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Found 73 results

  1. When I think of a conscious lifestyle, I think of homegrown brands that give back to the environment and the society through their organic and natural products. Honestly, in a world where everything is mass-produced, these brands are a rarity, and a necessity. One such natural lifestyle brand that I recently came across on Qtrove.com was Urvija - a Kolkata-based label conceived out of the lush forests of Bengal, that stands for sustainable lifestyle while rebelling against excessive deforestation, adulterated food and chemical-infused beauty products. Brainchild of Sreela Pillai Roy, Urvija's journey from a handful of stores in 2016 to 40 stores across Kolkata in 2018 has been phenomenal. But what's even more phenomenal is the story behind the brand that started very casually over a cup of coffee and a YouTube channel which showed indiscriminate use of palm oil and how it was responsible for killing animals and deforestation of rainforests. The owners (Baibhab and Sreela) were determined to start a brand which does not use palm oil, forest timber or any other non-sustainable materials. So what goes into Urvija's handcrafted products? "Local resources coupled with premium range of herbal and floral extracts, imported from different regions. For instance, we get lavender essential oil from Kashmir valley and source berries from Leh. We also integrate non-forest timber products like madhuca, karaunj, forest flame flowers and sal seeds," says Sreela. Qtrove.com But that's not all what Urvija stands for. Over and above environmental preservation, the brand works extensively towards women empowerment in rural Bengal. "The manufacturing unit consists of all female workers from humble background. At Urvija unit, we trained them from scratch, turned them into skilled labourers, and now they are earning to support their families," adds Sreela. Qtrove.com For me, Urvija is one of the brands that has guided me towards sustainable living. Some of the natural products that stand out for me are the black grapes and honey face wash (that cleanses my skin without stripping it off its natural moisture. BUY HERE.), the rose-and-saffron beauty serum (that reduces my wrinkles, fine lines and improves my complexion. BUY HERE.) and of course, the mango lip balm with no artificial colour or flavour. Enriched with Vitamin E, this balm provides hydration to my otherwise chapped lips, around the year. BUY HERE. Qtrove.com Every Urvija product is painstakingly handmade to perfection. No automated or heavy machinery is used to manufacture the products. "We make the base of the soaps and creams and then gradually add the essential oils and various herbs. We do not add any artificial fragrance or harmful chemical like SLES, parabens and silicone oil to our products," explains Sreela. Qtrove.com Now that everything is said, you must be wondering how to get your hands on the amazing Urvija products. The answer is Qtrove.com, a website that understands the vision of organic and natural brands like Urvija and promotes sustainable lifestyle. Apart from beauty products, you can check out Qtrove.com for other categories like home decor, healthy beverages, eco-friendly fashion and a lot more.
  2. From patriarchal society to intersectional feminism, we are moving in the right direction. We have no right to treat anyone differently based on their gender. Women are as good as men, if not better. From homemakers to CEOs, they are proving their mettle in every field. Social causes like feminism have urged women to come out of their shell. Feminism isn't about what a woman 'should' do, it's about what a woman 'wants' to do. While some choose to stay at the house and make it a home, others choose to sit in a cabin and lead their company. And some, some choose to do both! Choice! That's what they should have. That is what everyone should have. These days, Indian women are making a choice to have a nuclear family. They're preferring to stay away from in-laws. While it must not be easy for the older generation to digest, let's see how it makes sense because of these two major reasons: · Interference The younger generation doesn't have any specific rules about 'it's a man's job'and 'it's a woman's job.' They live life in their own comforting way and do things at their own convenience and pace. The older generation, however, doesn't understand this concept. Most men don't work in the kitchen before marriage. Post marriage, when a mom sees her son making dinner after coming from the office, she is bound to assume that his wife is making him do this. It won't cross her mind that maybe her son is happily doing it. Modern men have come out of gender-specific roles. They are more than okay with being a helping hand in every aspect of the marriage. But the older generation is not always too comfortable with it. They just assume that since their son had to change his lifestyle, he might not be happy with how things are. So they have a 'talk' with the wife which leads to unnecessary quarrels. Parents (both the sides) shouldn't interfere in a marriage unless they are asked. It's about time they stop 'assuming' things just because their children have changed their lifestyle. · Freedom When a woman is at her home, she can sleep anytime, wake up any time, laze around all day, and do just nothing. The same thing continues (if) she moves in with her boyfriend. We, men, don't really care about any such stuff as long as both the partners are happy. But when after the marriage if the in-laws come to live with the couple, that freedom goes. No matter how cool the in-laws are, some discomfort and the pressure to 'behave' would always be there. Modern women don't understand sacrificing their freedom. And they aren't wrong. So they prefer to stay away. I am sure even a man won't be completely comfortable living with his in-laws. After marriage, these two things concern women the most. I am not blaming the older generation here. Because that is how they have seen the world. They were brought up in a gender-specific society. A society where each gender had to live in a certain way. But times are changing now. Gender doesn't really have a place is the modern relationship. It's all about comfort, compatibility, and love. And that is how it should be!
  3. Indian men have gone through layers of conditioning before they finally fell into a layer that made them the men they are today. As vague as that statement sounds, it holds true for an India post the #MeToo movement. Every man I meet nowadays is either talking about how to respect women better or be their 'knight in shining armour'. Truth be told, women don't really need a knight in shining armour as much as they need equality from their men. Be it their partners, they're subordinates, they're mentors, teachers, colleagues, or even their boss, women seek equality in terms of varying thought processes and of course actions. (c)Twitter While delving further into this, I came across research hosted by a popular dating app called OkCupid, talking about how men have evolved in the way they submit to their thoughts and actions in society and how perspectives have truly changed where they're concerned. The research throws light on a gentle evolution of how, post the #MeToo movement, men have a fair insight into a woman's perpetual struggle in society and helping them link ties and making things equal is something they're honouring more and more every day. Here are 3 things that have evolved for men post the #MeToo movement and we hope this Women's Day, all women realise they're not alone: (1) A Blunt Understanding Of Feminism There are, and there always will be a few men, who either don't care about feminism, are indifferent towards it, or who completely disagree with it. But there are also a lot of them who're changing their perspective on what feminism is essentially and have supported the cause as much as they're supporting the movement. Apart from subjective connotations for feminism, almost 87% of men believe feminism is 'equality between both the genders'. This perspective has helped enhance the solemn trajectory of how women are treated in certain spaces by the male population and it's certainly an improvement. (c)Twitter (2) Being House Husbands & Homemakers A lot of men, about 88% of them, according to research by the app, are offering to share equal responsibilities with the women, around the house. Be it cleaning or cooking or even taking care of the kids, men are more acceptable about changing roles and taking up something more or equally challenging. A lot of men have taken up to being 'house husbands' if their wives are in successful jobs, which demand long hours from them. This phenomenal acceptance in running the household along with the woman is a welcoming change for sure. (c)Eros International (3) Men Stand-Up For Work Place Harassment About 86% of the population is very much against workplace harassment. Since #MeToo had a big part to play in overall sexual harassment, men became more wary and sensitive about it, especially at places where they'd spend the maximum number of hours. A more vigilant and tolerant attitude was donned by most men around harassment in general and if they're the true watchdogs and a beacon of hope for maintaining peace and security, women shouldn't have much to worry about, especially at workplaces. (c)Pintrest These evolving attitude changes donned by most men is a defining strength for our democracy. With about 81% of the men coming forward in support of the #MeToo movement, we've seen the evolutionary balance become a lot steadier and men become a lot more understanding and tolerant. So, if you're a man and you're reading this article, maybe realise that your own brothers around you are wilfully looking for a change and change is happening, according to this research. So, maybe try and partake in this positive change and build a safe, happy and just society, together.
  4. Over the years, the concept of women empowerment has been soaring in the sporting arena, making female athletes touch spheres of greatness in every aspect. While a lot of male athletes are earning in crores from their athletic careers, female stars like PV Sindhu have also matched up, for example bagging a Rs. 50 cr. deal with Li Ning is a massive accomplishment for an athlete so young. Talking of Women's Day, here are a few top female athletes of our country who have made our nation proud with their achievements: 1. Jhullan Goswami © Instagram/smriti mandana Jhullan Goswami, a world-class allrounder who has contributed to the Indian Women's cricket for more than a decade now and continues to be a valuable asset for her side. Her number one rank in the ODI format, that too at the age of 36, is itself a testimony to that. Starting off from the age of 15, Goswami has been an inspiration to many young talents around the globe. Earning laurels such as the ICC Women's Cricketer Of The Year, Fastest Bowler, Arjuna Award and Padma Shri, Jhullan stands out to be as one of the biggest stars in Indian Sports. 2. Mary Kom © Reuters “Do not say you're weak, because you are a woman,” a statement given by Mary Kom proves she's a force to be reckoned with. Being the only woman to win the World Amateur Boxing Champion for a record sixth time, she faced gender discrimination at some point of time, to which she handed a k.o and moved on. The fact that 'Magnificent Mary' gave birth to twins in 2007 and then to another son in 2013, and then went ahead to defy all naysayers by making a magnificent comeback to her winning ways, proves her mettle. The nation is proud to have such a fierce warrior. 3. Saina Nehwal © Reuters The former World no.1 in women's badminton is another star of our country who has constantly been a role model for many upcoming female athletes. Kicking off at the age of 16 as the U-19 National champion, Nehwal has never bothered to look back and has been strong in her journey till now. Winning over 24 world titles in her journey so far, the shuttler has inspired people at every step of her life. We hope she goes on to win many more laurels for herself and for the country too. 4. Smriti Mandana © Instagram/@Smriti Mandana Smriti Mandana is yet another Wonder Woman in the Indian Women's cricket team. Taking inspiration from her role-model Jhullan Goswami, Madana has out-performed everyone in recent times, bagging the ICC Women Cricketer of the year and ICC ODI Player of the year awards this year. The 22-year-old herself faced a lot of discrimination in her early days as she was not given admission in any coaching academy just because of her gender. But her parents were the ones who made a proper pitch just for her to practice, believed in her and helped her to reach where she is today. 5. PV Sindhu © Twitter/@pv sindhu PV Sindhu, another superstar in the International Badminton circuit, has worked her way to the top of the Indian sports industry. Being the true example of a star, she has not only excelled in her field but has also given tough competition to many male athletes. Soon after Indian skipper, Virat Kohli signed an eight-year endorsement contract with Puma for around 100 crores, Sindhu also raked in a massive 50 crore deal with Li-Ning for mere four years. Adding to her laurels, she became the first woman to co-pilot Tejas in a recently held Aero India Show.
