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  1. Studies have shown that good sleep requires a cooler temperature and heat can dramatically affect the quality of sleep
  2. After being dismissed for second time in a row on Golden Duck, Virat Kohli on Saturday approached Brian Lara and sought batting tips
  3. Ranbir Kapoor reveals the acting advice he received from Rishi Kapoor before he passed away
  4. Most men we know do not shop often, don’t follow trends and live out of their two pairs of tees and a set number of jeans. However, impressing a woman with great style and impeccable taste takes hard work and well, good stylin’. You can go around asking the women in your life for some fashion tips and advice, but we have something to save you the trouble and actually make it a lot easier. © Maddock Films There’s a Reddit thread where women discussed their fashion pet peeves when it comes to men dressing up and advice they’d want to give to their male counterparts. It’s stuff all women wish their boyfriends and husbands knew. This is basically a cheat code to impress your crush. © Dharma Productions Here are some fashion advice and style tips that women would want to give you: 1. Don’t Dress Like A 12YO“Stop buying tshirts with tacky phrases on them. Graphic Ts have their time and place, but they shouldn't be your entire wardrobe….if you're thinking "but how do I dress if I can't wear graphic tshirts?" then invest in some decent quality button-up shirts in some simple patterns.” –Unknown © Dharma Productions 2. She Said Please, TwicePlease don't wear gym sneakers with jeans. Or just gym sneakers outside of a gym/athletic activity. Please. –anarttoeverything 3. Wash & Iron Before You Leave“I don't really care too much, as long as it fits and has some style to it. But it can all be ruined if you haven't showered or washed your clothes.” –mandiexile 4. Play With Patterns & Colours“A few guys I know jazz up their casual / work outfits with interesting socks and ties or shirts in colors that aren't white or light blue. Men's clothing is so boring and uniform that honestly, wearing a gray button down shirt or argyle socks is striking.” –TerribleAttitude © UTV Motion Pictures 5. Sweatpants FTW“There's nothing wrong with sweatpants in public.” –Starwhispere 6. Enough With Hoarding Clothes From Years Ago“If it's got a hole in it, it's time to throw it away unless you know how to darn clothes. If I can see your beer gut or butt crack when you stretch, it doesn't fit right.” –Unknown 7. Bad-Fitting Clothes Are A Turn-Off“Wear clothes that fit. Yes, suits are attractive, but if it doesn't fit you then you shouldn't wear it.” –PizzaLova © Yash Raj Films Even if you are a guy with zero interest in fashion, these would help you big time. View the full article
  5. If there’s one annoying thing about Holi, it’s that the colours don’t come off easily. It takes multiple showers and vigorous scrubbing to get these stubborn Holi colours off and still we are left with either a tint all over our face or find a hidden spot we missed out on a couple of days later. © iStock Regardless of how much you prep and lather your skin with moisturiser, you could still need some extra tips and tricks up your sleeve after you are done playing Holi, to easily get the colours off. And, here are some that might just help you out. © iStock Take a look at some of the sneakiest and pro hacks and tips that can help remove the Holi colours in just one shower: 1. Dust Off The Colour First © iStock Taking a shower directly can make it harder for you to wash the colours off your skin or hair since it settles deeper with water. Wipe your face with a dry towel to get the colour off as much as you can before washing. Similarly, before using water in your hair, dust off the excess colour with your hands from your beard and hair and then shampoo it. 2. Use Coconut Oil Before & After © iStock We hope you are moisturising your skin and hair before you play Holi. It makes the colour come right off and protects your skin and hair from drying and the effects of harmful chemicals too. However, you can use the moisturiser to easily get rid of the colour too. Use coconut oil to break down the stubborn colour and bathe like usual. 3. Use Q-Tip © iStock Often, there are certain places where you miss out on removing the colours because either they are hard to reach or difficult to wash the colours off. Inside and behind the ear, nail beds and between toes are some of the difficult places to clean. However, you can use a cotton swab to properly clean these areas. Dip the cotton swab in coconut oil or any moisturise and clean the skin. View the full article
