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Found 171 results

  1. Given that by now the best scientific and medical brains are all studying the effects of the novel coronavirus, one would assume that we may have the symptoms and signs associated with the disease somewhat figured out. Well, one would be wrong. © Reuters In a rather bizarre turn of events in Wuhan, two doctors who were in contact with the patients of COVID-19, and who later fell ill because of the disease, are now showing a new symptom. The new symptoms have doctors all over the world puzzled, and more importantly, worried. Wuhan is the city where the first case of the novel coronavirus broke out. © Reuters As per a video released by China Central Television, or CCTV, the skin colour of the two doctors has changed drastically over a period of time. The doctors who are showing this new bizarre symptom have been identified as Dr Yi Fan and Dr Hu Weifeng, colleagues of Dr Li Wenliang, the man who tried to blow the figurative whistle on the virus. © CCTV While Dr Yi is a cardiologist, Dr Hu is a urologist who has been bedridden for over 99 days, as per the report that was filed. The Science Times a website operated by a community of scientists tried to speculate as to how something like this could take place. The first reason that they and the doctors treating Dr Yi & Dr Hu gave was that it could be the virus itself. Because the virus attacks the respiratory and the renal systems, this has an effect on the lungs, liver, and kidneys, all of which play a vital role in ridding the body of wastes. The article postulates that because the livers have stopped functioning normally, they had to put both the doctors on a life-supporting machine which causes certain hormonal imbalances. © CCTV The second reason, that the doctors gave was that certain medicines, which have been given to most Chinese people who were treated for the virus, causes the pigmentation of the skin to change. © Reuters In any case, the team of doctors looking after Dr Yi & Dr Hu are assuming that their skin condition will return to normal, once they are taken off the treatments and the medicine. Global Times, the tabloid division of the Chinese state-run People's Daily newspaper soon put out a video showing that Dr Yi has already started getting his colour back. Yi Fan, a Wuhan doctor whose skin was darkened after the #COVD19 virus damaged his liver, has almost fully recovered. In an interview with CCTV, he said he can now sit down and chat after nearly 40 days of treatment. pic.twitter.com/3hoXIMb7eI â Global Times (@globaltimesnews) April 21, 2020 However, people are taking this news of ârecoveryâ with a pinch of salt. Anything coming out of China is pure propaganda at this point - believe nothing question everything â Corinne Smith (@SmithTsmith3) April 21, 2020Don't trust Chinese propaganda â FOMONAUT ð­ð° (@cryptophiles) April 21, 2020Whatever the case may be, whether Dr Yi is indeed recovering or not, two things are becoming clearer. Our knowledge of the virus and the way it behaves is still frighteningly non-existent, and that people are increasing deficit of trust as far as China is concerned. View the full article
  2. Because of the manner in which the spread of the coronavirus contagion has suddenly spiked up in India, it is imperative that whenever you step out of your homes to shop for essential medicines or groceries, you wear a mask. In case you do not have an N95 mask or have run out of those disposable ones, you can always learn to make one for yourself, using this video, or by following these instructions. Now, as important as wearing these masks are, it is equally important to keep your skin healthy, especially on your face. Not only are you not supposed to touch your face unnecessarily, you are also supposed to wash it properly, after stepping inside, even if you just took a small trip to your balcony. Furthermore, when you're wearing a mask for a prolonged period of time, you may have noticed how the area covered by the mask starts feeling moist after a period of time. A continuous build-up of moisture that results from you exhaling can be detrimental to your skin in more ways than one. Serious moisture buildup, for example, can clog up your pores, and cause acne and frequent breakouts. © iStock In such a scenario, having a good skincare routine is paramount. Just follow these steps, and you should be alright. Prep Your Skin Before Putting On The Mask © iStock Before you put your mask on and step out, you need to prepare your skin to keep things in check. Wash your face with plain water for starters. Also, moisturise your face using a moisturiser that suits your skin. If you have one, consider using a face mist, or micellar water, although this one isn't actually that important. Wash Your Hands Immediately After Taking The Mask Off © iStock Once you have returned home, or have taken the mask off finally, wash your hand thoroughly, using soap or a handwash. Just using a sanitiser will not work, so make sure you actually wash your hands thoroughly. If you have to dispose the mask off, or need to wash it, we suggest you dispose of the mask before washing your hands, or place the mask in the wash basket, before washing your hands. Wash Your Face After Taking The Mask Off © MensXP Now, use a good face wash to wash your face thoroughly. Not only should you wash the part of your face that was exposed to the elements, but the part that was hidden behind the mask too. Ensure that you wash your face for a full two minutes before rinsing off. While washing your face, try to get to that place where your nose meets your cheeks, the front of your throat and the area behind your ears as well. Use Warm Water To Wash Your Face © iStock Warm water helps soaps and facewashes work better, as the heat from the water, really works up the cleansing agents in the product. Also, warm water helps your pores to loosen up, thus allowing a deeper and more impactful cleansing. You can end the cleansing process with a splash of cold water, or water that is at room temperature. Use A Moisturiser That Suits You © iStock Once you're done washing your face, again moisturise your skin with one that suits you. Different skin types need different types of moisturisers, so make sure you don't use the wrong one. A moisturiser that is meant for oily skin, may slightly aggravate dry skin, so pick yours carefully. Change Your Mask Frequently, If You're Taking Care Of The Sick © iStock Finally, if you're a medical worker or are taking care of the sick, you need to change your mask often. First and foremost, only take your mask off when you are in a clean environment and have prepared yourself to do so. Secondly, wash your hands and face immediately, and moisturise them, before putting on a fresh mask. When you wear a mask for a long period of time, you are actually breathing out germs and not letting them escape as they should. When inhaling, you're breathing in those same germs back in. Therefore, it is imperative that you change your mask frequently. Indian medical professionals and caregivers are in dire need of personal protective equipment. Therefore the general public is urged not to hoard masks unnecessarily, especially given that we are under lockdown, and stay indoors for a major part of our day. Instead, what we can do is join The Time Of India in its new initiative, #MASKINDIA, wherein we have asked people to come up with ingenious ways to make masks using regular, household items so that our caregivers have ample masks to work with. Head over here, to do your part in this fight against COVID-19 and be a saviour in your own way. View the full article
