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  1. Video attracts severe criticism as Twitterati call Jillani out for his unacceptable behaviour while being surrounded by distressed
  2. A disturbing video has angered many social media users who are demanding strict action against the duo
  3. Traditionally, wife is supposed to touch husband's feet out of respect, but this couple decided to break cultural barriers
  4. You know how there comes this age when every other kid you know suddenly becomes obsessed with their bodies? Girls start getting curious about developing breasts and knowing more about their vaginas, while men are busy exploring their penises to know just how it works and eventually, to talk about its size. From feet to hands, to even the distance between your elbow to your wrist, there have been A LOT of myths about the size of a ***** being equivalent to one or the other body part. However, there seldom came any proof to substantiate such a theory. © iStock Those who had longer fingers boasted about having a larger ***** and as did the men who had longer feet. To each his own was a profitable and uncontestable philosophy then, but things seemed to have changed now. A new study has revealed that the size of the ***** may have a directly proportional correlation with the size of one’s nose. Published in the medical journal Basic and Clinical Andrology, the researchers of the study have claimed that men with larger noses were found to have a ‘stretched penile length’ of at least 5.3 inches, while men with smaller noses had a ***** length of only 4.1 inches long. The conclusion was drawn after taking a look at the dead corpses of 126 men within three days of their death, which allowed them to measure different body parts as part of their research. And while no link was found between any other body part, the researchers were astonished to see a directly proportional relation between the size of the nose and that of the *****. It concluded, “The fact that nose size is related to SPL indicates that penile length may not be determined by age, height or bodyweight but has already been determined by birth.” The study, for now, was conducted on the cadavers of Japanese men and, still needs to be taken a look at to get to conclusive answers, but until then, one thing is for sure, and it is that your face lets on way more than you ever imagined or wanted it to! Oh, that and that suddenly, Pinnochio became the most desirable Disney character ever! View the full article
  5. Jr. NTR is a mega star who enjoys a stellar fan following across the globe. With his upcoming RRR, the actor’s craze in North India has been elevated as his North Indian fans will get to see him in a pan-Indian film. View this post on Instagram Besides his acting nuances, the superstar is known for being a humble man and enjoys a wonderful reputation amongst fans and the film fraternity. Few years ago, he was approached to star in a film called Oopiri, which also had Nagarjuna and Tamannah Bhatia. Directed by noted director Vamshi Paidipally, the film is based on the French movie The Intouchables. The film follows a millionaire entrepreneur who is a paraplegic (played by Nagarjuna), who hires a convict as his caretaker. The movie chronicles the bond formed between them. The caretaker’s role was originally offered to Jr NTR and various rumours floated around circling the reason why he didn’t take it. Most reports claimed it was a date issue and he was unable to take this project, even after giving it a nod. However, there were reports that claimed that one of the reasons why the actor wasn’t too keen to take this role was due to one of the scenes, which involved the caretaker removing the millionaire’s socks and touching his feet. Few websites claimed that he was concerned that his fans might not like it and it may not go down well with them . Jr NTR's fan base loves him ardently and the actor always takes into account what the audience wants to see from him. The role was eventually played by actor Karthi, who did a fantastic job. SOURCE: ETimes View the full article
  6. Water supply, electricity still not restored three days after blizzard hit Murree, killing over 20 people
  7. Amitabh Bachchan is not solely restricted to acting as he also shares anecdotes from his daily life on his blog. In one of the blogs, he shared that Kareena Kapoor Khan thought that he was an evil man and he had to wash her feet to make her realize that he is a nice man. Big B shared an anecdote from the sets of the 1983 film Pukar. The film starred Amitabh and Randhir Kapoor. The actor wrote that once Kareena, who was only three years old at that time, had visited the sets. Kareena saw Big B hitting her father and she ran towards him to protect him. View this post on Instagram Recounting the incident in his blog, Amitabh Bachchan wrote, “I was narrating to her (Kareena), one such moment when we were shooting for Pukar in Goa and how she looked with her cute summer hat with little pink flowers on them, and how troubled she had been when during an action sequence I was hitting her father. She, in her innocence, had run on to the set in the outdoors and clung to her father to protect him from this ‘evil’ man who was beating him up.” View this post on Instagram He went on to add, “In tears and most worried, she was relentless and very disturbed. She soiled her pretty little feet in the sand and in order to settle her down I had asked for some water and washed her tiny feet clean, to make her realize that this act was not for real but an enactment. I think after the feet washing, her opinion seemed to have changed about me. I wasn’t that ‘evil’ after all! She still remembers that moment.” In 2019, Amitabh shared a picture of Kareena crying on the sets of Pukar and him attending to her injured foot. “Guess who...? That be Kareena Kapoor on the sets of PUKAR shooting in Goa... had come with dad Randhir... hurt her foot... and yours truly putting medication and taping it,” he wrote. View this post on Instagram Pukar was released in 1983 and starred Amitabh Bachchan, Randhir Kapoor, Zeenat Aman, and Tina Munim. The film was directed by Ramesh Behl. View the full article
