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Found 46 results

  1. If you love to trigger a woman's curiosity and get her insanely attracted to you, then there's only one way to do so. Being mysterious in more ways than one is a sure shot way to attract any woman you like and understand the psychology of attraction. It's rather simple, our minds tend to fill the missing gaps, when there is a lack of information. If you reveal everything at once, there is no scope for leaving anything to the imagination. Simply put, the psychology of attraction always helps if you don't reveal much about yourself and let them be as curious as they can, leaving an element of mystery, to ponder upon. (c)Thinkstock/Getty Images But if you're a talkative soul, who loves talking about himself, how do you stay away from revealing every bit about yourself? There are ways you can become the man of mystery and always leave her wanting for more and of course force her to think about you. Try these 5 simple steps. Act Nonchalant At All Times Whatever you're doing it on your own terms and act casual about it. Don't let your fears and concerns rise to the surface. She can only figure you out if you show your emotions. If you don't display your emotions, and act nonchalant, she can't place her finger on you and that's exactly what you want! If you learn to mask your emotions well, temporarily, you'll definitely seem more attractive and confident to her. Get to know yourself better and figure a way to keep calm when you're around her! (c)Giphy Be Unpredictable Don't be predictable for her. If you're predictable enough the whole element of being the mystery man flawlessly disappears! Be drastically unpredictable so she's confused about 'what's he gonna do next' and that's the kinda confusion you really want! For instance, if she calls you and you show up every time she'll assume that you'll always show up all the time. So, show up occasionally and keep the unpredictability factor going. It also helps if you do different unpredictable things with her. She'll never guess your next move and that's exactly how you want to get her enthralled! (c)Giphy Don't Be Available All The Time Psychologically speaking, people usually love things that are hard to obtain or get. Be it people or an object, the harder it is to get, the more people really really want it. So, if you play on that psychology and be less available to her, she'll keep wondering where are you at and who you really are. If you're available all the time, the game ends right there and so does the main element of attraction-being mysterious. (c)Giphy Don't Reveal Too Much About Yourself Revealing everything all at once about yourself will finish off everything she wants to know about you. Instead, just give her information that is rather incomplete, so she can, from time to time, try and piece the information about you together. It's said, the lesser the information available to someone, the more positives they attach to it because they see the person in a whole different light. So, if you're telling her about your childhood or your daily routine, keep pieces of it to yourself so she gets to guess too. (c)Giphy Be Unreadable Sometimes, people can read you and read you through and through, to figure out the kinda person you are. It's mostly done for people who are mysterious. If she's a good reader, she'll figure you out in a jiffy. If she's not you're good to go. But you have to be unreadable to say the least. For that, you need to change your pattern and be unpredictable about certain things, so people can't read you easily. If you have the same pattern and she figures it out, you'll lose all hope of being mysterious to her. (c)Giphy Being the man of mystery is one of the most primal things that women get attracted to and you don't even have to try hard to be mysterious. Most of it should just come naturally to you! If you're a mysterious man and you meet all her needs, she's definitely falling head over heels in love with you.
  2. Indian troops martyred one Kashmiri youth in Indian occupied Kashmir's (IoK) Islamabad town on Saturday. Photo: FileSRINAGAR: Indian troops martyred one Kashmiri youth in Indian occupied Kashmir's (IoK) Islamabad town on Saturday, the Kashmir Media...
  3. Indian Chess Grandmaster Soumya Swaminathan recently pulled out of the Asian Team Chess Championship in Hamadan, Iran due to the country's compulsory headscarf rule. In a Facebook post, Soumya called the headscarf rule as a direct violation of her basic human rights. © Facebook Here's the Facebook post that has now gone viral: It must be noted that this is not the first time that an Indian sportsperson has declined to participate in Iran. Back in 2016, Indian shooter Heena Sidhu had also pulled out of the Asia Airgun meet for the same reason. Iran has strict dress codes for women sportspersons. © Facebook Soumya had given the nod to the tournament when it was first scheduled to be held in Bangladesh but when the new dates and new venue came up she decided to skip the event. At a time when other associations are raising their voices against these medieval rules, it remains to be seen whether the All India Chess Federation (AICF) will protest against the decision to allot the tournament to Iran. The Pune girl, however, has very realistic expectations when it comes to garnering support over the matter, as she recently told TOI: “I can't expect everyone to be of the same opinion as me. It's subjective issue.”
  4. Indian troops martyred two Kashmiri youth in Indian occupied Kashmir's Bandipore district on Thursday, June 14, 2018. Photo: File SRINAGAR: Indian troops martyred two Kashmiri youth in Indian occupied Kashmir's Bandipore district on Thursday.The...
  5. Indian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat remarked that peace should be given a chance in Indian Occupied Kashmir, according to Indian media. Photo: fileIndian Army Chief General Bipin Rawat remarked that peace should be given a chance in Indian...
  6. The Foreign Office of Pakistan terms Indian ceasefire violations a threat to regional peace that could lead to a 'strategic miscalculation'. ? Geo News FILEISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Wednesday summoned acting Indian deputy high commissioner to its...
  7. Vajpayee at age 93 is currently the oldest living former Indian premier and member of the Bharatiya Janata Party-Photo: FileFormer Indian prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee was admitted to a New Delhi hospital for being critically ill.His...