  6. After cancelling flight tickets thrice, it is now that I was able to meet my niece of 10 months who is a citizen of the US. Long time, no see. Thanks to the lung-wrecking virus. BTW, when was the last time you boarded a plane for a leisure trip? Most of us have been in our sanitised bubbles for years. But now, travel is relatively safer for fully vaccinated people. Though, after laying low for years, your immune system will still need some boost. Doesn’t matter how smoothly your trip is planned, travel always takes a toll on your body. So can you really boost immunity by making a few simple changes to your lifestyle? That’s a mystery scientists are actively trying to solve by understanding the impact of age, diet and exercise. Meanwhile, you can strengthen your body’s natural defences by adding a few steps to your plans for the road. 1. Focus On A Nutrient-Rich DietWhen you want to work on the immune system, start with your gut. If the microbiome present in your gut is functioning properly, it will defend your body against invading bacteria and viruses. It educates and warns your immune system about friends and foes and empowers it to fight against foreign invaders such as the Coronavirus. Focus on eating red, orange and green vegetables as they have anti-inflammatory properties and probiotics for a healthy gut. __ECOMPRODUCT__3111__ __ECOMPRODUCT__3112__ 2. Improve Your Sleep QualityHow much can sleep do for your immune system? A lot. The best way to boost your immune system when travelling is by taking care of your sleep. Studies have shown that lack of sleep or poor-quality sleep can affect some of the functions of the immune system and increase the risks of infections. Stick to your sleep schedule before, during or after your trip and be mindful of the time zone changes. Prepare beforehand for jet lag. Start by slowly shifting your sleep schedule towards the time zone you’re travelling to. Try some expert sleep techniques if needed. __ECOMPRODUCT__3113__ __ECOMPRODUCT__2918__ 3. Stay Hydrated Throughout The TripYou might drink the litres your body need on a regular day but it’s easy to forget about the water when you’re on the move. Staying hydrated is another important activity that helps boost your immune system. Reducing water intake or dehydration can also encourage you to overeat. So avoid that uneasy feeling you get after filling your stomach with unnecessary food by carrying a bottle of water with you. __ECOMPRODUCT__3114__ 4. Start Using Immunity-Boosting Supplements This will be in addition to eating nutritious foods. While consuming all the right nutrients while travelling is a challenging task, supplements can make it easier for you. So make sure to incorporate these immunity-boosting supplements into your routine. Vitamin D: Between 1,000-4,000 IU depending on blood levels Zinc: Under 40 mg Vitamin C: 1,000 mg, twice a day Vitamin B12: As recommended by your doctor. Curcumin: 500 mg __ECOMPRODUCT__3115__ 5. Lay Off The Alcoholic Drinks & Build A Flexible Fitness Routine Nobody wants to count their drink on a vacation but doing so is vital for your health, especially with a hovering danger of newer COVID-19 variants. Your hotel might give you multiple reasons to indulge in cocktails and booze but studies have shown that alcohol suppresses your body’s immune response. Try avoiding alcohol for the month following your vacation in order to give your immune system some time to recover. Work on creating a fitness routine you can easily follow even if you’re on a vacation. If that isn’t possible then, get back to your regular fitness regimen as soon as your return. Physical activity can improve the circulation of immune cells and anti-inflammatory cytokines. It improves the functioning of your immune system and decreases stress hormones. You don’t have to have a rigorous routine to keep your immune system boosted. You’ll reap the benefits even if you indulge in simple walking, skipping, cycling, yoga and using stairs. __ECOMPRODUCT__3116__ The BottomlineAlong with the above points, make sure you sanitise everything before you enter your hotel room and later, your house. While you’re on vacation, leave the stress behind. Stress too has a negative impact on your immune system. Explore More View the full article
