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Found 520 results

  1. Sony's PlayStation 5 is not out yet, and we don't even have an official launch date for it. However, we already know quite a bit about the console. More recently, we've learned that the new console is going to have a shorter life cycle than the previous console. For those of you who don't know, the PS4 was launched in November 2013, which means people have been using the console for seven years now and it's still going strong. But from what we've learned, it looks like the PS5 life cycle could 'live' for just five years. © Sony According to DigiTimes, sources from Sony's back-end supply chain in Taiwan made the five-year claims for the PS5. That, as you can see, is less than what we've been seeing with the previous generation consoles. Obviously, there's no way to confirm this but five years sounds like less considering the fact that it's said to be a super-powerful console. Additionally, the supply chain folks over there claimed that Sony will ship between 120 and jio170 million consoles throughout its lifespan. That's an incredibly ambitious number given the fact that Sony has hit 110 PS4 units over the last six years. As to how it'll compare against Microsoft's Xbox Series X, Sony is expected to get double the numbers. Will We See A New Console? © Sony So what's going to happen after the end of the expected five-year period? Will we get a new console from Sony? Maybe. Sony has already filed trademarks for the PS6, PS7, PS8, PS9 and the PS10. So it's safe to say that Sony has tentative plans to continue releasing new consoles. Honestly, it's too early to dwell on this topic. We haven't got our hands on the console yet, so let's not speculate. We hope Sony announces release date for the console soon and we get to use it to see exactly how powerful it really is. Source: Digitimes View the full article
  2. Global coronavirus infections stand at 13 million with more than half a million deaths
  3. As everything is falling apart due to the pandemic, Bigg Boss fans must have assumed that there wonât be a season 14 this year. But thatâs not true! The show is most likely to air by the end of October this time and we are already excited. Last season, it was reported that Salman Khan was charging a whopping amount of Rs.13 crores per week to host the show. Also, due to the extension, he was getting an extra 2 crore per episode which made him take home around Rs. 200 crores for the entire season. We wonder how much will Sallu Bhai charge this season as he will be shooting amid a pandemic. So, hereâs all we know about Bigg Boss 14 and what all changes can we expect from the show - The Host Of The Show © Viacom 18 Salman Khan will be returning to host Bigg Boss 14 as well. But, he will be charging an even bigger remuneration this year. According to reports he will charge around Rs 16 crores this year per week. After all, who can be a better host than Sallu Bhai for Bigg Boss? No one! Safety Norms Amid Pandemic © Viacom 18 Now, there has been chatter whether or not it will be safe to keep so many contestants in the house together. But, it is being said that all the contestants will undergo a COVID-19 test before entering the house. Not only this, all the contestants will also have to follow the social distancing norms in the BB house. Contestants © Viacom 18 According to a report by Mid-Day, the makers of the show have already shortlisted 30 contestants for the show through the online audition process. This time there will be around thirteen celebrities and three commoners. Expected Celebrities In The House © Viacom 18 We might get to see Karan Kundra, TV star Alisha Panwar, Paras Chhabraâs ex-girlfriend Akanksha Puri, MTV Roadies 8 winner Anchal Khurana, MTV Spiltsvillaâs contestant Aarushi Dutta, Naagin 4 actress Jasmin Bhasin and Mansi Srivastava. However, Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hain star Shubhangi Atre was also approached for the show but she denied it due to her prior commitments for the existing shows that she is doing. House Theme © Viacom 18 It is also said that this yearâs theme for the house is âjungleâ. And weâll only get to see it once the show is aired on national television. The show will take place in the film city and Salman Khan will commute from his Bandra house to shoot for the weekend episodes. We are already excited about the upcoming season, are you? Let us know in the comments section below. Enjoy 10+ premium subscriptions with Times Prime! Become a member today to get complimentary subscriptions of Zee5, Mubi, Storytel, Gaana +, ET Prime, TOI +, and more. Use code TIMES to get a 25% off on membership. View the full article