  5. First dates can be really agonising. Meeting a stranger for food and drinks isn't exactly a comfortable situation to be in. From not disclosing TMI to keeping it chill, striking the balance can be really tricky. Then there's the question of how to dress for the date. Apart from grooming habits that your date can instantly notice to, an emergency pimple popping guide, here's some women answering the burning question of how they want men to be dressed on the first date. View this post on Instagram A post shared by KARTIK AARYAN (@kartikaaryan) on Feb 27, 2019 at 2:18am PST 1. "Love a guy who can pull off semi-formals outside of a work setting. A blazer can almost go with anything, if worn a well. And if a guy can pull off a blazer with jeans with a pair of boots, I'll be majorly impressed." -Anukriti Talukdar, 25-year-old Lawyer. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Vicky Kaushal (@vickykaushal09) on Feb 12, 2019 at 5:40am PST 2. "A guy who knows layering is a guy worth keeping. Seasons like the Winter can be really dull for a guy's wardrobe. If a guy can experiment and bring out the best of creativity to that effect, I'm sold." -Priyanka Sharma, a 27-year-old PR Associate. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Raj Kummar Rao (@rajkummar_rao) on Dec 26, 2018 at 7:43am PST 3. "Someone who is open to experimenting with cool fashion trends and keeping themselves suave is always impressive. A bum bag, or a cross body sling is super trendy and useful at the same time." -Raagini Sarkar, a 23-year-old Fashion Stylist. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Ishaan Khatter (@ishaan95) on Dec 16, 2018 at 10:35pm PST 4. "I really like a guy who can clean up well and wear polished formals to a date night. There is nothing hotter than a guy who carries himself well in well-ironed formals," -Sana Malhotra, a 28-year-old Consultant. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Shahid Kapoor (@shahidkapoor) on Nov 24, 2017 at 4:41am PST 5. "What's not to love about a guy who can pull off monochrome. Also, I'm a big fan of ethnic wear. A long kurta or a bandhgala are among the offbeat choices that I'll be hugely impressed by," -Vibhuti Kapoor, a 26-year-old Architect.
  6. Majority of Indians residing within the geographic coordinates that map out the boundary of the subcontinent, fall under the category of medium to dark wheatish or “olive” skin tone. By most “English” or Western standards, we are the perfect specimen of “brown people”. While such demographic segregation and racism prevalent in the West aren't new to Indians, there is a painful truth to be experienced in the kind of off-handed racism that is practised within India, by Indians and for Indians. © Instagram The Indian subcontinent's collective blind love for the “fairer ones” is something all of us are aware of. For ages now, Indians have drooled over and craved for the lighter shades of skin tone one might find on those shade scales they proudly show off in TV commercials. However, while Indian women have had to suffer from and live under the constant scrutiny of old hags nagging them and lamenting over their “dark skin” colour for ages, they found solace in their grandmother's home remedies, that promised to lighten their skin and make them “look more desirable” as per the requirements of the Indian marriage market. © Instagram Enter commercialisation, and the home remedies were quickly replaced by magical tubes of modernised (albeit chemically formulated) “ubtan” recipes that had made their way to fancy fairness creams and lotions that thrived on women's insecurities and constant pressure to match up to the (unrealistic and cruel) social standards of beauty. The “fairness” furthering business opened a gold mine of money making opportunity that these fairness cream companies exploited for years. But things took a new turn when they made a discovery that would forever change how we saw the fairness cream industry. © Instagram Until the mid-2000s shaving creams and deodorants were the primary grooming products that were sold to men through commercial ads. However, the market study showed there was a solid opportunity of expanding men's grooming range, and soon, fairness products for men were launched. Dheeraj Sinha, chief strategy officer at Leo Burnett told QZ India that, “The men's fairness segment came about because almost one-third of users of women's fairness creams were men.” Even a Vice News report aired on HBO stated that around 60% of women and 10% of men say they use fairness products. © Instagram This led to a boom in the men's skin-care industry and as of 2017 the market grew by 40% and the industry was said to be worth around rupees 5,000 crores. That's not all, a 2015 research study by Nielsen showed that men got into the bandwagon because they believed that a fair complexion could improve their professional prospects. This only confirms that the “idea” of fair as handsome is both personal and is slowly making its way into people's reflection of themselves professionally. Yet, there also exist a lot of aware men who realise that companies are feeding on people's insecurities to cash in on more money and jump the success ladder. Bollywood actors such as Nandita Das, Kangana Ranaut and more recently Abhay Deol, have joined in to call out such companies and their products, and even fellow actors who endorse such brands and their skin whitening products. © Instagram However, since awareness is growing by the day, and more men (and women) continue to realise that they are being fooled by these companies and their products, brands are coming up with more cunning ways of selling their products to consumers. According to Sinha, “My sense is that brands will wake up to the new reality, and you will see propositions reworked around clearer skin (and) glow, rather than pure fairness,” and honestly we have already seen that happening lately. © Instagram It's disheartening to see how society's idea of “normal” and “beautiful” can disrupt people's perception of themselves, wherein they come to think of themselves as inferior to someone, merely because their skin is a shade or two darker than that of others around them. We often hear women say “love and accept yourself for who and how you are” and we hope men also follow this thumb rule and come to take pride in what has been given to them at birth. Trust us, women love that in a man, the ability to be comfortable and confident in their own skin.
  7. If you've been going on a lot of dates recently, you must've realized the importance of cleaning up well. Here's the thing guys, the definition of cleaning up well has really broadened. It does not pass if you simply wear a pair of ironed trousers and a blazer, you also need to take care of yourself by regularly following some grooming habits. The regularity will immediately reflect on your face because there are certain things that women will immediately notice when they see you. 1. If Your Finger Nails Are Groomed Or Not © Gettys images Women will definitely notice your hands. Clean and healthy hands are definitely a plus. Besides, no one wants scaly, dry and dirty hands to hold hands with or even do other things with. Think about it, you would be bothered too if you had to deal with dry scaly and dirty hands. So, keep your finger nails cleans and use a hand cream daily for soft smooth hands. 2. If You Have Random Whiffs On Your Neck © instagram If you have a beard, then these random whiffs on your neck are still acceptable, but if you prefer to be clean shaven except you have random hair strands on your neck, that's a bad place to be in. Don't be lazy and get rid of these strands. 3. If You Have Body Odour © Gettys images Your date might be going really well, but if you raise your arms and suddenly you find her frowning and making funny excuses to leave, you know what went wrong. And the fact of the matter is that this was easily avoidable. Just make sure you're spritzing a fume before you leave the house. 4. If Your Breath Smells Bad via GIPHY You don't want to be in a situation where your date wants to kiss you and you want to return the favour, but once you lean in, the date reflexively takes a step back. This only indicates that you need to fix your bad breath. 5. Nose And Ear Whiffs © Gettys images If you have loose strands of nose and ear whiffs, it's best to get a trimmer and get rid of them because even the smallest of stands can get a woman's attention. 6. Whether Your Eyebrows Are Trimmed Or Not © instagram Unruly strands on your eyebrows look really bad and distracting especially if you're on a date. If you have a uni-brow, fix it because trust me, it's a big turn off.
  8. It has been six days since one of the deadliest terrorist attacks hit the country and took the lives of over 40 CRPF jawans. The nation is still mourning all the lives that were lost in Pulwama last week, and everyone is doing what they can to help the bereaved families of the martyred jawans. Relations between India and Pakistan have always been turbulent as we all know, but now it looks like this attack was the last straw for a lot of people as they want revenge from Pakistan after Jaish-e-Mohammed claimed responsibility for the attack. With so many people calling for an all-out war, Pakistani journalist Sehyr Mirza launched an #AntiHateChallenge to show how people from Pakistan are condemning the attack as well. Sharing pictures of several women holding up signs that say “I am a Pakistani and I condemn Pulwama terrorist attacks,” followed by the hashtags #AntiHateChallenge and #NoToWar, they're trying to send out a message for peace. Fighting for peace between the two countries and urging everyone to condemn the attacks as well, Sehyr also wrote in the post, “We're deeply disturbed over the tragic terror attack that claimed innocent lives in Kashmir. In such testing times, we need more sane voices to speak out against war and terrorism. We have initiated this #AntiHateChallenge to not only condemn the attack but also express solidarity with our Indian friends. Requesting Pakistani fellows, who share our feelings to please, join in ” A lot of Indians also showed support in the comments and left messages of peace.
