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Found 1,144 results

  1. Cardi B says ?I pray we don?t go back to that. I can only imagine how other people felt around America and the world."
  2. In the last couple of months, you may have noticed that you're getting more pimples than ever before. Pandemic stress-induced acne and maskne have been common talking points all last year as we notice that breakouts were prominent not just on the face but also on the rest of the body. But, if we're talking about body acne specifically, how are they different from the breakouts that we see on our face? © iStock Chest and back acne is known as folliculitis, and it stems from pores clogged with oil, dead skin, or other gunk. Why have these breakouts become more frequent lately?The emotional and physical stress of the pandemic has definitely contributed to the rise in acne. There is also a significant lifestyle change that we all acclimated to when we sat at home for months at end, which contributes to acne. For example, sitting for more hours causes more friction on the butt which leads to more breakouts. If you're not taking a bath as often and let's face it, we're all guilty of it, that too contributes to rising in clogged pores which causes acne. Eating more junk at home and grabbing more donuts, pizza, ice cream and wine too is responsible for exacerbating your acne __ECOMPRODUCT__233__ How to treat body acneFirstly, find ways to de-stress yourself. At-home exercises and yoga are great at relieving your stress. Creating a balance in terms of ordering in food from outside and throwing in more healthy food options to take care of your diet will also help. Buy Dermoys Body Wash Body acne can be treated with the same products and ingredients that you use for your face. When it comes to a body wash, opt for a cleanser that is packed with acne-fighting ingredients like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.. __ECOMPRODUCT__1083__ View the full article
  3. Photo: © Twitter (Main Image)Republic TV founder, Arnab Goswami, manages to be part of some or the other controversy all the time. Now, his WhatsApp chats have been leaked where he purportedly suggests that he already knew about India’s plans to conduct airstrikes against Pakistan- in retaliation to the February 2019 Pulwama attack, days before the attack took place. © Twitter Times Now His Whatsapp chats are with former Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC) chief executive Partho Dasgupta. The chats created havoc when they went viral on social media. Among many other things, the chats also suggest that Goswami had prior knowledge of major government decisions including the Balakot airstrikes and the scrapping of Article 370. Now, social media is flooded with comments suggesting that he should be arrested for treason and #ArrestArnabTraitor is trending on Twitter. A Twitter user wrote, “The issue is very serious that a Journalist made a discussion on national security where he knows all the matters in prior, how this could have happened in a democratic country? I would surprise about how he acknowledged this information by. Arrest such people.” The issue is very serious that a Journalist made a discussion on national security where he knows all the matters in prior, how this could be happened in democratic country? I would surprise about how he acknowledged this information by. Arrest such people. #ArrestTraitorArnab pic.twitter.com/0FtMcqv1Vc — जय भीम Dr. Prashant Rathor 🇮🇳 (@DrRathor13579) January 21, 2021 Here’s what people have to say about it- Arnab Goswami is a stigma to journalism and to our nation. His sentence "We won like crazy" on 40 Soldiers in pulwama attack and knowing beforehand of Balakot Strike news is 100% sign of Anti-National activities.#ArrestTraitorArnab pic.twitter.com/d6wLtC2Q3Z — Sandip Gopani 🇮🇳 (@sandipGopani_) January 21, 2021The silence of govt speak thousands words of their involvement in Pulwama attack & leaking military information which could have compromised the security of more soldiers deployed in Jammu & Kashmir. For NIA, this is not security threat. #ArrestTraitorArnab pic.twitter.com/iHalztE118 — PUNJABI REVIEW (@punjabireview_) January 21, 2021#ArrestTraitorArnab but also initiate a proper investigation in order to find out and fix all those who acted as traitors against the national security in the recently exposed #ArnabGate episode. #ArrestTraitorArnab pic.twitter.com/jeanBitmX9 — surbhi moury🇪🇺OBC🇪🇺 (@surbhimoury) January 21, 2021Arnab He calls himself Patriot!!!!! Where is the Equality and Justice#ArrestTraitorArnab #ArnabGaddarHai pic.twitter.com/vpjVtpGNlX — Holagunda PFi (@HolagundaP) January 21, 2021Yes the bigger concern is who gave the information to him. Arnab is just the puppet of whom, all know.For what the republic tv is we all know. — Ankit Jain (@AnkitJa81653061) January 21, 2021Seriously bro are you serious It was obvious that something big was going to happen and because these was a large troop movement to the Kashmir and other states people who follow this already knew that something big is on the way. Facts man don't be like congress andbhakt. — Abhishek Verma (@Abhishe99799039) January 21, 2021Gaddar Arnab, How dare you rejoiced martyrdom of our 40 CRPF boys ? You are more brutal and anti Indian than those terrorists.#ArrestTraitorArnab pic.twitter.com/aurNHsrcoz — Naveen Shahi (@Naveen_Kr_Shahi) January 21, 2021Earlier, he managed to get into a controversy with comedian Kunal Kamra. Kunal Kamra is also known to have quite 'heavy feelings' for Mr Goswami (as we all know), and his sentiments for Arnab Goswami never changed. Kunal made sure that he never failed to express his views about Arnab publically and came up with innovative ideas to insult him and entertain the audience. Kunal and filmmaker Anurag Kashyap in Spetember 2020 went to Republic TV’s office to give Arnab Goswami the 'excellence in journalism award'. Both of them went to the studio premises with actual slippers framed and were denied entry inside Republic TV premises. What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below! View the full article