  4. We've seen a ton of reports about how Apple is planning to not include earbuds in-box with the next iPhone. Well, if you found that annoying then you'll absolutely hate the latest iPhone 12 reports. According to Kuo, a popular analyst for all things Apple, it looks like Apple will not be including even the power adapter inside the box. This means that folks who will be buying the iPhone 12 may have to purchase the adapter separately. Well, that's something new, isn't it? © Reuters Apparently, Apple wants to keep selling the iPhone 12 at a similar price to the iPhone 11. And one way to do it is by removing the cost involved with the in-box accessories. That's one way to sell a cheaper 5G iPhone, right? And since Apple is expecting to ditch the accessories, it looks like the box packaging for the iPhone 12 will also be considerably smaller. So, it's technically a feature. No? Okay. At this point, it's not entirely clear if the box will come with lighting cable or not. We think it'll still be included because Apple's other products like the Apple Watch and the AirPods don't ship with an adapter either, but they do come with the cable. So, maybe, Apple is just trying to keep things uniform. © Reuters As for the charger, it looks like Apple will only be selling a 20W adapter this time, which means it'll be more expensive than what's available today on the Apple website. This decision is, obviously, going to spark outrage among new iPhone buyers. However, it is expected that this will help Apple to see an increase in the sales of its AirPods range in the longer run. Source: 9to5mac View the full article
  5. As gloomy as reality has turned out to be lately, between our WFH weeks and anxiety-ridden weekends, sanity calls for some sort of escape that is detached from our current circumstances whatsoever. And thinking of escape, if there is one thing that has been keeping us afloat the past month and a half, it has to be streaming some good stuff online. Now, given the uncertainties that still loom ahead of us regarding the lockdown and Indiaâs COVID-19 crisis, we decided to create a quick May watch-list that will give us all something to look forward to in the coming days...or weeks. Here are 6 web shows that you should check out in May. 1. Paatal Lok - Amazon Prime © Amazon Prime This grunge, crime-thriller series works best for anyone who savours disillusionment, and finds peace in the bitter truth. Based around a society that sustains itself on class divide and thrives on crime and violence, Paatal Lok is a dark reality check of the discreet societal undercurrents which often lay ignored. Releases on May 15, 2020. 2. Illegal - Voot Select © Voot Select Voot Selectâs latest original Illegal is a fast-paced legal drama that takes the audience through a narrative which will explore the world of lawyers and seek answers to reveal the true intent behind their battles. Do they give in to the lure of greed, ambition and power or do they fight for fair justice. Releases on May 12, 2020 3. Mastram - MX Player © MX Player A refreshing addition to the list, MX Playerâs Mastram is an adult comedy series set in the 80s. The series traces the story of a writer who struggles to get published, ends up giving in to the demands of the industry and starts writing erotic fantaties. He becomes famous as Mastram and all is well until he falls for a girl who hates this writer. Will Mastram be able to keep his career and love-life afloat? Find out. Streaming on MX Player. 4. Shark Tank Season 11 - Voot Select © Voot Select If you love a good rush of entrepreneurial possibilities and love the idea of working towards financial freedom on your own terms, Shark Tank ought to be on your list. The latest season will see The Sharks - self-made, multi-millionaire and billionaire tycoons - give people a chance to build their dreams by investing in their businesses and products. Streaming on Voot Select 5. Itâs A Dogâs Life With Bill Farmer - Disney+ Hotstar © Disney+ Hotstar If you love anything and everything dogs, make sure you donât miss out on this. Disney+ Hotstarâs newest offering Itâs a Dogâs Life, hosted by the man behind Goofy and Pluto's voice, Bill Farmer, is a must watch for every dog-lover. The show takes us on a journey where along with Bill, we meet dogs who have incredible jobs which make our lives better. Releases on May 15, 2020. 6. Hollywood - Netflix © Netflix Set in post-WWII Hollywood, this Netflix drama traces the lives of a few aspiring actors and filmmakers who wish to succeed in Hollywood at all cost. Every character offers a sneak peek into Hollywood's Golden Age, highlighting every form of unfairness related to race, gender and sexuality that is at work There is a lot to witness and discover in Hollywood. Streaming on Netflix. View the full article