  9. Once upon a time, a few centuries ago around 1631 AD, a man decided to make the memory of his wife immortal, and thus the Taj Mahal was created. The monument became emblematic of the love and devotion Shah Jahan felt for his deceased wife Mumtaz Mahal, and over the years the monument turned into the epitome of undying love. But even though things are a lot different today in the 21st century, and especially the way we love and express it has undergone some major transformations since the 17th century of Shah Jahan, some essence has remained the same. © MensXP People continue to fall in love, and though they have even found some of the strangest ways of expressing it, some things, such as a husband's love for his wife and concern about her well being continues to remain a constant through the years. Vikas Bagaria's love for his wife Srijana is proof of one such modern act of love, which may not involve erecting a marble monument for the beloved, but involves launching an entire movement to improve the personal hygiene situation for not only his wife but lakhs of others women too. Who Is Vikas Bagaria © MensXP Born into a family of businessmen, Vikas Bagaria is an entrepreneur and angel investor, who holds a MCA in Electronics from Jadhavpur University, Kolkata. He started his first venture right out of college in 1997, but is better known today as the founder of female personal hygiene spray 'PeeSafe'. However, Vikas has also been an angel investor in over 15 startups so far. The Backstory Vikas often finds himself in the company of men and women who are curious as to why Vikas takes such personal interest in the area of female personal hygiene, and Vikas is quick to establish the moment that gave birth to this venture. “My wife Srijana and I were on a road trip from Gurgaon to Gujarat. But when be reached Ahmedabad, she fell sick and had to be admitted into a hospital. She was diagnosed with acute Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)." © MensXP This diagnosis made the couple look at their entire journey more closely. They had stayed in the best hotels and eaten in the best restaurants, and yet Srijana contracted UTI. This made Vikas realise that clean doesn't mean sanitised, and became a cause of personal concern for him. “This gave us the idea of making a product that could be sprayed on a toilet seat, would kill germs and reduce the chances of UTI all at once for women. That is how PeeSafe came into being when I was looking for new ventures to soothe my investor's impulse.” PeeSafe Then & Now © MensXP There once came a point in Vikas' journey with PeeSafe, when he wanted to go back to his older projects, which were doing well and were professionally managed at the time. He was almost about to sell PeeSafe when his friend Dheeraj Jain came on-board as the co-founder of a new company called Redcliffe Hygiene which now owns PeeSafe. But the biggest challenge were people's mindset. Vikas' friends and relatives simply couldn't wrap their heads around why a man would want to create something related to women's hygiene. But Vikas only had a plain and simple response to that, “why can't men make a product for women? Why can't he for she?” © MensXP Past this initial challenge, PeeSafe is today available at across 3000 stores around India, and the brand has also launched internationally in countries like Nigeria, Singapore, Kenya but now they are planning to go all out and launch production in first world countries too. What's Next The expansion plans are in top gear, and with their hygiene partnership with 'Toilet Ek Prem Katha' and with famous faces like Akshay Kumar and ace shooter Manu Bhaker as their ambassadors, the brand plans to achieve a lot more in the times to come. © MensXP With close to 65 people on and off the ground associated with the brand directly, PeeSafe wants to become “a generic term for female hygiene”. And if there was one piece of advice Vikas could lend to budding entrepreneurs, it's that “keep doing what you are doing, be honest to yourself, be a job provider, that is the biggest satisfaction. And when it comes to funding, don't celebrate funding, celebrate exit because that's where all the money is.” Learn more about the trade secrets and valuable lessons, from the man himself in this video.
  10. Is there a better way of finding out what women want than asking them? No, there isn't. That's why we decided to ask women in 2019 what they want from men.
  11. While I agree that dating is hard in today's day and age, it's also necessary as a survival tool for the young generation today. That's because it's healthy and keeps the young people balanced and on their feet constantly. While dating has become the need of the hour, it's still circled as something only 'confident' men excel at. However, that's not entirely true. While you do need confidence to manoeuvre your dating game, you also need to be complete in order to look for another person. You can face nervousness while asking a girl out but what you need to remember is that the nervousness is just a solemn cover for making sure you don't ruin the game for yourself. In simpler words- it's okay to be nervous. © Twitter So, the next time you want to approach a girl and you think you lack the confidence to ask her out on a date, just remember these 3 simple things: (1) Let Her See You As The 'Nice Guy' Why don't we end the stereotype of 'nice guys finish last' once and for all? It's a give that women nowadays seek nice guys and not the usual chunk of 'bad boys' anymore. The sensitivity to be with someone who is kind and understanding is growing steadfastly and that's the side you need to show her. If you spot her at a bar or if she's someone you already know, it's time to show her your nice side. That doesn't mean put up a charade or show her a side where she ends up friend zoning you. It just means that you need to make her see you as someone she'd have difficulty finding, in today's and age. © Zee Studios Approach her with a conversation and find something of common interest to pick up on and start talking. Maybe have a deeper meaningful conversation and actually LISTEN to what she says. Not only will you come out as a good listener but also as a sensitive bloke. Just be the nice guy every woman wishes to find today. (2) Let Her See You As The Funny Guy Yes, agreed not everyone is funny but you can try appreciating good humour. I am not saying try your best to be humorous. Humour comes naturally, yes. But you can try and make her laugh the best to your ability. Humour always shows a very kind and soft side to someone. If you can muster up the courage to narrate a few jokes or make the conversation lighter with humour, you have her right then and there. If not, you can advocate some good humour and take her for some good comedy shows around town or a movie that's funny perhaps. Whatever you do, make sure you add the element of humour to it. © Pinterest (3) Let Her See You As The Chivalrous Guy They say chivalry is dead, but it shouldn't be. Chivalry is the mark of a man. If he's chivalrous, he's got it all. Chivalry includes everything- kindness, manners, etiquettes, compassion and being a gentleman. When we were growing up we often saw our fathers or men around show utmost chivalry. Be it opening doors or holding the chair back so a woman could sit. We don't see that anymore. Yes, women are capable of opening doors or paying the dinner bill but it's an aspect that gives women the additional strength and warmth they need, if and when a man is chivalrous. So, if you do go up to her, be your chivalrous best, to a point where if she sneezes, you hand her your handkerchief! Chivalry shouldn't die and if you gradually bring it back, you'll see the dating game change in your favour. © UTV motion picture So, if you have these three things sorted then you're good to go out and ask the girl you've been doting on, out. Just remember, pretence can only take you so far. So be your natural self and try and do your best. Your nervousness will fade away and you'll understand what women really want, clearly.
  12. The act of gifting can be a particularly difficult pain in the behind. Especially if you're someone who in spite of trying multiple times, cannot help but stare at failure over and over again. And damn, sitting in the month that celebrates Valentine's Day only makes the pressure worse, doesn't it? But don't fret! You can thank us later for giving you a lowdown on this go-to list about what to buy and what not to buy when picking a gift for your girlfriend or wife! And to make things easier for you, we will also tell you where to shop these gems from! So all disheartened little souls, to keep up with Valentine's Day, there's Flipkart that brings to you the FlipHeart Days, with great deals and discounts. Follow these recommendations to the T, and you'll surely be good to go: 1. If you want your girlfriend to really appreciate your choice, get her the latest book by her favourite author or the collection of their works! There's nothing more romantic than the sweet sound of your partner reading her favourite book out loud while you're chilling together. Dharma Productions 2. If your girlfriend loves Marvel movies, why not gift her something that has more longevity than comic books. Like a Groot Planter Flower Pot for her to keep on her office desk as a reminder of her love for Marvel and of course, you. Sahil Kedia/MensXP 3. Buying a pair of sunglasses for your girlfriend can be a risky business. With things like face-structure, nose-structure, frame, etc. to keep in mind, you might get that wrong. Why not buy her something that's completely tried and tested. Like a perfume that she loves to wear! You cannot go wrong with that. Dharma Productions 4. So, let's be honest... buying a piece of jewellery for your partner is risky to the max. You can never be sure whether they will like it or not and good morning, most jewellery items CANNOT be returned. So why not put your money in something that you're sure they'd love, like lipsticks? Think Wet 'n' Wild, Maybelline, Makeup Revolution etc. 5. Pamper your busy-bee girlfriend with a long bath on Valentine's Day, because doesn't she deserve that the most? Get essential oils, flowers, and candles, and decorate your bathroom to look like an in-house spa! Safe to say she would like it more than being taken out to a fancy restaurant for food and drinks! And quit worrying, guys! For each of these gifts, Flipkart has you covered. You can get all of these gifts and more during the FlipHeart Days from February 1st to February 14th. Flipkart has the widest selection across beauty, grooming, books, toys, chocolates, and home décor. Buy your partner extremely exciting products of her choice from the one-stop solution for all your valentine's gifting needs! Or even if you're planning to be your own Valentine and shower yourself with some self-love, there's something for everyone! So go on and shop for those you love, and everything they love!
