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The International Space Station Just Pulled Off The Ultimate Photobomb

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Photobombing has taken the world by a storm as it has become an important ritual to appear in someone else's picture. Either with an intention to spoil it as a practical joke or mistakenly, which somehow always finds a way to crack people up! Imagine you and your group of friends trying to take a decent picture and it's ruined most adorably by a doggo walking into the frame! That's 'photobombing' for you. But, that wasn't the case with NASA Photographer, Joel Kowsky, who observed the International Space Station to feature it in a range of photos, flying in front of the sun. Yes, the entire situation has crossed boundaries to reach outer space, y'all!

While people gathered in various areas in the US to catch a glimpse of the "Total Solar Eclipse" that took place for the first time in 99 years, the International Space Station decided to make a star appearance right when NASA was capturing the epic moment on camera. 

It's the moon, sunspots AND the station in front of the sun. @NASA photographer captures station transiting sun during #Eclipse2017 pic.twitter.com/hAVRINz0bv

— Intl. Space Station (@Space_Station) August 21, 2017

Image of #Eclipse2017, made from 7 frames, shows @Space_Station, as it transits the Sun near Banner, WY. Flickr: https://t.co/PQFAbVSR32 pic.twitter.com/k0Lwc3i1as

— NASA (@NASA) August 21, 2017

Meanwhile, a handful of people thought the station as a sunspot, and NASA quickly took to Twitter to clear everyone's doubts by sharing a 7 frame image of the raddest photobomb moment EVER! Folks on Twitter, on the other hand, were swift enough to respond to NASA's tweet, like always. While some were amazed to see the photobomb, others were convinced it was be a tie fighter from Star Wars, adding a humorous stride to the story. Here are a couple of tweets that you'll definitely want to check out after the live solar eclipse coverage. 

Is it just me or are there lots of #TIEfighters? #starWars. I knew the aliens were going to watch the #solarEclipse with us pic.twitter.com/exiq80NyjJ

— Janelle Purple (@janelle_purple) August 22, 2017

Huh. pic.twitter.com/AMdCpNhKMP

— Daniel C. Houston (@Daniel_Houston) August 21, 2017

Amazing pic.twitter.com/GqvtzjK0x7

— Collin O'Donnell (@fgdcat17) August 21, 2017


— MIXTER (@mixta110) August 21, 2017

Don't lie NASA, those are clearly TIE Bombers docking with the Death Star pic.twitter.com/VgPcmrhjxJ

— Jason Rainville (@rhineville) August 21, 2017

What really happens during a solar eclipse.. #photobomb ðð pic.twitter.com/Y5LN7k4nlY

— Christie Nicholls (@followchristie) August 21, 2017

NASA Moon (the Twitter handle) wasn't far behind when it came to trolling the entire world, by taking the ‘moon covering the sun' quite literally. Tthe team humorously blocked the NASA Sun's handle, which took everyone by surprise. Obviously, the moment the eclipse came to an end; the team didn't take much time to unblock the page as well. Well played, NASA, well played!

HA HA HA I've blocked the Sun! Make way for the Moon. #SolarEclipse2017 pic.twitter.com/nZCoqBlSTe

— NASA Moon (@NASAMoon) August 21, 2017

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