  3. With the COVID-19 quarantine by and large in effect for the foreseeable future now, things will be going haywire. The pressure to work from home and stay productive, the constant bickering of siblings and family members, and the manner in which we feel trapped in our own houses, is surely going to get on our nerves. © iStock It is very easy under such circumstances to panic and actually lose sight of things that are actually important. Taking proper care of yourself is one such thing. Now, you may be washing your hands every now and then, and cleaning your hands with some really good hand sanitizers which ultimately, are actually quite harsh on your skin. We recommend you follow what this dermatologist says about taking care of your hands that have gone dry from constant washing. © iStock But what about your face? How do you take care of your skin when youâre under quarantine, and supposedly safe from all the external factors that normally cause havoc on your skin. Well, when youâre under quarantine, you need a skincare routine even more, simply because you lose track of things at times. Also, do you really want to take risks right now? © iStock Here are six super easy steps that can actually prove to be quite effective and useful for your skin, especially when youâre under quarantine. Inculcate A Sleeping Routine © iStock First and foremost, inculcate a proper sleeping routine and follow it. Since youâll be spending possibly the entire day at home, you may get complacent and do things lazily. Especially on the days when youâre working from home. Instead of staying up late at night, binge-watching your favourite shows, stick to a proper sleeping routine, wherein you get at least eight hours of sleep. Now, thanks to the quarantine, you actually donât have an excuse not to sleep for eight hours or more if needed. Wash Your Face At Least Twice A Day © iStock Given that you have to wash your hands quite a few times throughout the day, it would behove you if you wash your face as well. Wash your face at least twice a day, with a face wash that suits your skin type. Also, go for something that is friendly for the environment and also on your skin, otherwise, you risk drying up your skin, which will make it all itchy and sensitive. Moisturise Thoroughly © iStock Pick a moisturiser that suits your skin, and make sure you actually use it thoroughly. Even though you might think that there is no need to moisturise your face regularly because youâre always indoors anyway, you actually should be moisturising your face, on a regular basis. Given you will have to wash your face regularly, do not skip on moisturising. Avoid Touching Your Face Unnecessarily © iStock Your hands touch all sorts of surfaces and things through the day. God knows what all germs and pathogens they pick up. Health experts, medical professionals and even the WHO suggests keeping your hands away from your face. Unless it is imperative and an unavoidable circumstance, avoid touching your face. If just have to touch your face, to adjust your spectacles, or to itch or something, rub your hands with some hand sanitiser first. Exfoliate At Least Once A Week © iStock This is actually somewhat a leisurely activity, but again, something that you should go for often. Exfoliate your skin using a slightly coarse cleansing agent. We suggest you go for something like multani clay, or some other form of clay. That not only helps your skin in maintaining its pH balance, but also gives it a thorough and deep cleansing. Stay Hydrated © iStock Finally, and this is the most important thing that you can do, keep yourself hydrated properly. Drink at least 2 litres of water every day, even though you may not feel thirsty that often. To take things to the next level, use a face mist, or some micellar water. View the full article
  4. When it comes to wellness and grooming for men, a Korean skin care routine is the best one to follow. We can thank the Koreans for blessing the world with specialised skin care. From exfoliation to deep hydration, they have solved so many skin problems. They have literally perfected the glass-skin look and there is no harm in trying their skin care routine for yourself - especially now, when all you have is time. Turn your lazy quarantine week into a fun, self-care one! __ECOMLOOKS__296__ __ECOMLOOKS__297__ __ECOMLOOKS__298__ __ECOMLOOKS__299__ __ECOMLOOKS__300__ __ECOMLOOKS__301__ Explore More View the full article
  5. Hyperpigmentation refers to skin discoloration. It is visible in the form of dark spots and patches. The causes can vary from exposure to the sun, an eczema flare-up, or a particularly bad breakout. The roots of every type of hyperpigmentation all start with melanin, the pigment in our skin. Essentially, hyperpigmentation is caused by the overproduction of melanin that becomes visible on the skin and especially the face. And even the aftermath of breakouts can cause hyperpigmentation. However, hyperpigmentation is more common than you think, most people experience it at some point in their lives. But there are different types of hyperpigmentation out there. These include: 1. Age spotsCaused by overexposure to the harmful UV rays, it mostly affects skin areas like the face, neck, forearms, and hands that are most prone to exposure. 2. Post-inflammatory This is the term for the skin discoloration that is caused by acne, eczema, a rash, or a cut. 3. MelasmaThey manifest as patches of discoloration usually on the cheeks, the bridge of the nose, the forehead, the chin, and above the upper lip. 4. FrecklesThey're linked to genetics, but may become darker and more visible with UV exposure. Here are things that you can do to avoid further damage and prevent further pigmentation: A. Avoid the sun © Getty Images Sun rays stimulate excessive melanin production, so in order to get rid of the pigmentation, you'll have to stop stepping out in the sun. More importantly, wear sunblock every day. Use an SPF of 30 or more, reapplying every two hours if you're out for extended periods of time. B. Don't pick or scratch at your skin © Getty Images If you get any pimples, it's important not to pick at them. This is because picking at them can lead to a permanent dark mark or scar. In fact, even scratching mosquito bitesâcan lead to the darkening of the skin. C. Choose products with the right ingredients © Getty Images Look for a product that combines a lightening agent such as kojic acid, licorice extract, or mushroom extract, and a retinol formula or an exfoliating agent such as glycolic and lactic acids. Additionally, you'll also want to use ingredients that can help treat the damaged epidermal layer. If this sounds too confusing, consulting a dermatologist is ideal. The idea is to get a chemical exfoliator, a hydrating cream that keeps the skin intact and retinol that heals the skin to nix any dark spots. View the full article