  13. Anand Mahindra's Twitter account is a goldmine of inspiration and his followers, which are over 6 million, can vouch for the same. Earlier, he had tweeted about Vijayan and Mohana, a couple in their late 60s, who own a tea shop and spend the money they earn to travel the world together. Now, he took to Twitter to salute the working women and their struggle in comparison to their male counterparts. © Reuters The Chairman of the Mahindra Group has been babysitting his one-year-old grandson for the past week and it was during this time he realised how tough things are for working women. So, when he came across this illustration, he couldn't stop himself from sharing it with his followers. The illustration shows a race track, where men and women dressed in formal attire are at the start line of a race, getting ready to compete with each other. The only difference is that the track is clear for the men, but filled with hurdles for women. I've been helping to baby-sit my year old grandson this past week & it's brought home to me the stark reality of this image. I salute every working woman & acknowledge that their successes have required a much greater amount of effort than their male counterparts pic.twitter.com/2EJjDcK1BR — anand mahindra (@anandmahindra) February 5, 2019 He wrote, "I've been helping to baby-sit my year old grandson this past week & it's brought home to me the stark reality of this image. I salute every working woman & acknowledge that their successes have required a much greater amount of effort than their male counterparts." Ever since he posted the tweet, people can't stop praising him and lauding him for sharing such an inspiring post. Thanks for the acknowledgment Mr Mahindra. I am sure most know this but I appreciate the one who pause, take notice and acknowledge. But honestly it's really a 'team work' where u need a supporting partner to make everything work smoothly — Swati Khandelwal (@SwatiKJain) February 5, 2019 Hope that this tweet coming from you encourages more men to come forward and share the household chores...#genderequality starts at home .#sharetheload — Dhanashree S (@dhanashree0910) February 5, 2019 Thank you so much for recognizing our efforts to keep on going.its not a joke to handle work and home and kids n family. — Shilpi Pawar (@shilpipawar) February 5, 2019 Mahindra's post is truly a salute that every working woman and mother in the world deserve.
  14. When it comes to dating, most men need all the help they can get. From getting the advice of a female friend on their dating profile to asking them to pick the best shirt for the date, men do whatever they can to impress the woman they really like. But sometimes, that's not enough. Sometimes, we need a little bit more, maybe some help on understanding the other person's likes, dislikes, and nature. Having that insight helps us not only in making our mind about them but also helps in making a lasting impression. Following are 3 such traits of each zodiac sign that would help you understand your date better: 1. Aries 1. Aries women are fierce, creative, intelligent, and independent. 2. They love spontaneity, pace, and are always in search for fun. They do stuff before they think. 3. They're easily bored and seek adventure. If you're faint hearted, stay away! 2. Taurus 1. Taurus women are practical, grounded, and realistic. 2. They're highly patient but won't compromise or settle for less. 3. They are conservative at first, seek stability, and not a fling sort of a person. 3. Gemini 1. Gemini women are smart, charming, and a good communicator. 2. They hate mundanity, are always up for fun, and have two extreme personalities. 3. Freedom and personal space are extremely important to them. It won't work if you're possessive and jealous kind. 4. Cancer 1. Cancer women are highly intuitive, emotional, and usually, have their guards up. 2. They're moody, private, and impatient. 3. They usually come out as needy and seek co-dependent relationships. 5. Leo 1. Leo women are the most self-centred of the lot! The world must revolve around them. 2. They're bold, aggressive, strong, and confident. 3. Good at making friends, their party never ends, and seek someone adventurous and energetic. Praise them right and they're all yours. 5. Virgo 1. Virgo women are loyal, kind, and practical. 2. They have to have a plan for everything and hate leaving things on chance. 3. They seek stability in life, and won't be up for wham-bam-thank-you-sam! 6. Libra 1. Libra women are quiet, independent, diplomatic, seek balance, and can carry a grudge. 2. They are in constant search of harmony. Charm and intelligence attract them the most. 3. They're always searching for deep and meaningful relationships. 7. Scorpio 1. Scorpio women are passionate but stubborn. They're quite a mystery to solve. 2. They are great friends, and you might get friend zoned as they take hell lot of a time to decide whether the guy is perfect for them. 3. They seek depth, respect, honesty. 8. Sagittarius 1. Sagittarius women are friendly, easy going, and have a very positive approach towards life. 2. They're hard to ignore, brutally honest, and don't like to get tied down. Freedom, travel, and philosophy is their thing. 3. They seek constant adventure and you better be full of energy if you want to keep up with them. 9. Capricorn 1. Capricorn women are responsible, disciplined, and refined. 2. They're a know-it-all, self-controlled, and distant women. 3. They seek loyalty, won't go for a fling. 10. Aquarius 1. Aquarius women are progressive, independent, and humanitarian. 2. They're great listeners and seek intellectual conversations. 3. They are shy, aloof, but you would have to be fun if you want to win their heart. 11. Pisces 1. Pisces women have a lot of friends, are selfless, and expressive. 2. They're emotional, empathic, and highly emotional. 3. They're as romantic as a fairy tale and you better be up for a Bollywood romance to woo them. Go, get her!
  15. Note: “Nice Guys” in this copy refers to the fake ones, not to be confused with guys who are genuinely nice in nature. “But I'm such a nice guy!” Every guy must have uttered these words some or the other time in his life. It happens. When we don't get things that we ardently wished for, we can't help but feel disheartened at the cruel joke that the universe seems to have played on us. Sugar, Spice & Everything Not So Nice? Some guys take this concept of being nice to another level. They surround their entire life around the concept of appearing unnaturally nice or fake it with utmost sincerity. This is what the modern society has termed as the “Nice Guy Syndrome”. “The Nice Guy Syndrome” is a phase when a guy, who is interested in a girl who he is friends with, does good things for her without being asked, but with latent conditions. The catch? His good deeds have an ulterior motive. They are “not so nice”. The guy thinks of himself to be the proverbial nice guy, but his intentions are purely motivated by a desire to have a relationship (or mostly ***) with the said lady. Fact: The girl is not interested in him. And he is aware of this. This person just believes that if he is nice and good, the girl will finally realize that she loves him too. Don't get me wrong. Everyone aspires to be nice and good. That is what we have always been told to be; by our parents, by our teachers, and by society. Perhaps, it is the very concept that has been taught to us which is faulty; if you do something good for someone, you are bound to be rewarded. Doing something out of the goodness of your heart and doing something to get a prize at the end are completely different things. If you are genuinely good, you won't waste your time to justify it. Yet, a few men seem to have taken it to their heart to ruin it for everyone. These men, the so-called “Nice Guys” run about being a pushover and when they do not and cannot achieve the thing they crave for, they term it to be wrong and show disdain. “She will only date jerks!” “She will date everyone except me. I'm so done with it. When will she realize that I'm such a good guy?” Remember the fable about the fox and the grapes? Didn't think it would ring so true later in life, did we? These men tend to self-victimize themselves. Mostly, they are on the lower end of the self-confidence meter and think that just being good to women or being a good listener will guarantee a relationship. When it doesn't work out, they blame the woman to have led them on or in extreme cases they do something dreadful. If they only date jerks, let them and if that irritates you, you shouldn't force yourself to listen to it. No one is going to hand you out things just because you are nice. If you are genuinely good, things work out eventually. © NBC/ Warner Bros. Television/ Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions The crop of “Nice Guys” believes that because they lend a friendly shoulder to a female friend who they like, when she is sad or is ranting about her relationship, it makes them eligible for a relationship. Just because you helped her doesn't qualify you to *** or a relationship. What you are looking for is a transaction; something in return for your supposedly good deed. Being a friend is completely opposite of acting to be a friend to essentially fulfill your desire to have a relationship. You don't become someone's friends just to seek out benefits. Being a genuine person and a being a “Nice Guy” are two different things. If you don't send her a dick pic or are not lewd with her, it doesn't make you a good guy. It makes you a normal, functional, decent human being. The Friendzone & The Nice Guy: If a girl you like “friend-zones” you, it's okay. It is their loss, not yours. If you like someone, don't waste too much time in telling them. Not doing so is what puts you in the friendzone in the first place. Hanging around her and then blaming her for not seeing your efforts when she is not interested isn't the right way. Of course, some people will take advantage of you for being nice. If you serve yourself on a platter, people are bound to take the offering. Don't be stuck up with the concept of friend zone. Don't whine and wallow about being in it. It's natural to feel bad when things don't work out. It is during this time that you should focus on what's right, even though it seems impossible. If you think you can stay friends with someone even after they have rejected you, go ahead. Be sure that you are done with the idea of you two together and there is nothing more