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Found 486 results

  1. Meghan Markle remarked on Buckingham Palace and how they could expect the couple to be silent
  2. Arjun Kapoor's fashion sense went under the radar for a long time but now, he is amongst Bollywood's most stylish actors and his sartorial journey has been worth taking notes from. He pushed the sartorial envelope and experimented with fashion, to an extent that he is now a sneakerhead as well. Take a peek inside his awe-inducing collection, ranging from cactus sneakers to dirty sneakers and you would know what we mean. © Viral Bhayani He is also one of those rare celebrities who never fail to grab our attention, even when they are casually strolling about in their fashionable looks. What He Wore: © Viral Bhayani The actor was seen with Malaika Arora wearing a basic outfit. He has been giving us back to back, impressive appearances but this one, by all rights, knocked it out of the park, thanks to the sneakers he wore. The pair actually has a broken silhouette. Check it out. The Brands: © Nike The sneakers, in question, are Nike x Sacai VaporWaffle. These are an innovative pair of shoes that combine Vaporfly with classic Pegasus sneakers. These sneakers have futuristic aesthetics and come with a comfortable waffle outsole. The colourway is also quite bold. © Farfetch We also like the quirky T-shirt that Arjun is wearing. This is the Zadig & Voltaire Keep The Dream Alive T-shirt. The style features a round neck, short sleeves and straight hem. The Price:As for the price, the waffle sneakers cost almost Rs 16,595. Given how much Arjun spends on his shoes, it is easy to assume that the sneakers would cost a lot. But, these are in fact, relatively more affordable. The T-shirt too is worth almost Rs 5,314, which again, isn't too expensive in comparison to his other fits. Why It Works: © Viral Bhayani Being frank, we are absolutely in love with Arjun's recent style trial. The T-shirt, coupled with black pants has contemporary aesthetics and looks even better with such a swanky pair of shoes. The sunglasses too blend well with his ensemble. Really, Arjun, these are hands down the best sneakers we have seen on you in a while. View the full article
  3. South African veteran hopes that his side will learn from the mistakes of previous games and will come back stronger in the next matches
  4. Leave it up to Kunal Kemmu and he will know how to turn up in the right sort of ensemble and quirky pair of shoes with it. His style is majorly inspired by street-style aesthetics and he has been dropping some amazing style statements with his looks, of late. There was this instance when he wore a pair of Spider-Man inspired sneakers and then again when he wore shoes that were straight out of Dragon Ball Z. It won't be wrong to call Kunal a sneakerhead as well. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani Having said that, Kunal recently made an appearance with Soha Ali Khan in a casual outfit that was the epitome of dressing down. While his outfit looked on-point, we were intrigued by the shoes he was wearing, as these are quite an unusual pair of sneakers. Take a look. © Balenciaga Kunal can be seen in a rad pair of dad sneakers by Balenciaga. These sneakers have a 3-layer complex sole and the TPU injected in the sole, adds to the comfort level. The shoes might look heavy but are actually super lightweight. The laces of this pair are bi-colour and the faded-effect completes the whole look of this pair. © Balenciaga The price of the sneakers will set you back, as these sneakers retail for Rs 80,090 on the official website. Even though the pair is discoloured or has a washed-out effect, these still look rad, according to us. © Viral Bhayani Speaking of Kunal's outfit, it's a rather understated ensemble. He was seen wearing a basic yet stylish black hoodie by Moschino, coupled with a pair of grey coloured pants. With that, as for his accessories, he opted for a black baseball cap as well. As mentioned, the ensemble is simple and well thought out. © Viral Bhayani The outfit is no doubt spot-on, but the sneakers are an exquisite piece. We have seen many celebrities pair dad sneakers with their garbs, but Kunal's look scores high on the fashion charts. On the work front, Kunal will be seen in yet another zombie apocalypse action-comedy film, Go Goa Gone 2, which is the second instalment in the franchise. View the full article
