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Found 57 results

  1. van Duque´s election victory in Colombia makes him the youngest president in his country´s modern history, and gives him a strong mandate to overhaul the government´s fragile peace deal with the former rebel group FARC. Photo: AFPBOGOTA: Ivan...
  2. Prosecutors said a 33-year-old man was killed and a second suspect arrested after gunfire erupted at 3am EDT (0700 GMT) at the event in the city of Trenton, about 60 miles (100 km) southwest of New York CityA suspected gunman was fatally shot after...
  3. Amazon Echo devices are leading in the market for "conversational commerce," according to analysts. Photo: AFPWASHINGTON: Hey, Google, order a large pizza! Alexa, I need vitamins!Voice shopping using smart speakers and smartphone apps is starting...
  4. Apple unveiled the iOS 12 this month at the WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference) and it's bringing in a lot of new features as well as fixes. With this update, the company is improving the experience and the underlying software rather than focusing on new features and UI. “For iOS 12, we are doubling down on performance,” said software VP Craig Federighi. The update will be available for all the devices that received iOS 11. Here's our complete rundown of everything we know that's coming with iOS 12! 1. Speed and Stability: © Apple Insider Apple has promised that iPhone users will see sizeable speed improvements, including for smartphones as old as 2013's iPhone 5S. Apple said it has improved performance all over iOS, so things should be at least a little quicker day to day. iOS 12 instantly ramps up CPU clock speeds, instead of slowly increasing it to their peak speeds. It also decreases fast to save on battery life as well. Federighi said that in Apple's tests on an iPhone 6 Plus, apps launch 40 percent faster, the system keyboard comes up 50 percent faster, and opening the camera is 70 percent faster. 2. Deeper Battery Insights: © 9to5Mac The battery monitoring option has been pretty basic until now, Apple intends to take this a level further by showing more data in graphs as to which app is taking up maximum power. Using these analytics, not only does the phone itself makes a lot of changes to improve battery life but even the user gets a clear idea of what's sucking the most juice. The interface also has been revamped and includes new charts, breakdowns, and graphs. 3. Phone Usage Statistics: © Apple Following Google's lead, Apple is also making efforts to help people curb their addictions to their phones. A new tool called Screen Time generates periodic Activity Reports of the phone usage. It keeps a track of everything, the amount of time you use an app, the category of apps you use, the number of notifications you receive, and more. A new feature, Downtime is also coming along with Screen Time that lets parents monitor the usage by their kids. Parents can see their child's Activity Report on their own iOS devices, as well as set and manage App Limits for them. 4. A Smarter Photos App: © Apple Google Photos has been an amazing companion on Android, the smart algorithm can go through pictures and sort or categorize them automatically. A similar assistant is now coming to the built-in Photos App on iOS. Apple said it has also improved search within photos with suggestions to help users find pictures from recent events, people, and places. It also features suggested sharing so that one can share full-sized photos with people without having to manually collect and sending them. 5. Autofill Passwords: © 9to5Mac Two Factor Authentication has become pretty much standard now and highly recommended for everyone. When logging in, you will no longer have to copy the passcode separately, it will be directly delivered to the keyboard as an AutoFill option. Apple is also bringing in support for third-party password managers, the QuickType toolbar above your keyboard will show you suggestions for your password from third-party password managers. 6. Alternate Face ID: © Apple While using Face ID, it often becomes a problem when the user is often wearing accessories like sunglasses or headgear, because of which the system isn't able to authenticate the face due to the temporary appearance change. To solve this, Apple has now added an option for Alternate appearance and you can register a second copy of your look with the accessories and store it.