  6. Finally, everyone's prayers have been answered, thekas will finally open, but conditions apply, of course Ever since the lockdown began, there was just one thing literally everyone could agree on - daaru chahiye - and people just wanted a chance to stock up on alcohol to get through the lockdown. Unfortunately, alcohol just wasn't considered essential enough, but now, things are changing All the people in the green and orange zones are the lucky ones who can actually go and buy alcohol now while those in orange and red zones cry together. As the lockdown has been extended for another two weeks from May 4th, liquor and paan shops in green and orange zones will be allowed to operate in a few areas and obviously, every social distancing norm would be followed. Liquor stores & paan shops will be allowed to function in green zones while ensuring minimum six feet distance (2 gaz ki doori) from each other & ensuring that not more 5 persons are present at one time at the shop: MHA on the extension of #lockdown for two weeks from May 4 â ANI (@ANI) May 1, 2020 While it seems like a blessing for people who have desperately been waiting, I really hope this doesn't turn a green zone into red. Let's just hope people are smart enough to maintain distance, even while drunk. With this new update, for the first time ever, Delhi and Mumbai people have been united and are crying about being in red zones. It's important. âhey siri, where is the nearest green zone?â https://t.co/qDPdgrMkmK â kinda joey (@Sahilarioussss) May 1, 2020 I can see it happening. If you ensure 6 feet distance from each other, the queue at the liquor shop in a geen zone will reach up to a nearest red zone https://t.co/FVD2aatugk â Dr Stable Genius (@ravithinkz) May 1, 2020 We all do. First time in my life, I regret living in Delhi https://t.co/tMUtrJZzpQ â Ra_Bies 2.0 (@Ra_Bies) May 1, 2020 Is there any, tho? Maharashtra checking Green Zone https://t.co/gvxu5aApJ8 pic.twitter.com/Wmc81YyAlb â Parivesh Malhotra (@Parivesh95) May 1, 2020 A valid concern. I donât understand why paan shops are being opened when spitting is one of the reasons for spread of this virus.. #Lockdown3 https://t.co/SayjMJ21fW â Nitin (@d3c3nT) May 1, 2020 It be like that sometimes. Dawa but no Daaru for Delhi people. https://t.co/wa8OOwSk5a â ruchi kokcha (@ruchikokcha) May 1, 2020 An important disclaimer. Please thukna mat . â Manesha Staying At Home ð®ð³ (@Manesha76) May 1, 2020 Gurgaon people right now. People living in organge zones... https://t.co/0zFdOHRn15 pic.twitter.com/60NPUkh3NS â Abhinaba Guha Ray (@abhinaba_gr) May 1, 2020 We're in this together. *cries in Bombay* https://t.co/0HkUOSJ9pE â Krish (@thekrishtening) May 1, 2020 Great sarcasm. Yaaay for paan/gutka shops! Excellent, the spitting starts again! Wonderful!! https://t.co/KRyOv7HcKT â Raveena Tandon (@TandonRaveena) May 1, 2020 A PSA. For those interested: liquor shops to be open with certain restrictions but #socialdistancing needs to be observed while buying and also while drinking ð» https://t.co/oQvGiCoytx â GAURAV C SAWANT (@gauravcsawant) May 1, 2020 View the full article
  7. Mercury can rise up to 42 degrees Celsius in Karachi for the next three days, says meteorological department
  8. National Assembly speaker becomes third PTI member to test positive for coronavirus; nationwide death toll jumps to 385, confirmed cases cross 16,000
  9. Court had earlier extended physical remand of Mir Shakil-ur-Rahman by ten days on April 18
  10. Nick Cordero, after being infected with coronavirus, has been sedated for the last 18 days and is in ICU
  11. Apple has been long rumoured to be launching a new affordable pair of AirPods this year and according to Jon Prosser, the YouTuber who accurately predicted the launch date of the iPhone SE claims that the cheaper AirPods are ready to launch. According to Prosser, Apple is planning to announce the new AirPods alongside new products next month which were scheduled to be announced in late March 2020 but got delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. New AirPods (which were supposed to be at the March Event) are now ready to go. Probably alongside the MacBook Pro next month. â Jon Prosser (@jon_prosser) April 19, 2020 The new AirPods are expected to have a similar design as the AirPods Pro, but will lack certain features like noise cancellation. A refresh to the design of the classic AirPods is long overdue and this could be the iteration Apple has been planning for a while. The new AirPods may also not come with a wireless charging case in order to curb costs and price of the upcoming accessory. © MENSXP/Akshay Bhalla Apple is also expected to announce other products such as a new MacBook Pro, wireless charging pads and AirTags. Of course, we advise you take this information with a grain of salt as plans of releasing new products may have changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and we could face delays that werenât expected before. Apple is also expected to announce new over-ear headphones at Appleâs virtual WWDC conference later this year. View the full article