  5. Health minister Dr Azra Pechuho says health workers not willing to receive vaccine will not be allowed to work
  6. The fact that most Bollywood actors are massive sneakerheads, is a pretty well-known fact. Be it Ayushmann Khurrana, or Shahid Kapoor, celebrities from Bollywood have often impressed us with their insanely cool & expensive sneaker collections. © Instagram/thedeverakonda However, we often tend to forget that some of our favourites from down south, are actually even bigger sneakerheads, and have some of the most insane pairs of sneakers that a hypebeast would love to get their hands on. © Viral Bhayani Vijay Deverakonda is one such guy. Recently, the actor was spotted in Mumbai, with Ananya Pandey, his co-star in his next venture, Liger. Although Ananya was dressed in a rather dope looking co-ord set of workout clothes, it was Vijay who caught everyone’s eye. © Viral Bhayani Vijay was seen wearing a dope looking black rugby jersey from Adidas. The v-necked T-shirt, with its baggy silhouette, looked super dapper on him. Along with that, he was also seen wearing a pair of white shorts, which actually accentuated his overall look. © Viral Bhayani We also liked the beanie that he was wearing with his outfit. The statement piece from his outfit, however, would have to the dope looking sneakers that he was seen wearing. They legit looked like they were made from the bones of an animal. © Viral Bhayani If ever you were looking for a pair of sneakers that had an unquestionable gothic appeal, this should be the only pair you look at. © Viral Bhayani Vijay is wearing the Yeezy 700 V3 Azael from Adidas, a pair of sneakers that were designed by Kanye West himself. People assume that all Yeezys were designed by him. That is not true actually - although he owns the label, he designs just a few special editions, himself. © Adidas The sneakers also have a few highly reflective elements, which give them the appearance that they glow in the dark. © Hypebeast Although the sneakers originally retailed for $200, the resell for about thrice their original price. The Yeezy Azaels used to go for as high as $800, but on average, you can pick these up for $669, or roughly, Rs 49,000. © Hypebeast Add to that your regular customs and import duties, and you’ll be spending about Rs 64-65,000 on them, easily. © Viral Bhayani As expensive as those sneakers are, they’re definitely one of the coolest pairs we have seen a major celebrity wear this year. Seriously Vijay, take a bow. View the full article
  7. We actually like Sidharth’s boy-next-door image and his sense of style. Cool, laidback, and not giving two hoots about what anyone else thinks, Sidharth’s normie sense of fashion is something that guys should aspire for. © Instagram/sidmalhotra It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that the man is a legit style god for his fans. Recently, the actor was spotted at the Mumbai Airport, in one of the quirkiest pants we have seen celebrities wear in a long time. Along with those zany pants, he was also wearing one of the quirkiest pairs of sneakers we have seen this year. © Viral Bhayani First, let’s have a good and hard look at Sidharth’s outfit. Sidharth was seen wearing a rather dapper looking green-coloured sweatshirt and a pair of joggers, a basic and normcore outfit, an ensemble that has become his quintessential, go-to outfit for quite some time now. © Viral Bhayani Along with that, he was also wearing a dope-looking pair of sunglasses, and a basic baseball cap. © Viral Bhayani His pants are what drew our attention. They legit look like they were either worn to a paintball tournament where it got a lot of hits or, were a part of a student’s modern art project. © Viral Bhayani The cargo pants were stained all over with red and had splashes of other colours, made without a care in the world. © Viral Bhayani The pants that we see here are from Alexander McQueen, and seriously, they are one of a kind. The joggers apparently get these detailing by hand, which means that no two pants are the same. © Viral Bhayani Of course, given that this is a piece from Alexander McQueen, they’re expensive. They retail for about €995 or roughly Rs 87K. © Viral Bhayani Another interesting piece that he wore, was the black sneakers. It looks like they were made from laundry bags, that come with toggle loops. © Asics The sneakers that we see here are the Asics X Vivienne Westwood Gel-Kayano 26. See what we mean when we say that they look like laundry bags? © Asics The upper is a shapeless mesh covering, with an inner layer of finer mesh fabric. The sneakers don’t have laces but are tied using a toggle lacing system. Basically, you hold down the ‘switch’ and pull the laces together to make it tight. © Viral Bhayani The sneakers retail for about $240 or Rs 18,000, and have a very athletic appeal. © Viral Bhayani We have to say, as quirky as the sneakers are, they pale in comparison to those quirky looking pants. That’s a heck of a way to make a statement, Sidharth. A job well done indeed. View the full article