  4. Here's what might be expected of the 'unseen' side of Meghan Markle that her father Thomas Markle will reveal
  5. Shaving on a daily basis may give you a skilled hand, but will also worsen your skin. Any man who has been shaving regularly for a long time now can vouch for this. Regular shaving tends to dry out the skin and make it rougher with time. It also makes your beard hair rough and difficult to handle. This is where a pre-shave oil steps in and makes your job easier. As the name suggests, a pre-shave oil is meant to be used before shaving. It preps up your beard and makes sure that you get smoother shaves, with minimal effort. Not just this, there are many more benefits of this underrated shaving product. Here are 5 reasons why you should add a pre-shave oil to your routine, pronto. __ECOMLOOKS__2443__ __ECOMLOOKS__2444__ __ECOMLOOKS__2445__ __ECOMLOOKS__2446__ __ECOMLOOKS__2447__ The Bottomline Go on and try out a pre-shave oil. Trust us, you won’t regret it. It will make your life easier and your skin a whole lot smoother. Explore More View the full article
  6. In 2021, as consumers, we are becoming more aware of what goes into the product that we use on our skin. In fact, more people have started reading the back labels of packages than ever before. More than ever, we have an understanding, that in order to get the best skin, we need to know what we treat our skin with or what product we lather-up our face with, In fact, even state departments like the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has banned around 30 chemicals for use in beauty and grooming products. This explains the ever-growing demand for 'clean' or ''natural' grooming products. But how can one be certain that the product that is claiming to be clean is actually clean? Clean products, by definition, are nontoxic, often plant-based, and safe for humans, and not toxic for the environment. This directly means steering clear of certain ingredients when it comes to your grooming products, these include: Parabens: Infamous for the reputation of being 'endocrine disruptors,' they mimic estrogen inside the body, which can cause hormonal and reproductive damage. © iStock Phthalates: A compound that helps preserve fragrances, but has been infamously linked to hormonal disruption and reproductive damage. © iStock Fragrance: There's a reason most beauty bloggers like us to be wary of scented products. Many scented grooming products use synthetics to create these aromas. This is precisely the reason why one should steer clear of scented products. Refined petroleum: The production of refined petroleum is inarguably harmful to the planet and the use has been linked to cancer as well. © iStock Chemical sunscreens: Toxic ingredients you need to be on the lookout for include oxybenzone and avobenzone and steep percentages of octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate, or octinoxate. They also have the reputation to disrupt both estrogen and testosterone production and besides that, they’re extremely harmful to marine life, also. © iStock Sulfates: Most products that form a lather when emulsified with hands have sulfates. Usually labelled, SLS and SLES (sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium lauryl ether sulfate). Built over time, they can prove to be carcinogenic. Besides, a sulfate-free grooming routine is better for your hair and skin.) View the full article
  7. The widely popular web series Mirzapur is under the scanner now as an FIR has been filed against the producers of the web show. A case has been filed against the OTT platform Prime Video as well in Varanasi for allegedly hurting religious sentiments and 'distorting' the image of Mirzapur, a city known for the shrine of Goddess Vindyavasini, reported The Times of India. © Prime Video Mirzapur SP Ajay Kumar Singh told the publication, "Based on a complaint of one Arvind Chaturvedi, an FIR has been filed against the producers of Mirzapur and Amazon Prime Video under relevant sections of IPC and IT Act". Meanwhile, the report also states that the producers of the web show Ritesh Sidwani, Farhan Akhtar, Bhaumik Gondaliya and Amazon Prime Video have been booked under sections 295-A (deliberate and malicious acts, intended to outrage religious feelings of any class by insulting its religion and religious beliefs), 504 (intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of the peace), 505 (with intent to incite, or which is likely to incite, any class or community of persons to commit any offence against any other class or community), 34 (criminal acts done by several persons in furtherance of common intention) of IPC and 67A (publishing of content containing sexually explicit act) of IT Act. © Prime