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Found 5 results

  1. Online communities shine with the brilliance of humanity. Every day, our communities inspire, evoke, inform, motivate and engage in a hundred different ways. Every member feels a uniquely individual sense of value from your community. For too many communities, the strategy revolves around two simple pillars: content and engagement. You inform. You engage. And you think your job is done. However, you’ve barely scratched the surface of offering value. You need to expand the ways in which you strategically match your community to member value. New studies are coming out that show humans feel up to 27 emotions from admiration to triumph, and the best communities unleash a rainbow spectrum of value – functional and emotional, business to social - for their organizations and for their members. This results in not just deeper and more extensive engagement, but greater financial payoff. Indeed, research from global management consulting firm Bain & Company shows brands like Apple, Samsung, and Amazon that demonstrate multiple elements of value have x3 greater customer loyalty and x4 faster revenue growth than others. The elements of value can be divided into two broad categories. Specialize in Functional Value Don’t deliver content. Deliver time savings, cost savings, risk savings, organization, connection, education, and variety. What is the utility benefit to your users? Functional values are the core reasons why members would visit your community. It forms the baseline rationale for your community’s existence, and you want to not just be good – you want to be the best in delivering functional value in your field. Improve your Q&A boards for feedback, inquiry, or ideation. Provide a template in a pinned topic where users fill out a consistent set of questions, so you can answer with the most appropriate and accurate options. Use moderator tools like Recommended Replies to summarize and spotlight key points in a topic. This saves time and focuses attention on expert information. Super-charge the training for your response team. Empower them to be subject experts by giving them private training, templates, and extra resources in a staff wiki so they can investigate the unique needs of user inquiries and provide the best responses. Build a set of content resources in the Pages application, which is the most powerful application in the suite. It can be used to create a set of content resources with unlimited custom fields, filters, and templates enabling you to offer variety, organization, and education that no other competitor can match. Spark Emotional Value Don’t deliver engagement. Deliver admiration, amusement, awe, empathy, joy, nostalgia, satisfaction, and triumph. How does your community make your members feel better? Here’s a little secret. Even though functional value is the foundation of your community’s value proposition, emotional elements are 50% more valuable. Fortunately, Invision Community comes loaded with ways to recognize, reward, and promote members. Take the time to explain the purpose of a new group promotion, rank, or title. Don’t let the reward be the goal in and of itself. You should connect the feature with its underlying emotion by explaining what steps are required to earn the rank, how many others earned it, and what it’ll take to earn the next one. Start with the Leaderboard. Invision Community ships with the Leaderboard, which provides an overview of the most popular users and content. Scan for up-and-coming members to investigate what triggers their emotional satisfaction; scan for popular content to discover what excites your membership. Create multiple member journeys. Most communities follow a pattern of new member to trusted member to moderator. But members can become superusers in many ways. Members who enjoy nostalgia can organize a Year-in-Review topic. Members who enjoy affiliation should serve as Ambassadors to greet and mentor new members. Members who seek reputation will appreciate new outlets for publishing. Define multiple pathways that strategically tap into the diverse desires of your members. As you implement your initiatives to build a Community of Excellence, take the time to relate the initiative to the Elements of Value (Attachment: IPS Elements of Value Attachment.pdf). You’ll find new and creative ways of offering value to strengthen the relationship between your community and your members. Look deep within your community to unearth the rainbow spectrum of value. You’ll discover a wellspring of extraordinary value waiting to help your members shine brightest.
  2. This is really cool to just add some copyrights inside the footer with a little snow falling or anything else in background HTML > Add this to footer which you can find in globalTemplate mostly <footer id="sticky">&copy&nbspFooter Works, LLC - 2016</footer> Add The CSS Now> In custom.css body { margin:0; /*gets rid of white space around body*/ height:200vh; background:url("https://www.website/Image/Snow411.gif") no-repeat center / contain; background-color:#eee; position:relative; /*REQUIRED Sets up positioning for your footer*/ } #sticky { width:100%; padding:10px; padding-bottom:10px; background:black; color:white; font-weight:bold; font-size:10px; text-align:center; position:fixed; /*Here's what sticks it*/ bottom:0; /*to the bottom of the body*/ left:0; /*and to the left of the body.*/ /*EFFECTS*/ border-top:1px solid whitesmoke; background-image:url("https://www.website/Image/Snow411.gif") } Make sure you save the background image and upload it to your server so you don't get https issue + you can also use the image hosting websites to host your image files e.g ImgBB Try it yourself or use the codepen site to check its working or not, still i can say that its working smooth on my side
  3. We often get asked how to create a portal-like home page for a community. A homepage has many benefits including: Showing your best content first By using the "Our Picks" blocks, you can display your best content first. This content sets the tone for the site and will encourage engagement across your site. Display multiple areas of the suite Each application has its own feed blocks that can be used to display content on the home page. If your members use Gallery heavily, then showcase those photos on the homepage. If you use Calendar a lot to schedule events, then show event feeds. By displaying feeds to content is a great way to showcase all areas of your site on a single page. Reduce confusion For those of us that grew up with forums are used to viewing a list of categories and forums. We find it easy to scan the list of forums and dip into the ones that interest us. For those that are not so familiar, a homepage displaying easily accessible content reduces the confusion and invites true content discovery. In this short video, we show you how to create a homepage in under 5 minutes using the Pages app. Pages is available with all Cloud plans and is available to purchase when buying a self-hosting license. This video shows: How to set Pages as the default application How to create a Page Builder page How to configure blocks to fine tune the feeds As you can see, it's a straightforward task, and you do not need to know any programming or design to create a compelling homepage. Do you have a homepage like this? We'd love to see it!
