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Found 107 results

  1. Not very long ago, Indian cricket was rocked by a controversy over the presence of the cricketers' wives and girlfriends (WAGs) on the overseas tours. The Indian team was touring England when the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) was called out for its dual standards regarding the WAGs. In one particular incident that came ahead of the second Test, Virat Kohli's wife Anushka Sharma was seen posing in the photograph with the other cricketers, who were invited by the Indian High Commission in London. The Bollywood actress stood near Kohli in the centre of the picture, while none of the other members' wives or partners were to be seen. #TeamIndia members at the High Commission of India in London. pic.twitter.com/tUhaGkSQfe — BCCI (@BCCI) August 7, 2018 Soon, the Indian cricket fans came out all guns blazing against the BCCI for its double standards over the treatment of the other WAGs. Indian opener Rohit Sharma was also seen liking a tweet from a fan, who pointed out how the BCCI had different rules for different players. Ahead of the series, the Indian board had confirmed that the WAGs will be given only 14 days to accompany their partners - a directive that was only applicable after the first three Tests. Amid all the fracas, the Indian captain had urged the BCCI to alter the ruling and let them stay for the full course. And, finally, as Kohli requested, the Committee of Administrators (CoA) has now decided to let the WAGs stay for the full course of the campaign, barring the first 10 days. © Instagram According to a TOI report, Kohli had asked the Board to allow the Indian WAGs to accompany the cricketers after the passing of 10 days on the overseas tour. The new ruling was passed in support of the Indian cricketers, as the CoA believes that the WAGs' presence will only create a positive atmosphere within the team and will provide an able support system. A similar rule was applied by Cricket Australia when their CEO James Sutherland had allowed WAGs to give company to the cricketers, despite their presence being blamed for the Aussies' dismal outing against England during the Ashes back then. Earlier, Kohli also faced a lot of backlash for requesting the BCCI to extend the stay of Indian WAGs during their overseas tours: Mujhe shaq hai Kohli ki biwi Bollywood ke satoriyon se mili hui hai...wo betting karti hai aur ye uuljalool team selection karta rehta hai ðµ https://t.co/SBbLjqsEQL — Hemant (@hemant10) October 17, 2018 It shows @imVkohli is trying to push his personal plans.Virat you are good cricketer but few rules need to be followed by everyone & especially when one is captain.Either play cricket or stay back with your wife. @BCCI — Rohit Kumbhojkar (@ROHITKUMBHOJKAR) October 7, 2018 @imVkohli u r the most selfish who want to change @BCCI rules & why @AnushkaSharma is present at team's meeting . ð ð ð — Beinghumane (@Intern24) October 7, 2018 bhai @imVkohli tere Honeymoon khatam hi nahi ho rhe hai...ðð — Jeetu (@BACK_BencherGuy) October 7, 2018 @imVkohli do not take this personal but you are not going on a family trip. You are going to represent your country, your people. So asking this is absurd. #Kohli #Anushka — John Ranjith (@JohnRanjith) October 7, 2018 Actually Virat kohli next honeymoon pe jana chahata hai sarkari kharche per agar mood hua toh do char match khel lega hare toh harey jetey toh jetey honeymoon pe koi asar nahi padna chahiye..very unprofessional cricket — INDIA (@bluspidor) October 7, 2018 Looks like @AnushkaSharma is the real captain of team India ðð — Muhammad Shayan شاÛاÙð®ð³ðºð¸ð¨ð¦ðµð¸ (@shayandubai) October 7, 2018 What kind of player is he? He is asking whatever comes to his mind. Good that coa didnt agree. Does he think tour is honeymoon or leisure — Krishna (@iTwittt) October 7, 2018
  2. For the longest time, LGBT characters just didn't exist in Bollywood. And even if they were depicted in a film, they were simply relegated to the sidelines. Notwithstanding those few rare exceptions (Deepa Mehta's 'Fire' and Hansal Mehta's 'Aligarh' come to mind), most Bollywood portrayals of LGBT folks have either been meaningless supporting roles, or they've been laced with offensive stereotypes. Recently, however, there have been a few shining examples of positive representation that have stood out. While these characters may not have been the protagonists of their films, they were able to leave a significant impression on us. If they had more screen time, or if their sexuality was given more prominence, each of them had the potential to become one of the best depictions of LGBT representation in Indian films and television. So, on that note, and in light of the recent landmark Supreme Court verdict that scrapped Section 377, here are five Indian LGBT characters that deserve their own movie: 1) Cuckoo, 'Sacred Games' © Official Instagram/ Kubbra Sait Cuckoo was, without question, one of the best things about the first season of 'Sacred Games', so much so, that the actress who portrayed her so effortlessly on the screen (the amazing Kubra Sait) has developed a major fan-following of her own. It's rare enough to see transgender characters being depicted on our screens, but to have one depicted in such a positive light, and to see her being accepted by Nawazuddin Siddiqui's character, not in spite of, but because of her gender identity was an absolute highlight of the first season. It would have been even better, however, if Cuckoo wasn't relegated to just a few episodes and wasn't, spoiler alert, killed off so quickly. As such, seeing an entire movie on Cuckoo is something that I'm sure most of us would love to watch. 2) Rahul Kapoor, 'Kapoor & Sons' © Official Facebook Page/Kapoor & Sons Yes, Fawad Khan's portrayal of Rahul was sensitive, poignant and not laced with offensive stereotypes (something which Bollywood happens to be a habitual offender of). But the problem with this characterization was simple - Rahul's sexuality was solely used as a 'shocking plot twist' and not as a substantial character trait. In fact, we hardly got to hear ANYTHING about Rahul's boyfriend or his relationship. Just ask yourself, was Rahul's boyfriend even given a name? So needless to say, seeing a movie entirely based on Rahul's character - one that preferably depicts his relationship in all its glory - is warranted. 3) Dev, 'Bombay Talkies' It's often said that some of the most homophobic men out there happen to be ones who themselves are in the closet. Karan Johar's heartbreaking and brilliant short in Bombay Talkies depicted this perfectly, and happens to be one of those rare portrayals of LGBT characters that wasn't offensive or substandard. Unfortunately, this was just a 20-minute short film and we hardly got to spend any time with these wonderfully written and acted characters. 4) Muniya (And Begum Para), 'Dedh Ishqiya' © Official Facebook Page/ Dedh Ishqiya Spoiler Alert - if you haven't seen 'Dedh Ishqiya' yet, stop reading this. The ending of 'Dedh Ishqiya' gave the viewers a pleasant surprise - the revelation of Muniya and Begum Para's sexual orientation. While it's not said out loud, it's heavily implied that the two of them are either lesbians or bisexuals. As great as that decision was, it was yet another example of LGBT characters having to either undermine or hide their sexualities for the entire running time of a film. After all, here was a film that featured not one, but two main characters who happened to be queer, and yet again, the only time their sexuality was depicted was at the end of the movie. As such, won't it be great if there was a sequel that depicted the relationship between Muniya and Begum Para in all its glory? 5) Rahul Arora, 'Fashion' © Filmfare It's hard to remember now, but 'Fashion' actually came out at a time when Section 377 hadn't even been scrapped by the Delhi High Court (that landmark judgement actually came a year later in 2009). As such, Samir Soni's subtle and poignant portrayal of Rahul Arora - a gay man living in the closet - was one of the bright spots of that film. What made Rahul so real and memorable was his decision to settle down with a woman (Mugdha Godse's character) due to societal pressure. Sadly, this is too common a phenomenon that's rarely, if at all, depicted in our movies and so to see an entire film revolving around Rahul's character would shed some much-needed spotlight on this issue.
  3. Men have often complained about there not being as much variety in products vis-a-vis clothes and accessories for them, as there tends to be for women. While this complaint is certainly justified for a variety of categories (grooming products immediately come to mind), it is simply UNTRUE when it comes to shoes. In fact, shoes are perhaps that one fashion category for men, where there is just as much variety (if not more!) of products to choose from, as there tends to be for their female counterparts. This is perhaps why it's also important for Indian men to have a clear understanding of, not only the type of shoes they can buy, but also WHY they need to be owning at least one pair of each. And since being spoilt for choice should never be a reason for missing out on fashion essentials, here are the six different type of shoes that every Indian man NEEDS to possess for their shoe racks: 1) A Pair Of White Sneakers © Unsplash It doesn't matter what body type you harbour, how tall you are or what your fashion sensibilities may be, but if you identify as an Indian man, you absolutely need to be owning at least one pair of white sneakers. After all, the utility of white sneakers cannot be stressed enough as they can pretty much go well with a vast majority of your wardrobe, so much so, that they'll probably become your go-to choice of footwear for a multitude of occasions. Just make sure you take care of them properly as they can be a bit challenging to maintain. 2) A Pair Of Brogues © Pexels It's often said that all those who consider themselves as being gentlemen should own at least one pair stylish brogues for their shoe collection. After all, brogues are the epitome of class, maturity and high-fashion. Perfect for your workplace, you can also depend on them to elevate your casual, smart-casual and semi-formal attires for a second date or a house party, giving them greater utility than others. 3) A Pair Of Sock-Sneakers © Unsplash Sock-sneakers are perhaps the best amalgamation of style and comfort. After all, is there any other type of shoe out there that not only makes you look stylish and fashion-forward but also does so without compromising on your sense of comfort? Since most of them feature mesh and textile uppers, you never have to worry about the breathability and comfort you'll be getting when you put them on. 4) A Pair Of Espadrilles © Flickr Espadrilles will pretty much be that breath of fresh air that'll add some much-needed variety to your otherwise monotonous collection of sneakers and formal shoes. In fact, espadrilles should pretty much be an essential part of your summer wardrobe, ones you can keep coming back to when you'd be looking for a pair of shoes that will make for comfort wear, all the while giving you an effortlessly stylish aura. 5) A Pair Of Loafers © Pexels If we were to go by its textbook definition, loafers can best be described as being shoes without laces. But going by just that definition would be a disservice, as loafers (both penny and horsebit variants) make for the most comfortable, fashionable and easy-to-wear type of shoes that can be used for almost all types of occasions. In fact, the best thing about owning a pair of loafers is just how reliable they are, so much so, that you shouldn't be surprised if they become your most used pair of shoes. 6) A Pair Of Running Shoes © Unsplash You don't even have to be a fitness freak or gym rat to own a pair of running shoes. In fact, whether you're a beginner, expert or completely alien to the concept of fitness, owning a pair of running shoes should be mandatory. After all, apart from their basic utility in aiding your morning runs and evening workouts, you can also use some of them (not all!) to accentuate your casual ensembles.