  8. The Indian cricket team have seemingly gotten over their disappointing early exit from the T20 World Cup 2021 based on the way they have been playing against New Zealand in the three-match bilateral series in the shortest format of the game. View this post on InstagramBeing led by Rohit Sharma, the newly appointed captain of the Men in Blue in this format, Team India have dominated the Black Caps in the first two matches and have therefore already won the series. However, during the first half of the match at the JSCA International Stadium Complex, Sharma was caught by surprise when one of the members of the audience managed to evade the security beyond the borders, jumped over the fences and rushed towards him in ecstasy. One cricket fan looking to touch the feet of Rohit Sharma. pic.twitter.com/eLLreW9567 — Johns. (@CricCrazyJohns) November 19, 2021 The fan quickly fell on the ground with his hands folded in front of his idol with the hopes of touching Sharma’s feet, presumably. Although this behaviour is extremely unacceptable and can even endanger the cricketer, even more so during the COVID-19, the rest of the ‘Hitman’ fans ended up thanking the pitch invader for showing his sensibility after rushing into the ground. Realising the kind of complications Rohit Sharma could get into if the two had made contact, the fan lay on the ground far apart from the skipper. Sharma asked the fan to get up, shared a small and healthy chat before sending him away. People who watched the whole episode take place on their televisions quickly hopped on Twitter to thank the “sensible” fan for thinking on his feet, getting his two minutes of fame and ensuring that Sharma’s health would remain intact. maintaining social distancing as well most sensible fanbase on earth — heman was here (@royhly_) November 19, 2021Good that He maintained the social distance. — Aditya Saha (@Adityakrsaha) November 19, 2021Social distancing — cricketaddict45 (@cricknut45) November 19, 2021But at the last moment Rohit reminded him of Social Distancing — Dhruv Raj (@being_ingenious) November 19, 2021However, there are also a lot of fans saying that the pitch invader wasn’t as sensible as he is being portrayed to be. They believed that the man had all the intentions of making contact with Sharma but couldn’t do so as he slipped on the grass that was covered in dew. He slide into the ground due to dew — krrishna Nair (@KrrishnaNair) November 19, 2021Commentator saying he has slide into the ground due to dew — Attend (@________39965) November 19, 2021His feets slept due to dew — Kohli ka pankha (@prathmesh_510) November 19, 2021Sharma, himself, had a successful night against Tim Southee’s Black Caps. After dismissing the entire roster for just 153 runs in the first half of the match, the opening duo of Sharma and KL Rahul amassed 117 runs for the first wicket and both the cricketers managed to surpass the 50-run mark before giving up their wicket. Now that India’s won the first two matches, they will be playing the third and final match of the series at Kolkata’s Eden Gardens on November 21st with the hopes of getting a whitewash against the Kiwis. View the full article
  9. It is said that women are hard to read and harder to please. And as true as that may be, it never hurts to know a few hacks that might just help you win their hearts without so much as breaking a sweat. You see, the thing about women is that they’re all about the little things in life. They want sweet and romantic gestures, and most of the time that translates into doing something thoughtful and inexpensive as opposed to grand and extravagant. Sending cute good morning and goodnight texts, for instance. via GIPHY Not a lot of men know this but women ADORE men who make an effort to send them a text when they wake up and whenever they go to bed. And that makes it your perfect chance to win them over, especially with your nightly texts. Here are 5 goodnight texts you can send to your crush that will leave them wanting for more the next day. 1) “No wonder I need rest, all that smiling at your texts throughout the day made my jaw hurt” © iStock What men usually get wrong about flirting is that, 9 out of 10 times, being sweet instead of seductive works much better. Flirty doesn’t always have to be romantic and sensual, sometimes it can be you being kind and appreciative and simply making them smile. 2) “Guess who I will be dreaming about tonight” © iStock Another great way to end your conversation with your crush at night is to let them know how they’re going to be on your mind, even as you sleep. It makes your interest in them apparent and might just give them something to blush about. 