  12. England have a three-Test series against the West Indies scheduled in June, with the opening match at The Oval starting on June 4
  13. A new leak which shows off a new design of the Galaxy Buds that resembles an actual bean, is more bizarre than any truly wireless earphones weâve seen so far. The recently launched Galaxy Buds+ already comes with upgrades that improved upon the first iteration, however, this new design that has surfaced on the internet looks quite... abnormal. © winFuture Leaked renders of the new Galaxy Buds show a smaller and perhaps an improved design as the Galaxy Buds+ largely used the same design with incremental upgrades. The leak of the new Galaxy Buds come from WinFuture who have an incredible track record of Samsung leaks. It shows a compact design that will apparently have a better fit and will be easier to use. The new buds seem to be designed for people who have small ears and ear canals, however, we can only be sure once we use it for ourselves. The bean-shaped earbuds apparently go by the model number SM-R180 and will have two smaller speaker units each. The earbuds will also have numerous microphones for better call quality but there is no information as to whether it will have any noise cancellation features. © winFuture Other specifications are also not known i.e. the battery size and the shape of the charging case. We also donât know whether it will sweat/water-resistant. Having said that, rumours suggest the wireless earphones will be compatible with a preferred digital voice assistant. Since these Galaxy Buds are not official yet and are still in its early development stage, we recommend taking these rumours with a pinch of salt. Samsung could change the design by the time it officially launches or scrap this design entirely if it doesnât work as intended. It is quite encouraging to see Samsung experiment with the design of wireless earphones and if these earbuds turn into reality, it sure would be interesting to see how it works. Source: WinFuture View the full article
  14. Apple is reportedly working on adding widgets to home screens for iPhones as its existence was discovered within the iOS 14 code. Widgets are a common feature on Android phones letting users place preferred ones anywhere on the home screen. However, it will be a first for iPhones if Apple does go ahead with the feature. Apple does use widgets in iOS and iPadOS, but it is limited to a dedicated screen instead of having the ability to place them anywhere on the home screen. The feature has been codenamed âAvocadoâ and is related to the Springboard app according to 9to5Mac. The report suggests widgets can now be placed anywhere and can be moved around just like app icons. This feature is still under development which means Apple could choose to not launch this feature as a part of the iOS 14 update. © Twitter_DongleBookPro © Twitter_DongleBookPro © Twitter_DongleBookPro © Twitter_DongleBookPro Apart from having widgets, iPhones will also be getting a new wallpaper setting panel according to Twitter user DongleBookPro. In the new settings, users will be able to use a smart dynamic wallpaper for the home screen. Other customisation options include a blurred out version of wallpapers, a dark version and flat colours. These new features are being introduced so that it is easier for users to look at their screen especially when using widgets. Currently, widgets are only available on the dedicated Today screen that can be found by swiping right on the home screen. iOS widgets show calendar events, weather information, at-a-glance information and shortcuts for apps. While on iPadOS 13, users can pin these widgets to the home screen for easier access, it does not allow users to place widgets anywhere. It would be interesting to see how widgets work on iOS but it would be more interesting to see if it has any adverse effects on the battery. Using widgets that constantly pull information in the background can be a bit power-intensive so we'll have to wait to see how Apple tackles this problem. Source: 9to5Mac View the full article
