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Found 967 results

  1. The pandemic has turned everyone's lives upside down. It's been almost an entire year and people have struggled a lot, and so many people's sources of income got disrupted. On one hand, it's wise to keep outings to a minimum to help reduce the spread of coronavirus, but on the other hand, so many businesses depend on customers actually coming out and purchasing goods and services. It's a complicated situation and people are still trying to figure out a balance. View this post on InstagramRestaurants have suffered quite a bit since the lockdown last year as a lot of people still avoid dining out. However, an eatery in Pune has come up with a unique solution to boost its business during such trying times. Shivraj Hotel, located in the Wadgaon Maval area in the outskirts of Pune, started a Bullet Contest where the reward is obviously a Bullet bike. View this post on InstagramBasically, the contest entails participants finishing a non-veg thali within 60 minutes. Those who can complete the feat will have a chance to win a Bullet bike worth Rs 1.65 lakh. Pretty sweet deal, right? View this post on InstagramThe Bullet Thali in question is a non-vegetarian platter consisting of around 12 dishes made with 4 kilograms of mutton and fish. The dishes include Fried Surmai, Pomfret Fried Fish, Chicken Tandoori, Dry Mutton, Grey Mutton, Chicken Masala, and Kolumbi (Prawn) Biryani. The cost of each thali is Rs 2,500. View this post on InstagramAtul Waikar, the owner of Shivraj Hotel, has placed five brand new Royal Enfield Bullet bikes in the verandah of the restaurant. If that's not motivation, then I don't know what is? There's already been a winner; Somnath Pawar, a resident of Solapur district in Maharashtra, finished a Bullet Thali and took home a Bullet. Lucky man, getting rewarded for eating, living the dream life. View the full article
  2. Air Chief says Pakistan fully supports Turkey on Cyprus and other regional issues, including conflict with Armenia
  3. Elderly people above the age of 75 who had underlying health problems died after taking the Pfizer vaccine in Norway. The number for the number of people affected by the vaccine went up to 29 as of last night. The country inoculated more than 25,000 citizens since the vaccination drive however it seems the vaccine is causing severe side effects for people who are elderly and have prior health problems. © Reuters It was assumed that people above the age of 80 were thought to be in the danger zone but after the first six deaths, Norway lowered it to 75. The COVID-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna are the only two vaccines available in the country and all the deaths that occurred are seen to be linked with the vaccination according to the Norwegian Medicines Agency (NMA). It is worthy to point out that this specific vaccine is different from India’s Covaxin and Covishield. India started the world’s biggest vaccine drive yesterday with the two vaccines which you can read all about here. The side effects to the vaccine that most people experience is nausea and vomiting, fever, and worsening of their underlying condition. The Scandinavian country now suggests that the Pfizer vaccine may be too risky for elderly vulnerable patients. “For those with the most severe frailty, even relatively mild vaccine side effects can have serious consequences,” the country said. “For those who have a very short remaining life span anyway, the benefit of the vaccine may be marginal or irrelevant.” © Reuters In a statement, Pfizer said: "Pfizer and BioNTech are aware of reported deaths following the administration of BNT162b2. We are working with NOMA to gather all the relevant information. "All reported deaths will be thoroughly evaluated by NOMA to determine if these incidents are related to the vaccine. The Norwegian government will also consider adjusting their vaccination instructions to take the patients` health into more consideration.” View the full article
  4. When Rishabh Pant came to keep wickets, most fans of the Indian and Australian cricket teams were surprised to see his agility behind the stumps, considering he had suffered a massive injury on his left elbow mere days away and had undergone numerous scans. It was later seen that the 23-year-old had heavily padded his left arm and had to take medical assistance on the field on Day 1 of the Gabba Test at the Brisbane Cricket Ground. Another day of Test cricket, another injury concern for India. Rishabh Pant being looked at by the physio Watch Day 2 #AUSvIND on Fox Cricket or Kayo: https://t.co/h8zxySNI3z Live blog: https://t.co/hqARYyQVDh Match Centre: https://t.co/ApeG4HBAF0 pic.twitter.com/nKh3JNPeYD — Fox Cricket (@FoxCricket) January 16, 2021 However, for Australian cricketing legend Shane Warne, the biggest