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Found 36 results

  1. Covered feet in winter can lead to one of the major issues - smelly feet. This problem is an invitation to the stench that sure takes a while to leave and is definitely not recommendable, even for the environment. Isn't it time to be a tad bit serious about this? To truly eliminate that stench once and for all, you need to follow these five basic and easy steps that will help you stat, this winter season. 1. Wash Your Feet Correctly © istock You might be thinking that washing your feet is something you do on a daily basis but in reality, your techniques could be wrong. A pleasantly scented soap may not prove fruitful and hence, you need a medicated soap. Pay special attention in between your toes as most of the moisture gets collected here. Furthermore, spray your feet with some foot spray powder to be at ease all day long. 2. The Vinegar Bath © istock Certain home remedies can do wonders for your smelly feet. One such remedy is vinegar bath wherein you need to fill the tub with warm water and vinegar and mix it well. Soak your feet in it and continue the same for 30 minutes. The acidic content in it can curb the bacteria and stop the stink. Try it out. 3. Maintain Hygiene © istock Start taking small measures which will surely have a larger effect. Use cotton socks in winter and make it a point to change them daily, keeping breathability and cleanliness factor in mind. And most importantly, before you glide your feet in it, dust talcum and cornstarch to maintain the moisture to a lower level. 4. Get A Pedicure © istock Let's make one thing clear that even men can get pedicures and feel pampered every once in a while. Pedicures make sure your feet are not smelly and taking help of the expert will tackle the issue. You can save yourself from the dead skin that gets accumulated between your toes in winter. Scrubbing and exfoliating during this process can do wonders while you sit back and enjoy the technique, which BTW also includes a bonus foot massage. Total bliss, right? View the full article
  2. Drop tests are often a way to brag about a smartphone's durability, however, a Chinese smartphone company took it to the next level. Chinese company Iqoo (Owned by VIVO) tested a smartphone by attaching it to a high-altitude balloon that went up to 31,540 meters or 1,03,000. The smartphone was then dropped and to everybody's surprise, it survived the fall! © Weibo The smartphone in question is a gaming smartphone by the Chinese company and was found in a working state after the fall. The video shows the smartphone ascending into the air that also helped in assessing the battery life of the smartphone in extreme conditions. The smartphone survived extreme temperatures of -56 degrees Celsius, which is quite impressive even though this test could be carried out in the factory. Finding the smartphone after the fall was challenging and it was located using 4X4 SUVs and drones. When the smartphone was discovered the screen was still recording and had suffered some damage, which was quite impressive. © Weibo The smartphone itself has a 4,000 mAh battery, a 6.41-inch screen and is powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855 processor. The smartphone also supports 44w fast-charging. This is not the first time a smartphone has been dropped from such a great height as previously, companies like Xiaomi, Honor and others have demonstrated a similar drop test. Having said that, this is the highest drop test we've ever seen on a smartphone yet.
  3. Bollywood has given us a new obsession – sneakers. From Ranveer Singh to the evergreen Anil Kapoor, everyone is tuned into the sneaker fetish. And common folks like us are forever trying to hunt down budget-friendly yet fancy alternates of this celebrity style. Celebrities shell out big bucks to flaunt the wackiest pair of sneakers (read Ranveer Singh) and when we mimic their wacky choices by our cheaper options, we break the cardinal rule of fashion – comfort before style. Running around the whole day in a stylish but uncomfortable pair of shoes will definitely grab you some eyeballs but at the cost of your health, and that's something none of us wants. Therefore, introducing the lifesaver for us sneakerheads, the Trigenic collection by Clarks. View this post on Instagram A dynamic shoe for a dynamic lifestyle. Tri Verve Lace. #Trigenic #ClarksforLife #Comfort #Wellbeing #Movement A post shared by Clarks Shoes (@clarksshoes) on Mar 20, 2019 at 5:49am PDT After months of browsing through different shoe brands for the classic comfort fit that came with a dash of style, I came across Clarks - my one-stop destination for life-changing sneakers. Even though that might have been a bit of an exaggeration, these comfort-packed sneakers deserve it all. The Tri Verve from Trigenic SS19 collection boasts of an engineered design that is inspired by a sporty aesthetic. It uses biomechanics to ensure that the shoes are a natural fit and for all us clumsy folks, it ensures that we stay balanced on the ground. The shoes absorb the shock with every step we take. View this post on Instagram GIVEAWAY: Olive or Black? Comment ð¸ for Olive or ð¦ for Black and we will choose one lucky winner at random to win a pair! You must be following @clarksshoes for your entry to count. Winner announced Monday. #Trigenic #ClarksforLife #Comfort #Wellbeing #Movement A post shared by Clarks Shoes (@clarksshoes) on Mar 23, 2019 at 6:08am PDT Balancing the sense of comfort with style, they essentially focus on bringing together four principles : Ergonomic Fit – Considered ergonomics create the perfect asymmetric fit that respects the shape of your foot. Responsive Cushioning – Premium materials deliver unrivalled underfoot cushioning and contoured fit. Engineered Deconstruction – Super-soft, flexible uppers provide a glove-like fit, taking a natural movement to a new level. Targeted Flex Points – Biomechanics respect and optimize the foot's natural motion with targeted flex points. Stand out. Sometimes it's about going against the flow. Tri Verve Lace https://t.co/g1fKQGJBLWhttps://t.co/CRXLOXPHbE#Trigenic #ClarksforLife #Comfort pic.twitter.com/9onV4G8jPr — Clarks Shoes (@clarksshoes) March 20, 2019 Taking athleisure to another level, these classic designs are given a moccasin construction to create a style statement. And boy, we are sold on this idea! You can browse through their entire collection here and add tons of new (actually comfortable ) sneakers to your collection that #MovesYouNaturally.
  4. The Khurana brothers are perhaps the most stylish siblings in Bollywood right now, and even though Ayushmann usually is the forerunner in terms of kickass style moves, Aparshakti is not far behind at all. He just demonstrated it once again with his accessory game, by wearing an industrial belt that's more than 6 Feet 7 Inches in length. Take a look. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani Aparshakti is wearing the Off-White industrial yellow belt that was showcased first during Virgil Abloh's Fall-Winter collection in 2016. The yellow belt runs a super extra length of 205 cm and has an adjustable metal buckle. Of course, he had to wrap it around 2-3 times. © Hypebeast Off-White is famous for creating pieces that set the wearer apart in a crowd, and this clearly is one of those statement pieces of accessories. The fact that Aparshakti is wearing it with a basic black T-shirt and a relaxed pair of black trousers, shows that the man understands the nuances of subtle street style. © Viral Bhayani © Viral Bhayani Coming to how much it costs, the belt is worth 211 USD, which when converted to NR comes close to about Rs 15,000. But when one piece can transform your entire ensemble, we guess it's worth it after all.
