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Found 3,143 results

  1. While the captain of the Indian cricket team is going through a bit of a rough patch when it comes to collating runs for his Test side, one of the greatest joys of his life came back in January 2021 when he became a father for the first time. His daughter Vamika, who shares her birthday with the legendary Indian batsman Rahul Dravid, is just a little over a month and a half old now. The feeling of becoming a father is still fresh to the Indian skipper and he penned down his thoughts towards his wife Anushka Sharma and the baby in an Instagram post, on the occasion of Women’s Day. View this post on Instagram “Seeing the birth of a child is the most spine chilling, unbelievable and amazing experience a human being can have. After witnessing that, you understand the true strength and divinity of women and why God created life inside them. It's because they are way stronger than us men. Happy Women's Day to the most fiercely, compassionate and strong woman of my life and to the one who's going to grow up to be like her mother. And also a Happy Women’s Day to all the amazing women of the world,” Kohli wrote in the caption. Kohli had taken a paternity leave from his duties as an Indian cricketer in the middle of India’s tour of Australia and came back home after the first of four Test matches, which took place at the Adelaide Oval. Now, after defeating the England side 3-1 in a Test series, the cricketer has a couple of months at home, albeit packed with limited-overs cricket against Joe Root and Co. as the five-match T20I series begins from March 12. The Men in Blue would then play the Englishmen in a three-match ODI series before Kohli starts preparing for his role as the captain of the Indian Premier League franchise, Royal Challengers Bangalore, and hope to finally win the trophy of the most lucrative T20 league in the world. The future also holds a long time away from family for Kohli as following the conclusion of the IPL in May, the Men in Blue will once again be on the road, traveling to England for the World Test Championship against New Zealand followed by a five-match Test series versus England. View the full article
  2. Prince Harry denied blindsiding his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth and said Prince Charles had let him down
  3. "Thanks Lala for your prayers [...] You are the pride of entire nation," Shaheen Shah Afridi says to Shahid Afridi
  4. "Both families are in touch, matches are made in heaven, if Allah wills this match will be made too," Shahid Afridi says
  5. Bruno Mars did not shy away from taking hard questions about the cultural appropriation in his music
  6. “I think possessions kinda weigh you down,” said multi-billionaire Elon Musk when talking to Joe Rogan. And since, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX has been rapidly selling his properties to rid himself of material possessions. Caption: Elon Musk on the Joe Rogan Experience. It all started on the first of May, 2020, when he tweeted, “I am selling almost all physical possessions,” further clarifying that he “will own no house.” I am selling almost all physical possessions. Will own no house. — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 1, 2020 And he has made good on that promise. Musk, who had then owned a real estate portfolio of about $114 million, is now left with one house, near San Jose in Northern California — listed for $35 million in the market. And if you’re as curious as we are about this as we were, then here’s all you need to know about the houses he has sold in his mission to “own no house”: 1. Gene Wilder’s Estate- The 'Quirky House' Of The Willy Wonka Actor © zillow Yes, one of his six Bel Air properties, Elon Musk had indeed owned the home of the late actor Gene Wilders, which he had bought in 2013 to “preserve the spirit of Gene Wilder”. Though he never lived in the house, he had used it as a private school—named AdAstra—for his children and children of some of the top SpaceX and Tesla employees. And while selling the house, he had been clear that the buyer must not harm the house’s “soul” or tear it down. Just one stipulation on sale: I own Gene Wilder’s old house. It cannot be torn down or lose any its soul. — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 1, 2020 Soon, it was revealed that he had sold the former Wilder estate to Elizabeth Hunter, the wife of Wilder’s nephew Jordan Walker-Perlman, for $7 million in an off-market deal. And, apparently, he lent as much as $6.7 million to help them buy the property too. 2. His First Sale And Largest Bel-Air Mansion For $29 Million © zillow This 20,000-square-foot property was the beginning of it all, the first and the largest of his Bel Air estates to go after he had declared his intentions to the world. With seven bedrooms and thirteen bathrooms, the property had been up for sale with an asking price of $30 million and had sold for $29.72 million to Chinese billionaire William Ding, which is reportedly about $5.5 million more than what he paid when buying it in 2016. 