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Found 862 results

  1. Chris Evans is a great actor, and the guy has got range. I mean, the first character he played after exiting the Marvel Cinematic Universe was a rich trust fund as*hole, the complete opposite of Captain America. © Lionsgate While he'll always be known as Steve Rogers, our beloved Cap, he's done so many movies where he's played a variety of characters and killed it as all of them. But, even then, there was one recurring theme - comic books. © Twitter He's played way more characters from comic books than your average actor and I'm not just talking about Cap or Human Torch. It almost feels like it's intentional at this point but obviously it's a coincidence, and damn good one at that. So, here are all the comic book characters he has played over the years: 1. Johnny Storm/Human Torch - Fantastic Four © Fox Fantastic Four movies are, of course, based on Marvel comics and well, it was technically his first Marvel movie. After seeing him as Cap, it's actually hard to imagine that he was ever even Johnny Storm, tbh. While the movies weren't that great, to say the least, Chris recently did defend them saying that it was a role he enjoyed a lot and it was the best cheque he'd ever gotten. 2. Casey Jones - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles © Twitter It was a voice role but it still counts, okay. He's not actually one of the turtles, but he plays the role of Casey Jones, the boyfriend of April O'Neil, an old friend of the turtles. 3. Captain Jake Jensen - The Losers © Warner Bros. The movie is based on the Vertigo Comic series The Losers and unfortunately, it didn't do well even with a great star cast that includes Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Zoe Saldana, and Idris Elba along with Chris Evans. Talking about his character, Chris said, "He's just a fun guy, you know? He's kind of the comic relief. He loves life. He's a little nerdy. He's not very smooth. He's not only a fun character because of the energy you get to infuse it with, but who he is, it's kind of against type. I don't really get to play guys who are awkward and uncomfortable at times in certain situations, so it's fun to play him." 4. Lucas Lee - Scott Pilgrim vs The World © Universal Pictures Based on the graphic novel series Scott Pilgrim by Bryan Lee O'Malley, the movie was box-office dud but has over time become a cult classic. The movie is about a slacker musician who must win a competition to get a record deal and battle the seven evil exes of his newest girlfriend Ramona Flowers. Chris plays one of the exes, of course, and fun fact, the movie stars Brie Larson as well. 5. Captain America - Marvel Cinematic Universe © Marvel Do I even have to say anything about this one? Nope, moving on. 6. Curtis Everett - Snowpiercer © Moho Films Did you watch Parasite and loved it? Do you want to check out more of Bong Joon-Ho's work but are still somewhat intimidated by the language barrier? Well, Snowpiercer is just the movie for you. Based on a French graphic novel Le Transperceneige by Jacques Lob, Benjamin Legrand and Jean-Marc Rochette, the movie is about a post-apocalyptic world where the only surviving humans have been living on a train that goes around the world. Obviously, a revolution ensues, led by Curtis Everett played by Chris. BONUS - Loki - Marvel Cinematic Universe © Marvel Remember Thor: The Dark World where Loki turned himself into Cap so technically, just for a few moments, Loki was played by Chris. This is a bonus point and not actually counted in the list so don't come at me in the comments. Thanks. View the full article
  2. Android phone users can hate Apple's iOS and iPhones all they want, but there's no denying that there are certain things that the iPhones are really good at. No, we are not saying that Android phones are bad. In fact, here are 5 things that make an Android phone better. But today we're going to check out 5 cool iPhone features that Android users can only dream of having. So, call out friends, grab some popcorn, and let's get started: 1. iMessage FTW © Apple iMessage is one of the main reasons why most iOS users don't even think about switching to an Android phone. iMessage is just better than anything that Android has to offer. It's one of those features that Android users don't have, and likely never will. Yes, there's RCS Messaging in Google Messages on Android phones now, but let's be real for a minute and agree that nobody uses it and it's nowhere close to what iOS offers. 2. Memoji Is Just Better Than Emojis © Apple Apple introduced animated emojis and broke the internet in 2017. And in 2018, they launched the expansion of Animoji called Memoji that became even more popular. With Memoji, anybody could create animate emojis that looked like them. That's a simple yet genius feature and it works flawlessly to date. While a few Android OEMs tried their hands on making their own version of Animoji, they end ended up looking really bad. 3. All iPhones Get Updates At The Same Time © YouTube/ Mark Linsangan Software updates have been an issue for Android phone users for a very long time now. And with the number of Android phones and new software versions coming out every year, it only seems to be getting worse. Apple, on the other hand, manages to send software updates to all the iPhones at the same time. Irrespective of whether you have a 5 years old iPhone 6 or the brand new iPhone SE 2020, you'll get the update at the same time. It's crazy how Apple manages to do that time and again. 4. No Bloatware © YouTube/ Mark Linsangan Speaking of software, it's hard not to acknowledge the fact that iPhones have absolutely no bloatware whatsoever. That's simply not the case with Android phones unless you are buying the Pixel phones. Almost every other Android phone is filled with a ton of unnecessary apps and random features that you'd probably never use. A lot of Android OEMs have started going a better job at staying away from bloatware, but there's still a long way to go. 5. Siri Shortcuts © Apple Perhaps the most underrated feature on iOS is the Siri Shortcuts app, which now comes pre-installed on new iPhones. You can create custom shortcuts and use voice commands to have Siri do all the work for you. There are a lot of creative ways in which you can use Apple's Shortcuts app, but there's no way to actually do it natively on Android without having to download a separate app. And even then, you can't use Google Assistant to execute those shortcuts. View the full article
  3. Okay, let's be honest, for all the ones who have their birthdays coming soon, are probably hating this lockdown at the moment. Being stuck inside your house, while you could have stepped out and celebrated with your friends, can be frustrating and boring too. But not if you can make some mouth-watering recipes that will let you have a perfect time. Check out these birthday recipes that will make you feel less unfortunate during the lockdown. 1. Peanut Butter Cookie In A Mug © iStock Birthdays are not always about cakes but also something for your sweet tooth that will be just right for the occasion. Ingredients: Peanut butter, butter, sugar, eggs, all-purpose flour, milk, vanilla essence and peanuts. Method: 1. Melt butter and put peanut butter in it. Stir it well and combine sugar to it. Now, add egg yolks and stir it while you add some flour to it. 2. Add milk and put vanilla essence as well. 3. Top it up with peanuts and microwave the mug for good 2 minutes. Serve immediately. 2. Oreo Tarts © iStock Don't let this quarantine make you sad because the concept is unique and you can still make the most of it by baking something for yourself and awakening your inner chef. This phase need not be so boring! Ingredients: Cream, chopped dark chocolate, oreo cookies and melted butter. Method: 1. Blend all the Oreos in a blender, until it turns into a soft mixture. 2. Now, take the crushed cookies and add melted butter to it. Mix well. 3. Now take the crumb mixture and place it on a round tin cut out. Press it well and give it shape so that it covers both the sides. 4. Place it in the fridge for at least 20 minutes to make it firm. 5. While that's happening, take dark chocolate and cream and microwave it for 20 seconds and stir it till you get a smooth mixture. 6. Now, put it on the shell, sprinkle more crumbs and chocolate and let it chill overnight. 3. Bourbon Biscuit Cake © iStock When you don't have a microwave, your best bet is your pressure cooker to make the yummiest cakes ever. Ingredients: Bourbon biscuits, Eno, water, milk and oil Method: 1. Grind the biscuits and let it become a fine powder. Take it in a steel bowl and add some milk to it. These two things should make a thick batter. 2. Now, add 1 tsp of Eno to it and whisk again for a while. Take the cooker, fill it up with water and let it boil. 3. Take the steel bowl and put it in the cooker over another empty steel bowl. This gives an elevation to the batter. 4. Cover it and let the batter cook for good 30 minutes. 5. The biscuit cake is now ready. Sprinkle some choco chips on top and eat it fresh. 4. Vegan Banana Icecream © iStock It could be difficult to lay your hands on ice-creams right now but chill at home with vegan banana ice cream while you are binge-watching your favourite show. Ingredients: Banana and lemon juice Method: 1. Process frozen banana with lemon juice in a food processor. 2. Scrape down the sides and let the mixture turn smooth and resemble a softly served ice cream. Now, take it on a metal loaf pan and put it in the freezer for two hours. 3. Take it out when firm and scoopable. 5. No-Bake Brownies © iStock You can make brownies as well with basic ingredients available with you at home if it is your birthday and not feel unfortunate anymore. Brownies are easy to make and a definite mood lifter, tbh! Ingredients: Melted butter, yoghurt, sugar, baking powder, cocoa and chocolate. Method: 1. Take melted butter and put chocolate in it on a pan on low heat. Once it all melts together, set it aside. 2. In another bowl, take sugar and add yoghurt in it. Now stir well and add this mixture to the chocolate mixture. 3. Add flour, baking powder and cocoa, everything in little quantity only to make the batter. 4. Take a baking pan, put the batter and line it with parchment paper. Now add walnuts and more chocolate to it. 5. To cook this, take a kadhai and place a wire rack beneath and then put the pan on top. Add water below and cover the lid. Keep it on low flame for an hour. Keep replenishing water if need be. 6. Once done, take out the brownies and let it cool. Place them in the fridge and serve them chill. View the full article