  5. Drenched in patriotism, the new teaser of Akshay Kumar's 'Gold' is finally here, and it is giving everyone goosebumps and a surge of patriotism as well. Saying that we are impressed would be an understatement because by far, this is the best movie teaser we have seen this year. (c) Excel Entertainment With every movie, Akshay Kumar keeps setting the benchmark higher and this teaser only proves that he can give any actor a run for their money. If you haven't seen the teaser yet, get ready to feel a rush of emotions. 200-300cr bhokne wale aaj apne star k liye praise dhoondh rahe hai Akal aa hi gayi Nothing is more important & bigger than good work & respect. Proud to be @akshaykumar his fan Consistently giving good cinemað⤠#StandUpForGold — AkshayKumar Da FANð (@GurmeetSingh42) June 15, 2018 The teaser begins with a statement which says, "Please stand up for the national anthem". While most of us wait to hear the familiar strains of our National Anthem, it begins with the British anthem 'God Save The Queen' instead. First few seconds and we are already unsettled. The 54-second clip clearly sets the fact straight showing how for 200 years, Indians were being forced to stand for the British national anthem, taking us back to colonial India and the British oppression. (c) Excel Entertainment Soon we get a glimpse of Akshay Kumar and we just can't help but whistle. With a burning passion in his eyes, he is seen taking out the Indian national flag and that gives us an idea of his goal. The teaser then focuses on 'one man's dream' that 'made the British stand up for our anthem'. (c) Excel Entertainment Despite us already knowing the basic theme of the story, which is freedom from British oppression, there still is a sense of mystery as to how this one man will get the gold for India.. The teaser ends with "Vande Mataram” leaving us with millions of thoughts and unsaid emotions. (c) Excel Entertainment For those of you who don't know what 'Gold' is all about, it is the story of a Bengali hockey player, who wants to win a gold medal for India, during the British rule. Taking to Twitter Akshay Kumar shared the new teaser on the public's demand. Thank you everyone for all the love and support pouring in for the special unit of #Gold...sharing it here, on popular demand :) It's time to #StandUpForGold https://t.co/4rdAoS8Q7y@excelmovies @FarOutAkhtar @ritesh_sid @Roymouni @kagtireema — Akshay Kumar (@akshaykumar) June 15, 2018 Since then, the clip has taken the internet by storm and people can't stop raving about it. Only actor who is breaking barriors with his each n every next film...ð¥#Baby#GabbarIsBack#Airlift#Rustom#JollyLLB2#ToiletEkPremKatha#PadMan Nd now #Gold... Matlab hadd hai yr...Khikhið But Im very proud to be your fan paji...@akshaykumar ð#StandUpForGold #GoldTeaser pic.twitter.com/ncOwvKi5ku — â§â¢Bhagchandâ¢â§ (@Bhagchand_Ak) June 15, 2018 That sure made me want to #StandUpForGold! Super stuff, @FarOutAkhtar, @akshaykumar, @kagtireema @ritesh_sid @excelmovies ðð https://t.co/4t7fFNTRCq — Diana Penty (@DianaPenty) June 15, 2018 200-300cr bhokne wale aaj apne star k liye praise dhoondh rahe hai Akal aa hi gayi Nothing is more important & bigger than good work & respect. Proud to be @akshaykumar his fan Consistently giving good cinemað⤠#StandUpForGold — AkshayKumar Da FANð (@GurmeetSingh42) June 15, 2018 Just saw the UNUSUAL & MIND-BLOWING teaser of #AkshayKumar 's #Gold #GoldTeaser! makes your heart swell with PRIDE! A perfect PATRIOTIC film releasing on perfect weekend of #IndependenceDay ! @akshaykumar @FarOutAkhtar @ritesh_sid @excelmovies @kagtireema @kapoorkkunal @Roymouni — Atul Mohan (@atulmohanhere) June 15, 2018 So patriotic It's teaser of the year or decade #StandUpForGold — à¤à¤­à¤¯ ðâ¬ï¸ (@iAbhayAwasthi) June 15, 2018 Its too emotional sirð­ð­#GoldTeaser — Mumin (@ImMumin) June 15, 2018 Aag lagayegi ye movie — Roshu AK â (@RoshanSinghAK) June 15, 2018 Teaser Dekhkar Scheme Gooosebumbs Aa Gya ð — ROMEOᴳᴼᴸᴰ (@imsamkhiladi) June 15, 2018 The teaser of #Gold is pure https://t.co/fpLFTynUQ4's all in the writing. Anything that u want 2 say has 2 b written well at the level of