  6. While male beauty is no more a 'cliche', some of us still like to pretend to 'not care' by swearing by nothing but just a face wash to 'clean up'. Since Bollywood is the go-to yardstick for most men in India to follow a particular pattern, be it hairstyles or be it fashion, now even skincare and 'beauty' too joined the bandwagon. So there are a number of well-curated beauty products that have proven to be a great fix for many skin-related issues, and it's high time we all embrace them. If you are someone who has been struggling to take care of pigmentation or patchy skin, have you ever thought what a blemish balm aka BB cream can do to your skin? We would say, wonders. © MensXP MUD If your grooming shelf is cluttered with only shaving creams and a moisturizer at the max, then here's a fantastic product that will simplify your beauty regime with its multifunctional properties. If you haven't tried a BB cream yet, then here are a few reasons why you must lay your hands on it. What is BB cream? An extremely popular product in Korea, BB cream is a game-changing grooming item that can easily even out your skin tone. © MensXP MUD BB cream is quite a skin as well as man-friendly product, to be honest. And the best part? They are well-suited for all sorts of skin tones. If you don't want to increase your grooming routine time, then here's how you can make the most of it with just this one product. 1. Evens Out Your Skin © MensXP MUD Since BB creams are known to have ingredients like Dimethicone, it can perfectly blend with the base of your skin tone. It is a light product that can be used, followed by a moisturiser. Within a few seconds, you would see the change in your skin's appearance. 2. Protects You From The Sun © MensXP MUD BB creams consist of various ingredients, but if it has factored in the SPF also, then there's nothing better than that. It basically means that you don't need a separate sunscreen, as this one can do wonders when it comes to fixing your skin tone while also protecting you from harsh UVA and UVB sun rays. 3. Covers Spots And Pimples © MensXP MUD With brands like Clinique and MensXP MUD, it is easier than ever to conceal your spots, scars, wrinkles and many other issues. The BB cream has a built-in oil control formula, which is a great help if you are prone to erratic skin breakouts. 4. Makes Your Skin Look Firm © MensXP MUD If you want your skin to look like it hasn't aged a day, then a BB cream is a saviour that you should lay your hands on (no promises of making you look younger here). It nourishes your skin. Hence, over time, your skin will become firm and look youthful. Try it out. Coming to its application, it's actually quite easy. Just squeeze a little amount of it and spread it evenly, like you would use a moisturiser. Start off small and make sure your skin has absorbed it well. Do not rub and make sure to spread it gently. View the full article
  7. If you are a guy with oily skin, you would know that the struggle is real. Not only does your skin have a blinding shine all the time, it's also prone to frequent acne. Moreover, if you are living in an overpopulated urban city, the pollution worsens the problem all the more. Well, it's finally time to bid farewell to all your problems. From your diet to your skin care, here is all that you need to do to remove that excess oil. __ECOMLOOKS__253__ __ECOMLOOKS__254__ __ECOMLOOKS__255__ __ECOMLOOKS__256__ __ECOMLOOKS__257__ Explore More View the full article
  8. We cannot stress this enough, but knowing the benefits of the products you are using - for your hair or for your skin - is very important. Is the major ingredient of your skin care product even useful for your skin? Knowing these ingredients well will help you in finding targeted solutions that your skin will thank you for. One of the most popular ingredients these days is Vitamin C. Check out the five major benefits it has and why people are loving it. __ECOMLOOKS__250__ __ECOMLOOKS__251__ __ECOMLOOKS__248__ __ECOMLOOKS__252__ __ECOMLOOKS__249__ Explore More View the full article
  9. Fossilized skin belongs to the Palaeeudyptes gunnari, one of the many extinct types of penguins
  10. Skin care for men is not something that you should start only when you start facing problems. Remember, prevention is always better than cure. For most men, skin problems like wrinkles, acne and dark-spots start appearing in their 30s. Instead of regretting later, it's best that you start taking preventive skin-care measures in your 20s itself. Here are five skin care habits that you should add to your routine right away. __ECOMLOOKS__242__ __ECOMLOOKS__243__ __ECOMLOOKS__244__ __ECOMLOOKS__245__ __ECOMLOOKS__246__ Explore More View the full article
  11. If you've ever wondered how actors like Kartik Aaryan have the most perfect skin, it's because unlike everyone else, they have a disciplined skincare routine that they make sure to follow on a regular basis. Now, this skincare routine varies from person to person depending on their individual skin problems and needs. However, there are certain basics that can help you get started with a skincare routine perfect for your skin to give you that flawless skin you've been seeking out. 1. Start A Night-time Skincare Routine © Getty Images Waking up in the morning with dry skin suggests that lathering up your face with moisturiser is not going to help in the long run. Change your bedtime skincare routine, not the morning one. If you don't have one, now is the time to start. Itâs easier to head off dryness at night, add an essence, hydrating face cream, and some retinol and you'll notice the difference in the morning. 2. Never Forget SPFNinety percent of the rugged lines and dryness on the face are caused by sun damage, which makes sunscreen the ultimate arsenal for healthy-looking skin. Use an SPF 30 or higher daily before you step out every day. 3. Vitamin C Is Your Weapon © Getty Images Brighteners (like vitamin C) can, within six months of use, minimise dark spots on the face. You could get an effective Vitamin C from the market that'll help with acne scars and dark spots. 4. Kill Blackheads With Salicylic Acid Jim Sarbh Instagram Salicylic acid is the perfect fix for weeding out the annoying blackheads and whiteheads from your face. Look for facewashes with Salicylic acid to get rid of blackheads. 5. Use A Foaming Face Wash © Getty Images If you're dealing with acne along your hairline on your forehead, it could be from the oil extracts in your hair products. A foaming face wash cuts through the oil without being harsh and gets rid of the acne easily. View the full article