3. The 4 Bel Air Properties That Came As A Packaged Deal © zillow In a Zillow listing, the four of his remaining properties in Bel Air had a combined asking price of $62.5 million and a fancy description to go with: “A project for the big thinker, designed to showcase one of the best views in Los Angeles - from the city to the ocean and beyond.” The properties, all vastly different in architecture and their individual worth ranging between $4 million to $30 million, made him a profit of about $6.8 million, going for $61.8 million combined. 4. The Precursor: The Brentwood Property Sold In 2019 © realtor Way before the public declaration of his intentions, Musk had already sold a 0.28-acre modern home in Brentwood in August 2019 for $3.9 million. Only about 20 minutes away from his six former Chalon-Somera properties, the property had reportedly cost Musk about $3.7 million in 2014. 5. The Last One Standing © realtor Now, after almost a year of shedding his material baggage, it has all come down to one huge 100-year-old mansion near San Jose. The Hillsborough estate is built on 47 acres of land, with 9 bedrooms, 9.5 baths, and just about anything you could imagine including hiking trails, canyons, a ballroom, and a reservoir. Originally listed for $35 million in May 2020, it seems he has taken down the listing for now. Still, it looks like there is every possibility that the property will be relisted and Musk will complete his quest to rid himself of all his real estate assets. “Freedom,” Elon Musk had tweeted. And well… if this is freedom, I think I would quite like the other end of things instead, thank you very much. Freedom — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) May 2, 2020 But more power to you, a wealthy billionaire with more than enough money to easily buy a new home or several anytime he wants. It’s the thought that counts, I suppose? View the full article
  7. Sporting the same hairdo can get boring after a while. That’s when we know it’s time to experiment with some trendy hairstyles . Be it hair colouring or a haircut, a drastic change can really make one feel like a whole new person. If you are thinking about changing up your hair colour, you need to know how to take care of coloured hair. It’s only after colouring your hair that you realise the damage it can cause. Apart from drying out the hair, bleaching also weakens the hair and can cause hair breakage or hair fall. Well, you need not worry because with these products by your side, you can easily tackle the aftermath of dyeing your hair: 1. Keratin Repair Strengthening MaskHair colouring, especially for people with naturally dark hair, involves a lot of bleaching. In fact, bleaching is the main cause of all the resulting problems like dryness and hair breakage. This hair mask will help you strengthen and repair your coloured hair, in a natural and effective way. __ECOMPRODUCT__1069__ 2. Hair, Skin & Nails SupplementsGiving your hair the right nutrients is extremely important, especially after colouring them. These hair and skincare supplements have a mix of all the essential vitamins and minerals to strengthen and healthify your hair. More so, taking supplements is a great hack for people who cannot fulfil the nutrient requirement through their diet. __ECOMPRODUCT__643__ 3. Enhairgy Booster Hair SerumLike we have already mentioned, dry and brittle hair is a major aftermath of dyeing hair and it needs to be dealt with in the right manner. This hair serum has a mix of Argan, Macadamia, Moringa and Avocado oil which help in conditioning, strengthening and soothing dry and damaged hair. __ECOMPRODUCT__1195__ 4. Hair ConditionerA hair conditioner is a must-have product for men with dyed hair. Enriched with coconut milk and chamomile, this hair conditioner is made for dry and damaged hair. It will nourish, replenish and revive your hair ends. It will also tame the frizziness and add some extra shine to your hair. __ECOMPRODUCT__1042__ 5. Ayurvedic Hair OilLastly, there’s nothing better than using a nourishing hair oil to treat your damaged hair. Hair oil conditions, nourishes and strengthens your hair. This particular hair oil by Ustraa has a mix of eight natural herbs. It’s a non-sticky formula that will give your hair all the nutrients that it needs. __ECOMPRODUCT__891__ The BottomlineThe more you experiment with your hair, the more effective your hair care regime should be. You need to take good care of your hair or those luscious locks will not stay the same. It’s time to take your hair game seriously! Explore More View the full article
