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Brutal Rejection : Mia Khalifa Puts Chicago Cubs' Star On Blast For Sliding Into Her DMs



Sliding into someone's DMs almost never works, and if try to ever do that with Mia Khalifa, just be ready to get trolled by her. 

Chicago Cubs catcher Wilson Contreras tried to slyly strike up a conversation with her, and it completely backfired for him. But, it seems like he was way too dedicated to get her attention, that he relentlessly kept sending her messages, even after not getting any reply from her ever. 

Mia Khalifa Puts Chicago Cubs' Star On Blast For Sliding Into Her DMs© NBC Chicago

“Hi, how are you?” Wilson wrote. “I'm sure you get this a lot but I'm big fan of you. It will be great if you say hi.” After a point, Mia was so fed up with him, that she just responded with a simple “bye”, hoping he would stop. 

But, no, Wilson, for some reason, still wasn't discouraged and continued sending her messages. So, Mia was done with him, and decided to try another way to get him to stop. 

Cubbies, your man's is wandering around left field. Can you come get him? @Cubs pic.twitter.com/7kdtGGb5jR

— Mia Khalifa (@miakhalifa) September 5, 2017

She put him on blast on Twitter by posting screenshots of the conversation, with the caption, “Cubbies, your man's is wandering around in left field. Can you come get him?”

Well, it was then time for Wilson's agency to do some damage control and said that the catcher's account was “hacked” when the messages were sent. True or not, Wilson is still getting trolled on social media for the whole thing. 

Mia Khalifa Puts Chicago Cubs' Star On Blast For Sliding Into Her DMs© Twitter

But, it's okay Wilson, you're not alone. Mia also previously called out Drake for doing exactly the same thing. Back in 2015, during an interview, Mia revealed that a celebrity whose name rhymes with “rake” hit her up on Instagram. “His intentions were obviously clear,” she giggled. “It was so cringeworthy. The whole thing was cringeworthy.”

Warning: Trespassers in my DM's will be shot and hung out to dry in public. pic.twitter.com/aPUGkmooat

— Mia Khalifa (@miakhalifa) July 12, 2015

About 6 months after that, she slammed NFL star Duke Williams, as well. Doing what she did to Wilson, she posted screenshots of his messages on Twitter and captioned the tweet, “Warning: Trespassers in my DMs will be shot and hung out to dry in public.”

Maybe, guys, just don't slide into Mia's DMs, she will definitely put you on blast. 


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