screenplay.Even a teaser can follow a graph that surprises...in a few montages u get to see the British n Nazi flags n our own Tiranga.Wah!! — Faridoon Shahryar (@iFaridoon) June 15, 2018 Just watched the trailer and I must say it's goosebumps experience for me.I would like to appreciate makers to come up with the innovative idea. Looking forward for the gold to hit silver screen. #GOLDTEASER — Vinay Prabhakar (@akkivinaya) June 15, 2018 If the teaser alone has managed to shake us to our very core, we can only wonder what the trailer has in store for us. Directed by Reema Kagti, the film traces the journey of a hockey player and talks about what it meant to be patriotic during the pre-independence era. This will also be TV actor Mouni Roy's Bollywood debut. (c) Excel Entertainment Earlier, it was being said that 'Gold' is a biopic on former hockey player Balbir Singh Sr. However, clearing the air, Producer Ritesh Sidhwani stated in an interview that, “It is not a biopic. It is a completely fictional story but it is set against a real backdrop between 1933-48 India about what the country was, the sports...about hockey. It is not based on any character.” Check out the teaser here and let us know what you think:
  6. There's a new dating trend out and about and it's proven to be mildly fatal for men who don't have beards. And also for men who do. Yeah, you read that right. There's a new trend called 'shaveducking' and it's catching on like the plague and it definitely involves your facial hair. How you ask? Well. shaveducking is when a woman just might be hot for you depending on your facial hair, and not on anything else. So, basically, she's not really attracted to you, as much as she might be to your facial hair and would like you just on the basis of that. So, if you look like KRK without facial hair and like Shahid Kapoor with a beard, then you know what to do. But, listen up guys, I am with you on this and I feel that if I was being picked up by a woman on the basis of just my beard, it would be an absolute shame and quite shallow of them TBH. © Pexels So, to avoid shaveducking becoming a thing, let's just recognise these shaveduckers and say no to them, when they just want to feel up your beard. Let's choose the ladies who actually want to find out what lies underneath that beard. Here are some signs to recognise if she's on her way to shaveducking you! She Swipes On Tinder Because Of Your Facial Hair Yeah, try and find out what made her swipe, if you have the slightest hint of her shaveducking you will know in an instant if the first thing she mentions is your 'beard'. Ask Her About Clean Shaven Guys Ask her what her stance is on guys who are clean shaven. If she cringes at their mere existence, you know why you're in her life! Are There Any Conditions? If she's laid down some conditions for you and one of them is to never shave you beard, then you're being shaveducked by her royally. I mean, what kind of a condition is that in the first place? She Doesn't Take Too Well To Your Shaved Look If you've shaved while you're around her and she detests your look after, why're you even with her? Seriously, she's just with you because of your beard, bro. She'll Keep Praising Your Beard If she constantly praises your beard, you know she's signalling you to never shave it. It's her way of making sure you don't shave it because she loves it so. Just shave whenever you feel like shaving . Long unkempt beards are a breeding ground for flies. I hope you know? Well, if you notice these 5 prominent signs in someone you're remotely interested in, hanging out with or have just met through Tinder or otherwise, you know what the girls in for. It's your beard! If you have one and she's not gonna be with you or be there in the longer run, if then what's the point of shallow dating right? Remember, hair today, gone tomorrow just like she's here today and gone tomorrow.
  7. Saudi women pose with their country?s flag outside the Luzhniki stadium ahead of Saudi Arabia?s soccer World Cup match against Russia in Moscow, Russia June 14, 2018. REUTERSMOSCOW: Saudi Arabia?s soccer team may have been thrashed in its...