Video Furthermore, Chaturvedi alleged in his complaint that Mirzapur contains abusive words, shows illicit relationships and has been made to hurt the religious and social sentiments of the people of Mirzapur. What’s The Mirzapur Series About The web series follows the mafia boss of Mirzapur Akhandnand Tripathi (Pankaj Tripathi) and his son Munna (Divyendu Sharmaa), the power-hungry heir who stops at nothing to continue his father's legacy. The second season of the series got released in October last year, which was bloodier than Season 1. © Prime Video In a similar instance, an FIR has been lodged against the makers of the newly released web series Tandav for promoting enmity and causing public mischief. Lucknow deputy commissioner of police (Central) Somen Barma said, “The FIR [lodged at the Hazratganj police station on Sunday] has been lodged against Aparna Purohit, an official of Amazon, series director Ali Abbas Zafar, producer Himanshu Krishna Mehra, its writer Gaurav Solanki, and others.” © Prime Video Meanwhile, Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati has demanded the removal of the objectionable portions from the show. In a tweet, she said that protests were being registered over some scenes of the web series, which hurts religious sentiments, which is why it would appropriate to remove the objectionable portions. View the full article
  8. Ana de Armas broke off the ties over Ben Affleck wanting to live with his kids
  9. Beards can make or break the look. But, if you have been thinking of taking out your grooming kit to shave or chop it off, think again. There's more to growing a beard than just aesthetic reasons as it has undeniable advantages that most people don’t know or talk about. Here are some reasons why growing a beard has a lot of advantages: 1. Blocks UV Rays © Instagram/Virat Kohli Just like the hair on your head protects you from sunburn, your beard protects your skin from the harsh UV rays as well. The lower part of the face is protected from the damaging rays, protecting your skin from early ageing woes. As per a study, at least 95% of UV exposure is blocked. Not just in summers, but the beard can keep your skin warm in the cold weather as well. 2. Beards Fight For You © Instagram/Suniel Shetty If there's one barrier that can prevent your skin from harmful dirt, dust or allergies, it's a beard. The beard has a whole new level of filtering protection and the small allergens stay away from your mouth as well as your skin. When you combine your moustache with your beard, it is two-fold protection and to maintain the same, nourish your beard with beard oil. 3. Beards Can Keep Your Skin Moist © Instagram/Jamie Dornan Shaving leads to opening your pores in the skin and can cause cuts that can lead to dryness. In summers and winters, the pores can make your skin lose the moisture. For that to end, grow a beard to avoid all these issues and ensure a healthy-looking skin! 4. Growing A Beard Will Let You Save Time © Instagram/Shahid Kapoor The average man spends approximately about 4.5 months in shaving. Imagine all the time you would save and invest it somewhere else. Try it out! 5. Beards Prevent Acne © Instagram/Jason Mamoa If your skin is prone to acne or other skin disorders, put the razor down and grow a beard. Shaving leads to irritation and ultimately, rashes. But growing that luxurious beard will totally save you from the acne trouble. View the full article
  10. When Prime Video dropped the teaser trailer of Saif Ali Khan's Tandav, people were left asking for more and wanted to see the political drama on their laptop screens. According to Prime Video, 'the series takes the viewers inside the closed, chaotic corridors of power and uncover the manipulations, charades as well as the dark secrets of people who will go to any lengths in pursuit of power. It seems like the web series hasn't been able to meet the expectations of people who are clearly not pleased by the content and are calling it pure propaganda. People are also complaining of the poor script and have also pointed out that the music has been taken from the movie Joker and edited for the show. They are people who have advised to invest their time in watching South Indian movies because they have a realistic approach. People have lost their cool as they feel that the makers are justifying what happened in the JNU. People are even planning to boycott the show altogether. #AmazonPrime par ek Web series aayi hai #Tandav...Pura Librandupan dikha diya hai, Mahadev se f*** bulva rahe hai JNU ke azaadi slogans justify kar rahe hai Dalito par atyachar hota hai Indira Gandhi aur Sanjay Gandhi ki maut ka majak bnate hai Aur na jane kya kya#TandavOnPrime — Gaurav Nagar (@gauravnagar_) January 15, 2021Not satisfied. Pure propaganda. #Tandav #TandavOnPrime https://t.co/nTm0Hsnp0a — darshik pathak (@darshikpathak) January 15, 2021It's poorly written, poor editing and the music looks like an edit from Joker. Such cliches are what is being filled up on OTT. #Tandav — J o h n Z a t z s k i (@johnzatzski) January 15, 2021#Tandav No need to boycott tandav because they are already are making shi!ty anarchist stuff with the tadka of propagandists artist like ayub who was standing in against of CAA without even reading it once. Wanna watch real stuff, go with south indian movies. — Sharad (@thekantapguy) January 15, 2021These madrachod's fundamentalists jihadists and liberals make fun of our culture religion and deities through movies and web series! and hurt our religious faith. And the government remains silent, After all, why are these dogs not acted upon?