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Found 134 results

  1. Reel life villain Sonu Sood is a real-life hero for many people and has been helping the stranded migrant workers in transportation so that they can reach back home safely. Sonu Sood has shown us that he has a golden heart by helping thousands of people in reaching home and he has become a hero for the underprivileged who are badly hit by the pandemic. Once again, Sonu has promised to provide shelter to a homeless woman who is living on the streets with her young kids. This came to Sonu Sood’s notice when a Twitter user appealed to him for helping this woman. He wrote in Hindi, “ the woman and her two kids are forced to live on the footpath after her husband died and the landlord forced her out. They have not eaten in days and have no place to go. Hence, they are sleeping on the footpath.” Checkout out the tweet here- @SonuSood सर यह महिला के पति की मौत हो गई बाहर के पटना में रह रही थी मकान मालिक ने निकाल दिया है एक महीने से सड़कों के किनारे पड़ी 2 छोटे बच्चे भूख से बिलख रहे है मदद करे आप।सरकार से इन्हें उम्मीद नही कोइ।।9113110823 @vishallamba20 @NeetiGoel2 pic.twitter.com/6TQta3TJNa — अंकित राजगढ़िया (@ankit_rajgaria1) July 19, 2020 Sonu Sood replied quickly saying that he will extend his support. He promised that he will get them shelter within twenty-four hours. He wrote, “Tomorrow, this family will have a roof over their heads. These small kids will have their home.” Here is the tweet- कल इस परिवार के सिर पर छत होगी। इन छोटे बच्चों के लिए एक घर ज़रूर होगा ❣️ https://t.co/QA2m5sPJwm — sonu sood (@SonuSood) July 19, 2020 Here’s what people on the internet have to say about the actor’s generosity- You have proved it @SonuSood pic.twitter.com/YLXN7PEeLq — Saurabh Walia (@SaurabhWalia13) July 19, 2020बस इसी की उम्मीद थी आपसे जो काम सरकार को करना चाहिए वो आप कर रहे मुझे आप पे गर्व है — 🇮🇳Crime Master GoGo(खांग्रेस्स) (@theindiansss) July 19, 2020Such a great suggestion. It's true people want to join Sonu Sood in his crusade to wake up humanity in people again. I will be more then happy to join in. — pushpendre gupta (@pushpendre) July 19, 2020#AngelSood — RAHUL SRIVASTAV (@upcoprahul) July 20, 2020सोनी भईया लाइक - ग्रेट pic.twitter.com/G3rFSawIgT — Shubham Gupta️ (@Shubham01894652) July 19, 2020Recently, Sonu Sood also helped a migrant worker and he names his shop after his name. He names his shop as Sonu Sood Welding Work Shop and has also put a picture of him to express his gratefulness. View this post on InstagramThis endorsement looks like, it's closest to @Sonu_Sood's heart as a migrant who was rescued & airlifted by him from Cochin to Orissa has started his own welding shop called as 'Sonu Sood Welding Work Shop'. There is no better way showing love to the messiah of migrants & we truly love seeing heartwarming moments like these.A post shared by (@manav.manglani) We hope that people learn from him and come forward to help others in this crucial time and he keeps the good work going. View the full article
  2. Heaping praises on the kids, the 'Ertu?rul' actor penned a heartfelt caption in Turkish as well as Urdu
  3. We, the kids from the 90s, have seen a transition and we are products of that change. Back in those days, it was only TV that we could rely on for our recreation on a daily basis. Well, TV shows in those days, unlike today, were clean and family-friendly, for that matter. Cut to the present, we have shows that you just cannot watch with your families thanks to the many 'intimate' scenes being shown, which is okay, however, absolutely not when you are sitting with you mom and dad! We might have become liberal but still, seeing a show with our families that has the lead actors indulging in a lovemaking scene, does make us a bit uncomfortable. Just imagine watching GOT with parents, the very thought can be disastrous. Nowadays, even Indian TV shows have taken a bolder approach so, some parents arenât comfortable with the idea of children seeing such shows with them. But the 90s did offer some shows that you could simply watch with your families without any filters or concerns. Take a look at these Indian shows that you could or still can easily watch on the TV along with your parents without filters: 1. Ramayan This, surely, would have been a part of our Sunday ritual with our parents for many of us. The show inculcates the values of brotherhood and talks of many such values that we need to imbibe. For obvious reasons, Ramayan can be watched anytime with your families. It was re-aired recently because of the lockdown situation and even millennials found an instant connection with the show. 2. Mahabharat Barring the Draupadi chir-haran scene, this show explains the way to lead an exemplary life in the present world and can easily be watched with your parents without any filters and in fact, this also added to the weekend rituals wherein families used to together and watch it on TV. 3. Hum Paanch The story revolves around an ordinary yet amusing family that consists of Anand Mathur, his second wife Bina Mathur and his five daughters. It was a treat to see how those five daughters left no chance to make sure that their parents had a tough day. The show, obviously, had no raunchy scenes and made for a perfect family sitcom as it showed an empowering side of women. Hum Paanch was one of those serials that received a cult status with its content which everyone in the family found relatable. 4. Dekh Bhai Dekh The show was based on a family with three generations and how they faced the ups and downs in life with a comic backdrop. This surely made for a family watch and you could see it with your family without even thinking twice about it. 5. Shrimaan Shrimati The popular 90s show Shrimaan Shrimati, which starred Reema Lagoo, Jatin Kanakia, Rakesh Bedi and Archana Puran Singh is still one of those cult shows that you can watch with your families anytime. It was indeed funny to see how Koki (Reema Lagoo) and Prema (Archana Puran Singh) took their husbands' cases on a regular basis. The banters were light and genuinely funny. This is also among those lucky few shows that were re-aired because of the current lockdown situation. In an interview with Hindustan Times, Archana said, âIâm extremely happy that a show whose humour has survived to date is finally going to be seen by the generation which is in many ways is starved of genuinely funny and well-written humorous shows today. Even though it was made three decades ago, it has survived the test of time and [has therefore been] reconsidered.â So, enjoy these shows once again with your families because they wonât and canât ever disappoint you! View the full article