concern towards the Indian southpaw had nothing to do with his on-field game but with the kind of eyewear he was sporting during the session. The Gabba cameramen didn’t have to try too hard to take notice of Pant’s goggles with fluorescent rims as they were shining extra bright and quickly caught the attention of the ‘Spin King’ who was commentating on the game for Fox Sports. #AUSvIND pic.twitter.com/Y6NY8kWGHj — cricket.com.au (@cricketcomau) January 15, 2021 “What do you think of those shades that Rishabh Pant is rocking Skull?” Warne asked Kerry O’ Keeffe. “Straight out of the service station?” “They are servos aren’t they?” O’Keeffe replied. “And he bought flowers as well. “No, they are not getting me. You would want them to get scratched so you can just put them in the bin. Making fun of Pant’s sunglasses, Warne did not realise that the supporters of the young Indian batsman were loading an arsenal of their own for a quick response and surely enough, images began to flow on social media. @MarkHoward03 some late entries into the SK Warne Sunglasses hall of Shame pic.twitter.com/Qj8NL33lfI — Heath Farnsworth (@farnsy1964) January 16, 2021Talking bad sunglasses are we @ShaneWarne? You really want to go there?#AUSvIND@FoxCricket @MarkHoward03 @gilly381 @BrettLee_58 pic.twitter.com/kEoHPZJnK1 — Freo ⚓ Pope (@FreoPope) January 16, 2021Shane Warne has called out Rishabh Pant for his sunglasses. Also Shane Warne:#AUSvIND pic.twitter.com/wV8z3cG1qD — bet365_aus (@bet365_aus) January 15, 2021Shane Warne having the gall to call out anyone's taste in sunglasses. pic.twitter.com/b1QjquKiJO — Laurie Horesh (@LaurieHoresh) January 15, 2021Shane Warne chipping Pant's sun glasses. Got a mirror there yeah yeah? pic.twitter.com/gWncjgbK7G — Todd Norbury OAM (Self isolation world champion) (@norbs) January 16, 2021 The fourth and final Test of the Border Gavaskar Trophy brought along an early end to the second session of the first day as reports of a hail storm in Brisbane began to emerge. However, after some heavy rains for a little while, the covers were lifted, although the time to resume the game is still under speculation and subject to a pitch survey. By the end of the second session on Day 1, India were at 62/2 after 26 overs and trail by 307 runs in the first innings. Shubman Gill's early loss was followed by a disheartening end to Rohit Sharma’s innings, who is now being criticised for “throwing his wicket” to the Australian bowler Nathan Lyon. Sharma was looking steady while batting at 44 when he decided to go for a big shot but mistimed his shot and the ball ended in Mitchell Starc’s safe hands in the middle of the ground. View the full article
  5. It doesn’t matter if it’s a date or a boardroom meeting, what matters is how well-groomed you look despite the occasion. There are certain grooming tips that take a longer time to make you look suave, but there are also a few grooming hacks that are actually less time-consuming and since you are always hustling, these can be literal lifesavers for you. Check out these 5 rather ingenious grooming habits that you didn't know existed. They are strange but quite effective: 1. Lip Balm & Shaving Cuts © iStock Shaving cuts can be very nasty, no surprises there. Rubbing some amount lip balm on your fingers and applying it on the wound will help control the cut. The wax texture of the balm will seal the cut and show rapid results in covering the clot. 2. A Soap Bar For Your Gym Bag © iStock After a strenuous workout at the gym and with your stinky clothes stowed in your bag, we know how your bag reeks after you come back home. Easy fix? Get a mini soap bar and just throw it in your gym bag. It's a long-lasting solution and it will resolve all your conundrums. 3. Control Bad Breath With Parsley © iStock So what if you don’t have any mint left with you before you step out of your house? At least you have some kitchen ingredients. Before you head out, take some parsley leaves and chew on it along with a clove. The enzymes in it can deodorise your bad breath. Rinse your mouth after this and you will be all set to make an impression. 4. Use A Blow Dryer On Your Razor For Longevity © iStock This may come as a shock to you but drying your razor is going to help you reuse it. Rust or grime on the blades can lessen the lifespan but using a hairdryer on it will save you from spending extra money on it. So, just 30 seconds out of your schedule and you will have a new razor all over again. 5. Conditioner Is A Good Option To Shave Down There © iStock Besides your traditional shaving foams, there are also some more options that will help shave down there blissful. If you wish to go full Brazilian, then do it right with a conditioner which makes for good shaving cream. The chances of you feeling dry after using a cream are higher but a hair conditioner, with its hair softening power, can control the accidental cuts. 6. Cut Your Nails Right After Showering © iStock Nails absorb water and in turn, help you get extra soft nails, especially after a cold shower. This is a perfect time to clip them off as they are flexible and the chances of you getting cuts are quite less. View the full article