  12. Aside from breakouts, acne scars, and dark spots, another major skin issue that troubles a lot of people is blackheads. Blackheads are deep-seated impurities in our pores that need to be weeded out or they can very easily become visible on the face from a distance. However, manually extracting blackheads can be really painful and sometimes detrimental to the skin. Here's what you can do instead: © Getty Images 1. Exfoliation Is KeyA simple method to get rid of blackheads is to exfoliate your skin. Get a good scrub that is great at weeding out all the grime and impurities from your pores. 2. Use Clay Masks © Getty Images Understand your skin type and use a mask that suits it as it's a highly effective method in extracting deep-seated blackheads. The clay mask is great at tackling blackheads and also helps you get a healthy glowing skin. 3. Get A New Facewash © Getty Images Recurrent blackheads mean that your facewash did not suit you well. Get a new facewash that has properties that help to reduce the dirt and grime from your face. 4. Get Professional HelpInstead of assuming the role of Dr. Pimple Popper, go to a professional who knows what they're doing when it comes to extracting blackheads from your face without damaging it. 5. Get A Hydrating Moisturiser © Getty Images A good moisturiser works wonders in stopping dryness and dead skin cells from clogging. You need to add a good moisturiser to your skincare routine, especially post these steps to make sure that your skin stays hydrated. View the full article
  13. Ready or not, summer is almost here. The hot air of the season, coupled with the pollution, sweat and the excess oil, is something we all dread. Not only do they make summers extremely uncomfortable, but also make our skin suffer. This is where skincare steps in. It's crucial that you switch up your skincare routine as and when your skin requirements change. And for the coming summer season, here is all that you need to focus on. __ECOMLOOKS__206__ __ECOMLOOKS__207__ __ECOMLOOKS__208__ __ECOMLOOKS__209__ __ECOMLOOKS__210__ View the full article
  14. The skincare glossary series helps you navigate in the world of skincare with terms that help you choose the best-suited products for your skin type. In fact, this series can also help you read at the back of the label of products and decipher which ingredient is good for you and which one isn't. So, if you were confused about how a broad-spectrum sunscreen was different from a physical one or when should one use calamine lotion, read ahead: AcaiMuch like the acai bowls, acai is a fruit extract is used as a potent antioxidant in skin-care products and supplements. Activated Charcoal A form of carbon that is found in cleansers, masks, toothpaste, health drinks. It's used to sponge up dirt and oil from pores. © MensXP BotoxOne of the variants of botulinum toxin, popularly known as botox is used in injections targeting facial wrinkles. Post injecting it, it paralyses facial muscles that cause frown lines and wrinkles. Broad-spectrumA broad-spectrum sunscreen will offer protection from both UVB rays (which burn skin), and UVA rays (which cause damage like the breakdown of collagen). It is always advisable to use broad-spectrum sunscreens. © MensXP CeramidesCeramides are found in sebum (skin's oil), these fats hold together the cells of the epidermis and strengthen the skin's protective barrier. Look for products with ceramides for healthier skin. Double Cleanse The Korean ritual of using a cleansing oil along with a water-based face wash to remove all the impurities and at the same time moisturise the skin. © MensXP EssenceA Korean skin-care essential is used post-cleanse to moisturise the skin on a daily basis. FillerA formula that can be injected into the skin to restore fullness in the face. It can be used to minimize wrinkles and scars, smooth under-eye hollows among other things. View the full article
  15. You probably already know that aloe vera gel is a great remedy but did you know that this water-rich plant is what you can infuse in your skincare routine as well? Aloe vera gel is an easy hack that takes care of many skin problems, right from acne to over-heated skin. This natural ingredient has a lot to offer and you can easily reap all its benefits to have an improved skin condition within a week. Check it out: 1. A Perfect After Shave Remedy © Istock There's no respite to the irritated skin that you get post-shaving. And if you have sensitive skin, there are more chances of dry skin, scars as well as nicks and cuts. Applying a dab of aloe vera gel on your skin can instantly help repair and soothe the damage. It calms down the redness and rehydrates your skin. For a perfect shave, don't forget to add a soothing gel to your arsenal next time. 2. Aloe Vera Brings Down The Effect Of Ageing © Instagram/Shahid Kapoor Aloe vera is not just great for acne but it also slows down the ageing process if you use it regularly. It improves elasticity and encourages collagen repair. Since it contains antioxidants like Vitamin A and C along with Beta Carotene, this gel can improve your skin's texture. The anti-oxidants present in it can protect your skin from developing fine lines as well. 3. It Clears Up Acne © Istock It's unbelievable but aloe vera gel is a gentle cleanser that helps acne-prone skin. The antiseptic compounds can shield your skin from inflammation. Applying aloe vera gel with tea tree oil in it can prove to be effective in reducing breakouts. Use this solution at least once a day and rinse it off after 10 minutes. Acne-free skin is just a step away. 4. It Moisturises Your Skin © Instagram/Kartik Aaryan It doesn't matter if you have oily or dry skin. When you exfoliate too much, it can only worsen the condition. Choosing products as per your skin type is a rule to stick by, but if you use aloe vera gel, it can show its magic on all sorts of skin types. Massaging your face with aloe vera gel can instantly hydrate your skin and result in undeniable skin texture. Try it out. View the full article