3) “I wish we could stay up all night and talk but we must really get to bed” © iStock This message needs to be reserved for the times when you’re genuinely struggling with closing eyelids but don’t want to abruptly end the conversation. Tell them how if it were up to you, you’d pull an all nighter, and to make a stronger impact, follow up in the morning with an equally sweet goodmorning text. 4) “I can’t wait to wake up to the thought of your beautiful face” © iStock Sliding in a subtle compliment with a goodnight text is a recipe for success and a definite smile on your crush’s face. It gives them something cute to remember about you right before they hit the bed and hopefully, even when they wake up the next morning. 5) “Can I call you?” © iStock This is a personal favorite for me. Why? Because there is nothing better than calling someone and telling them how you just just wanted to hear their voice to put the ‘good’ in goodnight. This one is for the bold types, but quite worth the risk and impressionable in my experience. View the full article
  10. Whenever we drop our smartphone, our heart skips a beat hoping that we didn’t damage the phone or the screen. We’ve all probably experienced dropping a phone and cracking the screen or scratching up the body of the phone when dropped from waist level or higher. © rahul-chakraborty-unsplash However, one pilot dropped his iPhone X from 11,00 feet from a moving airplane and recovered it. The shocking part of this story is that the iPhone X was recovered undamaged — not even a single scratch was found on the phone. First spotted by WCCFTECH, the story comes from a forum post of a pilot from Diamond Aviators. The user ‘dmloftus’ claims that on August 8, 2021, he was flying his Diamond DA40 plane. The plane has small side windows which can be opened at a certain height when flying. The open window is usually used by tourists and passengers to take clearer pictures. The pilot says he has taken hundreds of pictures with his iPhone from the same window. However, in this one instance, his phone was sucked out of the window. © Wikipedia Commons “As I opened the window and pointed the iPhone camera at the cloud, I hit a small pocket of turbulence and my right hand moved too close to the open passenger window. In a millisecond, the iPhone was sucked right out through the window and it was gone! At first I was upset about the loss, but after a few minutes I began chuckling to myself as it was a 4 year old iPhone X and I probably needed to upgrade to a 5G phone anyway. I landed in Atlanta at 10pm EDT after a long day of flying,” he said in the forum post. After landing, he used his spare iPhone 6s to disable the iPhone X remotely, however he found that the phone was still active on the Find My app. He could locate his phone on the map and recovered the fallen iPhone X. To his surprise, he found that the iPhone X was still in the same condition before it got sucked out and was in perfect working condition. Even the battery wasn’t damaged which some might find to be a miracle. © Diamond Aircraft “I felt sure the phone must have been destroyed in the fall, but I did not want to take any chances with financial data, etc that was on the phone. Jack suggested we open the settings menu and remove the iPhone X from the account. As we did this, we clicked on the Find My iPhone link. To my astonishment, the 6S showed a map location for the iPhone X near Blythe Arkansas, with the last transmission at 9:39 pm CDT Sunday evening. We took some screenshots and I clicked on the map link. I was amazed that the phone could somehow survive a fall of over 11.000 feet, and thought how lucky it was to fall in an area that actually had cell coverage when in much of rural America it's difficult to get a signal. I mentioned to Jack that I might just fly back to Arkansas to see if I could find the phone.” It’s worth pointing out that the iPhone X was protected by an Otterbox Defender Series Case, which definitely helped in protecting the phone from getting damaged. Otterbox is known for making highly durable accessories and protective cases for smartphones. While Otterbox cases are known for protecting smartphones from normal falls, nobody expected it to protect a phone that fell from 11,000 feet. Source: WCCFTECH, Diamond Aviators View the full article
  11. Aamir Ali is on cloud 9, ever since his music video Tanha Hoon, went live on YouTube and garnered more than 8 lakh views. Believe it or not, one of the major reasons for his growing popularity is also his fashion game. We have often taken a peek at his Instagram feed and boy, every time he puts up a post, it's never short of incredible. With the right sort of outfit and sneakers, Ali seems to be able to pull off anything with panache and flair. © Viral Bhayani Aamir also sits at the top of the fashion charts and raises the stakes only higher with his sneakers too. Recently, he was seen wearing a pair worth Rs 10K that was weirdly shaped but still looked on-point. Just like that, even his recent appearance bowled us over as he was seen wearing a rebellious pair of shoes, the price of which will make your jaw drop to the floor. Not just that, these sneakers also looked a bit oversized for his feet. Take a look: The Brand: © Gucci © Viral Bhayani The outfit is outstanding, if you ask us, especially due to the colours Aamir has gone for. The olive T-shirt paired with a black jacket and ripped jeans is a combination that even we could cop. On top of that, these sneakers are the cherry on top and elevate the simple nature of his outfit. View the full article