  4. For a really long time, Indians were deemed unfit and their thin-fat body type (less muscle and more fat) was being blamed for their lack of athleticism. Sports medicine specialists also blamed the poor proportion of right muscles amongst Indians as the primary reason that often left us playing the second fiddle to born athletes like the Africans and the Caucasians. If our dubious body structure kept us lagging behind, the lack of infrastructure and proper training facilities further spelt the doom of Indian athletes at coveted tournaments like the Olympic Games. But, thankfully, that's no longer the case. Though it's still a long way to go, there is no doubt that the times have changed in India, which is now taking rapid strides in sports (especially athletics) at the global level. The training facilities have improved, the athletes are now being nurtured from a young age and the availability of sports specialists has allowed Indian sportspersons to achieve their full potential. All of those pivotal changes were on full display at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang last month. © Reuters Going into the event with 572 athletes in its contingent, India registered its best ever performance at the Games. Bolstered by a record-breaking performance by its athletes, India finished their campaign in Indonesia with 69 medals including 15 gold, 24 silver and 30 bronze. It was an outing that was cherished by billions of fans back home and earned plaudits from the bigwigs in Indian sports. Almost a month later, India's historic Asian Games showing seems to have inspired the budding athletes to prove their mettle at the ongoing 2018 Summer Youth Olympics. Boasting of 47 athletes across 13 sports, India has begun its campaign on a positive note in Buenos Aires, Argentina. When the youth become an inspiration. Many Congratulations to our future- Jeremy Lalrinnunga for India's first ever GOLD at the #YouthOlympics and also to Manu Bhaker and Saurabh Choudhary for their historic Gold. #BuenosAires2018 . pic.twitter.com/F0SDGwYiUl — Virender Sehwag (@virendersehwag) October 10, 2018 The Indian young guns have been on a prolific run early on in the tournament. The likes of Tushar Mane (shooting), Tababi Devi Thangjam (judo) and Mehuli Ghosh (shooting) have all made the nation proud by bagging silver medals. But, it's India's consistency to clinch the yellow metal in the ongoing event that has captured the imagination of their fans. In a mere four days, India has already won three gold medals - a performance that has elated Indian fans. Jeremy Lalrinnunga © Twitter/@olympicchannel "The only thing on my mind is a gold medal, nothing else will make me happy. I am going to Argentina with a strong belief that I can win gold. I have been lifting some good weights during the training sessions and there's this positive energy around me," Jeremy Lalrinnunga had said during Indian contingent's send-off ceremony for the Summer Youth Olympics. And, on 9th October, the 15-year-old weightlifter delivered the goods in a sensational manner. Congratulations to Jeremy Lalrinnunga (IND) ð®ð³ for the first-ever gold medal for India at the Youth Olympic Games #YouthOlympics #GameChangers #WinningWednesday #BuenosAires2018 @ioaindia pic.twitter.com/ZvWHNg3WSU — Olympics (@Olympics) October 10, 2018 The Mizoram lad gave India it's first-ever gold medal at the Youth Olympics after lifting a total of 274kg (124kg snatch & 150kg clean and jerk) to edge past his opponents in the men's 62kg weightlifting competition. If his gold-medal finish isn't enough to make him stand out, the fact that he lifted more weight than senior men's team weightlifter Raja Muthupandi, who lifted a total of 266kg (snatch & clean and jerk) at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, earned him the tag of 'Ironman' at the tender age of 15. Manu Bhaker © Twitter/@olympicchannel If Jeremy opened India's account of gold medals at the tournament, Manu Bhaker ensured that tally kept going up. The 16-year-old became the first Indian shooter to win a gold medal at the Youth Olympics after clinching the yellow metal in the women's 10m air pistol event. The pistol shooter from Haryana shot 236.5 in the eight-woman final to clinch the gold medal. She finished 0.6 point ahead of silver medallist Lana Enina from Russia. While her prolific performance gave India its second gold in the tournament, it also helped the young girl regain her confidence following her medal-less finishes at the Asian Games and World Shooting Championships earlier this year. Saurabh Chaudhary © Twitter/@olympicchannel After a terrific run on Tuesday, Saurabh Chaudhary added another gold to India's medal tally in Argentina. For someone who became senior Asian Games champion and junior World Champion earlier this year, the Meerut pistol shooter lived up to the expectations with yet another brilliant performance, this time at the Youth Olympics. Plying his trade in the men's 10m air pistol event, the 16-year-old didn't break a sweat as he shot 244.2 in the eight-man final to clinch the yellow metal. The teenager already holds the juniors' final world record of 245.5 (1.9 point more than the seniors' record - 243.6). And, on 10th October, he once again made a mockery of seniors' final world record by 0.6 point.
  5. The #MeToo uproar has shaken the country over the past two weeks with a deluge of accounts of sexual harassment and misconduct pouring in from all over the country. This has helped to unify survivors and women in general, to open up about the ways in which they have been harassed by men. However, it has left quite a few men feeling stranded and unsure about the possibilities of when and in how many ways they could go wrong with their actions and interactions with women. Innumerable accounts narrating various levels of discomfort women have experienced have surfaced, pushing some men to reconsider even their “friendly moves”. © Unsplash Whether causing that discomfort is intentional or unintentional is a question that takes a backseat in this regard, and at this moment of the uprising. Hence, to put all the “confusions” and “assumptions” to rest, we have compiled a list of all the laws laid down in the Indian Penal Code for sexual harassment, so you know what you can get penalised for by the law. 1. Section S. 354 A Sexual harassment is defined as a man committing any of the following acts: (i) physical contact and advances involving unwelcome and explicit sexual overtures; or (ii) a demand or request for sexual favours; or (iii) showing pornography against the will of a woman; or (iv) making sexually coloured remarks What It Means: In very simple terms, what it means is that don't indulge in any actions or interactions that are sexual in nature without the consent of a woman. Take her discomfort, protests and “NO” very, very seriously. Committing the first three offences may land you in jail for a period extending up to 3 years, or get you fined, or both. On the other hand, the last offence would get you a jail term of up to 1 year, or fine, or both. © Next Gen Films 2. Section 354 Assault or criminal force to a woman with intent to outrage her modesty.—Whoever assaults or uses criminal force to any woman, intending to outrage or knowing it to be likely that he will thereby outrage her modesty, shall be punished with impris­onment of either description for a term which may extend to two years, or with fine, or with both. What It Means: Anybody who assaults or uses criminal force against a woman with an intention to dishonour her modesty shall be punished with imprisonment spanning up to two years, or shall be fined, or both. © Viacom 18 3. Section 354 B Assault or use of criminal force to a woman with intent to disrobe. - Any man who assaults or uses criminal force to any woman or abets such act with the intention of disrobing or compelling her to be naked, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which shall not be less than three years but which may extend to seven years, and shall also be liable to fine. What It Means: Any man who assaults or uses criminal force against a woman with an intention to disrobe her can be punished by law. The minimum punishment is up to 3 years, which can extend up to 7 years or an imposition of fine or both. 4. Section 354 C Any man who watches, or captures the image of a woman engaging in a private act in circumstances where she would usually have the expectation of not being observed either by the perpetrator or by any other person at the behest of the perpetrator or disseminates such image shall be punished on first conviction with imprisonment of either description for a term which shall not be less than one year, but which may extend to three years, and shall also be liable to fine, and be punished on a second or subsequent conviction, with imprisonment of either description for a term which shall not be less than three years, but which may extend to seven years, and shall also be liable to fine. What It Means: Any man who violates a woman's privacy by engaging in the act of voyeurism, that is, by watching or capturing her images in her intimate or private moments, when she is not expecting an audience. The offence comprises of a punishment of 1-3 years of imprisonment and a fine. However, a repeated conviction will land you in jail for a minimum of 3 years and payment of a fine. © Colour Yellow Productions 5. Section 345 D (1) Any man who— (i) follows a woman and contacts, or attempts to contact such woman to foster personal interaction repeatedly despite a clear indication of disinterest by such woman; or (ii) monitors the use by a woman of the internet, email or any other form of electronic communication, commits the offence of stalking. (2) Whoever commits the offence of stalking shall be punished on first conviction with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to three years, and shall also be liable to fine; and be punished on a second or subsequent conviction, with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to five years, and shall also be liable to fine. What It Means: You don't stalk any woman, under any circumstances. Period. Unless, of course, it's to do with matters of law and you are following State orders. The first conviction will land you in jail for up to 3 years and make you liable to pay a fine, while a repeated offence can land you in jail for up to 5 years, and make you liable to pay a fine. © Dharma Productions 6. The Sexual Harassment at The Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013: Under the Act, sexual harassment includes: a) Physical contact and advances. (You can't touch someone inappropriately, at any time, or for any reason) b) A demand or request for sexual favours. (Need we say more?) c) Making sexually coloured remarks. (Never make those sexist jokes) d) Showing pornography (You know that's wrong by default) e) Any other unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of sexual nature. (No unwelcome hugs, physically touching someone that makes them uncomfortable. Also, no talking with sexual overtures.) Under the Act, the below five also count as sexual harassment: a) Implied or explicit promise of preferential treatment in her employment. (If you're guilty, change your ways already.) b) Implied or explicit threat of detrimental treatment in her employment (Threats can land you in jail too.) c) Implied or explicit threat about her present or future employment status. (Like we said.) d) Interference with her work or creating an intimidating or offensive work environment for her. (Goes without saying, nobody wants to work in such an atmosphere.) e) Humiliating treatment likely to affect her health or safety. (We rest our case.) So, these are some of the basic laws you must be aware of regarding sexual harassment, and now you know that you must watch your moves at all times.