  6. We're only a couple of weeks into 2021 and we already have new smartphone launches. It's Samsung this time and they have kickstarted the year with the Galaxy S21 series. You can learn more about the new phones right here, but long story short, they're packed with awesome features. But sadly the rumors are true and none of the new Galaxy S21 phones come with a charger inside the box. Yeah, Samsung is only including a USB-C to USB-C cable inside the box, but you'll need to buy a charging brick in case you don't have one already. Samsung is also citing environmental concerns and it said the phone comes with "just what you need". © YouTube/Marques Brownlee All these new phones also support fast-charging so we highly recommend getting a fast-charging brick that can charge them at 25W in case you don't have one already. Yeah, it's kind of sad to unbox a new phone but continue to use an old charger, but that's what you'll have to do if you don't want to spend any more money on these phones. As you can see, the box of the phone is also smaller and it looks just like the ones that Apple's new iPhones come in. The box is smaller because none of the new Galaxy S21 series phones will ship without a pair of wired headphones too. © Samsung Yeah, so no charger and no wired headphones in the box. This isn't all that surprising because we already heard rumors about the phones not coming with chargers or earbuds, but now it's official and it remains to be seen how the consumers will react to this decision. It's probably something that we all have to get used to because this seems to be the new trend and we won't be surprised to see other manufacturers doing the same. View the full article
  7. UK parliamentarians on Wednesday held a Westminster Hall debate on the ?political situation in Indian-occupied Kashmir? proposed by Labour MP Sarah Owen
  8. Jack Dorsey admits that ban is failure of social media platforms to promote healthy conversations on platforms
  9. OnePlus is making its foray into wearables and their first attempt is with the brand new OnePlus Band. However, the company’s first steps into a new segment is a big disappointment in almost every way. Whether it comes to the performance, features and usability; it all looks quite half baked. We’ve been testing the OnePlus Band for over a week and met with several problems over the course of the review. From battery drain issues to pairing problems, the OnePlus Band is not exactly what we expected. Design When I first opened the box of the OnePlus Band, the first thing that came to my mind was “oh hey! They sent the Oppo fitness tracker.” That’s because the OnePlus Band is a rebranded fitness tracker that we’ve already seen by its sister company Oppo. Even the software that you use with the OnePlus Band is identical to the ColorOS version of it. From the basic design to even the functionality; there’s nothing innovative, new or unique about the OnePlus Band. © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla The OnePlus Band comes with a 1.1-inch AMOLED touchscreen that is the only way one can interact with the fitness tracker. There isn’t a single physical button on the fitness tracker that can be used for navigating menus or act as a simple back button. The pill-shaped tracker comes with a silicone strap and needs to be removed for charging. Speaking of the charger, it comes with the smallest USB charging cable that feels awkward to use with a wall charger. © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla You cannot use it to charge your device on the nightstand nor can you use it to charge from a wall plug that is high as it dangles the charging module. The other baffling choice is the usage of a USB-A port here as OnePlus has now switched to chargers that come with a USB-C port and will remain the same with future models as well. It might be convenient for older OnePlus users however it isn’t future proof if you plan to buy OnePlus smartphones in the future. The OnePlus Band also comes with an IP68 water resistance rating which means you can use it underwater up to a maximum depth of 1.5m for up to thirty minutes. Having said that, the band does offer swimming tracking as well. Of course, we could not test this feature thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic but it's good to see OnePlus include this form of tracking. The overall design of the tracking device is quite rudimental and very similar to Xiaomi’s Mi Band 5. Which means apart from the logo there’s nothing really unique about the band that will set it apart