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Found 21 results

  1. The Queen is said to still be "haunted" by an incident which is why she fears for Prince William
  2. DMX was hospitalised after suffering from a heart attack which was reportedly triggered by a drug overdose
  3. ?Baby #Shreyaditya is on its way! @shiladitya and me are thrilled to share this news with you all", Shreya Ghoshal confirmed on March 4
  4. In the last couple of months, you may have noticed that you're getting more pimples than ever before. Pandemic stress-induced acne and maskne have been common talking points all last year as we notice that breakouts were prominent not just on the face but also on the rest of the body. But, if we're talking about body acne specifically, how are they different from the breakouts that we see on our face? © iStock Chest and back acne is known as folliculitis, and it stems from pores clogged with oil, dead skin, or other gunk. Why have these breakouts become more frequent lately?The emotional and physical stress of the pandemic has definitely contributed to the rise in acne. There is also a significant lifestyle change that we all acclimated to when we sat at home for months at end, which contributes to acne. For example, sitting for more hours causes more friction on the butt which leads to more breakouts. If you're not taking a bath as often and let's face it, we're all guilty of it, that too contributes to rising in clogged pores which causes acne. Eating more junk at home and grabbing more donuts, pizza, ice cream and wine too is responsible for exacerbating your acne __ECOMPRODUCT__233__ How to treat body acneFirstly, find ways to de-stress yourself. At-home exercises and yoga are great at relieving your stress. Creating a balance in terms of ordering in food from outside and throwing in more healthy food options to take care of your diet will also help. Buy Dermoys Body Wash Body acne can be treated with the same products and ingredients that you use for your face. When it comes to a body wash, opt for a cleanser that is packed with acne-fighting ingredients like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.. __ECOMPRODUCT__1083__ View the full article
  5. With time one of the things that most men have to deal with is either the greying of hair or the loss of it. There's no stopping either of these two eventualities. While the reasons for pre-mature loss of hair or greying can be countless including a high-stress environment, here are a few things you should know about losing hair: 1. Determine The Kind Of Hair Loss You're Facing © iStock It could either be in your genes in the form of male pattern baldness or in patches that could be alopecia, an autoimmune condition that can make the body attack itself and by effect lose hair. Another instance could be of seasonal hair loss just scaring you. It's important to figure which one you're going through. Ideally, with male pattern baldness, hair loss takes place consistently starting from the crown of your head or right above the temples, as your hairline starts to recede. 2. Talk To A Specialist © iStock If you have a strong hunch that your hair loss is significant, visit a specialist and figure out the cause of your hair loss. While currently, we don't entirely understand the cause of male pattern baldness, it could be because of the hormone Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). As DHT accumulates in your hair follicles it can condition the hair to stall growth. Having said that, other conditions include Alopecia Areata (hair loss in patches), Trichotillomania (fragile hair growth), and Androgenic Alopecia (hair thinning). 3. How Quickly Can You Lose Your Hair? © iStock If your hair has already started thinning or falling, it’s not possible to determine how long it might take for you to lose all of it. However, usually, it takes between five and twenty-five years for the process to complete and that depends from person to person. 4. Can You Stop Hairloss? © iStock Unfortunately, we can't stop hair loss. The progression usually can't be stopped entirely. However, other conditions that cause hair loss like alopecia areata, can clear out with medication. Then, traction alopecia which is caused by constant hair pulling can be avoided by preventing a man bun. 5. Can The Damage Be Reversed?You're aware that hair loss treatments exist and have only evolved in the last couple of years. These range from oral medications to lotions, hair transplants, hair tattoos among others. One can easily access these today, however, it's important to consider all these options carefully. 6. The Other Alternative © iStock If you don't want to trouble yourself with these procedures or medications, a simple way out is to embrace your hair. You could try a plethora of hairstyles that exist out there that flatter men with less hair. From the buzz cut to other hairstyles, one can easily hide the M-shaped receding line. © iStock Find some exciting hairstyles to try here. View the full article
  6. Children's Day Special - What it feels to be a child again for a day! - In association with LEGO India. View the full article
  7. Experts say the prolonged nature of the US epidemic is the result of the cumulative impact of regional outbreaks
  8. Today?s moms-to-be are more likely than women from their mothers? generation to become depressed while pregnant, a study suggests. Photo: Online Today?s moms-to-be are more likely than women from their mothers? generation to become...
