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After Irfan Pathan Mohammed Shami Gets Trolled For Uploading Birthday Photos Of His Daughter



A day after Irfan Pathan invited criticism for sharing an 'un-Islamic' photo of his wife, another Indian cricketer has found himself caught in the crosshairs of an apparent moral policing drive by the Islamic traditionalists on the social media.

Mohammed Shami was probably looking to share the celebratory photos of his daughter Aairah's second birthday with his fans when things went south on Facebook. But, to the sheer disbelief of the Indian seamer, some fans (self-appointed gatekeepers of morality and religion) ended up trolling the cricketer for his wife's appearance in the photo.

The right-arm speedster had uploaded a picture of himself with his wife Haseen Jahan and two-year-old daughter on the popular social media website when the internet's moral watchdogs brought out their ammunition to gun down the Indian cricketer.

Apparently, it was the choice of Shami's wife not to wear a hijab which invited moral policing against him. Soon, numerous suggestions and hate comments came flooding down on Shami's post which has taken the social media by storm.

“Sad to see your wife without hijab. my dear shami sir do not look at the smallness of the sin, rather look at the one whom you are disobeying,” Sharun Km from Kunnamkulam posted with a hashtag #GoToHell,” said one comment. Another Facebook user wrote: “Do u want to please right wings by not wearing hijab nd celebrating birthday".

There were also comments that stated that celebrating birthdays “in this manner” is against the religion. At the same time, there were many who wished Shami well and also slammed the trolls.

"Sad to see insects like you crawl out out of the gutter," Prajay Basu from Mumbai slammed the trolls. Bhagya Teja of Bengaluru asked: "When will your petty mindset change?"

A day before, Pathan was also subject to immense criticism for sharing the photograph of his wife Safa Baig whose arm and partial face wasn't covered. So much so that the trolls even took offence to Safa wearing nail polish.


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