  8. You wash your face. You shave. You wash your hair every alternate day. While following this grooming routine, it's easy to assume that your daily checklist is the right one. But, are you honestly doing it right? Most men, at least, make a few grooming mistakes and as a result, it becomes the death knell of good habits. Fortunately, these mistakes are avoidable. Check out these common grooming mistakes that most men have been making without realising them: 1. Not Moisturising Before Bed © iStock After having a long day, if you are ending it just with a good wash, well, that's not enough for your skin. The truth is that your skin goes into the recovery mode at night and cells repair faster than the day. To go along the process, it is important to lay your hands on a solid night cream, Just a dab of this and you will wake up fresh in the morning. __ECOMPRODUCT__1148__ 2. Hot, Scalding Showers © iStock Hot showers are tempting and relaxing and we get that. But turning up the heat regularly can dry out your skin, leading to more such issues like rosacea, rashes etc. Rather, stick to cold showers as they are quite beneficial. You can also, opt for lukewarm water and protect your skin with a body wash that maintains the pH level of your skin. __ECOMPRODUCT__926__ 3. Not Trimming Your Nose Hair © iStock Just thirty seconds with your trimmer and you are done. It is easy to assume that no one is looking at the overly grown hair in your nostrils but the scraggly danglers are visible. So, if you haven't adhered to this grooming habit, do it right away with a nose trimmer. 4. Using Too Much Product © iStock There's a fine line between being well-groomed and being someone who does everything extra. Whether it's too much styling gel or fragrance or beard oil in your beard, following a routine is fine but overdoing it is not. Stick to a minimal of everything and you'll be all set to make an impression. 5. You Forget Your Feet © iStock Some areas of the body receive the least care but that's no excuse to keep it unclean and give the world a view of your habits. The easiest way to deal with your feet is to take a foot file and get rid of the dry skin. At the end of it, don't forget to clip your nails as well. __ECOMPRODUCT__1149__ 6. You Have Not Changed Your Antiperspirant In Years © iStock When it comes to deodorant, men usually pick the one they see on the racks of the drugstore and continue to buy the same every month. The body also adapts to the antiperspirant, and eventually, it becomes a useless item. The fix here is to change switch things up regularly and also maintain your lifestyle to smell fresh, all the time. View the full article
  9. US businesswoman, socialite, reality TV star, and soon-to-be lawyer, Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce from rapper husband Kanye West over six years of marriage, citing “irreconcilable differences”, according to E! News. © Instagram/Kim Kardashian West “It’s gotten to the point where they haven’t spent time together as a married couple in months. They’ve seen each other for the sake of the kids but have been living separately. Kim knows the marriage is over. She’s known for a while,” a source said to the publication. © Instagram/Kim Kardashian West While no official statement has been made so far about the divorce, the rumours of their differences have been surfacing up for a few months now. Being, one of the most prominent celebrity power couples around the world, the two got married back in 2014. Together, they have four children-. North, Saint, Chicago and Psalm West. © Instagram/Kim Kardashian West In the divorce filing, Kim has requested joint legal and physical custody of the kids. “It’s the same thing over and over and over again. He’s on very thin ice with her right now, and she’s