately. She is an English teacher and she can't even read English properly. When the teacher started defending herself, he cuts her short, saying, “So what? You're BA pass, aren't you? I did not even ask you to translate, all I asked for was that you read a few lines in English from the text book…and you couldn't do that.” Further action will be taken after the district magistrate submits his report. View the full article
  17. Australia has been on a roll against a visiting Pakistani side for a three-game T20I series followed by a two-match Test series which is currently underway at the Adelaide Oval. The Australian batsmen are showing no intent of slowing it down with the gigantic totals for their opponents in the first innings and their bowlers, led by a scary Mitchell Starc, are making it absolutely suffocating for Azhar Ali's men to survive at the pitch. "The higher you go, the body starts going back."@glennmcgrath11 explains why Mitchell Starc's 'small change' makes a 'massive difference'.#AUSvPAK pic.twitter.com/H65s8tRShz — #7Cricket (@7Cricket) November 30, 2019 Essentially, Tim Paine's men are looking like the Justice League with every member of the team looking like a superhero against an under-talented Pakistani side. They are destined to win the second and final Test to hand their opponents a wash-out defeat in every game that they played on Australian soil during their current trip. But Paine got in the way of history being made when he made his best batsman, David Warner to return to the dressing room in the middle of a once-in-a-lifetime batting performance. With 39 boundaries and a solitary maximum, Warner broke Don Bradman and Mark Taylor's record by scoring 335 runs. This achievement made him the owner of the tenth spot in the list of the highest individual scores in Test cricket. David Warner becomes the 7th Australian to score a triple century in Tests ðª pic.twitter.com/3tup9XUnIX — ICC (@ICC) November 30, 2019 However, based on the way Warner didn't lose his focus despite facing 418 deliveries, he looked well on his way to reaching for the 400-mark and maybe even defeat Brian Lara's all-time record. After Paine declared the match at the twilight of day two of the match, Warner was asked about his skipper's decision to not allow him to reach for the stars and he did a decent job at protecting him. “... I said 'when are we declaring', and they said '5.40pm' and I said 'ok'. I kept on asking when we were out there, we got to five, then ten past five, and I was making sure that was still the message and it was. Until I think that last over before, it just ticked over [5.40pm] and Painey wanted me to try and get past that 334 mark," Warner said after the match in favour of Paine's decision to declare the first innings. Basically it was predetermined, even before Warner was at the crease, that Australia will declare at 5:40 regardless of how many runs a batsman would have made by then and they stuck to it. They wanted enough time to dismiss the Pakistani batting order twice to win the second match as well. And this is where Tim Paine should have realised that what David Warner did was special and so rare that only nine players in the entire history of the game had been able to score more runs than him. Hey Babysitterð¶ Australian temporary captain @tdpaine36 (Tim Paine) we were waiting for our champion Mr.David Warner's 4th century (400) but you did poor captaincy and declared 1st inning on 589/3. He was on 335* & still 42 overs were left to stump day 2.#AUSvsPAK pic.twitter.com/ILcezy8eAs — Ravindra Varak (@VarakRavindra) November 30, 2019 Sure, a win at this point in the ICC World Test Championships was important for the Australians but that would have come anyway. All Warner needed were a few more overs and some support from his captain to do the unthinkable, but none of those two things happened for the 33-year-old southpaw. This is where captaincy becomes completely different for Team India's leader, Virat Kohli. Even though winning is the top priority for Kohli and they have been doing a brilliant job in doing so (undefeated in the ICC World Test Championships till date), he is willing to stay flexible and motivate his players to do great things at the pitch. The greatest example of Kohli's spirit was seen during India's first Test match against Bangladesh. Even though it was almost certain that India will go on to win the Indore clash, Kohli encouraged