  4. With the world currently locked up inside the houses, television has become one of the important sources of entertainment. And even with that, the reruns of popular old shows from the 90s have taken the spotlight. People are glued to their television sets for the immense nostalgia factor attached to them. Recent show to make it to the list of reruns of old hits is Mahabharat, the mythological epic. While Ramayan recently aired its last episode after a successful re-run, Mahabharat too is widely being watched by fans. The characters of the show often become viral on the internet with hashtags trending on the characters or the show itself. Although this time, a throwback photo of the famous five Pandavas is doing the rounds on the internet. In the picture, actors playing Pandavas, Gajendra Chauhan (played by Yudhishthir), Praveen Kumar (Bheem), Arjun Feroz Khan (Arjun), Sameer Chitre (Nakul) and Sanjeev Chitre (Sahadev) pose wearing colourful hip T-shirts for a magazine shoot in 1989. The all-colourful photo will surely brighten your dull day! View this post on InstagramAnother rare photograph of our five Pandavas on a day off from the usual attire! âï¸ Printed in Showtime magazine (India) in 1989. Gajendra Chauhan (Yudhishthir), Praveen Kumar (Bheem), Arjun Feroz Khan (Arjun), Sameer Chitre (Nakul) and Sanjeev Chitre (Sahadev). Image reposted from @filmhistorypics #mahabharat #mahabharata #brchoprasmahabharat #brchopra #ravichopra #krishna #acting #epic #cast #crew #tv #series #serial #kurukshetra #yudhishthir #bheem #arjun #nakul #sahadev #showtime #magazine #pandavasA post shared by (@mahabharat1988)Here, check out another one. View this post on InstagramMAHABHARAT : Paanch Pandav of on the cover of a film magazine Yudhishthir (Gajendra Chouhan), Bheem (Praveen Kumar), Arjun (Feroz Khan), Sahdev (Sanjeev Chitre) & Nakul (Sameer Chitre) #Mahabharat ðððð #mahabharat #ramayana #Ramayan #pandavas #arjun #mukeshkhanna #Doordarshan #doordarshan #doordarshanð¡ #oldbollywoodmovies #oldtvserials #90s #90stvshowsA post shared by (@the90sindia) Did you know actor Feroz Khan, who played Arjun on the show, had later changed his name to Arjun Feroz Khan? This was in the wake of the immense popularity he received due to the show. Mahabharat airs twice daily â 12 pm and 7 pm in DD National. View the full article
  5. It's a fact that everyone's eyes are always trained on the children of Bollywood stars, in the hope of seeing them walk in their parents' footsteps and take that plunge into the movie industry. Star kids are said to be privileged, always comfortable with the blanket of nepotism around them, which is usually proven right since they sort of get a direct entry into Bollywood. But are they able to deliver their talent on-screen? Not always. However, some of these star kids, who are benefitted by the big surname, are not so successful and failed to entertain us on-screen. Check out this list of star kids who pretty much tanked right after their launch: 1. Karan Deol © Instagram/Karan Deol If you were able to save your money on watching Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas, you did a great job. Karan Deol, who is Sunny Deol's son, couldn't bring any sort of magic on the screen as he failed to create an impact on the audience and gave a dud of a movie, with a single expression throughout. Even the screenplay of the movie is weak, due to which Karan looks like an unpolished next-gen Bollywood actor. 2. Ananya Panday © Instagram/Ananya Panday Ananya Panday, who is Chunky Panday's daughter was launched by Karan Johar in Dharma Production's, SOTY 2. Besides the movie being a big flop, Ananya's video clip on 'nepotism' in the film industry (https://www.mensxp.com/entertainment/bollywood/75069-bollywood-movies-with-decent-start-but-bad-ending.html) and discussing her father's 'struggle' led to a lot of funny comments. 3. Uday Chopra © Twitter/Uday_Chopra The son of leading producer Yash Chopra, it was assumed that it would be easy for someone like Uday to make it big on-screen. But turns out, he couldn't make us believe us in his acting chops post his back-to-back flops like Neal n Nikki, Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai etc. Though he managed to catch our attention in Mohabbatein, he failed to prove his prowess any further. 4. Meezaan Jaffrey © Instagram/MeezanJ Meezaan Jaffrey is Javed Jaffrey's son, who made his debut in Malaal, that happens to be a remake of a Tamil movie. But the pace of the Bollywood version is damn slow and you won't be able to keep up with the acting of the debutant for sure. Unfortunately, the audience left the movie theatres with a lot of disappointment. 5. Esha Deol © Instagram/Esha Deol While Hema Malini's acting chops ensured she was hailed throughout her career in Bollywood, unfortunately, her daughter Esha Deol couldn't stand by her surname. Even though she bagged her first Filmfare for the Best Debut Award in 2002 for Koi Mere Dil Se Pooche, she failed to carry her mother's legacy ahead. 6. Jackky Bhagnani © Instagram/Jacky Bhagnani With such a powerful surname, Jackky Bhagnani, Vashu Bhagnani (producer) son, failed to seize victory and stardom in Bollywood. With movies like Kal Kissne Dekha, Jackyy was unable to entertain us with his launch. 7. Zayed Khan © Twitter/ZayedKhan_FC Actor Sanjay Khan's son, Zayed Khan, failed to make an impact in Bollywood as well. His debut movie Chura Liya Hai Tumne in 2003, also failed to make it big at the box office. His acting chops and talent were only seen in Main Hoon Na where he starred along with Shah Rukh Khan, which is probably the only best movie he gave us. Later, his graph just spiralled down and he just went into oblivion. View the full article
  6. There is one word which goes hand-in-hand with Bollywood today - nepotism. Like it or not, it's one of the reasons why the Hindi film industry is still thriving since its conception almost a century ago. Any Bollywood movie-buff can identify how this 'legacy' is passed on from one 'filmy' generation to another. (c) Viral Bhayani The Kapoors come to mind instantly, and so do the Khans, Chopras and scores of other key players who have been dealing the (nepotism) cards for generations now. Now, there is no denying its presence in Bollywood or how it plays out for insiders within the industry. But while there is no justification to make it seem acceptable, we must also admit that despite the favouritism some stars still don't make the cut, and end up being forgotten. Which only goes on to show that nepotism, though definitely unfair, cannot guarantee true skills and therefore success. At the end of the day it does take talent to get you through. (c) Instagram/Ravi K Chandran We recently saw the next generation of Bollywood-stars-in-the-making try their hands at acting and dancing, and truth be told, some of them might actually have potential. Check out these 5 Bollywood star kids showing off their dancing and acting potential as they give us a glimpse into the future of Bollywood. 