  7. There are plenty of hair products now available in the market that most men don’t even (and still don’t) know the name or use of. However, hair gel is something that men have been using for years now. Sure, there are several types of hair gel options according to the hair type and style you want, but this one grooming staple has really stuck around. © iStock However, are you using your hair gel the right way? Going overboard with the product is one of the many mistakes men make while styling their hair. This styling hero can change your hair game and transform your everyday hairstyle, but only if you use it the correct way, is when you’ll get the desired results. © iStock For styling beginners, here are three easy tips to remember while reaching out for your jar of hair gel to get the hairdo right and on point every time: 1. Dry Or Wet Hair © iStock The answer to this question is neither. Applying it to dry hair is harder and won’t hold the hairstyle for long. And, applying it to wet hair is also not recommended. It should always be applied to damp hair. It works best right after you’ve taken a shower, (a hot one will be better). Simply towel dry your hair and get gelling up your mane. 2. How Much Is Too Much © iStock If someone tells you that there is no such thing as ‘too much hair gel’, don’t listen to them. However, the amount of the product will depend on the hairstyle you want and the hair length. So, before you reach for the gel, decide on a hairstyle. © iStock A dime size for short hair messy look, quarter size for medium length, parted hair and two quarters for long hair for pompadour hairstyles. Just remember to not use more than you actually need. Start with a small amount and scoop out more if you feel the need. 3. Styling & Things To Keep In Mind © iStock Always rub the gel on your fingers before applying it to your hair and run it through your hair to apply it evenly. Once you have rubbed hair gel in your hair, you can use a comb to part, hands to make spikes or for a messier look or use styling tools like a blow-dryer to get the mane of your choice. Once you are satisfied with your hair, let it set and don’t touch it with your hands. Use a comb to fix it. View the full article
  8. India U19 captain Yash Dhull shared Virat Kohli's advice for the squad ahead of the team's final against England at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium on Saturday. Having been a U-19 world cup winning skipper in his youth, his tips boosted the team’s squad’s morale, according to Dhull. View this post on Instagram Known for winning the most number of U19 World Cup titles in the history of international cricket, the Boys in Blue are on the lookout for their fifth championship, this time around against the Young Lions of England. Talking about the approach that Kohli asked Dhull and his teammates to take during the final, here’s what the young cricketer had to say: "Virat Kohli gave us his best wishes for the final. We got confidence from that, the morale increases when a senior player like him talks to you. He told us how we can execute our plans and he told us about the basics of the game, it was a nice interaction with him," Kohli's shared with the players following India's semi-final victory against Australia, Dhull told ANI. View this post on Instagram And even though Kohli’s message to his successors was that of motivation, encouragement and sportsmanship, some of the people belonging to his blindly hating cult of “cricket fans” managed to point out the negatives and pressed upon it until getting some reaction from the rest of the world. Best wishes from chokli gaya match — Dhoni fan (@Kingdhonifan) February 4, 2022Lag gaye #INDvsENG https://t.co/lklAeUHTPh — PJ (@PjPriyank2) February 4, 2022Scenes from tomorrow's match pic.twitter.com/uFyahr9zyx — V• (@vase556) February 4, 2022Congratulations @englandcricket already. — iPelahuastine (@iPelahuastine) February 4, 2022Why .? Not this panauti — Bored Particle (@Boredparticle3) February 4, 2022On the other hand, the English skipper Tom Prest has also shown a lot of heart and courage and has expressed confidence in his team by saying that they have the potential to “beat anyone”. So far, the boys have looked absolutely dominating and have remained unbeaten throughout their journey to the final. They have won all their Group-B matches ahead of defeating Bangladesh in the quarterfinal and the boys from Down Under in their penultimate clash of the tournament. This marks Team India’s eighth U19 World Cup final appearance and fourth consecutive since 2016. View this post on Instagram It was in 2020 when Team India had made it to the final of the U19 World Cup and despite a similar undefeated streak during the group stage, skipper Priyam Garg and his boys could not stop the Bangladeshi squad from chasing down a low-scoring total had lost the final by three wickets and 23 deliveries. The last time they won the championship was four years ago in 2018 when a young Prithvi Shaw’s side crushed the Australians in the final and won the championship by 67 balls behind an incredible 101-run inning by Manjot Kalra. India and England are set to face off for the U19 World Cup championship on Saturday at 6 30 PM IST at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium. View the full article