  6. Back in 2006, when social activist Tarana Burke began using the phrase 'Me Too' on the Myspace social network as part of a campaign to promote "empowerment through empathy" among women of colour who've experienced sexual abuse, little did she know that the two words will eventually mark a new age of feminism. Eleven years later, actress Alyssa Milano brought 'Me Too' back to life on Twitter in an attempt to draw attention to sexual assault and harassment. Since then, what began as a mere hashtag (#MeToo), has gone to become one of the most powerful tools for modern-day women, that has allowed them to share their stories and call out the perpetrators. Over the course of a year, the 'Me Too' campaign has seen many women across the globe coming forward and accusing those responsible for the unforgiven antics. While the campaign has been a rage everywhere, it hit the Indian shores recently when actress Tanushree Dutta accused fellow actor Nana Patekar of sexual harassment. At @wethewomenasia Tanushree Dutta calmly, clearly and with strength spoke of what happened with her ten years ago, recounting her #Metoo moment with Nana Patekar & Vivek Agnihotri. And called for all women to Speak Up. #WeTheWomen pic.twitter.com/xJqp1fsHdM — barkha dutt (@BDUTT) October 9, 2018 Tanushree's claims eventually saw other Indian women joining the chorus in revealing their ordeals at the hands of men in power. And, as of today, from prominent journalists to popular celebrities, many men have been publicly shamed for their heinous exploits on the social media platforms. But, in what appears to be a first, the 'Me Too' movement has now engulfed cricket- one of the Indian subcontinent's most popular sport. In a shocking revelation, an Indian flight attendant has broken her silence and accused former Sri Lankan captain Arjuna Ranatunga of sexually harassing her at a hotel in Mumbai. Sharing her night of horror through a lengthy Facebook post, the victim revealed how Ranatunga (currently Sri Lanka's Minister of Petroleum Resources Development) allegedly grabbed her by the waist and slid his hands along the side of her breasts. © Facebook "My starstruck colleague spotted Indian and Sri Lankan cricketers in the elevator of Hotel Juhu Centaur, Mumbai and decided to meet them in their room for autographs. I decided to chaperone her, fearing for her safety, we were offered drinks (perhaps laced) I declined and stuck to my bottle of water I'd brought along. They were 7 and we 2, they latched the room door putting the chain secure. My discomfort growing inside of me, I urged her to get back to our room," her post read. "She was smitten and wanted to go for a stroll by the poolside, this was at 1900 hrs, the walk to the pool a desolate, unlit pathway at the back of the hotel, I look back to find (her friend) and the Indian cricketer nowhere in sight," she claimed. "Ranatunga grabs me by the waist, sliding his hands along the side of my breasts, I scream fearing the worst, kicking on his legs and feet. Threatening him of dire consequences, passport cancellation, reporting it to the cops etc., for he is a Sri Lankan misbehaving with an Indian. Wasting no time, I dashed for the hotel reception, a good run on an incline screaming on top of my voice. The reception said, "it is your private matter" and that they can't help me," the woman added. © Facebook Apart from Ranatunga, the Indian flight attendant also accused Bollywood singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya of a similar kind of harassment. Recalling the incident that dates back to 1998, she narrated the details of the incident. She further shared that Bhattacharya twisted her arms, pulled her towards him and screamed in her ear, "bitch what do you think of yourself, wait till I teach you a lesson", almost nibbling and kissing her at a hotel in Kolkata.
  7. The #MeToo movement has finally gained momentum in India over the past week, to name and shame sexual harassers and offenders, who have managed to be on the loose thus far. Tanushree Dutta's proclamation regarding Nana Patekar's alleged sexual misconduct on national television has sent ripples throughout the country, and over the past few days, survivors have come out in multitudes with personal accounts of the numerous occasions when they have been sexually and emotionally abused by powerful and entitled men. Some of the most popular names from the entertainment and media industry have been outed so far in the #MeToo storm that has shaken the country. Some names have come as a shock to fans and followers, but neither the accounts nor the trauma people have lived through can be discredited. While some of the accused have blatantly denied the allegations levelled against them, others have come forward to publicly apologise for their “misconducts” and “bad behaviour”, in the hopes of saving their public image. We bring you a compiled list of all the Bollywood bigwigs and media biggies who have been outed so far in the #MeToo Revolution: 1. Kanan Gill This one has come as a shock to many fans. Magali's tweet was quickly picked up by numerous news portals, and reportedly many other women have come forward to share their “uncomfortable” experiences with the comedian. One of India's very favourite comic artists, followers are hoping that his actions weren't intentional. Here's how it began, with a fan's account: This happened in November 2014. My friends & I were slightly strastruck so we went up to him to ask for pictures. It was just 8 ish but he was already really drunk, his breath stank. He kept hovering too close (loud music?) — Magali Vaz • Magalic.com (@magali_c) October 5, 2018 And when we did take pictures, he held my waist really tightly? Like such a strong grip was definitely unnecessary. When we walked away, I talked to the two women I was with & he had done the exact same thing to them as well. I still have those pics, we're all smiling & happy. — Magali Vaz • Magalic.com (@magali_c) October 5, 2018 I didn't name him before this because this always seemed kinda minor (& still is) I don't want to downplay but I also never wanted to make a big deal. But it did feel really inappropriate & it seemed like something he made a habit of doing. — Magali Vaz • Magalic.com (@magali_c) October 5, 2018 Gill later addressed the allegations raised against him in this tweet: I'd like to address this: pic.twitter.com/wMZ5FRaoro — Kanan Gill (@KananGill) October 6, 2018 2. Chetan Bhagat Bhagat's name coming up in this scenario, however, didn't shock many. A journalist shared some WhatsApp screenshots to present her story and expose the author of novels like 'Five Point Someone' & 'Two States'. Bhagat tried to “woo” the woman by exchanging inappropriately suggestive texts with her. Take a look here: And it goes on. Chetan Bhagat @chetan_bhagat pic.twitter.com/xyI9tSgfMc — ðSheena (@weeny) October 6, 2018 Bhagat responded to the accusations through this post on his Facebook page: 3. Rajat Kapoor Another personality that many of us wouldn't have expected to make it to the list, with his liberal stance and woke vibes preceding the guy at all times. The accusation was brought to the netizens' notice when journalist Sandhya Menon shared two anonymous accounts on her Twitter handle. One from a journalist and another from a colleague. Read the accounts here: I don't even know any more. Filmmaker Rajat Kapoor Two separate and different accounts pic.twitter.com/nBjNOsun3j — Sandhya Menon (@TheRestlessQuil) October 7, 2018 When the news surfaced, Kapoor took to Twitter to pitch his apology: I am sorry from the bottom of my heart- and sad that I was the cause of this hurt to another human being. If there is one thing more important to me than even my work, it is to be a good human being. And I have tried to be that person. And now, I will try harder. — Rajat Kapoor (@mrrajatkapoor) October 7, 2018 4. Utsav Chakraborty A known YouTuber and ex-AIB member, Utsav faced the wrath of numerous women on social media as many came forward to expose the guy. Main accusations claim he sexted women, sent them unsolicited pictures of his ***** and pestered women (including minors) for nudes all the time. First exposed by Mahima Kukreja on Twitter, here is one of the many accounts she shared on her handle: Hey Utsav. You give your number and slide into DMs of literal children. Like 17 year old girls? You're a creep of another level. pic.twitter.com/sjdJ5uf8dg — Mahima Kukreja ð±ðâð½ (@AGirlOfHerWords) October 4, 2018 Following the debacle, Utsav posted a thread of tweets displaying a weak case of a “heartfelt apology” which have now been taken down. The last one of his statements still available on the issue is this: It's a little too late now but I am sorry. I really am. The past 24 hours were a crucible. I faced a very scary personal truth. I can't think of myself as a victim anymore. Please tell me what to do now. How to make things right? I don't want anyone to be hurt anymore. — Utsav (@Wootsaw) October 5, 2018 5. Gursimran Khamba Another prominent face in India's comedy scene, AIB co-founder Gursimran, better known as Khamba, has also been accused by a friend and ex-girlfriend of inappropriate conduct. Her account dates back to 2015-16, here are the details: Gursimran Khamba from @AllIndiaBakchod. The survivor wishes to stay anonymous. #MeToo #TimesUp #BelieveHer pic.twitter.com/B9PTYJT8LE — hk {on a hiatus} (@PedestrianPoet) October 8, 2018 Khamba has since stepped away from the operations of AIB, and issued this statement in the light of the accusations against him: View this post on Instagram My statement on the recent allegations against me A post shared by Khamba (@gursimrankhamba) on Oct 8, 2018 at 2:30am PDT 6. Alok Nath Bollywood's most “sanskari” personality, Alok Nath became top news on Monday, when TV producer-writer Vinta Nanda came forward with her #MeToo experience, that not only disrupted her life but shattered her career too. The details of her account have shocked and enraged many. Here's what the man had to say during an interview with ABP, "Neither I am denying this nor do I agree with it. It (rape) must have happened, but someone else must have done it. Well, I do not want to talk much about it, as for the matter, if it has come out, it will be stretched." He further added that, "At one time she used to be such a good friend...today she said such a big thing. In a way, it was me who made her what she is. It is useless to react on the allegations, as in today's world, whatever a woman says only that will be considered. In such a situation, it would be wrong to say anything." 