  8. US President Donald Trump at the Capella Hotel on Sentosa Island in Singapore, June 12, 2018. Kevin Lim/The Straits Times via REUTERS NEW YORK: The New York state attorney general sued US President Donald Trump, three of his children and his...
  9. Nawaz Sharif (center) on Thursday, June 14, 2018, hired a new lawyer to represent him in the NAB references after Khawaja Haris recused himself from representing the former prime minister. Photo: File1ISLAMABAD: Nawaz Sharif on Thursday hired a new...
  10. New Zealand cricketing great Richard Hadlee is regarded as one of the greatest fast bowlers of all time, and was the first to take 400 Test wicketsWELLINGTON: New Zealand cricketing great Richard Hadlee has undergone surgery for bowel cancer but is...
  11. Most of us would like to have and enjoy nice things when we're alive because everyone is a little materialistic – come on, don't even deny it– but, dying would actually mean the end of all our materialistic desires and possessions, right? Nope, wrong. A guy sent off his father in style and literally did the most extra thing when it came to burying him. He bought a new, really expensive BMW car to bury his father, clearly making him the most extra son in the entire world. Yes, coffins might be expensive but I don't think a car is supposed to be a better alternative. The Nigerian man, identified as Azubuike, lost his father due to old age but he reportedly had always promised to buy his father a 'flash car'. Well, he came through, kinda. When the father passed away in the remote village of Ihiala, Nigeria, the son went ahead and shelled out about â¹60 lakhs for a BMW. Yes, it sounds wild and it truly is. The picture of the car being lowered into the ground is something we've never seen before and we'll probably never see it again as well. © Twitter Reportedly, this was the son's way of honouring his father by giving him the best send-off ever. Even the locals quipped that the BMW is equipped with Sat Nav to help him find his way to the pearly gates. Well, it will be a smooth ride, hopefully.
  12. The new 'Assassin's Creed' game was announced last night and after the great success of its previous installment, fans will now play in the ancient world of Greece. There were plenty of rumours that hinted to the location and the time period of the game, which was later confirmed at Ubisoft's keynote last night. © Youtube The new game is called 'Odyssey' and it will take players right in the middle of the Peloponnesian War i.e. 431 BC. The game takes place 350 years before the events of Origins and centuries before the original games in the franchise. The backdrop of the game will be the violent conflict between Sparta and Athens, where players will visit popular locations such as Mykonos, Delos, and Attica. © Youtube Even though the conflict between the two nations is the center of the plot, you will play as a neutral mercenary. You can either play as a man or a woman, which is a first for the franchise. 'Odyssey' will be more like an RPG and will be very similar to games made by BioWare. You will have a multiple choice dialogue system, branching quests, and multiple possible endings. © Youtube The game has been described as the biggest one yet for the 'Assassin Creed' franchise and a lot of the game will be set in water. This means, you will be able to command your own ship and traverse the map to find new locations. The game will have various biomes such as snow-capped mountains to beaches to forests. 'Assassin's Creed Odyssey' will release on October 5, 2018, on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Players can also play the game early by paying extra. You can have a look at the trailer and gameplay below: For more on everything at E3, keep a close look at the games sub-section at MensXP Technology.
  13. A currency trader counts Pakistani Rupee notes as he prepares an exchange of USdollars in Islamabad, Pakistan, December 11, 2017. Photo: Reuters KARACHI/ISLAMABAD: The Pakistani rupee slumped 3.8 percent against the dollar on Monday before...