  9. Beard styles may come and go but a clean-shaven look is a classic one, something that never goes out of style. It not only makes you look more professional, confident and trustworthy but also keeps issues like beard dandruff, itchy and flaky skin at bay. Having a beard can alter or hide your facial features but a clean shaven look is as real as it can get and hence is often sought after by working professionals. But getting a smooth shave without nicks and cuts requires work. Some technique, some practice coupled with a few good grooming products can help you get a close, bump-free shave. Here are 6 shaving tips that will ensure you get a sharp and safe shave at home. © mensxp Prep Your Face With Warm WaterAlways start your shaving routine by soaking your face in warm water to make your skin and beard soft. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser to tame your tough and brittle hair and make it more manageable to be tackled with a razor. You can also use a face scrub. It exfoliates and smoothens the skin and solves the problem of ingrown hair right at its cause. Don’t pat dry, let your face be moist all the while. You can also consider patting a hot towel against your face. The steam coming from a hot towel opens the pore of the skin and makes the skin softer than before, resulting in a closer shave. __ECOMPRODUCT__3028__ Consider Using A Trimmer, FirstIf you have been sporting a rather long beard (more than an inch) chances are your facial hair has become coarse and tough, in such cases reduce the length of your beard to a stubble with a trimmer first before letting a razor do its magic. Trimming your beard makes the hair manageable and helps avoid nicks and cuts. Otherwise, the razor will fill up with long hair, start pulling and you could end up with cuts. __ECOMPRODUCT__501__ Lather Up With A Shaving GelThe next process in getting your sharp look is applying the shower gel, foam, or shaving cream on your face. It helps create a layer of cushion between the skin and the blades, allowing the razor to glide effortlessly over your skin. One highlighting advantage of availing shaving gel over other types is that it works well even for men with sensitive skin. A shaving gel facilitates skin maneuvering that preserves the shape of the hair growth. As these gels are transparent, they offer the perfect solution for people with problematic skin as the see-through gel allows them to see where the razor is going. __ECOMPRODUCT__3029__ Pick The Best Razor & Be GentleA perfectly engineered razor enhances your shaving experience. Consider LetsShave’s 6-Blades Razor that has a smaller gap between the blades allowing them to give you a closer than the closest shave. It also comes with a trimmer edge to shave and trim hard-to-reach areas of the face. Gently shave in the direction of hair growth, followed by shaving against the grain at stubborn areas. Don’t press too hard on the razor and use short strokes for a no-bumps shave. Rinse the razor after every few strokes to prevent the buildup of hairs on the blade edges. __ECOMPRODUCT__3030__ Do A Final Check With A Beard Pen-Styler A beard pen styler that otherwise is used as an effective grooming tool to define your beard can come in handy to remove unwanted facial hair from areas where your razor couldn’t reach. The manual trimmer's stainless steel single blade fine edge painlessly removes unwanted hair from sensitive areas and can help you look even more sharp by grooming your ear locks and hairline. __ECOMPRODUCT__500__ Finish With An Aftershave BalmAn aftershave balm provides instant relief from aftershave redness, inflammation, nicks and cuts and soothes razor burn. Consider this ultra-light Aftershave Balm from LetsShave that’s packed with the anti-inflammatory Willow Bark extracts and moisturizing ingredients like Argan oil, Peppermint oil & Vitamin E. The collective ingredients of this balm will soothe, hydrate, moisturize, brighten and repair your skin from within. __ECOMPRODUCT__1269__ The BottomlineNot everyone may be blessed with good genes to grow a thick beard but a clean-shaven look is something that anyone can sport and make it their own. It is easy to maintain and it doesn’t cost much to keep one. The journey from a young guy to a gentleman is just a few strokes away, so consider our guide as a grooming bible and go for a winning clean-shaven look this season. Explore More View the full article