  5. Has it ever happened to you, that you got back home with your date after a romantic dinner, and as soon as you took off your shoes, your date fainted? Well we hope not (and that was a hyperbole), but trust us, nothing will kill your *** life and your social life in general faster than smelly feet. It's super unpleasant, and more importantly, extremely embarrassing. © Getty Images No one wants to experience that damp, musty odour coming from your socks. Most men don't know how to get rid of it, and whenever they seek help, there's usually a long list of things that are presented to them that are effective but time-consuming. But worry not, for we are here, and we have a super easy solution that will take less than a minute every day. © Getty Images One needs to understand that the main reason behind feet odour is the sweat they produce, and bacteria and fungus trapped inside shoes and socks thrive in that moist, warm environment. If one can find a way to take away that moisture, odour can be significantly reduced. The best way? The good old, always handy, talcum powder. © Getty Images Every day after taking a shower, make sure to dry your feet properly - especially the spaces between the toes and your nail corners. Once that is done, put some talcum powder/baby powder on your feet and spread it all around with your hands. Then wear a pair of clean socks (you can also spray some powder inside the socks before putting them on). Use some anti-bacterial or anti-fungal powder for amazing results. © Getty Images And voila! You'll notice a difference instantly. Of course, apart from this, you definitely cannot underestimate the importance of maintaining feet hygiene and always washing them properly. Try not covering your feet up all the time and wear open toed footwear if you suffer from it all the time.
  6. There isn't much that hasn't been said about the greatness of Mahendra Singh Dhoni as a player. He is one of the greatest batsman, knows how to win games for his country, is the most successful captain of the Indian cricket team and probably has the best reflexes as a wicket-keeper too! But MS Dhoni, in person, is equally phenomenal. From running a charity for the betterment of the financially backward students to showing his support to the Indian Army by holding friendly matches, the proceedings from which contribute to the better conditions of the 'jawans' at border, Dhoni has checked all the boxes for the prerequisites of being India's favourite son. Patriotism for the former captain is deep ingested in his heart. Prided with the position of Lieutenant Colonel of the Indian Army, Dhoni had once said: Once my cricket career is over, I would definitely like to serve in the army”. The love for his country seems to be guiding every action of the cricketing star as on Sunday, during the third and final T20I match between India and New Zealand at Hamilton, Dhoni's (almost) reflexive actions prevented the Indian tricolour from staying on the floor. Fan gives flag to Dhoni...!! pic.twitter.com/yxlNzXcsZ4 — Videos Shots (@videos_shots) February 10, 2019 Watch as one of Dhoni's millions of fans was able to rush past the security and onto the field just so he could fall on his idol's feet in love and respect. The fan happened to have a small Indian flag with him which Dhoni instantly picked up as the fan dove to the cricketer's feet, preventing the disrespect it would have meant. What's more is that while other sportspersons get finicky about fans running towards when with an object (which is totally understandable), Dhoni greeted the fan in white properly before he ran away clearly overflowing with joy as the security guard followed him in pursuit. Used to praising MSD for something or the other almost every single day, people once again took to Twitter, this time, to commend Dhoni's patriotic gesture: Dhoni never keep Flag on his helmet as he had to put it down for sometimes sums up this â£ðð»!! Massive Massive respect for this legend!!@msdhoni #MSDhoni pic.twitter.com/7wD16hYthE — MSD ð (@Vidyadhar_R) February 10, 2019 A Fan Breached Security To Touch MSD's feet at New Zealand . And Fan dropped INDIAN flag on Ground ð®ð³ . MSDhoni Picked the flag 1st #INDvNZ #Dhoni #Dhoni300 @msdhoni pic.twitter.com/vqvbjcayHE — ð®ð³ Sudhanshu Pandey ð®ð³ (@SudhanshuSK14) February 10, 2019 Thala #Dhoni da...ðð@msdhoni Respect Our National Flag.....ðð #INDvsNZt20 #IndVsNZ pic.twitter.com/vHVLG6FWyX — X-Men™ð­ (@itz_xWoLveriNe) February 10, 2019 MS Dhoni takes away the National Flag from a fan when he tries to touch his feet ð®ð³PATRIOTISM AT IT'S BEST pic.twitter.com/Rov9v8RfrA — Arvind Bishnoi (@Arvbishnoi29) February 10, 2019 He picked up the flag first. Huge huge Mr. Dhoni. @msdhoni https://t.co/ibFla4cY5z — 10 Bamboos (@Baba_Gyancho) February 10, 2019 MS Dhoni prevents Indian flag from touching the ground after a fan touches his feet in Hamilton#IndvsNz pic.twitter.com/9m652zpoVI — Sreejith p (@Sreejithp_SP) February 10, 2019
  7. While Christmas is a time with family and close friends, it also brings in some form of romantic closure. It could be because cosying up with someone in the cold harsh winter is the ultimate thing to do, while the festivities are in order. So, in case you're looking for date idea to brighten up your holiday, we have some rather swanky ones, that are away from boring Christmas traditions. © Pinterest Here are 5 different ways to spend the Christmas holiday together: (1) Cook A Grand Meal Together Since Christmas is all about good food, why don't you two take that up as a chore and get to work? Look up some Christmas lunch recipes and whip up something you've never tried your hand at before. Trust me, cooking together as a couple is quite therapeutic and of course, brings you a lot closer. © Pinterest (2) Go About Town In Ugly Sweaters Ugly sweaters are to Christmas what boners are to mornings. They're uncomfortable but natural! So, make a thing of it and wear the ugliest one you have in your closet and venture out during the day. You could go for lunch, watch a movie, or just stay home and chill, as long as you're in your ugliest sweater! © Pinterest (3) Soak In The Sun Head out for a picnic in the sunny afternoon and get drunk on some wine. While drinking may be prohibited in public places, I am sure you can sip some wine in a chosen picnic spot and spend the afternoon just catching up with some sun. © Pinterest (4) Have Some Wild Christmas *** Yup, role-playing is bang on (pun intended) on Christmas. You can dress up as Santa, she can dress up as a naughty elf and you can spend your afternoon just playing out festive fantasies! It's a good day to stay in, lock your doors and lose inhibition! © Pinterest (5) Spend Your Evenings Making Cocktails That's a brilliant way to spend Christmas with your SO. Fish out some cocktail recipes from the internet and get all the mixers and tonics in place and churn out some mean cocktails. They can be very festive in nature and hit the spot just about right. Imagine the fun you'd have wasted in the kitchen whipping up some amazing cocktails together! © Pinterest You can obviously do some clichéd stuff too like sitting around in your pyjamas and Netflix and 'chilling' or you can head out for a fabulous Christmas lunch somewhere or have a regular date night. The point is, it's a joyous festival, so doing something different is just an add-on, as long as you have fun doing it! So this Christmas, make the most of it with your plus 1 and have a fabulous holiday!