  4. With us nearly at the 40-day mark of Indiaâs Coronavirus lockdown, itâs likely that several of us have made our way clean through our liquor supplies, with little more than a bunch of empty bottles to show for it. However, if you were responsible enough to ration or resorted to more dubious means of keeping your booze bank topped off, Bangalorean master-bartender Hemant Mundkur has a trick or three up his sleeve - teaming up with Bacardi to present a way to make those last few drinks count. View this post on Instagram#raiseyourspirits #acocktailaday #cubalibre #freecuba #thesame #rumcocktail #bacardicocktail #Bacardi #Cocktail #BacardiLife #drinks #drinkresponsibly #curfew #india #morethanwork #cubancocktails #cuba #DoWhatMovesYou #rum #cuban #cocktail #bartender #apartmentbartender #homebartender #brandambassador #quarantine #isolation #minimalistbartender #tulleeho @thecocktailstory @tulleeho @bacardilimited1862A post shared by (@hemant3651)Here are five of his top recommendations for a boozy weekend break from the quarantine blues: 1. Indian Summer © Bacardi Fruity, spicy and possibly the best way to use a mango if youâre lucky enough to have gotten a few during the lockdown - this oneâs a real treat. Ingredients: 50 ml White Rum 1 ripe mango Pinch of salt Pinch of red chilli powder 10-15 ml Sugar Syrup 15 ml Lime juice Glassware: Highball glass. Garnish: Slice of mango, skin on. Method: Add all ingredients to a blender with ice and blend until smooth. Pour into a glass and garnish. (Sugar Syrup Recipe: 1 cup of warm water, 1 cup sugar. Mix till sugar dissolves.) 2. Pomegranate Mojito © Bacardi Sunday afternoon and a pitcher of this to share - sounds like heaven. Ingredients: 50 ml white rum 15 ml lime juice 10 ml sugar syrup 2 tablespoons pomegranate 8 mint leaves Soda Glassware: Mason jar. Garnish: Mint sprig. Method: Add pomegranate in the glass and gently muddle. Place mint in a glass and gently tap with a muddler. Add rum, lime juice, sugar syrup - fill the glass with crushed ice and a splash of soda. Mix well, garnish and serve. 3. Pina Colada © Bacardi Sure the beach is off-limits - but thatâs no reason to lay back, relax and enjoy one of these Puerto Rican classics at home. Ingredients: 50 ml white rum 25 ml coconut milk 75 ml pineapple juice 10 ml sugar syrup Glassware: Hurricane/Tall Glass. Garnish: Candied ginger. Method: Add all ingredients to a shaker and shake with lots of ice. Strain over cracked ice in your glass and garnish. 4. Rum & Vanilla Coke © Bacardi An all-time favourite mix of Rum & Cola, with an extra vanilla twist. Super easy and super delicious. Ingredients: 50 ml white rum 3 drops vanilla essence Cola to top up 1 lime wedge Glassware: Highball Garnish: Lime wedge Method: Fill glass with ice, squeeze a lime wedge, add vanilla essence and remaining ingredients. Stir, garnish & serve. 5. Daiquiri © Bacardi For all you minimalists out there - this drink defines balance in a cocktail with 3 simple ingredients. Born in Cuba, enjoyed the world over. Ingredients: 50 ml white rum 1.5 tsp powdered sugar 20 ml fresh lime juice Glassware: Coupe/Martini. Garnish: Lime wedge. Method: Add rum, sugar & lime juice in a shaker, and using a spoon, stir until sugar dissolves. Add ice and shake. Strain into a chilled martini/coupe glass. If youâre looking for some great livestreams to tune into this weekend along with your drinks, Bacardiâs got you covered again with a fantastic lineup this Sunday - with some local favourites to tune into as we cross over into May. © Bacardi Cheers! View the full article
  5. Remember the HTC Exodus 1S smartphone? Yes, the entry-level blockchain phone from HTC that we asked you to stay away from? Well, the phone is back in the news again. It looks like the phone is capable of turning into a money-making machine, thanks to a cryptocurrency mining app. Yes, the phone is said to be getting an app called DeMiner that will be able to mine cryptocurrency when the phone is plugged in and idle. The app is being developed by Midas Labs and is scheduled to launch every soon. © HTC If you're good at math, then you may have figured out that at that rate, you'll be looking at just over a dollar a year i.e. $1.38 a year. That's like making roughly Rs 100 a year, which means the phone can't even make enough cryptocurrency in over 100 years to pay for its price. And on top of that, you're looking at additional expenses like electricity costs and more. Even if you're planning to buy it to use a phone that can also mine cryptocurrency while it's charging, we still think it's a bad idea. It's definitely not worth the asking price and it's probably not going to last long enough with those basic entry-level specs. This is just to tell you how bad the phone really is and we're yet to have seen anything useful from the folks over at HTC. Source: TheVerge View the full article
  6. Not all beards are equal but all of them are great in their own unique way. While most men embrace a clean-shave, stubble or a full beard, not everyone is happy with what they have. One of the problems that men face is uneven or scanty beard growth. Most men end up shaving it off completely in frustration of not knowing any better. A patchy beard is only a nightmare if you treat it like one. Instead of getting frustrated at what you don't have, it's best to focus and enhance on what you do have. We know you may have tried some of these out but since no two beards are the same, we advise you to be a little patient and start with the tips that you feel will benefit you the most. What Is A Patchy Beard? A beard is one that grows out unevenly and has patches of thick and thin strands of hair. Initially, when men start growing out a beard, they start to experience patchiness. Halfway through the process, they give up and decide to adopt a clean-shaven look. This often leads to a lot of frustration too since there is a lot of stigma attached around a beard for men. © iStock A patchy beard can exist due to many reasons. Some men are less endowed than others, some are just not eating right or resting enough due to stress, lacking nutrition, hormone imbalance issues, and so on. Testosterone and DHT are the two hormones that influence the hair growth on your head as well as your beard. Except for your genes, all the other factors can be balanced out for the better. Let It Grow Out Patience is the key here. Let your beard grow out and don't be tempted to start shaving it everyday out of fear of it being scanty. Eventually, your beard will seem thicker. Every beard has a distinct growth pattern. You can only make the most of your beard once you observe its growth pattern. Of course, you can never be sure if the gaps will eventually fill out but you can definitely do your part in trying to enhance the growth. If your beard starts to grow thick with time, great. In case it doesn't, there's help on offer. You can always use beard growth products to help your beard grow fast. __ECOMPRODUCT__297__ © MensXP Must Have Products For Men With Patchy Beard To make sure that your beard reaches its fullest potential, it's important you embrace some products that will continue to be a part of your beard care routine. It goes without saying that choosing the right ones can give your beard the best chance of reaching its potential.. Beard Growth Oil: A beard growth oil is a multipurpose beard grooming product. Unlike a normal beard oil, a beard growth oil will healthify your beard as well as make it appear fuller and denser. A beard oil makes it super easy to style your beard too. __ECOMPRODUCT__298__ © iStock Beard Dyes: If you are a man who gets a light beard, you can consider dyeing it. Darker colors tend to look more dense and thick than light colors. They also have a statement appeal to it. Moreover, you will get a chance to be experimental too! It is a temporary yet a quick hack for last minute emergencies. © iStock A Little Make-Up: An eyebrow pencil is all that you will need for this. Take one and fill in your beard with small strokes. Go with a light hand and repeat until you have filled up the patches. Remember to not touch your face or else you will remove the product. Practice thoroughly and no one will know you have a patchy beard. © iStock Patchy Beard Styles To Try Out Depending on how patchy your beard is, you can take inspiration from these beard styles and work your way around your beard patches with style! © MensXP © MensXP © MensXP © MensXP © MensXP © MensXP __ECOMPRODUCT__300__ Explore More View the full article