from millions of Mi Band users. Battery Life © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla The OnePlus Band is said to offer battery life up to seven days on a single charge however that was not the case in our testing. When idle through the night, we notice a 20% drop in battery which is quite unacceptable when compared to what the competition is capable of. With SPO2 turned on, the battery life is even worse and lasts anywhere between 3-4 days. This is after receiving an update after the launch which only means the fitness band is not well optimised for power users right now. Usability and Fitness The OnePlus Band in terms of usage is very basic which is not what I expected from a debut product. You can navigate the interface by using gestures i.e. swipe left, up or down from the top of the display. Swiping up brings up all the settings and different modes you can use while swiping down brings up your notifications. Speaking of notifications, the OnePlus Band does them well and is almost instantaneous. However, there are still some teething issues that need to be fixed. In fact, this is where we noticed the OnePlus Band is not a first-party ecosystem device the company makes it out to be. For example, if you turn on DND on your smartphone, the OnePlus Band ignores that and does not set DND mode on the tracker. You will have to turn on DND on the fitness band manually as it works independently from the phone. As a companion device to OnePlus phones, it’s beneficial for only rejecting calls and locating your phone via the pinging method. The OnePlus Band does offer some smartwatch features, but it's not as comprehensive as I thought it would be. © MensXP_Akshay Bhalla When it comes to fitness, the tracker offers the usual activity tracking such as outdoor runs, indoor run, outdoor walk, cycling, elliptical training amongst others. The tracker also uses connected GPS for tracking your runs which more or less works as advertised. The fitness tracker also calculates steps quite reasonably well and the heart rate monitor is accurate enough for the cost of the fitness band. In addition to all of the fitness tracking, the OnePlus Band also offers sleep tracking. To be honest, I didn’t really use this feature as I cannot wear anything on my wrist while sleeping. However, I have heard from peers the sleep tracking is on point and can even detect sleep apnea. The OnePlus band can also read blood oxygen levels which is a nice feature to have. However, in my usage, the performance of SPo2 detection was all over the place. There were instances where it would read SPo2 levels very accurately when compared to a pulse oximeter and there were times it was not. To be honest, one should not consider the OnePlus Band as a blood oxygen reader in the first place as it is only supposed to indicate approximate blood oxygen levels. Having said that, the OnePlus Band needs to do a better job of bringing all of the health data at the forefront to its users. OnePlus Health AppThe OnePlus Health app is currently the most disappointing part of the whole experience. It is a rebranded app of Oppo’s offering and lacks many features that are a staple for fitness tracking companion apps. There’s no way to track your weight, monitor your diet or export data. The companion definitely needs a bit of work in order to become a comprehensive offer however for now it seems half baked. © OnePlus Having said that, I do like the simplicity of the app and additional features such as the ability to change watch faces. The watch faces aren’t as elaborate as the Apple Watch but it does deliver all the information you need. Other features include having the ability to set alarms (up to 5), set the hours for raise to wake, and set the vibration levels. We can see the OnePlus Health app transform to an all-in-one health tracking app in the future however for now it makes the user feel more like a beta-tester right now. The Final SayThe OnePlus Band retails in India for Rs 2,499 which is great value if OnePlus fixes all the issues with the tracker. At launch, the OnePlus Band is not the ideal fitness trackers for users especially since the competition has a more robust offering. As of now, the OnePlus Band seems like a rushed product that is not ready to compete with the big boys yet. View the full article