  10. Our social media feeds are currently filled with the wedding pictures of Mouni Roy and Suraj Nambiar. The Gold actress finally tied the knot with her long-time boyfriend, Suraj Nambiar on 27th January in a beautiful wedding in Goa. While Mouni excluded every ounce of elegance as a traditional South Indian bride, we can’t get over the dashing groom who pulled off a full-grown beard at his wedding. © Instagram/Mouni Roy For grooms-to-be who are wondering how to look put together with their lockdown beard at their wedding, here is plenty of inspiration. If you are not still ready to give up the bearded look as a groom, you can try out different beard styles and still look as stylish and dashing as Mouni’s husband. © Instagram/Film City Suraj went with a long, groomed beard for his wedding. Talking about his hair, he went with a side fade haircut and short hair, proving that some scruff in your wedding pictures would only reflect your personal style. It made for the coolest pictures at his haldi too. © Instagram/The Wedding Dance India Here are a few tips on how you can groom and maintain a badass beard look for a wedding you're attending: 1. Follow A Beard Routine © iStock Just like the hair on your head, your beard hair needs proper care too. Use beard care products to maintain the health of your beard. Plus, products that target the beard eliminate skin woes caused by beard hair like itching and acne and help in the fast growth of your beard. 2. Trim & Clean © iStock Washing your beard regularly, trimming unruly facial hair and keeping your beard clean can really amp up your beard and make it look more presentable. Even before the wedding or pre-wedding functions, take out a few minutes to trim and make your beard look even and non-scruffy. 3. Use Beard Oil © iStock To make your beard look neater and groomed in the pictures, use beard oil regularly before the wedding ceremonies begin. Make sure to keep the hair tamed with a moisturising oil and brush it to make it look more put together and proper. View the full article
  11. Every desi kid has at least a couple of relatives who just refuse to leave them alone. From asking about how much you scored in high school to how much you’re earning, they are always behind your back, keeping a watch. And, if you are blessed with even nosier rishtedaar, they would go even beyond to interfere and make your life a living hell. © Yash Raj Films A Reddit user shared his plight and all of us can relate. He shared how the behaviour of his relatives changed when he secured a good job and a decent salary package. His cousins started acting jealous while some downright started asking him for money. This sounds a bit too much, to be honest! © iStock He asked if others also disclose the amount they are earning to their relatives and how do they deal with such annoying people who won’t stop poking their nose in others’ business. In response, many shared how they just refrain from sharing personal details like numbers while some said they simply lie about it. Here are some of the best suggestions to deal with uncles and aunties and their annoying questions. © Excel Entertainment 1. Keep It To Yourself“Nope never. I don't tell even my parent. Stopped doing it long back after getting tired of them discussing it with other people. I just don't understand why do they do it. It's nobody's business how much you earn.” —Disastrous_Mode6 2. Tell Them A Lower Figure"Don't tell your salary to any of your relatives. Even if you have to, tell them a number significantly less than what you actually earn. They will stop bothering you after that." —Corgitechy © iStock 3. Keep It Cryptic & Respectful “I always go with "Rozi-roti chal jaati hai bus". Nothing more is divulged no matter how much they insist.” —toarin “Nope. If they try to force me, I just reply "Enough for two-time meals." If they are still adamant I ask them for money.” —beard__hunter 4. Keep Healthy Boundaries “Only share if they share that information with you first and what you are comfortable with sharing. There have to be some boundaries in life! Boundaries don't mean you are disrespectful to your parents or relatives, just that some things are meant to be kept to yourself. It also keeps relationships healthy and long-lasting.” —PhD_in_progress But does that work? If relatives understood the concept of boundaries and could let it go, we wouldn't be here having this discussion. Worth a try, maybe? Or… 5. Tell It As Is & Watch Them Burn © Time Magnetic Pvt. Ltd. “Yes do tell them with your shirt collars high...let them be jealous .haters gonna hate..be true to yourself bro. don't think too much” —appleslim73 At your own risk, though! View the full article