  8. One of the most common issues men face, as far as skincare goes, is post-shave irritation. How many times have you faced those annoying red marks, coupled with that burning sensation that refuses to cease even hours after you have done it? Earlier, local salons used alum to combat the issue, which was a great natural solution to the problem. However, it used to sting like hell. Then came after-shave lotions in fancy bottles and fancier fragrances.They sting even more. What if you had a solution that will soothe your skin while cooling your face down instantly, without stinging and leaving any red marks? Say hello to the Post Shave Balm by Bombay Shaving Company, which does just that. © MensXP Every man needs a solution to post-shave irritation that really works. The Post Shave Balm by Bombay Shaving Company is an alcohol-free cooling balm that soothes and repairs the skin post shaving. It is enriched with essential oils that hydrate and restore the skin, without any burning sensation whatsoever. It is the perfect solution to your daily struggles brought upon by shaving. Plus, its application feels amazing on your skin, while relieving you of the burns and irritation instantly. You know the feeling of that first splash of cold water post a grueling day out in the sun? Or the fresh breeze that caresses your face post heavy rainfall? That is how cool, fresh, and hydrated your face feels after using it. © MensXP Using this Post Shave Balm is super easy. Just splash cold water on your face post shaving, and then pat your face dry. Take a small dollop of the balm on your palm, and use your fingers to massage your face gently with it. That's all! © MensXP Enriched with the goodness of Aloe vera, Papaya extract, Vitamin E acetate and Lemon extract, the Post Shave Balm by Bombay Shaving Company will definitely step up as your wingman, when you're waging a war against that unruly stubble with a razor in hand. Buy the Bombay Shaving Company's Post Shave Balm as part of MensXP's 'The Man Box' here! BUY NOW And if you're never faced with skin irritation post that shaving hurdle ever again, don't forget to thank us. Creative Director: Santu Misra, Styling: Siddharth Batra, Assisted By: Sowrav Bhowmik, Fashion Assistant: Rohan Kwatra, Photographer: Anubhav Sood, Grooming: Shallu Chandla
  9. Throughout our childhood, we were told that we should always obey our elders and listen to everything they say, without questioning them. But, we guess sometimes it's ok to listen to children and follow their footsteps too. Because it's children, who unknowingly teach us some of the greatest lessons of life, which even learned people are not able to at times. I am sure in every school, there was a good 15 to 20 minutes dedicated to morning assemblies where we all used to sing the national anthem and on special occasions 'Saare Jahan Se Acha'. I still remember that there was a particular line, “Mazhab nahi sikhata aapas mein bair rakhna.” (Religion does not teach us to fight amongst ourselves.) © twitter representation This young kid taught us the real meaning of that line and what being secular truly means. A twitter user named Rohan recently shared the story of his daughter innocently combining Hinduism and Islam. He wrote, “My daughter just said that she needs to do the namaz. She bent down in proper Muslim prayer form and started chanting the Gayatri mantra, because that's the only prayer she knows.” My daughter just said that she needs to do the namaz. She bent down in proper Muslim prayer form and started chanting the Gayatri mantra, because that's the only prayer she knows. — Rohan (@rohansonalkar) 9 June 2018 This kid's gesture melted the internet's heart and people started sharing similar stories from their childhood. She is the true Indian: she holds up the mirror for all of us. I pray that she remains like this all her life. Heaven's choicest blessings to her. https://t.co/2o0KHmRhT6 — Debiprasad Mishra (@DebiprasaMishra) 10 June 2018 In a world full of hatred, this gives a hope that the at least the kids are being raised the right way.ð https://t.co/bluce37hBa — Niket Sinha (@niketsinha) 11 June 2018 How adorable! Sometimes it's the children who teach us what we need to know. "Mazhab nahi sikhata aapas mein bair rakhna". https://t.co/A7HgqRGDRi — Sarah Hayat Shah (@SaraHayatShah) 10 June 2018 This is just so beautiful ð­ð­â¤ï¸â¤ï¸ https://t.co/1svsdFCiPx — Antique (@AnkitSadaaFilms) 11 June 2018 Absolutely brilliant! ð For all those who ever thought their 'religion' was something more than a set of imprints, this should settle it https://t.co/BIA4IobUmY — Yeah. It keeps changing... (@iamAbhinavKumar) 11 June 2018 Children are the best kind of humans â¤ï¸ https://t.co/rlPbPzBSb8 — Nikhil Taneja (@tanejamainhoon) 11 June 2018 Children are the purest .. this reminded me of an embarrassing moment of my childhood when I was praying and religiously chanting ' agdam bakdam ( a fun song from the animated movie Hanuman ) thinking its a prayer ð https://t.co/sYA0jb9KXt — Danâ¤ï¸ (@DhakkadVaruniac) 11 June 2018 What love and what innocence. Love the gesture....! Thank you for sharing such things in this age of hate and violennce. https://t.co/4cmXxKkGOj — Abhinav Kr. Gupta (@KrAbhinavGupta) 11 June 2018 U know what I seriously did the same during #Ramzan when I was almost 8. Wore Mummy's black dupatta and chanted - Om Namah Shivay as it was Shivratri dat day. I clearly remember God bless the little doll.. I got reminded of my childhood ð — Swati Sachdeva (@swati_aap) 10 June 2018 I'm somewhat similar to your daughter...Take the name of Allah and reads Hanuman Chalisa coz that is what I know... Have been doing this past 7 years so now for me God is just one who resides in heaven so whatever name we take if ur intention is right it will definitely be heard — Mohini (@93mohini) 11 June 2018 If only everyone learned from this kid's innocent and wonderful gesture, the world will be a better place to live in.
  10. Don't you sometimes wish that you could be a character in a novel? There would be no work, just larger-than-life adventures, and a love interest who has a genuine interest in you (:P). Oh, to live in a fictional world would be a dream come true. Novels and television series are the mirrors to our souls, as what we think and feel is portrayed through the language of words and visuals. Ever been so encumbered with the trials and tribulations of your favorite characters that it starts to affect you physically? Or shedding copious amounts of tears over the fate of your beloved character's death? The agony is not lost on anyone who loves fictional characters. After reading the fate of the star-crossed protagonists in a novel, we start trying to fathom how could one possibly love someone so much, that they could die for them or even face their worst fears. We all have seen the agony of watching Ted Mosby trying to woo the lady of his dreams and fail (until he succeeded) or screamed at our screens, watching Hodor dying to save Bran. So, what sage advice would these characters give to men when it comes to relationships. Let's find out. 1. Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice- Jane Austen): Easily one of the most beloved characters to have been ever written, Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, is every woman's dream date. Handsome. rich and just mysterious enough to pique one's interest, he is the quintessential hero. And to top it off, he is British. Snarky and proud, he parades throughout the novel, haughtily, redeeming himself at the very end. Darcy's constant struggle for Elizabeth's attention without letting her know of his true intentions is something one should probably take from him. © Focus Features Darcy's Probable Advice: “If you wish to secure a fair maiden's heart, you shall start by being a man with contempt for it is befitting to a man of stature, unless, the lady is haughtier than yourself. Try to woo her through your mysterious charm and show disdain on her opinions so that you may rankle her and eventually make her fall for you. Contrary to belief, nothing thrills a woman more than having an interesting verbal altercation with a man who is opposed to her perspective. It shall be fortuitous for you if you can help her in a quest of finding her lost relatives. Also, it remains essential that you don't reveal your true feelings and have a rather inconspicuous regard for her. Do not forget to thank me for the generous advice if you succeed.” 