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[embed_video1 url=http://stream.jeem.tv/vod/da94954fce3550431215ac995e798ce0.mp4/playlist.m3u8?wmsAuthSign=c2VydmVyX3RpbWU9OS8xMC8yMDE3IDI6NDI6MDEgUE0maGFzaF92YWx1ZT12eUQ2aTR2K3RyYzVKZHBGTWwxbWlRPT0mdmFsaWRtaW51dGVzPTYwJmlkPTE= style=center]

LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader Maryam Nawaz remarked that the nation will raise its voice regarding injustices against its leader on September 17. 

Maryam was addressing a rally in Lahore?s NA-120 constituency Sunday evening.

?On September 17, the people will vote for the lion [PML-N?s electoral symbol],? she remarked, adding that the lion will roar on the day of the by-election.

Maryam is spearheading the NA-120 campaign while her mother and PML-N candidate for the by-poll, Kulsoom Nawaz, undergoes treatment for lymphoma in London.

By-election on the seat left vacant after Sharif?s disqualification by the Supreme Court on July 28, will be held on September 17. A total of 44 candidates will contest the NA-120 by-poll.

Earlier in day, Maryam had said that when a leader becomes quite popular then an Iqama type decision is delivered against him while referring to her father's disqualification by the Supreme Court on July 28.

The former prime minister's daughter made the comments while meeting a delegation of lawyers in Model Town, where she chairs meetings related to the NA-120 by-election.

During the meeting, Maryam was accompanied by Senator Pervaiz Rasheed, State Interior Minister Talal Chaudhry and party leader Maiza Hameed.

"If the allegations [against Nawaz] had any truth, then they should have been proved, what was the need for an Iqama," she said, referring to Nawaz's disqualification due to the holding of a work permit for UAE.


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