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This $2.78 Million Supercar Is The World's First Titanium Car



Let's talk about the bodywork of cars. Most performance automobile makers have been using carbon fibre composites, or plastic mixed with metal to cut down on the overall weight of their vehicles drastically. It's light and it can be moulded easily, making it the perfect material for super, hyper and megacars, but there's a teensy bit of a problem here-- it's plastic mixed with either aluminium or steel and never in the history of materials have plastic, aluminium or steel been considered premium, no matter their mind boggling properties. That's why, today we talk about a car that is made with a super light metal that is premium by birth, mind and even lighter than aluminium or steel.

This $2.78 Million Supercar Is The World's First Titanium Car© Icona

Feast your eyes on the Icona Vulcano Titanium, labeled "the world first titanium supercar". Ooh! The Vulcano's makers say that the inspiration behind its conception is the world's fastest airplane, but to be honest, when we look at it we see a mean looking car that could transform into a jet on command! Never have a vehicle's seams attracted us this much, every crevice is like an underlined promise for some mean action. Icona just released a video of the Vulcano in performance, check it out

And there's a reason why the Vulcano's bodywork alone is so appealing, 10,000 man hours have gone into creating this through hand crafting. Every bend and lift that improves the performance as well as adds to its aesthetic appeal has been brought out through the sweat and skill of the best coach builders. Carbon fibre mixed with titanium, which is a rather rigid metal to work with despite its light weight, but only the flourish of titanium stands out and it's almost blinding. It's like a fresh glazed donut hot out of the oven, raw and appetising, gone within seconds of you laying your eyes on it.

This $2.78 Million Supercar Is The World's First Titanium Car© Icona

That's just the appearance; the powertrain of the Vulcano is equally impressive. While it comes with an optimised power push of 680hp, its 6.2 litre V8 engine can be tuned to produce over 1000hp, so it is at par with the all new Mercedes-AMG ProjectONE that has enthusiasts raving. Much like the ProjectONE, the Vulcano can be taken for a ride on asphalt by a daily driver as well as the race track by a Formula One racer.

This $2.78 Million Supercar Is The World's First Titanium Car© Icona 

The Vulcano made its debut back in 2013 at the Shanghai Auto Show, but only as a concept. Naturally, it roused the interests of many but only for a short while, as no light was laid on its production specifics till August 2016 when it was announced for sale. The car will also be making an appearance at the Dubai International Motor Show this year because Arabs are going to want to own a car that's not only light as air and premium, but also so expensive that it would blow several toupees off!

This $2.78 Million Supercar Is The World's First Titanium Car© Icona 

So how much for this fine whip? Place $2.78 million or Rs. 18.20 crores on the table and take one home, if your mouth has been left hanging, snap it shut because that's how much a car created from a rare and premium metal costs. We'd give away our life savings just to see what it looks like! Check out its production video here.


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