  8. Bollywood is the place we look for when it comes to new trends. What might seem like a mistake to us lesser mortals, may just be the start of something new when it comes to fashion. A good example: Sidharth Malhotra's mismatched shoes. Take a look. © Viral Bhayani Sidharth stepped out wearing a pair of shoes that look like they have been paired mistakenly, at the first glance. Even though they are a pair of white sneakers, one has a shade of red on it, while the other features a grey airbrush pattern. © Viral Bhayani Mismatched shoes are not the norm yet, but we definitely do predict that they might just be a part of the biggest trends of 2019. Street style has been evolving rapidly, and after the rapid popularity of mismatched socks, it's only natural that mismatched shoes should be the next big trend. © Viral Bhayani Coming to the rest of his outfit, we are in love with the dope black 'Criminal Damage' jacket with bold red and white stripes. He paired it with a basic black T-shirt (or is that a tank top?) and a pair of smart blue jeans. A classy combination, we must say. © Viral Bhayani Our favourite thing about the outfit is that despite having eclectic elements, it looks like an extremely cohesive outfit. Those shoes pair perfectly with that jacket, and the mismatched statement is doing wonders for his footwear game. Well done, Sidharth.
  9. You don't always need over the top romantic gestures to show your significant other how much you love them. Sometimes just being so thoughtful and romantic is enough to give everyone the 'hashtag relationship goals'. And, that's exactly what the former Prime Minister of Bhutan Tshering Tobgay has done and made everyone swoon with the most adorable picture with his wife. How far would you go to make sure your girlfriend or wife is alright? You'll do anything for that, right? But, what about making sure her feet are alright and clean? Now, here's a lesson for everyone. Not as dashing as Sir Walter Raleigh, but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do to keep his lady's feet clean. ð pic.twitter.com/cSJWoMQm07 — Tshering Tobgay (@tsheringtobgay) September 12, 2018 Just to keep his 'lady's feet clean', he carried his wife Tashi Doma on his back. Not to sound too sappy, but – The first thing I, and probably a lot of other people, thought of was Chandler carrying Monica on his back in the episode where she bought those crazy expensive boots and how she couldn't walk in them because they were so uncomfortable. But, he made a completely different yet a very spot on reference in his tweet. He took Sir Walter Raleigh's name, who is widely believed to have laid down his expensive cloak on a puddle so that Queen Elizabeth I could walk on it, because her feet getting wet was just not acceptable. As soon as this couple gave us some new relationship goals, people couldn't help but go 'awww' in the replies. That was my first thought too! This remindes me of monika and chandler ð. Couple goals! — Ishita Rawat (@IshitaRawat5) September 12, 2018 Exactly. Sir Walter Releigh only threw his cloak in the path of the Queen to save her feet from getting dirty but our dear Tensin Norgay carried the full weight of his lady on his person — charanpalsingh ghei (@Cpsghei) September 12, 2018 Very proud. Very well said Sir. Kudos. All men must be proud of you, — Sushil (@Sushiljalan) September 12, 2018 Yep. Just amazing — Pantious Bianca (@Bianca15048017) September 12, 2018
  10. When we think of basketball and the NBA, tall lanky giants come to mind. The likes of Michael Jordan, Kevin Durant and LeBron James are the names which pop into our head. But contrary to belief, there have also been relatively short players who have made a mark. None more so, than the shortest ever - at five feet three inches, the incomparable Muggsy Bogues. © Getty Images Tyrone Curtis 'Muggsy' Bogues remains till date, the shortest ever player to take part in the NBA. But hang on, don't for one second think that he could be taken lightly at any point of time. Despite his height, this point guard was a thorn in the opposition's behind at all times. In a sport of giants, this man of small height stood tall and held his ground with the best of the best. Remember we saw him in Space Jam? Later he also came to India to conduct a coaching clinic in 2011. But all that is just a part of who he is. There is much more to NBA's shortest player than just his height, or a cameo in a movie which we all loved as kids. © Getty Images Born on January 9, 1965 in Baltimore, Maryland, Muggsy was raised by his mother after his father went to prison. The basketball bug bit him at an early age and he played both at school and college level. After all, catch them while they are young right? If you are going to make a mark in a sport, it's always best to start early and Muggsy was no exception. © Getty Images Blessed with speed, precision and also an undying spirit of commitment, Muggsy represented four teams during his 14-year stint in the NBA from 1987 to 2001 - Washington Bullets (1987-88), Charlotte Hornets (1988-97), Golden State Warriors (1997-99) and Toronto Raptors (1999-2001). He scored 6858 points, created 6726 assists and managed 1369 steals. Now, these are not bad numbers at all and when one considers that he always had a height disadvantage, they further show that he was a potent threat on the court at all times. Basically, the moral of the story is, do not make the mistake of letting your guard down when Muggsy is around. © Getty Images It is truly unfortunate that a player of his stature never got to be part of a team winning the NBA Championship. But that in no way diminishes his greatness. The man blocked 39 shots of players who were much taller in comparison. His highlight for USA came when he helped them win the gold at the 1986 World Championship, possibly his greatest moment on court, even before he had made an entry into the NBA. Muggsy was a star in a land of superstars, and he could shine just as brightly on his day. © Getty Images Muggsy is proof that size does not always matter. It's the heart that makes up for the lack of any other area and he proved it time and again. Perhaps his lack of height only increases his greatness, as he will be remembered as one of NBA legends by the future generations. He may have been in the shadow of the big names, but even in that shadow, he left his own legacy for others to follow. Now that's something, is it not? The little guy who gave it his all and came out on time. That, everyone, is Muggsy Bogues. He may have been the shortest to play the game, but he also had one of the largest hearts to go the distance.