#Tandav pic.twitter.com/sT8LkRVDrI — Sameer 🇮🇳🏻 (@iam_smirza) January 15, 2021Far from being a political thriller, #Tandav is a PR exercise for the only university in India that gets maximum media coverage. Biased plot aside, faulty screenplay and horrible performances destroy it anyway. #TandavOnPrime — Vanamali (@ONEMALI) January 15, 2021महा वाहियात ।#Tandav — Ammar Malick (@ammarmallick) January 15, 2021This show is just propagating views which are dangerous to society.Ban it #Tandav #bantandav — Nikhil Tyagi (@nickchamp26) January 15, 2021 One of the scenes has been going viral as people are bashing Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub for mocking Lord Shri Ram and Lord Shiva. People are upset with the fact that the makers always target the Hindu Gods thus playing with the sentiments of people. #Tandav on @PrimeVideoIN A anti-hindu agenda web series. Shri Ram and Shiva openly abused and ridiculed. Shiva says "What The Fcuk". What can you expect from characters like @aliabbaszafar #SaifAliKhan @Mdzeeshanayyub @GAUAHAR_KHAN pic.twitter.com/tiZAh44JTc — Accost (@Accost01) January 15, 2021Reading some of the positive reviews of #Tandav . Can't find anything story related. Only people rejoicing in giving it back to 'bhakts' and how Hindu gods are mocked. Anti-modi hote hote anti-Hindu and anti-India hote ja rahe ho tum log. I hope the realisation happens soon. — Shaani Nani (@shaaninani) January 15, 2021Yes.. Fun on shiv ji, PM tanasha, jnu types police attack n police shown in bad light, farmers protest, azaadi naare, n M people targeted... This #Tandav is totally propoganda based#TandavOnPrime — Crime Master Gogo (@vipul2777) January 15, 2021 Then, there's a section of people who are rooting for Tandav as it shows the realities of the era we are living in and are giving back to the 'bhakts' who are offended. #Tandav is a must watch for Left Winge Politics lovers and for those who hate BJP. JNU is portrayed as VNU .. same azaadi slogans are there.. Inquilab Zindabad slogans are there..the series starts with the slogan " kisaan ekta zindabad ".Watch it before it's too late. ️️️️ — suchetan roy (@suchetanroy1) January 15, 2021Watched first episode of #Tandav on @PrimeVideo. Very reminiscent of our times. Not surprised Bhakts already clamouring for a boycott. Waiting for the real thing in 2024. pic.twitter.com/GltR0T2Xd7 — Rohit Kuttappan (@RohitKuttappan) January 15, 2021#Tandav is a fantastic, mind blowing political series because some of the thing is very straight that some people can not resist — Vikas prajapati (@VickyStark3000) January 15, 2021Talking about the theme of the show, Creator, Director, and Producer Ali Abbas Zafar had earlier said, “Through Tandav, we take audiences into the power-hungry world of politics. As you watch the show, you’ll realize that there is no right or wrong, there is no black or white; the world of power is about the world of greys. I believe that content must be backed by credible performances and I am fortunate to have such heavyweights in the show. I’m excited that my debut as a creator-director in the digital domain is with Amazon Prime Video which will take this intriguing and gripping story of Tandav to millions across the world!” Apart from Saif Ali Khan and Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub, the show stars Dimple Kapadia, Sunil Grover, Tigmanshu Dhulia, Dino Morea, Kumud Mishra, Gauahar Khan, Amyra Dastur, Kritika Kamra, Sarah Jane Dias, Sandhya Mridul, Annup Sonii, Hitten Ttejwani, Paresh Pahuja, and Shonali Nagrani among others. Do you agree with people's opinions? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  11. A day ago, Kangana Ranaut announced she will star in the second installment of the Manikarnika franchise, titled Manikarnika Returns: The Legend Of Didda. The whole day, people celebrated the actor as she is coming up with one more story that talks about strong women of our national history. Didda was the Queen of Kashmir who defeated Mehmood Ghaznavi twice in battle. Her one leg was polio-stricken but she was one of the greatest warriors. हमारा भारतवर्ष साक्षी रहा है झाँसी की रानी जैसे कई वीरांगनाओं की कहानी का. ऐसी ही एक और अनकही वीरगाथा है कश्मीर की एक रानी की, जिसने महमूद गजनवी को एक नहीं, दो बार हराया. ले कर आ रहे हैं @KamalJain_TheKJ और मैं, #ManikarnikaReturns: The Legend of Didda pic.twitter.com/sgrqkqilj6 — Kangana Ranaut (@KanganaTeam) January 14, 2021 Hours after the movie was announced, Ashish Kaul, author of Didda - Kashmir Ki Yodha Rani, accused the actor of "blatantly violating his sole rights". Yes, you heard it right. Speaking to TheTimes Of India, the author said it was completely illegal and an absolute violation of the IPR and the copyright laws of the same country that Kangana swears by. #ManikarnikaReturns The Legend of Didda ... is about to be top trend now .... thank you friends https://t.co/Rrmysr1vkT — Kangana Ranaut (@KanganaTeam) January 14, 2021 He told the daily, "Is it believable by any stretch of the imagination that a story and a book is being usurped by a renowned actor-turned-social activist? She may even turn around and claim that Didda is a historical figure, which is true except the fact that no historian in the world, apart from Kalhan who wrote just