ominous to your friendship. Contrary to what people believe, men and women can be friends. On the other hand, if you are not comfortable with it, be upfront about it. What's the worst that could happen? She won't be with you. You guys will stop being friends. Isn't a temporary heartbreak better than a life of crushing solitude and insincerity, filled with unhappiness or worse the afterthought? The “Nice Guy”: A seemingly nice guy depends on his awkwardness and “help me please “demeanour to please women. He thinks that if he lets her walk over himself, she will fall for him. No, it won't happen. Why? Because self-confidence is a major contributor to one's well-being ubiquitously. Especially, in relationships. You don't need to be over-confident. Stand your ground. Do not do everything she asks of you, be your own person . If you are always available, you come across as a pushover. A sycophant who is putty in anyone's hands. © CBS/ Bays and Thomas Productions/ 20th Century Fox Television You also don't have to go overboard and become a douchebag either. You don't need to be a jerk for someone to notice you and date you. Maintain a balance. There's a thin line in between being nice and being a doormat. People mistake the first one (being nice) to be the same as the latter. Pretending to be their friend just for the final goal of sexual satisfaction or a relationship is unscrupulous. Guilting the other person into having a relationship is worse. Once you start faking to be good so that the girl still remains with you, this is where your transition to the “Nice Guy” starts. A nice guy is genuine while a “Nice Guy” isn't. The “Nice Guys” believe on their plans to concoct scenarios where the lady might finally give in to persuasion. (Everyone's not Leonard, are they? :P) © CBS/ Chuck Lorre Productions/ The Tannenbaum Company /Warner Bros. Television The question is: if you truly are as nice as you proclaim to be, why are you still trying to prove it? The Other Guy: Women say that there are no nice guys. Then, when a nice guy comes along, they prefer to ignore them. It is true. Even women agree to it. You might have been treated to “You are too nice!” or “I want a guy just like you!” And you can't think of another guy like you. You must think that what is wrong with you for being nice. Here, when she is spelling it out to you that she isn't interested in you, take your leave. When she says you are too nice, take that to be a precursor of her disinterest in you, not a chance to prove to be too nice. This is the type of person you should steer clear of, not become friends with, if you are interested in them. Perhaps it is the charm of the bad boy, the one who doesn't follow the rules or his cavalier disregard for them that makes women swoon for him. © Weiner Bros./Silvercup Studios/Lionsgate Television/ AMC They are confident in their stance. The bad boy persona is sure to attract women because they are glib talkers and have an edgier personality, but that doesn't mean you should change yourself just to have a relationship. It wouldn't last. And if she can't accept you for who you are then maybe you shouldn't be with her. Think about it this way, your eyes catch the flashiest things first; toys, clothes, anything. Even if you know that the thing is temporary and wouldn't last long, the thrill of having that is an experience you wish to have. The “bad boys” are the physical manifestation of this theory. © Netflix/ Dorothy Parker Drank Here Productions Or is it because women have been duped by these supposedly nice guys earlier? When they thought them to be helpful, good guys who understood them, were their friends but they gradually turned out to be creeps who were playing nice just to end up in a relationship with them. In fact, because of guys like these, genuinely good men can't seem to find trust from a woman. Result: Women have started believing that most nice men are fake. Confusion runs amuck because of fake people who justify their acrimonious behavior with the guise of naivety and goodness. © CBS/Warner Bros. Television/Alloy Entertainment One thing the other guy, the bad boy, does right is that he leaves when he can see he isn't wanted. He doesn't hang on to it and this is what makes things favourable for him. A bad boy might seem like a nuisance, but he is true to his feelings, unlike the “Nice Guy”. What is wrong with faking to be nice? Well, there's a concept called “integrity” for starters. How long will a relationship last if it is based on a fabricated personality? It is perhaps the result of watching too many romantic movies, sappy TV series (which give out the wrong message, Ted Mosby?) or reading romance novels where the best friend gets the girl, the girl realizes that she had always been in love with the guy. Mostly, this guy happens to be the epitome of the “Nice Guy”. Ted Mosby (HIMYM), Dan Humphrey (Gossip Girl), Joe (You), Dean Forrester (Gilmore Girls) and more are nice guys on the surface; their true natures are something more menacing when they do not get the girl. They start employing different techniques to woo the girl, most of which are extremely questionable. © Netflix/Warner Bros. Television/Alloy Entertainment Your crush and her boyfriend; trying to break them up seems like a likeable idea. Perhaps you think you'll find a Bipasha Basu who will finally make you realize to do that. That just happens in movies. If it's meant to be it'll find a way to you eventually. If not, then there's still a life left to be explore, people to be met. Acting as a “Nice Guy” might seem like a good way to deal with things; fascinating even, especially with the glorification in pop culture. In the end, you need to realize that being a genuinely good, decent guy is more satisfying than being a cunning, conniving “Nice Guy”. You can't change someone's mind. Respect the decision of the other person. It leads to happiness and a sense of closure. Don't be nauseatingly nice! Be yourself. Remember that Nice Guys don't always finish last!!
  16. Mikhail "Mike" Varshavski, commonly known as Doctor Mike is a Russian-American celebrity doctor in Osteopathic medicine who works in New Jersey, just like any other regular doctor. Except he is not a regular doctor. His Instagram went viral in mid-2015 when a publication discovered him and praised him for his exceptionally good looks. View this post on Instagram A post shared by ðð«. ðð¢ð¤ð ððð«ð¬ð¡ðð¯ð¬ð¤ð¢ (@doctor.mike) on Dec 26, 2016 at 5:40pm PST Dr Mike reviews TV shows on medicine on his YouTube channel and busts all the bloopers and myths created by these shows. We're talking major shows like 'Grey's Anatomy', 'House', 'The Good Doctor' and 'Scrubs' to name a few. He's even been compared to the onscreen McDreamy and he broke that down in his video. Take a look. But apart from being great at his job, and making super informative videos, he also cleans up well. View this post on Instagram A post shared by ðð«. ðð¢ð¤ð ððð«ð¬ð¡ðð¯ð¬ð¤ð¢ (@doctor.mike) on Oct 9, 2018 at 1:52pm PDT The tiny details matter. Look the tie is neatle pinned and how well the shoes go with the outfit. View this post on Instagram A post shared by ðð«. ðð¢ð¤ð ððð«ð¬ð¡ðð¯ð¬ð¤ð¢ (@doctor.mike) on Jun 13, 2018 at 3:10pm PDT He can also get casuals right. The brown jacket works really well with the jeans. View this post on Instagram A post shared by ðð«. ðð¢ð¤ð ððð«ð¬ð¡ðð¯ð¬ð¤ð¢ (@doctor.mike) on Apr 19, 2018 at 7:22am PDT Yet another picture of him carrying formals really well. Dr Mike sure knows how to experiment with versatile fabrics and tones. View this post on Instagram A post shared by ðð«. ðð¢ð¤ð ððð«ð¬ð¡ðð¯ð¬ð¤ð¢ (@doctor.mike) on Feb 12, 2018 at 2:52pm PST A turtle neck with a black long coat is the best pair to fight brutal Winters. Trust us. View this post on Instagram A post shared by ðð«. ðð¢ð¤ð ððð«ð¬ð¡ðð¯ð¬ð¤ð¢ (@doctor.mike) on Dec 3, 2018 at 6:47am PST He also takes a keen interest in fashion. Who knew? View this post on Instagram A post shared by ðð«. ðð¢ð¤ð ððð«ð¬ð¡ðð¯ð¬ð¤ð¢ (@doctor.mike) on Jul 2, 2017 at 8:08am PDT A man who knows how to accessorize is a man who wins in life. View this post on Instagram A post shared by ðð«. ðð¢ð¤ð ððð«ð¬ð¡ðð¯ð¬ð¤ð¢ (@doctor.mike) on Jun 26, 2017 at 9:41am PDT At the end of the day, he looks incredible in his scrubs as much as outside of them in his snazzy outfits. No wonder the ladies are lining up with all sorts of illness and injuries just to fix an appointment with him.
  17. Cristiano Ronaldo's Juventus have found themselves in a bit of a sticky wicket, as their pursuit for the first title in the New Year is overshadowed by rage, protests and probably the most bizarre human rights violation in the history of football, as Saudi Arabia has banned 'women unaccompanied by men' to enter the football stadiums. As the reigning Serie A and Italian Cup champions Juventus prepare to go against A.C. Milan in tomorrow's Supercoppa Italiana final at King Abdullah Sports City Stadium, in Jeddah, Amnesty International, an NGO which works for the Human Rights all over the world, have requested the both of them to not participate in the contest at all. The request came from the NGO following the assassination of journalist and women's rights activist, Jamal Khashoggi. Le donne alla #SuperCoppaItaliana vanno allo stadio solo se accompagnate dagli uomini. Ma stiamo scherzando? I signori del #calcio vendano pure i diritti delle partite ma non si permettano di barattare i diritti delle donne! — laura boldrini (@lauraboldrini) January 3, 2019 When Serie A made public the information about some seats being available only to men and that women may only be allowed to sit in the 'Family' section of the stadium, it only added fuel to the fire. Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini showed his displeasure by calling the whole act “disgusting” and announced that he will not be watching the game. While no news from either of the teams about shunning the game is out yet, Saudi Arabia's decision to ban single women from stadiums cries for support from big influences like Juventus and A.C. Milan. Players like Ronaldo and Paulo Dybala, who are loved by millions from all around ought to feel a sense of responsibility towards their fans and their human rights. But sadly, Juventus defender Alex Sandro feels that “the Saudis have taken a step forward," allowing at least married women to come and watch the sport. He believes that “they have a different fan base…” and hopes to have a good final. Partial human rights mean no human rights at all.