  11. While you're hitting the gym extra hard for that Goa Holiday you've planned next month (or whenever, some day, you get the drift), there are other areas, apart from your physique, that require equal amounts of attention. Abs are important, yes, as you want to show them off, but there are some areas that you just have to uncover for the entire world to see during a beach holiday, irrespective of whether you want to show off or not. Your feet occupy the top spot in that list. You definitely are not going to wear shoes at the beach, and because of the step-child treatment your feet always get, they are now ugly and unworthy of attention. The result? Embarrassment. But worry not, because there is a super easy way that will help you make your feet beach-ready in 4 easy steps, all of it at the comfort of your home. Read on: 1. Cut & Shape Your Nails © Twitter Cut your nails using a nail-cutter. Try doing it straight and don't cut too much around the corners, because that can result in bleeding, pain, and later, ingrown nails. Once you're done, use the filer to shape them as per your preference, and remove all the sharp edges. 2. Soak Your Feet In A Bucket/Tub © Twitter Make a foot-soak solution that will moisturize your feet and help you relax. Add ingredients as per your convenience, but a good foot-soak should ideally contain the following: Epsom salt, lemon juice, a little bit of shampoo, and a few drops of essential oil (if you want). Alternatively, if you're lazy and just want to get it done with, shampoo should suffice. Also, you must use warm water. 3. Scrub/Exfoliate © Twitter There are ready-made foot scrubs available in the market that you can conveniently use. Take a little bit of the scrub and rub all around - especially your toenails, your heels, and your ankles. You can use a pumice stone or a foot filer, so that all the dry skin comes off easily. Be firm, but not rough on your feet, as you don't want injuries from all the rubbing. 4. Moisturize © Twitter Moisturizing your feet after the whole process is a must. You have multiple options when it comes to moisturizing. You can use a heavy cream/lotion, or a foot cream, or even olive oil or almond oil. Make sure you massage your feet up real nice, so that it doesn't appear dry, as improved blood circulation only makes them feel and look better than ever. Optional step: Before starting this process, you might consider getting rid of your feet hair (the growth on the surface of your foot and your toes) with a trimmer for a cleaner look.
  12. We've all had smartphones for a while and we've all come across teething issues such as a cracked screen. This problem kickstarted the highly profitable market of smartphone covers and screen protectors that have become an essential accessory to buy today. Every smartphone is plagued by this problem. However, a new story reported by Newsweek sent shockwaves amongst smartphone owners. Sarvinder Naberhaus dropped her iPhone out of a biplane while she was trying to take pictures. © Pexels The incident occurred when Sarvinder and her friend hired a biplane to get a better view of their city. As common as it gets, her smartphone slipped from her hands and plummeted a 1000 feet. Here's where the story gets interesting, Sarvinder used the 'Find My iPhone' app to locate her phone in a nearby neighbourhood. To her surprise, the smartphone was still alive and started to call her phone in order to locate it. She heard her phone ring and found the phone in a yard. Her smartphone was found lying in long grass, working perfectly, without a single dent or scratch on its body and it even greeted her with an alarm. Now that is quite unreal. The iPhone was in a bumper case which provides protection, but not the kind where it would be able to withstand a 1,000-foot drop. © YouTube It's not the first time where an iPhone has been found working after being dropped from a high altitude. In 2015, a man dropped his iPhone more than 9,000 feet from a plane and found his phone to be still working. Yesterday we reported how an iPhone managed to survive underwater at a depth of 30 feet for two full days. It's great to hear such stories where the iPhone has managed to do the impossible. What sucks is that we all know that not everyone is lucky and we are able to break our screen by simply dropping it on a hard surface, even from our desk. We can only hope to have a really tough cover that may just save us from having a huge bill at the repair centre. Source: Newsweek
  13. Virat Kohli and Sunil Chhetri, both are renowned names in the world of Indian sports. While one leads the national Cricket team, other spearheads the national Football team. While one gets insane attention and love from cricket lovers, other one sadly has to urge his fans to come and watch him play. I can count as many as 10 people from my friend list right now, who left no stone unturned in their quest to get entry tickets to the stadiums, where IPL matches were being held. And Virat Kohli or MS Dhoni didn't ask them to flock the stadiums. © Twitter However, when it was the Indian football team playing against Kenya in the ongoing Hero Intercontinental Cup, Captain Sunil Chhetri made an emotional appeal requesting fans to go and watch them. And Chhetri put his best foot forward to ensure that his request doesn't go in vain and the fans, who flooded the stadium, enjoy a great match. © Twitter It was Chhetri's 100th International match yesterday and he scored 2 goals and led India to a remarkable and impressive victory of 3-0 against Kenya. Post the match, Chhetri was internet and Football's new-found hero, for all the right reasons. On one hand where social media was flooded with congratulatory messages for Chhetri, it was this particular moment from the stadium that touched a million hearts. © Twitter After Chhetri showcased his exceptional skills on the football field, a fan broke the security and ran towards Chhetri to touch his feet. The fan wanted to take a selfie too but since the security people reached the spot, Chhetri hinted that he will click the picture later. The simplicity of this man @chetrisunil11 can be seen while thanking to the fans who turned up in large numbers and a fan touched his feet that was the beautiful moment! #GodOfIndianFootball #SunilChhetri #SunilChhetri100 pic.twitter.com/SZ9xL8YQyB — Deepesh Lad (@Deepesh_Cool) 4 June 2018 Post the match, Chhetri posted a heartfelt message on social media thanking all his fans for all the love and support. He wrote, “We promise you that if that's the kind of support we get every time we play for the country, we will give our lives on the pitch. India, this night was special because we were in this together. Those in the stands shouting, and the ones at home cheering – thank you!” We promise you that if that's the kind of support we get every time we play for the country, we will give our lives on the pitch. India, this night was special because we were in this together. Those in the stands shouting, and the ones at home cheering - thank you! — Sunil Chhetri (@chetrisunil11) 4 June 2018 Take a bow Sunil Chhetri, your performance and Indian football team's victory against Kenya has proved that Cricket is not the only sport the country excels in. You deserve all the love and respect being showered on you.