truly trying to decide what to do to protect the kids, but also her own sanity. The whole thing is discouraging and difficult for her,” a source told People.com. However, this comes as a shock to some people who have seen both Kim and Kanye support each other throughout the years. These include the times when: 1. When They Were Super Proud Of Each Other's Achievements © Instagram/Kim Kardashian West It's the little instances when they displayed how proud they were of each other. For instance, when Kim hit 30 million Twitter followers and Kanye wasn't following anyone else but just her. Likewise, when Kanye received an honorary doctorate from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and Kim talked about it online expressing how proud she was of him. 2. When Kim Made Yeezys Cool © Instagram/Kim Kardashian West Kanye debuted each of his Yeezy collections, each year that was bigger and better than the last one. The street drip, however, also got its significance as Kim started wearing his collection each time she stepped out. In fact, not just her, her sisters too started wearing Yeezys and that's what kickstarted the trend around Kanye's Yeezys. 3. When Kim Supported Kanye Through Controversies © Instagram/Kim Kardashian West When Kanye debuted Yeezy Season 3, he also dropped his album, The Life of Pablo simultaneously. One sentence in particular in the lyrics piqued interest for everyone. In the song, Famous, Kanye raps, "I feel like me and Taylor might still have *** / I made that b*tch famous." Taylor in response said through her spokesperson, "Kanye did not call for approval, but to ask Taylor to release his single Famous on her Twitter account. She had declined and cautioned him about the song with blatant misogynistic symbolism. Taylor was never privy to the actual lyric." However, Kim started supporting Kanye publicly and in interviews. In an interview, she said, "She totally knew that that was coming out. She wanted to all of a sudden act like she didn't. [She] totally approved that [line in the song about Swift]." © Instagram/Kim Kardashian West On Kim's Snapchat, she even posted the entire conversation between Kanye and Taylor later. In the video, Kanye asks Taylor for her feedback on the lyrics, and she says, "Go with whatever line you think is better. It's obviously very tongue in cheek either way. And I really appreciate you telling me about it, that's really nice!" However, the line read out to her is not revealed. While we're uncertain, who was in the wrong. We know Kanye and Kim's support through thin and thick. 4. When Kim Reportedly Bailed Him Out Of Kim His $53M ‘Debt’ © Instagram/Kim Kardashian West Back in 2016, Kanye West had announced that he was allegedly in $53 million in debt. It appears Kanye West’s alleged debt burden was lifted, with the help of wife and fellow celebrity, Kim Kardashian West. She later posted, “busy cashing (her) 80 million video game check”, and transferring $53 million into a joint account. Despite efforts, no speculation as to whether West’s debt had reduced had been made public, until Kim's tweet. Clearly, this is the end of an era. View the full article
  10. Aparshakti has never been a recluse when it comes to fashion. He has almost always gone bonkers with his joggers, shoes, accessories and plausibly, done it all. Remember when he wore Coco-Cola joggers and we thought it was one heck of a dope style statement? He has been unstoppable and has been wearing some superb statement pieces that never fail to grab our attention. © Instagram/Aparshakti Khurana © Viral Bhayani Finally, coming to his outfit, Aparshakti can be seen in a dope black T-shirt, paired with his Calvin Klein joggers. As for the other details, upon closer inspection, we also found Apar wearing a ring, by YSL which has a bizarre yet quirky design. For this look, in particular, he went high with his accessories, as he was seen wearing a Beret by Shantanu & Nikhil along with Rayban wayfarers. View the full article