  8. There shouldn’t be any doubt that Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in the MCU is one of the most charismatic characters in movies across the world. © Marvel Studios His beard styles, for one, were just iconic. Just like Robert Downey Jr., they had a fanbase of their own. © Marvel Studios But how well do you know the genius billionaire playboy philanthropist, and his sense of style? Take this quiz to find out if you can identify the Marvel movie, based on Tony’s beard & hairstyle. View the full article
  9. Bollywood actor Sonu Sood recently asked people to watch out for fraudsters who have, apparently, started a fake loan service, under his name. According to reports, these people claimed to be working with his foundation and asked people to pay a legal fee of Rs 3,500. © Instagram/Sonu Sood To put an end to this, Sood has finally decided to take action and is also planning to file a case against the fraudsters. Apparently, these people also made a fake approval letterhead under Sonu Sood's foundation name. Not just that, the letters also showed the bank account number that was created by the tricksters. A case has already been filed in the matter. Furthermore, the letter created by these people also said that cash deposits would not be accepted and as for EMIs, one would have to pay Rs 7,548.49 every month. As soon as Sonu heard the news, he took to social media to ensure everyone is aware that some people are misusing his name and trying to lure people to take the loans. Sonu Sood tweeted "Sood Charity Foundation’ does not provide any kind of loans. Please BEWARE of these scams and frauds. One such fake number is +91 90072 24111. Thank you!" He also took to Instagram and posted the letter, as he urged his fans to remain cautious. © Twitter/Sonu Sood ‘Sood Charity Foundation’ does not provide any kind of loans. Please BEWARE of these scams and frauds. One such fake number is +91 90072 24111 . Thank you! pic.twitter.com/j3lzDT7irX — sonu sood (@SonuSood) March 4, 2021 Sonu Sood has been at the forefront during challenging times as he helped stranded migrant workers travel back to their hometown, by arranging flights, buses, trains etc. His innumerous humanitarian activities have made people see him as somewhat of a 'saviour'. Recently, he also mortgaged eight properties in Mumbai to provide help for lesser privileged people. View the full article
  10. Carrying on with his form from Day 2 of the fourth and final Test between India and England at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad, Washington Sundar played beautifully throughout the first innings for the Men in Blue on Day 3 as well. After forming a 100-run partnership with centurion Rishabh Pant on Friday, Sundar was well on the way to getting a century for himself on Saturday, which would have been the first one for him across all formats of the game at an international level. View this post on Instagram Having built a steady 106-run partnership with local lad Axar Patel in the middle, the Chennai all-rounder was just four runs away from reaching the triple-digit score when a sudden succession of events left him startled and in complete disappointment. Looking to take their team’s first-innings lead over the 200-run mark, Sundar and Patel were well settled but the latter was eager to see his teammate strike his first-ever century in the longest format of the game. View this post on Instagram On the final delivery of the 114th over being delivered by England captain Joe Root, Sundar struck the ball towards mid-off without an intention to run, but Patel left his crease and crossed almost half the pitch in a hurry with the hopes of giving his partner the strike for the following six balls. Unable to make it back to the safe zone in time, Patel saw Root nudge the bails off the stumps as he was mere centimetres away from the crease. Upon review, it was confirmed that Patel was out and that he had to go back to the pavilion, with his hopes of watching Sundar complete his feat hanging in the middle. View this post on Instagram Still, fans were looking forward to Sundar getting to the 100-run score as Test veteran Ishant Sharma took strike against a rejuvenated Ben Stokes, but Sharma couldn’t gauge Stokes’ delivery and got dismissed off a brilliant LBW appeal on the first ball he faced. With clear sadness on his face, Sundar saw Mohammed Siraj approach the pitch but considering what Siraj had done for Ravichandran Ashwin back at the Chepauk stadium in the second Test of the series, which enabled the off-spinner to get his century, Sundar’s ambition was still alive. A moment to cherish forever! @ashwinravi99 gets his Test in Chennai and Md. Siraj erupts in joy. The dressing room stands up to applaud.