7. Vikas Bahl 'Queen' director Vikas Bahl has been accused of sexual misconduct by a former Phantom employee, who was a crew member of the movie 'Bombay Velvet'. She was instantly supported by Kangana Ranaut, who shared her own uncomfortable account with the world. This is what she said in an interview with India Today, "But still every time we met, socially greeted and hugged each other, he'd bury his face in my neck, hold me really tight and breathe in the smell of my hair. It tooka me great amount of strength and effort to pull myself out of his embrace. He'd say 'I love how you smell K'. I could tell something is wrong with him." Phantom production house has since dissolved, and this is what the former partner of the team, Anurag Kashyap had to say about the accusations against Bahl, which he knew of, but didn't take any action against. My statement in light of the recent HuffPost article and breaking up of Phantom . There are two pages.. pic.twitter.com/WCAsaj6uFR — Anurag Kashyap (@anuragkashyap72) October 7, 2018 8. Kailash Kher Another recent name to join the bandwagon is that of popular singer Kailash Kher. A journalist took to Twitter to share her story involving Kher: (1) My #MeTooâ â has singer Kailesh Kher & model Zulfi Syed, from when I was a newly appointed young woman photographer at Hindustan Times in Bombay, 2006. Tweeting this thread for all to draw strength & speak out â¤ï¸@photowallah@shubhangisapien@TheRestlessQuil@AnooBhu@weeny — Natasha Hemrajani (@radiantbear) October 6, 2018 (2) #MeToo I was sent with my colleague, a woman journalist, to take pictures of Kailesh Kher at his home for an interview. During the interview, this creep sat between us as close to us as he could. He also kept putting his hands on our thighs (on the skin above our skirts) — Natasha Hemrajani (@radiantbear) October 6, 2018 (3)#MeToo We were appalled & left as soon as possible. I discussed with my colleague the idea of writing the interview from the point of view of unwelcome sexual molestation but she said the paper would never publish it because it would be libel (even if we were both witnesses) — Natasha Hemrajani (@radiantbear) October 6, 2018 (4)#MeToo I've let a number of friends and colleagues know about this incident with Kailesh Kher and the main reaction is always a shaking of the head, and 'this happens, as a woman you've got to look after your own self' logic / expression. — Natasha Hemrajani (@radiantbear) October 6, 2018 Kher told IANS that he “doesn't recall” anything of the sort, "I was travelling and when I heard about this news, I got extremely disappointed to know what my state of happiness has been taken for. I am neither aware of any such act that has been mentioned nor remember it." More recently, singer Sona Mohapatra also narrated her #MeToo account involving the singer: (1) I met Kailash for coffee in Prithvi Café to discuss a forthcoming concert where both our bands were playing & after the usual, a hand on my thigh with lines likes, your so beautiful, feel so good that a 'musician got you' (Ram) not an actor. I left not soon after. (1) https://t.co/Cfz8Hf4sdP — SONA (@sonamohapatra) October 9, 2018 (2) That did not deter Kailash Kher though. On landing in Dhaka & on my way to the venue with the organisers, keeps calling me & when I don't pick up, calls the organisers phone to get through to me & asks me to 'skip' the soundcheck & join him in his room instead to 'catch up' https://t.co/beBehXBLup — SONA (@sonamohapatra) October 9, 2018 3)The fact that Kailash had sung in my studios & for many projects in which I was the producer & knew me to be as strong as i am or that he had only recently taken a favour from my partner @RamSampathLive to create a personal track for him didn't stop him. #TheHubris of such #men https://t.co/GLHvCsIPDR — SONA (@sonamohapatra) October 9, 2018 9. Abhijeet Bhattacharya The latest addition to the list today is Bollywood singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya. Here are the details: The man had the gall to give the most absurd response to the accusation: LISTEN IN: Singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya, who was accused of sexual harassment by a flight attendant has made an unimaginable comment, says that he doesn't want to give attention to fat and ugly girls, who are now coming out to blame people as an attention seeking tactic pic.twitter.com/asnKrdxyFw — TIMES NOW (@TimesNow) October 10, 2018 10. Prashant Jha The chief of bureau and political editor of Hindustan Times has been named in a case of sexual misconduct by a lawyer and journalist Avantika Mehta, and he has since resigned from his post. Read the entire thread below to get a better idea of the allegations: I'm the ex-lawyer HT correspondent mentioned in @MasalaBai's story. This thread includes photos of my conversation with prashant jha. you will notice I do everything and beyond to not piss him off while he says he wants to hit on me — Avantika Mehta (@bitingfriends) October 6, 2018 11. Mayank Jain Jain is the principal correspondent for Business Standard and was accused of sexual misconduct by The Wire health reporter Anoo Bhuyan on Twitter. Though the actual tweets are no longer available, we found this latest tweet on her TL: 24. Mayank Jain, the journalist I accused of sexual harassment, has resigned. . This was sent to @bsindia employees. "This is to inform you that Mayank Jain resigned today and his resignation has been accepted with immediate effect. Editor"#timesup — Anoo Bhuyan (@AnooBhu) October 9, 2018 12. Sidharth Bhatia The storm has also caught up to the founding editor of 'The Wire' who was recently accused by multiple women on social media. The establishment has since issued an internal enquiry into the matter. 17. @thewire_in asks victims with complaints to approach The Wire's internal committee headed by Monobina Gupta, wrt recent tweets against founding editor Sidharth Bhatia and also any other allegations.https://t.co/dk0aZNsw0z — Anoo Bhuyan (@AnooBhu) October 8, 2018 13. Gautam Adhikari The founding editor of DNA has also been named by journo Sandhya Menon in the following thread: And finally, one more calling out and I'm done. Gautam Adhikari who was the editor in chief of DNA Bombay. His exec assistant and I were think friends and we'd go out a lot. Once he told her you girls are always going out, I'm new to the city show me some sights — Sandhya Menon (@TheRestlessQuil) October 5, 2018 14. K. R. Sreenivas Times of India's Hyderabad resident editor K.R Sreenivas has also joined the list, with a former employee sharing her account of sexual harassment, which was shared by Journalist Sandhya Menon on her Twitter TL: A former colleague at Bangalore Mirror just sent this to me pic.twitter.com/FUhbHodeEg — Sandhya Menon (@TheRestlessQuil) October 7, 2018 More names continue to crop up and the list shall be updated as and when more inputs are available.
  8. Ever since Kapil Dev's team's World Cup triumph in 1983, cricket has reigned supreme like no other in India. In this part of the world, cricket is considered a religion and the cricketers are worshipped as demigods. The contest between bat and ball entices the fans and the decibel levels inside the stadium are understandably at an all-time high. For a sport that generally brings the entire nation to a standstill, cricket has also allowed the players to garner the spotlight and enjoy a greater fan-following than other athletes. From the stadiums to a public event, fans are generally seen thronging the cricketers like white on rice. There are times, when some fans are lucky enough to get a starry moment with their favourite cricketers, on other occasions, they have to contend with just a glimpse. In a recent case, an Indian cricket fan found herself in a similar position when she spotted Anil Kumble on a domestic flight. The legendary @anilkumble1074 in my BLR-MUM flight. Glanced at him once and was reminded of that game in West Indies where he bowled with a bandaged jaw. Teared up a bit. Gawwddd, I'm such a sucker for cricket memories. ð­ — Sohini (@Mittermaniac) October 9, 2018 Star-struck by the former Indian coach's presence on the Bangalore-Mumbai flight, the Indian fan took to Twitter and shared her excitement on the microblogging website. "The legendary @anilkumble1074 in my BLR-MUM flight. Glanced at him once and was reminded of that game in West Indies where he bowled with a bandaged jaw. Teared up a bit. Gawwddd, I'm such a sucker for cricket memories," she tweeted. I want to go up to @anilkumble1074 and say a 'Thank You' for all the joy, all the victories, all the memories. But, I am getting cold feet. — Sohini (@Mittermaniac) October 9, 2018 She went on further to add: "I want to go up to @anilkumble1074 and say a 'Thank You' for all the joy, all the victories, all the memories. But, I am getting cold feet". Still weighing in her options about meeting the Indian spin legend, the fan was swept off her feet by Kumble's sweet gesture. Responding to her tweet, the former Indian bowler wrote: "Please feel free to come over and say hi after take off @Mittermaniac". Taken by surprise, the fan wasted no time before rushing to Kumble who gave her an autograph on her boarding pass. Will have to get a boarding pass framed now. Thank you, @anilkumble1074. Someday I want to learn humility from you. pic.twitter.com/YbcJP1s8hi — Sohini (@Mittermaniac) October 9, 2018 "Will have to get a boarding pass framed now. Thank you, @anilkumble1074. Someday I want to learn humility from you," she thanked Kumble for his beautiful gesture on Twitter. For a man who will always be remembered as one of the greatest spin wizards from India, Kumble struck a chord with the fans for his down-to-earth approach and calm demeanour. Even if he has called time on his cricketing career, the 47-year-old leggie continues to enthral fans, only this time with his humility.