  15. While coronavirus has people locked inside their homes, content streaming has reached its peak with a record number of people sitting in front of their TV and computer screens. In fact, a lot of people have come forward in support of the lockdown. Pornhub, for instance, has decided to give away its premium tier subscription for free for a year to everyone. Likewise, it looks like Google Play Movies will soon let its users watch movies for free. While there's no official confirmation on this, we do have solid evidence to back this up from the folks over at XDA Developers. © Unsplash An APK teardown of the Google Play Movies apps by XDA has revealed a string of code that says, "hundreds of movies, just a few ads.â It's very obvious what Google is trying to do here. Just like on YouTube how we get to watch almost all the videos for free by agreeing to watch the ads, Google Play Movies will also serve us free movies with ads in between. This ad-based model will let Google attract some eye-balls to the service and also allow the people to have something to watch during this lockdown period. As of now, it's not entirely clear as to how many ads will be served during these movies or at what intervals. But we're glad that Google has plans to explore this option. Not only will this allow a lot of users to check out Google Play Movies, but it'll also allow people to have some source of entertainment where they won't have to spend any money. We think it'll truly make Google Play Movies a viable source of content and a strong competitor in the market. We just hope the service lands soon. Source: XDA Developers View the full article
  16. While POCO, as a brand, made a comeback with the POCO X2, it wasn't the flagship that we all had been waiting for. However, now it looks like the POCO F2 is happening after all. If the report by the folks at XDA Developers is something to go by, then Xiaomi's new Redmi K30 Pro may debut as the POCO F2 in India. Obviously, there's no official confirmation from POCO themselves, but XDA has uncovered some codes from the MIUI camera app which suggests that the Redmi K30 Pro may launch in India under the POCO brand. © Xiaomi One of the XDA members dug deep inside the camera code and found that Redmi K30 Pro also displays the watermark âSHOT ON POCO PHONEâ. Yes, it looks like the phones contain the string "SHOT ON POCO Phone". This makes us believe that the Redmi K30 Pro may have POCO branding in India. Honestly, this isn't all that surprising because the Redmi K30 4G was launched as the POCO X2 in India. And the fact that the Redmi K30 Pro has "Pro" flagship specs, it may land as the true successor to the legendary POCO F1. © Xiaomi In case you're wondering, the Redmi K30 Pro sports a Snapdragon 865 SoC and it's coupled with up to 8GB RAM and 256GB internal storage. In terms of the camera, it has a triple-camera setup which includes a 64MP primary sensor. In addition to all this, the Redmi K30 Pro has a lot going for it, so it'll be interesting to see if it makes its way to India as the POCO F2. Source: XDA Developers View the full article
  17. Ananya Panday has persistently avoided bringing that aspect of her life into public knowledge
  18. The Novel Coronavirus doesnât spare anyone. Anybody and everybody in its line of sight will end up as a casualty whether they see it coming or not, whether they like it or not. The latest celebrity to fall victim to COVID-19âs dreadful ways, is Bollywood playback singer Kanika Kapoor, who just tested positive for Coronavirus. © Instagram According to senior journalist Abhishek Bhalla, Kapoorâs party was also attended by BJP MP Dushyant Singh. Now, reportedly Singh was a part of the delegation at Rashtrapati Bhavan hosted by President Ram Nath Kovind! Thatâs putting the President in a very risky situation. Coronavirus scare hits Indian politics. At the party attended by singer Kanika Kapoor BJP MP Dushyant Singh was also present. He attended parliament and was also part of a delegation at Rashtrapati Bhawan hosted by President Ram Nath Kovind. High time Parliament is adjourned â Abhishek Bhalla (@AbhishekBhalla7) March 20, 2020 No wonder people are calling out Kapoor for risking so many lives during such a global crisis. If other reports are to be believed, like this update by Zeba Warsi, lots of other MPs, ministers and journalists came in contact with Kapoor and Singh since the party and could have been exposed to the virus. THIS- MP Dushyant Singh ATTENDED PARLIAMENT, was part of meetings AFTER he met Kanika Kapoor at a party in Lucknow. She tested positive. He is now in self quarantine. WHAT about everyone else- MPs, Ministers, Journos he met in Parliament?#coronavirusindia #KanikaKapoor â Zeba Warsi (@Zebaism) March 20, 2020 Reportedly, UP Health Minister Sidharth Nath Singh and ex-Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje were also in attendance at the party and have since gone into self-isolation. This is being seen as a great threat to the countryâs political scene and we wonder how this scenario is going to unfold in the days to come. View the full article
