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In Pictures: GT Road rally's third day


Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif embarked upon a 'homecoming' rally on Wednesday. Setting out from Punjab House in Islamabad, the PML-N chief decided to travel to Lahore via GT Road.

Friday was the third day of the rally, and the former premier departed from Jhelum around 11:30am.

153321_3521137_updates.jpgNawaz Sharif and other PML-N leaders having breakfast before setting off for Gujrat. 
153321_1316154_updates.jpgNawaz Sharif's caravan en route to Gujrat.

Nawaz addresses a massive crowd in Gujrat

Addressing a massive crowd in Gujrat, Nawaz again asked for support to help him bring change to the country.

Playing to the crowd of supporters, Nawaz asked if the people had accepted the verdict against his premiership, the question received a resounding chorus from the crowd which answered in the negative.

"Have you accepted the court?s decision? My appeal is in your court. Nawaz Sharif?s appeal is in your court."

153321_6586924_updates.jpgPML-N supporters attend the rally in Gujrat. 
153321_2281984_updates.jpgNawaz is welcomed by enthusiastic supporters in Gujrat.
153321_6673944_updates.jpgPML-N supporters celebrate Nawaz's arrival in Gujrat.
153321_7565973_updates.jpgNawaz arrives on stage and waves to the crowd. 
153321_6359429_updates.jpgNawaz addressing supporters in Gujrat.
153321_310666_updates.jpgNawaz waves as he leaves the stage in Gujrat.

'Will make Pakistan a great country' 

Nawaz pledged in Gujranwala to make Pakistan a great country.

"If you agree and keep your promise, we will change the country?s destiny.?

153321_5138000_updates.jpgNawaz arrives at the speech venue in Gujranwala. -Twitter
153321_6184053_updates.jpgHuge crowds gather in Gujranwala for Nawaz's speech. 
153321_1697894_updates.jpgNawaz waves to supporters before his speech. -Twitter
153321_2792995_updates.jpgNawaz leaves the speech venue after his speech in Gujranwala. -Twitter

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