two pages on her, and me, who has spent six years on research and documentation, who have information on her. I am deeply aghast that a person as aware, knowledgeable, and apparently a nationalist and a voice for causes, has chosen to belittle her image so." He further added, "She has blatantly violated my sole rights; it is illegal and an absolute violation of the IPR and copyright laws of the same country that she swears by. I find it so brazen and hideous and I am still inclined to believe that Kangana has been misguided.” He also claimed that he had approached the actor to write a foreword for the Hindi version of the book in September last year but never got a reply from her or her then manager, Rangoli Chandel. We wonder how Kangana would respond to these claims by the author. This only time will tell. What do you have to say about this entire fiasco? Let us know in the comments section below! View the full article
  12. Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub, who is known for his on-screen versatility and stellar performances, is all set to enthrall the audience with his power-packed act in his upcoming web series, Tandav. He is someone who always chooses to speak on the political matter of the country, especially when most of the industry chooses to be a mute spectator. कल shoot से मौक़ा मिला। #SinghuBorder का चक्कर लगा लिया गया। ये अपने आप में अनुभव है!!! #isupportfarmersprotest #IStandWithFarmers 🏽🏽🏽 pic.twitter.com/52usEwymOT — Mohd. Zeeshan Ayyub (@Mdzeeshanayyub) December 12, 2020 Now, he is a part of a political web show, Tandav, wherein he will be seen playing the role of a revolutionary who's not okay with the system. In real life too, Ayyub voices his opinions without any fear. Not every actor wants to speak about the political scenario and it's noticed that actors steer clear away from politics. In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Ayyub was asked the reason behind actors staying mum on many issues. To which he responded, "I would say that there is a fear among the makers as there's a lot of money involved in the movies so if there's any backlash on our statements, it might create a problem. I do understand that aspect but I don't agree with it as I am always active on social media. This is a misconception that an artist should only focus on just art. This is a rigid mindset and I would want to say that art is no different as it's inspired from the realities around us and it's difficult for an artist to completely cut off from the society around him." Why actors are told not to take interest in politics? @Mdzeeshanayyub answers...#TalkingFilms #BollywoodHungama YT: https://t.co/7S3LophNpF pic.twitter.com/VK16LEpd1D — BollyHungama (@Bollyhungama) January 12, 2021 He went on to add that the youth needs to speak up if they want a change and he further stated that it's the ignorance that we have when it comes to politics that has resulted in these many problems. "I would want to quote Bertolt Brecht as he said that the worst illiterate is a political illiterate because that imbecile doesn't understand that the corrupt politicians, rising pricing of cereals, and all other problems are happening because of the lack of their interest in politics. They start taking pride in their ignorance and that's what breaks a nation. When you talk about India, students need to have an interest in politics as they are free of other burdens. These students need to raise their voices for the future they want," added the actor. "Bertolt Brecht kehte the ke, the worst illiterate is a political illiterate, because that imbecile doesn't understand that...": @Mdzeeshanayyub #TalkingFilms #BollywoodHungama YT: https://t.co/7S3LophNpF pic.twitter.com/OaG6SMY1yR — BollyHungama (@Bollyhungama) January 12, 2021 Do you agree with his opinions? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  13. Whether it’s in terms of skincare or overall health, we have all heard the word “collagen” being used more often than ever before. For those of you who may not know, collagen is actually the most abundant protein in our body. It is a major component of the connecting tissues that make up most of our body parts like skin and muscles. In other words, it is the tissue that helps you “keep it together”, quite literally. In recent years, we have seen a huge growth in the popularity of collagen supplements and collagen skincare products. Why, you ask? Well, that’s exactly what we are here to discuss. Here are 5 scientifically proven health benefits of taking collagen and why it’s one of the most popular supplements out there. 1. Improves Skin Elasticity Skin ageing is one of the natural processes that no one can avoid. With age, your body starts to produce less collagen. This leads to the formation of wrinkles and other signs of ageing start to show up. Taking collagen supplements or using collagen skincare products can help you improve the elasticity of your skin. It also helps in treating dryness and keeps the skin plump and hydrated. __ECOMPRODUCT__1060__ __ECOMPRODUCT__1061__ 2. Relieves Joint Pain Joint pain can be caused due to various reasons and ageing is another one of those causes. Taking collagen supplements is proven to reduce the risks of osteoarthritis and other degenerative joint problems. Most of these problems are caused because of reduced collagen in the cartilages. Many people also take collagen as a preventive measure to avoid such