🏾 #TeamIndia #INDvENG @paytm pic.twitter.com/ykrBhsiTbl — BCCI (@BCCI) February 15, 2021 Siraj defended the first ball, left the second nicely. He even managed to offer a smile to his partner, trying to comfort him and letting him know that he’d got his back. However, Ben Stokes was adamant about spoiling Sundar’s party and finally got the last laugh when he bowled Siraj out on the penultimate delivery of the 115th over. Upset and absolutely heartbroken to see Sundar stranded at the non-strikers’ end while the tail-enders dropped like flies, the cricketer’s fans, led by former Indian batsman and Ranji Trophy legend, Wasim Jaffer, discussed jokingly, the different scenarios of what Sundar’s father would do to the three batsmen who failed to help his son get the ton. Axar, Ishant and Siraj next time they meet Washington's father at a function But seriously this 96* is no less than a hundred, very well played @Sundarwashi5 #INDvENG pic.twitter.com/V6qRXBbwfl — Wasim Jaffer (@WasimJaffer14) March 6, 2021#WashingtonSundar's father when Ishant and Siraj come to visit him pic.twitter.com/r2ClZc1s1D — Shivani (@meme_ki_diwani) March 6, 2021Scenes after Washington's Father meets Siraj.#INDvsENG pic.twitter.com/9y18sGyofH — Deep Dave (@notsodeeeeep) March 6, 2021Sundar's Father to Siraj today:#INDvsENG pic.twitter.com/KOMMa6BluU — Devansh Shukla⎊ (@_leapfrog_) March 6, 2021Washi's Father to ishant and Siraj now pic.twitter.com/YvAlB4bCJE — Nandha kumar (@Nandha2908) March 6, 2021Washington Sundar Father waiting for Ishant and Siraj #INDvENG pic.twitter.com/ol60XmhhzW — Jitesh Godara (@JiteshGodara22) March 6, 2021 This isn’t the first time Sundar came within touching distance of the 100-run mark only to be left empty-handed. During his debut series in the India-Australia series Down Under, the cricketer, standing at 85, watched helplessly as batsmen on the other end continued to give up their wickets one after the other. Back then, Sundar’s father had said that he was rather “disappointed” that he had not made the century. “I am disappointed he did not get a 100. When Siraj came, he should have hit fours and sixes. He is capable of that. He should have gone for sixes. He could have gone for pulls and big hits. Perhaps, he thought of trying to come close to Australia's total as the lead was very less," father M Sundar told IANS from Chennai. View the full article
  11. Suniel Shetty is someone who we can always rely on for the best outfits and grooming moves, in our time. At 59, the actor knows how to use his age to his advantage while sprucing up his style moves one outfit at a time. Be it his suave airport looks or defined Instagram posts, he's always been on top of his game. In fact, instead of having a single signature style, his style has constantly evolved over the course of his acting career. Moreover, each year, it only seems to become better. From classic buns to his salt and pepper beard to even rad seasonal trends, he has left no stone unturned and has rocked them all. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani When he first entered the industry, Suniel's style was defined by baggy and vibrant t-shirts or translucent and well-fitted vests, but today, he has a distinct style statement. Case in point, a recent airport look that he was spotted in. Take a look at his outfit here: © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani He was seen wearing a blue full-sleeved vest, with a pair of grey cargo pants in denim with huge pockets. These pockets can prove to be so convenient especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic. One can easily use them to store a mask, a sanitiser, a wallet, car keys, and even mints to name a few everyday essentials in these changing times. He supplemented the outfit with a pair of shades, a mask and a pair of white shoes. The military-style cargo pants in denim were definitely a unique twist to the ongoing cargo trend. © Viral Bhayani Speaking of the pair of pants in detail, they have visibly resurfaced as more celebrities are ditching a boring pair of parallel pants for pants that give them the comfort of huge pockets so they can carry their knick-knacks effortlessly. In conclusion, we love the trend and Suniel's clever styling of the outfit. View the full article