  14. Cricketers have a huge fan following and the love they receive from their well wishers is insane. Fans line up outside houses, get a tattoo of their favourite cricketer and some even consider them their God. Virat Kohli is insanely popular not just in our country but in the world, so it is only natural that he must have encountered the craziness of his fans. One such incident that happened during yesterday's match was a first for Kohli though. While RCB was playing against DD, a fan breached security, ran on the field because he wanted to touch the feet of Kohli and even click a 'selfie' with him. Didn't I tell you? He doesn't has Fans, He has Devotees. ð⤠And also when the security took him away Vee was like Be careful Be careful! How sweet! ⤠And still ppl call him egoistic and Selfish! Those ppl can rather die instead of speaking Shit about such a genuine personality. ð¥â¤ . . . @virat.kohli #vee #virat #kohli #viratkohli #kohlivirat #anushkasharma #anushka #nushkie #couplegoals #cutest #babe #virushka #virushkaforever #virushkalove #virushkawedding #viratians #proudviratian #extremelyvirat #viratians #love #loveu #runmachine #cheeku Video credits:- @sureshraina.addicts A post shared by ðVirat Kohlið (@extremely._.virat) on May 12, 2018 at 12:18pm PDT Kohli was of course surprised and while the security ran to catch the crazy fan, Kohli was spotted amused. RCB won the game by 5 wickets last night even though the team had lost two wickets until the 18th run. Ab De Villers stole the show with his insane batting. The team is all set to face Kings XI Punjab tomorrow.
  15. Cricketers have a huge fan following and the love they receive from their well wishers is insane. Fans line up outside houses, get a tattoo of their favourite cricketer and some even consider them their God. Virat Kohli is insanely popular not just in our country but in the world, so it is only natural that he must have encountered the craziness of his fans. One such incident that happened during yesterday's match was a first for Kohli though. While RCB was playing against DD, a fan breached security, ran on the field because he wanted to touch the feet of Kohli and even click a 'selfie' with him. Didn't I tell you? He doesn't has Fans, He has Devotees. ð⤠And also when the security took him away Vee was like Be careful Be careful! How sweet! ⤠And still ppl call him egoistic and Selfish! Those ppl can rather die instead of speaking Shit about such a genuine personality. ð¥â¤ . . . @virat.kohli #vee #virat #kohli #viratkohli #kohlivirat #anushkasharma #anushka #nushkie #couplegoals #cutest #babe #virushka #virushkaforever #virushkalove #virushkawedding #viratians #proudviratian #extremelyvirat #viratians #love #loveu #runmachine #cheeku Video credits:- @sureshraina.addicts A post shared by ðVirat Kohlið (@extremely._.virat) on May 12, 2018 at 12:18pm PDT Kohli was of course surprised and while the security ran to catch the crazy fan, Kohli was spotted amused. RCB won the game by 5 wickets last night even though the team had lost two wickets until the 18th run. Ab De Villers stole the show with his insane batting. The team is all set to face Kings XI Punjab tomorrow.
  16. Tom Cruise is a man of unparalleled and unmatched talent. And every time I write a story about him and his movie 'Mission: Impossible Fallout', I can't help but brag about how much respect this man commands, for pulling off life-risking stunts despite getting injured on the sets, multiple times. And the best part is that Cruise never gives up. If there's anyone who can ever beat Tom Cruise in pulling off difficult scenes, it's probably Tom Cruise himself. The fact that he is 55 years old, looks like a 25-year-old and can give anyone half his age a run for their money; does not surprise us anymore. If someone said that Cruise has been sipping from a secret 'fountain of youth' hidden in his backyard, I'd probably believe that to be true. Instagram When it comes to filming action movies, Tom Cruise is one of those few actors (or probably the only one) who doesn't use a stunt double, performs extremely dangerous big-ticket stunts himself and then will walk away like it's nobody's business. And this time 'Ethan Hunt' has probably beaten his own record of doing some of the toughest stunts by going to greater heights for 'Mission: Impossible Fallout', quite literally. Instagram According to a report in South China Morning Post, Tom Cruise revealed at the CinemaCon in Las Vegas, the details of his high altitude scenes and 'low open free-fall parachute jumps' that he made for the movie. In fact, the number of jumps alone will make your jaw drop, so we can already imagine how exhausting and tough it must have been for the cast and crew of the movie. Cruise even won the Pioneer of the Year award. Instagram Reportedly, Cruise jumped from 25,000 feet to 30,000 feet, flying through the air at a speed up to 220 miles per hour. It is usually used by military special operators and he made these jumps with the help of an oxygen mask. If the fact that he was shooting at such high altitudes wasn't enough, Cruise jumped off the plane nearly 106 times from a C-17 military plane while training for the stunts and to get the scene right. Director Christopher McQuarrie said at CinemaCon, “For these films, it's about what we can do that's physically possible, but without killing Tom.” He further joked that it didn't make sense “falling out of a perfectly functioning aircraft.” Whoever said that life of an actor is easy clearly hasn't met Cruise and McQuarrie. Instagram What's more, a camera operator was also trained to use a special helmet camera to follow Cruise in the scene in-flight and then fall backward from the plane before him. From getting badly injured, recovering from that, and then still performing his stunts by himself; deserves a huge round of applause and all our respect. The movie is hitting the theatres on July 27 and even if you aren't a Tom Cruise fan (although we highly doubt that), but this revelation along has to be a reason for you to head to the movie theatres.
  17. How far would you go to just meet your idol? For some people, there is no limit, as they will do anything for just a one-second glimpse. When it comes to Mahendra Singh Dhoni, his fans will go to any lengths, as perfectly demonstrated by an incident from last night's IPL match. A lot of people don't get to meet their heroes, so instead of waiting, this one fan went and created the perfect opportunity for himself. PTI And, thankfully for all of us, it was caught on camera since it happened right on the ground for everyone to see. So basically, what went down was a fan rushed to the grounds when Dhoni was walking to the crease during yesterday's match between Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals. As Dhoni was walking to take Suresh Raina's place, the fan breached security to just have a chance to touch Dhoni's feet. Twitter While a lot of celebrities would be furious at a security breach like this, especially in the middle of a match, Dhoni proved he really is Captain Cool as he calmly handled the situation and by the looks of it, the fan was not disappointed by his idol as he happily went back to the stand. Dhoni's reaction probably made it all worth it for him, and I'm glad his hero did not disappoint him. At the end of the day this boy is the winner. He for @msdhoni darshan without any wait time. #NoJaragandi@ChennaiIPL@CSKFansOfficial#WhistlePodupic.twitter.com/eNCjfwDaD8 — Anush (@R_Anush) April 20, 2018 His heart-warming reaction has probably made everyone even bigger fans of him, and rightly so. This is the thing that @msdhoni deserves....he is god for all #MSDians — â¤Jaspreet Kaurð (@JaspreetTejay) April 21, 2018 It's so cool. His reaction.....wo sirf cricketer he nahi...#Duniyahai wo meriððð Love you #MSD#WhistlePodu#ChennaiSuperKings — SagarKambleð®ð³ (@IamSKtashan) April 21, 2018 It really was. Such an wonderful gesture from msdððð — Ramamurthi(@Ramamur09766452) April 21, 2018
  18. You'll want to build your own drone after watching this quadcopter take flight over Siberia. Drone maker Denis Koryakin captured the flight of his home-built drone at 33,000 feet over the snow-covered plains of Siberia. A Boeing 747 can fly at a max altitude of 45,000 feet and that's all you need to know to appreciate this feat. Since the area in which the video's shot is frozen and inaccessible, flying the drone to over 30,000 feet wasn't too risky. Normally, flying a drone over 400 feet is considered illegal since there's a risk of them entering the regulated airspace. Strejevoi, in Siberia where the footage has been shot experiences very low temperatures as can be seen in the video, which makes it the perfect place for some incredible drone action. The drone used in this video weighs around one kilogram and depending on some aerodynamic tweaks it can go higher. If you are interested in making drones, you can check out Koryakin's youtube channel here for more incredibly shot drone footage.