1. Khushi Kapoor (c) Twitter Once aspiring to be a model, Sridevi's younger daughter Khushi, seems to be taking baby steps towards the world of acting just like her sister Jahnvi Kapoor. Khushi, who is currently undertaking an acting course from the New York Film Academy, gives us a glimpse of her late mother's on-screen goofiness and zest we'd all come to love in these videos. @khushi05k Quarantine mood ##sleepyday ##alwaystired ##sorrynotsorry ⬠I love it I mean im so passionate about it KIM K - ahmexium Or this one. @khushi05k Jokesð ##LoveYouSis ⬠Psycho stemomster - peachikim 2. Ibrahim Ali Khan (c) Instagram Another star contender on the block, Ibrahim's love for acting has been often talked about by his sister Sara Ali Khan. However, recently dad Saif Ali Khan also hinted at Ibrahim's Bollywood debut in the near future. So it wasn't really a shocker when Ibrahim became the talk of the town overnight after he posted his first ever acting video online. And we admit, we can see why. The dude's got potential. @iakpataudi ⬠original sound - Shamshad Pasha 3. Alaviaa Jaffery (c) Instagram Javed Jaffery's daughter, Alaviaa has surely taken after her father when it comes to her dance moves. But apart from being the social media star that she is, Alaviaa also seems to have a strong acting ka keeda in her. So we guess it won't be long before we see this fashionista on the silver-screen, right? @alaviaaj outta here ##foryou ##fyp ##krisjenner ⬠Kris Will Not Be Treated Like This from KUWTK - e_entertainment Now for the dancing part. @alaviaaj ##foryou ##fyp ##tiktokindia ⬠original sound - gogogabriella 4. Ahaan Panday (c) Instagram Chunkey Panday's nephew and Ananya Panday's cousin, Ahaan, who is reportedly going to make his Bollywood debut soon, is yet another star kid in Bollywood young brigade. With his boy-next-door looks and charming smile, we are expecting him to do well both as a comic and the lover-boy on-screen. Here's why. @ahaanpanday Hey ⬠DilliWaliGirlfriend - the_indianmuserking He does pull it off well, no? @ahaanpanday ⬠Hamari Adhuri Kahani - Arijit Singh 5. Samara Tijori (c) Instagram/Kunj Gutka Deepak Tijori's daughter Samara, who is currently in her twenties is undertaking acting classes after completing her graduation. However, going by her online presence it is safe to say that Samara is pretty multi-talented. Not only is she an actor in the making, Samara can also sing and dance really well. Just about the perfect Bollywood combo, right? After all, isn't that the latest trend? View this post on Instagram So today I tried a Bollywood - Kathak fusion! Felt so NEWWWWW !! Dancing with the gorgeous @shanayamakani â¤ï¸ Choreography by - @charvi.b â¤ï¸â¤ï¸ A post shared by Samara Tijori (@samaratijori) on Nov 17, 2019 at 7:58am PST Listen to her sing, View this post on Instagram A post shared by Samara Tijori (@samaratijori) on Apr 19, 2020 at 5:47am PDT View the full article
  7. It is relatively easy to be familiar with India's richest billionaires. However, their kids are the ones who are creating more buzz these days, from Isha and Akash Ambani's wedding last year to Adar's Serum Institute Of India that is initiating COVID-19 vaccine trials. Here is a list of the country's next-generation business tycoons who are doing things differently. 1. Ananya BirlaSinger, and Founder of Svatantra Microfin © BCCL The eldest daughter of Kumar Mangalam Birla, Ananya refused to join her father Kumar Mangalam Birla's business empire. She started out by going abroad to get a bachelorâs degree in Economics and Management from Oxford. But, she came to India to kickstart her music career. She is signed with Universal Music and has already released one EP and over nine singles. Apart from her music career, she has also founded Svatantra Microfin that provides loans to rural women to buy equipment for home-run businesses. 2. Isha Ambani PiramalDirector, Reliance Jio Infocomm and Reliance Retail © BCCL Isha Ambani Piramal is Akash Ambani's twin sister, plays an important role in Mukesh Ambani's massive empire. After pursuing Double Majors in Psychology and then a degree in South Asain studies from Yale University. She worked as an analyst at McKinsey & Co. Inc. before joining Reliance Jio Infocomm and Reliance Retail. Right now, she looks at the branding and marketing aspect of Jio with a bigger involvement in the Reliance Foundation. She recently played an important part in building a partnership between Jio and the Connected Women Program at GSMA, a global group of mobile carriers, to help Indian women gain digital access. One of the major achievements of hers was launching Reliance's online fashion portal. 3. Ashni BiyaniManaging Director, Future Consumer © BCCL Ashni Biyani is the daughter of billionaire Kishore Biyani, who owns the Future Group. Future Group is on the 80th rank on the Forbes 2019 '100 Richest Indians'. Before joining Future Group, she studied Textile Designing at Parsons School of Design as well as Stanford University. She then rose to the ranks of a Managing Director of the retail giant. She recently also launched 'Voom' a fashion-first detergent. Future Consumer, part of Future Group is taking on large Indian and multinational FMCG competitors. 4. Akash AmbaniDirector, Reliance Jio Infocomm and Reliance Retail © BCCL Akash Ambani, the eldest son of Mukesh Ambani has already started creating an impact while working at Reliance Jio Infocomm and Reliance Retail. Akash went to Brown University to study Economics. He currently sits on the Board of Directors of Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd and is also the Chief Strategist and heads business development of the company. Under him, Jio's acquisition of a dozen tech startups that work with AI, last-mile delivery and music streaming is impressive. 5. Rishad PremjiExecutive Chairman, Wipro Ltd © BCCL Rishad Premji, son of billionaire Azim Premji has succeeded his father as the executive chairman of Wipro. The company is one of Indiaâs largest software service provider. Before joining Wipro, he went to Wesleyan University and further got an MBA from Harvard after that. Rishad joined Wipro back in 2007 as the Chief Strategy Officer. Under his leadership, Wipro acquired a line of tech firms and also created the $100 million Wipro Venture fund that invests in multiple startups across India and other countries as well. 6. Adar PoonawallaCEO, Serum Institute of India © BCCL Adar Poonawala, son of Cyrus Poonawaalla, studied at the University of Westminster and started working for Serum Institute of India back in 2011. Serum Institute is the world's largest vaccine manufacturer and is currently working on a COVID-19 vaccine trial as well. Under Adarâs leadership, the Serum Institute of India began exporting globally. Recently, Adar set up Poonawalla Finance that provides loans to low-income consumers and small businesses. 7. Roshni Nadar MalhotraExecutive Director and CEO, HCL Corporation Pvt Ltd © BCCL Roshni Nadar the daughter of the founder of HCL Technologies Ltd., Shiv Nadar. She studied communications from Northwestern University, with a focus on radio, television, and film before joining her fatherâs empire. She has also worked with channels like Sky News in London. Now, she heads the unlisted private holding company, which holds a 50 percent stake in HCL Technologies Ltd. She serves as the Trustee of the Shiv Nadar Foundation, which holds institutions like the Shiv Nadar University, VidyaGyan Leadership Academies, Shiv Nadar Schools, Kiran Nadar Museum of Art, and Shiksha. View the full article