  12. Kartik Aaryan, in his Bollywood career, so far, has mastered a couple of things like an ace. From his over-the-top rants in films like Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety, Pyaar Ka Punchnama, and Pati, Patni Aur Woh reboot to his sharp dance skills and a signature hairstyle, Kartik is known for a few things only he can pull off. View this post on Instagram For the uninitiated, Kartik Aaryan even has his own YouTube channel where he hosts a talk show and invites other people over for a light conversation. The star has also developed a unique style aesthetic that works for him really well. He's often seen switching things up when he's spotted at the airport. Now that Kartik Aaryan is swamped with projects which include the likes of Anees Bazmee's Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2, Dhamaka directed by Ram Madhvani, Collin D’Cunha's Dostana 2, Luka Chuppi 2 directed by Laxman Utekar, and Kirik Party Remake directed by Abhishek Jain, we get why he's seen out on the streets almost every single day. Recently, he was seen on his way back from work in a rather interesting outfit. Take a look at the outfit here: © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani Kartik Aaryan was seen wearing a grey full-sleeve vest. Along with it, he wore a pair of blue jeans and a pair of heeled dark grey sneakers to finish the look. The dark grey sneakers had a thin white outsole which was at least three inches in height adding to the height of the silhouette. Take a close look at the sneaker silhouette here: © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani The sneakers looked thin owing to the relatively wide outsole. Kartik Aaryan also supplemented his outfit with a bright red mask. © Viral Bhayani Clearly, even at work, Kartik Aaryan doesn't forget to experiment with new and upcoming trends. View the full article
  13. The first day of the fourth and final match of the India-England series got more ‘non-cricket’ action than most had expected when the cameramen zoomed in on India skipper Virat Kohli walking up to England all-rounder Ben Stokes with a serious look on his face. As the situation began to go from bad to worse, both Kohli and Stokes started mouthing off to each other while the Ahmedabad audience cheered their skipper on with loud roars all over the Narendra Modi Stadium. What’s going on here lads? 🇮🇳󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿#INDvENG pic.twitter.com/lThox51Pp4 — Chloe-Amanda Bailey (@ChloeAmandaB) March 4, 2021 With the hopes of mellowing down the situation, match officials had to intervene and literally had to put themselves in between the two cricketing icons when finally Kohli decided to jog back to his fielding spot and Stokes walked to the crease to face the next delivery. And even though it was evident that the banter began following a small ‘interaction’ between Stokes and Indian pacer Mohammed Siraj, nobody was certain what exactly led to things getting out of hand. Image 1 At the end of the final session of Day 1, Siraj opened up about what Stokes did and why he felt it was a good idea to involve his captain in the scenario. "Ben Stokes gave me gali (abused me) so I told Virat bhai about that. Virat bhai handled it thereafter," the bowler said. Image 2 Testing the notorious Motera pitch for a day, Siraj also gave details about how it could favour the batsmen and what was Team India’s plan to do some early damage to the touring side which eventually led to getting the entire batting order dismissed in the third session of the day. "Wicket is a batting wicket. Plan was to have patience. And wait for the ball that might come in. Virat was saying since we have only two quicks, rotation was important. After bowling two overs, Virat said in the morning to replace Ishant at the other end. I was getting more movement there," Siraj said. View this post on Instagram Siraj did some massive damage to England’s hopes of putting up a big total in the first innings when he dismissed two of their best batsmen, Jonny Bairstow and captain Joe Root, while trapping both of them with LBW appeals. View the full article
  14. Sacha Baron Cohen took home the award for best actor in a musical or comedy series for his role as Borat
