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Here's A Shocking Fact About Ranbir Kapoor's Expensive Blue Hoodie



Technically, most men represent the hoodie-folk. Throw an expensive shirt at them, Balenciaga shoes, Supreme hoodies or even a Burberry trench coat—chances are, they'd pick the hoodie over any goddamn thing. And no matter what you say about the T-shirt and jeans combo, a hoodie is an indisputable casual wear piece to own. Get yourself out of bed, follow the drill, open the closet and slip into one—easy. Movie star/star kid, Ranbir Kapoor, too believes in the power of yours truly. Maybe it's his way of hiding holiday flab or a public display of his actual personal style (slob+hipster), but this Gucci jersey hoodie on him is making us rethink our Sunday dressing skills.

Here's A Shocking Fact About Ranbir Kapoor's Expensive Blue Hoodie© Viral Bhayani

And yes, as the story title goes, the star attraction of this hoodie isn't its colour or the Gucci jacquard trims on the arms. Hold your horses, this piece is capable of turning itself into a sleeveless hoodie in a second. Yes, that's right. Notice the snaps on his shoulder seams below? That's crucial to this piece's dual personality. Just remove the sleeves using the snaps, and turn this full-sleeved comforter into a sleeveless silhouette. 

Here's A Shocking Fact About Ranbir Kapoor's Expensive Blue Hoodie© Gucci

Having said that, pulling off a hoodie isn't as easy as you'd expect. You need to style the staple with absolute caution. Your jeans/choice of bottoms can't be too relaxed, the shoes can't be dress shoes/gigantic and three, you can't have popping collars under the hoodie. Base line: it's a damn hoodie so wear it like one.


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