  7. When the world is hit by an apocalypse, the chances of survival are near to zero. But, for the rich, this has never been the case. The days of hiding out in a shelter dug by hand are gone and the rich are now moving into underground doomsday bunkers, that are as luxurious as their houses. Now that we are hit by a pandemic and with the virus leading to social anxiety, these safe mansions are becoming a rage now. Gary Lynch, general manager of Texas-based Rising S Bunkers, said that their phone has been ringing non-stop for enquiries about the bunkers. The bunkers are architecturally quite pleasing to the eyes and make up a whole underground world, with an entertainment centre, even if the world is ending. Let us give you an insiders' glance into what these bunkers look like and how expensive they are. 1. The Oppidum © Oppidum Oppidum is the 'largest billionaire bunker' in the world. Located in the Czech Republic, this one is in the middle of the mountains. The construction of this particular bunker began back in 1984, at the time of Cold war and is now ready to offer protection, for any sort of apocalypse. The bunker includes a gym, spa, cinema, library and other luxurious facilities. The bunker is actually so gorgeous, that you wouldn't want to leave this heavenly place. This one was constructed by Jakub Zamrazil, a successful real estate businessman. The price will set you back around $8 Million. 2. Vivos Europa One © YouTube Made under a mountain, Vivos Europa One has the ultimate experience of a luxury house. The bunker has five-star facilities that even private apartments cannot give you. This one costs a whopping $2.3 million. It is also one of the fanciest bunkers and was built to save people from nuclear blasts. 3. The Safe House © Business Insider The name says it all! The modern aesthetics of this bunker is literally to save one from blasts or if a zombie apocalypse broke out The walls are like that of a transformer, that convert into comfortable, safe rooms. Every area of this bunker is well protected and is surrounded by lush green gardens and a swimming pool, if you want to take a dip in the pool, even during apocalypse. 4. Survival Condo Penthouse © Survival Condo A customisable doomsday house, worth almost $4.5 million, this one is like any other luxury house you would locate in a city. The condo includes a gym, rock climbing facility, library, movie theatre and also a dog park. This is literally a condo, to keep yourself safe and have fun too! 5. The Aristocrat © Youtube The luxury shelter named the Aristrocrat charges a bomb, which is worth more than $8.3 million to get your own customised bunker. The lavish aesthetics with modern built, this spacious underground bunker will fit in your cars too. Add to that, you can get a sauna room, greenhouse, and much more. The bunker has enough space and if you need some sun, just go above to the safe house! 6. Trident Lakes © Trident Lakes If you need a place to survive an apocalypse, be ready to dish out around $449,00 to $1,949,000 on Trident Lakes bunker. Located in Texas, this one can survive any sort of calamity, while letting you have fun inside. With room for more than 3,000 people, this bunker has the best of facilities along with an adventure course, to keep yourself entertained. View the full article
  8. We are always so eager to jump the âtrendingâ bandwagon, arenât we? Right from fashion trends to 'Dalgona' coffee and silly TikTok challenges, we end up giving in to most hashtags that rule our highly âPublicâ social (media) life. © Pexels So, let me introduce you to yet another âtrendâ which has been trending for a few years now. #Sustainability. #SustainableLiving. #SustainableLifestyle. No matter what you wish to call it, itâs all the same and equally promising! Itâs hip and much more worthy of your time. Not only will it make you seem âwokeâ and responsible, it comes with the added benefits of improving the quality of your life as well as that of the Earth, all at once. So, here are 10 small but effective lifestyle changes that you can make to help the environment and the Earth live better, plus also become very âtrendyâ: 1. Say No To Single-Use Plastic © Pexels I know youâve heard enough of this, but trust me when I say it, every time you say no to that plastic straw, plastic cutlery, plastic food packaging, carry bags and a host of other things made out of/covered in single-use plastic, you are not only helping the environment but also saving lives which end up as collateral damage because we love plastic so much in our life. 2. Carry Reusable Water-Bottles © Pexels The idea is to have a bottle of water handy while on the go, and avoid the need to buy plastic cups and water bottles when you are struck by intense thirst while on the road. Use and throw cups and bottles not only impact the environment negatively, but also send your health for a toss by injecting toxins into your body. Opt for glass or metal-based (ideally steel or copper) water bottles to carry with you at all times. 3. Practise Basic Recycling © Pexels I do not need to tell you why recycling is supremely crucial for Earthâs future, now more than ever. Junior school taught us enough about it, but growing up we forgot the basics. So, here goes. Recycling reduces the generation of avoidable waste, helps conserve Earthâs resources, reduces pollution and saves a ton of energy! By simply recycling this around us, we can heal the Earth! 4. Bring A Personal Carry Bag © Pexels Letâs bring the âjholaâ back in fashion, shall we? Be it a cotton or khadi-based cloth bag, or a jute bag, just ensure you take your own carry bag with you when you go shopping. Be it for veggies, groceries or even clothes. Itâll also save you a lot of money! 5. Shop Locally © Pexels What this means is, instead of heading to the supermarket, buy stuff from the local sabziwala, doodhwala, or head to the nearest farmerâs market or mandi where you can get fresh, quality produce and pay much less than how much you would at a shopping mart. Itâs good for the environment, your health and also for some hard-working people trying to earn an honest living. 6. Opt For Preloved Things © Pexels Many of you may not agree with this, but so much goodness often lies hidden in preloved items. This is true especially if youâre looking at decorating items, antiques, furniture, books and even electronics! Second-hand items are not only less expensive, but also conserve resources, energy and prevent pollution too! 7. Travel Responsibly © Pexels Again, something we are all aware of, but not actively participating in. Donât wait for Kejriwal to come back with his Odd-Even Rule to get back to carpooling and taking the public transport. Do it otherwise and regularly too. Walk where you can, cycle where you canât and try to reduce the number of times you take out your car and fly someplace as much as you can. Fuel has a significant carbon footprint, which in turn hurts the environment. 8. Avoid Fast Fashion, Go Indigenous © Pexels Changing clothes like changing trends is no longer a healthy practice. From chemical waste production to wastage of water and energy, fast fashion is one of the biggest polluters after the oil industry. Instead, choose indigenous brands and craftsmanship. Wear natural fabrics like cotton, silk, khadi and donate unwanted clothes instead of just throwing them away. 9. Save & Harvest Water © Pexels This is pivotal to any sort of future that we are trying to build on Earth. Water is a basic necessity of life but also one of the most important factors that make life sustainable on this planet. So, save water, avoid thoughtless wastage of this life-giving liquid and harvest water if you can. 10. Use Energy Responsibly © Pexels Wastage of energy is another factor that handicaps measures for sustainable living. Avoid unnecessary use of electricity. Make use of natural light, opt for LED bulbs instead of CFL. Switch off that light before you leave a room. There is so much you can do really. View the full article
  9. Shah Rukh Khan's online presence can be summed up in one line - he's not a regular dad, he's a cool dad. One of King Khan's best quality is, of course, his humour, along with his wit, and it's just great that thanks to social media, we get a more personal approach to celebrities and sometimes even interact with them. Since everyone is under lockdown as of now, it also gives celebs an opportunity to talk to fans as no one has a busy schedule right now. So, since SRK was probably 'bored in the house and in the house bored', he decided to conduct an #askSRK session and honestly, it's a blessing since his answers are always so hilarious and honest. He even started out with a funny tweet, this man is just great. Ok itâs a good idea. Letâs do #AskSRK but not too long please because I have to go and do....nothing...for a bit before I do some more of it later. Letâs begin...please use the hashtag. â Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) April 20, 2020 There's one answer that's actually very respectable. Someone asked him how to quit smoking and instead of preaching something typical, he just chose the honest option. Eh...you are looking for answers in the wrong place my friend. Best of luck with your endeavour. https://t.co/pl4Kgu4Jmh â Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) April 20, 2020 That acknowledgement, tho. Inspite of contributing to the population boom, having three kids to be with is a treat. They r in all shapes and sizes, so the day goes by being with them each for a couple of hours. Then spend rest of the day cleaning up their toys! https://t.co/WrG0ppqMoL â Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) April 20, 2020 Life lessons with SRK. बापॠà¤à¥ नॠसिà¤à¤¾à¤¯à¤¾ था..