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Found 94 results

  1. Pakistani Punjabi Film Poster

    © Present By : Ashiq Ali Hujra Shah Muqeem

  2. Qurbato k barf khano mai raha ik aztaraab. Hijer ky atish kadon mai ik sakoon hasil raha.

    © https://fundayforum.com/

  3. Koi amdaadi na aya doobne wale k pass.. Ik hajoom e dostaan yun tu saare sahil raha,,

    © https://fundayforum.com/

  4. Kab meri takhreeb mai tera taghafil th shareek.. Kab teri taameer mai mera laho shamil raha...

    © https://fundayforum.com/

  5. Hum safar wasif ali , Gard e safar mai rah gaye... Mujh ko ahsaas e nadamat yun saare munzil raha...

    © https://fundayforum.com/

  6. Doostoon ny phair li jab se nigah e iltifaat... Mehrbaan hu ker mere gher mai mera qatil raha

    © https://fundayforum.com/

  7. Dil k bojhte hi chiragh e anjuman khamosh th ... Dil jala jab tak, bara hangama mahfil raha ...

    © https://fundayforum.com/

  8. waqas dar

    khushi ka shikaar

    جال میں آ گئے ہیں غم کتنے اک خوشی کا شکار کرتے ہوئے

    © fundayforum.com

  9. Actor Sultan Rahi, Anjuman, Mustafa Qureshi, Talish, Albela, Durdana Rehman, Arif Lohar, Babar, Satira, Bahar, Afsan Qureshi Dricetor Aslam Dar, Murtaza Qureshi, Chaudhary Arif Producer Aslam Dar, Raheel Jabran Dar Writer Nasir Adeeb Musical Master Rafiq Ali Lyrics Hazeen Qadri, Waris Ludhianvi Singers Dar Noor Jehan, Arif Lohar, Humaira Channa Cinmatography Saeed Dar MUHAMMAD ASHIQ ALI HUJRA

    © https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silsila_(1987_film)

  10. Ashiq Ali

    gallery Muftbar.jpg

    Actor Sultan Rahi, Anjuman, Ali Ejaz, Najma Mehboob, Afzal Ahmad, Mujahid Abbas, Huma Dar, Hamid Rana, Firdous Jamal, Majid Janghir, Kokab Dar, Abo Shah Dricetor Hassan Askari Producer Tariq Masood Qureshi Writer Syed Noor Musical Kemal Ahmed Lyrics Khawaja Pervez Singers Nahid Akhtar, Mehnaz Cinmatography Pervez Khan MUHAMMAD ASHIQ ALI HUJRA

    © https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muftbar

  11. Actor Sultan Rahi, Javed Sheikh, Neeli, Ghulam Mohiuddin, Saima, Humayun Qureshi, Majeed Zarif, Mansoor Baloch, Hassan Murad, Abid Ali, Talish, Afshan Qureshi, Bahar Dricetor Idrees Khan Producer Nasir Adeeb, Hasan Saleem Writer Nasir Adeeb Musical Wajahat Attray Lyrics Waris Ludhianvi Singers Noor Jehan Cinmatography Ghazanfar Ali MUHAMMAD ASHIQ ALI HUJRA

    © http://pakmag.net/film/db/details.php?pid=3007

  12. Version 2.0.0


    (BIM41) Gallery In Post 1.1.4 The plugin allows you to add preview images in a neat carousel anywhere. Images can be inserted as a link to an album in Gallery, or add images to the URL from any resource.
  13. Pages is one our most flexible applications. We use Pages on this site for our news blog, our release list and our bug tracker. We also use it internally to track customer suggestions, knowledge base articles and more. The most common use for Pages is as a simple articles database. With its built in templates, you can create interesting and engaging pages in just a few minutes. This is how we have it configured for this news blog. In this entry, we'll be looking at something a little out of the ordinary. In just five minutes, you can create a simple curated YouTube video gallery on your website using Pages. All of this functionality is built in. You won't need to learn code, or install any plug-ins. Check out the video below for a walk through which covers: Creating a database and page Using the 'Easy Mode' page editor to drag and drop the database into place Setting up the database's custom fields for YouTube You can take this further by tweaking the built in templates to create something unique for your site. You may wish to use a different listing page and show thumbnails of the videos to entice your visitors into the site. This is ideal for sites which use YouTube heavily but wish to keep the discussion on your site. The built in comments and review sections display just under the video. Pages opens up many different ways of curating and displaying content. We'd love to see how you're using Pages, let us know in the comments!
  14. Version 1.1.0