  12. A fancy first date can really get things going and work in your favour. However, those things are expensive AF. Plus, some women expect the guy to pay the entire bill which is not only unfair but also pretty regressive. It’s not the 1950s. © iStock While some men don’t mind (or like) paying for their girlfriends and potential partners, it can get really difficult and rather uncomfortable for men to ask their dates to split the bill. In some cases, they unwillingly end up burning a giant hole in their pockets and in others, they ask to go dutch at the risk of sounding stingy. © iStock Someone on Reddit who recently went through the same, asked people how he could ask his date to go dutch without “killing the vibe”? Men from the thread spoke from their experience to help out the guy and shared tips on how to offer to split the bill to save money on dates. Here are the best answers from the thread: 1. Just Ask Her. What’s The Worst Thing That Could Happen? © iStock “Just be upfront. The women who will be ok with it will say so, and the ones that won’t, will not continue to date you. Grown adults should be able to discuss how to split the expenses of dating.”—SadderOlderWiser 2. Maybe Save The Candle-Light Dinner For Later? © iStock “There is no way to avoid paying for the first date without “killing the vibe” or “looking cheap.” The only thing you can do is to suggest cheaper dates, like coffee, ice cream, etc. and a walk in order to extend the date without spending more money.” —Inkheart102 3. Make It Cryptic © iStock "I came up with a very subtle way to do this. If we’re just out getting drinks by saying “first round is on me” - it’s kind of using the reciprocity rule in human psychology but it works lol.They offer the second." —steveguyyyy 4. Clear Things Out Before You Ask Her Out View the full article
  13. Work from home was a luxury before the pandemic. Little did we know, it would one day become our worst nightmare. The perk that we thought was the ultimate solution to our messed up work-life balance before, has now officially become ‘the problem’ itself during the last couple of years since it has blurred the line between our personal and professional life. © iStock Working remotely is certainly not easy and results in the same or worse degree of burnout since there is no EOD. However, people who have made a difference in their life by managing the exhausting schedules and toxic work culture have shared some pearls of wisdom on a social media community and it can help you out. © iStock Here are people who have mastered the art of work-life and have shared the best advice and tips on how to strike a perfect balance and not let your work take over your life: 1. Set Your Work Hours & Don’t Entertain Coworkers Post Office Hours © iStock "If you’re salaried, it’s hard to break the habits of an hourly worker. When you’re salaried, they pay you for your EXPERTISE, not your time. Don’t work more than your 40 hours, less if you can, because that isn’t why you’re paid anymore." —witchyribbon84 "Be clear with coworkers about boundaries and scheduling. If you work remote, shut your computer off at the same time every day. For the most part, unless your job is in a medical or safety field, no one will die if you send an email the next morning or return a phone call during your work hours. There are always going to be 'martyr' workers who think they are better for sacrificing their health or time for work. They are not better, and you can still get your job done during regular hours." —dellarock 2. Block Your Calendar For Yourself"Put blocks on your calendar!! You deserve time to debrief, focus, eat, take a little nap, whatever you want. But don’t let your job take over your life." 3. Let Some Things Be Undone © iStock "Working from home makes the lines blur FAST — that's why my hard-and-fast rule is that when I log off for the day, I'm done — no logging back in at night, checking email from my phone or doing one more thing. I'll write myself a note or even leave myself a voicemail if I'm worried about something that comes to mind." —manningl428 "Leave when you are scheduled to leave. The work will still be there tomorrow." —dr-doctor 4. Before & After You Start Work, Do Things You Love © iStock "I struggled to WFH prepandemic (big procrastinator over here), but this year I’m enforcing a daily routine to ensure I work during my working hours and shut off my laptop at consistent times (when possible). Waking up 30 minutes earlier, I now spend my mornings stretching or exercising, cleaning up from the night before, getting dressed, all before 9 a.m. so I feel fully prepared for the day.” —isabossy “It’s a small thing, but when I get home from work every day I take 45 minutes to sit, have a cuppa, and zone out to the TV before I start housework, dinner, etc. This allows me time to switch off from my work day and become fully engaged in being at home. It’s made my downtime more high quality.” —pritchette 5. Create An At-Home Desk That You Leave © iStock "If you WFH, create a separate space that is just for work and only do work in that space, even if it's small. My apartment is small, so I took a corner in my bedroom and that is my work corner." —kroxdz View the full article