  14. The trailer for the next 'Halloween' movie is already out, and I am as terrified as I was when I saw the first movie from the Halloween franchise. Seriously guys, if you're a horror/thriller movie fan and you haven't seen anything from the Halloween franchise, are you even a fan? If in case you are oblivious and have managed to avoid all knowledge about the franchise, let me tell you that the movie centres around a serial murderer called Michael Myers (not to be confused with Mike Myers) who is frantically on a killing spree on Hallows eve, while wearing a really scary mask. Okay, I just got the jitters again. The actual story begins when Michael is sent to a psychiatric facility for 15 years, when he kills his sister, Judith at the age of 10. 15 years later, Micheal escapes the facility and goes on a murder spree, terrorising a small town in America. © Universal Pictures The OG of 'Halloween' released way back in 1978 and was directed by John Carpenter. After the first release, a lot of sequels followed through and the original was remade again in 2007, and the sequel to the original was released in 2009. But the recent news around the releases tells us that the movie releasing this year, after 40 years from the original, will be the sequel to the 1978 release and it will not follow any of the previous sequels that were originally made. The best part about this remake? It has the original Michael Myers and the original woman, he's always haunted! Yes! Nick Castle and Jamie Lee Curtis are definitely in the film, along with new add-ons of course. The movie is directed by David Gordan Green and also stars Judy Greer and Andi Marichak. © Universal Pictures The producer, Jason Blum, teased the 'Halloween' franchise fans on Twitter, before the trailer released on Friday, saying 'The Halloween Trailer is dropping Friday', in three separate tweets. The Halloween trailer — Jason Blum (@jason_blum) 4 June 2018 Is dropping — Jason Blum (@jason_blum) 4 June 2018 Friday. — Jason Blum (@jason_blum) 4 June 2018 "The sequel is like the original in many many ways. The writers have connected the dots of the story and it made so much sense that it felt totally appropriate" Jamie Lee Curtis told a popular publication. © Universal Pictures Well, the new 'Halloween' definitely respects the DNA of the franchise and keeps the finale as creepy as one would imagine it to be! I, for one can't wait to watch this with someone for company for sure, or I might just have a heart failure and die. The movie though can be watched by people who haven't seen 'Halloween' at all. It's not like you have to watch the earlier movies. If you want to brush up on the 'Halloween' movie history you can definitely read up on Google or probably find them and watch them all! © Universal Pictures 'Halloween' will make its way to you on October 19th, right around Hallows eve! (jeez, what are the odds, right?). Here's hoping 2018 is as good as they say it will be for the horror and thriller genre!
  15. Bethesda has announced a new game in the long-running 'Doom' series today at the E3 and it's called 'Doom Eternal'. The last reboot of 'Doom' came out in 2016 and it was a raging success. At the end of 'Doom', the Doom Slayer was banished back to Hell by Samuel Hayden, a cyborg with a boring name. The new game mostly takes place after the betrayal and takes the storyline forward. © Bethesda Softworks Bethesda said the new game will offer a “more powerful” Doom Slayer and “twice as many demons,” as the 2016 reboot of 'Doom'. The company also stated that it's saving all announcements about 'Doom Eternal' until QuakeCon, which takes place in August in Dallas. A brief teaser on YouTube shows a destroyed city, rife with the distinct demons of "DOOM," before the rage-filled supersoldier from the last game appears. He loads a shotgun, cocks it, and takes aim. The new game could be a new take on the original "DOOM 2: Hell on Earth," which was launched way back in 1994. "Doom is the product of a tradition as old as shooters, and while it's not the model to follow in every case, modern shooters could learn a thing or two from Doom's honed and unadulterated identity." executive producer Marty Stratton said at the conference. © Bethesda Softworks There's no release date, nor are there announced platforms for "DOOM Eternal" just yet. The original 'Doom' was first launched in 1993 and was basically a follow-up of 'Wolfenstein'. But, it had massively improved graphics and a new environment thanks to an all-new gaming engine. The plot has always been simple, demons have started an invasion and you need to kill them all. © YouTube This game was among the first to pioneer multiplayer gaming and is often regarded as the precursor to the modern day first person shooting games. 'Doom' was very influential as well and dozens of new first-person shooter titles appeared following its release, and they were often referred to as "Doom clones" rather than "first-person shooters". The first big wave of shooters followed 'Doom's release, with the developer helpfully licensing their engine to other companies. 'Doom 2' made levels bigger and added new monster types, as well as streamlining the game's multiplayer functionality over dial-up modems.