  19. [embed_video1 url=http://stream.jeem.tv/vod/3d68431d177c65129fb0b1e0af940be0.mp4/playlist.m3u8?wmsAuthSign=c2VydmVyX3RpbWU9My8zMC8yMDE4IDU6NTA6NDYgQU0maGFzaF92YWx1ZT1IS2xGd0hNZ3JWR3Y3WHVlQ1BuSzFnPT0mdmFsaWRtaW51dGVzPTYwJmlkPTE= style=center] Pope Francis washed and kissed the feet of 12 prison inmates, including two Muslims and a Buddhist, in a Holy Thursday ritual and said the death penalty should be abolished because it is neither Christian nor humane. For the sixth year running, the pope held the ritual in an institution rather than in the splendors of the Vatican or a Rome basilica, as his predecessors did. Conservatives have criticized him for including women and non-Christians in the rite in the past. He visited Rome?s Regina Coeli (Queen of Heaven) jail in the center of city, to perform the rite recalling Jesus? gesture of humility toward his 12 apostles on the night before he died. The 12 male inmates were from Italy, the Philippines, Morocco, Moldavia, Colombia and Sierra Leone. Eight were Catholic, two were Muslim, one was an Orthodox Christian and one a Buddhist. Francis wove the sermon of a Mass around the theme of service, saying many wars could have been avoided in history if more leaders had considered themselves servants of the people rather than commanders. He spoke of the death penalty just before leaving the prison, a former 17th-century Catholic convent that was transformed into a jail 1881. ?A punishment that is not open to hope is not Christian and not humane,? he said in response to closing comments by the prison director, a woman. ?Each punishment has to be open to the horizon of hope and so the death penalty is neither Christian nor humane,? he said. Since his election in 2013, Francis has several times called for a worldwide ban on capital punishment, prompting criticism from Church conservatives, particularly in the United States. The 1.2 billion-member Catholic Church allowed the death penalty in extreme cases for centuries, but the position began to change under the late Pope John Paul, who died in 2005. Francis has asked that the Church?s new position on the death penalty be better reflected in its universal catechism. On Good Friday, Francis is due to lead a Via Crucis (Way of the Cross) procession at Rome?s Colosseum. On Saturday night he leads an Easter vigil service and on Easter Sunday he delivers his twice-yearly ?Urbi et Orbi? (to the city and the world) message.
  20. All odours are unpleasant. However, if one bothers to make a list of the most unpleasant ones, the stench of feet will probably be somewhere near the top. You know you agree. And in the unfortunate scenario where you suffer from that yourself, it gets worse. Mostly because you're all too familiar the chaos and embarrassment that ensues every time you remove your shoes. Keeping that in mind, we have done our research and here are the easiest home remedies that will take care of your smelly feet in a jiffy. 1. Washing Your Feet Properly: © Twitter Most men don't know how to wash their feet properly. Now now, before you revolt, hear us out homies, for we mean well. Just running your feet under the tap after a hasty rub with your body soap while taking a shower doesn't really count as 'washing your feet properly'. Use an antibacterial/antifungal soap (especially if you have smelly feet) and really get to work. Pay attention to the spaces between your toes, and make sure your toenails are always properly clipped. Once you're done, dry your feet well before you put on your socks/shoes. 2. Foot Soaks: © Twitter Soaking your feet in different solutions that counter microbial growth can really work wonders for smelly feet. You can use different soaks like vinegar, Epsom salts, tea or even our good old Listerine! For salts, you should consult the doctor. For vinegar, you can make a soak with one part vinegar and two parts water. For tea, just use 4-5 tea bags in warm water. For Listerine, the 1:2 ratio with warm water works fine (you can add a little vinegar as well). Thank us later! 3. Powders: © Twitter Powders are a sure-shot quick fix. Be it antibacterial/antifungal powders, baby powders, baking soda, corn starch, or even our good old talcum powders, they will keep your feet dry and resist the formation of moisture - thereby preventing odour formation. Use some after a shower and before putting on your socks. 4. Maintaining Sock-Shoe Hygiene: © Twitter Make sure you always wear clean, dry socks made of light, breathable material. Always wash your socks after wearing them once and don't ever repeat them two days in a row. Try not repeating shoes as well. Once you remove your shoes, don't dump them in a dingy, dark closet. Let them breathe in open air for some time before keeping them inside. Deodorize your insoles with baking soda every now and then.