    Disallow Attachments on Gallery Descriptions This plugin prevents users from uploading attachments to the Album and Image description fields. Compatible with IPS 4.3 only
  15. AMSTERDAM: A man was injured on Thursday after apparently jumping or falling several meters from the public gallery into the chamber of the Dutch parliament, local media reported. De Telegraaf newspaper quoted eyewitnesses as saying that the man had been pacing about in an agitated state before tying something to a railing and then jumping off. Website Nu.nl cited a parliamentary usher saying that the man had tried to hang himself. His condition was not known. A public video feed of the speakers? podium showed the shocked reaction of lawmakers after a loud thump before the session was postponed. Photos on social media showed the man receiving first aid on a lawmaker?s desk and later being carried out of parliament on a stretcher.
  16. A picture says a thousand words, they say. If getting those pictures online is troublesome, some of those words might be a little choice. Gallery has been an integral part of our community suite for just about as long as T1 Tech Mark Higgins can remember (and he has many years of memories). It has seen many interfaces changes as the years have rolled by. The most recent version received a fair amount to feedback on usability. We've listened. We've re-engineered most of Gallery's key interfaces to make uploading new images to your community frictionless. Lets take a look through the major changes. Improved submission process Submitting images has to be simple or else users will give up and your gallery will be underutilized. We have spent a lot of time simplifying and speeding up the submissions process for your users. The first thing that will be noticed is that the submission process is not presented as a wizard anymore, and the choice to submit to a category or album has been significantly cleaned up and simplified. Choosing a container Here, I have chosen the category I wish to submit to, so now I am asked if I want to submit directly to the category, if I want to create a new album, or if I want to submit to an existing album. Choosing one of those last two options will load the appropriate forms to create an album or select an existing album, respectively. Afterwards, the modal expands to full screen and you will naturally select your images next, and there's a lot to talk about here. Overhauled submission interface First and foremost, the interface has changed significantly to both simplify the UI and to make actually using the interface easier. When you click on an image, the form is loaded to the right immediately without an AJAX request needed to fetch the form. In addition to quickly setting the credit and copyright information for all images at once, you can now set the tags for all images quickly and easily without having to edit each image individually. Images support drag n drop reordering in the uploader here, which means that you can drag n drop images to different positions to control their order. Many users previously would name images "Image 1", "Image 2", and so on, and then set their albums to order images by name in order to control the order the images were displayed in. This is no longer necessary now that you can manually reposition the images. The default description editor is a pared down textarea box, but you can still use the rich text editor if you wish. The ability to enable maps for geo-encoded images and to upload thumbnails for videos is still supported as well, and those options will show up when appropriate in the right hand panel. The 100 image per submission limit has also been lifted. You can now upload many more images in one go with no hard limit imposed. Upon clicking submit images, you will see the typical multiredirector to store all of your images, however you will notice that it processes much faster than it did in 4.2 and below. Better submission control Administrators can now configure categories such that can accept only images, only albums, or both. This means you can now create categories that cannot be submitted to directly, and you can create categories that albums cannot be used with. This is a feature that has been oft-requested since the release of 4.0, and we are happy to report that it will be available in our next release. Additionally, album creators (if permitted) can also now create shared albums. When you create a new album, you can now specify (under the Privacy menu) who can submit to the album, with your available options being: Only me Anyone Only the users I specify Only the groups I specify Prior to 4.3, albums have always been owned by one user and only that user could submit to them. Invision Community 4.3 will open up albums so that anyone can submit to them, dependent upon the album creator's preferences and needs. The choice is yours as to who can submit to your albums New image navigation Another major change with Gallery 4.3 is that clicking an image now launches that image in a lightbox to view it and interact with it. This lightbox is context-aware, allowing you to visit the next and previous images in the listing, whether that is a category or album listing, or the featured images or new images listings on the Gallery homepage, for example. The new image lightbox Firstly, I will note that you are seeing the image here with my mouse cursor over the image area, exposing the title, tags, and some various buttons. When you mouse away from the image those overlays fade away to highlight the image itself better. As you can see, you can navigate left and right here to view the next and previous image in this context, and you can otherwise interact with the image as you would have if you had visited the older-style image view page (including the ability to rate, review and comment). The new Gallery release will introduce a new advertisement location in the right hand column to allow you to show advertisements, even in the lightbox. If you follow a link to a full image view page, the lightbox will automatically launch when the page loads, still allowing you to interact in a familiar manner. Additionally, if you move through