  10. Sunny Singh recently made many appearances, and each time he is papped, we never leave a chance to talk about the star's zany sneakers. For the unversed, besides having on-point acting skills, Sunny is also a sneakerhead who has envious collectables. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani From wearing slanted heeled sneakers to standing out in a quirky, eccentric pair, Sunny has also worked extensively in the fashion department, and well, never failed to impress us with his fashion game. © Viral Bhayani This time too as he was seen at the gym, he didn't fail to make all the heads turn to his sartorial style. What grabbed our focus were the sneakers he wore. They aren't everyday running shoes but rather converse sneakers, which could possibly make working out in them a tad bit difficult. © Converse He is wearing Converse high top shoes, which have now become a classic. These sneakers have a comfortable insole with extra support and stability. The canvas upper is lightweight and durable and this timeless silhouette is an everyday style. © Converse But when it comes to the gym garb, Converse aren't ideal for workouts as they don't offer good arch support and flat shoes are a bad idea for workouts whereas trainers would be a best bet. © Viral Bhayani Still, we have to give Sunny points for the way he has styled this gym look. A sleeveless T-shirt hoodie paired with black joggers with Converse, overall, looks fashionable. Hats off, Sunny! View the full article
  11. From Ranveer Singh's exulting fashion sense to Ayushmann Khurrana's on-point athleisure style, several B-town hunks have shown their love to dress up right, irrespective of the occasion. Then there are celebs like Arjun Kapoor and Sunny Singh, who also have their style sense on-point even when they are working out. © Viral Bhayani Joining the same league is Emraan Hashmi who has time and again sported some stellar workout outfits, which have left most of us inspired. His style statement is not just limited to his clothes as the man is also a low-key sneakerhead, who doesn't miss a chance to flaunt his zany sneakers, even at the gym. © Nike These are Nike's Air Max Sneakers which come in bright hues. The outsole is dual-toned with a reverse colour palette. Add to that, the chunky bright silhouette makes it look outstanding. View the full article
  12. The hype around Bitcoin is back as the cryptocurrency has managed to breach $37,000 which is roughly around Rs 27 lakh. This number has constantly been increasing over the past couple of weeks. Analysts have predicted some strong growth over the next couple of weeks, although it remains to be seen how it plays out. But what if we told you that this rise in Bitcoin's value was predicted long back in a popular animated show. Yes, Family Guy had predicted the rise of Bitcoins all the back in 2015 in an episode in Season 4. This was tweeted out by a user on Twitter and he noted how Peter Griffin had predicted the Bitcoin rise. Here, check it out - Four years ago, Peter Griffin suggested going long Bitcoin at $440 to rescue the family finances https://t.co/cmybCoTnSg — Sam Ro (@SamRo) January 6, 2021 The eight-second clip, as you can see, shows Peter Griffin suggesting to go with Bitcoin as an investment to make more money. He's shown having a discussion with his wife about their family's finances and how their savings have been going down. © Unsplash It might not have been a big thing back then but it's clear that Peter wasn't wrong. One unit of Bitcoin is currently going for close to Rs 28 lakh, which is insane. View the full article
  13. We may spend time examining 'Trumpocracy', one must pause and evaluate how America got to where it did today.
  14. If you’re not impressed by the acting capabilities of the performer that Jimmy Sheirgill is, there is something seriously wrong with you. We love his sense of style, just as much as his skills in front of the camera. © Viral Bhayani The thing is, Jimmy has a very laidback and a chilled out sense of style. Most of the times, when he is spotted in public, you’ll see him in simple joggers, and a sweatshirt. His sneakers though aren’t that simple. Yup, Jimmy too, is a massive sneakerhead. © Viral Bhayani Very recently, he was spotted in Mumbai, wearing one of the dopest pair of white sneakers that you can get your hands on. But first, let’s have a look at his outfit. © Viral Bhayani In a style that is quintessentially him, Jimmy was seen in a basic camouflaged cargo pants, and a black T-shirt. He also decided to match his camo-printed mask with his cargo pants. Simple, clean, functional, and yet stylish, this is a great outfit to step out of your homes. © Viral Bhayani His sneakers, however, are anything but simple. On the surface, they may seem like any regular chunky white sneakers. However, if you look closely, you’ll see that they are a classic piece from Nike and a collector’s favourite. © Viral Bhayani Jimmy is seen here wearing the Nike Air Max 90 Recraft Triple White. The particular version that Jimmy’s wearing was launched by Nike to commemorate 30 years of the Air Max 90 line of sneakers. Since it had a very limited production run and was released in very limited numbers, sneakerheads around the world try to get their hands on this one. © Nike One might assume that the Air Max 90 Recraft would be bonkers expensive. Well, the thing is, getting your hands on the Recraft edition is a task. A regular, white Air Max 90, though is very easy to find, and can be picked for as low as Rs 7,000. © Hypebeast Sheirgill’s Recraft editions though are a dope pair. As dope as that sweet, Mercedes AMG G63 G-Wagon he has. Now that’s what we call a baller ride. View the full article