  21. Arguably one of the most sought after and iconic cricketer, Mahendra Singh Dhoni enjoys a fanbase like no other in Indian cricket. Barring Sachin Tendulkar, Dhoni's popularity has been second to one since his debut in 2004. He continues to remain one of the most popular and definitely the most scrutinised cricketer from India. And, he has done so coming from the cricketing backwaters - the mining state of Jharkhand, through a home-made batting and wicketkeeping technique, and a style of captaincy that scales the highs and lows of both conservatism and unorthodoxy. Under his tutelage, India has won all the top ICC tournaments: World T20, Champions Trophy and World Cup. Today, Dhoni might have retired from the Test format, he may no longer be the marauding finisher we all once knew and his age may also be catching up on him, but there has no shortage to his popularity or fanfare. He still continues to be a fan favourite, whether on or off the field. And, a recent incident is a testimony to that. © Reuters While Dinesh Karthik was busy living his moment of glory in the Nidahas Trophy, Dhoni - who was not even a part of the tournament - still managed to win over fans at an event. Such is Dhoni's persona that the moment you come face-to-face with this man, your brain goes numb, words doesn't seem to come out and, just like a paralysed body without any control, you end up falling flat on the ground. And, that's exactly what happened during a promotional event. Dhoni, who'll be seen leading the charge for Chennai Super Kings (CSK) in the Indian Premier League (IPL) this season, was in Lucknow for a team event when a fan's heartfelt gesture left everyone, including the former Indian captain, stunned. Being the chief guest at the event, Dhoni was going to present a mobile phone to the youngster. And, as soon as he heard his name being called, the youngster ran towards Dhoni and prostrated himself at his idol's feet. Touched by the gesture, the Jharkhand cricketer helped his fan get back on his feet, but the perplexed kid, lost for words, hugged the Indian star tightly, making the most of the rare opportunity. The Indian wicket-keeper also obliged him with a selfie before presenting him with a signed miniature bat as a memento. But the kid, who wasn't ready to see his moment end, had to be taken away as he once again touched Dhoni's feet and nearly prostrated again, wanting to stay there for forever. This isn't the first time when Dhoni has witnessed something like this. Back in 2016, during Australia's tour of India, a fan breached the security at the Brabourne Stadium in Mumbai to touch Dhoni's feet. It was Australia's warm-up game against India A, a match where Dhoni was also playing to prepare himself for the much-anticipated tour.
  22. Printed suits could be up and running in the menswear game, but it's important to never forget the classics. Come another day and the most twisted situation, only a classic piece will save your day (your banana prints won't). Having said that, you need to know what's best for your body type, skin tone and height. Especially — the height. Like for example, Kunal Kapoor's recent outing with a checked suit (two piece in nature) that etched itself in the history of tall man dressing. No doubts that Kapoor is a good-looking human anyway, but he's also a done few things right with this ensemble. Let's discuss. © Viral Bhayani 1. Bollywood's One-Button-Open Rule Indian movie actors love their chest on display (whether waxed or not). It's either a personal call or a careful showcase of his dressing abilities that Kunal Kapoor too, has succumbed to this Bollywood-rule. However, it's working like a charm for the really tall man that he is. All thanks to this style-move, his shirt is offering a great top-to-bottom view to his outfit, and providing a linear approach to the ensemble. If you even taller, at least it's not making him appear shorter. 2. Slim-Fit, But Relaxed Zone While on most days we're all for slim fits on men, at the end of the day — it's personal preference. As seen here, Kapoor's suit isn't the most slim-fitted sight you've seen. However, it's not lousy either. Agreed, there is a bit of bundling up above his leather slip-ons, but in no way is it reducing his height. He's clearly chosen comfort + style, all at once. © Viral Bhayani 3. Heeled Footwear (But Not As Much) However tall you may be, flat footwear can make anyone look awkwardly short. Of course, styles like espadrilles can be worn with shorts/chinos if you're very tall, but personally, we'd suggest against it. Nevertheless, thanks to Kunal's terrific menswear-intel, he turned to low-heeled, monk-strapped slip-ons to pair with this suit, giving a lot of elevation to his frame. Bravo. © Viral Bhayani Let's not forget, he's chosen a classic shirt in a primary colour (white) with his blue checked suit (avoiding a stark contrast in his outfit), ensuring he does complete justice to his Indian skin-tone. Attaboy!
  23. Italian parties advertise their wares on hoardings ahead of Sunday's election ? but thousands of jobless youngsters are voting with their feet and leaving the country altogether. Photo: AFP ROME: In her bedroom in Naples, Imma Arco folds the last items of clothing into her suitcase and zips it shut. Like so many other young Italians, the 28-year-old is leaving the country, unable to find stable employment. ?There is a lot of corruption in Italy, which makes the situation very difficult,? Arco said. ?I hope that in England, I?ll feel more rewarded.? Many young Italians are voting with their feet and seeking better career prospects abroad, despite a flurry of promises to reduce youth unemployment ahead of Sunday?s election. ?Whatever the election outcome, I don?t believe anything will change,? said Arco, a graduate in pharmacy with a Master?s in management. Italy is struggling to recover from the 2008 economic crisis, with overall output still nearly six percent lower than before the crisis began. Young people, especially, are paying the price. The statistics are grim: unemployment for 25-34 year olds stands at 17 percent. According to the latest figures from the Fondazione Migrantes research centre, in 2016 almost 50,000 Italians aged between 18 and 34 left in search of greener pastures. Young Italians often feel shut out of the political process in a country where there is little turnover in ageing political elites and the minimum age for Senate candidates is 25. Some are drawn outside of the traditional main parties to the anti-establishment rhetoric of the Five Star Movement or the anti-immigration league ? but the prevailing mood is one of despondency. Elusive permanent contract After completing a five-year degree, Arco managed to find work in Naples, but low pay, and no prospect of a permanent contract, quickly made her realise she would have to go elsewhere. For the next five years the search for career progression took her to central Italy. ?In Italy you can work for a maximum of 30 months, then a company either has to give you a permanent contract or let you go,? Arco said. ?And obviously, they always let you go because it doesn?t suit them to invest in you when so many others are queuing up to take your job.? In January, daily newspaper La Repubblica reported that 5,000 applicants had applied for one nursing job in the northern city of Parma. ?The main obstacles facing young Italians are the lack of available jobs, a mismatch between what students are studying and what the job market requires, and companies? attitudes towards new employees,? said Ivano Dionigi, head of AlmaLaurea, an association helping new graduates find work. The infamous concept of ?raccomandazioni? ? using your connections to get you a job ? is also still deeply engrained in the country?s labour market. Eighty-five percent of businesses in Italy are family run, according to research by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. ?Often in Italian companies, a father hands a managerial role down to his son. The son often does not have a degree, he is then reluctant to hire a graduate, and that?s where the damage is done,? said Dionigi. ?Abroad, jobs are more merit based,? he said. ?Difficult to plan' The bleak outlook in Italy is also taking its toll on demographics. In 2016, Italy had the lowest birthrate in the EU, according to Eurostat. ?It?s very difficult to plan your personal life if you can?t find a steady job,? Arco said. ?Why would you think about settling down if you know you will have to move? How can you think about starting a family, if you don?t have a permanent contract? I can?t even think about getting a gym membership,? she said. The so-called ?brain drain? comes at a huge cost. ?It?s like suicide for a nation to invest in all this talent, and then give it away to another country,? said AlmaLaurea?s Dionigi. In the run-up to the national ballot, political parties across the spectrum have promised to improve the economic outlook, without giving specifics. For Dionigi, young people?s lack of hope is particularly concerning. ?If your young people do not have trust or hope, the country faces a real risk of being brought to its knees.?