2. Harry Potter (Harry Potter Series- J.K. Rowling) 'The Boy Who Lived', 'The Chosen One', et al. Other than being that, Harry always had a gaggle of girls mooning over him. Though portrayed to be shy and reluctant, he starts a relationship with Cho Chang after a lot of difficulties (typical lost guy when it comes to women), however, it crashes and burns. Eventually, he ends up falling for Ginny Weasley, the classic archetype of the best friend's sister. Harry is a rather moody and unsure person when it comes to love and ends up being too good for the people he loves. Harry is clueless about love and suffers from the same predicament as we do: confessing our attraction to our crush. © Warner Bros. Pictures Harry's Probable Advice: “I wouldn't know what to say, except that I do not understand girls very much. Hermione says I should be more attentive and try to read signals when girls speak to me. So, I guess, that would also be my advice to you. What I can say is, don't forget to tell the person how you feel with a grand gesture and after suitable contemplation (read agonizing over telling your crush for months together). It helps if the person you like also likes you back, but I wouldn't be able to tell for sure.” 3. Hermione Granger (Harry Potter Series- J.K. Rowling): One of the most badass characters in literature and on screen, not only is she intellectually gifted but has the best dating history as well. Despite being admired by international Quidditch players and being pursued by irritating Gryffindors, and Draco Malfoy, Hermione seems to have eyes for just one thing: her books! And Ron of course (but he is a sort of a second love :P). © Warner Bros. Pictures Hermione's Probable Advice: “The best relationship advice I could give is from a book I read, titled 'I Wand You: Dating in the Magical World'. It says that when thinking of starting a relationship, use your heart and not magic. The magic must come from the love you feel. Also, I would say that chivalry is a great quality in anyone. It is imperative to find someone who does not have the emotional range of a teaspoon and lets you read your books in peace.” 4. Heathcliff (Wuthering Heights- Emily Bronte): The most terrifying and weirdest characters to ever grace a novel, this protagonist, Heathcliff, is more of an anti-hero than a romantic lead. Pining, solitary, unwelcome and distraught, he is by far the most unlucky of characters. © United Artists Heathcliff's Probable Advice: “After years and years of pining for my love, Catherine, I have come to realize that, in conclusion, if you love someone, you ought to tell them and beseech them to see you for who you are. If you want someone's love, you need to be vulnerable. The person will like you for what you are, and if they truly love you back, it won't matter even if you are a monster.” 5. Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory): How can someone not love Sheldon? With his eccentric quirks and cluelessness about sarcasm, he is one of the most adorable TV show characters. Though he is the most practical person you can ever see, eventually he also falls in love, or in his words, conforms to the social protocol. © Warner Bros. Television Distribution Sheldon's Probable Advice: “I assure you that coming to me for relationship advice would be an exercise in futility. Even though I have an extremely brilliant mind, the idea of how humans love eludes me. Though, if you must ask for help, here is the greatest advice I could give you: Relationship Agreement. It will save you much heartbreak. Bazinga! If you really want to find someone, find a person who is just like you. If you really like them, you will feel a heightened sense of ecstasy and would like to share your time with them (due to the release of the happy hormone serotonin). You can thank me after you have successfully completed the task. A thank you note will suffice, along with the new edition of Flash.” 6. Jonathan Byers (Stranger Things): The weird guy-next-door, older brother to perpetually unfortunate Will Byers, Jonathan is the epitome of the '80s strange boy aesthetic. He is not outspoken and is kind of a loner, but on the inside, he is a protective brother with a heart of gold. © Netflix Jonathan's Probable Advice: “Tell the other person that you like them, before someone else does. Being the nice guy- friend doesn't work all the time.” 7. Marianne Dashwood (Sense and Sensibilty- Jane Austen) The middle Miss Dashwood with a spitfire of a personality and a cavalier disregard for rules, is the perfect heroine, who is just ready to fall in love with the next comely, romantic gentleman who can match her step for step. Though, not a good judge of character, she comes to her senses eventually. © Columbia Pictures Marianne's Probable Advice: “A perfect partner for you to engage with and to court, would be a person who has passion and charm. If there is no fire between the two of you, there isn't any point in pursuing the relationship, although, only the fire is not enough to salvage a companionship. Yes, do not fall prey to only the good looks of the other side; look at their heart as well. Sometimes, a person may love you, but it might not be enough. It will be extremely delightful if they can quote Shakespeare at the drop of a hat.” 8. Ser Jorah Mormont (ASOIAF/Game of Thrones- George R.R Martin) Unlucky in love, Ser Jorah is the classic example of the poor friend-zoned guy. Even though he does everything for the person he loves, she prefers to look the other way. I'm sure we relate to his plight at some level. © HBO Ser Jorah's Probable Advice: “Never lose heart even if the object of your desire can't see you the way you want them to. If it is meant to happen, it will surely happen. If you love someone, be ready to do anything for them. Carry on with all your heart, you never know; persistence may one day pay off.” 9. Gogol Ganguli (The Namesake- Jhumpa Lahiri): Easily the most lost character there is, trying to find his identity while struggling with his own demons, Gogol is a superlatively written character and will stay on with you even after you finish the novel. © Fox Searchlight Pictures Gogol's Probable Advice: “There is no point of going from one relationship to another if you can't find solace in yourself. First, work upon yourself and sort out your issues and then only think of starting a relationship. Casual flings will give you a moment's satisfaction, but in the long run, it won't make you happy. You may find the wrong person in your journey, but treat it as a minor obstacle; learn from it and move on.” 10. Daenerys Targaryen (ASOIAF/Game of Thrones- George R.R. Martin): The Mother of Dragons is not just an expert in the 'Game of Thrones' but also in the game of love. She is a passionate woman with a guarded heart which only a few have been able to penetrate, barring her dragons, of course. She is a lover in the truest sense and once she gives her heart to someone, she makes it a point to honor it until the very end. Also, she is the queen of friend-zoning unsuitable candidates (poor Ser Jorah Mormont). © HBO Danny's Probable Advice: “Love is sacrifice. If you are not willing to give yourself up for the other person, you are not really in love. Also, when the time comes, you must be ready to sacrifice more than just your heart. Guard your heart with a lock which only a worthy companion has the key to. Find someone who unleashes the dragon within you. ” Hope the enlightenment from these fictional characters is helpful to you. :D Were you trying to find Jon Snow here? Well, sorry to disappoint you, but we all know that: he knows nothing! :P DISCLAIMER: Take these pieces of advice at your own risk! :P