his opener, Mayank Agarwal to score as many runs as he can. Coach Virat Kohli Explains Why He Pushed Mayank Agarwal For The Double-Century Vs Bangladesh https://t.co/tVxrGb9ygV via @MensXP — à¤à¤¶à¥à¤¤à¥à¤· (@aka_saurabh) November 18, 2019 When Agarwal celebrated reaching the 150-run mark, Kohli demanded him to score 200 runs. When he reached 200, the skipper raised three fingers and motivated him to make 300. Although Kohli was all smiles after Agarwal was dismissed at 243, he later made sure that the world knew why he pushed his man to give his best for the team. View this post on Instagram "Don't want others to make the mistakes I made as a youngster" - @virat.kohli on pushing @mayankagarawal to score double tonð A post shared by Team India (@indiancricketteam) on Nov 16, 2019 at 5:11am PST “I know how much time it took me to get those big hundreds,” said the Captain. “I know the importance of getting big runs and when the guy is in the moment, it is important as a senior batter to let them know that 'you need to focus, you need to keep going," he added. “Once you put down a marker, the guy sets guard again and it just helps the team overall,” Kohli explained his target-based challenges for Agarwal. “I want the guys to not make the mistakes that I made as a youngster and learn from them quickly so that they can be world-class players very soon," he said. Vision and the ability to think about the future of his fellow teammates has not only made Kohli an excellent leader of the team in the longest and the most demanding format of the game, but has also made him the leader of the team with the best record in the world right now. Pre-planned or not, Tim Paine should have shown similar flexibility in his approach towards Warner's heroic display with the bat because the win against Pakistan was almost certain. View the full article
  18. Pro Wrestling is much like theatre - albeit a lot more physical. Much of what fuels the high-octane action behind the matches weâve loved throughout the years are the winding, unpredictable and often ludicrous characters that weave together the wrestling world. Letâs take a look at some of their moments that have truly stood the test of time, and are a great riot to watch even today. The Brothers Of Destruction Backstory - 1997 Even if youâve never followed a WWF match in your entire life, chances are that youâve definitely heard of The Undertaker and his massive 7-foot tall behemoth of a half-brother, Kane. While both wrestlers have immense legacies of their own, a truly dark backstory binds the two of them together, which by itself, sounds like the premise to a horror movie. According to Paul Bearer, The Undertakerâs ex-manager, he had a secret affair with the wrestlerâs mother that resulted in the birth of Kane. Eventually, The Undertaker committed arson/murder by burning down the family funeral home - killing both his parents and horrifically scarring Kaneâs face. Bearer, who survived the fire, hid Kane in a mental asylum until adulthood - and meanwhile, backed The Undertaker for six years of his career - eventually betraying him at SummerSlam. Pretty intense. The Three Faces Of Foley - 1996 Known as The Hardcore Specialist for his propensity at making himself and his opponents bleed, all while slamming through tables, chairs and whatever else he could get his hands on, Mick Foley was another legend of the WWF era. Perhaps the most impressive part of his WWF career, however, was the multiple personalities he played in the ring - each with its own unique twist. via GIPHY Foleyâs first and oldest persona was that of âCactus Jackâ, a bloodthirsty brawler who often fought with sharp and dangerous objects, ranging from barbed wires to baseball bats and trash cans. His second, and perhaps most famous one was âMankindâ. A figurative portrait of the dark side of humanity itself, Mankind was a deranged, ruthless and rather lonely freak who spent a surprising amount of time hiding away in basements and boiler rooms. He gained massive notoriety for his insanely reckless stunts - jumping off Hell in a Cell cages and on one occasion, ripping his ear off in the middle of a stunt. Finally, thereâs Dude Love - a complete contrast to the other two. This time, Mick played a chilled-out hippie with a penchant for female company and funny wisecracks - a standout role that saw him earn a tag team championship belt alongside Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Boogeymanâs