  16. If you notice that your skin does not have the same texture across the face then you probably have an uneven skin tone. Uneven skin tone can refer to a tonne of underlying issues ranging from uneven texture to blotchy skin to hyperpigmentation and even facial redness. When uneven patches of discolouration develop on your skin, it can also be called hyperpigmentation. One of the major factors behind hyperpigmentation is the harmful UV rays of the sun. The rays accelerate the production of melanin in the skin that causes uneven skin tone. But here's how you can take care of it: 1. Get A Sunscreen, Stat! © Getty Images When it comes to getting rid of uneven skin tones, you don't want further damage. So, make it a point to cover yourself with the appropriate sun protection whenever you step out of the door, to avoid the harmful UV rays. Whether it's visibly sunny or a cold winter day, wearing a sun lotion all year round is advisable, as your skin is still susceptible to UVA or UVB damage, which is one of the major factors behind uneven skin tone. 2. Regular Exfoliation © Getty Images Using a gentle exfoliating scrub on a weekly basis is one way of bringing back even skin tone. Exfoliation weeds out dead skin cells from your face to the new skin underneath. You just have to massage the exfoliator into the skin and rinse it off. One shouldn't exfoliate too aggressively, though, as this could cause further skin issues like open pores that you want to stay away from. 3. Keep The Skin Hydrated One should focus on trying to be adequately hydrated at all times so by extension, it reflects on your skin's health. Dehydrated skin, can appear dull and lifeless and will further emphasise an uneven skin tone. Keep your skin hydrated by drinking water at regular intervals. This is anyway good for your skin. 4. Use An Emollient © Getty Images If your skin tends to break out often, then you know that the aftermath is not a good picture either. Blemishes can be apparent on the skin and further highlight the uneven skin tone. It's important to use an emollient to keep your skin moisturised and hydrated. In a situation wherein your skin is dehydrated, it might produce more sebum than usual, which means more spots and blemishes. Try a light moisturising day cream for essential topical hydration or an effective face serum and moisturise generously. 5. Hide It With Makeup Makeup is a temporary solution to nix an uneven skin tone if it's really that apparent to the eye. Products ranging from a tinted moisturiser, foundation, colour correctors and concealer can help hide the blemishes, discolouration, and unevenness. Some can take a while for lasting coverage, while other products are just a swipe away (and some quick blending) from making your skin even-toned. View the full article
  17. Adult acne looks a lot like teenage acne that you've dealt with in your teen years. However, adult acne has completely different reasons behind flare-up than your teenage acne which is why dealing with it is probably a little bit more tricky. So, here's an ultimate guide to dealing with adult breakouts. 1. Who Is The Target Of Adult Acne? via GIPHY While it is unclear exactly why this is happening, it may be due to a combination of stress, dietary factors and changing hormones and even your lifestyle that could be the reason behind the adult acne that you're dealing with. 2. What's The Reason Behind It? While it's difficult to pin down one specific trigger, even factors that caused acne in teens can play a major role: pores getting clogged by oil, skin cells and bacteria. Another factor that may explain adult acne? Hormones — in particular, the kind of hormonal fluctuation that (testosterone) can crank up your skin's oil production, which also means a higher chance of clogged pores and visible pimples. 3. How Is Adult Acne Different From Teen Acne? via GIPHY It all depends on the location of the acne. The kind of acne that teens face is typically on the forehead and cheeks, while in adults it's mostly on the lower face, along the jawline and neck. Adult acne also comes in the form of big bumps, while teens tend to see a mix of cystic bumps, as well as blackheads and whiteheads. 4. What Triggers It? © Getty images Besides skincare, excess insulin from foods with a high glycemic index, like packaged foods as well as pasta, bread, and rice, play a role in the effects of androgens (like oil-encouraging testosterone) on acne. Meanwhile, foods that are heavy in hormones, like dairy products, are often at the top of the list of things dermatologists recommend cutting out for clearer skin. Besides that, stress increases the cortisol levels that can increase oiliness as well as inflammation. That can be another major trigger. 5. How To Prevent It? © Getty images Go to the dermatologist and figure out the kind of acne you have. This will help you shortlist skincare products that will work on your skin and the ones that you shouldn't be using. Changing your sheets weekly and being regular with skincare then also become major factors that will help you nix adult acne. View the full article
  18. It's always a little disappointing to find out that the skincare that you've been investing in, so far, has little to no effect on your face. Especially, if you want to get rid of pimples, scarring, skin discolouration, among other problems, as soon as possible. But one should know that there is a way of applying these products on your skin that can, in fact, maximise the benefits on your face. These steps include: 1. Are You Consistent With Your Skincare? If you're not, it's hardly practical to expect visible results. To see results that are visible you need to be consistent with your skincare. So, if the product demands you to apply skincare every single day then you should do that. 2. Wash Your Face Before Applying Any Product The primary reason behind cleansing your skin is the fact that applying any decent skincare product on top of clogged pores causes breakouts. So, then without cleansing, applying these products is going to be counter-intuitive. © MensXP 3. Add A Mask To Your Skincare Routine Adding a mask to your routine is going to give your skin the additional benefits that will also make your skin porous so that it can absorb the goodness from the products. Essentially, the mask acts as a catalyst for the products just to enable maximum results in less time. © Getty Images 4. Balance The pH Of The Skin In order to balance the pH levels of the skin, you need a toner that'll balance the pH levels. You can either use witch hazel or a toner, either way, it helps against environmental stressors like pollution and bacteria. Try Thayer's Original Witch Hazel. © Getty Images 5. Apply Facial Oil In The Night Not everyone uses facial oil with their skincare routine but they should, as the essential oil acts as a barrier against outside elements that might harm your skin. © Getty Images View the full article
