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Found 26 results

  1. If you're a fan of Apple's iPhone SE and have been eagerly waiting for the new version, we may have some bad news for you. According to a new report, the iPhones with a 5.8-inch screen, a 6.5-inch screen, and a 6.1-inch screen may be the only new iPhones to launch this year. The iPhone 9 may just be the cheaper alternative. The report cites Olixar, a case maker, who has had accurate predictions in the past. © YouTube What this means is that, fans of the smaller form factor of the iPhone SE may not be getting a smartphone as predicted before. Oliver has been accurate in the past, as it has used forecasts about the iPhone to move ahead in manufacturing with cases for different and newer iPhone models. However, this doesn't mean that the iPhone SE 2 has been cancelled indefinitely, as there is a high chance the phone's launch has been moved to 2019. The first iPhone SE had an incremental upgrade on the 2013 iPhone 5s and was launched in 2016. The follow-up, if launched in 2019 would be a full three years after its predecessor. © Pexels Apple has shown interest in launching cheaper products for a wider audience, as the company recently announced a cheaper iPad for students. We can expect Apple to take a similar step for the iPhone sometime in 2019 to capture price-sensitive markets like India and China. In 2013, Apple had also introduced a cheaper and more colourful iPhone 5c which was a major success in India. We can only know for sure about Apple's plans this September. Were you interested in buying a new iPhone SE? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section. Source: Forbes
  2. It's a familiar sight of footballers being criticised for their errors, especially when the player is a goalkeeper and lets in a few goals. Loris Karius endured continued criticism in the aftermath of the Champions League Final, and now there seems to be a flurry of criticism coming David de Gea's way after his performance against Portugal. David de Gea was playing in his first ever World Cup game and did not expect it to end the way it did. Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hat-trick past the Manchester United shot-stopper, and of those, de Gea was heavily criticised for two of the goals. More than anything, fans were surprised at his errors, as it is so uncharacteristic of him. But he is human and very much likely to make a mistake or two or have a bad game for that matter. Source: Reuters Many keepers careers have ended or taken a dip following such performances, but de Gea is a different breed regarding mentality and personality. This is not his first error of such magnitude; he has made mistakes in the past which have let the opposing teams score goals. But judging by his overall quality and his class of goalkeeping, those mistakes are easily ignored and so will the ones against Portugal if de Gea improves his performances for Spain. Source: Reuters Penalties are a real tough one for any goalkeeper, so naturally one cannot blame de Gea for the goal. However, for the second, Ronaldo hit a straight shot at him with his left foot and in a moment of misjudgement or a lapse in concentration, he couldn't grip the ball and it went into the net. But the third goal was where he bottled it. At a crucial stage with Spain leading the game, Ronaldo steps up and expertly puts the ball in the net to score from a brilliant direct free-kick. De Gea could not do anything despite looking to dive, because his positioning was flawed right from the start. He positioned himself extremely off the direction Ronaldo was expected to kick. Source: Reuters Ironically, de Gea, in the build-up to this World Cup is considered the best goalkeeper in the world, considering Manuel Neuer's injury lay off. But he did not play like one against Portugal. In fact, he looked short on confidence as well as nervous on such a big stage. The third goal, in particular, showed what a terrible game he was having on the night. But these are expected to be normal for even high profile players when they play the World Cup. Despite the many tweets and pundits criticising him for his performance, this in no way is the end of the goalkeeper's time. De Gea is fully expected to recover from this wicked game, and there is no doubt he will continue to remain Spain's No. 1, at the World Cup or otherwise.