Worm Diet - 2005 The mid-2000s were a time of realism in the WWE - with new faces such as CM Punk and John Cena making a name for themselves. The Boogeyman, however, was a total blast from the past - with an old-school catchphrase, massive camp appeal and above all, a shocking trademark taunt. In several of his matches, The Boogeyman has chewed up and spat out live worms - and apparently even asked the WWE to include crickets, beetles and other sorts of bugs, which they refused to do. While most of these worms ended up on the ring floor, and occasionally on the faces of competitors, things took a seriously gross turn when the wrestler faced off against Sharmell, who is wrestler Booker Tâs wife. Unfortunately for her, The Boogeyman wasnât the only one with a mouth full of worms that day. If that ainât shock value, I donât know what is. The Undertakerâs Immortality - 1998 Across The Undertakerâs storied history was an old gimmick that several of us bought as kids - that the Phenom was in possession of seven lives, and was indeed being raised from the dead every other season. The most common way of taking the âTaker out usually involved coffins. While heâs been buried multiple times in one, perhaps the most epic, standout trick involved a match where Kane - backed by Paul Bearer, chokeslams his half-brother into a coffin, hacks into it with an axe and in a final flourish, douses the whole coffin in petrol and sets it on fire. They donât do wrestling like they used to, huh? Rikishiâs Stinkface Surprise - 2000 A second cousin to The Rock, Rikishiâs move saw the light of day in early 2000, when his rival The Big Bossman received the dishonour of having Rikishi lock him in a ring corner, and proceed to smother him with his buttocks. Ever since then, the wrestler has humiliated dozens of WWE stars - but Iâve gottaâ admit, the best one of all was a team effort with his cousin - with Vince McMahon playing the unfortunate victim, as usual. via GIPHY via GIPHY Now thatâs not a guy I want to piss off. Goldust Flirting With The Undertaker - 1996 Despite his immense fanbase, The Undertaker isnât exactly what you might call⦠attractive. Despite his dark exterior, it seems that romance can bloom pretty much everywhere - especially in the ring, and definitely when Goldust is performing. While the bit is funny enough for the time when it came out, what truly brings the icing on the cake here is Goldustâs bevy of pickup lines - so unbelievably cheesy, that I had a hard time believing that The Undertaker kept a straight face. Papa Shangoâs Voodoo Magic - 1992 Charles Wright has gone by many ring names in the wrestling world - Sir Charles, Kama Mustafa, The Godfather and perhaps the weirdest of them all, Papa Shango. Armed with a magic skull that billowed smoke, could âcontrolâ the stage lighting and even âcast spellsâ, fans were taken aback by his uncanny acting and stage presence. Things took an even weirder turn back in â92 when he faced off against the Ultimate Warrior - one of the most popular wrestlers of the 90s. During this match, Papa Shango casts a âcurseâ on his opponent, seemingly causing the Warrior immense pain. It all went a little too far, when the curse reached its icky climax - causing the convulsing wrestler to throw up his lunch on the emergency responders. Love it or hate it, the WWE has been a weird, wacky and often hilarious world through itâs near-40 years. Felt like we missed out on a moment? Share it in the comments! View the full article
  19. For his film, Street Dancer's promotion, Varun Dhawan is clearly pulling all the stops. From teaching Charlotte Flair never-seen-before steps from one of the songs of Street Dancer to pulling off stunts in an auto with fellow actor Shraddha Kapoor, he's not leaving out anything. © Instagram/Manav Manglani And while at it, Varun Dhawan is making sure that he wears the quirkiest of outfits. Case in point, the time when he was with Charlotte Flair, he wore the Fury Boost silhouette with a yellow onesie which has arguably been one of the best sneaker collaborations this year. © Instagram/Manav Manglani And then recently, he wore C2H4 coordinated jacket and joggers that had a futuristic vibe to them. Underneath the jacket, he wore a plain black t-shirt that had a street dancer logo printed on it. He completed the outfit with a pair of sunglasses and a chunky chain. Take a look here: © Instagram/Manav