  9. Ever since emerging on the international circuit, Shoaib Akhtar quickly instigated the general consensus that he was going to become one of the best in the business. If his extreme pace left the opposition batsmen ducking for cover, Akhtar's fiery attitude turned him into one of the most entertaining characters in cricket. The right-arm speedster knew he was the fastest bowler and he made sure others knew it too. For a man who sprang into action as a natural successor to the legacy of famed Imran Khan, Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis, Akhtar, contrary to popular perception, eventually ended his career as one of the 'could've beens' in international cricket. Despite his impeccable skills with the ball, Akhtar's career was overshadowed by the long list of misdemeanours, bans and hefty fines. Don of cricket as they called me but never enjoyed hurting people but I must say when I was out there I just ran in for the love of my country & for the people around the world .. pic.twitter.com/be84Y2yYl5 — Shoaib Akhtar (@shoaib100mph) October 7, 2018 Thus, long after his retirement, there was no surprise to see the 'Rawalpindi Express' calling himself the "don of cricket". Taking to Twitter, Akhtar wrote: "Don of cricket as they called me, but never enjoyed hurting people. But, I must say when I was out there I just ran in for the love of my country and for the people around the world". © Twitter But, while the former Pakistani seamer was basking in his old glory, Indian cricket fans wasted no time in reminding him of the hammering the great Sachin Tendulkar dished out during the 2003 World Cup game in South Africa. Taking Akhtar to the cleaners, Tendulkar had blasted his way to a 75-ball 98 which paved way for India's six-wicket win over Pakistan. Here's a look at how Indian fans trolled Akhtar for his 'don of cricket' tweet: How can you forget this gem from @sachin_rt !! Smashing you my friend. You were also winning asia cup this time..ð pic.twitter.com/jyFgga9EXc — Gautam (@TheMystic19) October 7, 2018 This is not T20 match. Credit goes to @sachin_rt pic.twitter.com/XQ2BufCC65 — à®à®°à®£à¯à®¯à®¾ (@saranya01998) October 7, 2018 Ye 'don of cricket' ka taufa aapne khud ko diya h? — ADITYAð (@StarkAditya) October 7, 2018 You remember our sehwag Sachin hitting boundaries in your bowling — Dileep Kumar (@DileepKumar_44) October 8, 2018 Never heard anyone calling Shoaib Akhtar "Don of Cricket" until I heard it from Shoaib Akhtar himself here. — attentionmagnet (@attentionmagnet) October 8, 2018 Do you remember the six of world cup 2003 ? Master blaster @sachin_rt was there to hit it out of the ground ðªðªðª — Jalindhar Chavan (@Jalindhar_Srt) October 7, 2018 See this man pic.twitter.com/WaOsdAii3J — Dileep Kumar (@DileepKumar_44) October 8, 2018
  10. While the majority of us were still snoozed out at 4:30am on Tuesday morning, weightlifting history was being made by a 15-year old Indian athlete in Argentina. Remember Jeremy Lalrinnunga, the young weightlifter we told you about last year? © IWF Well, he just conquered the men's 62kg weightlifting event at the ongoing Youth Olympics in Argentina, standing tall with India's first ever gold medal in weightlifting on an Olympic stage. A weightlifting event comprises two lifts: the snatch and the clean & jerk. The athlete with the highest total clinches gold. Jeremy's first attempt in Snatch (120kg) was more than majority of athletes' final attempt. The Indian lifter, successfully lifted 120kg on his first snatch, missed his second attempt (124 Kg) but finally managed to get it in his final attempt. With the highest Snatch in the competition, Jeremy was playing for the gold right from the start. © IWF In clean & jerk he started with a successful 142kg. In his next attempt at 147 Kg, he successfully cleaned the weight, but failed to push it overhead. After Caner Topas (Turkey) and Jose Villar (Colombia) made their final attempts, Jeremy was declared the champion. Since he had already won, he could have withdrawn from taking the final attempt but like a true champion, Jeremy made his third attempt and effortlessly cleaned & jerked a whopping 150kg. His total shot up to his new personal best of 274kg in the process. This was the first time the Indian National anthem played in a weightlifting auditorium during an Olympic competition. © IWF Jeremy's potential was discovered by the Prestigious Army Institute of Sports, Pune, where he has been nurtured into a world-class weightlifter. He currently trains at the National Institute of Sports, Patiala under coach Vijay Sharma, who is also the coach to World Champion female weightlifter Mira Bai Chugh. We wholeheartedly congratulate the Indian Champion, all his coaches, his family and the National Institute of Sports for making our Nation proud. Note- The images will be updated once we receive the latest images. Yash Sharma is a former national level Football player, now a Strength Coach, Nutritionist and Natural Bodybuilder. He also runs a YouTube Channel Yash Sharma Fitness via which he aims to educate all the fitness enthusiasts to maximize their gains by methods that are backed by science and applicable easily. Connect with him on YouTube, YashSharmaFitness@gmail.com, Facebook and Instagram.
  11. India won, yay! The entire Asia Cup series was just a brilliant display of the Indian cricket team bringing it and winning, and it was just great to see our Men in Blue in such killer form. I mean, who doesn't get excited watching their country playing so spectacularly on foreign soil and making everyone proud? But, the best moment came yesterday– India won the freaking series, and in a such a thrilling manner! There was not much trolling or anything – unlike all the previous matches – and there were just celebrations all around and it's the best thing to see. So much excitement, so much pride. So near yet so far from Bangladesh. Congratulations to Team India on winning the #AsiaCup2018 . Hats off to Bangladesh for such a spirited fight despite missing key players. India have a lot of areas to work upon despite winning this & I am hopeful, they will get better. #IndvBan — Virender Sehwag (@virendersehwag) September 28, 2018 Nail-biting, indeed. A great game of cricket! Congratulations team India! A nail biting finals, but we did it! #AsiaCup2018#INDvBAN — Harbhajan Turbanator (@harbhajan_singh) September 28, 2018 I love how everyone has just positive words about Bangladesh. Congratulations India on becoming #AsiaCup Champions. Hats off to Bangladesh for their splendid fight and attitude, for not giving up and playing out of their skins,this despite missing Shakib and Tamim. Special mention to Kedar Jadhav for his grit and commitment #IndvBan — VVS Laxman (@VVSLaxman281) September 28, 2018 Exactly. Not for the weak hearted. A match worthy of a final. Excellent from the Indian bowlers to set up yet another win....and Bhuvi, Jadeja & Jadhav for holding their nerve. Best team of the tournament keeps the trophy ð Well Played, India ðððð — Aakash Chopra (@cricketaakash) September 28, 2018 Amongst a few concerns middle order woes ..priority..Easy match was made harder ...Sorry to say, #KedarJadhav stayed Till the end to see it off, but not a hero by any means.. .his fitness almost cost the game in the end #TruthBeTold#INDvBAN#AsiaCupFinal2018 — subramanibadrinath (@s_badrinath) September 28, 2018 What a game! Congratulations India on winning the Asia Cup. The bowlers were phenomenal throughout the tournament and the main reason that we managed to win. Really special effort from Bangladesh to take the game so deep. Well done #IndvBan — Mohammad Kaif (@MohammadKaif) September 28, 2018 The only thing that matters. He's happy. India is happy. Nothing else matters.#INDvBAN#AsiaCupFinal#INDvsBANpic.twitter.com/wPzb8auIYq — Jagrati Shukla (@JagratiShukla29) September 28, 2018 He stole the show. Feeling Happy For The Lil One. ð¤ðð#INDvBAN#INDvsBAN#BANvIND#AsiaCup2018#AsiaCupFinalpic.twitter.com/HmUsYI2I1A — Sir Ravindra Jadeja (@SirJadeja) September 28, 2018 Can't let that happen. #INDvBAN Thank you Team India. I would have not bear this cute kid crying again. pic.twitter.com/446BarZ6Ya — ðShivraið¶ð¾ (@_Man_with_Class) September 28, 2018 Everyone just loves this kid so much. #INDvBAN the little boy is on the top of the world pic.twitter.com/njTEX8ecFm — Anurag (@Anurag79487849) September 28, 2018 History has been made? Kedar Jadhav is only the second batsman in ODI history to win the final with 0 balls remaining. First was JavedMiandad in Sharjah in 1986! #IndvBan — Mazher Arshad (@MazherArshad) September 28, 2018 Congratulations team indiaðððð well done boys ðpic.twitter.com/NqcCWtQHwT — Rahul Sharma (@ImRahulSharma3) September 28, 2018
  12. While all of us want to be stylish and fashion-forward, it can be a bit challenging for those of us who happen to be on a budget. And considering how most young Indian men always tend to be either cash-strapped or running over their budget, this can make things a bit discouraging and demoralising for them. But wanting to look your stylish and modish best should never be dependent on how much you make, and so to help all budget-sensitive men out there, here are 5 fashion staples that you could actually own for less than Rs 2000. 1) A Pair Of Kickass Sneakers © Official Instagram/ Vicky Kaushal For those of us who happen to be on a budget, owning a pair of kickass sneakers ends up becoming especially challenging. After all, most brands that are known for curating sneakers (Adidas, Puma) tend to sell stuff at a higher price point. But if you look beyond those brands, you'd actually be able to get your hands on some kickass sneakers for an affordable price. In fact, we at MensXP have already curated a list of the best white sneakers and black sneakers under Rs 2000, that will help you get your favourite kicks at super reasonable rates. 2) Stylish Chinos © Official Instagram/ Varun Dhawan Chinos are awesome! Not only are they super comfortable to wear, but they also end up complimenting most of your wardrobe - making them an incredibly useful addition to your closet. As such, getting your hands on some stylish chinos at affordable rates, something that we at MensXP have already complied for you, will end up being of great help. 3) Formal Shirts © Official Instagram/ Vidyut Jamwal For those of you who have to follow a strict dress-code policy at work, wearing a formal shirt is something you simply cannot avoid. In fact for many men out there, it's their go-to staple for five days (and for some unlucky chaps six days!) of the week. As such, you should be pleased to know that some of the most well-known and reputable brands out there (such as Blackberrys, Park Avenue and Raymond) are actually curating formal shirts at super affordable rates. 4) Fancy Watches © Official Instagram/ Kartik Aaryan A watch can often make all the difference in determining how good (or bad!) your ensemble is going to look. But watches - especially those belonging to premium brands - can be incredibly expensive, and that can often discourage someone to either opt for a substandard product, or not wear a wrist watch altogether. Well, once again, we at MensXP have come up with a solution for that problem by finding some of the best watches for men out there that also flaunt a price tag of under Rs 1,500. 5) Classy Wallets © Unsplash Owning a classy wallet is pretty-much one of those rare fashion staples that also doubles down for utility purposes. As such, it goes without saying that all Indian men out there should pay extra attention to the wallet they are carrying in their pockets. Well fortunately for you, we've already compiled a list of wallets that are incredibly stylish AND affordable. Pro Tip: Since opting for a budget friendly option does not mean you should compromise on its quality, we at MensXP have already compiled a list of the best budget leather wallets that you could check out.