  3. Russian President Vladimir Putin is considered to be one the most influential politicians in the world and if recent estimates by experts are to be believed, then he's the world's richest too. The Russian President has been ruling the country for almost 14 years now and it is being estimated that his personal wealth has touched $200 billion, even though nobody actually knows how much the Russian President might actually be worth. © Reuters These new figures were first corroborated by Russian fund manager and author Bill Browder, who told the International Business times why Putin's personal wealth is fattening year by year. "After 14 years in power of Russia, and the amount of money that the country has made, and the amount of money that hasn't been spent on schools and roads and hospitals and so on, all that money is in property, bank — Swiss bank accounts —shares, hedge funds, managed for Putin and his cronies,” Browder said. If these estimates are true, then the Russian President would come out on top as the world's richest person with wealth almost three times that of Bill Gates. It is rumoured that Putin has stakes in state energy monopolies and commodity trader Gunvor. He also owns a superyacht Olympia, gifted by Chelsea boss Roman Abramovich said to worth over $37 million. Apart from the super luxurious yacht, Putin also has access to over 58 planes and helicopters as well as 20 palaces and retreats all over Russia. © Twitter Even though the President in 2015 had declared that his yearly income was just £95,000, a dossier document prepared by Boris Nemstov, a Russian adversary said that the private jet used by the Russian President itself boasts of a toilet worth $62000. While it is difficult to understand what goes on behind the scenes and how much the Russian President is actually worth, it is safe to assume that Putin is one multi-billionaire who will never be featured on the Forbes rich list.
  4. With the highly-anticipated FIFA World Cup just around the corner, the excitement of the football fans is understandably at an all-time high. While the players will undeniably be the talk of the town in Russia, it is their respective 'wives and girlfriends' (WAGs) who are sure to make their presence felt, when they support their partners from the stands. But who are the top WAGS at the World Cup this summer, you'd ask? Here's a low-down for you: 1. Bruna Marquezine © Instagram/@brumarquezine The Brazilian actress/model and girlfriend of superstar Neymar is guaranteed to draw plenty of attention. Neymar and Bruna met at the Rio Carnival around six years ago and since have had a mixed bag relationship. They are said to be Brazil's response to England's star couple of David and Victoria Beckham, with the added spice of the Brazilian Samba. 2. Shakira © Instagram/@shakira From singing the now infamous 'Waka-Waka' song at the 2010 World Cup to being Barcelona and Spain superstar, Gerard Pique's wife, Shakira has come on her own into the world of football. She will be raising pulses with her presence in the stands cheering for her partner, Pique as well as for her home nation of Colombia 3. Anastasia Kudryashova © Instagram/@nastya.kudryashova While the Russian's might not be the favourites to win the World Cup, but if there was a contest to win the WAGS' Title, Anastasia might be the top contender. Married to Russian defender Fyodor Kudryashova, Anastasia will be ready to cheer on her husband and Russia during their matches at the World Cup, supported by her millions of followers. 4. Anna Lewandowska © Instagram/@annalewandowskahpba Partner to Poland's star striker Robert Lewandowski, Anna, will be one of the top attractions at the World Cup when Poland take the field. This beauty, has also represented Poland in Traditional Karate events, winning nearly 30-medals during her career. Now, she is a practising nutritionist and boasts her ideas to her 1.7 million Instagram followers. 5. Ruby Mae © Instagram/@rubymae3223 While England might have many players who'll be competing among themselves to be the best, Three Lions' star, Dele Alli's stunning girlfriend, Ruby Mae has sure won the battle among the WAGS' of England. The supermodel will be at her best in Russia to cheer on Alli, and his troops on the field, as England try to win the World Cup. 6. Edurne Garcia © Instagram/@edurnity While Gerrard Pique has a pop-star partner, the Spanish Goalkeeper will have his say at the World Cup as he will be cheered on by his partner and Madrid-Born Pop Star, Edurne Garcia. Despite being five-years elder to De Gea, they sure make the perfect couple with their respective personalities. 