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Is Varun Dhawan's Bright Orange Sweatshirt His Most Daring Style Move Yet?



Dharma Production's favourite actor, funny guy and one-time flag bearer of nepotism — Varun Dhawan — is definitely the king of well-done casual fashion in Bollywood. What we mean to say is that Varun's 'going out' looks, are always put together...really, really well, all thanks to a revolving portfolio of stylists (including Akshay Tyagi) he trusts. What we have to also consider here is that there seems to be literally nobody in Bollywood who can wear a sweatshirt, an oversized denim jacket or a pair of joggers better than Mr. Dhawan. Even if we ignore the savage body — he has the spunk you need to pull off a 21st-century Fu*kboi look, without actually being one. Because he is apparently in a steady relationship? Ok, moving on from real-life love affairs to love affairs with fashion. Which is what happened when we saw Varun walk the pavements of Mumbai airport in a bright orange H&M sweatshirt with ratchet motifs on the sleeves. The sweatshirt paired with mesh shorts from indie designer Abhishek Patni, a reverse cap, a pair of dark sunnies and his go-to black trainers made us skip a micro heartbeat. 

Is Varun Dhawan's Bright Orange Sweatshirt His Most Daring Style Move Yet© Viral Bhayani

Reason? 1) Indian actors would rather die than experiment with fashion. Fashion for them often equates to a button-down layered over a basic T-shirt. 2) Black, white, grey and maybe navy are the only colours they will ever wear. Unless you are Ranveer Singh. 3) Oversized/slouchy fashion is a strict no! So, thank you Varun, for pulling off a look that would otherwise be considered a stoner's go-to uniform—chill, authentic and slightly disheveled. Brownie points for the contoured beard and for making us mere mortals believe that we can wear mesh city shorts in public. 

Is Varun Dhawan's Bright Orange Sweatshirt His Most Daring Style Move Yet© Viral Bhayani

No points for the rapper-inspired silver chain. It's fugly, throw it away! 


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