बà¥à¤°à¤¾ मत दà¥à¤à¥, ना सà¥à¤¨à¥, ना à¤à¤¹à¥ । à¤à¤¸à¥ à¤à¤¾ पालन à¤à¤°à¤¤à¤¾ हà¥à¤ à¤à¤ तà¤à¥¤ https://t.co/XslM2Km7ry â Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) April 20, 2020 Homes movies, perhaps? Abe sign to kar doon...abhi shooting kaun karega!! https://t.co/KwCDQY8q9L â Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) April 20, 2020 Everyone has been blessed by King Khan himself. All the best to everyone appearing for exams as and when. https://t.co/9vDQGIzeke â Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) April 20, 2020 That's awesome. Damn couldnât tell which characters at all. Ha ha really cool thank you https://t.co/DeK8KqACn6 â Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) April 20, 2020 More life lessons with SRK. That we all need to slow down a bit. Look and feel life and nature a bit more than just seeking instant gratification 24/7 https://t.co/zWfEXKCZWG â Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) April 20, 2020 Let's hope. Hope we overcome the virus...faster than the number of movies I have done. Insha Allah https://t.co/FYai9ZYx07 â Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) April 20, 2020 Great use of sarcasm. Is it alright if I can forward the scripts to you also. Donât stress will do lots of films my man. https://t.co/8eskzncP59 â Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) April 20, 2020 Just stop, people. Donât tire yourself. Itâs obvious I will do some films...itâs obvious they will be made..and itâs obvious you all will know. https://t.co/kxUNExGoQJ â Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) April 20, 2020 That's adorable. Will tell her Hi when she comes in my dreams tonight. https://t.co/njqu5kXiZJ â Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) April 20, 2020 So humble. Wouldnât know....try asking a superstar. I am just a King unfortunately... https://t.co/bvzBvg1S8B â Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) April 20, 2020 Life of an introvert? Most of last year... https://t.co/MJLJAI6RZX â Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) April 20, 2020 Aww. Yaar yehi pehle aap...pehle aap mein pista jaa raha hoon...kya karoon. https://t.co/NcGHLVoWfB â Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) April 20, 2020 Hmm, that's true. I think we will all have to press Pause...Reset and then Play our worlds going forward. https://t.co/wTWgMuVvlQ â Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) April 20, 2020 That mostly at the end, tho. Sabr ka phal acchha hi hota hai...mostly. https://t.co/xDahZgSiyh â Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) April 20, 2020 Yes. Bhai social aur physical distancing mein...Mass ki baat mat bol please...will do everything donât worry. https://t.co/JWoWdNTYAu â Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) April 20, 2020 Yes, single. Bhai kamaal ka Single aur Singer hai... https://t.co/iIvEaY1srk â Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) April 20, 2020 Okay, this is my favourite one. God was wondering when someone will ask me this pertinent question!! Black. https://t.co/hEhkFMz5dJ â Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) April 20, 2020 Of course. Wow both are awesome and I have met them...but Raju apna sa lagta hai...nahi? https://t.co/EuSsrTHtx5 â Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) April 20, 2020 Stay in school, kids. I paid lots of attention to my teachers growing up... https://t.co/nEuQ6xcKJY â Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) April 20, 2020 And, that's the end, folks. Thank you all for #AskSrk Need to get back to doing nothing. Please stay at home. Physical distancing. Hygiene. And respect all who r doing amazing work on ground. Just Love a lot more and do nothing...because âJo kuch nahi karte woh kamaal karte hain..â â Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) April 20, 2020 View the full article
  10. The way Shah Rukh Khan delivers a dialogue in his movies, makes everyone go weak in their knees. For someone, who is a sucker for romance, would never get tired of watching his movies over and over again. But, is it just the screenplay that makes us believe in love? Actually it is a little beyond that. It's how SRK puts a dialogue in a heartfelt, emotional manner, that convinces and woos the audience. There's nothing special about today that we are going to give you the best of SRK dialogues, but since we know that this lockdown has also made you quarantine away from your partner, these dialogues will put your faith back in love. Read below. 1. MohabbateinMohabbatein was one movie that made us all finish the whole tissue box, and the dialogues from this movie by SRK, are unmatched. This one touched my soul. "Main aaj bhi usse utni hi mohabbat karta hoon. Aur is liye nahi ki koi aur nahi mili, par is liye ki usse mohabbat karne se fursat hi nahi milti" I can't even! "Maine aaj tak sirf ek hi ladki se mohabbat ki hai ... aur zindagi bhar sirf us hi se karta rahoonga" An example one-woman man! 2. Veer ZaaraVeer Zaara has a stellar script as it talks about how religion and caste should not be the deciding factor when you fall in love with someone. While this tragic movie had some really emotional moments, SRK's dialogues made us cry even harder. "Lekin kabhi bhi, kahin bhi ek dost ki zarurat padhe toh yaad rakhiega⦠ki sarhad paar ek aisa shaks hai jo aapke liye apni jaan bhi de dega!" Need something more to cry? "Sachi mohabbat zindagi mein sirf ek baar hoti hai ⦠aur jab hoti hai ⦠toh koi bhagwan yah khuda usse nakamyab nahi hone deta." 3. Dilwale Dulhania Le JayengeThe fact remains that when it comes to love, SRK always had to struggle to get the girl he really loves. We reckon, that this is what brings out his emotional side, that truly shows that love can seize everything! "Tum apni zindagi ek aise ladke ke saath guzardogi jisko tum jaanti nahin ho, mili nahin ho, jo tumhari liye bilkul ajnabi hai." Basically, how to make her fall in love with you and not the other guy! Bravo, SRK. "Toh kya hua agar maine jhoot sirf tumhe paane ke liye kaha tha? Toh kya hua agar tumhare chehre ke sivah mujhe koi aur chehra dikhai nahi deta? Toh kya hua agar tumhare naam ke sivah mujhe koi aur naam yaad nahi rehta? Toh kya hua agar yeh awara tumhe deewano ki tarah pyar karta hai? Toh kya hua? Pyaar sab kuch toh nahi hota na." How to convince your hone wale Sasurji, guys! 4. Kal Ho Naa Ho I still have to gather myself before I watch this movie. Even though Kal Ho Naa Ho has been etched in my heart, I still cannot get over the storyline of this movie. "Pyaar toh bahot log karte hai... lekin mere jaisa pyaar koi nahi kar sakta kyun ki kisi ke pass tum joh nahi ho.." So true! "Socho, socho aur sochne ke liye main tumhe apni puri zindagi deta hoon" 5. Kuch Kuch Hota HaiThis movie has a love-hate relationship with the audience, but the way SRK tries and convinces that love happens only once and still ends up doing it twice, makes us believe him! "Tumhari sehat toh theek hai na, tum itni khoobsoorat kaise lag rahi ho?" "Ek mard ka sar sirf teen aurton ke saamne jhukta hai, Maa ke samne, Durga Maa ke saamne, aur..." Very 'sanskaari' 6. Dil To Pagal HaiSRK has not only had tragic love stories on-screen but has also been stuck in a weird sort of love triangle. Dil To Pagal Hai is a great example that shows and makes us believe that love has no limit and bounds. Kya tumne kabhi bhi ⦠ek din ke liye bhi ⦠ek pal ke liye bhi ⦠mujhse pyar kiya tha? 7. DevdasA man who seeks solace in alcohol, to forget the love of his life, is quite something. This movie is iconic and the breathtaking scenes and dialogues left everyone jaw-drop. "Pyar ka karobaar toh bahut baar kiya hai, magar pyar sirf ek baar." "Ek baat hoti thi tab tum bahut yaad aati thi ... (kab) ... jab jab main saans leta tha tab tab" Paro is so lucky! View the full article
  11. R. Kelly argued that flying out is not an option for him as he does not have a passport
  12. Apple's new iPhone SE is finally here and it's the most affordable iPhone that Apple has released in many years. It's priced at Rs 42,500 in India and at that price, you're getting a lot of awesome features making it a great value for iPhone. Let's check them out. A13 Bionic ChipsetThe price to performance ratio of the new iPhone SE is incredible. It's powered by Apple's best chipset i.e. the A13 Bionic. It's the same one that's powering the likes of the iPhone 11, the iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. © Apple The A13 Bionic, for those of you who don't know, blows past Qualcomm's latest processors like the Snapdragon 855 Plus. It's the most power-efficient chip Apple has ever made and it helps a lot with battery performance. We're happy to see Apple going with the A13 Bionic chipset instead of its predecessor. Great move, Apple! Wireless ChargingWireless charging wasn't a thing on iPhones until the launch of the iPhone 8. So, we're not really surprised to see wireless charging on the new iPhone SE given the fact that they both have the same design. That being said, Apple could have easily skimped on this feature to keep the production cost low, but we're happy to see it being included here. Not a lot of phones in this price range offer wireless charging, so kudos to Apple for this. IP67 Rating The new iPhone SE also comes with an IP67 rating which means it's dust and water-resistant. The iPhone SE can withstand the effects of immersion in water between 1cm and 1m for up to 30 minutes. It's the same as the iPhone XR's IP rating. Form Factor"Compact" phones have become more or less become a thing of the past. Even OnePlus' new OnePlus 8, which they claim to have a compact form factor, still has a massive 6.55-inch display. That's still a relatively large display to handle for a lot of people. The new iPhone SE, however, comes with a small 4.7-inch display, just like old iPhones. It's the same size as that of the iPhone 8, which is great. The new iPhone SE is definitely one of the most compact phones available on the market. PriceObviously, it's hard to dive deep into this phone without discussing its price. The new iPhone SE starts at Rs 42,500 making it the most affordable iPhone to launch in many years. Yes, the OG iPhone SE was a little bit cheaper, but this is one of the most affordable iPhones you can get your hands on today. © Apple The new iPhone SE now stands as a great competitor to the upcoming (rumoured) Google Pixel 4a. It'll be interesting to see how the two compare side-by-side, but it's safe to say that this is a great move by Apple. If the expensive price tag of the "Pro" iPhone models has been keeping you away, then the new iPhone SE is a good way to get your first iPhone. View the full article
