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Hugh Hefner Liked To Ride Fast, Here's A Glimpse Of His Insane Collection



Hugh Hefner has left the Playboy Mansion to move on to a better life, although we don't understand how it could get any better than being surrounded by bouncy, gorgeous women. The world is surely going to miss the man who had an eye for curves, but hot women weren't the only indulgence the bunny lord fed. Hef's taste for sexy bodies transcended into automobiles; if you learned about the cars that entered and left his collection, you'd know what we're talking about.

Cadillac Series 62 Convertible

Designed for Rock'n'rollin', Hef's Cadillac is an absolute chick magnet. You can only imagine how many ladies would've fallen pray to daddy playboy's charms. The legend possessed the knack to draw in the ladies, making quite an entrance in a machine like that.

Hugh Hefner Huge Car Collection© Archive

Mercedes Benz 300 SL

Mercedes was one of Hef's preferred brands, and why shouldn't they be when the very name of it suggests class and unparalleled style. This roadster was known to be one of Hef's most prized automobiles, you can see his affection for it played out well right here in the picture.

Hugh Hefner Huge Car Collection© Gearheads

Mercedes Benz 600 Pullman Limo

What's the one car you'd roll in to make a lasting first impression-- this one's a no brainer, a six-door limousine, especially, a Mercedes limousine. When you pull up in a gorgeous limousine with beautiful women jumping and squealing with joy, making the car shake with vibrant energy, you know you've arrived. No wonder Hef was a consistent ladies man and a style icon for millions.

Hugh Hefner Huge Car Collection© Pursuitist

BMW 3.0 CS

A fan of Bavarian engineering, surely, Hef also owned a statement BMW E9 3.0 CS. What could turn women on and leave a lot of men burning with envy than a playboy who drove around in a fast luxury car?

Hugh Hefner Huge Car Collection© Celebrity Car Museum The Velvet Collection

Hummer H2 Limousine

Here's another limousine that reeks of pure debauchry. You know oodles of estrogen will pour out supported by some kinky ass background music if any of the Playboy insignia stamped doors opened on this truck-limo dressed up in virginal white.

Hugh Hefner Huge Car Collection© Autobild

Lamborghini Gallardo

We've already established Hef had a thing for speed and that he wouldn't want to compromise on style for it. So when he bought the Gallardo, he knew style was a given but he didn't seem as impressed with the power specs so he, reportedly, made changes to the vehicle to up the speed-- lo and behold a beast was born. 

Hugh Hefner Huge Car Collection© Autobild

Now, when Hef wanted to reward the Playmates, he would gift them luxury cars painted in pink. Here are a few vehicles that he was know to give away to Playmates of the Year that would make you wish you were a Playmate in his lifetime? It goes without saying you'd have to work very hard at pleasing daddy Playboy, lol.

Volvo P1800

Both vintage beauties in pink are stunners and we're sure both like their ride hard and fast.


Hugh Hefner Liked To Ride Fast, Here's A Glimpse Of His Insane Collection
© riveTribe

Sunbeam Tiger

There's another happy bunny with her pink convertible ride.

Hugh Hefner Huge Car Collection© Positive Earth Blogspot

Porsche 911s

We don't know what's more appealing, the Porche or the lady perched on it.

Hugh Hefner Huge Car Collection© Ottority

Jeep Wrangler

How many of you have dreamt of watching a Playmate drive away in an off-roading vehicle?

Hugh Hefner Huge Car Collection© TexAgs

B.M.W S1000RR

Not a car, but not any less sexier, this Beemer deserved a special mention and has got to be the raunchiest Playmate of the Year reward, of all time.

Hugh Hefner Huge Car Collection© BMWBlog


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