  11. Ever since Sunny Singh ventured into Bollywood, the actor has blown minds with a string of promising characters on-screen. However, besides his acting skills, it's also his sense of style that has intrigued us often. Apart from being a fashion fanatic, he also has a deep understanding of sneakers. © Viral Bhayani The best part about that, though, is that he is always seen wearing some zany sneakers, that come with an affordable price range. From his Nike Jordan Max 200 to Nike Air Max 90, Sunny has ensured that all his appearances are on the radar and he has been working them with some great dope ensembles. © Adidas Sunny is seen wearing Adidas R.Y.V Wind Pants. These pants are 90s inspired style that come with big logo taping on the side in a thick tape and lightweight plain weave with ventilated comfort. This is a sports-meet-street sort of style. © Viral Bhayani As for the other details of his look, he coupled these light blue, baggy pants with a black Nike T-shirt, topped with a hoodie. Sunny keeps his style statement low with accessories but is usually seen in some stylish baseball caps. On his feet, he can be seen wearing a swanky pair of shoes by Puma in a subtle colour palette, that's blending perfectly with his outfit. On the work front, Sunny is working on a new project alongside Saif Ali Khan in Adipurush by Om Raut. View the full article
  12. I wish money was a topic that our parents spoke about, or our schools and colleges did justice to. In the absence of it, we are left to learn from those who have made mistakes and realized what to do or make those same mistakes ourselves. Mistake 1Not valuing your time and treating it like it's free. We don't know how much our per hour costs. We don't know how much we ACTUALLY spend, when we watch videos 2hrs/day. We don't know how much we should charge for a project. We don't understand how our time = money . Mistake 2Spending your time on things that are easy to measure money-wise. We will spend half a day travelling to one end of the city, to save Rs. 1000, because we know we will conclusively save that amount. But we won't spend 2 hours preparing for our salary negotiation! © istock Mistake 3Taking too many loans. We over-index on our future earnings. And spend more today, than we can afford today. Loans tie us down. They increase our burn rate. They make us risk-averse. They make us feel like we are stuck! Mistake 4Believing that our income is capped. Our income is not capped. There is no upper limit to how much we can earn. Instead, it is our spending that is capped. We have to spend a bare minimum to live, to survive. Instead of reducing expenses, focus on increasing income. © istock Mistake 5Trying to time the market. Market is too high. Let it fall. Market is low. Right time to buy. No one knows the highs or lows of a market. The best way to invest over a long term, is to invest regularly. Irrespective of the price at that time. Mistake 6Investing because of FOMO. Everyone is investing in Bitcoin. I should too. Everyone is selling Bitcoin. I should too. Everyone is buying stocks, I should too. Everyone is selling stocks, I should too. Everyone is NOT you! Invest in your beliefs, research and appetite. © istock Mistake 7Renting your time and not owning any assets. Everyone in a job isn't going to create supernormal wealth. Because we have to spend time working, to earn. Assets, on the other hand, make money, even when we sleep. Start a company. Own stocks. Create rental income. Mistake 8Investing late 20s is the time to have fun. Will start investing in the 30s. 30s is the time to build a family and enjoy. Will start investing in the 40s. The right time to start investing was when you turned 18. The next best time is TODAY. © istock Mistake 9Comparing your money to others. Money, for most of us, is an outcome. Not an input. It is the result of the decisions we have made, not the reason for the decisions we made. Compare the decisions people made to get to their money. Comparing the outcome, won't help! Mistake 10Running after money. Money gives you freedom. Freedom is a privilege. But the minute we run after money, we are not free anymore. Use money to earn your freedom. Don't give up your freedom to earn money. Mistake 11Not taking risks, when you can in our 20s, when we have little to lose. Even if we do lose, we have time to recover. Lesser so in our 30s/40s. That's why our parents love FDs. But we shouldn't. Take risks early on and don't worry about the short term ups and downs. Ankur Warikoo is an entrepreneur, teacher and founder of Nearbuy. He tweets a thread every Friday about entrepreneurship, failure and personal growth on his Twitter handle @warikoo View the full article