problems. __ECOMPRODUCT__1062__ 3. Stronger Bones Like many other body parts, bones are also made up of huge portions of collagen. With age, bone density also reduces, which means your bones become weaker. Taking collagen will help you increase bone mass and density. Stronger bones also mean that you’re at a lower risk of fractures and other related problems. __ECOMPRODUCT__1063__ 4. Boosts Muscle Mass We already know that protein helps in improving muscle mass. To be even more precise, collagen is the type of protein that helps stimulate muscle growth post exercising. There is enough research backing the fact that collagen is extremely important to improve muscle mass and build strength, especially for young adults who are just beginning to age. __ECOMPRODUCT__1064__ 5. Improves Hair Growth The lesser known fact about collagen is that it also helps in improving hair growth and reducing hair ageing. Hair loss, patterned baldness and greying of the hair are all signs of ageing. Increased collagen in your body will prevent brittleness and keep your hair looking and feeling young. The same holds true for your skin, nails and any other part of your body where ageing is visible. __ECOMPRODUCT__1065__ The Bottomline There you go, now you know why collagen has become the ultimate anti-ageing weapon for everyone. ageing is a very natural process, but it has the most adverse effects on our body. This is exactly why adding collagen supplements to your life can actually be a great choice. However, do take a professional’s advice before trying it out. Explore More View the full article
  14. Such high attendance is a concern; it means schools will continue to be a source of transmission for the virus
  15. A report on the recent power blackout in the country has been submitted to the Power Division
  16. With questionable privacy decisions made by WhatsApp, a lot of people are now looking to switch from WhatsApp to other messengers apps. Telegram and Signal seem to be top choices right now as they are said to be better than WhatsApp at handling user privacy. In this story, we'll particularly talk about Signal and the kind of features it offers. In case you are wondering about the kind of features you get on Signal, then here's a quick list of WhatsApp features that are already on Signal. Disappearing Messages © Singal WhatsApp recently introduced the ability to send disappearing messages on its app. But this feature has been available on Signal for years now. For those of you who don't know, this feature will automatically delete your messages after a set period of time and keep your chat clean. WhatsApp limits the timer to only seven days, but Signal lets you choose anything between 5 seconds to a week. Read Receipts & Typing IndicatorsIf you like using the read receipts feature on WhatsApp, then you won't be missing out much because Singal also supports the feature. Of course, it can be turned off so others can't see when you read their texts. The app also supports typing indicators and it shows when someone is typing. Full Group Support © Reuters One of the main reasons why people are hesitant about switching to other apps is the fact that we all have multiple groups on WhatsApp. Well, guess what? Signal also supports groups with admin roles and it's very similar to how WhatsApp handles groups. End-to-end EncryptionEnd-to-end encryption, for those of you who don't know, is basically a privacy feature that ensures only the intended recipients are able to read the messages and their contents. Just like WhatsApp, Signal also supports end-to-end encryption and it's a great feature to have. Attachments & Forwarding MessagesJust like WhatsApp, Signal also lets you send attachments in any format except APKs. And unlike WhatsApp, Signal doesn't compress the photos that are sent as heavily as WhatsApp does. Additionally, the app also supports forwarding messages to other users or groups. View the full article
  17. Over the last few months, there’s been just one go-to destination for entertainment – our mobile phones. We have been hooked onto them & how! After mastering the art of binge-watching web series, we are now moving on to snacking on short videos! For those of you who are not aware of the new slang, snack videos are short-format videos that you can consume on the go. In the vast sea of content, there’s one platform that has managed to keep this genre of content entertaining, engaging, and thrilling and that’s the recently launched MX TakaTak app. Thanks to the easy-to-use interface and interactive community of creators and viewers, MX TakaTak has given rise to multiple digital sensations like GimaAshi (22 million followers), Aashika Bhatia (16 million followers), Jannat Zubair (28 million followers), and Nisha Gurgain (28 million followers) amongst others. MX TakaTak That’s not all! MX TakaTak hosts the largest community of influencers on the web with more than 15 million unique content creators. With the app, every content creator has access to mobile-first content creation tools like an exhaustive background music library, advanced beautification tools, new innovative filters/effects, sound mixing, voice recording, and a lot more. The short video app has also announced a MX TakaTak Creator Fund to encourage more and more entertainers to create engaging content. MX TakaTak Fame House was just one of the many brilliant moves the platform is making to provide these digital starts with more fandom. MX TakaTak Wondering how to start snacking on MX TakaTak? It’s simple. Download the MX TakaTak app, pick your favourite genre from music, comedy, DIY, food, sports, memes and hit play. View the full article