  12. Of late, Sunny Singh has been dishing out some amazing style goals. From his heeled sneakers to the wind pants, it is safe to say that Sunny is no more a stranger in the fashion department. Most celebrities these days are getting rather experimental with their fits and have been working some regular AF clothes. If we speak about Sunny, even he decks up in the simplest of clothing items and still, knows how to stand out with his pair of sneakers. © Viral Bhayani Speaking of Sunny's outfit, he looks swell in his black oversized hoodie and track pants. Even though the ensemble is simple, the way he has worn the pants above his ankles brings all the focus to his sneakers. Now, that's quite a brave style move, if you ask us. The Brands: © Adidas Sunny's sneakers are quite eccentric. These are the Adidas Originals Nite Jogger Shoes. Nite Jogger debuted in 1980 when recreational running was becoming popular. These shoes have reflective details and are made with a mix of nylon, mesh and leather, with wintry silver hues. Furthermore, the pair has boost cushioning that adds a responsive, energy-returning feel. The Price: © Viral Bhayani Sunny's outfit is perfect for a daytime stroll. What we love about it is how effortlessly casual and stylish it looks. Add to that, his sneakers impressed us to the core as they took his basic ensemble to a whole new level. That's a dope way to go, Sunny. On the work front, Sunny has started working for his upcoming release Adipurush alongside Kriti Sanon and Prabhas. View the full article
  13. It’s easy to get stinky feet from time to time for most of us, but some men live in the fear of taking their shoes off. This happens due to the build-up of sweat which results in bacteria growth on the skin. Also, smelly feet get smellier with time as the foot encounters moisture. It’s a good idea to have a plan of action for when you have to take socks off in front of someone. So, let’s get into remedying that once and for all. Here are all the reasons that are causing your feet to stink and tips on how you can fix them permanently. __ECOMLOOKS__2587__ __ECOMLOOKS__2589__ __ECOMLOOKS__2591__ Final ThoughtsThese are quick fixes and preventions for smelly feet. However, make sure to examine your feet in front of a mirror for any wounds, and go see a doctor if needed. Explore More View the full article
  14. When you remove your shoes, sometimes there is some unpleasant whiff in the air, which distinctly is the musty odour from the socks. The panic rises up and you think it's probably your feet. Well, we know how embarrassing it could get. Having smelly feet is a gross feeling and besides the case of Bromodosis, which actually is a medical condition behind foot odour, there are several possible reasons as to why your feet could be reeking of unpleasant smell. Check out what it could be and some mind-blowing solutions on how to get rid of it. 1. Your Feet Are Sweaty © iStock When your feet are sweaty, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus to hang out on your skin. The moisture gets trapped, and the bacteria mixes with the sweat and the dead skin cells, which ultimately leads to smelly feet. © iStock The idea here is to wick away the moisture and to do so, you need to wear a different pair of socks. There's a fair share of smelly feet issue in winters as well as the preferred sock type is heavy. The best way to get rid of it is by wearing merino wool fabric socks. Another way is to try using antiperspirant. It's a regular, old trick that will do the deed. 2. You Forgot About Your Toenails © iStock Most of the time, we tend to forget about our toenails and when they keep growing, it leads to fungus and bacteria build-up, which is also the reason behind stinking feet. © iStock Keeping them clipped and clean, will cut down the chances of bacteria accumulation. And, if you are willing to take an extra step here, treat your feet with some black tea solution. Add a few bags of black tea into boiling water and let the solution cool down. Soak your feet for at least 30 minutes. Black tea is known to have tannic acid in it, which aids the treatment of malodorous feet. 3. You Don't Give Your Shoes A Break © iStock The logic of changing your socks applies to shoes as well. While it's understandable that having multiple pairs of shoes cannot be easy on the pocket, it is advised that the same pair of shoes is not repeated the next day. © iStock Foot hygiene plays a crucial role here and to do so, you need something extra for your feet, for example, foot scrub or pumice stone. When you shower, ensure that you use it as it will scrape off all the dry skin. Don't forget the pockets of your feet as they stink the most if they aren't cleaned well. 4. You Don't Care Enough About Your Shoes © iStock Besides giving your shoes some break from being worn every day, you also need to maintain them to steer clear of the fetid smell. © iStock To do so, you can bank on antifungal sprays and use it inside the shoes. Another way to get rid of the unpleasant smell is by lightly coating the interiors with some baking soda. These two hacks will work amazingly and keep your shoes and feet smelly fresh for long. View the full article