  13. While many consider being a 'rule-breaker' and 'trendsetter' to be a good thing, especially when it comes to one's fashion choices, it's important to look at such statements with perspective. While being different, trendy and redefining what fashion means to you is encouraged, it's also important to remember that there are certain rules of fashion that should NEVER be broken. Think of these not as limitations or hindrances to your fashion choices, but as golden guidelines that are full-proof in helping you look your absolute best. So on that note, here are five golden rules of fashion that all Indian men should make sure they follow. 1) Less Is More © Official Instagram/ Kartik Aaryan This is perhaps the most essential rule of fashion that ALL men should make sure they follow. While accessorising or layering itself can be a really good thing, especially if it compliments your ensemble, over-accessorising and over-layering is simply not cool. Not only will doing so make your outfit appear more overwhelming than it has any right to be, but it'll also make people not take you (or your fashion choices!) seriously. 2) Get The Right Fit © Official Instagram/ Shahid Kapoor You might be wearing the best trousers, the best suits, the best jackets or the best jeans for men, but they'll all be wasted if you don't wear the right fit. After all, wearing ill-fitting clothes is perhaps the biggest fashion sin you could possibly commit. Just think about it - would you want to go out wearing a suit that looks a tad bit larger or a pair of trousers that appear too tight? 3) Your Shoes Can Make Or Break Your Look © Official Instagram/ Vicky Kaushal The type of sneakers you are wearing can go a long way in either making or breaking your look. After all, you might be wearing the best Adidas shoes, the best Nike shoes or the best Puma shoes out there and still not look good because they aren't going well with the rest of your outfit. Pro tip: Opting for different types of white sneakers is highly recommended as they can pretty much go well with most of your outfits. 4) Don't Underestimate The Impact Of Layering © Official Instagram/ Kartik Aaryan Not only can layering elevate your casual outfit, but it can also make your outfit more modish. In fact, most men nowadays are anyway layering up their outfits with stylish jackets, shirts and pullovers. However, just keep in mind that keeping things simple and layering up your outfits are not mutually exclusive. 5) Whatever You Wear, Wear It With Confidence © Official Instagram/ Karan Johar Finally, whatever you choose to wear, make sure you wear it with confidence. After all, if you yourself are unsure and uneasy about what you're wearing, how can you possibly expect anyone else to embrace your outfit? So whether you are wearing a casual tee and a simple pair of trousers, or if you're adorning a funky jacket and shimmery trousers, you need to make sure you wear it confidence.
  14. Narrowing down the date, time and place for a marriage proposal can be quite a task for anyone who intends to go down that lane. From the fear of being turned down to the harrowing thoughts of making an absolute mess, there are a lot of things that come to mind when someone decides to propose to their respective partners. But, that wasn't the case with Indian chess player Niklesh Jain. While chess players from all over the globe came to Georgia to make a mark at the 2018 Batumi Olympiad, Niklesh went into the tournament with something else in mind. Labelling the tournament as a "temple for chess players", the Indian chess player was convinced that it was the perfect place for him to propose to his long-time girlfriend Angela Franco, who represents Colombia in competitive chess. Roping in his girlfriend's sister for help, Niklesh devised a plan to surprise Angela during the tournament. She was getting ready for Colombia's second round match against China in the main hall, when Niklesh got down on his knee and popped the all-important question with a sparkling ring in his hand. Taken by surprise, Angela blushed and even turned away before gleefully accepting her boyfriend's proposal. Every participant present in the main hall applauded and cheered for the couple as they continued to smile and celebrate. The video of the entire incident was captured on camera and has since, gone viral on the social media. “Actually I am a chess player and she is too. There were a few places where I could have proposed her, but then I thought what better could it be then the Chess Olympiads. There are 189 countries who are playing here and for us, this is our temple,” Niklesh was quoted as saying by Chess.com. “I had been planning this for some time. We have been dating for 1.5 years after we met in Barcelona in the Catalan circuit. We were playing our matches next to each other. I won that game against a tough opponent, even though I was not trying to impress her. But we started talking,” he added. If his heartfelt marriage proposal got him fame on social media, his moving words after the incident earned him more praise. “The world is for peace, for love and there's no language, no colour, no bar of anything. We should be a good human being and this is good for world,” Niklesh concluded.
  15. If you play games on the Sony PlayStation 4 you may have come across a huge obstacle when buying games digitally —credit cards. The PlayStation digital store currently only supports Indian credit cards for purchasing games digitally and has no support for Debit Cards. Indian Gamers tend to not have access to a credit card which made it harder for everyone to purchase a game digitally or even renew PlayStation Plus. © Twitter Finally, Sony has made adjustments to their strategy and introduced PlayStation Network Cards for Indian gamers. These cards are now officially available online on GamesTheShop (Online and Offline stores) which can be purchased with a debit card or even cash. This will enable players to add funds to their digital wallets, buy PlayStation Plus, Game Add-Ons like FUT points and even full games. Voucher codes are available in the denominations of: • Rs. 500 • Rs. 1000 • Rs. 1500 • Rs. 2000 • Rs. 2500 • Rs. 3000 • Rs. 3500 • Rs. 4000 • Rs. 4500 The ability for gamers to buy digital codes and wallet top ups could boost sales of games and digital sales in India. Currently, India has around 2.5-3 lakh users that can take full advantage of these prepaid cards. Having said that, Indian gamers prefer to buy physical copies of games so that they can re-sell it after finishing the game. We're not entirely sure how this will pan out however it is a welcomed move for gamers who prefer to buy games digitally and have access on Day 1. © Sony Would you be buying Digital prepaid cards to buy games, DLC and other add-ons from the PlayStation Store? Let us know in the comments how this would affect you.
  16. Xiaomi announced a range of new smart devices for Indian homes and we've been testing one of those gadgets for over a week. It's the affordable 360 degree 1080p security camera that basically looks like 'EVA' from 'Wall-E'. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla When it comes to security, traditionally people tend to buy the most expensive setup out there, because not many people want to take a chance with an affordable solution. Having said that, the Mi Home Security Camera is here to change everyone's mind. It's equipped with a 360-degree wide-angle lens and one can move it up and down to 45 degrees. The security camera can capture 1080P video, has intelligent motion detection, infrared night vision and has a two-way talk feature. Basically, this smart security camera can do more than anything being offered in India at an affordable price. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla Setting up the Mi Home Security Camera 360° was probably easier than setting up a new smartphone. You first start by plugging in the security and you get prompted by a voice stating “Waiting to connect” or something like that. You need to download the 'Mi Home' app if you haven't already. Make sure the 'Mi Home' app's region is set to “India (Asia Server)” otherwise you will not be able to pair the security camera. Once the app detects the security camera, it will use Bluetooth and your Wi-Fi network to set it up. The entire process probably takes around three minutes. How It Works © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla Once your security camera is added to the 'Mi Home' app, you can open the camera from the hub. It will automatically show you live footage from the room the camera is placed in. You can even notice the bit rate of the stream at the top. You can pause/play, change resolution, mute/unmute right from the application. You can even change the orientation of the camera from the app when you're not home and want to see something in the corner. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla The motion detection on the security camera is top notch and you can even program the camera to send a notification to your smartphone each time it detects motion. Likewise, you can even set up the camera to start recording a video or take pictures when it detects motion. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla The Mi App will even show you the entire history of each movement detected in the room. The security camera has a microSD slot where it can store all the files for you to view. The security camera is able to store footage for up to a week which you can save on your smartphone if you ever need to access it. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla You can even store footage on a NAS drive if you happen to have one at your home. It would have been cool to see some support for cloud storage and it would be awesome to store videos and images on Mi Cloud or any third party service. You can have the security camera record for 24 hours at a certain time, or have it record only when it detects motion. You can even make a voice call to the security camera if someone is there in your room. It's a great feature to scare away people who are snooping in your room. I used it to scare my dogs when I was away and it definitely made them howl. © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla The Infrared night recording also works like a charm, as one can see everything clearly even in a pitch dark room. Everything is clear as daylight and the cool thing is that the security camera automatically switches to infrared mode, as soon as you switch off all the lights. The Final Say © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla The Mi Home Security Camera is probably our favourite device from the range of devices Xiaomi has launched recently. It should be priced way higher for all the things it does, but it only costs Rs 2,699. If you already have other Xiaomi smart home products, you can even create scenes within the Mi Home app for it to create your own smart home scenario. The Mi Security Camera 360° is a total winner in every aspect and is a must buy for every Indian homeowner.
  17. A few months back, Xiaomi launched the Mi Bluetooth Speaker in India and has been looking forward to expanding its smart home lineup in the country. The company has a wide range of smart home products in China and is slowly bringing them to India. In fact, the company has recently launched a new Mi Home Store in its Bengaluru office, where all these products are up for display. Today, the brand has launched its Mi Security Camera and Mi Air Purifier in India. The two have been launched alongside the Mi Band 3 and Mi TV 4A Pro. A dig at the market outside of smartphones is not new for Xiaomi, as it had previously launched the Mi Powerbank and even ball pens called Mi Rollerball Pen. © Xiaomi Starting with the Mi Security Camera, it is an affordable way to keep an eye on what's going on inside of your home. The Mi camera offers motion detection alerts and records motion events locally, which means you don't have to pay for cloud storage. The camera can be easily kept on a table or stuck to a wall, it has a wide angle lens that can capture 1080p video and provides up to 30 feet of black-and-white night video thanks to an infrared sensor. It also has inbuilt dual-band Wi-Fi circuitry (2.4GHz and 5GHz) along with a microphone. © Xiaomi The camera can be accessed from the Mi Home mobile app that is available for Android and iOS. It opens to a home screen that displays all connected cameras and with a single tap, the live feed will be available. The Mi Air Purifier is already available in India and with firecrackers going off everywhere, Diwali is a fitting occasion to introduce the budget-friendly Air Purifier 2S that comes with a high-precision laser sensor to improve response to contaminated air. © Xiaomi The Air Purifier 2S packs a dose of smarts you don't see in most competitors, such as Wi-fi connectivity and remote management from the Mi Home app. The fan never stops spinning unless you power the device down and Xiaomi says, the custom-made motor draws a mere 4.8 watts in normal operation. The addition of a small OLED display makes operations very convenient. The Mi Security Camera is priced at Rs 2,699 and will available from October 10th, while the Mi Air Purifier is priced at 8,999 and will available from tomorrow. © Xiaomi Xiaomi also launched a new Mi Suitcase that comes with a dual locking mechanism. The suitcase is ultra light and has been built keeping portability in mind. The metal casing is very thick and you'll know the bag can handle the rough flights and conveyor belts.