  18. Getting rejected hurts, obviously, but you don't have to be a little bi*ch about that. These self-proclaimed nice guys transform into complete jerks in the blink of an eye as soon the girl doesn't reciprocate their interest. Real classy. A lot of guys tend to take that rejection very personally. So, as a way to call out guys who just turn hostile after no reply by the girl, or just getting rejected, and a Twitter account is here to talk about everything. The account called 'She Rates Dogs' posts a bunch of screenshots that they receive and rates the guys, which is usually in the minus, of course. Just chill. Chill the **** out Dillon (-8/10) pic.twitter.com/NkuvUbIyLj — SheRatesDogs (@SheRatesDogs) January 11, 2019 How do you stay that salty for months? Ignored a guy on facebook and a few months later when she posted a picture of a cockroach in her Taco Bell he comments..... omfg (-10/10) pic.twitter.com/l7kHXJq1F8 — SheRatesDogs (@SheRatesDogs) January 5, 2019 Women really don't owe you shit, it's not that hard a concept. Watching them unravel is so baaaddd (-10/10) pic.twitter.com/Hi8lukpS54 — SheRatesDogs (@SheRatesDogs) January 4, 2019 I request everyone to read this, it's a wild ride. The girl didn't even go to BU but she didn't really care to argue it with him lmfao (-10/10) pic.twitter.com/v6m3I3gmux — SheRatesDogs (@SheRatesDogs) December 29, 2018 Looks like this guy just became Jared, who's 19 and never learned how to fucking read. This is incredible honestly (-5/10) pic.twitter.com/jfMOX3pFXK — SheRatesDogs (@SheRatesDogs) December 29, 2018 From 0 to 100 real quick. ðµtale as old as timeðµ (-10/10) pic.twitter.com/gyn5XZOZ7C — SheRatesDogs (@SheRatesDogs) December 29, 2018 The most unfunny thing ever. Why do men always think you just don't get their super great sense of humor instead of considering that they might just not be funny?? (-10/10) pic.twitter.com/8K4YFaF49P — SheRatesDogs (@SheRatesDogs) December 28, 2018 “I've cheated on you but I've never given you a reason to not trust me.” She got him a job with her friend's dad so she wouldn't be paying for everything alone & this is what happened when she asked him to prove he was at work instead of skipping again... (-12/10) pic.twitter.com/zP35qXMHue — SheRatesDogs (@SheRatesDogs) December 27, 2018 Get the hint, dude. She matched with him on tinder and then he stalked her then made a craigslist ad with her pictures ????? (-10/10) pic.twitter.com/YkcDow67w3 — SheRatesDogs (@SheRatesDogs) December 27, 2018 Wow, that's all I have to say. I swear men will be the death of me oh my god (-3/10 dog) pic.twitter.com/FmBhA8AQwX — SheRatesDogs (@SheRatesDogs) December 18, 2018
  19. Men need to have some formidable traits to attract women. Having said that, if you inherently possess some traits that make you a wonderment for women, then you're in sheer luck. If not, well we can definitely help you. After all, it's not rocket science. According to wholesome myths, especially for some users on our website, women love men who're rich or good looking. While the latter maybe true, the former is questionable. It takes a lot more than money and other riches for women to be absolutely swooned by a man. © Eros International 'Good looks' is subjective. While some women love a man with looks others may want more grounded traits like honesty or sensitivity. While we agree these are important traits any man should have, we also believe there are 5 most important traits that a man can channelise towards his characteristic and win over any woman he likes or wants. Here are 5 personality traits a man can possess which can make the ladies swoon. (1) Some Awesome Leadership Skills Having leadership skills is something you should nourish from the beginning and not just to impress women. It tells the world that you're decisive and trust me, indecisive men are the last thing a woman needs. She likes men who can take control of a situation and aren't afraid to face it, without any inhibitions. Actually, that's quite a turn on for women. © Sony Pictures Releasing (2) Confidence Rules The Roost Having confidence without an ounce of cockiness is absolute gold. If you think you're good looking or/and hot, then you should shoulder off the cockiness you carry around with you. It's absolutely unappealing to meet a man who is aware about the way he looks and uses that dismissively to try and attract women. Women will definitely turn the other way. What you can do is carry yourself out with class and dignity and the rest will definitely follow. © Viacom 18 Motion Pictures (3) It's Time To Be Accountable While this may seem too ambiguous, it really isn't. Accountability is the first and foremost responsibility you may have as a man and if you're aware of the fact that you have to be accountable ever so often, you can really make changes in how you perceive things. Mostly one has to be accountable for his actions and the words that he speaks. Having accountability to owning up to your flaws and mistakes is one of the most relatable thing for a woman and she finds this quality rather endearing. So, if you're aware of things you've messed up on and you take complete accountability for it, you're good to go. © Eros International (4) Self-Respect Is A Well Kept Secret While most men do possess self respect, they sometimes forget about it when they're going out of their way to please women. When a woman says 'no', it does not mean try harder. It means keep yourself respect intact and walk out of the situation. There is nothing more off-putting than forcing your actions and thoughts onto someone else. So build on the self respect and use it wisely! © RSVP Movies (5) Stand Your Ground, Always Girls find it rather attractive when a man holds strong opinions and beliefs and has a strong voice. Now I don't mean any of that in the negative. I don't mean you should be absolutely opinionated, or have a voice strong enough to crush someone else's voice. What I mean is if you believe in something strongly, pronounce it well and let people know about it. It's an endearing trait and women find a man who can stand his ground firmly, quite attractive. © Eros International It doesn't take much to find a woman who'll absolutely loves and gels with your vibe. It takes an ounce of respect and doing the things that you love doing, being your own person and carrying out your personal style well, along with the above five traits to set the wheel in motion. Once you have everything set, you're sorted in every sense to swoon any woman you like!
  20. Wearing a perfume is that extra step you take with your grooming that gets you noticed. Having just the right scent can turn heads, mesmerize people and even have you feeding your number in other people's phone. However, a bad fume is an equally big turn-off and worse than not wearing a scent at all. It's important to choose your signature scent carefully. While at it, why stick to one? You could pick one for the day and one for the night. Also, different scents work better for different seasons. Here is a list of top scents that would work really well for 2019 and make women go weak in the knees. 1. Tom Ford Noir © Strawberrynet A blend of masculine florals wrapped with a touch of vanilla, leather, resins and amber. A scent that expresses a masculine duality that can be both elegant and sensual. With woody notes, this scent tops the list of the most raved scents. Price: 10,845 Buy it here 2. Comme Des Garçons © Strawberrynet With bewitching notes of nutmeg, incense and saffron flower, and a splash of vetiver and white smoke, this incense has a mossy and woody touch to it specially designed for the modern man. Price: 8,676 Buy it here 3. Abercrombie & Fitch, Fierce Eau De Cologne Spray © Strawberrynet With distinctive notes of notes of petitgrain, cardamom, lemon, orange, and fir, the scent comes off as woody and sweet. The cologne also has aromatic heart notes of rich jasmine, rosemary, rose, and lily of the valley. And at its very base has hints of warm vetiver, musk, oakmoss, and Brazilian rosewood that bring all the sensations together. Price: 8,531 Buy it here 4. Christian Dior, Dior Homme Intense © Strawberrynet Unlike its contemporaries, this scent's mesmerizing notes make you stand out in the crowd. It'll make head turns, and will make people notice you and wonder what you're wearing. For a man who means business, this is a scent you need to have in your closet for important meetings. Price: 10,013 Buy it here 5. Paco Rabanne, One Million © Strawberrynet An energetic and invigorating fragrance that is light and spicy, and leaves a fresh citrus and woody note behind with a little extra of juniper berries and rose absolute. A great note for spring and summer wear. Price: 6,218 Buy it here 6. Creed Neroli Sauvage Fragrance Spray © Strawberrynet This scent is inspired by the legacy of Emperor Napoleon, Aventus. The scent is made of ingredients associated with his life: smoked pineapple, blackcurrant, and ambergris. With these winsome tones, this fume is slightly more expensive but completely worth the price point with that mesmerizing aroma. Price: 19,995 Buy it here 7. Yves Saint Laurent, La Nuit De L'Homme © Strawberrynet YSL La Nuit is a gooey, smooth and sweet cologne with notes of cardamom and bergamot and lavender that are present in the middle notes. A scent that is irresistible to get away from, and ideally the scent lasts for 8 hours which means no re-sprays required. Price: 6,652 Buy it here 8. Gucci, Pour Homme Eau De Toilette Spray © Strawberrynet An iconic fragrance with freshness of lemon, bergamot, and orange blossom that give this cologne its fresh and crisp aroma, and it's precisely what men love the most about it. It's rounded out with hints of orris and patchouli for a musky, wood finish. It's perfect for your daily go-to fume options. Price: 4,193 Buy it here 9. Nautica, Aqua Rush Eau De Toilette Spray © Strawberrynet This aquatic fragrance with simple tones is perfect for the closeted beach bum. It's fresh, light and energizing, with notes of yuzu splash and coriander, and middle notes of water mint, clary sage absolute & violet leaves and base notes of amberwood, watermusk and teakwood. Price: 4,699 Buy it here 10. Jimmy Choo, Man Eau De Toilette Spray © Strawberrynet An intense fume designed to get the spotlight on you. With an interesting mix of lavender and honeydew up top, davana oil and spicy black pepper in the middle, and tonka beans as the base, it's the perfect combination of masculine and sexy. A perfect fume for date night. Price: 5,206 Buy it here
  21. One of the most useful methods you can imply to get to know a girl, for dating purposes of course, is to know how to flirt with her and seem natural, all at once. It's definitely not easy and men take ages to even understand how to approach a girl. But once you have that sorted, the next few steps aren't distempered, as you'd like to believe. © Getty Images First off, let's determine what flirting actually is. So, flirting can be classified as serious, or just for fun and it's all based on what your intention actually is. A lot of men and women like to flirt just for some fun and a light chatter, that can make them feel a little at ease. Some men and women also flirt despite being in relationships, as they presume it to be a healthy habit. But a lot also flirt to seek serious relationships with the people they're flirting with. © Getty Images So, flirting can be defined as showing interest in someone for fun or with a serious intent. Whatever your intention is, there is a process you can follow that will subtly make you a flirting marvel and it'll just seem like you're a natural at it! Here's a 6-step guide to approach women and healthily flirt with them and seem natural, all at once! Step One: Approach Her Confidently The best way to approach a girl straight up is to make eye contact with her and smile (not in a creepy way obviously). If you think and wait it out, you'll obviously feed your fear, nervousness or your anxiety even more. So, just look at her and if she smiles back (which she will if you seem genuine), then walk up to her. © Getty Images Step Two: Start With A Compliment As old-fashioned and dated as this sounds, women love compliments. Heck, anyone loves receiving compliments, so when you do approach her, complimenting her is the best way to start a conversation. It's not tough to do so. All you have to do is pick one thing you like about her and just give her the compliment. You have to seem genuine about it and not like you're making it up to fit into her good books. A very important thing to remember is to NEVER USE PICK-UP LINES on her. They're really 2000 and lame. © Getty Images Step Three: Make It Fun(ny) Flirting shouldn't be taken as a serious outgoing thing to do but something fun. Even though your intentions might be serious with the woman, you can still stir up some fun and make it light and interesting and yes, funny! Humour is the best added element in a conversation and if you're flirting with someone being funny is definitely a one up. But of course making a girl laugh is totally up to your personality and the sense of humour you have. If you think you need to brush up on it, maybe have some light and funny jokes ready, when you do approach her. © Getty Images Step Four: Initiate Gentle Caressing A gentle touch is rather important in this situation. And by 'touch' I don't mean inappropriately. I mean gentle caresses on her shoulder or the small of her back, to make her feel comfortable and excited all at once. It's a given that when someone you're attracted to touches you, the heart rate definitely increases. So, if you're successfully flirting with her and she's enjoying the attention, a gentle caress would definitely do the trick. © Getty Images Step Five: Keep The Conversation Going This is rather simple if you're a talker, but if you aren't, then think of things you can talk to her about. Make sure, you don't make the conversation only about yourself. Balance it out a bit. Talk to her about her interests and activities and narrate anecdotes, which are rather funny in nature, from your life. If you keep the conversation running and interesting, she's bound to listen and talk and make it a point to stick around. © Getty Images Step Six: It's Time To Ask For Her Number Yup, after you've established a good base by following the steps above, it's time to ask for her number. You'll know for sure if you should ask for it or not. But to be absolutely sure, you can tell her you enjoyed talking to her but you need to part ways. Tell her you two should definitely catch up more sometime and look into her eyes and ask for her number, smile and say goodbye. And with her number in your hand, give her a call after a few days, to actually catch up for round two! © Getty Images It may sound rather tough to follow all the 6 steps successfully, but it's really simple if you have enough confidence and your will is strong. If she doesn't pay much heed to you, it's OKAY to move on and not feel too dejected. But if the six steps are a success, you're definitely doing it all right.