  11. In today's world, if you don't stand up for yourself, no one else is going to do it for you. It's a man-eat-man world out there, with people waiting to pounce on your weaknesses and using it to their advantage. A part of dealing with this is 'confrontation'. Yes, the most dreaded subject one can ever encounter is confronting a person. You may be the most confident person in the room, but when it comes to calling a spade a spade, even the most self-assured shy away from calling out someone on their mistakes. Confrontation is the most difficult part in any phase of life; whether it is your love life, or the corporate part of it or the everyday, monotonous routine. When it comes to confronting a person, we seem to regress into an entity as unopinionated as a rubber duck. I Do Not Want To Talk! © Universal Pictures Why don't we speak up, when given a chance? It is because we try to be as unrelated from fights as we can be. Though, it seems like the perfect thing to do, it is hardly the correct outlook to have. Not speaking up, not confronting a person who is wrong, only increases their power over you and is not fair to all those involved. This does not mean you go on picking fights all the way just to prove yourself right. Confrontation is not necessarily fighting; it is a way to put your point across to someone without becoming violent or throwing theatrics. It is showcasing your views on the bone of contention. Non-confrontational people end up having a passive-aggressive attitude. If you can't tell a person their mistakes in their face, you try to show it through other gestures, which may be misconstrued (which is often the case) and eventually lead to bigger concerns. In the course of confronting a person, you do not need to be vindictive. Most people increase the chances of a fight by being revengeful. Instead, focus on how you can make the other person understand. Being able to voice your discomfort is not a bad trait. If you are uncomfortable with something another person has done, make it a point to show it to them. Yes, you shouldn't start being rude about everything just because you can. There is a thin line between confrontation and fighting. Overstepping it is normal, but we must try to avoid doing that. Fight Club Confronting Your Partner: You have asked them to not watch the TV with their feet up on the coffee table or told them to not sit with their shoes up on the sofa (they have forgotten, yet again :P). You are bubbling with irritation and you see red. You then proceed to yell your guts out. Remember that this is a person whom you have chosen to spend your life with. Nothing can be worse than leaving issues unresolved. Problems won't magically vanish if you don't talk about them, as the important part is to communicate your views in a sensible manner. Ignorance of a problem only increases its power. Confront them over what is bothering you and make them understand what irks you. Though, it might be tempting to demean one another during a confrontation, try to avoid it, as that fleeting moment of feeling superior is worse than the crippling realization of hurting the person you love. Tell them about what in their behavior or actions is not going down well with you. Sometimes, we overlook our own misgivings; you'll be surprised what a healthy confrontation can bring forth. © 20th Century Fox Confronting Your Partner's Betrayal: You just found out that your partner has been cheating on you. You are angry and hurt but you do not confront them about it, assuming things will settle down if you don't pursue it, or you are apprehensive about facing them. What you need to do is confront them then and there. Nothing will cause you more pain than not speaking about it; you'll end up hurting yourself. Instead of showing your irritation and anger through actions, talk to them and try to resolve the matter. You will be doing yourself a favor. © Icon Productions Confrontation In The Workplace: You need to be careful while confronting people in the office. A lot of times, your tone while communicating can lead to antagonize a person. Always keep your voice at a normal intonation while confronting someone from work. Tell the other person that though you respect their views, they shouldn't try to override yours when the floor has been given to you. Even if the other person doesn't own up to their mistakes, don't lose patience or your temper. You have done the best you can, even after that the person is unwilling to accommodate; leave it. The great thing after this confrontation is that, you will have opened up a portal where people who faced similar circumstances will speak up. In doing so, you have given strength to the people with a similar predicament as yours. © Spyglass Entertainment Push Me Not! Don't lose your cool when speaking about difficult issues with people. Endurance, to a point, is good. Everything has a limit, even endurance. Let the other person know that you won't sit silently if they push you too far. Confrontation makes you realize that sometimes, you may be wrong. It is okay to be proven wrong if you are wrong or unable to realize that on your own. Am I Holier Than Thou? What to do when the tables are turned? Let's assume you are wrong and someone confronts you. The best course of action is listening to the other person. In this case, do not try to argue to prove yourself right. Listen closely to what has caused the other person to confront you and if it is true, instead of getting angry, assure them that you will work on the same. Now, you can tell them your side of the story, without being offended. © Universal Pictures Stress Buster Confrontation helps in stress busting. With the combined stress of work and life, why end up bottling your emotions and anger? Over thinking is not the way to solve problems. Instead, use the emotions to express yourself to the person who is causing it. You will be relieved once you have spoken your heart out, expressed yourself and it'll be a cathartic experience.
  12. Do you remember that feeling you had, in your childhood, when your friend had the Big Truck and you did not? Or when someone got the highest marks and they got praised by the teachers? Cut to a few years later, your friend got into a relationship and you were still single? Or that friend from work who seems to be getting all the accolades while no one admires your efforts? Yes, jealousy! It rears its head, when you are most unaware; that twinge of jealousy can have serious implications on your relationships. That little speck of worthlessness that comes with jealousy can lead to much bigger problems if not checked in time. Jealousy is a natural emotion. The human brain is wired in such a way that when it doesn't find the validation it needs, it pushes one to feel animosity for the person who seems to be getting better things than them or something which they thought they deserved. It is normal to be jealous, in fact, it drives you to better yourself. But, if you begin seeking revenge because of jealousy or trying to demean others for it, it becomes an entity which one must do away with immediately. Jealousy Thy Name Is Love? Why do we feel jealous? Jealousy stems from our own insecurity. When we give in to the insecurities and forget our self-worth, we start feeling jealous of other people. It's a manifestation of one's ego. Jealousy in love is common and much discussed in history. Where does it come from? It comes from protectiveness; when you feel threatened by another person who you think will ruin your happiness. But this does not mean you start firing up at the slightest provocation. It only makes matters worse. Shakespeare's Othello is a perfect example of this. Iago's provocation makes Othello go blind in his pathological jealousy which results in Desdemona's death. Without any proof, he keeps on doubting her, aided by Iago's words, eventually killing her. Does being jealous prove anything here? Except the loss of one's loved one; even though it is not their mistake. Love is not blind, jealousy is. And it makes you blind too. Both are different things. You cannot prove your love by being jealous and similarly, you can't be in love with jealousy. Augustine says, “He that is not jealous is not in love.” I beg to differ. Envy can't help you be in love; it eventually will ruin your happiness. Love is not about you, it's about the other person. But one does think can jealousy be healthy for love? I guess, it can be, to some extent. If your jealousy makes you love your partner more intensely or it fuels your passions, in a good way, I guess jealousy can be a catalyst