  14. There is this famous dialogue in the movie - Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, when Saba (Aishwarya Rai) and Ayaan (Ranbir Kapoor) bump into Tahir aka Saba’s ex, played by the ever charming Shah Rukh Khan at an art exhibit. Despite his cameo in the movie not lasting for more than 5 minutes, SRK managed to create some magic on the screen with the intensity in which he delivered his dialogues. Perhaps that is why, the first time I heard it, I didn’t pay much attention to what he was saying as opposed to how he was saying it. © Dharma Productions However, upon a third or a fourth watch, as I paid a tad bit more attention, I realised that the words coming out of his character’s mouth were nothing more than typical bollywood bullsh*t that called ek tarfa pyaar (unrequited love) ‘the most beautiful feeling in the world’. Well, guess what? It’s not. In fact, it is the worst feeling in the world right after period cramps and stubbing your toe. Just the thought of not being loved back by the one person you’ve so madly and deeply fallen for, can be traumatising and very painful. via GIPHY Oftentimes it doesn’t just make you question your self-worth but also your mere existence without love in the world. Which is why when Shahrukh Khan endorsed the power of one-sided love, we wanted to smack him right in the face. Because it is not a feeling to hold on, but to gracefully and carefully let go of. And these tips might just be able to help with that. 1) Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind via GIPHY Despite the annoying overuse of the phrase by friends, family and Bollywood, this is one advice that still works like a charm. The longer you tend to keep your unrequited lover in your sights, the more you’d think about them and continue getting drawn to them. Stop following them on social media, don’t try to “accidentally” bump into them at places you know they’re going to be there. Give yourself some time to get them out of the system at least until you feel more in control. 2) Don’t Go Into Denial via GIPHY The stages of getting over someone who didn’t love you back are pretty much similar to that of grief after breaking up. And most of the time, it starts with going into denial about the situation. Give yourself time to accept that things aren’t working out, because the longer you try to ignore the truth, the longer it takes you to get over them and gain back control over your life. After all, the only way out is through. 3) Tell Your Crush You Need Space via GIPHY If the person you’re trying to get over already knows of your feelings, it is best to be upfront about your situation and tell them how you need them to back off and give you some space. It might just take some stress off of you as they take a step back and let you get over it in your own sweet time. 4) Consider Talking To A Professional © iStock If you feel that despite your best attempts at getting them out of your mind, yu constantly feel pulled back to their thoughts, it might be a good idea to talk to a professional about it, Not because you’re in trouble but because they’re equipped at handling complex emotional situations and would know just how to navigate through this tricky labyrinth. View the full article
  15. The festive and wedding season is here, which means you would find yourself donning the classic Indian wear pieces like kurtas and Nehru jackets more often than ever in the coming few months. While some men love to pull off traditional clothes, for others it might not connect with their personal style. © Instagram/Varun Dhawan For men who find ethnic clothes a snoozefest, we would like to declare that Indian wear can look super cool too. You can style your most basic white kurta with some quirky accessories, stylish footwear or snub your traditional clothing items for some trendy Indian clothes and you are all set. © iStock If you think traditional style is not your jam, here are four handy tips to amp up your ethnic style and sail through the wedding and festive time smoothly and stylishly: 1. Try Different Styles © Instagram/Rajkummar Rao Maybe you feel ethnic clothes are boring because you haven’t really seen what’s really out there. There are a bunch of cool styles and eccentric looks that you can give a try. Ditch a kurta pyjama for a short kurta and straight pants that are comfy yet elegant. Or get an asymmetrical kurta or a statement jacket instead of a Nehru jacket. The options are limitless. 2. Blend Tradition & Trends © Instagram/Vicky Kaushal There is no rule when it comes to wearing traditional clothing. You can add chic items and elements in your ethnic wear or mix and match to make a cool OOTD for yourself. Switch up your style a bit and invest in an Indo-western outfit that gives you the best of both worlds while dressing according to the occasion. 3. Team It Up With Stylish Shoes © Instagram/Isha Bhansali A good and right pair of shoes can instantly make any outfit. If Jodhpuri juttis seem too boring and done to death to you, you could give kolhapuris or comfy mules a try. Also, you could pair your festive wear with your trusted pair of sneakers and pull off the cool dude look. 4. Add In Cool Accessories © Instagram/Aditya Roy Kapur Pairing your ethnic wear with stylish accessories and add-ons can make a big difference. A long necklace or chain, a printed pocket square, a pair of trendy sunglasses, a brooch, a nice bracelet or a watch can do the trick. View the full article