  18. The world of cricket is well versed with the fiery rivalry shared between India and Pakistan. It entices fans, makes up for an exciting contest on the field and attracts limelight like no other. Thus, when the two teams locked horns in the 2018 Asia Cup recently, tempers were once again expected to soar. However, contrary to popular perception, their group game failed to live up to the expectations of fans, as Pakistan suffered a heavy eight-wicket loss at the hands of Rohit Sharma & co in the tournament. Bowled out for a mere 162 runs, Pakistan failed miserably to defend their total as India avenged their 2017 Champions Trophy final loss in style. © BCCL Sarfraz Ahmed and his boys were so poor, that it beggared belief. Irked by Pakistan's dismal show, their fans took pot-shots at the team and slammed them for their shambolic defeat at the hands of arch-rivals India. If the mood amongst the fans was damp, the state of mind of former Pakistani cricketers who witnessed their team's debacle, was even worse. Ahead of their Super Four clash, an Indian journalist tried to get an emotional response from Shoaib Akhtar by asking him if Pakistan was once again ready to get hammered by the 'Men in Blue'. Infuriated by the anchor's choice of words, the former Pakistani speedster minced no words in shutting her down. He asked the anchor to ask questions related solely to cricket before claiming that he isn't a state-level cricketer. He further asked her to maintain a sense of dignity and rethink who's sitting in front of her. Akhtar's comments came during a pre-match chat show that also included Gautam Gambhir and Sandeep Patil. While Akhtar eventually managed to shut the Indian anchor, he just couldn't save Pakistan from another hammering at the hands of India in the Super Four clash later in the day. Defending a mediocre total of 237 runs, Pakistan failed miserably against the marauding opening pair of Rohit and Shikhar Dhawan whose hundreds powered their side to an emphatic nine-wicket win. It was India's second successive win over Pakistan in the ongoing tournament.
  19. We know why you're here and trust us, it's the same reason why we wrote this story. Our generation happens to be the lucky bunch that gets to behold numerous off-the-beaten-track career options, that our parents would've never even dared to consider during their time. We feel pretty good about the current scenario, but it's also true that not all of us are that confident about chucking the traditional ways so easily and chase after our dreams because, as pados wali aunty says, “job and financial security ka kya hoga?” Well, while we can't take that leap of faith regarding your career for you, we can surely help you take inspiration from others' success stories to realise your own dreams and take that first step. Here is a list of six young Indian men, who dared to take the plunge into the unknown, and won big in life: 1. Shivesh Bhatia © Instagram Shivesh is just 22 years old, but in such a short time he has debunked multiple gender stereotypes all at once. An avid baker and a food blogger with 121K followers on Instagram, he is the mastermind behind a delectable looking feed that's a welcome sight for anyone with a sweet tooth. Apart from this, he also runs his own blog where he shares his recipes with other bakers. But the best part is that he has just authored his first cookbook 'Bake with Shivesh' which is being published by Harper Collins. While people go on yapping about how whipping out pastries and pies is a job suitable for women, Shivesh has proved to such dimwits that no career is gender specific and if you put your heart into your passion, then you shall receive the best 2. Punit Pathak © Instagram Many of you might have first seen him showing off some killer dance moves in the movie 'ABCD: Anybody Can Dance' in 2013 but Punit's dance career dates back to the second season of the reality show 'Dance India Dance' in 2010, when he first grabbed major limelight on the show with his charismatic performances. Cut to 2018, he has been a judge and a mentor on reality dance shows like 'Dance India Dance' and 'Dance+'. Today, he is a Bollywood choreographer and an actor who has created his own niche in the industry and boasts of a huge fanbase too. For the longest time, our society challenged the idea of men getting into this profession, branding it as unstable, however, Punit has not only dismantled their narrow outlooks but has also proved that your passion can become your career as well. 3. Bhuvan Bam © Instagram The guy needs no introduction being the epic personality that he is. His 'BB Ki Vines' is an absolute show stealer and it rightly put him on the map as one of India's best YouTubers in recent times. He is one of GenY's most beloved entertainers whose sketches and performances have cracked us up for the longest time. However, the 24-year-old started out as a singer and stage performer, later switching over to comedy sketches which made him popular nation-wide. He has been a part of many popular web series and now, even a short film 'Plus Minus' is in the pipeline for him. He has made a successful career as a YouTuber and continues to aim for the stars. 4. Advait Chandan © Filmfare Advait is the guy behind the coming-of-age movie 'Secret Superstar' starring Zaira Wasim in the lead and Aamir Khan in a cameo role. The audience loved Advait's storytelling in his directorial debut under Aamir's production house and the movie earned numerous positive reviews from critics. The movie was nominated for numerous awards under multiple categories and went on to win three Filmfare awards. From the time when no production house came forward to support the movie, to garnering a major success in the entertainment industry, Advait became an inspiration for people who wish to share their story with the world and have the passion to chase their dreams. 5. Sanam Puri © Instagram It was back in 2010 when Sanam made the decision to audition for Times Music Supastars, a hunt for India's next pop band. He got together with his brother and two other friends to form the SQS Supastars. In 2013, their moment of glory arrived when they got their Bollywood break in the movie 'Gori Tere Pyaar Mein' with the song 'Dhatt Teri Ki'. However, today they are known as the Sanam band who are more popular for their music covers on their YouTube channel. This was a chance accident, that went on to eventually bring them a loyal fan base that appreciates the music they create. So, the next time someone says singing wouldn't bring you success and money, think about this guy! 6. Kanan Gill © YouTube Kanan started out as a writer who penned funny songs and lyrics for his comedy rock band in college, where he was studying software engineering. While he worked in the IT industry, his love for comedy persisted. He decided to give his passion a try and went on to win many comedy competitions. In 2014, came Kanan's big break when he landed a sketch comedy show on Comedy Central called 'The Living Room'. Along with the success of his shows and the popularity of 'Pretentious Movie Reviews' on YouTube, he soon became a popular comedian that the youngsters instantly connected to. Kanan left his job in no time and we already know how far he has come since. He even landed a major role in the Bollywood movie 'Noor' starring opposite Sonakshi Sinha. Take inspiration from these men, who chose to follow their hearts and made a career and a thriving bank balance out of their passion.
  20. People say 'don't dream your life, live your dreams' and it looks like Sushant has been taking this lesson seriously and giving his millions of followers an inspiration to do the same. If you follow him on social media, then you must have come across his 'dream project' where he is fulfilling his dreams one by one. View this post on Instagram 5th September onwards. 4 Dreams at a time; 4@aâ° A fun exercise of sharing my dreams, sharing the constant and varying methods to realise the goals (150 dreams) and a constant feedback loop on digital and other platforms. “THE DREAM PROJECT “ by my team of friends ; “The Pro Team ð½ð½ð½ â°” Let's have some Fun ð¤â¤ï¸ðð¦ðªð®ð³ðð«ââ°â°â° Video ð¥: @rud3dud3 #4dreams@â° #livingmydreams #lovingmydreams A post shared by Sushant Singh Rajput (@sushantsinghrajput) on Sep 1, 2018 at 11:38pm PDT With each dream, Sushant is winning our hearts and his latest post was no different. As a part of his 'Dream 80/150' project, Sushant spent a day with the Indian Armed Forces personnel. He was also seen making rotis with the help of a soldier standing next to him. Sushant wrote in his caption, "Dream 80/150. Spend at least one day, every six months with Indian Armed Forces and try to learn from the mindset of the Heroes and serve them with due respect in any way possible." View this post on Instagram Dream 80/150 Spend at least one day, every six months with Indian Armed Forces and try to learn from the mindset of the Heroes and serve them with due respect â in any way possible. @indianairforce @indiannavy @indianarmy.adgpi @bsf_india @indian_paramilitary_forces ð®ð³ ðï¸ðâ¤ï¸ð« ð¥ #theproteam @rud3dud3 @kushalz @theonewithoutafancyname #livingmydreams #lovingmydreams ð¦ðªâ° A post shared by Sushant Singh Rajput (@sushantsinghrajput) on Sep 24, 2018 at 9:06pm PDT Some actors rule the box-office with their phenomenal movies, while some actors rule people's hearts with their moving gestures. Sushant Singh Rajput is one such actor, who has been earning people's love and respect with his kind and humble gestures. © Instagram When Kerala was battling one of the worst floods in the state's history and was in desperate need of financial support, Sushant Singh Rajput was one of the first few celebrities who came forward to lend a helping hand and donated Rs. 1 crore on behalf of his fans. View this post on Instagram As promised my friend, @subhamranjan66 , what you wanted to do has been done. You made me do this, so be extremely proud of yourself. You delivered exactly when it was needed. Lots and lots of love. FLYð¦ Cheers ð¦ðªðââ¤ï¸ #MyKerala ð³âï¸ðªâ¤ï¸ A post shared by Sushant Singh Rajput (@sushantsinghrajput) on Aug 21, 2018 at 12:55am PDT When Nagaland was also hit by the deluge and many people were unaware of the situation in the North Eastern state, Sushant visited the state, met CM Neiphiu Rio and donated Rs. 1.25 crore for the relief work. Thank you Sir for your precious time. We,with our full force and determination would work incessantly till the time our #Nagaland is perfectly restored. And this wonderful Gong does make a wonderful sound of friendship. Thanks once again Sir.@Neiphiu_Rio ððâ#NagalandFloods pic.twitter.com/PBrEl5RYLh — Sushant Singh Rajput (@itsSSR) September 4, 2018 Actor Sushant Singh Rajput has proved that he is a real-life hero with a heart of gold.
  21. India unlocked its latest achievement this morning, when Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the Pakyong Airport- an engineering marvel situated at a height of 4,500 feet above sea-level between the Himalayas in Sikkim. © Twitter PM Modi hailed it as an 'engineering marvel' because of the terrain where the airport has been constructed. Located 30 kilometres away from the state capital Gangtok, it marks the 100th functional airport in the country and has de-crowed Sikkim as the only state without an airport. The airport is located atop a hill two kilometres above the Pakyong village, and is spread over 201 acres and also happens to be North-East India's first greenfield airport. © Twitter The airport is being hailed as a good measure to improve regional connectivity to Sikkim besides the rest of the North-Eastern states, thereby also improving tourism in the region. The first commercial flight to take off from the airport on 4th October will be a budget carrier SpiceJet plane that will fly between Kolkata and Pakyong. © Twitter The Pakyong Airport has been included in central government's UDAN scheme, whose objective is to “let the common citizen of the country fly” by making air travel affordable and accessible. People all over the country are excited about this newest pride of the country, that is said to be blessed with picturesque sights and will not only make travelling to Sikkim easier, but will also save time and money. Can't wait to book a flight to Sikkim soon!
