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5 Most Common Deadlift Mistakes You Don't Know You Are Making



The deadlift puts to test every claim you have ever made about your strength inside a gym. You can cheat during a squat, get a spot while benching but when it comes to the DL, it's you against dead weight. A lot people perform deadlifts but sadly, a lot of them do it wrong. Most times, either the form is pathetic or there's way too much weight on the bar. Here are the most common mistakes you are making but aren't aware of.  

1) Dropping Hips Too Low

Deadlift Mistakes You Are Currently Making© YouTube

Some people tend to drop their hips very low before initiating the movement, making it look like a squat. Don`t do that. It`s a Deadlift, not a squat. By doing that you are only making it harder for your spine to adjust to for the lift. This will also cause your shins to hit the bar when you pull. 

2) Keeping Hips Too High

Deadlift Mistakes You Are Currently Making© YouTube

Just like dropping the hips too low isn`t a good idea during the deadlifts, keeping your hips too high is also a problem. The problem is that this will not allow you to use your glutes and legs to their full potential. You will only end up using your back muscles and hence –less weight on the bar. A good rule of thumb to make sure of is that your hips are not too low or not too high.

3) Deadlifting In Running Shoes

Deadlift Mistakes You Are Currently Making© YouTube

The most common of this list, a lot of dudes wear running trainers while deadlifting.  While deadlifting your feet should stay as close to the ground as possible. The additional cushioning which running shoes provide doesn`t let you achieve that. Either Deadlift barefoot or wear shoes with a hard flat sole. And no, most people should not Deadlift wearing squat shoes either, since it has raised heels. 

4) Rounding Your Lower Back 

Deadlift Mistakes You Are Currently Making© YouTube

I won`t speak like a perfectionist here and no doubt that back rounding can happen during a competition or when attempting a 1 rep max. But if you are rounding your back during a regular practice session, there is something wrong and it needs to be rectified. The extent to which different people round their back varies. More the rounding, more the chances of injury you are creating. Don`t worry, we all have amde mistakes in terms of exercise technique initially. I have made the same mistakes but I worked on it and now there`s no such issue. Being aware about the problem is half the problem solved. Here are some reasons why back rounding typically occurs during a deadlift:-

1. Tight hamstrings

2. Weaker lower body muscles such as Glutes and hamstrings

3. Faulty technique

5) Deadlifting Wearing Gloves 

Deadlift Mistakes You Are Currently Making© YouTube

I often see newbies making this mistake. Apart from making you look ridiculous, it also prevents you from developing solid raw grip strength. Please understand that wearing gloves during deadlifting is counterproductive, since it makes the bar slip out of your hands. Never do that.

6. Hyper-Extending The Upper Back At The Top

Deadlift Mistakes You Are Currently Making© acrobolix

At the final position during the deadlift, some people (especially the one who compete) tend to lean back. This makes their shoulders go past their hips. They basically do it in order to get white flags from the judges that they have locked out completely and weight is in control. That`s a bad habit which causes undue strain on the spine. Just stand up straight with the weight at top and don`t lean back. That's it. That's a complete lift.

Singh Daman is an On-Floor and online Personal Trainer and PG diploma holder in fitness and nutrition who believes Physical Fitness is as important in one`s life as Breathing,Sleeping and eating. You connect with him on his YouTube Page


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