  19. With the year and a decade coming to an end, we all have good enough reasons to party hard. Not that we've ever needed one to go all out as if there's no tomorrow. However, as much as we love to lose all inhibitions and drink like fish while ringing in the new year, nobody likes to deal with that nasty hangover that follows. © iStock Though, we bet, hangover is the least of your worries, considering the atrocity that your skin goes through. A hangover will heal within a day or two, even if you just lie in your bed, cursing the apes who discovered alcohol, and make a shallow new year's resolution that you'll never touch alcohol again. The havoc that those n number of tequila shots, and those endless cocktails wreak on your skin, though - well, that's a different story. © iStock Luckily, there are a few easy hacks that not only work well as quick and easy ways to deal with a hangover, they also double up as the best skincare routine, after a hard night of partying. Drink Loads Of Water © iStock This is a no brainer - alcohol, because of some witchcraft, dehydrates your body from within. Naturally, apart from a shot up liver, you also end up with unbelievably dry skin. The situation is even worse if your skin type is dry or combination skin. As soon as you wake up, drink as much water as you can. It also helps if you have been drinking water throughout the previous evening. Ideally, for every two drinks that you have, you should have had a glass of water. Throughout out the day after, you should try to finish off at least two litres of water. Water is the best way to go for a quick detox of the body. Load Up On Grease & Carbs © iStock If you wake up with a hangover, you are bound to feel nauseated and feel like puking your guts out. Just fight that urge, and load up on carbs. Also, it goes a long way if you have something greasy to eat. Get a plate full of biryani, or something fried. The greasier the better. This not only helps your body to process the alcohol faster, it also slows down the alcohol mixing in your bloodstream. In a way, it speeds up the process of curing the hangover. Moisturise Before & After © iStock Now, this has very little to do with curing a hangover, but trust us, your skin will be forever grateful if you moisturise properly. Try to do it before you hit the scene of the party as that is a great way to prepare your skin for the upcoming onslaught. Also, for the morning after the party, apply a healthy dose of moisturiser, especially under your eyes. If you have a moisturiser that is light and is refreshing, not only will it rejuvenate your skin faster, you'll also feel a lot better. Shower © iStock Once you get your senses back, don't just head for the bed. Take a hot shower first, as that helps you to clean off the external effects of alcohol a little quicker. Also, a hot shower after a hard night is anyway a cathartic experience, so the principle should work well here as well. In case you cannot afford to hit the sack and need to visit your parents in the morning, or worse, have to go to work, just stand under a cold shower for about 10 seconds. The cold shower will jolt up your system, and help you get through the day. Hit The Sack © iStock Finally, get a night of good, long sleep, for at least seven to eight hours. Your body anyway needs that rest on a regular day, but because of the adventures and revelling that you had been up to all night, it definitely needs more. It does help if you sleep on fresh sheets and a fresh set of clothes. Just ensure that you are all moisturised and hydrated before you hit the sack. That way, your internal systems will get plenty of time to work their magic as you sleep. View the full article
  20. You might not realise it but stretch marks are more common than you think. With time, as our body goes undergoes change, the skin also changes. But in order for the skin to get acclimated to change, the skin stretches a bit and that results in stretch marks. Stretch marks are caused when there's a period of rapid growth in your body that stretches the skin, and causes the collagen bundles under your skin to tear away from each other. Post this, when the skin resumes its usual state, it can look a bit wrinkly and lined, because it's not supported by collagen structure underneath. These are called stretch marks. They usually occur in the abdomen (weight gain), breasts, hips, shoulders, butt, and thigh area. You should know, however, that there is nothing wrong with having stretch marks on your skin. But if you're not a fan of them and want to minimise their appearance, here's a quick guide: 1. Use An Exfoilater To Prep The Skin Now, a body scrub is not enough on its own to tackle stretch marks, but using an exfoliator before applying a collagen-building moisturizer, serum or oil can help remove dry, flaky, dead skin cells for maximum product absorption in your skin. Try mCaffeine Naked & Raw Coffee Body Scrub. © mCaffeine 2. Use Retinol We've talked about the benefits of retinol in our other articles. You need a moisturiser that can build the skin up. Collagen building retinol comes close to that. Use a retinol infused moisturiser on the affected area so that the affected skin gets as much collagen stimulation as possible. Try The Ordinary Retinol 0.5% In Squalane. © The ordinary 3. Lock In The Moisture With A Body Oil Use a gentle body oil like the Bio Oil that has a special formula that is, in fact, made to fight stretch marks and scars on the body. It's also fast-absorbing and filled with vitamins A and E to soften skin and reduce those marks. © bio oil 4. Try Micro-Needling You need to check with your dermatologist once to get the sense of this practice. But essentially, the tool with the needles creates tiny (and surprisingly painless) punctures in the skin that trigger the body's wound-healing process to stimulate collagen and elastin production. The only drawbacks: It takes at least a few months to see results but this goes for any treatment that's not laser. © Getty Images View the full article