  22. One of the biggest names in international cricket, Mahendra Singh Dhoni continues to weave his magic for the Indian cricket team. From his impeccable leadership skills to majestic batting display, Dhoni has aided his side more often than not. He might have drawn flak during the limited-overs series in England, but Dhoni of the old has been in full display in the ongoing Asia Cup. The Jharkhand skipper, in the absence of Virat Kohli, has been seen donning the role of Team India's mentor. And, on 23rd September, he notched up yet another personal feat after becoming the second most capped player for India across all formats. The 37-year-old played his 505th match for the country during the Super Four clash against Pakistan. © Reuters Marking his record outing with some brilliant work behind the stumps, Dhoni pipped great Rahul Dravid who had 504 caps for Team India in international cricket. Dhoni's appearance now places him right behind Sachin Tendulkar who currently leads the elite list with a record 664 international caps for India. Arguably the most experienced player in the 16-member squad at the Asia Cup, Dhoni's know-how of the game has been proving to be an ace in the pack for Team India that has remained unbeaten in the tournament, having decimated arch-rivals Pakistan in two successive clashes. © Reuters The Jharkhand cricketer boasts of an illustrious cricketing career. He has amassed over 10079 runs in ODIs, 4876 runs in Tests and 1487 runs in T20Is. While his batting prowess that once gave India teeth in the death overs might have dropped a notch, Dhoni's presence on the field has undoubtedly been a boon for his side. With India virtually securing their berth for the final, Dhoni's expertise will once again be needed for the sub-continent giants to successfully defend the Asia Cup title this year.
  23. Among all the rivalries in the world of cricket, nothing comes close to the thrill and excitement that an India vs Pakistan match gives to every cricket fan. In fact, such is the craze that social media already gets flooded with jokes and memes before the two teams can even enter the stadium. However, there are times when certain inspiring stories trend more than those funny memes, which show us the real picture of this sport. Twitter During India's much-awaited match against Pakistan, what won the hearts of millions wasn't just India's victory or Yuzvendra Chahal tying Usman Khan's shoelaces on the field, there was another guy who won the internet with his beautiful gesture. While fans of both teams were cheering for their respective sides at the Dubai stadium, this man, donning the Pakistani flag, was seen singing the Indian national anthem. Facebook The video initially went viral on Instagram and was later shared by 'Voice of Ram' on Facebook. Honestly, there is nothing more beautiful than this gesture and he deserves all the love that is being showered on him. Clearly, cricket is truly the biggest religion in the world. As the video went viral, the guy who made the video came forward and disclosed his identity. "That's me guys. Thanks for sharing. Peace only. No nonsensical wars. Spread Love," said Adil Taj. If only more people could think like him.
  24. India and Pakistan share a rivalry like no other in international cricket. The two countries absolutely love cricket, and whenever they lock horns, it creates a unique aura, both inside and outside the stadium. It is cricket's most lucrative draw, aged perfectly on the back of bittersweet memories of previous encounters. Whether it's the 2011 World Cup semifinal between the two teams attracting over 988 million viewers, or the fact that the tickets for their 2015 World Cup match were sold out within 12 minutes, the Indo-Pak rivalry generates a lot of excitement amongst anxious fans as there is never a dull moment in the match. Thus, when the fixtures of the 2018 Asia Cup were revealed, there was no surprise to see India's group stage clash against Pakistan standing out amongst the rest. The fans marked the date on their respective calendars and patiently waited for the 'mother of all battles' to arrive. But, while the Asia Cup fixture garnered all the spotlight, there was an equally important clash which seems to have now set the tone for today's mega battle. © Reuters Far away from the spotlight and fanfare, India's wheelchair cricket team donning the iconic blue jersey was getting ready for a battle of their own against the arch-rivals in the 2018 Friendship Cup that is also being played in UAE. While the more popular cricket side from Pakistan - led by Sarfraz Ahmed - is expected to give Rohit Sharma's men a run for their money, their wheelchair team couldn't stand the test of the Somjeet Singh-led Indian brigade. India won the first match by 89 Runs against Pakistan at Indo-Pak T-20 #WheelchairCricket Series, Friendship Cup 2018 at EGC Ground, Ajman, UAE. India-181/7 in 20 Over Pak-92/10 in 16 Over.@ANI @PTI_News @timesofindia @htTweets @TimesNow @aajtak @CNNnews18 @ZeeNews @ndtv @BCCI pic.twitter.com/9xyx8Fw0Zs — Indian Wheelchair Cricket (@WChairCricketIN) September 18, 2018 Batting first, the Indian wheelchair cricket team posted a competitive total of 181/7 in the allotted quota of 20 overs. In reply, Pakistan needed strong partnerships but couldn't negate India's bowling attack before eventually getting bowled out for a mere 92 runs in 16 overs. The Indian team, without breaking much sweat, romped their way to an emphatic 89-run win Their victory might not have garnered the kind of spotlight Rohit's men would get, but Somjeet-led side surely set an example for the more popular cricket team of India ahead of their much-anticipated clash against Pakistan in the Asia Cup today. Team India will be facing Sarfraz Ahmed & co after a span of 15 months since their heart-breaking loss to the same opponent in the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy final. Defending a formidable total of 338 runs, Pakistan's pace battery ran through India's batting line-up and eventually recorded a memorable 180-run triumph in England. © Reuters Led by Rohit, India will surely be eager to avenge the Champions Trophy final loss but it's not going to be easy. The absence of Virat Kohli in the line-up is always going to be a drawback and the threat that Pakistan's pace battery poses is something the 'Men in Blue' will be wary of. But, having said that, India still has match-winners in Shikhar Dhawan, MS Dhoni and Rohit. And, when it comes to bowling, the likes of Jasprit Bumrah and Bhuvneshwar Kumar add teeth to their attack. Though it's quite hard to predict whether the defending champions will come out on top or we'll see a repeat of Champions Trophy final, the Indian wheelchair cricket team's recent triumph over Pakistan has surely set an example for Rohit and his teammates, ahead of their thrilling group-stage clash in Asia Cup today.
  25. We have come a long way since the times of Chaudhary Baldev Singh in 'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge' to the Bhashkor Banerjee in 'Piku'. During this time, the father figures of Indian cinema gradually but consistently, underwent subtle transformations that were to change Bollywood's concept of cool dads, that the GenY would be able to appreciate and relate to. A lot of this change must be credited to the feminist movement that has been gaining pace and active recognition across the country, over the past few years. The feminist movement, at the very core of its existence, thrives on the need for gender equality for all, as well as equal avenue and exposure for the sexes. Feminism's another powerful fight is against the de-humanisation of men, who are carved out as stoic authoritarians, as per patriarchal ideologies. Over the past few years, Indian cinema has witnessed a gradual evolution in the father figures. These dads are not authoritarians and dictators but instead, hold the ability to be friendly, nurturing and forthcoming with their feelings towards their children and family. They are everything India is fighting for and its darn good! 1. Dattatreya - '102 Not Out' © SPE Films India Dattatreya is the new age super dad who cares for his son's health and welfare like a mother would, while he dons the father's hat. He goes out of his way to watch out for his son and enables him to face the world by his own might. He is fearless, unapologetic and openly expresses his feelings to his son. 2. Mr. Joshi - 'Shubh Mangal Saavdhan' © Colour Yellow Procductions Sugandha's father in this movie was a man who is coming to terms with GenY's openness towards love and sexuality and has moved beyond any awkwardness around such issues. He stands up for his daughter's happiness, goes against the elders and even goes on to discuss how marital bliss shouldn't take a backseat in her life. 3. Bhashkor Banerjee - 'Piku' © MSM Motion Pictures Perhaps the epitome of everything this article is talking about, Bhashkor Banerjee is his daughter's biggest cheerleader, who appreciates his daughter's achievements as well as her decisions on love and ***. He is proud of the daughter he has reared, who is capable of holding opinions and voicing them too! 4. Mr. Thapar - 'Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani' © Dharma Productions Bunty's dad in this movie is one of those dads who does not shy away from expressing their feelings to their children. They will sit you down and pour out all of their concerns and expectations, even if it means openly dealing with feelings. Mr. Thapar wishes to know more about the life Bunty has chosen for himself, he wants to be as involved as a mother is in her children's life and let his son know that he cares. 5. Mahavir Singh Phogat - 'Dangal' © Aamir Khan Productions Though it is true that he isn't the perfect feminist father one could show off, yet a lot of Mahavir's stance is that of a father who is defying the stereotypes and valuing his daughters' dreams, more than the ideals of the society. For him, to take up this stance in a Haryanvi community is a great move forward. 6. Kamal Mehra - 'Dil Dhadakne Do' © Excel Entertainment Another character who begins as an absolute opposite of what feminism stands for - he forces his son to join the family business against his son's wishes and is against his daughter's divorce, is almost a little insensitive towards his wife but by the end of the story, we see a changed father who fights for his daughter's happiness and safety and acknowledges his skewed ways as a husband to his wife. If that isn't a start, then what is? 7. Narottam Mishra - 'Bareilly Ki Barfi' © Junglee Pictures We admired how this character was created. Narottam is unapologetic and also happens to be his daughter's biggest champion. His daughter is opinionated, independent and knows what she wants from life and in her life partner, and Narottom supports her every step of the way. He has raised a daughter who will go on to create a life based on her own rules. 8. Amarjeet Kapoor - 'Kapoor & Sons' © Dharma Productions Amarjeet aka Dadu in 'Kapoor & Sons' does what is expected of a woman of the house - to bring the family close and keep it together. His family had grown apart due to numerous personal tragedies and Amarjeet took it upon himself to try one last time to bring the family together, so everybody could give life another a second chance, in the guise of his last wish. He doesn't succeed completely but the misunderstandings do get erased. What do you think about these dads? They're awesome right?