  13. On Sunday, Haryana Agriculture Minister JP Dalal apologised for his "they would have died even at home" statement on the deaths of farmers at various protest sites after the minister faced severe backlash on social media for his remarks. JP Dalal also later said it is painful if anyone dies. While he did not clarify why he made the "they would have died even at home" statement when asked about the farmers' deaths at protest sites, JP Dalal did maintain that they were "misinterpreted". "If anyone is hurt by my statements, then, I apologise. My statement has been misinterpreted. I am committed to the welfare of farmers," Haryana Agriculture Minister JP Dalal was quoted as saying by ANI. WHAT DID JP DALAL SAY ON FARMERS' PROTEST DEATHS?The Agriculture Minister made the remark on Saturday in Bhiwani in response to a reporter's query over the 'death of 200 farmers' during the protests. "Would not they've died if they were at home? Out of 1-2 lakh people, don't 200 people die in 6 months? Someone is dying of a heart attack and someone after falling ill. I express my sympathies towards them," JP Dalal had said. Check out the video here: #WATCH Would not they've died if they were at home? Out of 1-2 lakh people, don't 200 people die in 6 months? They've died with their own will. I express my sympathies towards them: Haryana Agri Min JP Dalal on the death of farmers during ongoing protest against farm laws (13.02) pic.twitter.com/qDswOWROac — ANI (@ANI) February 14, 2021 Several Punjab and Haryana farmers, participating in farmers' agitation against the Centre's three farm laws at various Delhi border points, have died of different reasons including cardiac arrest. Hours after making the statement, the Haryana agriculture minister said he has seen "twisted" statements, attributed to him, on social media. He said "wrong meaning" was given to his statements. If anyone is hurt by my statements, then, I apologise. My statement has been misinterpreted. I am committed to the welfare of farmers, clarified Haryana Agriculture Minister JP Dalal yesterday pic.twitter.com/2NpUlPKRe9 — ANI (@ANI) February 14, 2021 Soon, people started taking to social media to react to this "insensitive" remark. Here’s how people on the micro-blogging site reacted to his statement: Govt is totally ignoring this issue and taking it lightly but we the people of Haryana don't do the same #haryanagovtfails — Pranant Saroha (@PranantSaroha) February 14, 2021He should talk about farmers suicides. Around 800 commit suicide every month with the laws and market being regulated. — Deep Chatterjee (@deep_chatterji) February 14, 2021First dey said Wat dey actually mean n den give contradictory explanations. Like PM first insulted by inventing d word of #andolanjeevi but next day gave a contradictory explanation to differentiate between #andolankari and #andolanjivi r they really thinking abt welfare? — 🏻‍⚖️ (@AdvocateNaari) February 14, 2021Tere ghar Wale hote tho pata chalta — Harish Malve (@HarishMalve007) February 14, 2021He appears frustrated that only 200 died! — Arif (@harip_rk) February 14, 2021No words to condemn this! — Ghanshyam Binnani (@GDBinnani) February 14, 2021Meanwhile, even Haryana Congress chief Kumari Selja slammed Dalal for his statement. "This reaction and laughter of the Haryana agriculture minister on the sacrifice of our farmer brothers are very sad," she said in a tweet. Tell us your thoughts on this in the comments section below. (With PTI inputs) View the full article
  14. Kartik Aaryan definitely has the all necessary skills required to zhuzh up a basic outfit around by 180 degrees. From a basic pair of baggy track pants to even chunky, heavy-duty sneakers, he seems to have done it all. In fact, over the years, as he's picked films and characters with different personalities from diverse genres, he's gotten influenced a little by all of them and seems to have incorporated these changes in his personal style. Lately, he's taken a new interest in biking and is often seen on his new bike travelling from one place to the other. Moreover, since regular biking requires specific gear, he's also changed his style aesthetic accordingly. Case in point a recent outfit, take a look at the outfit here: © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani Seen riding his bike yet again, Kartik was sporting a graphic t-shirt that has a cone of vanilla ice cream embedded on it. With that, he wore a locket, a beanie and a pair of reflector shades on the accessories front. He completed his outfit with a pair of baggy jeans and a pair of sneakers that looked extremely heavy from a distance. Take a close look at the sneaker silhouette. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani The sneaker's white coloured outsole was abnormally huge in size. For the uninitiated, the outsole, otherwise known as the sole, is the bottommost component of a shoe that comes in close contact with the ground directly. The outsole can be made out of a variety of materials, including leather and rubber. In Kartik's case, it looks like it's made of white rubber. But usually, the outsole is 1 to 1.5 inches in width, and his seems to be as tall as 3 inches making it abnormally huge. We don't know if this was the right shoe choice for riding the bike. On the work front, he will be working on films like Dhamaka directed by Ram Madhwani, Anees Bazmee's Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2 with Kiara Advani, and Dostana 2 with Janhvi Kapoor. It looks like the upcoming year is going to have a packed schedule for the actor. But with exciting films like these, one can only wonder what style aesthetic Kartik Aaryan is going to lean towards in the future. View the full article
  15. Markram on 59 and Dussen unbeaten on 48;South Africa will need another 243 runs if it is to beat Pakistan on Monday
  16. Tiger Shroff has more versatile talents than one can imagine. Whenever we think we've figured him out, he surprises us with something new yet again. It's almost like each year we get to see a new side of him entirely. For instance, he made a debut in the industry as an actor, soon we discovered his groovy dance moves, then we also learnt over time that he is a fitness freak and has collaborated with companies like Cult Fitness to develop a workout influenced by him called Prowl. © Cure.fit This was followed by a recent development which took place last year. In 2020, in the middle of the pandemic, as we were all cooped up inside, Tiger worked on his singing skills and dropped his first single last year called, Unbelievable. This was followed by another music video this year called Casanova. In both we see Tiger strut his incredible dance skills. If you haven't seen Casanova yet, check it out here: In the music video, it is apparent that Tiger's fleshed out his laidback aesthetic, in terms of both his style and varying interests. So, you notice both flashy outfits and breathtaking jumps at the same time. Considering, more of his songs from his albums will be coming soon, we cant wait to see how he style his next couple of videos. Besides his thriving music career, presently he is also working on the film Ganpath, followed by Baaghi's fourth instalment and Heropanti's second instalment, and lastly, Rambo. This is perhaps the reason why he has a significantly tight schedule this year. Recently, Tiger stepped out in a rather interesting outfit. Take a look at the outfit here: © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani Tiger stepped out in a pair of black jeans with a cut out blue denim strip stitched on both the sides, which looked like they could be taken off. He paired with black full sleeves vest. He even wore it with a pair of black espadrilles. © Viral Bhayani If you want to buy a similar pair of espadrilles, you can get them here: __ECOMPRODUCT__580__ Clearly, Tiger knows his style aesthetic. View the full article
  17. Realme has finally launched its first set of phones for 2021 in India, the Realme X7 and the X7 Pro. These new phones come with 5G support, punch-hole designs, and 64MP cameras. Here's everything you need to know about the new Realme X7 and the Realme X7 Pro. Realme X7 Introducing #realmeX7 Dimensity 800U 5G Processor 50W SuperDART Charge 64MP AI Triple Camera Available in: 6+128GB, ₹19,999 8+128GB, ₹21,999 1st sale at 12 PM, 12th Feb on https://t.co/HrgDJTZcxv & @Flipkart.#XperienceTheFuture pic.twitter.com/4Jnb4SMNm5 — realme (@realmemobiles) February 4, 2021 The Realme X7 features a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED FHD+ display and has a screen-to-body ratio of 90.8%. It's powered by a Dimensity 800U 5G processor paired with up to 8GB RAM and 128GB internal storage. The phone also packs a 4310 mAh battery with a 50W SuperDart charge. As for the optics, the Realme X7 sports a triple-camera setup which includes a 64MP f/1.8 sensor, an 8MP f/2.3 ultrawide lens, and a 2MP macro camera. For selfies, the phone sports a 16MP f/2.5 front camera. Realme X7 ProPresenting #realmeX7Pro Dimensity 1000+ Processor 65W SuperDART Charge 120Hz Super AMOLED Fullscreen And more! Available in: 8+128GB, ₹29,999 1st sale at 12 PM, 10th Feb on https://t.co/HrgDJTZcxv & @Flipkart.