  8. Amid the Coronavirus outbreak and the lockdown extension, all we need to do is stay at home to fight against the deadly virus. The Coronavirus has infected over 12,000 people and have claimed the lives of around 415 people so far. The concept of staying at home is the only brainchild behind flattening the curve of the Coronavirus outbreak. Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared an informative video wherein a group of kids explains the importance of staying indoors by using the domino effect method. Checkout the video here- बà¤à¥à¤à¥à¤ नॠà¤à¥à¤²-à¤à¥à¤² मà¥à¤ à¤à¥ बता दिया, à¤à¤¸à¤®à¥à¤ à¤à¥à¤°à¥à¤¨à¤¾ महामारॠसॠबà¤à¤¨à¥ à¤à¥ à¤à¤ बड़ॠसà¥à¤ हà¥à¥¤ pic.twitter.com/n13Z92zi2W â Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) April 16, 2020 PM Modi took to his Twitter saying in Hindi, âThe kids taught a very important life lesson while playing.â In the video, a kid explains how the virus spreads using bricks. Placed in a spiral, the bricks show the domino effect as one brick makes all others fall along with it. While in the second attempt, when one kid removes a brick from the spiral the whole cycle is disturbed and the domino effect isnât completed. © BCCL This explains how the spreading of the deadly virus that is rapidly increasing, can be contained with proper measures. The video has already garnered over 346.5K views and 16K re-tweets on Twitter. Hereâs what people have to say about the simple yet interesting video shared by PM Modi- â Shreya Roy (@shreyasakshiroy) April 16, 2020Bikul sahmat hu â Abhinandan Mishra (@Abhinan02820078) April 16, 2020Right sir , Great lesson they had taught. â Preeti Yadav (@drpreetiyadav9) April 16, 2020@RahulGandhi This is to tell you importance of Lock Down. Village children have understood, hope you too will understand it? â Brig VK Agrawal (@brigvkagrawal) April 16, 2020à¤à¤¨ बà¤à¥à¤à¥à¤ सॠसबà¤à¥ सà¥à¤ लà¥à¤¨à¥ à¤à¤¾à¤¹à¤¿à¤ â Sonika Sharma (@sonikasdutta) April 16, 2020This spirit save india from corona â Sidharth Yadav (@SidharthYadav14) April 16, 2020PM Modi has been sharing simple awareness videos about Coronavirus to keep the citizens of India updated and informed about it. It is necessary that people stay at home and respect the governmentâs decision of the lockdown extension as this is the only way to contain the virus. © BCCL We hope more and more people view this video and understand the grave situation that the whole world is in. Just stay at home. Please! View the full article
  9. Children all over the world are the same. Every kid wants to avoid school and homework as much as they can. And, because of coronavirus, kids in China probably thought they wouldn't even have to worry about stuff like that for now, since a pandemic is happening right before our eyes. But nope, teachers apparently always find a way. Basically, since people are under quarantine in Wuhan, China, schools are obviously shut as well. So, an app called DingTalk was introduced, which is essentially an online school. Side note - how many of you are relieved that we all finished school before the technology for things like these was invented? I sure am. Coming back, since teachers always find a way, so do the kids. They figured out that if enough of them gave the app a bad review, it would be removed from the app store. Apparently, the app's rating went from 4.9 to 1.4 overnight. See, people can achieve anything if they work together like this. Moreover, people are loving how smart and creative the kids are and honestly, this is the only funny thing about coronavirus. good morning to all the kids under quarantine in wuhan who defeated the app assigning them homework by spamming it with 1-star reviews until it got removed from the app store https://t.co/gDxjivabte â ðððð¦ð¤ âð ð¤ð ð¥ (@zenalbatross) March 7, 2020That picture, tho. School: Ok, no school, cause caronavirus. Students: Yay, less stress, so I can worry about staying safe and healthy with my family and- Also school: Here is your homework. pic.twitter.com/J60uiBtFKx â Aisha's Forehead|| REMINISCENCE (@OrbitGlowstick) March 7, 2020Yep. The kids are alright. The parents have no clue. https://t.co/ru20OnBQ64 â Mike Stuchbery (@MikeStuchbery_) March 8, 2020That was a moment in internet history. Thanks for reminding me of that! She was still the best IMO, but this comes close. â Charlie Foxtrot (@strumphs) March 7, 2020The future is in good hands. Children are the future https://t.co/3Z24raEJXu â Joseph Fink, M4A is a human right (@PlanetofFinks) March 7, 2020Hmm. We're seeing the best and worst of the human condition in the time of coronavirus From the worst files: The Toilet Paper Wars The best: Wuhan kids tuning in for school online amid lockdown work out that by giving 1-star reviews they can get their homework app taken offline https://t.co/BGUptdFZR4 â Talia Shadwell (@TaliaShadwell) March 7, 2020Yes. This is literally the first coronavirus-related news that gives me hope that the human species might survive this. https://t.co/biEw6vzPL1 â Ntina Tzouvala (@ntinatzouvala) March 7, 2020Absolutely. I think they all deserve straight Aâs for this forward thinking. â BTS_Genreâ· (@BTS_ARMYFANACC_) March 7, 2020Self-awareness? pic.twitter.com/Z9pkrLGJVU â Theoc (@Theoc900) March 7, 2020Yep. The kids in China outsmarted the app for school, and it was taken out. There's a big lesson, here. Work together to achieve your goals, and listen to the wise ones, amongst yourselves. https://t.co/MbcGclI3zk â QUEERWIRE (@QueerWire) March 8, 2020Truly. I am truly in awe at the ingenuity of these children. https://t.co/GhGYSPPrQO â Angela Chen (@chengela) March 7, 2020Proper. This is *proper* cyberpunk https://t.co/lPFKA2euQK â James Deardenayake (@TechnocratGames) March 7, 2020So much respect. Solidarity to these kids in Wuhan who figured out how to get out of doing homework while in quarantine. Massive respect. https://t.co/xXfACZZYJC â Ciara King (@iamCiaraKing) March 8, 2020 View the full article
  10. Have you ever inspired a child to think outside the box and have them do something else for another person? I know this question is rather vague but in all seriousness, the children today are very impressionable and they only act or react on how people around them think, choose, behave and act. So, in order to make sure your child, or any child around you adopts the best of qualities in them, you have to be an example of something you want them to learn in the first place. We have a living example of that amidst us and we can learn a thing or two from her. Tunisha Khusroo Poacha, a 6-year-old, who'd seen her father donating clothes and food for the Maharashtra flood survivors, asked him why wasn't he collecting school bags, stationery and books for children too. At first, her father thought she was just saying so because she saw him donate a bunch of things, but later, he realised how serious she was about helping out children who'd lost an opportunity to complete their education, due to the floods. © The Better India Tunisha, from Nagpur, has always seen her father, Khushroo, support the needy through his NGO, Seva Kitchen. She is sensitised to issues that need humanitarian attention and help and hence, when her father helps with donations, she makes it a point to understand the larger cause at hand. When she saw him donate for the floods last year, she asked him why he wasn't doing anything for the children who were going to school. “I told her it was an oversight on my part and urged her to