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A Nigerian Conman Duped This Woman Out Of 74 Lakhs After Meeting Her On A Matrimonial Site



Okay everyone, let's get one thing clear – you shouldn't send money to people you don't even know and haven't ever met. I think everyone knows that you really shouldn't trust random people on the internet, but apparently this woman didn't get the memo. 

A 40-year-old woman from Shivaji Park has now become the latest victim of a Nigerian gang. She transferred ₹74 lakhs into someone's account to ‘bail him out' of a difficult situation, which is a common ploy used on matrimonial sites to swindle women. 

A Nigerian Conman Duped This Woman Out Of ₹74 Lakhs

The victim has filed a complaint with the police, but what's interesting is that Mumbai police's cybercrime cell has also accused a popular matrimonial site as well, along with this ‘Nigerian gang'. In her complaint, the woman elaborated that about 3-4 days after she created her profile, a man who identified himself as Amar Joshi and claimed to be a UK national sent her an e-mail. 

She was impressed with his pictures and his profile, so she shared her number and they began talking regularly. Joshi told her that he was an NRI and always wanted to marry an Indian woman. A few days after they began talking, he called her to tell her that he is planning on flying down to Mumbai to fix a date for their wedding. But when she went to receive him at the airport, she got a call instead. 

A Nigerian Conman Duped This Woman Out Of ₹74 Lakhs

An investigating officer told TOI: "First Joshi said hello and then handed over the phone to a woman who identified herself as a customs official at Delhi airport and said her department had caught Joshi with excess US dollars. She demanded ₹38 lakhs as fine to release him." And for some reason, she transferred that ridiculous amount of money in four bank accounts. 

And that wasn't it! He called her again and told her that he had again been stopped at the Mumbai airport over some other duty. He then made her transfer ₹36 lakhs again in five different accounts and stopped taking her calls all together. Ouch. 

A Nigerian Conman Duped This Woman Out Of ₹74 Lakhs

The main thing that baffles security agencies is that even though several women across the country fall prey to such schemes, the matrimonial sites still don't have any proper system in place to prevent such incidents. 

Or maybe some people just need to be smart and not give money to strangers on the internet?


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