  18. In your teens, you might have idolized a few Bollywood movies and even wanted to live the lives of your favourite characters. But after a certain age, you realize that you are an idiot who made films like Shah Rukh Khan’s Mohabbatein one of your favourite movies because you thought, back then, it was romantic. In the real case scenario, it’s not a movie that anyone should take lessons from because it’s problematic to its core. Yes, you heard it right, and here are 5 reasons why we think it shouldn’t be seen as a cult love story. 1. Stalking Is Not Normal © YRF The movie made stalking look romantic and women in the movie fell for stalkers. Vicky (Uday Chopra) falls in love with Ishika (Shamita Shetty) by seeing her just once. He leaves no stone unturned in relentlessly pursuing her until she finally says a yes and falls in love with him. Karan (Jimmy Sheirgill) is no less when it comes to stalking. He goes a level ahead and takes a part-time job at his lover Kiran’s (Preeti Jhangiani) house. 2. Romancing A Ghost - What An Idea? © YRF This is not romantic at all but, in fact, it’s traumatic and scary. It’s not normal to keep seeing your loved ones after they have passed away. Raj (Shah Rukh Khan) keeps seeing Megha (Aishwarya Rai Bachchan) after her death and in fact, the two do dance numbers with each other. In the real case scenario, you need to speak to your therapist, seek some professional advice, and not follow Mohabbatein. 3. Romanticising Suicide Is Not Accepted © YRF Megha commits suicide after her father Narayan Shankar (Amitabh Bachchan) doesn’t accept the love of her life. The whole time, her decision was seen as an act of sacrifice for her loved ones. This shouldn’t be advocated as taking your own life is not okay. 4. A Delusional School Life © YRF We wished for a school life like this when we were teenagers because it was probably cool to break the school gates and be some sort of rebels. In one of the scenes, the three leading men decide to give it to back to the principal by breaking the gates of the school as ‘hawaon ka rukh modna hai’ and in which corner of the world, teachers tell you to keep pursuing the women you love despite them having boyfriends. In this ‘paathshala’, students do everything else but study. 5. Bollywood’s Typical Portrayal Of WomenThe whole idea of hyper-sexualizing women is prevalent in our cinema. When Ishika and Sanjana sing, “Itni Jaldi Laaj Ka Ghunghat Nahi Kholungi" , you know what they are indicating. Ishika and Sanjana are shown as brats because they wear short clothes almost all the time while Kiran is shown as someone who always stays mum and is seen wearing Indian clothes because that’s ‘sanskaari’. What do you think about our observations? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
  19. Bigg Boss 14 has constantly been in the news after the challengers have entered the house. This week, the contestants are going through an emotional meltdown as they are getting to meet their family members. Bigg Boss 13's Rashami Desai arrived as the guest for Vikas Gupta as no one from his family came to meet him. During their interaction, Rashami advised Gupta to not indulge in personal remarks in the game. After Rashami Desai's exit, Jasmin Bhasin said, "Mujhe ek baat par hasi aayi. Personal grudges ki baat karti hai. Bt apne pure season isne personal grudges nikale.Sab ko ghaseet lia tha. (I felt it funny that she talked about not taking out personal grudges in the game while all she did last season was getting personal. She even brought my name into it.)" Now, people on social media are brutally trolling Jasmin for statements and standing in favour of Rashami. From 'JasMean' to 'Dustbin' to 'Naagin', people have called her names and are not okay with how she spoke ill about Rashami. JasMean is really vicious Proud To Be Rashamian#RashamiDesai https://t.co/MAC8gqKUnT — HiRa Fanboy (@HiRa_Fanboy) January 8, 2021 When ever i try to like jasmean, but she does somethin and tells that she is full of negativity. dusre ke majak udane ke chakar me khud ka udd rha he. Proud To Be Rashamian#RashamiDesai — Rashami and Rubina Fanboy (@Rashami_Rubina) January 8, 2021 Mei bhi naagin #DustbinBhasin ki 1 video post keri hu usse bhi viral kar de na #RashamiDesai #SidharthShukIa — Mosu (@merijaanhaitu) January 8, 2021 This week was going good for #JasminBhasin but she had to ruin it. #RashamiDesai said to #AlyGoni not to bring personal muddas but Jasmin being obnoxious and jealous instead taking it +ve started badmouthing, RD didn't say anything wrong.True face revealed #RubinaDilaik #BB14 — Bbcritic (@Merelyatweeter) January 8, 2021 The name JasMean seriously suits her. I'm a SidHeart, but what she said about Rash is WRONG. She was an ex-contestant and is giving constructive criticism. Rash gave more content in one epi, than Jasmin has given in the entire season. #RashmiDesai #BB14 #BiggBoss14 — Ꮪ ꭺ ꭹ ꭼ ꮪ ꮋ ꭺ ♡ (@attagirlx_) January 8, 2021 It's awful to see Jasmin Bhasin being so negative against #RashamiDesai She's no more #JasMeanBhasin, abhi yeh #JasMeanNaagin hai !! #RubinaIsTheWinner #RubiHolics #RubiNav pic.twitter.com/ABxt3Cleom — 🤍 RubinaDilaik (BEST F.C.) (@rubinathecutie1) January 8, 2021 We wonder how would Rashami react to the whole situation. View the full article
