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Bill Gates Still Won't Use An iPhone and Chooses Android Instead



We all know Steve Jobs and Bill Gates shared a unique relationship between each other. They were friends and they were rivals too. The two CEOs have played an important role in shaping up the tech industry and how we know it today. However, that does not mean that Gates may have started using the iPhone in the late Apple co-founder's honour…

Bill Gates Now Uses An Android Smartphone, Still Won't Touch iPhone© YouTube

Windows smartphones were a thing of the past and have been wiped out from the market due to strong competition from Android and Apple. In a recent interaction with Fox News, Gates revealed that he recently switched to an Android device and still uses Windows-based PCs. 

Bill Gates Now Uses An Android Smartphone, Still Won't Touch iPhone© Reuters

Gates also added that even though he uses an Android device, he mostly used Microsoft software on the Android phone. Microsoft makes or owns a range of software such as Skype, Word, Outlook email and others that work well on Android devices. The Android OS is very much similar to the Microsoft ethos, i.e, you can customise a lot of features on your smartphone, download applications and manage files directly on your device and it is also a platform that is widely supported by many companies. 

Bill Gates Now Uses An Android Smartphone, Still Won't Touch iPhone© MensXP/Samiksha Sharma

Taking a cue for the Windows operating system, Gates may be a fan of the Google software simply because it does not lock you into an ecosystem. Makers and builders like Gates do not like restrictions and which is why Android is popular amongst hardcore tech users. Android is an operating system that is open to all and knows what is inside a smartphone. Before Gates became a billionaire, he was a hacker who managed to break into a computer of a major corporation 45 years ago. Of course, it is safe to assume that Gates uses Android smartphones because of similar reasons as stated above. 

Are you surprised that Bill Gates uses an Android smartphone? Let us know in the comments. You can watch the interview below to know more:


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