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Shashi Tharoor And Derek OBrien Take A Dig At The Bhakts After The AIB Row



When it comes to India, we can easily get offended by anything and everything. And precisely on things that do no harm to the people or society or nation. For us, issues like violence, rape, terrorism, murder are of no importance and we don't get offended by the increasing crime rate.

But man you make fun of a politician on social media or speak against them and bam! You might have to go to jail. Yeah, this happens a lot in India.

Well, that is us Indians touching new levels of parochialism every other day. Just a couple of days ago, an FIR was lodged against AIB founder Tanmay Bhat by the Mumbai Police Cyber Cell for making fun of our honourable Prime Minster Narendra Modi!

We got to say, this, of course, ended up hurting deep sentiments of many bhakts. Tanmay, how could you make a meme of a Modi look-alike and use a dog filter on it? And upon that even caption a picture saying, "Dog filter is lyf".

AIB PM Modi Meme(c) Screengrab

As expected people started trashing AIB and Tanmay for the meme. In fact one of the Twitterati even tagged Mumbai Police asking them to take action against AIB for creating offensive meme on PM Modi.

Publicity theek hai yaar, lage haath thode nationalist sentiments aur hurt kar lo cuz Modi goes hand in hand. Magar joke to dhang ka ho! pic.twitter.com/sLSo4EyMHy

— A La' Vile De Satara (@AdvancedMaushi) July 13, 2017


Disappointed to see more people standing up for AIB than for National Anthem in theatres 🙄😂

— Maithun Kashmiri (@Being_Humor) July 14, 2017


And they cry about the quality of their content. #AIB pic.twitter.com/Vol91NBAbG

— Vishii (@Indianlyf) July 14, 2017


Admit it that AIB deliberately posted that pic knowing that few will get angry and they can delete and later play victim, as usual.

— Ankur Singh (@iAnkurSingh) July 13, 2017


AIB right now. pic.twitter.com/LFcwpBpBnI

— काठियावाड़ी बापू™ (@Bapu___) July 14, 2017

However, now that the FIR is filed, congress leader Shahi Tharoor and Trinamool Congress (TMC) MP Derek O' Brien are taking sarcastic dig at the bhakts. They posted a picture on social media using the same filter.

Well, Tharoor is known for his dark humour and he does it again! He posted a picture on Twitter and captioned it, "Attn all trolls: I took the #DogFilter challenge! @AllIndiaBakchod"

Attn all trolls: I took the #DogFilter challenge! @AllIndiaBakchod pic.twitter.com/0lmClCS7CF

— Shashi Tharoor (@ShashiTharoor) July 15, 2017

Even Derek O'Brien took to Instagram to post his picture on Instagram using the famous Snapchat dog filter and captioned it, “It's the weekend. Time for a little bit of fun.”

It's the weekend. Time for a little bit of fun 😉😉😉

A post shared by Derek O'Brien (@quizderek) on Jul 14, 2017 at 9:44pm PDT

For people who don't know Tharoor and Derek posted these picture as users asked them to take the challenge and don the dog face. And they did it. In your face, guys!

All the guys who are creating this ruckus, just for your information stop getting so touchy about this meme, this joke is least of Modi's concern. He is the Prime Minister of India and our nation has thousands of important issues to tackle, what happens on Twitter is not a priority on his list. So how about you take a chill pill and relax? Not that difficult, right?


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