  16. When I’ve had an unusually long day at work that wears me out, or a fight with my partner that went out of control, or simply struggle to harbour my emotions - I sit back and listen to Sadhguru videos/podcasts for a good 10-15 minutes. Listening to Sadhguru is like meditation, like a balm for panic-stricken thoughts. He’s reached a level of enlightenment where his body, mind and spirit are in symphony. Instagram: Sadhguru The best part - he’s sharing his wisdom with people across the world, helping us control our emotions and make them work to our advantage. Here are 5 teachings by Sadhguru that inspired me to look at the bigger picture, and become my best version: 1) Wounded Or Wise?“I performed miserably at the presentation. I’m so unlucky. I wish I had a family business I could just take over, all this hustle is draining me out…” Ever blamed your surroundings or background for a situation that went downhill? Well, Sadhguru believes that if you’ve tackled a lot of adversities, you should be the wisest of the lot. But instead of collecting wisdom, most people choose to become wounded. It is truly possible to use every situation in life as an opportunity to grow. But if you keep blaming your circumstances on external factors, you’re simply taking opportunities to self-destruct and stagnate. 2) What Is Love?A lot of us harbour skewed conceptions of love - our partner's ideology should be just like ours, we should like doing a lot of similar things, they should fit in our version of a “perfect fairy tale”. iStock Here’s something profound that Sadhguru said about love - For most people, love means, ‘You must do what I want.’ No, love means they can do what they want, and we still love them. 3) Don’t Be Quick To Blame “Destiny”Whether it is success or failure, it’s absolutely unjustified to credit it to “destiny”. Everything is a result of our actions and reactions. Instagram: Sadhguru In his book on Inner Engineering, Sadhguru writes, “Whenever we have had to do something about our lives, we have taken it into our hands. Whenever it comes to other people’s misfortunes, we have a word to explain it: destiny. And what a convenient word that is. Destiny has become a popular scapegoat, a way to deal with failure, a fatalistic ruse to reconcile ourselves to all kinds of uncomfortable situations. But turning inward is the first step from passivity to agency—from being a victim toward becoming a master of your own destiny.” 4) You Can’t Change The World “I want to change you - that is not a revolution. I’m willing to change - now this is a revolution.” - Sadhguru. We must make peace with the fact that we can’t change your family, your friends or even your spouse. The only person you are in charge of is YOU. iStock The problem with today’s world is that we are quick to point out what should change in the world, but don’t want to change ourselves. It’s time to take charge of our lives, quit making that boyfriend a better person, and focus on becoming the best version of ourselves. 5) Our Reaction To Situations Determines Our So-Called ‘Destiny'On Russell Brand’s podcast ‘Under The Skin’, Sadhguru discusses how we’re not shaped by external influences, but by life itself. “Whether we want to be a conscious response to everything that's around us or want to be a compulsive reaction to all that happens around is the question you’re asking, and I think the answer is pretty obvious”, he said. All the right answers are within us, all the acidic remarks are within us and so is the good sense to pick the right response. How we react to situations decides how life pans out for us. Luminary In this 1-hour-10-minute podcast on Luminary, Russell Brand and Sadhguru discuss human consciousness, inner engineering, spiritual practices and his initiatives. In this podcast series, Russell Brand aims to examine what’s beneath the surface of the people we admire and idolise. Guests from the realms of academia, pop culture and arts make the podcast well-rounded! While we 10/10 recommend the Sadhguru episode, there are other guests too who shared life-altering anecdotes and lessons - one’s that we must try replicating. A few of our favourite podcast guests (apart from Sadhguru) include Deepak Chopra, Elizabeth Gilbert, and Brene Brown. Intrigued much? Click here to explore the various episodes of “Under The Skin” by Russell Brand on Luminary. Happy listening, folks! View the full article
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