  13. How many times have you read or heard someone or the internet or the television telling you should be washing your hands? By now, we've washed our hands too many times for it to be 'fun' any more. We're currently witnessing unprecedented times that have led us to experience mundane things like never before and washing hands is just an example of that. So, Pornhub who had recently made Premium free for everyone in an attempt to flatten the curve, is now back with another initiative called ScrubHub , a safe for work website which is a result of a partnership between Pornhub and two Los Angeles-based creators. © Scrubhub In an effort to make videos that remind you to wash those damn hands, Scrubhub, a parody website features famous pornstars washing their hands with catchy porno titles. From, 'Washing My Hot Fortnite Playing Stepbrother Brad As He Sprays Me' to 'Thick An*l Hunk Goes Slow and Deep in His Afternoon Quickie', they have them all. © Scrubhub "We wanted to take something as mundane as washing your hands and make it entertaining in the only way we know how (by taking a joke way too far)," Ani Acopian and Suzy Shinn, the brains who have partnered with Pornhub, said in a press release. © Scrubhub Scrubhub is a tongue-in-cheek approach to get viewers across the world to follow basic hygiene guidelines in the time of coronavirus crises. The proceeds raised from Scrubhub will be given to Invisible Hands, a volunteer organisation that provides food and essentials to communities at risk in New York and New Jersey, and Frontline Foods. © Scrubhub Pornhub has witnessed a surge of site traffic since its complimentary Premium memberships became open for everyone. Even offering free premium worldwide hasn't stopped Pornhub from doing something to help COVID-19 relief efforts. Pornhub is also offering models, financially impacted by the crises larger payouts on both its main site and Modelhub. They're even sourcing recommendations of additional charitable organizations for Scrubhub to donate to. All we can say is, as long as they are doing their job in reminding you to wash your hands, it's working. View the full article
  14. The whole lockdown season is not just making us do house chores but it has also unveiled an unexplored side. Cooking is therapeutic, but since people are cooped inside their houses, with over the top workload, everyone is munching on unhealthy items, without realising the long term effect of all this. While it is okay to munch sometimes, it is not advisable that it becomes a habit. So, no matter how much workload you have at the moment, taking out five minutes from your schedule to cook a meal for yourself will not cost you much. Check out these amazing recipes that are filling and can be made easily, to deal with the lockdown better. 1. Peanut Bhel © Tarla Dalal Peanut bhel is not just chakna to your drinks, but it is also a relaxing small meal that you can enjoy before you start working. Ingredients: Peanuts, onion, tomato, red chilli, pepper, lemon juice and chaat masala. 1. Chop all the veggies and make sure that the tomato is ripe. 2. Pressure cook the peanuts and add water to it with salt, turmeric powder. Wait for a few whistles, drain the water and take it out. 3. Put the peanuts in a bowl. Now add red chilli powder. Put the lemon juice and now mix all the veggies in it. 4. Sprinkle chat masala on top, with pepper and other seasoning. The dish is now ready! If you want to save more time, you can make this chat with roasted peanuts as well. 2. Quick Mayo Sandwich © Hungryforever A mayo sandwich sounds like a no-brainer, but what's special about this sandwich is that it can be made with various sauces with the veggies of your choice. Ingredients: Cabbage, grated carrot, mayonnaise, thousand island sauce(if you have), garlic paste, black pepper and melted butter for spreading. 1. Take two pieces of bread, spread melted butter on it and keep it aside. You can heat it up if you like. 2. Mix grated carrot and cabbage together. Add one spoon mayonnaise and thousand island sauce. You can grate some cheese as well. Sprinkle little black pepper with other seasonings. 3. Spread it on the bread evenly and make a sandwich. 3. Quick Egg Bread Roll © Veganball Eggs rolls are hands down quite yummy. It is easy to make and since our body needs a good boost of protein, this one can be added to your 5-minute routine. Ingredients: Eggs, bread, salt, oregano, chilli flake and black pepper. 1. Take a pan, put some oil in it. Crack two eggs in it and let it cook for some time. Make it the same way you would make egg bhurji. Once done, put some salt and black pepper. 2. Now, take this out and keep aside. Take a bread slice and use a roti roller on it. Make sure it is not quite thin. Take the prepared egg bhurji and put it on the bread. Roll it, sprinkle some seasoning, and it's done. 4. Yoghurt Breakfast Drink © Tasty For the sleepyheads, this refreshing smoothie is quite filling and will actually wake you up, so you can start working asap. Ingredients: Yoghurt, orange juice and milk. 1. Take all of these ingredients. 2. Blend it well and add ice cubes as well. 3. This drink is super filling and will keep you full for hours. 5. Pressure Cooker Mac And Cheese © Tasty This is one hell of a recipe that is yummy and can be made real quick. Ingredients: Macaroni, butter, ground mustard, salt and pepper and some cheese. 1. Add macaroni, put butter, mustard, salt and pepper. All this into the pressure cooker. Now set it on 4 minutes. 2. Once done, pour some milk and cheese and let it turn creamy. 3. Sprinkle seasoning on top. View the full article
  15. After rapid testing kits, it has been determined that dogs could potentially help detect the novel Coronavirus and may join various task forces in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic that has taken over the world. © iStock The strong sense of smell that dogs possess might help in the detection of COVID-19 carriers. In fact, reportedly, they may even be more effective than tests that are limited in quantity and are not used on asymptomatic people in countries like India. Reportedly, dogs will be able to discern the asymptomatic carriers or COVID-19 from the population who have the potential to turn into super spreaders. © iStock A British charity has teamed up with scientists to see whether dogs could help detect COVID-19 through their keen sense of smell. Medical Detection Dogs will work with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) and Durham University in northeast England to determine whether canines could help in diagnoses. © iStock They're following previous research that talks about dogs' ability to sniff out malaria. The study is based on the hypothesis that each disease creates a distinct odour in humans, and dogs can, in fact, decipher these odours. The organisation said they had begun the prep to train dogs in six weeks "to help provide a rapid, non-invasive diagnosis towards the tail end of the epidemic". The charity has previously trained dogs to detect diseases such as cancer, Parkinson's and bacterial infections by sniffing samples taken from patients. And even, the detection of slight changes in skin temperature, which helps determine if the person has a fever. © iStock "In principle, we're sure that dogs could detect COVID-19," said Claire Guest, founder and chief executive of Medical Detection Dogs. "We are now looking into how we can safely catch the odour of the virus from patients and present it to the dogs. The aim is that dogs will be able to screen anyone, including those who are asymptomatic, and tell us whether they need to be tested. This would be fast, effective and non-invasive and make sure the limited NHS (National Health Service) testing resources are only used where they are really needed." But what about accuracy? The head of disease control at the LSHTM has confirmed that dogs could detect malaria with "extremely high accuracy" and, there was a "very high chance" it could also work with COVID-19. If this project by the charity is successful, dogs will be able to supplement ongoing testing by screening for the virus accurately and could âtriageâ 250 people per hour. View the full article