  20. Indian pacer Mohammed Siraj went viral on Thursday after a video of him, appearing to be visibly emotional ahead of the third Test of the Border Gavaskar Trophy at the Sydney Cricket Ground, surfaced online. Siraj could be seen wiping away his tears as the national anthem was played. Later on, BCCI uploaded a video where Siraj went on to explain why he got emotional at the moment. “National anthem ke time pe bas dad ki yaad aa gayi thi, toh isiliye…bohot hi emotional jaisa…jo dad dekhna chahte the ki ‘voh Test cricket khela mera beta’…toh bas…aaj voh rehte toh dekh pate. (I remembered my father when the national anthem started playing and got emotional. My father wanted to see his son play a Test match like this. If he was alive today, he would have been able to see me play.)", Siraj explained in the clip. Mohammed Siraj on why he got so emotional while the National Anthem was being played at the SCG.#TeamIndia #AUSvIND pic.twitter.com/zo0Wc8h14A — BCCI (@BCCI) January 7, 2021 Overwhelmed by his response, fans swarmed to bury Siraj with messages of love and positivity, expressing their absolute support to him, and how proud they are of his feat. Respect to you brother ! Have a wonderful career ! Jai Hind 🇮🇳 — Jack. (@carefreetyper) January 7, 2021Salute to u Siraj , Your dad would be so proud Best of luck!! We all know that u r going to — Foziya Fatima (@FoziyaFatima) January 7, 2021Wo dekh rahe hai siraj and he is too proud on you. — Kriti Sharma (@Kriti_Sharma01) January 7, 2021Great really a great hardworking cricketer, we like his bowling action and pace , keep it up.. India's fast bowling future is in safe hands, shami bumrah, saini siraj & yadav, — Sachin Sorte (@SachinSorte30) January 7, 2021Get emotional just listening to that. #JaiHind hope Siraj and the boys get lots of wickets and runs and win the test! #AUSvIND — AR (@Edge2slip) January 7, 2021Siraj’s Test debut came at a great loss as he lost his father last year just when he’d arrived in Australia for the series. However, instead of going back to his family, for which the BCCI had made all the arrangements, he decided to remain with the team and prepare for the series. "He wished that I continue playing for India and make my country proud," Siraj had addressed his father’s wish at the time of his demise. "I just want to fulfil my father's dream." View the full article
  21. Pankaj Tripathi entered the film industry with Run and Omkara in 2004 and has every time made his presence felt on the big screen. From Sacred Games to Stree, he has proved his versatility as well. With Kaagaz, people accepted him as the main lead proving the fact that the definition of a Bollywood hero is changing. The film tells the story of one Bharat Lal, who has been marked as ‘dead’ in the official government papers and is waging a war for reclaiming his identity. “Kaagaz is my first solo hero project, and there's nothing more fulfilling for an actor than the after-feeling of being part of such a strong story,” the actor told Mid-Day. Kaagaz has been streaming online on Zee5 and people who have watched it have given us ample reasons why it’s a must-watch. 1. People are loving how the movie talks about the loopholes in the government system and are also appreciating the entire execution. Keep producing such movies. Superb film 🏽 @satishkaushik2 @TripathiiPankaj #Kaagaz https://t.co/2VbGGjvA9a — Hud Hud Dabangg (@HudHuddDabangg) January 7, 2021What a spectular movie #Kaagaz directed by @satishkaushik2 and tremendous acting by @TripathiiPankaj . Hats off to you guyz. Thanks for giving phenomenon Cinema.#Kaagaz #kaagazreview — Amit kumar sharma (@acaamitsharma) January 7, 20212. People are rooting for Pankaj Tripathi’s power-packed performance as he has outshined himself as Bharat Lal. Just watched #Kaagaz & sad but true condition of so many part of India are revealed. Hats off to @TripathiiPankaj & @Gajjarmonal has done his part exceedingly well. Excellent direction by @satishkaushik2 . You will learn lot of new things. Its a bit on silent note at most parts. pic.twitter.com/KyFGIeBI8x — #Radhe (@RosyMariaOO7) January 7, 2021 3. People are also like how Satish Kaushik has directed the movie and people want directors to make such movies. #Kaagaz @satishkaushik2 kya movie banayi hai sir sarakri system ki actual problem dikhayi aapne..@TripathiiPankaj tripathi ji apke liye koi bhi sabd kam hai jaan hai aap acting ki..@BeingSalmanKhan love to see u produce these movies of hindi cinema — Rajat Kumar Singh (@rajatsinghrab) January 7, 20214. People are also thanking Salman Khan for giving a chance to Pankaj as the lead actor and producing the movie. #Kaagaz ⭐ Best Family Entertainer Movie of this year.@TripathiiPankaj you're the best@satishkaushik2 you're just superb Songs too Full Paisa Vasool Dhamakedar Film Thanks #SalmanKhan for producing this Blockbuster Film@SKFilmsOfficial @ZEE5Premium #Kaagazreview pic.twitter.com/Bg6sZmn8OU — Aayush Salman Trends ™ (@ibeingaayushh) January 6, 2021 5. People have also nominated Pankaj Tripathi for National Awards for his performance. @TripathiiPankaj Bhai national award banta hai!!! What movie sir #Kaagaz luv u. — Prof AMIT PANDEY (@ProfAMITPANDEY1) January 7, 2021 Have you watched it yet? Let us know in the comments section below. View the full article
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