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This Tiny Microscope Can Restore Eyesight As It Will Transmit Data Directly To Your Brain



Doctors have been advancing medicine for a while now and technology has come to the point where we are able to restore sight or hearing by directly repairing the affected organs. However, researchers from Rice University have now developed a microscope that has sensors which will directly transmit information to the brain. 

FlatScope: A flat microscope that can restore eyesight for blind people© Rice University

The flat microscope, that is currently under development, can both monitor and trigger neutrons and can capture more details than existing brain probes. The device is called FlatScope and it aims to create a high-resolution neural interface. In fact, the technology can quickly interpret neuron activity and also has capabilities to send audio/visual representation to the brain. This will effectively help in restoring vision thanks to the data being transmitted. However, this sensor is in just the prototype phase, however, it is interesting to see that a device such as the FlatScope can aid in restoring vision. 

”The inspiration comes from advances in semiconductor manufacturing,” says Jacob Robinson (One of the researchers). "We're able to create extremely dense processors with billions of elements on a chip for the phone in your pocket. So why not apply these advances to neural interfaces?"

FlatScope: A flat microscope that can restore eyesight for blind people.© Rice University

In theory, this technology can be used by blind people to see the world via a camera that would transmit data to their brain. This camera can be outfitted on their shirt, however, a scenario like that is a long way into the future. 

We're looking forward to seeing how the project develops over the next few years, and you can stay up to date through the Rice University website here


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