7. Georgina Rodriguez © Instagram/@georginagio Cristiano Ronaldo's affairs and relationships have been in plenty and well documented for the world to see. When the Portuguese star takes the field in Russia, this time around, he will be cheered on by someone he has genuinely fallen for. Georgina Rodriguez, the stunning beauty is also the mother of the Real Madrid stars' children, meaning this time in Russia, it is going to be family time for Ronaldo from the stands. 8. Lisa Muller © Instagram/@lisa.mueller.official As Thomas Muller attempts to break the all-time goal scorers record in Russia by trying to score for Germany, his wife, Lisa Muller has already scored plenty of fans all around. Lisa is a professional horse rider and will do her best to rally her husband, Thomas on the field, as Germany try to retain their World title. 9. Amine Gulse © Instagram/@gulseamine The former Miss Turkey World, Amine Gulse is dating Arsenal and Germany superstar Mesut Ozil. While her home nation might have missed out on playing at the World Cup, she sure will be in high spirits supporting Ozil and other stars which are of Turkish descent. Will she assist Ozil with her support at the World Cup? 10. Antonella Roccuzzo © Instagram/@antoroccuzzo88 Antonella Roccuzzo, is the stunning wife of Barcelona and Argentina's global superstar Lionel Messi. Messi and Antonela married in 2017 in a lavish ceremony, and she will be a strong contender to boost Messi's hopes of winning the World Cup in Russia. 11. Sofia Balbi © Instagram/@sofibalbi Luis Suarez will be leading Uruguay from the front at the World Cup, but to watch his back he has Sofia Balbi. The Barcelona star striker's wife will be present along with their kids in Russia to cheer on Suarez & Co, as they try to beat the favourites to advance at the World Cup. 12. Sara Salamo © Instagram/@sarasalamo The stunning beauty and 25-year-old Spanish actress, Sara Salamo is dating Spain and Real Madrid star midfielder, Isco. The pair have been in a relationship since 2017, and this would be her first World Cup and she sure will be supporting her nation and boyfriend to bring glory back to Spain.
  5. More than two-thirds of students plan to take "graduation selfies" to document their achievement this year, while up to 74 percent of students were unaware that images of their degree certificates could be used to produce fakes-Photo:...
  6. The U.S. has for years imposed strict sanctions on North Korea to stop the regime from acquiring nuclear and missile technology. Yet few restrictions were put in place to stop Pyongyang from obtaining American smartphones, laptops, and software, enabling the regime to wage cyber warfare using U.S. technology. © Pexels Despite trade sanctions, North Korea's government has found a way to obtain products from Apple, Microsoft, and Korea-based Samsung to carry out cyber attacks around the world, researchers at cybersecurity intelligence company Recorded Future revealed on Wednesday. © CNN As it also turns out, North Korea's top officials are also quite the fans of Apple iPhone. Recorded Future analyzed “third-party data, IP geolocation, Shodan port scans, user agents, and open source intelligence” to determine which devices are being used in the country. Kim Jon-Un and his top advisors have proper access to the Internet and it is believed there are various iPhones in use today, including the iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, and a MacBook. © BCCL Hardware and software detected on North Korea's network include Apple's iPhone X and Microsoft's Windows 10. Through a partnership with a third-party metadata collection service, Recorded Future said it also found devices like Samsung's Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S8 Plus on North Korea's network. In 2013 Kim Jong-Un was seen running the show with an old 21-inch iMac on his side, probably running American MacOS or North Korean RedStar OS (rip-off of MacOS). © Reuters To get its hands on foreign tech, North Korea has set up shell companies, used North Koreans living abroad and tapped into "extensive criminal networks," according to the report. As Trump seeks to clamp down on Chinese firms such as Huawei and ZTE over national security fears, existing government controls have failed to prevent U.S. goods being exported to Pyongyang. Though since 2002, in fact, the U.S. has exported nearly $484,000 in computers and electronics to North Korea. © Reuters “Technology resellers, North Koreans abroad, and the Kim regime's extensive criminal networks all facilitate the transfer of American technology for daily use by one of the world's most repressive governments,” Recorded Future wrote in its report. Source: Recorded Future
  7. Photo: FileKARACHI: The metropolis can expect a drizzle with the heatwave finally taking a break this week, according to the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD).According to Director MET Abdul Rasheed, monsoon clouds are headed towards the...