  22. Okay, men, it's time to put your wallets away because I am going to clear an exceptionally common myth for you. While you may think women are always impressed by the big gestures you make their way, it's actually the small gestures that they really notice and appreciate. Nope, there's no study or research done to abjugate this claim from its sheer reality, but there is tons of noticeable data present when you do perform smaller gestures to please her a certain way. You can figure it out yourself by seeing her appreciate it. © Getty Images It's natural to go for big gestures when you're in love with someone in order to prove your worth and your efforts towards the person you truly care about and many a time, men gravitate towards grand gestures wherein the women usually look forward to smaller ones, to give more credential to their feelings and, of course, to the love as well. So, here are ten gestures which are so minimal in nature that you can inculcate them into a habit, sooner than later, to make her feel rather special: (1) Surprise Her With Breakfast If you really like someone, and you've just spent the night with them, or you're getting to know someone, the sweetest gesture always starts early! By early I mean a hand-cooked breakfast deal from your end. Girls love a man who can cook and if a man can get her some delicious pancakes or a good looking coffee her way, his day is surely set. In case you know nothing about cooking, maybe try and learn the basics or take her to a breakfast joint that serves some delish food. © Getty Images (2) Show Lots Of Affection Most women love a man who is malleable with his affection towards her. So, if you casually just hug her from behind or give her a peck on the cheeks every now and then, she'll appreciate it. Affection is by far the most tangible form of love and if you do it often, you're only strengthening the bond! © Getty Images (3) Be A Good Listener Women seek a man who listens intently. It's called being a good listener and if you engage in that habit often, she'll be very grateful. So, anytime she's talking, try and look into her eyes or towards her instead of being on your phone or changing the TV channel! © Getty Images (4) Plan A Date Night Yes, take charge of date night and plan it to the T! Which means don't take her input or ask her questions but keep her interest in mind while doing so. If she likes sushi, plan a sushi dinner with some other elements thrown in, which she'd love. A woman always loves to be pleasantly surprised and a date night, where she's not in the knowing is a good way to do it. © Getty Images (5) Compromise As Often As You Can There are two people that make a relationship, and due to the solemn rule, you can't always have your way and vice-versa. So, if you meet her in the middle and compromise on certain things, it's a small gesture that speaks volumes. It shows that you're mature and you take care of how she feels. © Getty Images (6) Make Her feel Safe While I am sure you can physically protect her, by 'safe' I don't really mean that. What I mean is, protect her emotionally. Try and open up your emotional quotient towards her and understand how she feels when she's going through a difficult situation. If you can help her express herself particularly during a tough time and be there for her, it's a huge victory for your relationship. © Getty Images (7) Don't Force Your Presence While some women want your presence around them at all times, most women don't. So, in order to set that straight, ask her if she'd like to be accompanied. Especially for doctor visits or even a dentist appointment. It's a small gesture but goes a long way! © Getty Images (8) Anything Handmade Goes A Long Way It's the sweetest gesture you can imbibe in your semi or full-blown relationship. Anything handmade, including written notes, cooked food or something well thought out, is still a great gesture. It tells her that you genuinely care and that you made an effort for her, no matter what. Try it sometime. © Getty Images (9) Morning Texts Are The Best When a woman wakes up and sees a message from the guy she's into, she's going to, on an autopilot, have a remarkable day because you're the guy who made her day, to begin with! Sending someone a positive message in the morning is the best thing to do and puts a sense of determination and happiness in someone. So, sending a morning text to your girl is a beautiful gesture. © Getty Images (10) Be A Giver Certain gestures in bed are well accounted for and if you really want to do something nice for her, be a giver in the bedroom. Take care of her needs once in a while and forget about yours. I am sure she does the same, so why can't you? She'd appreciate it a heap load! © Getty Images There are many other things you can do to make her special, sans the money that you think you would spend to otherwise to make her happy. You know her the best, so acting on what she loves doing and is fond of, maybe devise certain gestures that humble the foundation a bit and make her feel loved and special!
  23. As 2018 nears the end, we're quickly scrambling through the remains and making our way to a brand new succulent year. Not that 2018 wasn't good enough. Of course, it was. It gave us an absolute semblance of resolutions, we may have sought years before, but couldn't get ourselves to. Yes, I am outrightly talking about the very capable and famous #MeToo movement and the repercussions it had on 2018. © Twitter For me, #MeToo is not a 'movement' so to speak. It's an emotion. You may wonder why I am putting such a heavy tag on it. I call it an emotion only because it comes and it goes, as any other emotion would. A movement has a timeline, it stays in flux and goes away when the time is over for it. However, #MeToo is different. It's expressing your deepest intent whenever an emotional upheaval leaves you grappling for a resolve. It makes you establish contact and caresses your fear and lets it leave you be. That's what the women, who stood their ground and spoke about their experiences on a public forum believe, and it makes complete sense this year. © Twitter Although the movement started in the USA, India has also been a flag bearer, bearing all the powerful yet intense narrations that became an intrinsic part of our everyday survival. So, to format everything in lieu of the year we all just went through, here's a gushing reminder that no matter what, the #MeToo phenomenon is here to stay and it'll never break its tangibility. Here are 12 utmost pioneers of the #MeToo movement in India, who gave their stories life: (1) Tanushree Dutta, Actress She was the first to come forward this year and start traction about the movement, while naming and shaming one of the well established veteran actors Nana Patekar. This is what gave light to many other women who wanted a similar platform to narrate their stories. © Indiatime (2) Vinta Nanda, Writer-Producer A veteran writer-producer of the Avante-Garde 90's show Tara, has accused Alok Nath of sexually violating her almost two decades ago. It was a phenomenal stance she took but her story was heartbreaking, to say the least. © Twitter (3) Pallavi Gogoi, Priya Ramani & Ghazala Wahab, Journalists The three and of course many others came out with detailed accounts of alleged sexual misconduct carried out by MJ Akbar when he was at a senior editorial position at many media houses. Akbar though in denial of the charges filed a case of defamation against Priya Ramani, while the Editors Guild Of India has asked him to withdraw his defamation against the journalist. © Twitter (4) Nisha Bora, Journalist Jatin Das the artist/painter has been accused of sexual harassment by four women, out of which Nisha Bora happens to be the first, who assisted him around 1999-2000. Jatin Das denied the allegations stating he has nothing to do with these and that he's never met these women. © Twitter (5) Saloni Chopra & Simran Suri, Actresses The two actresses came out with their story stating Sajid Khan the famous director who sexually harassed them. Sajid has not accepted any of the accusations and has stated that he's waiting for the 'truth' to come out. Well, little does he know, the truth is already out! © Twitter (6) Payal Rohtagi, Actress Another actress accused Dibakar Banerjee, the director, of sexual misconduct in lieu of a film he wanted to cast her in, in 2011. He'd asked her to 'lift her shirt and show her stomach to him'. Payal was treated as an outcast in the industry when she made a noise about this back then and she didn't get a chance to audition for anything, again. © Twitter (7) Kangana Ranaut, Actress She came out speaking up against director Vikas Bahl and how he used to 'bury his face in her neck' and 'hold her really tight'. Even earlier he was accused of sexual misconduct in 2015 in Goa by a former employee of the film collective Phantom Films. © Twitter (8) Shweta Pandit, Singer Singer Shweta Pandit accused music director Anu Malik of sexually harassing her when she was 15! Alisha Chinai came forward to support the singer too and stated that every word written about Anu Malik is true. © Twitter (9) Sona Mohapatra, Singer The singer spoke up about Kailash Kher's misconduct towards her, claiming he once placed his hands on her thighs, without her permission. Apart from her, a female journalist came forward too and stated Kailash had misbehaved with her as well. He has obviously denied every accusation. © Twitter (10) Natasha Rathore, Filmmaker The filmmaker was sexually harassed by ad-man Suhel Seth. Seth is yet to issue a statement to clear the matter. © Twitter (11) Nishtha Jain, Film Maker The filmmaker came out with her story and accused journalist Vinod Dua of making lewd jokes, demeaning her during a job interview and trying to grab her against her will. © Twitter (12) Kaneez Surka The comedian accused a fellow comedian of forcibly kissing her on stage without her consent, using her tongue. Even though it was done by a woman, it still falls under misconduct because it was done sans consent. © Twitter India has been mighty brave in calling out some of the predators. While some women went all rogue with calling out the names of the men who've abused them, most of them were anonymous while they called the accused out. Whatever the case is, India is soon realising the importance of such a movement and believes it's not just to give them a judicial recourse but to name and shame them publicly so they're not acknowledged as respected citizens anymore. We're hoping more women come out and speak openly and boldly about men who've tried to tarnish their image and their soul. Here's to a more progressive nation and it's ideologies!