  16. There are over 9000 Coronavirus cases in the country so far, and the nationwide lockdown has been reportedly extended to two more weeks. Meanwhile, authorities are working day in and day out to ensure people strictly adhere to the lockdown rules during this time. © Reuters Besides, they are also taking to social media to answer all kinds of queries and doubts of people about the lockdown. In this context, one particular question for the Pune Police department and their answer has left people in splits on Twitter. One of the Twitter users asked the Pune policeâs department what would happen if they step out. during the lockdown, to which the police came up with a witty yet strong reply. âWhat if we put you inside? If we put someone in jail without any cause would it be nice? So, how is going outside without a reason alright?â the department said in its reply. Check out the hilarious conversation here: à¤à¤à¤° हम à¤à¤ªà¤à¥ à¤à¤à¤¦à¤° à¤à¤° दà¥à¤ तà¥? à¤à¤à¤° हम बिना बात à¤à¥ à¤à¤¿à¤¸à¥ à¤à¥ à¤à¤à¤¦à¤° à¤à¤° दà¥à¤ तॠà¤à¥à¤¯à¤¾ सहॠहà¥à¤à¤¾? तॠफिर बिना बात à¤à¥ बाहर à¤à¤¾à¤¨à¤¾ à¤à¥à¤¸à¥ सहॠहà¥? https://t.co/XkezXLLAdD â PUNE POLICE (@PuneCityPolice) April 12, 2020 The banter is now doing the rounds on the internet and the tweet has garnered peopleâs attention where people are appreciating the department's witty comeback. pic.twitter.com/tv2PI3s64x â सà¥à¤¶à¤¿à¤à¥à¤·à¤¿à¤¤ बà¥à¤°à¥à¤à¤à¤¾à¤° (@be_rose_gaar) April 12, 2020 pic.twitter.com/O81G6wJGOz â Sonu Singla (@som_dav) April 13, 2020 Hitting the nail on the head. So hard that it shall be remembered. â Not Right/Left just being Right! (@PrasadKVL1) April 12, 2020 @PuneCityPolice sir pic.twitter.com/qFvqGM47l6 â Nikhil Milind Shinde (@NikhilMShinde11) April 12, 2020 pic.twitter.com/iTX22FvJ6s â кÏÐ¼Î±Ñ gαÏÑαν Ñιηgн (@SinghWhitelotus) April 13, 2020 Just stay home, guys. Stay put. View the full article
  17. Trump said the US gave WHO approximately $500 million a year, and the subject is going to be talked about next week
  18. No one would have imagined that one day, we will be restricted to staying at home. Owing to the Coronavirus outbreak, everything which was maybe normal earlier is not normal anymore. We were used to the hustle-bustle in our cities and suddenly, it feels like we have been transported to some dystopian Hollywood movie like A Quiet Place where we cannot move out because outside we have a deadly pandemic COVID 19 waiting for us. With industries being shut, thereâs nothing much happening around. Just like all the other industries, the entertainment industry is not functioning and the release dates of movies have been pushed to the latter half of the year. We, the millennials, have not seen something like this ever and itâs the first time we are seeing the whole world being shut because of this deadly pandemic just like we saw in the movie Contagion. This whole situation, in the real-life, can be shown through a movie in reel life. A few days back, there came a report that claimed that Bollywood producers are trying to register a movie based on Coronavirus. Corona Pyaar Hai has apparently already been registered. Well, we are sure that as soon as it ends, there will be directors who may take up a movies based on this scenario. We have chosen 5 directors who we think are well-suited to make a movie on Coronavirus and we are also discussing the probable plots. Before you judge us, it obviously is not the truth, and is done with the intention of providing everyone with a little dose of harmless entertainment. Disclaimer: Any resemblance to real persons or other real-life entities is purely coincidental. All characters and other entities appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, dead or alive, or other real-life entities, past or present, is purely coincidental. Anurag Kashyap View this post on InstagramTo Whomsoever it may concern .. pic by @manojsteadicamA post shared by (@anuragkashyap10) Well, this man is known for his raw and realistic cinema. We can expect a very realistic portrayal of the situation on the screens. The story plot could be taken from Sacred Games where the Indian Government gets a call from the Chinese Government that you have just 21 days to save your nation. Then, the mystery will unfold where concerned authorities start finding the solution to this big problem. R Balki So, he has directed some praise-worthy films like PadMan, Paa and Cheeni Kum. Taking a cue from PadMan, R Balki might make a movie from the perspective of the person who found the vaccine of this deadly pandemic. Shree Narayan Singh Well, he has given us movies like Toilet Ek Prem Katha and Batti Gul Meter Chalu. With the kind of movies that he has been directing, he might show the story of the Coronavirus outbreak with a social message of keeping our hygiene in place. Ram Gopal Varma How can we not have RGV on our list? Seeing his filmography (letâs not include Aag), we can actually expect a movie based on the political scenarios in the county when Coronavirus was on its peak. View this post on InstagramJust generally happy for no particular reasonðA post shared by (@rgvzoomin) Karan Johar Why Karan Johar, you ask? Well, KJo is the master when it comes to showing romance on the big screen. He might make a film on two lovers who were separated because of the Coronavirus outbreak, with a melodramatic, larger than life dose of romance through Zoom calls. View this post on InstagramReflections! Images courtesy @fabdoha â¤ï¸ð𧡠styled by @nikitajaisinghani #throwbacktodohaA post shared by (@karanjohar) Do you have anyone that you can add to the list? Let us know in the comments below. View the full article
  19. Soaring past 5,000 confirmed cases this week, the general population is unable to do much more than practice social distancing, a move thatâs grown all too familiar as we approach week three of Indiaâs lockdown phase. With feelings of helplessness rising, what exactly is it that we can do? The answer to this question lies in plain sight, and for most of us, right in front of our faces - the mass utilisation and continued use of face masks, through the lockdown and beyond. While many of us are fortunate enough to have stockpiled on manufactured facemasks, a vast population of Indians cannot afford them and given the shortage of equipment faced by medical authorities, perhaps a more hands-on approach will do the trick. Why Wear Masks? © Reuters; Even dogs are taking on the spirit of medical safety. What India currently needs is a logistics-friendly, cost-effective, instantly doable and medically sound approach to preventing coronavirus spread. In no way is this currently more feasible than introducing and promoting the usage of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) facemasks. While sophisticated N95 masks provide the highest available form of protection, even basic masks can help in lowering rates of transmission, therefore saving potential lives. According to Ben Cowling, a Hong Kong professor of epidemiology associated with the World Health Organisation (WHO), "The argument ... about everybody wearing a mask, is not that it will prevent everyone from getting infected, it's that it will slow down transmission.â What Do You Need To Make A DIY Mask? © Reuters; Stay informed and educated - donât be this guy. Since you will need to make at least two masks (after use, facemasks need to be either disposed of or cleaned thoroughly to prevent exposure risk), itâs important to consider which kind of mask youâd like to make - weâve got two levels that you can try, depending on your supplies and comfort with tailoring. T-Shirt Cloth Mask/Bandana MaskNo sewing required - absolutely beginner friendly.Requires a pair of scissors.A disposable T-Shirt/bandana.Rubber bands or hair ties.Sewn Cloth FacemaskWill require sewing skills, but is more sturdy and customisable.Two 10â x 6â rectangles of cotton fabric.Two 6â pieces of elastic or cloth strips.Needle & thread.Scissors.A sewing machine.How To Craft Your DIY MaskT-Shirt Cloth Mask © BCCL Simple and easy to make, this can also help you find a use for old t-shirts and embrace sustainability during these trying times as well. Bandana Mask © BCCL If youâre uncomfortable working with scissors and cloth, this one turns out to be even easier than the t-shirt option and can be quickly crafted in a matter of seconds. Sewn Cloth Facemask While requiring a person with basic sewing skills to make, this mask is a great way to learn if youâve got someone to help you around at home - you can even use prints or colours you personally enjoy to create these handy reusable masks. Creating your mask is just the first step, however. In order to maximise your safety and the longevity of the mask, the following steps are important too: Before using a mask, remember to wash your hands - thatâs even more crucial for virus protection.Never share your mask with others - each person must have their own pair.After your mask becomes damp, humid or unclean, it must be washed immediately to be of use again. This is ideally done with a thorough soap wash before leaving the mask to dry under sunlight for 5 hours.Alternatively, you can boil the mask in salt water for 10-15 minutes.Keep your mask in a clean, dry and safe place, such as a thoroughly washed plastic bag or container.Spearheaded by The Times of India, #MaskIndia is an online effort to spread awareness by educating India about the benefits of homemade masks with the goal of ultimately safeguarding every Indian against COVID-19. Share a picture with your homemade mask on your social handles using #MaskIndia. The best picture will be featured in The Times Of India, and on MaskIndia.com. View the full article