  8. Applicant Iqbal Kazmi had requested the court to completely investigate the May 12 incident of terror/ file photoKARACHI: The Sindh High Court on Wednesday forwarded the case of May 12 tragedy to Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Mian Saqib Nisar...
  9. Traders work at the Citadel Securities post on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in New York City, US-Photo: FileSAN FRANCISCO/NEW YORK: Volatility could well be in the cards for Wall Street again early this fall, but not for the same...
  10. Lives of celebrities are nothing less than an open book. There is nothing about them that can be kept hidden or under wraps. The more they try, the more their dirty laundry is out in the public. While we all know that Deepika Padukone is dating Ranveer Singh, we also know how her relationship with Ranbir Kapoor ended on a bitter-sour note. And once again things are not going well in Deepika's world. © Twitter At present Deepika is in a healthy, steady relationship with Ranveer and there is no one in B-town who doesn't adore this couple. From giving us relationship goals to showing us how to stick by each other, they are the 'IT' couple of Bollywood. © Twitter A few years ago when Deepika and Ranbir ended their relationship, they broke millions of hearts. While Ranbir moved on quickly, Deeps took a long time to gather the pieces of her broken heart and put it in place. jab naina met bunny...â¤ï¸ @manishmalhotra05 A post shared by Deepika Padukone (@deepikapadukone) on May 2, 2018 at 10:50pm PDT Maybe everyone has a different way of dealing with a breakup, but it was just a phase. Soon, Deepika became the biggest actress in Bollywood, and also found love again. close your eyes and feel the summer breeze...ð« #Cannes2018 @albertaferretti @charlotteolympia @lorealmakeup @lorealhair @lorealskin #lorealparisindia A post shared by Deepika Padukone (@deepikapadukone) on May 11, 2018 at 12:44pm PDT For years now, Ranveer and Deepika have been going strong and are rumoured to be getting married soon. But looks like there is some trouble in their paradise. Deepika is kind of unsure and her ex Ranbir is the reason behind it. © Twitter A close friend of Deepika Padukone told Deccan Chronicle, “Ranveer is completely committed to the relationship and wholeheartedly devoted to her. But Deepika fears her heart may be broken again and this time she won't be able to take it." © Twitter Talking some more about it, the friend revealed how Deepika was ready to give up her career just for Ranbir. “She was looking at a life ahead with Ranbir. She wanted marriage and babies and was even ready to give up her career to be Mrs. Ranbir Kapoor. They broke up and Ranbir moved on.” © Twitter Deepika has always been vocal about her feelings for Ranbir. In fact, during 'Tamasha' promotions when she was asked if she still loves him, she said, “Of course I do. I don't think that every feeling has to be broken down as I don't believe that emotions are unidimensional anyway. Feelings and emotions are very layered.” © Twitter “He is someone I have always loved and someone I will always be extremely possessive about and very protective about. When I read about him, when I see his work, good bad whatever it is, I have my own monologue that is going on in my head and which I do share with him." Forgetting true love is difficult and it shatters you. Maybe people who have walked that road will relate to Deepika's pain. We hope the actress gets ready soon and we can see our favourite Ranveer and Deepika tying the knot soon.
  11. According to researchers, the compound found in green tea breaks up and dissolves potentially dangerous protein plaques found in blood vessels. Photo: File Green tea could hold the key to preventing thousands of deaths each year caused by strokes...
  12. LEFT: Dinesh D'Souza, a conservative commentator and best-selling author, in New York, US, May 20, 2014. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson/Files; RIGHT: US President Donald Trump. Image: REUTERS ?Editor?s Note: Please be advised that the 15th paragraph of...