  15. In another bizarre episode of 'this happens only in India', a man from Bihar’s Saharsa district celebrated his horse’s birthday by throwing an extremely lavish birthday party for his beloved pet. Not only this, but he also cut a 23 kg cake and invited many people for a mouthwatering meal. © Unsplash Horse Rajneesh Kumar aka Golu Yadav lives in Pachwati Chowk, Saharsa district, and celebrated his horse Chetak’s second birthday in a grand manner, making headlines everywhere. Golu loves Chetak like his own child and before Chetak’s birthday celebrations, the horse was even given a bath and was all decked up for his birthday celebration in the evening. According to News18, Golu Yadav also said that Chetak is like a member of his family and never calls him an 'animal'. He further said that Chetak’s first birthday was also celebrated lavishly in a similar way. © Unsplash Horse The 50-pound cake was placed in front of Cheatk and there was a picture of him on the cake along with his name. Afterwards, Golu cut the cake for Chetak and firecrackers were burst. Golu also expressed how he never celebrates his own birthday but will celebrate Chetak’s birthday every year. He said that he brought Chetak home when the horse was only six months old and used to feed him milk. “I have brought up Chetak like my own child. I have given him more love than my own children, ” he said. © Unsplash Horse Expressing his unhappiness over violence against animals, Golu said, “Today, animals are more loyal than human beings." Golu’s love for his horse has now become the talk of the town. After all, the love and devotion of your pet is unparalleled. View the full article
  16. From someone who would only do monochromatic fashion, we have to say Karan Johar has come a long way. If you take a peek at his style back in 2010, you would notice him wear super simple outfits. Cut to 2015, Karan started experimenting with his looks and was seen wearing some extravagant pieces. The self-proclaimed maximalist has left no stone unturned since and has been knocking it out of the park, one ensemble at a time. Apart from his clothes, Johar also has a major shoe fixation. Take, for example, his huge sole sneakers or his futuristic sneakers, and you would know what we mean. © Viral Bhayani He gave us yet another example, demonstrating the same, as Karan was recently seen outside Kareena & Saif's abode in a distinct outfit. The whole outfit looked quite on-point and so did the sneakers. But, we think the attention-grabbing piece, this time, were the pants he wore. The Brands: © Palm Angels Before we speak in detail about the joggers, let's look into the oversized sweatshirt that he is wearing here. This is the Palm Angels Firestarter Printed Sweatshirt, a street-wear style that has a rebellious attitude and fiery graphic at the trims. © Dolce & Gabbana As for more, speaking of his sneakers, these are Super King Sneakers by Dolce & Gabbana. The sneakers are super colourful and look unique due to the edgy construction. Furthermore, the pair has ridge detailing and a chunky rubber outsole. © Heron Preston Coming to the main piece of the whole look, Karan's pants. These are Heron Preston's White NASA Lounge Pants. These are concealed with drawstring and an elastic waistband. The logo is embroidered in red with text printed on the front and back leg. The Price: © Viral Bhayani The fiery street-wear inspired sweatshirt alone costs almost Rs 42,938 whereas the Dolce & Gabbana sneakers cost Rs 60,000. The joggers, though, are cheaper compared to the other pieces, as they cost only Rs 30,599. While it can burn a big hole in our pockets, this is definitely an affordable piece from Karan's wardrobe. Why It Works: © Viral Bhayani The way we dressed changed drastically in 2020, given the whole quarantine situation. Fashion-lovers have since been exploring relaxed sensibilities and hence, Karan's outfit is a lackadaisical mood and yet high on fashion. In all, we think the style maximalist has now reigned supreme in the loungewear department too. View the full article