  20. It's obvious that medical drama shows never fail to intrigue us. The way doctors deal with life and death situations actually gives us chills. Even though a subject like this can sometimes be too much to take, when we actually sit and watch it at the comfort of our home, it doesn't affect us too much, rather helps us understand more about this profession. Since we are in lockdown at the moment and if you are wondering what to watch next, which is a completely different and a new genre for you, give these medical drama series a try. 1. Medical PoliceMedical Police is sort of a TV parody of Children's Hospital show. You might wonder that this show must be something serious but if you need good comedy in the medical arena, this one will easily fit your bill. This series is about two doctors who are discovering a deadly virus. These doctors are also undercover government agents who are discovering a dark mystery. The comedy show leads towards action genre with manic silliness that you can't even imagine! 2. The ResidentThe Resident is another powerful series that showcases the life of a young doctor and what goes behind the curtain in hospitals, both good and bad. The series has a dark underside amidst a run-of-the-mill story. Even though it is tough to keep adding a new spin to every episode in medical series, this one puts together great hospital procedures with a bit of drama added to it. Hence, it is in our must-watch medical drama series list. 3. 9-1-1The name is self-explanatory. The series shows the lives of first responders: paramedics, firefighters, dispatchers and police officers and the emergencies in their profession that includes health issues, ailing relatives, marriages etc. They are saving and balancing other lives while managing their own life issues. The show explores frightening and heart-stopping situations that make for a good binge-watch. 4. ValkyrienValkyrien is a show that is truly unusual. The show has the medic and an investigator who are running a secret hospital in an old bomb shelter. The show starts with the doctor's wife dying and he wants to make sure she is alive with an experimental treatment that ends up becoming more dramatic and shows the failings as well. The surprising element of this series is the diversity of people who visit this secret hospital which is quite unusual. Add to that, the Apocalypse can make you sit on the edge. The twists and turns in it make it worth watching. Try it out! 5. Mary Kills PeopleMary Kills People is about Dr Mary Harris, an ER doctor who helps patients slip away. In exchange for money, Mary along with her partner Des, who is a former plastic surgeon, assists in helping people commit suicide. They are making money with illegal assisted suicide. It is a dark, sensitive subject that hits the right nerve and is a show that's an insane one to binge-watch. 6. TransplantSimple and something unusual that will actually catch your attention is this series, is a series named Transplant. This show has an ER Doctor who flies from his native place to Canada and enters the new environment in the Emergency department in one of the best hospitals, York Memorial, Toronto. The show has an emotional journey that will plunge your heart right from its pilot episode. If you wish to watch something light yet spine-chilling, this one is it. View the full article
  21. If you have seen John Cenaâs off-stage interviews and when he is not performing as a WWE superstar, you would know that the man leads his life based on the rules and principles that he had created for himself. Itâs his set of principles that got him to this point of stardom and success. His workout routine, his diet, his commitment to being in his best physique, no matter how busy his schedule maybe, everything seems to look like words engraved in stone. © Reuters However, it becomes unreasonable for Cena to expect such dedication and strictness from someone else who hasnât lived a similar life as the leader of âCenationâ himself and it becomes that much more difficult for that other person to live freely, when theyâre supposed to spend the rest of their life with him. Here are 5 bizarre rules that John Cena used to make Nikki Bella follow when they were in a relationship: 1. Dress To Dine Growing up, Cena did not have a lot to be thankful for but now that he could afford the finer things in life, he wanted to appreciate it completely. One of the main ways to do so was to dress formally when it was dinner time. Suits for men, gowns or dresses for the ladies and a formal dinner once every week. Cena did it and expected everyone in his house, even Nikki to do it. 2. Stretching For An Enormous Period of Time There may be a reason behind the longevity of John Cenaâs extremely successful career, his insanely long stretching sessions before starting with the cardio or hitting the weight room, sometimes even an hour. He expected similar dedication from Nikki. 3. No Sharing Of Assets John Cena made it certain that the two people in the relationship werenât going to share assets. Even though it may sound a bit too harsh at first, the reason why Cena did this was because he had a mother and a younger brother who needed special medical care and he wanted to be able to be there for them both in spirit and financially if things didnât work out. 4. Different Sets Of Dirty Clothes You know how we donât care about sweaty gym clothes as opposed to the everyday clothes that are dirty? Well, not for Cena. He maintains two separate laundry buckets for clothes that need to be washed and when Nikki Bella once returned from the gym, he gave her a proper lesson for the same. 5. A 75-Page Contract Even before Nikki was to move into la casa de Cena he made her sign a 75-page long contract. In an interview with the daily live broadcast show Today, Cena agreed to being wrong about this move as well: â I was very abrasive and stern and she had to sign this huge, crazy agreement to come in the front door.â View the full article
  22. The OnePlus 8 Series is going to launch next week but we canât help ourselves to speculate about its features. While OnePlus has been making great phones for the past few years, some features are lacking that don't help it's devices in qualifying really as âtrueâ flagships. Personally, I like their phones a lot, mainly because of the software experience and build quality, however, there are a few features that fans have been requesting for many years. The great thing about OnePlus is the company actually listens to their users and brings features they need albeit after thoroughly testing them and making sure it works well on their devices. However, leaks have been pointing that the OnePlus 8 Pro will have most of the features we will list down below but it is still not certain. Here are some of the features we want to see on the OnePlus 8 or OnePlus 8 Pro to make it the best flagship smartphone of the year: 1. Wireless Charging © BCCL While this feature is not really necessary, most flagship phones have support for wireless charging. Apple, Samsung and Huawei have all made wireless charging a staple feature on their flagship smartphones and we would love to see this feature on the OnePlus 8 Pro as well. Rumours suggest that at least one model will feature 30W wireless charging and it could possibly change the landscape of OnePlus phones in the future. 2. Water Proofing Rating © Oneplus While OnePlus 7, 7T do have water-proofing, it would be nice to see an official IP rating this year. Sure, it may increase the cost of the phone as certifications cost extra money, but having that official rating will make it easier for the uninitiated to understand better about waterproofing and the limits of the smartphone. 3. Faster Wired Charging © Oneplus The OnePlus 7 and 7T series already support 30W Warp Charging, however weâve already seen 60W charging support on smartphones from a company which is part of the same group as OnePlus. OnePlus smartphones have always been known for supporting fast charging and it would be awesome to see the company taking the same leap as Realme. 4. Working OS at Launch © MensXP/Akshay Bhall When the OnePlus 7T series launched with OxygenOS 10, based on Android 10, it was quite buggy at launch which made the experience unbearable. However, OnePlus was quick to fix the bugs for their users which has resulted in the best Android experience right now. We would like to see the same sort of performance on OxygenOS at launch for the OnePlus 8 Series as well. 5. Better Camera Performance © MensXP/Akshay Bhalla The only field where OnePlus phones are lacking is the photography department. It is not particularly bad but when compared to other flagships in the same price segment, OnePlus devices fall short in performance and quality. It isnât like the hardware isnât capable as one can easily install Gcam and get some spectacular images however we would like to see a similar performance on the native camera app as well. View the full article