  13. Apple is all set to host its annual Worldwide Developers Conference and is slated to commence on June 4th. As usual, there are high hopes from consumers to see new hardware and what Apple is planning with iOS 12. As of now, Apple has only announced a new cheaper iPad in 2018 and we can expect something new from the Cupertino giant. Apart from new hardware, Apple is expected to announce updates to various operating systems such as iOS 12, macOS 11.14, tvOS and watchOS 5. Here's what you can expect: New MacBook Pros © Apple It won't be far-fetched to imagine that Apple will announce newer MacBook pros for 2018 which will have newer processors and brighter screens. We can also expect some form of FaceID being implemented to the next-gen laptops, as many popular Windows laptops are already offering it. The new MacBook Pros are also expected to have newer keyboards to tackle problems the company has been recently facing with the MacBook Pro. New iPad Pros © Youtube Apple's iPad Pro line is also expected to get a refresh and we expect to see brighter screens and Apple's A11 Bionic Chip implemented in the configuration. As of now, the iPad Pro is available in two sizes i.e. 10.5-inch and a 12.9-inch model. We expect the new iPad to look somewhat similar to the iPhone X as well which means it will have smaller bezels and a possible notch with FaceID. iPhone SE 2 © Twitter Numerous leaks and reports have suggested that Apple will announce its cheapest smartphone at WWDC this year. The rumoured iPhone SE 2 is expected to have an iPhone X-like design and also sport a glass back. Other rumours suggest the new iPhone SE 2 will have a similar design as the original and will also come with Touch ID. AirPod Wireless Charging Case © Reuters When Apple announced the AirPower charging mat, you might have seen a pair of AirPods getting charged simultaneously with the iPhone and the Apple Watch. We are expecting to see a new AirPods charging case which will allow it to charge on the mat. AirPower © Apple Speaking of charging mats, we may finally see the wireless charging mat as we've all been waiting for over a year. Apple offers various products that support Qi wireless charging. However, at the moment many users resort to using third party chargers. The new AirPower mat will let users charge their iPhones, Apple Watches and AirPods simultaneously.
  14. (L-R) Donald Glover, Emilia Clarke, Alden Ehrenreich and Paul Bettany attend a screening of "Solo: A Star Wars Story" in New York on May 21, 2018 Photo: AFP LOS ANGELES: With "Solo: A Star Wars Story" proving an intergalactic dud on its...
  15. Commuters cool off from the heatwave as they are showered by a water jet on the roadside, set up by a welfare organisation, in Karachi, Pakistan May 26, 2018. Photo: Reuters KARACHI: Karachiites should brace for yet another heatwave from Tuesday,...
  16. If these leaked pictures are to be believed, the Google Pixel 3 XL might sport a notch. Pictures of what is alleged to be a pair of tempered glass screen protectors for Google's Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL emerged online and were soon deleted from the Chinese microblogging site Weibo. SlashLeaks reported the leak first and the pictures also suggest that each phone might sport a dual camera setup. But, it wouldn't be surprising if the second circular module is used for a sensor. Going by the design, Google seems to have completely revamped the Pixel lineup as the current Pixel 2 and 2 XL feature quite huge chins. © Weibo / SlashLeaks Most notably, it looks like Google is implementing a notched-display design on the Pixel 3 XL, but not the smaller Pixel 3. We've heard mixed reports on whether or not there will be a notch on Google's coming flagships, so this might explain why Google has already embraced the notch by officially supporting it in Android P. Going back to the basics, Essential Phone was the first phone to feature a notch and the design language was popularised by Apple's iPhone X. As far as the iPhone X is concerned, Apple has embedded 3D facial sensors in the notch which help in Face ID authentication. Android OEMs are expected to roll out this feature by the second half of this year. © MensXP Apart from the notch, both devices have similar cut-outs at the top and bottom. There is a cut-out for a speaker at the bottom and there are two large holes which we think are for cameras and not an intricate face unlock mechanism. Google adopting a notch like every other Android manufacturer was highly unexpected as Google tries to do some things their own way. Sure the company has copied a few features from Apple and other companies, however, it was expected the search engine giant would opt for a more original design. That's just about all we can conclude from these pictures right now. The Weibo account they first appeared on has since vanished, so we're hardly talking the most solid of sources, but going by the recent trends and public demand, it seems like these pictures are highly relatable. The Pixel 3 series is expected to be announced in early October alongside revised Pixel Buds and three Pixel-branded smartwatches running Wear OS, formerly known as Android Wear. Via SlashLeaks
  17. Commuters cool off from the heatwave as they are showered by a water jet on the roadside, set up by a welfare organisation, in Karachi, Pakistan May 26, 2018. Photo: Reuters KARACHI: Karachiites should brace for yet another heatwave from Tuesday,...
