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ISLAMABAD: State Minister for Power Abid Sher Ali Thursday claimed that the incumbent government has reduced power shortfall in the country to zero megawatts.

Speaking to the media after a meeting of National Assembly's Standing Committee on Energy, the minister said his government would make a formal announcement regarding the end of load-shedding in November, this year.

"We have produced 20,000 MWs of electricity and will end the shortage of power forever," he claimed.

Criticising Khursheed Shah for his statement regarding lower power tariffs during his party's tenure, Ali said the PPP leader's claim makes him laugh as there was no electricity during the PPP's tenure in the country, how could it be cheaper.

He reiterated that load-shedding will continue in areas where there is pilferage.

Commenting on power woes in Karachi, the minister said they summoned K-Electric officials on the issue and will resolve the problem of power load management in the metropolis.

Earlier during the standing committee meeting, committee member Sajid Ahmed complained of over-billing in Karachi.

Abid Sher Ali said that there is zero load shedding on 252 feeders in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, while there are up to 90 per cent damages on 120 other feeders in the province.

"Our grids continued to be set ablaze; you take responsibility that there would be no power pilferage in KP," the minister asked Afridi.

At which, Afridi lamented estimated bills are being sent to KP consumers and then they are labeled as pilferers too.


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