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160359_5921747_updates.jpgWasim denies all of the allegations levelled against him and says he is 'completely single' and never promised to marry anyone.

KARACHI: The Afghanistan-born Dutch woman, whose pictures surfaced with Imad Wasim earlier this week, has accused the cricketer of being "disloyal to her."

The pictures of the cricketer with an unknown female had sparked a social media frenzy earlier in the week. The girl claimed to have met Wasim in London and also alleged that the cricketer promised to marry her but then refused to acknowledge her later on.

Imad, however, refuted all allegations of promising to marry the girl.

Asked in an interview about the cricketer's denial of her accusations, the girl said: "It was disturbing to hear that. We did spend time together. You can't photoshop a video and in video you can see clearly it's him and me."

She claimed that it has been months that she did not hear from Imad, saying, "I don't mind that, but the way he did it is not okay. Because, he made so many promises to me; I didn't even ask for that kind of relationship."

The Dutch woman said that Imad told her that "'I want to get married with you, but I want to see you first and want to spend some time with you. And I was fine with that'".

Claiming that it was Imad who approached her, she said they met in the beginning of July, this year and then in the end of the month.

The woman said that all she wanted from Imad was an apology for whatever happened.


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