  16. No one expected to see any hardware at any of the big conferences at E3 this year, however, Microsoft went ahead and told us something nobody expected. The conference didn't really showcase the console, however, Xbox boss Phil Spencer teased the new console regardless. According to Spencer, Microsoft is working hard to build the new console and the company is already gearing up for the new generation of consoles. © Youtube Spencer didn't detail the console any further and kept it brief. “The same team that delivered unprecedented performance with Xbox One X is deep into architecting the next Xbox consoles, where we will once again deliver on our commitment to set the benchmark for console gaming,” Spencer said. That was about it. Even though there's not much to work with over here but the knowledge that Microsoft is working on a new console is enough for Xbox gamers to know about the future. Microsoft will not reveal the console anytime soon, however, fans are relieved to know that they can expect something in the future. Spencer also talked about a game streaming service that is currently under development and there is no doubt that the new service will be a marquee feature on the upcoming consoles. The new service will let Microsoft support backward compatibility where gamers can play older games on their new consoles. © Microsoft Even though the new console was teased, it was apparent that Microsoft's focus was on exclusive games for its current generation. The Xbox One X is barely a year old and support for exclusive titles is currently slim, which Microsoft plans to tackle by acquiring five new studios. Sony may also be in the console race, however, the company is not expected to reveal the new PlayStation until 2021. We can make a wild guess that the new Xbox will not be revealed before 2020, so we may hear more about it at E3 2019. One never knows how the gaming industry works and we're often left surprised by companies at each E3. Now that Microsoft has detailed its future plans, will Sony also try to step their game at their conference tomorrow? We will know more as Sony hosts its press conference at 6:30 AM on 12th June 2018. Stay tuned for the latest news from E3 2018!
  17. Headline-grabbing rapper Kanye West has tied the record for the longest streak of albums to hit number one on the US chart with his latest release, "Ye." Photo: fileNEW YORK: Headline-grabbing rapper Kanye West has tied the record for the longest...
  18. Cricket South Africa's new T20 league seems unlikely to be as ambitious as the aborted T20 Global League, which was planned for last season but did not take placeJOHANNESBURG: Cricket South Africa (CSA) announced on Friday that it will stage a...
  19. The iPhone is by far the biggest revenue generating product from Apple. However, in an attempt to offset the impact of a weakening smartphone market, the company has been focusing on services as a path to growth-ReutersApple Inc expects to ship 80...
  20. The new BlackBerry Key2 smartphone is displayed at a product launch event for the device in Manhattan in New York, US, June 7, 2018. Photo: Reuters NEW YORK: There's a new BlackBerry smartphone, the latest effort to revive the once-dominant...
  21. Bates hit two sixes and 24 boundaries to score 151 runs from 94 balls while middle-order player Green scored 121 runs with one six and 15 boundaries. Photo: AFP Captain Suzie Bates and batswoman Maddy Green struck centuries against Ireland to help...