in strengthening your relationship. Also, if feeling jealous of your partner does not make you take the wrong path. There is a very thin line between feeling love with jealousy and being consumed with jealousy. It has been portrayed in many movies that if you want a person to notice you, make them feel jealous. Countless movies, series and books have perpetuated the idea of making your crush jealous so that they may fall in love with you. Though it sounds good on paper, it hardly is the case in real life. You may instead of making the person fall for you, ruin anything you could possibly have. I'm So Jealous Of You! We all feel jealous countless times, with friends, siblings, family, et al. Why does that guy look better than me? Why does he have girlfriends when I can't? Why does he/she have a better job? Why don't I have a good physique like the other person? Why did they score more in that test? Why do people like them more? We need to look beyond this. It is hard, no doubt, but berating yourself and constantly comparing yourself to others doesn't serve a purpose. If the comparison works in you trying to do better, something to work towards your goals, it is beneficial. Sometimes, the lack of communication in a friendship leads to feelings of envy. Other people will try to take advantage of your jealousy to fulfill their own goals by creating a wedge between you two. If you feel threatened by the new girlfriend of your best friend, talk to them. Tell them how you feel. Or if they got a promotion, which you felt was due to you, communicate that you feel happy for them, but you do feel jealous. Honesty will increase the strength of your bond. If they laugh it off and forgive you, it shows that they truly are worthy of your friendship. On the other hand, if this is not the case, you are intelligent enough to know what to do. Sabotaging others' happiness won't make you achieve your goals. Wearing masks is second nature to us. Don't put a mask on your emotions; if you truly care about someone, you need to tell them what you feel. Keeping feelings to yourself starts corroding you as a person. Jealousy limits your ability to feel happy, not just for others but for yourself. It is like a gnawing wound, until it starts to bleed. Be open about dealing with it. However deep a friendship might be, however one may try to curb the feeling of jealousy, if once it has taken root, it only grows. Genuine happiness is very different from being completely happy. You might be happy for someone, but you may also feel jealous of them. It's nothing bad. Don't let it get the better of you. Instead of spreading rumors, back-biting or feeling bad about you, try to talk to the person. Wallowing in self-pity harms only you and makes you a pale copy of yourself. I Pity Me! The legendary Meena Kumari could cry on cue. The reason was that she was in such a state of self-pity that the tears would roll down without the help of glycerin. This shows the level of how much a person can drop down when they lose their self-esteem because of insecurities which in turn develop jealousy to an astronomical level. She, at the least, had her craft as an outlet which we don't. Being jealous is like having all the happiness in the world but still being unhappy. It's like getting a Happy Meal and finding a small toy; and that just because your toy is smaller it isn't good. We demean the worth of ourselves in our own eyes, when there is nothing to be sad about. Being ambitious is not the same as being jealous. People forget to see the difference being ambition and envy. An ambitious person strives to achieve something for themselves, a jealous person on the other hand, because someone else has it. Try to look at the bigger picture. You'll be surprised to know that the person you feel jealous of might be jealous of you. It's a vicious cycle. It affects you more than what happens to the other person, the ultimate victim is your peace of mind. Dealing with Jealousy Jealousy can be a constructive factor in your life. If you feel envious of that other person, who seems to be better off, see what they are doing different. Being blinded with envy will not help you as it will only hinder your own progress. Jealousy can crop up between the best of friends. Even a single spark is enough to ignite passions which lead to the breaking of lifelong bonds. If you feel jealous, check yourself. Look for the triggers. Talk about it with a close friend. It doesn't have to eat you up. The worst thing which we can do to ourselves is keep things to ourselves. It doesn't make you stronger. On the contrary, it leads to you becoming hollow. We all believe that the next person has a better life than us. What we fail to see is that they are also thinking the same thing. The grass is always greener on the other side; however hard we try, there might be another person doing better than us, and they might think that you are better than them. This incessant and infinite loop of comparison keeps on going throughout our lives, forever not realizing that we ourselves are enough, if we are giving it all that we can give. In Buddhism, there is a word for unselfish joy; the joy we feel for others' happiness: Mudita. Unfortunately, not everyone has it. The best thing to do is to try to find joy for others. Being envious is just one of the many flaws of being a human. What we fail to understand is that jealousy is like a boomerang; if you wish bad for someone, it will come back and get you instead.
  13. One of India's most talented cricketers and a major role model for our generation, Mithali Raj has unlocked an achievement that has not been touched by any Indian cricketer before. She now holds the record of being the first Indian cricketer to score 2000 runs in a T20I tournament. Congratulations to @M_Raj03. She becomes the first Indian woman to score 2000 runs in T20 Internationals. #INDvSL #ACC #WAC2018 pic.twitter.com/9Cl3buCGeF — BCCI Women (@BCCIWomen) June 7, 2018 The Indian ODI captain's record was made during the Asia Cup match against Sri Lanka on Thursday in Kuala Lumpur. With 14 centuries and an average of 38.1, she has managed to score 2015 runs in 74 T20I matches. After losing the previous match to Bangladesh, India beat Sri Lanka by seven wickets. Before Mithali, only a handful of female cricketers have been able to achieve this feat, including Charlotte Edwards (2,605), followed by Stafanie Taylor (2,582) and Suzie Bates (2,515). Among the male cricketers, Martin Guptill (2271) followed by Brendon McCullum (2140) and Virat Kohli (1983 lead the pack. © Twitter Congratulations have been pouring in for Mithali from every corner of the world for her historic achievement. The first Indian cricketer to have scored 2000 runs in T20 International cricket, very proud of you Mithali Raj! @M_Raj03 — Anil Kumble (@anilkumble1074) June 7, 2018 T 2830 - Mithali Raj @M_Raj03 becomes the first Indian woman to score 2000 T20 International Cricket runs .. many congratulations and greater glory to you .. was with me on a KBC show , quiet , humble and dignified !! pic.twitter.com/vvNpLZCWay — Amitabh Bachchan (@SrBachchan) June 7, 2018 Women's Asia Cup: Mithali Raj Becomes First Indian Woman to Reach 2000 T20I Runs Congratulations @M_Raj03. Proud of you. pic.twitter.com/nDcHfMH0xQ — Jagrati Shukla (@JagratiShukla29) June 7, 2018 Mithali Raj became the First woman to score 2000 runs in T20 First woman to score 6000 runs in Women's ODIs Also holds the record for scoring 7 consecutive 50+ runs in WODIs Consistent run machine since 1999 True champion ðª#MithaliRaj #Inspiration @M_Raj03 pic.twitter.com/wzUkoPkpEJ — â¤PRIYA⤠(@rkblovejkrpriya) June 7, 2018 As a nation, we are super proud of her and the exemplary performance that she has shown.
  14. NEW DELHI: Philip Morris International Inc (PM.N) is planning to launch its iQOS smoking device in India, four sources familiar with the matter told Reuters, as the tobacco giant seeks a foothold in a country with the world?s second-biggest...
  15. Virat Kohli will receive the prestigious Polly Umrigar award, and a $45,000 prize at a BCCI function in Bangalore on June 12. Photo: AFPNEW DELHI: Virat Kohli won India´s cricketer of the year award for the fourth time on Thursday for outstanding...