  24. Like it or not, Valentine's Day is just around the corner. That means planning for it, getting ready, gifting - the usual shebang. It's ironic that a day that is supposed to be all about love, is reduced to one that is about a 'Roadies' style task instead, the aim of which is to impress your partner. We examined the problem closely and found out the main issue that causes all the confusion and stress is that most men are clueless about what to gift their partners. And why don't they know what to gift? Because it's tough AF to figure out what women want. Plus it's 2018, so roses and chocolates and soft toys just don't cut it anymore. Keeping the happiness of our homies in mind, we went ahead and got the information right from the horse's mouth. We asked 10 women about that one perfect gift they'd love to receive on Valentine's Day. 1. For the practical girlfriend: I honestly don't expect, or even want a really expensive gift from my partner. What would really impress me would be if he shows that he notices really small but important, seemingly trivial details about me. I always treat skincare with priority and love the amazing sheet masks from Innisfree. If he gets me a bunch of them in different flavours, that will be the perfect gift for me. — Naina, 27, Photographer © Innisfreeworld Get it here 2. For the girlfriend you have been dating forever: I would just love to be pampered. You know what would really make me happy? A super relaxed, stress-free day in the spa. What can possibly make a girl happier? — Sukriti, 29, HR Professional © Euromedspa Get it here 3. For the spoilt girlfriend: Okay, I might sound like a materialistic girl, but let's be honest here, nothing else can give you as much happiness as diamonds. Hey, you wanted an honest answer. — Natasha, 26, Engineer © Caratlane Get it here 4. For the domestic goddess girlfriend: I love a man who has good taste in crockery. I'd be very impressed if he gifts me some jewel glasses. The kitchen is extremely important for me and if a man is good in there, that's half the battle won for him. — Suranjini, 30, Chef © Goodearth Get it here 5. For the glam girlfriend: I love lipsticks. I am obsessed. I like to collect them. If he gifts me a L'Oreal Paris x Balmain Limited Edition piece, I will be super impressed. The real challenge for him, however, will be to find a colour that I already don't own. — Liza, 26, Control Systems Engineer © Barneys Get it here 6. For the classy girlfriend: I don't expect my guy to wow me with unrealistic gifts. But he surely should be able to manage an evergreen sort of gift that's perfect for any occasion. A perfume works! And you know which one qualifies as 'the perfume'? Chanel No. 5. — Anaita, 27, Graphics Designer © Graziadaily Get it here 7. For the girlfriend with impeccable taste: Given my profession, I will be really impressed if my partner manages to wow me with a piece of decor that is minimalistic yet gorgeous. I have had my eyes stuck on this beautiful vase from Thelohasmith for some time now. © Thelohasmith Get it here 8. For the ethnic girlfriend: I am really passionate about ethnic Indian jewellery that is not gaudy. I love the pendants from Tribe by Amrapali. — Shivani, 24, Art Director © TribeByAmrapali Get it here 9. For the naughty girlfriend: Some good *** would be amazing. But I need to be in the perfect mood. You know what would be a perfect gift? This hot red bodysuit from La Perla I recently came across and haven't been able to get out of my mind. — Lavanya, 25, Fashion Designer © La Perla Get it here: The La Perla Boutique, DLF Emporio, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi - 110070 10. For the emotional girlfriend: Polaroid Cameras, one for each of us. They can capture one of their favorite moments of the day and store them, while I do the same. Let us also say, my hypothetical beloved one lives miles away from me. Every time we get a chance to meet, we exchange the physical photographs, store them with us and create memories suiting our happiness. — Divya, 22, Senior Copywriter © Amazon Get it here
  25. If you're a true model plane flight enthusiast, you'll agree with us on how even the swankiest of drones and the most agile of Radio Controlled Ready-To-Fly planes cannot steal from the charm of a simple paper plane. Flying paper planes with secret messages was once a favourite old-school classroom activity and children would be out and about at play, competing distance with their paper aircrafts, before technology took over. This trip down the memory lane had us feeling mucho nostalgic at MensXP, but at Mean Machines, you know we always take things up a notch-- ergo, a full blown instructional piece on how to make not just a paper jet plane, but super fast aerodynamic ones for distance, because what's a plane that drops a foot from its flight? © iStock There Are A Few Things You Might Want To Keep In Mind Before We Start: 1. Yes you can get a paper cut while folding. Please take care through the activity, unless you like a bloodied up jet, of course-- for added drama (we get that) 2. An origami paper jet may look like it's ready to take on the world, but not all origami planes are meant to go the distance. The truly agile ones are highly aerodynamic and are complex to make. If you're making a paper plane just for the fun of it, you could choose to stick to a simpler make, and if you're in the mood for a distance challenge you could sweat it out with a complex one-- we'll show you how to make both © David Boe 3. Things you'll need-- a rectangular sheet of paper-- the easier to fold, the better. Choose a colour of your liking, but if you are in the mood for old school, go with plain white or ruled sheets from your favourite notebook (if you still have any, that is. If don't, and nostalgia is running high, you can always make short trip to the local stationary)! You might also need a ruler and a pen/pencil for marking, wherever necessary. © Instructables Let's prepare for flight then, with a simple paper plane that can be made in under 5 minutes and will boomerang back to you! This super easy to make paper plane circulates back to you post flight and can do the distance, depending on your throw. YouTuber Mahir Cave, who has a huge following on the medium, will help you get on with it-- happy landing! YouTuber TriKdanG is an Origami paper plane genius, which is precisely why his instructional videos receive among the highest views on the media channel. Naturally, we browsed through TriKdanG's top origami paper jet making videos and came across one a smashing aircraft that he calls the "Galaxy Fighter 2". This is a true-to-its name aircraft that can fly a distance of 10000 feet-- a challenger, to say the least! Despite the intricate folding techniques, TriKdanG makes it look like a piece of cake. Do you think you're ready for the Galaxy Fighter 2 challenge? Get folding with TriKdanG now For those who have forgotten how to make the hackneyed dart design airplanes, we have a special treat, because not all of us care for origami, at the end of the day (don't be bashful, most of us here chose to take the easy way out)! Here's a video of a school teacher demonstrating how to make one in under 2 minutes. Up, up and away!
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