enough images in the lightbox to reach a new page (for example, if you click on the last image in the album listing and then click on the next image button), the listing itself behind the lightbox will update for easier usability if the user closes the lightbox. One final thing to note is that the interface has been made more mobile friendly, particularly through the introduction of swiping support. You can swipe left and right in the lightbox, and in image carousels, to see the next and previous images. Notable performance improvements As we mentioned at the beginning, we recognize there is a balance between performance, usability, and attractiveness, particularly with regards to an image Gallery. For that reason, we have made Gallery's performance a major focus in 4.3, and have implemented some changes that bring with them a noticeable performance improvement. Firstly, we have adjusted the software to only store two copies of an image (in addition to the original), instead of four. In previous versions, we stored a thumbnail, a small copy, a medium copy and a large copy of an image, all of which arbitrarily sized and designed to best meet our layout needs without showing an image too large or too small in a given space. We have simplified this vastly by storing a slightly larger "small" image, and storing a large copy. Diskspace usage is reduced dramatically as a result, and bandwidth usage is actually lowered as well since only two copies of an image need to be delivered to the browser instead of four. Next, we have implemented prefetching of the 'next' and 'previous' pages when you launch the lightbox image view. This means that when a user navigates to the next image in the lightbox, it loads immediately instead of waiting for the content to be fetched from the server. From a UX perspective, this provides a much snappier and responsive interface, making users more apt to interact with the site. We have additionally sped up the submission process as previously mentioned. The order of execution for certain events that must happen during submission has been moved around a bit, resulting in a faster experience for the end user actually submitting the images. Because we know the details matter, we have implemented other smaller improvements as well. For example, the link to rebuild images in the AdminCP previously resulted in a redirect process that rebuilt the images while you waited, but now a background task is launched so that you can continue with what you were doing while the images get rebuilt in the background. From start to finish, the Gallery UI and UX has been touched on and improved, and we hope you enjoy these improvements when you start using the new version.
  17. Dara Baloch (1983 Original Poster)
  18. Every year on August 14, as the clock strikes midnight, Pakistan remembers its past. The day, exactly 70 years from today, a new country was born amidst bloodshed and horror, and hope. But there is more to the past. There is a history, a lifetime, before 1947 that we often forget, or omit from our collective consciousness. Geo.tv was provided rare access to the paintings, photographs and documents on display at the Punjab government?s Archives Department. Below is a glimpse of their collection. 1. A painting of Badshahi Mosque shows that the River Ravi once flowed outside its boundary walls (1854) 2. Sir Syed Ahmad Khan?s handwritten letter to the Governor of Punjab (1867) 3. Sir Robert Sandeman, the governor general of Balochistan, with a tribal group from Balochistan (1862) 4. A handwritten note by Zaib-un-Nissa, a Mughal princess and the eldest daughter of Emperor Aurangzeb (Date unknown) 5. The jewels and horse of Ranjit Singh (1844) 6. Punjab Boundary Commission set up to demarcate boundary lines for the partition of Punjab (1947) 7. A painting of Ranjit Singh capturing his final days (1839) 8. Ranjit Singh in a gathering at Sheesh Mahal held after the conquest of Kashmir. (1819) 9. A painting of the people of Multan (1854) 10. A collection of stamps from the early days post-partition 11. Duleep Singh, Ranjit Singh?s youngest son (Date Unknown) 12. A map of Lahore during Ranjit Singh?s rule (1837) 13. Treaty of Amritsar between the British and Maharaja Ranjit Singh (1809) 14. The Tomb of Anarkali where the above documents are at display ?Compiled by Benazir Shah
  19. "The Square", a Swedish movie about the curator of a museum filled with grotesquely pretentious conceptual art, beat stiff competition to win the top prize at the Cannes Film Festival on Sunday. Critics hailed the movie by writer-director Ruben Ostlund as "high-wire cinema" that veers between comedy and thriller with moments of pure surrealism, though some said it could easily have shed part of its 2 hours and 22 minutes running time. The film's highlight is a dinner for the museum's well-to-do patrons, with a performance artist leaping from table to table impersonating an ape in a bizarre, tense and ultimately violent scene. Spanish filmmaker Pedro Almodovar, who headed the jury of nine people that included Hollywood stars Will Smith and Jessica Chastain, said the film was about "the dictatorship of being politically correct". "Such a serious subject is treated with an incredible imagination. It is very, very, very funny," he said. "BPM (Beats Per Minute)", a French movie about AIDS awareness campaigners in the 1980s, had been favorite for the award but had to settle for second place, taking the Grand Prize of the Jury, something Almodovar seemed to regret. "This is a very democratic jury and I am the ninth part of this jury," he said and fought back tears as he talked of the film's portrayal of "real heroes that saved many lives". Sofia Coppola won the best director for "The Beguiled", a remake of the 1971 Clint Eastwood tale of sexual tension between an injured soldier in the American Civil War and the women and girls who take him in. Although members of the jury said she was the first woman to win that prize, the history books show that Soviet director Yuliya Solntseva won it in 1961. Nicole Kidman, who starred alongside Colin Farrell in "The Beguiled" and "The Killing of a Sacred Deer" missed out on the best actress