  16. Weddings in India are a great time to go overboard with whatever you like and want. Be it a drinking spree, or a dancing spree, or just dressing up, you have it over the top every which way. If you've ever been to a big fat Indian wedding, you'd know the laws of attraction there, very easily. If it's a second or a third cousin, stay away! If she's from the opposite side of the party, make your game stronger! Besides dressing up to look like you belong at a wedding, women subconsciously dress up to be noticed by single men, because of course, the occasion calls for it! So men, if you're ever at a big fancy wedding affair, and are looking to talk to or flirt with some women, there are some dos and don'ts and a shaadi decorum to follow through. You can't just go there are start hitting on every woman you see! That's just bizarre and unacceptable. So, here are some tips to talk to those beautiful women at weddings , without feeling awkward and being weird! Don't Get Too Drunk Yes, alcohol is everywhere you breathe. It's a big fancy Indian wedding and unless the families have an issue with alcohol, it's probably more prevalent than some draught stricken areas in India. But that doesn't mean you drink the entire fountain! While getting drunk is great, it loosens your inhibitions, it's not okay to get too drunk also. Maybe you can offer the lady you're crushing on a drink and give her company with your drink? That way you drink with her and you don't go overboard! © Sri Balaji Ps: Don't get her too drunk also! Reserve that for another time, when she consensually wants to go out drinking and have a fun evening with you. Don't Be A Cliché Women look beautiful at weddings so don't go starting with 'hey, looking beautiful' or any other cheesy line like that! Start with a proper conversation or a 'hi, are you enjoying yourself' and somewhere down the line, tell her she looks gorgeous. Of course all women want to know they look gorgeous, just don't start with that! © UTV Motion Pictures Make Her Comfortable You may spot someone you like who probably knows no one else except the groom or the bride. If you are talking to her, make sure you keep her company and don't make her feel left out, just because she's awkward. Make her have some fun and introduce her to people, so she can converse with them too. Don't hit on her randomly and go away, she will feel a lot more awkward if you do that. © Yash Raj Films Do Your Due Diligence If you like someone , go for it but also find out who she is and if she's from the same side of the party as you! If she's not, then ask someone who knows her about her and get to know who she is. Make sure you're in no way related to her, before you go talk to her. You might just be talking to your 5th cousin, you've never met, without you knowing it! So, it's always a good thing to find out whatever you can about the girl. © Pinterest Ask For Her Number & A Possible Date Don't just meet her and demand for her digits right then and there. Spend an adequate amount of time with her and get to know her better before you ask for her number or even for a date! Have fun with her at the wedding, take part with her in the ceremonies and dance your legs off with her. © Fox Star Studios Getting to know someone at a wedding isn't a head-scratcher at all, if you play your cards right. If she's into you, she will definitely hang with you, or find a way to you. Just follow these five simple steps and you're good to go!
  17. India's start-up culture is praised all over the world for being inclusive, innovative and inventive. The early success stories of India's own entrepreneurs sowed the seeds of a highly competitive Indian marketplace and it has really set up the pace for the next generation of Indian start-ups. Here we take a look at journey of five inspirational Indian men and entrepreneurs who redefined how traditional Indian businesses are run and found ways to innovate and set up new ventures. 1. Sohrab Sitaram, Keventers © YouTube How do you reinvent a brand that is stuck in an endless time-loop? Back in 2014, Keventers was in doldrums. The millennials were not taking up to the re-branding well and the older generation wasn't enough of a market space to play around and make big bucks. Enter, Sohrab Sitaram. The new age CEO of a freshly re-minted milkshake brand turned the tables to reinvent the decades old business. Taking over from Agastya Dalmia and Aman Arora, Sitaram made sure that the brand appealed to the younger generation and helped transform it into an aspirational brand. The fact that Keventers now has almost 200 outlets all over the country and is growing by 20 outlets a month is a testament to Sohrab Sitaram's incredible journey as a new age entrepreneur. 2. Zorawar Kalra, Massive Restaurants © Twitter Zorawar Kalra is popularly identified by the masses as a Masterchef judge and the owner of popular restaurant brands like Farzi café and Punjab Grill, but not many know of his humble roots and how he became a culinary maestro. Kalra came back from the US in 2006 after completing his MBA from Boston's Bentley University. After dabbling in the F&B industry for almost six years, he sold off Wrapster Foods and set up Massive Restaurants in order to serve innovative food to the burgeoning Indian middle class. Today that same venture generates a revenue of Rs 200 crores and Zorawar Kalra is single-handedly responsible for introducing Indians to molecular gastronomy in everyday foods. 3. Munbir Chawla, Magnetic Fields © festival sherpa Munbir Chawla brought live electronic music to India through the Magnetic Fields Festival which is one of the most sought-after music festivals in India right now. After studying in London, Munbir along with his wife set up an online music magazine called, 'Wild City'. It tuned into a gateway for something much bigger and as a music and events company, Wild City's success story shows how these concepts have an incredible space to grow in India. 4. Deep Kalra, Make My Trip © livemint A St Stephens graduate and an IIM-A alumni, Deep Kalra was set for life after he started working with a bank at a good yearly package. All of just 23 at the time, life couldn't have been better. Deep Kalra, though, took a break for a year in order to figure out what he actually wanted to accomplish in life. After experimenting in multiple businesses, the travel industry caught Kalra's eye. He saved a good amount on his online bookings to Thailand, and thus Kalra made a well thought out decision to enter the ecommerce space. Since it was just the beginning of the internet boom, MakeMyTrip was born in 2000. The same enterprise now posts annual revenues of $152 million. 5. Siddhartha Lal, Royal Enfield © Twitter Siddhartha Lal is fondly referred to as the bullet man who saved Royal Enfield. Back in 2000, Enfield's sales were not flattering and it was almost on the brink of shutting shop. Siddhartha, however, decided to close 14 other businesses instead and decided to focus just on the automobile sector. Over the next five years, Royal Enfield re-established itself as an aspirational brand and its rugged cool bike appeal helped improve the sales. From selling just 25,000 bikes in the year 2005, the Royal Enfield sold 67,000 units in November of 2017.