  18. Apple's annual WWDC conference is almost here and there are some major announcements lined up by the Cupertino giant. The company will reveal its future plans for various products that include the iPhone, iPad and the MacBook. The event is expected to showcase new software and hardware announcements and here are some we've come to learn. © YouTube 9to5Mac reports that Apple is currently making an ARM-based MacBook that will have a display with touchscreen capabilities and a SIM card slot for LTE connections. The reports say the project has been bestowed the name 'Star' and it will be the first iOS-based MacBook equipped with an ARM processor. The model number at the moment is referred as 'N84' and is already in the prototype stage. The report suggests the device is currently being tested in Cupertino and the prototypes were manufactured by the Pegatron. It is the same company that manufactures other Apple products. Other features that the new MacBook includes is a GPS compass water resistance capability. This is the first time we will see these two features on a MacBook, if true. It will also be a first for Apple to implement a touchscreen display on a MacBook and a SIM card slot. What's surprising to see is that the new MacBook will be based on iOS and not MacOS which is a move towards integrating the iPhone, iPad and other products into a singular cohesive ecosystem. © Pexels This new information sounds very exciting; however, there is some bad news. We will not see this new MacBook announced at WWDC this year, in fact, the laptop is not slated to launch anytime before 2020. Apple's annual WWDC keynote is all set to take place at the new headquarters in Cupertino on June 4th at 10:00 AM Pacific time. We will be covering the event live to give you a full run-down on what Apple has to offer in 2018 in terms of software and hardware changes. Source: 9to5Mac
  19. People celebrate the result of a referendum on liberalising abortion law in Dublin, Ireland, May 26, 2018. REUTERS/Clodagh Kilcoyne/Files LONDON: British Prime Minister Theresa May faces a showdown with ministers and lawmakers in her Conservative...
  20. Still looking for the secret to effortless weight loss? It may be as simple as chewing gum while walking, Japanese researchers suggested on Saturday. Photo: filePARIS: Still looking for the secret to effortless weight loss? It may be as simple as...
  21. Real Madrid?s Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates after the match against Juventus in the Champions League quarter-final second leg in Madrid. Photo: Reuters KIEV: Cristiano Ronaldo may have played his last game for Real Madrid after winning a fourth...
  22. The Swedish Academy has been in turmoil since November when Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter published the testimonies of 18 women who claimed to have been raped, sexually assaulted or harassed by an influential figure with ties to the Academy. Photo:...
  23. ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has summoned a meeting of all political parties having representation in the parliament on May 31, in order to finalise a code of conduct for the forthcoming general elections.The meeting has...
  24. We have identified an issue where translations may show auto generated lists, such as lists of usernames in notifications, incorrectly. To fix, please upload the following file overwriting the existing one; /system/Lang/Lang.php View the full article
  25. An issue in 4.1.16 (and has been identified that may result in one or both of the following conditions being noticed on your site if you use Commerce and the Support feature. You may notice the supportAutoResolve task from the Commerce application is locked If you use cron to run your tasks, you may receive an email alerting you to a failure running the task with debug output This is a bug within the Commerce application that has been resolved for our next release. If you are affected by this issue, please upload the following file to patch your site applications/nexus/tasks/supportAutoresolve.php View the full article