#XperienceTheFuture pic.twitter.com/Hm1CHEXHhw — realme (@realmemobiles) February 4, 2021 The Realme X7 Pro features a 6.55-inch Full HD+ AMOLED display which comes with a 120Hz refresh rate support. Under the hood, the phone packs a MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ 5G processor paired with 8GB RAM and 128GB internal storage. It also packs a 4,500 mAh battery with 65W SuperDart Charge support. At the back, the Realme X7 Pro a quad-camera setup that includes a 64MP f/1.8 Sony IMX686 sensor, an 8MP ultra-wide lens with an f/2.25 aperture, and two 2MP f/2.4 sensors. For selfies, the phone sports a 32MP f/2.45 front camera. Pricing & AvailabilityThe Realme X7 starts at Rs 19,999 for the 6GB + 128GB variant. The 8GB + 128GB model is priced at Rs 21,999. The phone comes in Space Silver, and Nebula color options, and it'll be available to buy starting February 12 via Flipkart and Realme India website. As for the Realme X7 Pro, the company launched the phone at a starting price of Rs 29,999 for the 8GB + 128GB storage option. It'll be available in Fantasy, and Mystic black color options. You'll be able to buy the phone starting February 10 via Flipkart and Realme India website. These are Realme's first set of phones for the year and we're sure a lot more are coming very soon. It'll be interesting to see how these devices will compete with the other devices in the market. We'll have more to talk about these phones soon, so stay tuned. View the full article
  18. We know that rappers love their jewellery and their bling. Trust us when we say that among all of India’s hip-hop artists, Yo Yo Honey Singh stands on a different playing field. © Instagram/yoyohoneysingh Pick any music video featuring Honey Singh, and you’ll see that more than anything else, it is his quirky jewellery and bling that stands out. © Instagram/yoyohoneysingh Well, very recently, Honey Singh gave us yet another example of why people consider him to be the king of bling. © Viral Bhayani Honey Singh recently attended the launch of his new song with Nushrat Bharucha wearing a rather dope and rare timepiece. But first, let’s have a look at his outfit. © Viral Bhayani Honey Singh is wearing a rather dope looking pick coloured sweatshirt from the Indian streetwear maker, Natty Garb. The ‘Hype Kills’ sweatshirt that he is wearing is a part of their annual Christmas drop from 2020, and we had to admit it looks rather zany. © Viral Bhayani We also like the fact that he has paired it with a chunky looking pair of sneakers, and a pair of relaxed fit, black coloured denims. Such a pairing allows the sweatshirt to take the centre stage and be the highlight of the ensemble. © Viral Bhayani However, the watch that we see Honey Singh wearing is the real statement piece from the ensemble, if you ask us. © Viral Bhayani He is seen here wearing the Patek Philippe Nautilus in Rose Gold. For all the die-hard horologists reading this article, the reference number for the watch is 5711/1R-001. © Viral Bhayani All Patek Philippes, all over the world, enjoy a massive fan following and are in high demand, thanks to the cult status it has developed. Pick any new generation rapper, boxer, or movie star - basically with loads of cash - and they will invariably have a Patek Philippe or two. © Patek Philippe The end result is, that if you wish to buy the watch from Patek Philippe directly, you need to wait at least for three to seven years, depending on the region and any customisations that you want to go for. To put things in perspective Rolls Royce deliver their cars faster than that in India. © Patek Philippe The upshot is that if you buy from authorised dealers, the watch costs about $51,000 or Rs 37,50,000 plus import duties and other taxes. © Viral Bhayani If you want to skip the waiting period altogether, and just want to get your hands on one of these, be prepared to shell out almost double of the original price. © Viral Bhayani The same piece that Honey Singh is wearing resells for about $100,000 to $115,000. That’s about 74 to 90 Lakhs, plus commissions to the reseller. © Viral Bhayani All in all, though, Honey Singh looks rather dope wearing such a cool timepiece. View the full article
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