  17. Karan Singh Grover actually has a rather dope sense of style. One of the best qualities of his sartorial sense is to go for some really quirky and zany silhouettes, and then, not giving two hoots about what others think of him. That is the level of confidence we wish many Bollywood celebrities had. © Instagram/iamksgofficial The man has established that he loves to dress down. A basic T-shirt, a pair of joggers and some slippers - that’s all he needs to make a resounding style statement. © Viral Bhayani Do keep in mind though, that when the time comes to clean up, he actually manages to ace that as well. © Viral Bhayani Recently, Karan Singh Grover was spotted with Bipasha Basu at the Mumbai Airport wearing an extremely rare watch. © Viral Bhayani We already know that Karan is an avid watch collector, and perhaps has one of the best watch collections in India. What may come as a surprise to you, is his taste and affinity for limited edition, super rare watches. © Viral Bhayani Let’s have a look at his outfit first. Karan is seen here wearing a very basic, monochromatic outfit. Karan’s wearing a printed T-shirt in black, along with a pair of dapper-looking distressed, or tattered jeans. If we’re honest, it’s simple, understated, and rather subdued. © Viral Bhayani Yes, the sneakers do stand out, because of the manner in which they sit in a contrast with the rest of his outfit, but otherwise, they are very basic. Just like the cap and the mask that he’s wearing. © Viral Bhayani But take a look at his wrist and all dynamics change. Karan is wearing a dope-looking, white & blue watch, which, again, is set in stark contrast to the rest of his outfit. © Viral Bhayani Look closely and you’ll realise that the watch he’s wearing is the Hublot Classic Fusion Ibiza Limited Edition. © Hublot The chronograph features a blue ceramic case, with a strap made of alligator leather and blue rubber. The in-house movement, the HUB1143, is a self-winding movement, made using 59 rubies, all hidden inside the watch. © Hublot Released in 2019, Hublot made just 50 of these timepieces and sold them for $14,500 or roughly Rs 12,00,000 back then. Now though, these watches fetch over 6-7 times their original price, simply because of their limited availability. © Viral Bhayani Karan sure knows how to pick his watches. All in all, that’s a dope looking watch. View the full article
  18. The fourth and final Test of the India-England series at the Narendra Modi stadium started out just like the Men in Blue had imagined, with spinner Axar Patel doing some early damage to the English batting order while pacers Ishant Sharma and Mohammed Siraj scare them with extreme swing with the new ball. One of the early highlights of Day 1 at the Motera stadium came in the 8th over of the first innings when English opener Zak Crawley decided to walk down the pitch to go for a big shot but failed to generate enough momentum and the ball ended up comfortably flying into the hands of Siraj, who was standing at mid off. View this post on Instagram What caught the attention of the fans who were watching the match live was that Indian wicket-keeper Rishabh Pant could sense some sort of frustration in the way Crawley was batting. 7.4 overs - Rishabh Pant "someone is getting angry now". 7.5 overs - Crawley hits the aerial shot coming down the track and gets out.#IndvEng #ENGvIND pic.twitter.com/8nKE8slOHJ — Team India 2.0 (@teamindia2_0) March 4, 2021 Pant could see the Englishmen find ways to go for the boundary ropes. After all, he was the most successful batsman for the touring side in the previous match and he did so while playing aggressively (53 runs of 84 deliveries while hitting 10 boundaries in the first innings of the third Test). So, in order to get under Crawley’s skin, Pant started shouting in English. “Someone is getting angry, somebody is getting angry,” shouted the Indian glovesman repeatedly between Patel’s deliveries. On the other hand, skipper Virat Kohli also looked extremely chatty while standing at slip, close to the batsman. He continued to taunt Crawley by saying things like, “loose wicket coming boys” with the hopes of getting him riled up. Pant and Kohli before the Wicket : "Someone is getting angry" (Pant) "Loose Wicket coming boys" (Kohli) Next Ball : Crawley goes for a Aerial Shot and Caught. Pant and Kohli ♥️ — Adish (@36_NotAllOut) March 4, 2021“Someone is getting angry” and Crawley hits out! Good from Pant. — AB (@AB_Singh7) March 4, 2021*Someone is getting angry* worked — lemniscate (@nomoodtotalk) March 4, 2021It didn’t take long for Kohli and Pant’s tactics to work as Crawley ended up throwing his wicket on the fifth ball. After 12.1 overs, England are at 30/3 with skipper Joe Root’s wicket being taken by Siraj who trapped him with an excellent delivery for an LBW appeal. With a 2-1 lead in the series, the Men in Blue look to win or draw the match while trying to make their way into the finals of the World Test Championship to face Kane Williamson's New Zealand roster at London’s Lord’s Cricket Ground in June 2021. View the full article
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