  18. Virat Kohli needs no introduction. But still, let's take out some time and state the obvious. He is the captain of the national cricket team. He is one of the best batsmen the world has ever seen. He is someone who we think could have made it big in the fashion world, had he not been a cricketer. Those who are die-hard Bollywood fans also know him as Anushka Sharma's husband. Instagram This introduction might appear longer than that of Daenerys Targaryen from 'Game Of Thrones' season 7, but I can assure you that it's not over yet. Honestly, had he been a character in GOT, he would have made Jon Snow look more miserable. via GIPHY Thanks to the recently released list by Forbes, we now have another way to introduce Kohli. Virat Kohli has made it to the list of top 100 'World's Highest Paid Athletes 2018'. What's more, Kohli is the only Indian to be a part of that list, which has Floyd Mayweather ruling the No.1 spot (with USD 285 million). The 29-year-old Indian skipper is ranked at 83rd spot with earnings of USD 24 million, which is roughly around Rs. 160 crores. In fact, surprisingly this year no woman is in the list. Last year, Serena Williams was the only woman to get featured in the top 100 list, but this year it's an all-men athletes list. BCCI According to the website, “Kohli isn't just cricket-crazy India's biggest name, he's also one of the most popular athletes in the world, boasting more Twitter followers (25 million-plus) than all but three active sports stars.” The list comprises of athletes from 22 countries and has Lionel Messi (USD 111 million), Christiano Ronaldo (USD 108 million), Conor McGregor (USD 99 million) and Neymar (USD 90 million) are at the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th spot, respectively.
  19. [embed_video1 url=http://stream.jeem.tv/vod/9b650e3429a9d9482943c4acdf3dcb61.mp4/playlist.m3u8?wmsAuthSign=c2VydmVyX3RpbWU9Ni82LzIwMTggNzo1MDoxNyBBTSZoYXNoX3ZhbHVlPW9QYVdWc0FoMnpzbEp1cmliRmVUdFE9PSZ2YWxpZG1pbnV0ZXM9NjAmaWQ9MQ==...
  20. When you have the brains of creative geniuses like Vikramaditya Motwane and Anurag Kashyap calling the shots for a web series, you know your expectations are already pretty high. The final trailer of 'Sacred Games' dropped and it absolutely looks like a brilliantly done show. The series stars Saif Ali Khan as the fierce cop who is in a cat-mouse chase with the villain and the stellar actor, Nawazuddin. © Netflix © Netflix The series also stars Radhika Apte who joins hands with Saif in the criminal chase game. The show touches the theme of the villain issuing a warning to the good cop that his Mumbai city is in danger. What follows is some gripping action and a wonderfully directed movie. © Netflix It is safe to say that it is the most awaited show in India at the moment. The series will make its debut on Netflix on 6th July, so make sure you watch it.
  21. Remains of the Indian Air Force's Jaguar that crashed in Gujarat's Kutch. Photo: ANIAn Indian Air Force pilot was killed Tuesday after his fighter jet crashed in the remote Kutch desert region of Gujarat state, officials said.Sanjay Chauhan was on...
  22. Last week I got a text from one of my clients: 'Akash, I need to talk to you. I don't think I can do this anymore.' I call him up and ask what's wrong, because up till now, this guy had been killing it. Almost 40 years old with 2 young kids, and in the best shape of his life. At a time when most Asians are pre-diabetic and a ticking time bomb from years of gluttony, he's sporting a body that'd make most 25-year-olds jealous. When he picked up the phone, this is what he told me: 'Everyone thinks I've gone crazy. I've just come back from a family function. My grandma thinks I'm dying. My mother in law asked if I'm ill. I had three of my cousins ask if everything was ok. My aunt said enough is enough- you've shrunk and look unhealthy. What do I do? Is this normal? I've never had this before.' 'Not again…' I thought to myself. This wasn't the first time and I know it wasn't going to be the last. Most of my clients are Indian, and between the ages of 25 and 45, so it rarely goes a few weeks without having one of these conversations. If anything, it means I'm doing my job properly. These clients are getting stronger, leaner and more conditioned than they've ever been. But These Conversations Are Quickly Getting Tiring © RNT Fitness Why is it that if we try to push the physical limits of our bodies, we get criticised in a manner that forces us to think something is wrong with us? It's time for change. The Problem Is Societal- Being 'Chubby' Is Seen As Being 'Healthy' The problem is these societal perceptions are so deeply rooted in our culture and way of living, that it leads the thought process. When speaking to older members of my family about why health and fitness is often looked down upon, their answers are interesting. They talk about how the sign of 'good health' is actually the opposite of being in shape. Being 'chubby' is seen as 'healthy'. Being lean is associated with ill health and malnourishment. What's interesting is that this is engrained into them from birth, and with blind 'tradition'. Look at how we feed new-borns in the family. We try to fatten them as quickly as possible with as many trans-fat laden foods as we can fry up. © RNT Fitness There's no regard for their health, their brain development, their motor learning or coordination. It's feed, feed and just feed! Even if the parents are somewhat health conscious, the elders will override and accuse them of bad parenting. They'll place fear into the parents thinking their child will suffer from bad luck and won't be 'successful' later in life. Sadly, this is considered the norm. The Societal Norm That No One's Willing To Break Just like if you're not a doctor, a banker or a lawyer, you're subjected to a life of failure. Apparently those are the only ways to make a living, to 'make your parents proud', and to be a 'success'. Really? I remember when I decided to scrap my plans of being a lawyer, and instead take the unconventional route of becoming a personal trainer. Guess what the first thing my parents said? 'How will you pay the bills?' Perhaps a legitimate question when you consider the attitude of your average personal trainer at the local gym. But why is that the first reaction? Why wasn't it 'amazing, I know how passionate you are about this, and I know you'll do very well in this'. The Relentless Social Stigma Now we bring it back to my question to the elders about what being 'healthy' as an Indian means. The second answer was money and a 'well-respected' job. Notice how they were answered together. Ultimately this all comes down to an identity crisis in our culture. We love associations. It happens all over the world, but I can only speak of the Indian culture. And I know from speaking with friends and families from different backgrounds that we're amongst the worst when it comes to this. Try Going Against The Norms Why is it so rare to hear of anyone doing something radically different? It's always so vanilla, repetitive and boring. This is exactly why I love it when people I know want to branch out and try new ventures. Life becomes exciting again. Just like my client who experienced the 'shame' of being in the shape of his life. If you go to a family occasion as a 'personal trainer', watch how the faces drop. © RNT Fitness I've tested this at many different events. If I get asked 'what do you do?' and I reply 'I'm a personal trainer', I'll get an 'oh, nice' with a look of confusion and subtle disappointment. If I respond with 'I run my own business', then it's a completely different story. For my client who walked into the room as the leanest guy in there, instead of a 'wow, you look incredible', he got the opposite. This essentially comes down to the priorities we've been inundated with from a young age. Self-care and looking after your body has always been put at the end of the list. Instead, you're taught that achieving the best grades, working yourself into the ground, and eventually making lots of money should be your number one priority. Anything else is a distraction, and a waste of your time. A Paradigm Shift Here's where we need a shift to be more open-minded. To be more health conscious and to celebrate the road less travelled. We need more education. This is critical and it's why I've been urged to write a piece like this for a while; it may be the most important article I've written, and hopefully, a start of a paradigm shift. What You Need To Understand I don't think the elders do this out of spite or jealousy. It comes from a place of good intentions but also from ignorance, and ingrained behaviour. When your grandma sees you and you're in shape, it's not that she's jealous of you, or thinks bad of you. It's that she doesn't understand, or know any different. It's so deep rooted and generational, that changing the way of thinking is going to take significant time and effort. I'd love for my clients to ring me up one day and instead, say 'Akash, I just got back from a family function and everyone was raving about how much leaner, healthier and sharper I look. I had people asking me how I manage to look 10-15 years younger!' This might not happen just yet, but with every body we help transform, I hope we're a little bit closer to making it happen.