  24. The abs are an A+ indication of your fitness levels according to fitness gurus, Instagram models, and total idiots. Why total idiots? It is a different topic altogether. Abs is the most appealing muscle group and guys love showing them off. I get it. I have been there and I have done a few stupid things myself. The funny thing that I see nowadays is that a bro who is stepping in the gym for the first time comes with a goal of getting abs, no matter what. This leads to them getting stupid information like • Stop carbs after 6 PM • Drink lemon water with honey in the morning • Add cinnamon to every food item • Do 1000 crunches etc. • Use fat burning pills • You need anabolics (literally, what the actual f#ck) Now, if you want abs, here is what you actually need to do: 1) Fix Your Nutrition © Unsplash For your abs to pop out, you need to get rid of excess body fat. To get rid of it, get into a calorie deficit. A calorie deficit is when you consume fewer calories than is required to maintain your current body weight. Lower body fat is required to showcase your ab muscles. For most guys, this is the 8 to 10% body fat and for most girls 10-16% body fat range. 2) Incorporate Compound Movements © Unsplash Learn the motor-skill pattern to build your core strength. Full body movements like the squat, the bench press, the deadlift or the overhead press engage and train your core. Implement big movements properly in your training plan so that you can lift heavy overtime and gain a good amount of muscle. 3) Directly Train Your Ab Muscle © YouTube Pick 2-3 exercises and stick to them at least for 6-8 weeks. Don't swap your exercises every week like your so-called favourite bodybuilder. Swapping exercises will keep you away from progressive overload and won't grow your physique. Progressive overload is the secret sauce to build muscle. 4) Vary Your Rep Range Train your ab muscles with a good amount of different rep schemes. Don't marry to only one rep scheme in a week. Throw some low (5 to 8 reps), moderate (8 to 12 reps) and high rep ranges (15+ reps) into your ab exercises. 5) Move More Keep your activity high, always. Don't become a sloth if you feel lazy. Hit your daily step count, it will help you to eat more calories as your maintenance calories would be high. 6) Control Your Rep Speed Perform your ab movements in a controlled manner. Do not do ab work for the sake of it. 100+ crunches where you do not feel the abs? Plain stupid! Instead, focus on mind-muscle connection and do controlled reps instead of moving like a maniac. Start doing these and you will actually build and flaunt abs when you are at a lower body fat percentage. And if you are thinking of buying fat burners or doing questionable stuff to spot reduce body fat, invest that money in a fitness coach who knows their shit. Author bio: Yashovardhan Singh is an online fitness coach with www.getsetgo.fitness, an online fitness platform. Along with lifting weights and building his physique, he is also a motorbike enthusiast, an animal lover. You can connect with him on Instagram or drop him an email on yashovardhan@getsetgo.fitness.
  25. India as a nation is high on celeb-gazing (if that's even a word), and there is a sense of satisfaction that fans and followers get from being on the receiving end of all the scoop on their favourite celebrities in town. From all the juicy deets on break-ups and patch-ups to celebrity cold wars and royal spats, India has an audience for all things “Celeb”. Yet, every year brings with itself a selection of names that rule the charts across the board, and 2018 has been no different. The year gone by has been the year of many female celebrities toppling all records and ruling the search bars throughout the year, and for just the right reasons too. We bring you the names of top 10 Indian female celebrities who were most searched in 2018 according to Yahoo, and why: 1. Sunny Leone View this post on Instagram Happy Hanukkah Everyone!! Love the Weber's!!!!! Hehe A post shared by Sunny Leone (@sunnyleone) on Dec 2, 2018 at 6:44am PST While Sunny needs no reason to trend in India, given the fan following she enjoys, this year did bring a lot of reasons for her to top the searches.After adopting her daughter in 2017, this year Sunny and her husband welcomed twin boys into their life. This year also saw the release of Sunny's biopic series 'Karenjit Kaur - The Untold Story Of Sunny Leone'. 2. Sridevi View this post on Instagram Antara Marwahâ¤ï¸â¤ï¸ðð A post shared by Sridevi Kapoor (@sridevi.kapoor) on Feb 20, 2018 at 11:05am PST 2018 also brought an end to an era, with the sudden and tragic demise of megastar Sridevi in February earlier this year in Dubai, where she was attending her nephew Mohit Marwah's wedding with her husband Boney Kapoor and younger daughter Khushi Kapoor. 3. Priya Prakash Varrier View this post on Instagram ~Carpe diem~⨠A post shared by priya prakash varrier (@priya.p.varrier) on Nov 12, 2018 at 2:12am PST The entire nation woke up to the name of Priya Prakash Varrier, who became an overnight sensation in the country, courtesy her famous wink in the Malayalam film 'Oru Adaar Love' that almost broke the Internet! 4. Priyanka Chopra View this post on Instagram I look with wonder at all that lies ahead.. and I'm filled with joy.. A post shared by Priyanka Chopra Jonas (@priyankachopra) on Dec 18, 2018 at 6:29am PST What can we say about Priyanka, who has been in news this entire year? From wrapping up the final season of 'Quantico' and being a guest at friend Meghan Markle's royal wedding, to finally tying the knot with the love of her life Nick Jonas in a lavish wedding, she has her spot secure! 5. Sapna Choudhary View this post on Instagram Love yourself. ♥ï¸ A post shared by Sapna Choudhary (@itssapnachoudhary) on Jul 13, 2018 at 8:43pm PDT Who would have thought she would top the charts ahead of Deepu and Radhika? But here she is. The former 'Bigg Boss' contestant was all over the news for her smashing makeover and transformation. 6. Sonali Bendre View this post on Instagram Sometimes, when you least expect it, life throws you a curveball. I have recently been diagnosed with a high grade cancer that has metastised, which we frankly did not see coming. A niggling pain led to some tests, which led to this unexpected diagnosis. My family and close friends have rallied around me, providing the best support system that anyone can ask for. I am very blessed and thankful for each of them. There is no better way to tackle this, than to take swift and immediate action. And so, as advised by my doctors, I am currently undergoing a course of treatment in New York. We remain optimistic and I am determined to fight every step of the way. What has helped has been the immense outpouring of love and support I've received over the past few days, for which I am very grateful. I'm taking this battle head on, knowing I have the strength of my family and friends behind me. A post shared by Sonali Bendre (@iamsonalibendre) on Jul 3, 2018 at 11:46pm PDT Sonali Bendre broke a lot of hearts when she shared the news of her cancer diagnosis earlier this year. The actor has since been in the US to undergo treatments. Sonali has been trying her best to be strong through it all, and we simply love her grit! 7. Katrina Kaif View this post on Instagram Love all around #hugs #katrinakaif with #salmankhan mom #salmakhan #photooftheday #instadaily #instalove #monday #manavmanglani A post shared by Manav Manglani (@manav.manglani) on Aug 27, 2018 at 9:54am PDT One of the biggest news to cause a buzz regarding Katrina this year were the rumours that followed when the above picture surfaced on social media, sparking reports that love might be in the air (yet again) for Salman and Katrina. News or not, Kat continued to be in the news for her anticipated releases of the year - 'Thugs of Hindostan' and 'Zero'. 8. Deepika Padukone View this post on Instagram â¤ï¸ A post shared by Deepika Padukone (@deepikapadukone) on Nov 15, 2018 at 6:36am PST Though there is no reason why you would want to know why Deepika is on this list (we all know why already), let us remind you yet again that from 'Pamaavat' to her wedding, Deepika has had enough reasons to rule our minds. 9. Radhika Apte View this post on Instagram Watch out for #ghoul only on @Netflix ð· #vikramadityamotwane @jplgraham @manavkaul #promitionday #1 ð¶ @benedmusic @_naren ð A post shared by Radhika (@radhikaofficial) on Aug 20, 2018 at 5:33am PDT This year has been a sensational one for Radhika, who almost became the face of Netflix here in India. From 'Ghoul' and 'Sacred Games' to 'Padman', 'AndhaDhun' and 'Lust Stories', this year brought her sensational recognition and admiration. 10. Sonam Kapoor View this post on Instagram Recalling my first date “I was apparently wearing the worst sneakers he had ever seen. I keep telling him that he fell in love with me despite my bad sneaker game... That day, walking and talking in London, I knew he was the love of my life.” #EverydayPhenomenal ð« @anandahuja For @VogueIndia A post shared by SonamKAhuja (@sonamkapoor) on Jun 29, 2018 at 6:44pm PDT Sonam's presence on this list comes from her wedding to businessman Anand Ahuja and the release of 'Veere Di Wedding' that enjoyed a lot of media attention, placing her on the public arena all the more.