  22. Ripped jeans are beautiful. For those of you thinking 'beautiful' is a rather odd choice when it comes to an adjective for jeans, just focus on them for once. They are jeans. They are comfortable. They look ultra fashionable. They are already ripped so you can literally do anything in them. So, 'beautiful'. But the thing is, they usually are expensive. What if there was a way to repurpose your old pairs that you don't wear anymore into super edgy, ripped new pairs? Here is an easy guide with 6 steps. 1. Pick a pair of old jeans to begin with, if it's your first time. Be mentally prepared to say goodbye to the pair in case things go south. Then, take the plunge. © Twitter 2. Arrange the following - a pair of scissors, a small sharp knife, sandpaper, a block of wood or cardboard, a pencil (or a piece of chalk), a ruler, and a pair of tweezers. © Twitter 3. Figure out what kind of rips you want. Are they big? Small? Do you want holes? Or just a mildly distressed aesthetic? Whatever you do, before making rips or cutting holes, wear the jeans, and use the pencil to make rough markings of the desired cuts. © Twitter 4. Take them off and lay them down on a table. Use the sandpaper to rub the areas you want to cut and rip, to make it look distressed, so that it doesn't look artificial post the cuts. © Twitter 5. Use the block of wood or the cardboard as protection for the back side of your jeans when you're cutting and making holes. Put it inside your jeans, so that the cut doesn't extend to the other side as well. Make small rips with the knife or the scissors to start with, just to get a feel of the process. Once you have made a few, wear the pair once to examine whether the rips are in place and are coming along as expected. © Twitter 6. After you are done with the cutting and ripping, use the tweezers to take out some of the frayed white edges, in a way that they look naturally ripped. © Twitter And voila, you're done! Just wash the pair of jeans once with a mild detergent, and dry them in shade before wearing them. You are now the proud owner of a brand new pair of ripped jeans, that also happens to be your own creation.
  23. Image: TimeISLAMABAD: Authorities foiled a bid to smuggle contraband Thursday night at the new Islamabad International Airport when a passenger was caught attempting to sneak in with heroin, Geo News reported, citing sources.The passenger, who was...
  24. PARIS: France?s phone-addicted children will be obliged to do without their mobile devices at school under a bill the education minister on Thursday called a ?detox measure? to combat classroom distraction and bullying.President Emmanuel...
  25. If you are already a part of Apple's ecosystem and own the Apple TV 4K, you will be happy to know that the device is now getting a massive update. The Apple TV 4K is now going to support Dolby Atmos which in our opinion is a big deal for movie enthusiasts. If you're like me, you probably already own a 4K TV, a sweet home theatre and comfortable spot to watch your daily fix. Even if you desire to have one of the best movie watching experiences, this may interest you. © Youtube Sound plays an important factor in enjoying movies and if you want the ultimate experience, you will be happy to know that the Apple TV 4K is the best fit for you. With the inclusion of Dolby Atmos, you will now be able to enjoy movies with 5.1 surround sound that are specifically designed to fill up sound in dead spaces. However, Dolby Atmos takes the sound experience even further especially when you are watching a Dolby Vision HDR movie. Investing in an Apple TV 4K will prove to be beneficial for four reasons. It Will Sound Better If you currently have a setup that is begging to get a sound experience you desire, the Apple TV 4K will deliver a superior sound experience than any other media product available in India. Even if you don't own a Dolby Atmos enabled sound system, it will still be better compared to a 5.1 setup. 2. Movies Will Be Future Proof If you like to own high-quality movies like me, you will be able to purchase movies from iTunes that will be future proof. If you have already purchased movies on iTunes that will later get upgraded to an Almost soundtrack, you will get the latest version free of charge. You will also be able to watch movies in HDR and 4K for the same price as a normal HD movie. However, you must know that this feature is exclusive to the Apple TV and does not apply to third-party applications like Netflix. © YouTube 3. It's Part Of The Apple Ecosystem If you have already invested in an iPhone, a MacBook or an iPad, the Apple TV will work seamlessly with your iOS powered device. In fact, the Apple TV 4K is now the most serious movie streaming device right now especially since 4K and HDR movie cost the same as a normal HD movie. There's a high chance that the inclusion of Dolby Atoms will probably play a hand in killing the 4K Blu-ray DVD in the near future. 4. Other Products Do the Same But Aren't As Good © BCCL Other products like the Fire TV, Chromecast Ultra and Smart TV apps are capable of doing the same job. Having said that, we have used every service there is and the experience is not as good as we expected it to be. Not to mention, Fire TB 4k and Chromecast Ultra do not even sell in India which can be a downer for customers who are looking for an alternative.