  9. CHICAGO: Pakistan's relations with the United States "are very crucial", the country's envoy said Saturday during an address here at a university, Geo News reported.In a lecture session titled "Diplomatic Encounters Series" that focused on the...
  10. What's way cooler than your go to regular art museum, in the city? An underwater art museum! Yes, you read that right and if you want to explore how art truly looks underwater, all you have to do is travel to Lanzarote in Spain. (c)CACT Lanzarote 'Museo Atlantico' , opened in Lanzarote, Spain this week and it's literally breathtaking (if you can hold your breath for long, i.e.!). Designed by British eco-sculptor, Jason deCaires Taylor, this fabulous underwater museum features over 300 works, across 12 installations, all preserved beautifully under water. The installations that are preserved underwater represent a gateway to another world, according to the museum. They also lay emphasis on promoting a better understanding of the marine world and how much the human species depends on the environment under the sea. (c)CACT Lanzarote The collection is about 14- metres deep and has taken about two years to complete and now it's a permanent fixture in the Canary Islands. It was designed to be a 'large scale artificial reef', built with neutral pH materials, which are environment friendly and attract life underwater. (c)CACT Lanzarote According to the museum they "have already experienced a significant increase in the levels of generation and abundance of species, and are already being frequented by angel sharks, shoals of barracuda and sardines, octopus, marine sponges and the occasional butterfly stingray." (c)CACT Lanzarote The art museum also includes a 100 tonne 30-metre long wall, a botanical sculpture garden and a whirlwind formation made up from almost 200 human figures! Fancy that! (c)CACT Lanzarote So the next time you're planning a vacation and don't know were to head, think pristine, blue-green waters and art to go along with it. How cool would it be to venture to the Canary Islands and experience the best museum tour ever! Though the museums need to create a “strong visual dialogue between art and nature, by creating a large scale artificial reef”, it's surely making a global impact on sustaining ocean life and changing everyone's perception on how to communicate better with life under water. (c)CACT Lanzarote It's a given, that man has explored a lot in space and still continues to do so but there is so much unknown left to explore underneath ocean beds and we're glad Spain has taken a step towards that! Check out the breathtaking pictures below.
  11. As we wait for the much awaited release of the 'Judwaa' remake, the charm of the first release will always be incomparable. Although Varun Dhawan has successfully and fittingly soaked in Salman's previous role(s) as Prem and Raja, respectively, Salman still has all his moves intact and he's here to prove that! The second release has Jacqueline Fernandez and Tapsee Pannu starring in it along with Dhawan junior and they're doing whatever it takes to promote their forthcoming rom-com- like posting some behind the scenes videos on social media or humming some tracks from the new release. © Filmibeat Jacqueline, though, has been travelling to the UK for the Da-Bangg Tour 2017 and hasn't had the chance to do as many promotional promos for the release as Tapsee and Varun have been doing in the country. This though hasn't deterred the ‘Kick' actor's spirit to go on a 'Judwaa 2' promotional spree and recently she was found jiving to the famous old 'Judwaa' song ‘Tan Tanaa Tan Tan Tan Taara', with our very own Sallu Bhai and she proudly dedicated the video to the new Salman avatar, Varun. Her Instagram post was showered with a lot of love and adoration for the two actors goofing around on the old movie's famous track and the video was shared with the caption that read ‘ Tan Tana Tan with the original Judwa @beingsalmankhan just for you @varundvn time for @judwaa2 now!! #mumbaibound' Tan Tanna Tan with the original Judwaa @beingsalmankhan just for you @varundvn ðð time for #judwaa2 now!! #mumbaibound A post shared by Jacqueline Fernandez (@jacquelinef143) on Sep 18, 2017 at 1:04am PDT The remake is being directed by Sajid Nadiadwala and the storyline will not steal much focus from David Dhawan's original release except that it will have Dhawan's son Varun bringing back Salman's two characters, Raja and Prem in a similar role. Similarly Tapsee will be seen playing Karishma Kapoor's character and Fernandez fitting into Rambha's role respectively. The film is expected to release on September 29th, 2017. © Bollywood Guy Just to make you a wee bit nostalgic and take you back to the 90's, here's a glimpse of the original ‘Tan Tanaa Tan' from the first 'Judwaa' , obviously staring the Dabang star himself. So, if you're still hungover from the first movie, don't forget to book your seats for this new thrilling remake, at the end of this month!
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