Manglani Label C2H4, (Molecular Formula for Ethylene) was established by designer Yixi Chen. The label combines influences curated from science and subversive culture, to create innovative garment constructions keeping in mind futuristic aesthetics. This clearly reflects in Varun's outfit. © Instagram/Manav Manglani Besides, it's also a perfect outfit for Street Dancer promotions and while he's mostly seen in the most sporty yet trendy outfits, there are also one-off occasions when he dresses up like a regular guy like his classic denim-on-denim look that he wore recently. Street Dancer is set to release on January 24, 2020, so we're hoping to find some of Varun's best looks in the film. View the full article
  20. Vidya Balanâs Kahaani became a massive hit, courtesy her brilliant character, a gripping story line and of course great direction work. One particular thing that stood out in the movie was the character of the innocent, naïve looking LIC agent Bob Biswas who is a cold blooded murderer in reality. Played effortlessly by actor Saswata Chatterjee, Bobâs character stayed on with the audience long after the movie was over and the credits rolled out. Turns out that the craze of Bob Biswas has gripped the makers as much as the audience and now after years since the movie released, it has been announced by none other than SRK that Bob Biswas is all set to have his own spin-off movie now. The movie is being produced by Red Chillies Entertainment and while the news of this movie is exciting to us, sadly, Saswata is not going to reprise the role, ironically made famous by him. Actor AbPhoto: © YouTube (Main Image)hishek Bachchan is going to step in his shoes now. Nomoshkar! ðð»ð Thrilled to announce our upcoming film, #BobBiswas in association with Bound Script Production; starring @juniorbachchan and directed by Diya Annapurna Ghosh. @gaurikhan @iamsrk @sujoy_g @_GauravVerma pic.twitter.com/CoQLlfE55X â Red Chillies Entertainment (@RedChilliesEnt) November 25, 2019 This piece of information has not made all Bob fans happy. I honestly feel bad for #SaswataChatterjee upon hearing the news of #BobBiswas getting its own spin off! A character, with such limited screen time had such a lasting impact with audiences as the antagonist. I guess itâs the sad reality of pitching a scalable film! pic.twitter.com/qMo21PL8RX â ANMOL JAMWAL (@jammypants4) November 25, 2019 @greatbong Abhishek Bachchan to portray #BobBiswas in upcoming movie. I think the character worked due to Saswata Chatterjee's brilliant acting. Don't think AB jr. can do even 10% justice to the cult villain. Your thoughts? pic.twitter.com/tOCcHLuguk â dorian (@stoicola) November 25, 2019 In fact, some fans are so upset with the makers and the general trend on Bollywood riding money on only A-listers, that people got #RIPBobBiswas trending. So the original actor who played the character so flawlessly is still alive? But then again it is Bollywood... R.I.P Saswata Chatterjee #RIPBobBiswas ð¶ #BobBiswas â Prsh Tmng (@PrshTmng) November 25, 2019 Star Kids and the Amount of unworthy Opportunities they get..ð¤·ââï¸ð¤·ââï¸ð¤·ââï¸ .. time to give up on cinema.. #BobBiswas #ShahRukhKhan #AbhishekBachchan pic.twitter.com/cxnzdOwGlQ â boozer (@boozer49103897) November 25, 2019 No doubt, Junior B is a wonderful actor and might even add his own take to this concept but one cannot help but feel bad for actor Saswata Chatterjee not getting the role made famous by him funnily. There has been no comment made by the actor yet, so we donât really know if heâs cool with what is happening or feels cheated, like most Bob fans feel at the moment. View the full article
  21. Hospital staff pose for a photograph as they hold a diseased kidney after a surgery in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in New Delhi, India, October 29, 2019. AFP/Sir Ganga Ram Hospital/HandoutNEW DELHI: Indian surgeons have cut a kidney weighing the same as...
  22. Jofra Archer plays a shot during the fifth day of the first cricket test between England and New Zealand. Photo: AFPEngland captain Joe Root said rookie fast bowler Jofra Archer had a lot to learn as the tourists slumped to an innings defeat by New...
  23. "I'm really happy with a lot of our stuff this season, so maybe that means we are slightly ahead of the curve." Photo: Reuters Frank Lampard believes he will learn a lot about his young Chelsea side from how they react to their defeat at...