trophy but was awarded a special prize, collecting the jury's 70th Anniversary Award. Best actress went to Diane Kruger for her performance in the German film "In the Fade", playing a woman trying to put her life back together after her husband and young son is killed in a bomb attack. It was her first role in her native German. Joaquin Phoenix was named best actor for his portrayal of a psychologically damaged hitman in "You Were Never Really Here" by British director Scottish director Lynne Ramsay, who shared the prize for best screenplay with the writers of ?The Killing of a Sacred Deer?, Yorgos Lanthimos and Efthimis Filippou. Video streaming company Netflix, which had two acclaimed movies in competition, left empty handed. Its lack of success should have come as no surprise, given that Almodovar said at the start of the festival that the Palme d'Or should not go a movie that would not be given a theatrical release.
  20. Girls are all innocent, unspoiled and polite but to believe that you must have no insight. There’s a reason why women hate each other because they know each other rather well. If your girl offers you a look at her photo gallery, you should never refuse the opportunity. Five minutes up and down her gallery, you’d never see her same way again. Here’s a list of a few things you are going to see in your girl’s gallery: (c) Thinkstock Chat Screenshots Every text you’ve ever sent her, she’s not the only one reading it. It has been sent to her gal-gang for analysis. The time difference between your text and screenshot of it is merely 2 seconds. Send her something obtuse and, the whole gang hates you and you just might disappear to Neverland. Sneak in some sweet nothings in a mundane conversation and her girls go like – “Well hello, Prince Charming”! Think twice before sending anything at all as there’s a whole team of experts analyzing every word you wrote. (c) Thinkstock Gazillion Selfies Ever wondered how she has a new flawless DP every single day? She clicks more selfies in a day than the number of porn films you’ve watched in your entire life. Pro Tip: Don’t agree to be in her selfie, you might just rot to death whilst posing and she’ll still be like “this isn’t good enough, let's click another”, SAY NO TO SELFIES! (c) Thinkstock PORN Girls may never admit this, but there is a Chamber of Secrets in her gallery too. Guys aren’t the only fans of Sasha Grey’s work. She’s probably going to tell you that she’s never seen porn to make you believe she’s squeaky clean, but trust me it’s a facade. You never know, she might just have the same favorite porn star as you. Useless quotes and Memes She’s just got the perfect two-liners for absolutely anything and everything, and on top of it, she knows exactly when to use what (they’re her greatest weapons during a fight). For all of her mood swings she’s got the perfect meme. And all of those relationship goals she'll eat your head up for, she's got memes for them as well. (c) Pinterest Hats off to stalking skills. From all her crush’s photos to his girlfriend’s to her roommate’s cousin’s boyfriend’s pictures, she’s got it all in her gallery. Whether it's the latest on her crush and the repeated old cry on why is he with her. You're going to find someone’s life history in there. Ever heard the phrase “a jealous girl does better research that FBI”, well, that rings true in this situation. And finally, Snapchat videos with the dog filter. Like she didn’t have enough in her gallery already!
  21. This is an entry about our IPS Community Suite 4.2 release We are happy to introduce several changes to our Gallery application to both refine the existing capabilities and to introduce new useful functionality; particularly for Albums. We have clarified how to submit images directly to a category on the first step of the upload form in Gallery. Clarification for submitting directly to a category When submitting images to the Gallery, a simple "Add more images" button has been added to the wizard. While it has always been possible to add more images by dragging and dropping them on to the upload area, or by clicking the "Choose files" button again, the addition of this button should help add some clarity for users who overlooked these capabilities. A new "Add more images" button makes adding additional images easier Applying the same details to all of the images you are submitting has been made much simpler. When you begin entering the details for the first image, you can specify a template to use for the caption name leveraging a special replacement "%n". A small help icon next to the caption field label explains how to use this capability. When you are done supplying the details, you can click "Copy details to all images" and your submission will start instantly, using all of the details supplied for the image you are editing. You can quickly set tags, an image description and a caption name template (for instance "Aquarium %n") to all images using this new capability, useful when submitting 50+ images at once. Of course, you can still supply the details for each individual image as well, if you wish. Submitting a lot of images at once has been made easier In addition to improvements for submitting images, albums have been updated to include many new features, including: Commenting Reviews Reactions Messages Featuring Hiding Locking Reporting Searching A new Gallery widget (sidebar block) to show albums anywhere throughout the Community Suite has been added as well. Album overview page Going along with these changes, we've improved how groups of images that are submitted to an album are handled in searches. If you submit multiple images to an album, you will only see the album listed in activity streams, and similarly if you follow a bunch of images in an album these are grouped as well, making activity streams more useful and easier to follow. Activity streams have been updated as well The changes to albums and image submissions will simplify your users' interaction with Gallery in 4.2, and make submitting images and new albums, and working with those albums more useful and robust. View the full article
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