  15. Farah Khan also revealed that Karan Johar had rejected her because 'there was technical problem'
  16. Farah Khan also revealed that Karan Johar had rejected her because 'there was technical problem'
  17. PM Imran Khan says burial of Machh coalminers should not be conditional on his visit; says all demands of protesters have been accepted
  18. Guru Randhawa’s latest Instagram post has sparked engagement rumours. Guru posted a picture with a mystery girl and in the picture, Randhawa is seen wearing a black coloured Pathani suit while the girl is seen in orange attire. Well, the singer has piqued the curiosity of his fans as he decided not to reveal the face and caption added more fuel to it as he wrote, “New Year, New Beginnings", along with a red-heart emoticon. View this post on Instagram Many friends from the industry including Arvind Khaira, Juggy D, and others sent congratulatory messages to him through the comments section. © Guru Randhawa © Guru Randhawa Last year, in an interview with HT Brunch, Guru said that he is in no hurry to tie the knot. “I am settled. The settlement is in the mind. There is no pressure on me to get married,” he said, adding, “I’m in a great space of mind at the moment. The love I get is gratifying and motivating, but I have no immediate plans of biting the bullet!” While some fans are confused as they are also thinking it might be a strategy for announcing his new song, some want to know who’s the girl and want to know the dates of his wedding. © Guru Randhawa © Guru Randhawa We wonder what’s the truth behind this. View the full article
  19. The Indian cricket team has announced the Playing XI for the third of four Test matches against Australia at the Sydney Cricket Ground starting from January 7, 2021. NEWS - #TeamIndia announce Playing XI for the 3rd Test against Australia at the SCG. Navdeep Saini is all set to make his debut.#AUSvIND pic.twitter.com/lCZNGda8UD — BCCI (@BCCI) January 6, 2021 And while most of the squad continues to be the same, as expected, the fans of the Men in Blue are unhappy with two critical snubs from the final list. 1. Mayank AgarwalMayank Agarwal since his test debut 21 innings ago • Most no of runs for the team= 1005 • Highest run % for the team = 15.3 • Top scorer of the innings = 5 times He pulled off all this while playing 15 of his 21 innings overseas at the toughest job of being an opener. — Ricky talks cricket (@CrickeyRicky) January 5, 2021 First snub goes to red-call specialist Mayank Agarwal who, despite being one of the best top-order batsmen in the country for the longest format of the game, is currently going through form. Despite opening the Indian batting lineup for the first two Test matches of the Border Gavaskar Trophy in Adelaide and Melbourne respectively, Agarwal could not stick to the crease for long and gave up his wicket early in all four innings. His highest individual score was 17 that came during the first innings of the first Test. And when news of KL Rahl being ruled out of the rest of the series with a sprained left wrist became public, many thought that Agarwal would get another shot at proving his worth to skipper Ajinkya Rahane but it was already established that Team India will move ahead with five bowlers. 2. T NatarajanA proud moment to wear the white jersey 🇮🇳 Ready for the next set of challenges 🏽#TeamIndia @BCCI pic.twitter.com/TInWJ9rYpU — Natarajan (@Natarajan_91) January 5, 2021 Just a day before Team India announced the Playing XI, a hopeful T Natarajan shared pictures of him donning the white kit for his country and it was widely believed that he will be getting his international Test debut in Sydney, especially after his wondrous debut in limited overs cricket earlier in the tour. Where is Natarajan...... — Abulasath (@ItsAbulazad) January 6, 2021Saini instead of Natarajan?? Hmmm... #IndvsAus pic.twitter.com/dq1xSFtEzx — Sach Mein Utha Le (@Uthale_Re_Deva) January 6, 2021What a disappointment.. We all expected @Natarajan_91 Debut.. @BCCI https://t.co/p2Pd1xkrE6 — Raghavan JV (@IamRagbon) January 6, 2021However, Natarajan’s spot was given to yet another pacer, Navdeep Saini, who too will finally get the opportunity to make his debut in red-ball cricket on Thursday. While Shardul Tharkur’s name was also floating following the second Test, it was Natarajan’s ability to bring variation to his deliveries that made him the top choice for spot in the absence of Umesh Yadav but the cap went to Saini nonetheless. View the full article
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