do something herself. She thought about it and proposed that she would donate schools bags to everyone,” Khusroo told The Better India in an exclusive interview. “My daddy gave them groceries and clothes. So I said why cannot I give them school bags?” Tunisha added, in the interview. When Tunisha and her father settled on donating school bags to the kids, her father asked her the exact number of bags she required to make the donation. Without hesitating, she picked 5,000 bags as her figure. Two months after that discussion, the six-year-old, with the help of her father, has managed to send 1000 bags to Goonj, an NGO that helps in disaster relief and management by supplying aid to the affected people and areas. Because of her efforts, low income government schools in Nagpur have received close to 1,800 bags. © The Better India Now, how the idea sprouted in a six-year-old's head to donate bags is another spectacular story! Some time ago, her uncle had gifted her a magic slate. While sitting and drawing on it one day, Tunisha asked her father, who was already helping out with donations, if there was a way to provide these magic slates for needy kids. Her father told her it would be difficult to make so many magic slate for the kids. She thought about an alternative and came up with 'The Bags of Kindness'. Now, people usually order these bags online, since they're virtually available now and the family helps as many kids as they can, through this initiative. © The Better India “I wish to give them water bottles and tiffin boxes after this", the class I student shared with The Better India. Imagine, a six-year-old's drive to help the needy has become her dream at such a young age. And she won't stop there. She will do bigger and brighter things to help them out, only because her father has been such an inspiration to her and that's the only way children today learn the good things in life! With inputs from The Better India View the full article
  11. A North Korean mother faces possible jail time from the countryâs authoritarian regime after saving her two children from a devastating house fire, for allowing portraits of the countryâs dictators to burn. The fire broke out in a home shared by two families in Onsong County, North Hamgyong province - a hilly region of rice farms situated near the Chinese border. According to North Korean law, every household must hang portraits of past leaders Kim Il-Sung and Kim Jong-Il - a measure reinforced by regularly visiting inspectors. Failure to treat these portraits with the same reverence expected towards the leaders themselves is a serious crime. © Reuters; The images of the ex-leaders are so venerated, that even this bridegroom from Pyongyang has chosen to wear a badge featuring them on his wedding day. When the fire broke out, both sets of parents were away from home, and rushed back to save their families once they spotted smoke. In the process, one set of portraits was reduced to ashes. According to local newspaper Daily NK, the mother will have to face a lengthy prison sentence with hard labour if found guilty, while the investigation process will mean that she cannot tend to her children in the hospital nor obtain the antibiotics needed to treat their burns. © Reuters; North Korean high-school students sing and perform underneath the watchful eye of their ex-leaders. Furthermore, neighbours said that they were eager to help, but stayed away fearing that the woman could be charged with a political crime. Meanwhile, a farm labourer who saved the other familyâs portraits has been hailed as a hero - despite recently serving time for a violent crime. This isnât the first time fires and North Korean dictator-portraits have been in the news, however. In a 2015 interview, Jun Yoo-Sung, who fled the country in 2005, explained how North Koreans who rescue these portraits in fires and floods are regarded as heroes - especially if theyâre âmartyredâ in the process. © Reuters; Propaganda starts early for these North Korean kindergarteners. âWhen a house was set on fire, some child was found to have been burnt to death holding on to those portraits,' she said. âOf course, such incidents are used for North Korean propaganda.â Similarly, in 2012, a teenager drowned while trying to save her familyâs portraits in a flash-flood. She was posthumously Kim Jong-Il Youth Honor Award and her school was renamed in her memory. With images of the two leaders staring down from the walls at nearly every building, itâs no surprise that the country has developed a reputation for human rights violations and upholding a downright dystopian government. View the full article
  12. There is no dearth of policing in the country right now wherein every Tom, Dick and Harry has come to believe that their opinion is the Bible, and it gives them the right to go around shoving their stunted opinions down people's throats. Well, guess what all you pseudo-policemen, we have had enough of your verbal (and mental) diarrhea aimed at directing how we live our lives. © ANI Why this sudden surge of emotions you ask? Well get this. At a religious function being held in Begusarai recently, Union Minister and Bihar MP Giriraj Singh made a shocking comment when he said that convent-taught students who go abroad start eating beef because missionary schools don't imbibe Indian “sanskaar” in them. © BCCL Here's what he said exactly, "I say this because it has been seen that at schools run by missionaries, children from well-off families excel academically, go on to have successful careers... but when they go abroad they eat beef. Why? This is because we have not inculcated 'sanskaar' (tradition) in them.” Err, are you serious sir? © BCCL Not just that, the old man didn't stop until he suggested why teaching the Bhagavad Gita and Hanuman Chalisa should be made mandatory in private schools because obviously that's where we can find all the anti-nationals. It's appalling to watch these top ministers and public representatives make such drastic comments about what people eat and how it defines them. View the full article
  13. Angelina Jolie flies’ kids to Ethiopia, Zahara’s birthplace, for New YearAngelina Jolie, acclaimed Hollywood star, following her LA Christmas with family drama aside is now in Ethiopia to ring in New Year with her kids Zahara and Shiloh. The 44-year-old Maleficent star flew her kids to Ethiopia to visit her daughter Zahara’s home country where she was adopted back in 2005. The 14-year-old and her superstar mother also paid a visit to Ethiopia’s President Sahle-Work Zewde on December 30. The mother-daughter duo was a sight for sore eyes as they twinned in white dresses. The two were joined by Brangelina’s other daughter Shiloh, 13 as all three met the head of state and shared hugs and warm greetings. A source revealed to HollywoodLife why the Salt actor made the trip to Ethiopia after 15 years: “Angelina Jolie has taken the kids on a trip to Ethiopia, they left a couple of days ago. It’s where Zahara was born, so it’s important to Angelina that they keep the connection strong.” “They’ll be doing sightseeing and getting to know more about her beautiful birth country,” the grapevine added.
