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This Talented 12-Year Old Tattoo Artist Is Cooler Than You'll Ever Be

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Even though a 12-year old can't really go and get a tattoo, but, apparently, there's nothing against someone underage being on the other side.

Ezrah Dorman, a 12-year old boy from Panama City, is the biggest sensation on the internet for his excellent tattooing skills.

Thanks for trusting me and support me in all this. Today I am better because I had this amazing oportunity. Thanks @bemund â¡ï¸ð¦â£ï¸

A post shared by Ezrah The Shark Dormon (@eztheshark) on Jul 22, 2017 at 11:41pm PDT

Dorman was introduced to the world of tattooing when he accompanied his mother while she got inked. That was when he wished out loud that he wanted to do the same thing, so tattoo artist Ali Garcia offered to have him fill in some of the lines.

And that was it! Garcia has been acting as Ezrah's mentor since then, and has worked on a couple dozen tattoos as a helper, mostly for "traditional" tattoo designs.

Moreover, he has a really cool moniker as well – the shark!

I colored the pink in this baby last night. ðªð¼ð¦ðâ¡ï¸Lines and shading: @margaritamarzo

A post shared by Ezrah The Shark Dormon (@eztheshark) on Jul 23, 2017 at 12:30pm PDT

If you were a tattoo artist at the age of 12, you would actually be the coolest kid in school, right? Well, not at first, as he explained that his friends didn't even believe him. He said, “My friends, at the beginning, none of them believed me. Like when I did my mom, I told them that I did the tattoo and they were like, 'Ugh, please.' And some people at school think that it's awesome.”

ð¦This is Me applying some red in this tattoo. I have been working really hard to get to do this. @margaritamarzo ð is the best teacher!!!! Now my goal is to do 1 painting a week and talk about it. ðªð¼ I will keep you guys posted!!! #fun #ilovemyjob #youngesttraditionaltattooartist ð¸Photo taken by: @siemprequise.serpalmera ð´in our studio @honolulutattoos ð

A post shared by Ezrah The Shark Dormon (@eztheshark) on May 25, 2017 at 5:41am PDT

“What I want to do is, maybe I would, like, travel around the world with my tattoo gun, or when I go to college I'll have that in my suitcase that I can just pull out and give a tattoo to earn money.”

Here's him, doing his thing :

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