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waqas dar



ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairperson Imran Khan on Wednesday claimed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has indulged in corruption in the name of business. 

He added the premier was given five chances to tell the truth and come clean in front of the people of the country.

?He was given five chances to tell the truth to the people, starting with the first hearing in the Supreme Court and the last chance being the JIT.?

The PTI chief also referred to incumbent Finance Minister Ishaq Dar as the "biggest conman of Pakistan".

Reiterating his call for the premier?s resignation, Imran alleged that the business entities of the Sharif family have served as a front for money laundering.

The PTI chief said Nawaz was given ample chances to prove the money trail, more so after the Sharif family had accepted the properties in question as theirs.

?The JIT was formed by the Supreme Court so Nawaz Sharif could answer the questions he could not answer in court,? added the PTI chief. 

Imran questioned how the assets of the Sharif family increased year after year as the business entities they owned were continuously were in the red. 

He also alleged the development schemes initiated during Nawaz's tenure were meant to siphon of funds from those projects through front companies. 

"When Nawaz Sharif became chief minister of Punjab years ago, Ittefaq Foundry went into a loss. Yet by 1993, the family had 30 factories."

"The JIT brought to the forefront one fact, the business of the Sharif family is corruption," alleged the PTI chief. 

Referring to electoral reforms, Imran asked for voting rights for overseas Pakistan and said bio-metric voting should be introduced in the country to tackle rigging during elections. 


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