  14. Angelina Jolie heads out with kids for Christmas shopping sans Brad PittAngelina Jolie took her twins, Knox and Vivienne, out for last-minute Christmas shopping, however, sans ex-husband Brad Pitt. While the actress made special arrangements for Pitt to stay in Los Angeles to be able to spend Christmas together with their kids, he gave the actual preps a miss. A source said: “They will share time with the kids equally over Christmas, that is how they did it last year and this year will be no different.” While she took her kids out, Jolie was clad in an untucked white button-down shirt with a black skirt and a black duster jacket, which she with a pair of gold-framed aviators and some high-heeled black boots. She even passed a warm smile to the paps as they clicked her while she headed towards her car.
  15. If you have kids, you better make sure you get their Christmas presents on time or else you're going to have yourself a very expensive Christmas. That's what happened to a mother in Michigan, USA, and while the situation is rather funny, it hurts us to know she spent $700 (INR 40,000) on presents, unknowingly. © Veronica Estell Facebook So here's what happened. Two kids from Michigan got super excited and ordered themselves gifts worth Rs 40,000 through Alexa, the home entertainment system. At first their mother, Veronica Estell, thought some generous soul has gifted the box full of toys to the kids, but to her disappointment, she soon discovered that the kids used her credit card to order toys for themselves. I can't fathom if the kids are actually really intelligent or just plain sadistic and mischievous. Obviously, Veronica confronted the kids and documented her confrontation in the form of a video which she shared on Facebook. The kids obviously couldn't wait any longer for Santa and took the initiative to buy themselves gifts really slyly, might I add. People really loved how funny this incident was, and their reaction to Veronica's story says it all. © Facebook © Facebook Kids these days are really smart. I mean, if a one-year-old can operate a mobile phone and find music on the phone to cheer them up, then I am pretty sure older kids can order really expensive gifts using their parents credit card. So, if you have any kids around, maybe hide your credit cards and ask Alexa to never obey them. View the full article
  16. 'Tis the season to be merry and Virat Kohli is doing his part in spreading the Christmas cheer. Recently, he dressed up as Santa Clause and surprised children at a shelter home in Kolkata. The incredible gesture was organised by Star Sports and its video is the most heartwarming thing ever. The smiles on every kid's faces after receiving the gifts they wanted is such a precious thing. Moreover, the big reveal of all of them meeting Virat Kohli was so wholesome. Watch @imVKohli dress up as ð and bring a little Christmas cheer to the kids who cheer our sportspersons on, all year long! This joyful season, let's remember to spread the love. pic.twitter.com/VF8ltmDZPm — Star Sports (@StarSportsIndia) December 20, 2019 Christmas really came early for the children there and Virat Kohli deserves all the praise for making it happen. In the video, he says, "These moments are very special for me. All these kids cheer for us throughout the year. And I had a great time bringing joy to all these kids. Merry Christmas and a happy new year." Great job, indeed. This is a really sweet gesture. Great job @StarSportsIndia team. — Aditya Saha (@adityakumar480) December 20, 2019 Perfect comparison. Virat On Field. Virat Off Field https://t.co/tcoOCPzq8c pic.twitter.com/FyJHIAxWtT — HariHaraN (@harihar2408) December 20, 2019 There's a reason. This brings me tears to my eyes for no reason..! :'-) https://t.co/3BZh282bux — à·´ L15H4N à·´ (@lishwebber) December 21, 2019 Yes. 100 % Aggressive on field ð¡ 200% Childish off field ðð¤ The name is @imVkohli #ViratKohli#KingKohli https://t.co/J85KoWTKdZ pic.twitter.com/Ja1swhotO6 — AJITHism™â¤ï¸ (@imThala__Kohli) December 20, 2019 Nothing better than making kids happy. A gr8 gift... Just watching it gives us joy and pleasure, surely virat must have enjoyed it a lottt — NITIN MAHINDRAKAR (@74Nitinmp) December 20, 2019 What a man! Virat Kohli, what a man!â¤ï¸ https://t.co/ZaAIPfiA7a — Bhawana (@bhawnakohli5) December 21, 2019 Hmm. Much needed heart warming stuff! â¤ï¸ https://t.co/M7iiAdQAd3 — GOAT ð (@cric_buff) December 20, 2019 I think they meant unparalleled, but we get the point. Such a kind hearted person he is ð His Love for little fans are always parallel.. Merry Christmas to you too Virat .. @imVkohli #ViratKohli https://t.co/GHWlCb8QLB — ||Kasturi Chakravartyð®ð³|| (@Kasturi_FanGirl) December 21, 2019 Yep. What a human ððððððð https://t.co/EtIr0XzBX1 — Manikandan (@sachinmani07) December 20, 2019 View the full article
  17. Kim Kardashian criticized for photoshopping her kids in Christmas card. Photo: cosmopolitanFashion mongol Kim Kardashian recently landed herself in hot waters over allegedly using Photoshop in order to edit pictures of her children in her 2019 Christmas card. Fans were quick to point out in the comment section it was "close to impossible" to have all of her four children pose still for a picture and have them "acting right and still."In the photo, Kardashian and her children can be seen sitting on the stairs while her husband Kanye West had Chicago West in her arms. Chicago and Psalm donned the same grey jumpsuit, each cuddled up in their parents arms. The photo titled "The West Family Christmas Card 2019" had fans saying, "Who photoshopped north in? The lighting looks... different."Another commented, "I was looking for this comment, this deff looks photoshopped." One user inquired, "Why all the kids look like stickers?"Others stated, "I think they are photoshopped lol no joke if you look closer you can tell." One fan was extremely certain at his deduction and went onto say, "This is 100% an edited photo I'm surprised more people haven't said this."