  21. If you're someone who has done their homework when it comes to Winter skincare, that's great. However, there are certain commonly-believed-to-be-true myths out there that can actually do more harm than good. So while taking care of your skin is great, one shouldn't expose the skin to products/habits that can, in fact, reverse the good. These include: 1. Using Lotion Or Body Cream © Getty Images Using body cream or worse lotion on your face will do a terrible job on your face. The old runny consistency of these products isn't going to cut it anymore. These products aren't meant for your face. Make sure you're using a face cream, not a lotion. If you've been using a product at night, double it up and make it twice a day and use it both in the morning as well as at night. 2. You're Moisturising At The Wrong Time © Getty Images It makes a huge difference to moisturise immediately after bathing than not applying moisturiser at all or applying it long after the shower. A good idea is to stash your face moisturiser in your shower so you can apply it directly to damp skin before you step out of the washroom. 3. Using The Wrong Cleanser © Getty Images Avoid soaps that have an alkaline pH that can inflame the skin, as this further prevents hydration. Instead, use hydrating skin cleansers that are gentler on the skin barrier and leave the skin soft and moisturised later. 4. Your Moisturiser Has A Missing Ingredient © Getty Images One could be using moisturisers with the wrong ingredients without knowing. Look for skin-repairing ceramides, which fill in the cracks between skin cells and help the skin heal itself. The key is to always look for products with skin-soothing ceramides and glycerin. View the full article
  22. A common norm that most people notice with the onset of the winter is flaky, dry and irritated skin. Inevitably, even if you think you're moisturising your skin well, that seems to be never enough to brighten up the face for a Monday morning work meeting especially during this season. Luckily, there is a tried and tested regime out there to get that perfect winter-glow that most people crave for. 1. Never Skip Moisturising Make sure to spend extra time massaging a moisturiser to boost skin's natural glow. Be generous with the moisturiser on your skin, and don't forget your neck too. Also, keep a separate moisturser for your face and the body. Try Pond's Men Daily Defence SPF 30 Face Crème. © Ponds 2. Know When To Moisturise Hydration is key but always ensure to moisturise in the morning. Applying moisturiser with dirty hands can lead to breakouts the next day. An ideal time to moisturise is right after taking a shower. This should be a step that should become a part of your routine, that you commit to unconsciously, just like brushing. 3. Stay Away From Talcum Powder Talcum can make fair skin look duller and flaky within seconds of application. Instead, post moisturising, use a BB cream that's one shade warmer than your skin tone. This will also have SPF that you need to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays. Try MensXP Mud Natural BB Cream For Men for even skin tone. © MensXP View the full article
  23. Just do a quick google search and you will come across a number of wellness guides and grooming routines that will make you look incredibly younger than you actually are. Sure, most of them do work, and when we say work, we mean work really well. However, invariably, you will come across n number of guides that say you need some product or the other. © MensXP But what if you don't want to spend a ton of money on grooming or skincare products? Well, even though you should, we can understand why someone would be a little sceptical of purchasing grooming products. That, however, does not mean that you can't get great skin. In fact, if you are tenacious enough, and have the will power of a monk who has vowed never to speak again, you can actually incorporate some habits that can make you look considerably younger than you actually are. We are talking about knocking 5-10 years off of your age. © Instagram/kartikaaryan 1. Get A Grip Over Your Smoking Habits © iStock This goes without saying, but if you smoke a pack every day for a year, you will start looking 50, at the age of 25. You need to cut back on your smoking if quitting altogether is not an option, although, there's really no excuse for not quitting. Try nicotine patches or nicotine gums, mild shock therapy or anything that works for you. Excessive or not, smoking ruins your skin, wreaks havoc on your hair, and even damages the white part of the eye, or sclera, giving it a yellowish hue. 2. Watch What You Eat © iStock This is something that seems very difficult to work on, but is actually, one of the easiest things that you can control. Have your meals at a specific set of time throughout a day, and seriously watch what you eat. We are not saying that you need to count your calories, but you need to watch what you eat. Having a balanced diet is key. Also, avoid fried and oily food as much as you can. You can also ditch those samosas and potato chips for healthier snacking options such as nuts, or a fruit. 3. Limit Your Alcohol Intake © iStock As much as we all love a nice and potent drink every now and then, going overboard and drinking your brains out is never a good idea. Alcohol takes a toll on your liver, which ultimately reflects on your skin and sclera. Furthermore, alcohol takes a long time to breakdown in your system so the ill effects stay for a long time. We're not asking you to give up drinking altogether, because first of all, it would be just daft, and secondly, life seems very dry and drab without alcohol, but don't turn into Captain Haddock, is all we're saying. 4. Drink Loads & Loads Of Water © iStock This is a drink that you can have loads of. Ideally, you should be drinking about two litres of water every day, so try to go through at least two bottles or 8-12 glasses daily. In case plain water is too boring for you, you can always have some fruit-infused, flavoured water, which you can even make at your home. Just chop up some fruits, and place it in a bottle, heat up some water and fill the bottles up, and let it cool down. You don't even need to heat the water really, that is just a way to speed up the process. Think of making some really kickass sangrias, but without the wine and spices. 5. Exercise Holds The Key © iStock This goes without saying, but exercising, especially ones that really work up your core muscles and strengthen your endurance, are great for your overall health. Just jog for a few minutes a day, and taking the stairs whenever you have the time and chance is actually a great way to start. Exercising is also a great way to rid your body of oxidants and impurities, which cleanses your skin and system from deep within. Furthermore, it improves the secretion of hormones and blood circulation by a mile, improving the overall functioning of your body. And did we say that it gets rid of that paunch you've been trying so hard to hide? 6. Dress Sharp © Instagram/arjunkapoor People often forget this, but dressing yourself in the right manner actually goes a long way in looking young. Your personal style is that one aspect that has the most drastic effect. You don't need to do a lot actually. Just ensure that you pick the right colours, silhouettes and that your clothes fit you well, and you're all set. Also, while you're at it, make friends with your tailor. Trust us, they will save some really screwed up days when the time comes. Just ask Barney Stinson. 