  15. Sidharth Malhotra's sense of style has evolved in the past couple of years. There was a time when the actor was usually spotted wearing some dapper suits that worked out brilliantly for his tall frame. While he still keeps his classier side intact for red carpet events and award shows, we also like how he has worked on his sartorial statements and taken them to a whole new level, by experimenting with various silhouettes. © Viral Bhayani Another thing that sets him apart from other celebrities is that he is also a massive sneakerhead. From wearing mismatched sneakers to stepping out wearing the dirtiest pair of shoes, there's hardly any trend that he hasn't championed. © Viral Bhayani And, finally, his extravagant sneakers. Sidharth is seen wearing Prada's High Top Sneakers in grey. These sneakers are probably the largest pair of shoes that we have seen. Designed with suede fabric and with eclectic branding detail in a red hue, makes it even more striking. There's leather lining cushioning around the ankle and side zip for ease of dress. The pull tab of the shoes are also extra long for added comfort and so is the outsole of the sneakers. As for the price, since these sneakers are by a luxury brand, we reckon that if one wishes to own the pair, it would cost a fortune. © Viral Bhayani In our opinion, we really like how he has managed to look on-point, despite wearing such a humungous pair of shoes. View the full article
  16. A lot of us find action movies rather unrealistic given their over-the-top plots, but sometimes, real life is exactly like the plot of a high octane movie. Some incidents leave you terrified for life and that’s exactly what happened in this particular scenario. © Unsplash Captain Tim Lancaster, a pilot was sucked out of the cockpit mid-flight and years later, the re-enacted pictures of the incident have taken the internet by storm. A Twitter user shared photos of the reenactment and wrote, “In 1990 the window of a plane fell off and one of the pilots got sucked out so they just held onto his legs while the plane landed." in 1990 the window of a plane fell off and one of the pilots got sucked out so they just held onto his legs while the plane landed pic.twitter.com/dp4mINhWy9 — David Farrier (@davidfarrier) November 13, 2020 Tim Lancaster was flying from Birmingham to Malaga, Spain, in June 1990, when two of the plane's six cockpit windows shattered as they travelled over Oxfordshire. He was thrown out of his seat and was sucked out of the window. The force was so strong that it blew the cockpit doors wide open and also knocked over attendant Nigel Ogden. However, it was Ogden's quick reaction that saved Captain Lancaster’s life. © Unsplash After hearing the commotion, Nigel ran to the cockpit and grabbed Lancaster’s legs before he would have lost grip on the window. Meanwhile, Lancaster was fighting life and death on the outside of the plane at 23,000 feet and co-pilot Alistair Atchinson took over the controls. Ogden said in an interview, "I whipped around and saw the front windscreen had disappeared and Tim, the pilot, was going out through it - he had been sucked out of his seatbelt and all I could see were his legs. “ © Unsplash "I jumped over the control column and grabbed him around his waist to avoid him going out completely. Mr Lancaster surviving the 22-minute ordeal is miraculous. He was treated in hospital for a broken arm, frostbite, and severe bruising." Later, it was found that the windscreen of the airplane was newly fitted and the screws were too small to hold the windscreen and that’s how everything got out of hand. The plane landed at Southampton Airport and Tim Lancaster is still alive to tell this extraordinary story. View the full article
  17. Covered feet in winter can lead to one of the major issues - smelly feet. This problem is an invitation to the stench that sure takes a while to leave and is definitely not recommendable, even for the environment. Isn't it time to be a tad bit serious about this? To truly eliminate that stench once and for all, you need to follow these five basic and easy steps that will help you stat, this winter season. 1. Wash Your Feet Correctly © istock You might be thinking that washing your feet is something you do on a daily basis but in reality, your techniques could be wrong. A pleasantly scented soap may not prove fruitful and hence, you need a medicated soap. Pay special attention in between your toes as most of the moisture gets collected here. Furthermore, spray your feet with some foot spray powder to be at ease all day long. 2. The Vinegar Bath © istock Certain home remedies can do wonders for your smelly feet. One such remedy is vinegar bath wherein you need to fill the tub with warm water and vinegar and mix it well. Soak your feet in it and continue the same for 30 minutes. The acidic content in it can curb the bacteria and stop the stink. Try it out. 3. Maintain Hygiene © istock Start taking small measures which will surely have a larger effect. Use cotton socks in winter and make it a point to change them daily, keeping breathability and cleanliness factor in mind. And most importantly, before you glide your feet in it, dust talcum and cornstarch to maintain the moisture to a lower level. 4. Get A Pedicure © istock Let's make one thing clear that even men can get pedicures and feel pampered every once in a while. Pedicures make sure your feet are not smelly and taking help of the expert will tackle the issue. You can save yourself from the dead skin that gets accumulated between your toes in winter. Scrubbing and exfoliating during this process can do wonders while you sit back and enjoy the technique, which BTW also includes a bonus foot massage. Total bliss, right? View the full article
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