  18. Slowly but steadily, Esports is getting some well-deserved attention. And what's interesting is that it's not just the adults who are making it big in Esports these days, as even kids are making a big name for themselves by playing games like Fortnite and PUBG. You remember the kid who won $4 million by winning the Fortnite World Cup, right? Well, now, we're looking at a team of kids from Indonesia who walked away with a hefty cash prize by winning the PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split Global. Yes, Team Bigetron RA from Indonesia just won the tournament and walked away with a whopping $180,000, which roughly translates to about Rs 1.29 Crore. Let that sink in for a moment. You just can't keep them down! @realbigetron takes their 5th(!) Chicken Dinner of the #PMCO2019 Fall Split Global Finals sponsored by Vivo in Round 12. Is a 6th possible? https://t.co/2LpM7xrJDa pic.twitter.com/ZeTqqhD1m3 — PUBG MOBILE (@PUBGMOBILE) December 1, 2019 The runner-up also won $90,000 which is also not a small amount. It roughly translates to about Rs 65 Lakh. That being said, winning such a tournament isn't an easy thing to pull off. It takes a lot of practice since you'll essentially be competing with the best teams out there. India's Team SouL also competed in a different split, but they couldn't get through to the finals. Team SouL participated this year as well, but they only managed to put a score of 103 on the board after 16 matches, whereas the winning team had 303. Nonetheless, we're incredibly proud of the team and we hope they'll win it next time. The overall standings after 16 grueling matches in 3 intense days for the #PMCO2019 Fall Split Global Finals, sponsored by #Vivo! You have your Top 3 representing teams, @TOP_Esports_ & @MEGAEsportsSEA with @realbigetron claiming the World Championship in 1st place! #BeTheOne pic.twitter.com/NDHRBFIqhP — PUBG MOBILE Esports (@EsportsPUBGM) December 1, 2019 But coming back to the Esports part, we think it's high time people start taking Esports seriously. There's a huge scope in this field and since it's still evolving, there's a lot of room for growth. It makes us really happy to see these young talents getting all the attention they deserve. We really hope more parents will come across such achievements and let their kid pursue a future in gaming, instead of making them feel bad for gaming. View the full article
  19. Australian cricketer Will Pucovski has shown that he belongs in the highly challenging domestic cricket circuit that the players have Down Under. Born in 1998, the top-order batsman has 18 first-class matches and 12 List A games and is tipped as the future of Aussie cricket. Currently playing for Victoria in a Sheffield Shield contest against New South Wales, Pucovski has shown elite-level professionalism and is playing with the kind of focus even some of the veterans of the game also fail to achieve after years of dedication. While he stands on the pitch like a concrete wall scoring at his own pace, with utmost patience, the bowlers seemed to have found another way of forcing him to lose his game, by hitting him right where it hurts the most! View this post on Instagram Not once, not twice, but thrice! It's been tough going for Will Pucovski today ð¥ A post shared by cricket.com.au (@cricketcomau) on Nov 30, 2019 at 5:50pm PST Not once, not twice but THREE TIMES did the poor man get smacked right in the nuts followed by an expression which can best be put in words as, “why God, why!” Now if you have ever shared Pucovski's pain, you'd understand and empathise with the poor lad but Twitter users, as usual, have been ruthlessly hilarious with their comments and you can't help but crack a smile: No ball. — Stylez (@Styletix) December 1, 2019 The best part is the physio's name 'Adcock' ð — Sandy Lanceley (@sandylanceley) December 1, 2019 pic.twitter.com/UFywPDKuFr — Dr M Amir Bhat (@DrMAmirBhat1) December 1, 2019 Ooft! I felt that in Glasgow! ð« — Fraser Middleton (@FraserMiddleto8) December 1, 2019 But credit to Pucovski for holding his own (no pun intended) against the stormy deliveries by the New South Wales bowlers, as he played through the pain and made 82 runs in a staggering 257 balls. He helped his side make a strong comeback after their opponents scored a respectable 294 in the first innings. Pucovski went down in the 105th over as Victoria trailed by 12 runs. View the full article
  20. Brad Pitt and Alia Shawkat: Is Angelina Jolie keeping kids away due to this?Angelina Jolie is not letting Brad Pitt see their kids because of apparent aggression on the rumoured affair of Brad Pitt and Alia Shawkat, several publications...
  21. Before we send you on a trip down memory lane, let's refresh your childhood memories with a quick game that we loved and hated with equal passion, as long as we got the answers right. So, solve this riddle for us, will you? What looks like the shittiest place to be when you're actually in it, but makes you crave for a revisit as soon as you move out? It's the most liberating part of our existence, though nobody really realises it until it's too late. Our most cherished memories feature this part of the journey, and the urge to recreate and relive them grows stronger with every candle we add to our birthday cake. Eventually, we get to relive all of it through someone else. What is it? Answer at the end of this article. While you rake your grey cells for an answer, let's continue with the much-awaited, nostalgia-ridden trip featuring 10 iconic goodies from the 90s that millennials will probably never see again: 1. Big Babol, Boomer, Chiclets © Quora The real king of chewing gum that was introduced to us as kids. We competed to see who could make the biggest gum balloon and went about poppin' ours till we made one worthy of flaunting. 2. The Toy Gun That Felt Real © Quora As dubious as the toy seemed, what fun it used to be to load em' up and scare the shit out of unsuspecting victims. 3. TAZOssssss © Pinterest 90s kids are known to have mountain loads of tazos that made for the most reliable weapon when trying to settle matters between siblings and even friends at times. 4. Cassettes © Reddit Let's admit it, a certain joy was experienced in putting these nasty objects in place every time you wished to fix the tape or rewind it. 5. Coffee Bite (Original) © Facebook - Coffee Bite Lovers Perhaps the only candy out there that resembled the real deal and allowed us to carry the taste of coffee in our pockets. 6. Poppins © YouTube The good ol' coloured candies with flavours that ranged from fruits to berries and whatnot, really made for a great catch when it came to changing the colour of our tongue. 7. Super Mario Bros Arcade Game © Reddit The Super Mario game is part of almost every millennials' childhood in India, and happens to have given some eternal memories as we tried and failed, tried yet again and failed and tried all over again until we succeeded to save Princess Toadstool from Bowser's clutches. Ah...what fun that was. 8. Walkman - Music To Our Ears, Literally! © Pinterest If you haven't flaunted one these during your time, you really missed out on a different kind of high. These used to be the pride of our little treasures that we accumulated as kids, and the best part was that everything sounded good on a Walkman. 9. Postal Letters & Postcards © Blogs(Dot)sjw(dot)com The very method of writing a postcard or a postal letter seemed so curious, and put together with those quirky looking stamps, we kept trying to get our hands on them as often as possible. 10. Campa © Guruprasad(dot)net Even though the drink was called Campa, somehow, desi peeps ended up renaming it Campa Cola regardless of the flavour they opted for. But no matter the name or flavour was, we loved how it tasted. Answer: Our childhood. View the full article