7. Resting Is Equally Important © iStock Finally, and this is where almost everyone messes up big time, get proper rest. Although most medical associations say that we should be getting at least 8 hours of sleep, we know that in today's day and age, that's practically impossible, if we are to make something of ourselves. That being said, we do need to get 5-6 hours of sound sleep every single day. Not sleeping enough can cause your hair to fall out, bloodshot eyes, dark circles, puffed up under eyes, dry and lifeless looking skin. And these are just the external things that we are talking about. Imagine the havoc that it wreaks inside your body. One of the easiest ways to get the most out of your sleep is to ensure that you do not consume anything sweet or sugary at least an hour prior to hitting the bed, and that you simply switch off all your screens at least 30 mins before. View the full article
  24. With winter almost here, we think it is time to tweak your skincare routine a little. As great and comprehensive your skincare regime may be, it cannot be the same throughout the weather. © iStock With a shift in the season, the surrounding air, water and the humidity levels, everything undergoes a massive change. And like most of us, if you too reside in a city that has to deal with absurd levels of pollution, you need to factor that in as well, when you come up with a skincare regime. © iStock Considering all these things, here are a few skincare products that you should consider, if a flawless, ever-glowing skin is something that you are looking for. MensXP Mud Begin Natural Face Wash __ECOMPRODUCT__41__ Formulated especially for men with oily and combination skin, the MensXP Mud Begin Natural face wash is THE face wash for men. Loaded with the goodness that comes from using Amazonian clay as a cleansing agent, this face wash not only cleans your skin from deep within, but also goes a long way in nourishing and keeping it hydrated. Why we recommend Paraben and sulfate free All-natural ingredients Clay-based cleansing agent works deep inside the skin, without any damages O3+ Men Ice Cool Acne/Blemish Control Cleanser © O3+ No matter how hard you try, you simply cannot beat the effects that your lifestyle has on your skin, without changing them. What you can do is mitigate some of the effects that the elements of the environment have on you. This acne and blemish control cleanser from O3+ works as a gentle and yet powerful cleanser. It is enriched with tea tree oil & aloe vera extracts which remove most impurities, all the while revitalising and brightening dull & oily skin. Why we recommend Tea Tree Oil & Aloe Vera Extracts work from deep within the skin A great way to deal with the impact of pollution on the skin Revitalises dull complexion Phy Shield Pollution Protect Face + Beard Wash © Phy Rarely do we advocate using your face wash for your beard, but Phy's Shield Pollution Protect has been formulated to work really well on your face's skin, as well as your beard. The best thing about Phy's products, other than the fact that they are bereft of all harmful chemicals, is the fact they are certified by PETA for being completely vegan, and cruelty-free. Moreover, thanks to the ingredients such as olive and quinoa, the face + beard wash keeps your skin and mane all hydrated and nourished. Why we recommend Paraben and sulfate free Cruelty-free and vegan All-natural ingredients Does away with the need for a separate beard wash Beardo De-Tan Caffeine Face Scrub © Beardo Because the skin on your face is way more thin and sensitive as compared to the rest of your body, you need a good scrubber. It should be something which is not too abrasive on the skin and does the job really well. Beardo's De-Tan Caffeine Face Scrub comes loaded with the goodness of ground coffee, coffee oil, and almond oil to give your skin all-rounded protection. Plus, this is a great way to give your skin a quick boost in case you're heading out for an all-nighter. Why we recommend Made using natural ingredients Exfoliates and moisturises the skin, thus brightening dull complexion Highly beneficial to protect your skin against pollution Innisfree Forest For Men No Sebum Sunblock SPF 50+ © Innisfree Most sunscreens do not sit well on the skin, and act really weird, leaving blotches and streaks that make our faces look weird. That is mainly because of an ingredient called sebum, which works really well to protect against the sun. Innisfree's Forest For Men No Sebum Sunblock regulates sebum secretion that makes it work better as a sunblock, all the while protecting the skin and keeping it healthy and nourished. Why we recommend Antisebum sunblock suitable for oily skin SPF 50+ protects the skin from harmful UV rays Does not leave any residue View the full article
  25. Open pores and saggy-looking skin are the first signs of ageing that only go on to become more visible if left untreated. Other than ageing, exposure to the sun, atmospheric pollutants, chemicals in skincare products, and an unhealthy diet can directly affect the health of your skin. You'll also notice dryness, sagging, wrinkles and fine lines and they are usually accompanied by dullness. If you start to notice them, you should actively work on fixing the problem from the root. 1. A Good Moisturising Cream © Getty Images Open pores signal that your skin is dry. This means that you've to moisturise it regularly. This not only makes your skin visibly better looking but also works towards reducing your pores. So get a good moisturiser that suits your skin type. Set a routine to apply the emollient regularly. 2. A Skin Tightening Mask © Getty Images Weekly, one should make it a point to wear a skin tightening mask. The key to skin tightening masks is that you've to let them be on for at least fifteen minutes and not talk or eat while you have the mask on because that can be counterintuitive. A skin-tightening mask is going to work on reducing the visibly loose pores as well. A good ingredient that you should look out for when you scout for products is sandalwood which has soothing properties that work wonders in skin-tightening. 3. Look For Retinol In Your Face Creams © Getty Images You need to moisturise more than once a day if you're focused on getting rid of saggy skin and open pores. Retinol is an ingredient that can really turn around your skin on regular application. 4. Primers © Getty Images If you want to take care of the open pores temporarily for say a dinner night or date night, a primer is great at concealing pores making them less visible. Just use a blender for better application. View the full article
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