  4. Creating a vibe with someone you like is the first step you need to take to pique their interest in you. I mean, the key to making that vibe more incessant, is to just make her laugh by creating a fun atmosphere. While this may come naturally to some guys, for me, it took a bit of an effort to create that vibe around women in general. You know what I mean? While some guys will make her laugh and have her eating out of their hands, others like me shy away and get confused as to how to make her comfortable and start a good conversation. © Filmkraft Productions Pvt Ltd Sometimes, it feels like men, who do it so easily, have some sort of a secret method they invest in, to get attention from the women they like, and I kept trying to find out what the secret really was. It took me a while to figure out the 3 most basic and important ingredients that keep a healthy vibe alive while talking to a woman, and now, I swear by these three things, because they seem to work for me, every time. It takes a lot of guts to go up to a woman and start talking to her, and for men who have trouble doing that, here are the 3 most basic things to keep in mind, to create a vivacious and a steady vibe, around her. 1. Have A Bit Of Curiosity To create a successful vibe with her, you need to be curious about her, beyond her looks. I mean, you can wonder how the hell is she so cute but apart from that, delve a little deeper and try and be more curious about things like 'how will she react if I flirt with her?' or 'what is funny to her?', 'what things are important to her?' or even 'what turns her on?'. These are all the right questions to be curious about. If you create a sense of curiosity about her through the right questions, then you will never run out of interesting things to talk about, especially when she's the focus of the conversation, hence creating an amiable vibe. 2. Be Bold Be impudent, a little cheeky and slightly irreverent when you're talking to her. Of course, don't go overboard with your boldness and don't start becoming arrogant. Just be playful with your words and if she finds it funny, she will definitely flirt back with you. For instance, this one time I was at a bar with a woman who wore spectacles. I was being a bit forward and 'bold' and I asked her if she leaves her glasses on during ***, because I was eternally curious about women in general wearing specs and whether or not they wore them while having *** (see, ask the right questions!). She humoured me of course because she found the boldness rather endearing and not too arrogant. It also depends on the tonality of whatever you're saying. So be wary of your tone when you're talking to her. Anyway, she replied with a laugh saying she usually loves to keep them on when she's doing it to see better, but she usually takes them off since she's scared they'll get knocked off her face! 3. Just Have FUN Fun is the key ingredient to a good vibe between anyone. If you're a fun guy, you're a winner for sure. She won't be thinking logically like 'is this guy good for me?' or 'where is this going?' when she's having fun with someone. She'll be thinking emotionally instead, and focusing more on 'let's live in this moment because it's so much fun!' Connect with her on her likes and her dislikes. If you know she digs 90s pop songs, maybe go for a drive with her, blasting the songs from the 90s, while you guys are singing them on the top of your lungs. If she likes karaoke, find a good karaoke bar and take her there whenever it happens and just lighten up with her. Having fun is like the currency of good conversations and good company and you can never compromise on that! Fun also means being silly and funny with her. Humour is a go-to for starting a conversation with any woman and upping the vibe a bit. You can be cocky-funny, or lame-funny, slapstick-funny, witty-funny or sarcastic-funny. Chose the funny you'd want to be and just nail it from there! So, now you should put all these three ingredients together when you're approaching someone you really want to talk to, and use them to your advantage to create a vibe she can't resist. After all, it all depends on the vibe you create and as they say, 'good vibes, make your tribe!'
  5. This is the support topic for the tutorial How to create a new blog and add entry. 03/30/2016 12:30 PM = The date the tutorial was added 03/30/2016 12:30 PM = The date the tutorial was updated Please post here if you have any questions or feedback.