  19. Okay, so the elephant in pretty much every room I enter is chacha Coronavirus. You know, just like how most of us have that one relative nobody is eager to meet and greet? Well, chacha Coronavirus happens to be just like them - too proud and too stubborn to let people just be. Even though many of us are now doing our bit and washing our hands 50 times a day, sanitising them the other 100 times, there is no denying that the steady rise in the number of positive COVID-19 cases is a little disheartening and worrisome. So I put my thinking hat on and tried to figure out if only people who have returned from foreign countries, quarantine runaways and insensitive, thickheaded âdaredevilsâ could be the reasons why the virus is spreading far and wide. Thatâs when I saw my father squish his face using the phone, trying to speak to the folks back home. That was my eureka moment when I realised that most of us are ignoring something which has been there in plain sight all this while. We have been oblivious to some of the most harmless looking everyday items around us which can very well transfer coronavirus if left unchecked. 1. Phone © Pixabay First off, our phones! Weâre constantly on that thing and even without the coronavirus, it is known to be one of the dirtiest things people have on themselves. But right now itâs doing more than being just dirty, itâs also âtouching our faceâ and thatâs clearly a no go. Hereâs an easy way to clean your phone at home. 2. SpectaclesThis one too goes without saying. God knows how many times we touch our glasses or adjust it throughout the day. Obviously, the germs could transfer from our hand and land on our nose and close to the eyes - which if I may reiterate, is a strict no go. So, hereâs how you can sterilize your glasses. 3. Bags © Pexels We may not realise it, but our bags do raise strong hygiene concerns. From resting them on the floor, to putting them through physical and machine scanners, they pick up a ton of germs. Try this easy way of cleaning your bag to avoid worrying about it constantly. 4. Stationery This too is such an important part of our daily routine, though we fail to acknowledge the places our pens, markers, staplers, and note pads might have been to. A quick way to clean your personal stationary is to wipe them clean using antibacterial wipes and avoiding putting them on random, dirty surfaces. 5. Laptops © Pexels Cannot stress enough how vital it is to keep this thing clean. Not only are we constantly touching and punching it, we often end up mindlessly touching our face or even having a quick, mid-work snack while typing away and that could be highly dangerous at this point. Hereâs a quick guide to keeping a laptop squeaky clean. 6. Cutlery You did not think of this, admit it! If you are still being eating out, then at least do yourself a favour and chuck the cutlery. Whether at work or dining out, either carry your own disposable (not promoting single-use plastic, the wooden ones work) or regular cutlery from home. Do not risk putting restaurant cutlery into your mouth. 7. Cigarette Lighter © Pexels One thing that brings a crowd of people together is a smoke break and with that the camaraderie which comes from sharing a lighter. Well, tough luck because you can no longer afford to share your lighter with others or use someone elseâs. Start carrying your own and sanitise it often. 8. Coffee Machines Well, this involves touching a surface with your hands and therefore, could be risky at this point. We are not saying give up coffee for a while, but maybe that is just what we are suggesting because even a premix would require you to fetch hot water and that involves touching machines, unless youâre carrying your own hot water flask. 9. Metro/ATM Cards © Pexels Another item that evades our attention, but you know how bus passes, metro and ATM cards function. You have to swipe them, tap them or hold them out, all of which allows germs to transfer from one surface to another. Use some hand sanitizer on a cotton pad or antibacterial wipes to clean these bad boys. 10. KeysAgain, these go places with us and often land up in random places. Calling them unhygienic would be an understatement at this point. Hereâs how you can disinfect your keys though. View the full article
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