  24. Recently, a heartwarming image of an elderly couple, shot in Kolkata metro by a Kolkata-based photographer Sudip Chakraborty, surfaced on the internet. Since then, it has been winning people's hearts. The picture, shared by Sudip on Facebook and Instagram, is quite impactful as it depicts love and simplicity of an elderly couple traveling in the metro. What people loved about the picture is that, in it, wife was carefully wrapping a muffler around her husband's neck and the picture has done justice in capturing that moment of love. Sudip told HT, “The image was captured on the last metro of the day as it was approaching Kavi Subhas station.” “I saw an elderly couple, where the wife was putting a muffler around her husband. I took several shots, and had later interacted with them after deboarding at the station to know that they reside in Patuli, Baishnabghata township,” he added. The post has gone viral on the internet and is flooded with likes and comments with heart emoticons. Also, the image landed on Twitter and here's what people have to say about the heart-warming picture: What a "COINCIDENCE" with LIC's Adv. and the original story. â¤ï¸ðð #Kolkata #kolkatametro #Indian @Kolkatametro_ — Ranjan Kumar Bose (@RanjanKumarBos5) November 22, 2019 Best part is the LIC adv. behind... "...Zindagi bhar ka saath" ðâ¤ï¸ð pic.twitter.com/ZKvuRyAm6K — Aditya Saraswat (@saraswatadi26) November 22, 2019 This is called a successful life. Asli Zindagi — Akash Singh. (@denirofellas) November 21, 2019 Loved it. So divine to see their live. So fulfillingðð — Kishore Setlur (@kbsetlur) November 24, 2019 The picture is being widely shared ever since it was made available online. It has already garnered over 2,500 likes so far. View the full article
  25. Rajkumar Hirani, the man who forged the most surreal oeuvre of cinematic excellence with merely five films to his name. An industry outsider who happened to be a crazed possessor of commendable directorial vision, it took this 'five-film wonder' just one shot to create a niche for himself in Bollywood. Today Rajkumar Hirani is nothing less than an industry giant who has produced unique tales of love, life and fathered modern fables which have stood the test of time to this day. © Twitter/SirJadeja It all started back in 2000 when Rajkumar Hirani got the 'big break' of his career. Having unsuccessfully dabbled with film editing and advertising for years, Hirani finally got a chance to edit Vidhu Vinod Chopra's Mission Kashmir. Though the film failed to make an impact at the box office, it succeeded to Hirani on the map. His directorial debut came soon after in 2003 with Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. and thus began Rajkumar Hirani's unmissable journey to becoming Bollywood's 'five-film wonder' with five consecutive blockbusters at the box office. © Twitter/ManashDewanji From Munna Bhai to Sanju, Rajkumar Hirani weaved the most convincing tales which tied the audience to his narrative and got them hooked for more. With Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. Hirani furnished a side of Indian consciousness that thrives on titles and accomplishments. A shared dream every Indian wants to bite into - a distinguished job title and a possibility of climbing up the social ladder. But Hirani managed to unveil the futility of this rat race when placed against the facade people try to keep up by crushing personal dreams. A splendid tale of life and dreams that may or may not come to pass in a lifetime. © Vinod Chopra Productions Lago Raho Munna Bhai almost came through as a modernised refurbishing of Gandhigiri. With this comedy-drama, Hirani brought forth the timelessness of a way of a forgotten way of life that rests of calls for peace and togetherness. The 'Get Well Soon(s)', call for honesty and non-violence were seen to be valid even decades after the passing of Gandhi and Hirani sent out that message loud and clear with every antic Munna pulls off in the film. © Vinod Chopra Films The glory that is 3 Idiots needs no introduction. The story may have been inspired by Chetan Bhagat's Five Point Someone, but the final product was far more indulging and cathartic thanks to the indisputable vision of Rajkumar Hirani. The coming-of-age tale of three mates, and the numerous sub-plots held so many life lessons, even a life coach would fail to come up with them all in under three hours of runtime. © Vinod Chopra Films PK, on the other hand, was a different matter altogether. The all-consuming yet simple ways in which Hirani manages to logically uncover the loopholes in the Indian belief system, as well as the workings of blind faith and superstitions, is nothing short of marvellous! The flawed sense of God that mankind has come to practise, lay bare as PK attacks the culprits oh-so-subtly in this film. It hit many a nail on the head and received honest critical acclaim it deserved. © Vinod Chopra Films Most recently, it was Ranbir Kapoor starrer Sanju which added the final feather to Hirani's hat. The film and its narrative enthralled the audience as they beheld a contemporary biographical film based on the life of a controversial personality. It might be true when people said that Hirani tried to “repaint” Sanjay Dutt's public image with this film, but we must give the man credit where it's due because he does leave ample space for the audience to come to their own conclusion despite his personal inclinations - what else could make for a great trait in a director? Rajkumar Hirani is a storyteller in the truest right. One who creates not with a pen and paper, but weaves tales in frames, sitting behind a camera. View the full article
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