  23. Whenever you talk about the biggest rivalries in the game of cricket, the thought of India and Pakistan definitely enters your mind. Even though in the modern era, players from both teams have downplayed the feeling of playing against each other, these five incidents from the past will surely make you feel differently. Here are the five biggest fights from the epic rivalry between the cricket teams of India and Pakistan that were captured on camera: 1. Ishant Sharma Vs Kamran Akmal, 2012: Probably the mildest altercation to make the cut, the battle of words between Indian pacer Ishant Sharma and Pakistan wicket-keeper Kamran Akmal started a delivery after the former survived getting dismissed on a no-ball. A 5â6ââ tall Akmal held his ground when a 6â4ââ giant Sharma walked right to his face and started a war of words. Suresh Raina tried to get the two athletes away from each other but Ishant went right back at it after taking a few steps back. The situation got so out of hand that the umpire had to step in and Yuvraj Singh, out of all others, had to push Ishant away in a playful manner. While Akmal was fined 5% of his match fee, Sharma was found guilty of initiating the spat and was therefore charged 15%. 2. Harbhajan Singh Vs Shoaib Akhtar, 2010: The Asia Cup match between India and Pakistan turned out to be the source of two eyebrow-raising moments. First was between Gautam Gambhir and Kamran Akmal which led to the Indian batsman hitting an angry 83 off 97 deliveries to give his side a good start to the chase. But the moment that stood out even more, was when Harbhajan Singh took over after Suresh Rainaâs dismissal and played a brilliant innings to lead India to victory with a six in the final over. The reason which led to Bhajji playing with a spark was Pakistani pacer Shoaib Akhtarâs attempt at sledging him in the second last over. After Raina was gone and Parveen Kumar, a tailender, was Singhâs partner, Akhtar once again tried to irk him with a few taunts and ânot so pleasantâ words. Harbhajan set the record straight with a powerful maximum on the second last ball of the match. 3. Gautam Gambhir Vs Shahid Afridi, 2007: Gautam Gambhir was one feisty cricketer, wasnât he? Even before his altercation with Akmal, Gambhir found himself a suited feud partner in Pakistani all-rounder, Shahid Afridi during an ODI match in Kanpur. This is how the fight unfolded: Gambhir hit Afridi for a four, after which the latter started running his mouth and the former retaliated with equal friendliness. On the next ball, Gambhir ran for a single and collided with Afridi who was standing in his way. This led to a second more serious argument, which disrupted the flow of the game and on-field umpire Ian Gould had to step in. Upon further inspection after the match, both Gambhir and Afridi were fined 65% and 95% of their respective match fees on the accounts of "conduct unbecoming to their status which could bring them or the game of cricket into disrepute" and "inappropriate and deliberate physical contact between players in the course of play." 4. Kiran More vs Javed Miandad, 1992 This incident was more of a Grade-A trash-talking and sledging which took place way back in 1992 when India and Pakistan were playing each other in the World Cup match. By Moreâs own admission, he hid his face with his wicket-keeping gloves and kept talking to Javed Miandad from behind the stumps. An irritated Miandad first complained to the on-field umpire about the same but More simply shot down the allegations. Soon after, Miandad wanted to take a single but was stopped by his partner in his way and had to get back to his crease. By the time, More received the ball and tried to run him out while jumping in the air. Miandad instantly started jumping in the air to mimic him. The two became really good friends after this incident. The image of the Pakistani batsman jumping animatedly while More just stood there not knowing how to react will continue to be one of the fondest memories of the India-Pakistan rivalry. 5. Venkatesh Prasad vs Aamir Sohail, 1996 And finally, the big one. The World Cup 1996 knockout match between India and Pakistan which had all the ingredients for cooking up an instant classic. There was controversy, excellent batting by both sides, and even a riot taking place not two steps away from the venue, Bangaloreâs M Chinnaswamy Stadium. After Pakistani opener Saeed Anwar lost his wicket with Pakistanâs score at 84, Aamir Sohail held the fort and how. With 9 fours and 1 six, he reached the half-century mark in less than 50 balls and felt like spicing things up a bit. After smashing his 9th four off a Venkatesh Prasad delivery, he signalled towards the bowler and asked him to go get it from the line. The delivery that followed, completely stunned the batter who got clean bowled with the stump completely ripping off the ground and laying flat on the surface. Even then, Sohail didnât give up his arrogance. With zero emotions on his face, he walked straight to the pavilion while gesturing his half-century towards the crowd. View the full article
  24. Everyone across the globe is finding ways to deal with the social distancing situation at the moment. To balance out the level of insanity, people are doing innovative things every day and are trying to make the most of this time. But if we think of our regular monthly routine, for example, getting hair coloured or even regular hair cuts, everything has now come to a standstill. In such situations, you can always rely on fun things you can do at home. Now that salons and other home services are shut due to the pandemic, you can actually colour your hair, just the way you like it, without any use of chemical hair dyes, using only natural ingredients. Check it out. 1. Carrot Juice © iStock Before we start, let us tell you that home remedies are not very long-lasting but they are better than chemical dyes since there's no damage and it looks like a natural colour. You can use carrot juice if you want a reddish tint on your hair follicles. Depending on the original colour of your hair, you can take a call on this home remedy. 1. Mix 1 small cup of carrot juice with 2 tbsp. coconut oil. Once this mixture is ready, apply it gradually on your strands. 2. Cover your hair with the help of shower cap and keep it on for at least an hour. 3. If you have apple cider vinegar, use it to wash your hair. If the colour isn't as strong, you can repeat the process again. 2. Coffee © iStock One has to limit the usage of exotic grocery items so we can survive for the coming days. So, do this only if you have stocked enough for the coming days. To give your hair a darker shade, you can make good use of coffee to add more boost to your hair as well. 1. Brew coffee (take one spoon) and add half a spoon coffee powder to it separately. Add your leave-in-conditioner as well. 2. Apply this solution on your damp hair. Once you do so, let it stay on your hair for at least an hour. 3. Wash it off later and repeat it if you can and if need be. 3. Beet Juice © iStock For a deeper red tint and cooler undertones, you can simply go for beet juice. To use this natural dye, here's what you need to do. 1. Mix 1 small cup of beet juice with a 2 tbsp of coconut oil. 2. Mix it well and use it slowly on your grey strands. Again, wrap your hair with a shower cap. 3. Let this be on for at least an hour before you wash it off. 4. Sage © iStock If you have dark hair colour and want to scale it up more, sage leaves are a hair dye solution that you should not miss out on. It will help deepen the original shade and enhance your hair colour even more. 1. Add 1 cup of dry sage leaves in boiling. The tint will get darker as you keep boiling it. 2. Let it cool down and strain it. 3. Wash your hair and then pour sage water. Keep it for as long as possible. 4. The tint will develop on your hair eventually. Rinse it off with normal water. Try these, and let us know if you have more fun ideas with other ingredients. View the full article
  25. A perfume that lasts long can be really tricky to buy. With thousands of fragrances being available, choosing the wrong one from the lot is actually something that could happen to anyone. There isn't just the fragrance that you are buying that could lead to the foul-smelling misstep but there are more things associated with it like, its cost, scent, people and your patience level. If you want to avoid these common mistakes, you will finally be able to get the right perfume for your arsenal. Here's a list of the common mistakes that men make while buying a perfume: 1. Not Taking Enough Time © iStock You decided to lay your hands on perfume but after you tried it, the smell faded in the middle. Usually, you are given the strips to check the fragrance which you should avoid. Instead, spray it on your wrists. Then, take some time, probably move around for a while and then see how the notes unfold. It should meld with your skin's chemistry. This way, it will be easier for you to pick the right fragrance. 2. Limiting Samples Mistakes Men Make While Buying A Perfume When you test these scents, there are two key things to know. Come prepared with a note that you are looking at, for example, woody, musky etc. You should be able to recognise and tell the salesperson exactly what you need, in order to reduce the guessing time. Secondly, test them in a proper manner. Your nose will tire after smelling so many of them. Take intervals and then test it again. It will help determine if the perfume sticks well with you or not. 3. Neglecting Other Grooming Products © iStock You cannot just work with your perfume as other products in your regime also matter. Considering products that have fragrance add to your perfume as well. Every day, be it your grooming product or your moisturiser, the fragrance interferes with your cologne. The way to make this work is by applying all these products, for example, your hair wax or body lotion before you spray your perfume. Also, never use it immediately after your hot shower. Your scent's fragrance will sustain longer when you follow these steps. 4. Buying Perfume That Smells Good On Others © iStock Your friend bought a perfume and you instantly wanted the same one in your stash but there is a chance, that this perfume might not smell good on your skin. Therefore, it is important to research and check if the perfume that you have liked, is actually melding with your pheromones or not. A true scent will be on your skin no matter what. Hence learning about the notes stands important. 5. Finally, Storing It In The Bathroom © iStock Now that you have finally got hands on the perfume you love, don't just go and store it in your bathroom. This plays up with its longevity and sillage. We find it convenient to use the perfume but since the temperature inside changes, it can actually kill the notes of your perfume. It starts decomposing, changing colour and smells weird if stored at the wrong place. Avoid that and rather store it in cool, dark places. View the full article
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