  22. It would be fair to assume that almost all of us grew up watching Scooby-Doo and well, we're all about to get very very nostalgic. The first trailer for Scoob! is here and it was the entire gang as adorable little babies. While the entire trailer is there to make us feel nostalgic, the best part is how Scooby-Doo and Shaggy actually met and became BFFs. Fun fact: Scooby-Doo was named after the Scooby snacks. It also shows teenaged Shaggy and his best buddy trick-or-treating and meeting Fred, Daphne and Velma, completing the gang. All of them are back to do what they do best - solve mysteries. Moreover, the movie has brought together some great actors to voice these iconic characters. From Zac Efron to Amanda Seyfried to Gina Rodrigez to even Mark Wahlberg, there are very diverse and brilliant actors lending their voices to the main characters. Here's the trailer: While some people have a few issues with Scoob!, people are mostly very excited about it and can't wait to relive their childhood. scooby doo will forever be the classic, hell yeah my 18 year old ass will go to the cinema and watch this #SCOOB pic.twitter.com/FV0jI5WCaF — yaffa (@aweyaffa) November 11, 2019 Yep, they look like twins. Am I the only one seeing this?.. #SCOOB pic.twitter.com/AL2AmPyJqv — ᱬ ððððð ᱬ (@vizwandamaximof) November 8, 2019 The main reason why people are upset. #SCOOB is missing someone very important. MATTHEW LILLARD. pic.twitter.com/KtVzH124wM — Michael Bell (@That6uy) November 11, 2019 Yep. My crush on Velma has been awoken once again #Scoob pic.twitter.com/4shdJeIvYv — ð¸Bitch-Senpaið¸ (@neetfriek) November 7, 2019 There's criticism. Yeah, sorry, not feeling the #SCOOB trailer at all. Character designs are great, animation looks decent - but I hate how they've tried to make Scooby actually talk properly in recent years, the voice of Shaggy isn't right, the origin story looks dull and uninteresting...not sold. — Jim Caddick (@Caddicarus) November 11, 2019 Adorable little babies. I gotta say, I think Scoob looks exciting! I definitely want to see it! The VA for Shaggy sounds odd but this movie seems really heartwarming, I'm gonna love it haha #SCOOB pic.twitter.com/Dcntgi6D5X — Antoine ð SONIC TRAILER HYPE (@hedgehoglover26) November 11, 2019 Details. I haven't seen anyone point this out from the #SCOOB trailer yet but the bowling center is called "Takamoto Bowling" Iwao Takamoto is the person who came up with Mystery Incorporated's iconic designs#ScoobyDoo #ScoobMovie pic.twitter.com/ZkzjCsSLti — NegiKitsu (@NegiKitsu) November 11, 2019 It's so cute. Loved the trailer! Plus, the flashbacks is giving me a Pup Named Scooby-Doo vibes ðð¾ #SCOOB pic.twitter.com/CLW2xLx4mr — Devin (@DevinScott64) November 11, 2019 Mayhaps. Did I get a little too emotional while watching the #SCOOB trailer? pic.twitter.com/3xNNKG40oi — Chibs @ Go watch Fist of the Blue Sapphire (@little_chibs) November 11, 2019 Can't unsee it. i see it. #Scoob pic.twitter.com/6KTANBAnE2 — jaden _(:3 ã∠)_ (@brxxyshorty) November 8, 2019 I know, right? don't know how I feel about the voice acting or story yet BUT THE ANIMATION OF THEM AS KIDS IS SO CUTE!! IM CRYING #SCOOB pic.twitter.com/touM1bx49M — â julia called kj apa old â (@areadersworld) November 11, 2019 Yep. I'd be okay with this if Fred didn't look like a fucking Chad in the new Scooby Doo movie #Scoob pic.twitter.com/4iKMkRqf7L — Chris Montes (@chrisEmontes) November 7, 2019 Can't unsee that also. I dunno, is it me or does Shaggy look like a cartoon PewDiePie?#Scoob pic.twitter.com/mILl8yDpNe — Ben Mills (@Benjanime) November 7, 2019 View the full article
  23. Gaming, especially online gaming, is on the rise and so is the fear of increasing gaming addiction. Although gaming addiction concerns are not limited to just China, it's believed to be home to a constantly exploding number of gamers, thanks to the proliferation of massively popular MMOs and shooter titles. China is the birthplace of some of the biggest gaming corporations like Tencent, Blizzard/ Activision, and the country is projected to have more PC players than the citizens of the United States within the next few years. So, some new rules are being put in place to prevent gaming addiction. © Reuters According to the new rules that have been put forth by the Chinese government, kids under the age of 18 will not be able to play online video games after 10 PM at night. Yes, there's a curfew on gaming now and kids are now banned from playing online video games from 10 PM to 8 AM in the morning. Additionally, they'll also be restricted to 90 minutes of gaming on weekdays and up to three hours on weekends and holidays. The government has also imposed spending limits for minors on gaming. Gamers from 8 to 16 years can only spend up to 200 yuan which is roughly Rs 2,000 per month. And gamers from 16 to 18 years can spend up to 400 yuan which is roughly Rs 4,000. That's like restricting them from buying one video game a month. © Reuters The new guidelines will apply universally to all online gaming platforms operating in China. According to BBC, the administration will work with law enforcement to create a unified identification system that these platforms can use to ID and verify the gamers. It sounds like an obvious thing to do, but we wonder if steps like this are really necessary. Yes, gaming addiction is indeed a real thing now, at least according to WHO, but it can also be controlled very effectively without having to take extreme steps like this. In fact, gaming addiction has been a topic of discussion in countries like India as well due to the arrival of games like PUBG Mobile, but we doubt if it's necessary to ban people from playing at any given time and make it a punishable offense. Source: BBC View the full article
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