  23. Even though fashion/style inspiration can be obtained from everywhere, a dedicated source like Instagram helps, especially for our homies, who don't essentially subscribe to fashion magazines and don't quite feel confident about things related to fashion. We have compiled a list of 7 Indian models who you need to follow on Instagram to get access to hassle-free style inspiration, everyday. 1. Rohit Khandelwal: Rohit is not just a model, he is the first Indian (also, Asian) man to win the Mr World Title. Rohit's aesthetic is simple, accessible, and very practical. © Instagram You can follow him here 2. Rouhallah Gazi: Rouhallah is one of the most sought after faces when it comes to shoots requiring the rustic Indian man aesthetic. He models for several high end brands, including Sabyasachi. Follow him for inspiraton on formal Indian as well as western wear. © Instagram You can follow him here 3. Nitin Chauhan: Nitin's impressive beard game, coupled with his long black mane and royal features, are responsible for his meteoric rise. If you want inspiration on how to groom and style your long hair and beard, his pictures will definitely come in handy. © Instagram You can follow him here 4. Anuj Singh Duhan An out-and-out fitness fanatic, Anuj's Instagram profile serves as much as a fitness inspiration source, as it does as a source for fashion inspiration. © Instagram You can follow him here 5. Prateek Jain When it comes to rocking an aesthetic that is supremely functional, Prateek knows it better than anyone else, thanks to his expertise in the field of physical training such as MMA. He is also Mr World India, 2014. © Instagram You can follow him here 6. Prathamesh Maulingkar Prathamesh is a former footballer who dabbled in the field of modelling, and eventually went on to be Peter India Mr India Supranational, 2018. Comfort is the key driving force behind his aesthetic. © Instagram You can follow him here 7. Jitesh Singh Deo If you want inspiration on how to groom your beard, as well as how to layer your outfits, this is one profile you need on your feed. Jitesh is Peter England Mr. India World 2017. © Instagram You can follow him here
  24. While cricket undeniably reigns supreme over other sports in India, the football fever seems to have gripped the country with the coveted FIFA World Cup just 10 days away. The month-long tournament is bound to witness the cricket-crazy nation switch its loyalty from their favourite sport to football. But, as the fans gear up to rally behind their favourite international teams in the upcoming tournament, Indian football captain Sunil Chhetri urged his fellow countrymen to support their national team which is currently fighting it out in the 2018 Intercontinental Cup. This is nothing but a small plea from me to you. Take out a little time and give me a listen. pic.twitter.com/fcOA3qPH8i — Sunil Chhetri (@chetrisunil11) June 2, 2018 In a heartfelt appeal, Chhetri shared a video where he sought support from the Indian fans for his team. "I mean it's not fun to criticise and abuse on internet. Come to the stadium, do it on our face, scream at us, shout at us, abuse us, who knows one day we might change you guys, you might start cheering for us. You guys have no idea how important you guys are and how important your support is," the Indian skipper appealed through the video. Please take notice of my good friend and Indian football skipper @chetrisunil11's post and please make an effort. pic.twitter.com/DpvW6yDq1n — Virat Kohli (@imVkohli) June 2, 2018 A video, that was initially aimed to garner the attention of Indian fans, didn't just go viral but also found support from popular sports icons of the country. The likes of Virat Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar, and Shikhar Dhawan all rallied behind Chhetri before urging the home fans to support the Indian football captain and his team. C'mon India... Let's fill in the stadiums and support our teams wherever and whenever they are playing. @chetrisunil11 @IndianFootball pic.twitter.com/xoHsTXEkYp — Sachin Tendulkar (@sachin_rt) June 3, 2018 Such was the impact of Chhetri's video that India's match against Kenya at the Mumbai Football Arena was sold out on 4th June. For a man who will be marking his 100th appearance for India in today's clash, Chhetri had admitted that the level of football on offer in Mumbai might not be close to what is generally seen in the popular European league, but "with our desire and determination, we will try our best to make it worth your time". And, given the kind of response he's got, it seems that the Indian fans and even the celebrities have mobilised to embolden the 'Blue Tigers'.
  25. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did not have a good time during his trip in India. The visit was slammed by the media back home and Trudeau, true to his self-deprecating nature, decided to unravel the mystery behind the unusually jinxed trip. At a recent press gallery event, Trudeau went ahead and described his Indian visit as the 'trip to end all trips'. © BCCL "We didn't go to India...I don't remember the India trip," Trudeau said taking a dig at the press for exaggerating the events which unfolded during the visit. He later described the memory of the trip as one experienced due to the pain caused by "the ripping off of a band-aid". It must be noted, that the trip was not all about Bollywood parties and that the Canadian Prime Minister did attend a crucial bit of business during the visit. "Here I am. Meeting with the CEO of Infosys. A company that for the record announced new investments in Canada, during the course of this trip," he said. "But you guys (journalists) didn't report on it because I was wearing a shirt and tie. Boring!" he told the press. © BCCL He also took a sly dig at Shah Rukh Khan for underdressing during their meeting, something that the press in Canada covered extensively while focussing on his golden sherwani. "One of us is seriously under-dressed. How embarrassing for him," he joked about his meeting. One of the major striking flashpoints during the trip was his wife's photograph with a convicted Khalistani terrorist, Jaspal Atwal, which became a huge issue in India. Trudeau, while talking about the trip, commented on the whole scandal by presenting a cropped picture of just his wife from that dinner. © BCCL "(The) Media couldn't stop talking about it. Doesn't she look gorgeous," the PM joked as he pointed to his wife's photograph with Atwal's image cropped out. "That was India, ladies, and gentlemen," Trudeau said at the end. "The trip to end all trips."