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This 14-Year-Old Indian Origin Boy Is Now The Youngest Pilot To Fly A Single-Engine Plane



At the age of 14, most of us tried to keep up with homework and worried about how to juggle between tuitions and playing with friends. But since technology has taken over the world, most teenagers now have to take extremely ‘important' decisions like deciding which iPhone model they should buy or whether or not their Instagram feed is on point. 

But fortunately, there still are some kids who are pushing themselves to do their best in order to become what they've always wanted to. In fact, some are even breaking world records.

Meet Mansour Anis, a 14-year-old Indian-origin boy, who just received his certificate for his first solo flight from an aviation academy in Canada.

14-Year-Old Boy Is The Youngest To Fly Single-Engine Plane© Facebook/AAA Aviation Flight Acdemy

Mansour, who is currently a resident of the UAE is a Grade 9 student at Delhi Private School, has also managed to set a record of being the youngest pilot to fly solo with the least number of training hours. 25 hours is all it took for him, which is shocking, to say the least. 

14-Year-Old Boy Is The Youngest To Fly Single-Engine Plane© Facebook/AAA Aviation Flight Acdemy

In an interview, Anis' father Ali Asgar told that, "He broke the previous record of a 15-year-old German pilot and a 14-year-old US pilot who took 34 hours of training. Mansour flew solo just after 25 hours of training." 

Since every country has different rules when it comes to minimum age requirements to become a pilot and fly solo, Mansour had to go to Canada for his training. In the UAE and India, the pilot has to be at least 18-years-old, whereas in Canada, if you are 14 and meet the other requirements, you can join the course. 

He flew a Cessna 152 aircraft during his solo flight and now has a student pilot permit. His solo flight went on for 10-minutes during which he taxied the aircraft from the parking bay to the runway, took off for a flight for about five minutes and then landed back.

It all began when his New Delhi-based maternal uncle who is a professional pilot with an India-based private airline introduced him to flying with the help of a computer flight simulator. And by the time he turned 13, Mansoor decided that he wanted to become a pilot. 

In an interview, he told how he developed interest in flying, “With the simulation software, my uncle began training me how to fly a plane. Since then I've had an interest in it.”He further added, “What I had learned from my uncle helped me a lot. For example, there were some theoretical things, like with the instruments, that he had taught me to use beforehand.”

This achievement has just marked the beginning of his career as this young lad wants to become a professional pilot with his dream companies; namely Emirates and Etihad.


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