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The 10 Most Stupid Decisions We Make In Our Early 20s andamp How They Affect Us In Our Later Years



Our 20s are, somehow, filled with all sorts of decisions we make and they're all of them, impulsive. For instance, that time when we decided to drive down the expressway, throwing caution to the wind—no seatbelts, alcohol bottles in the hand—or that time when having *** with your then-girlfriend, sans protection made total sense because you thought you were fucking made for each other and all… the list is quite endless, really.

But, for the sake of saving us all some grace; albeit fallen, I'll limit some of these mistakes to, let's say, the ten most commonly stupid mistakes.

1. Making A Big Deal Of Virginity

It doesn't matter if you were a guy. You made a big deal about it—whether it was hers, or yours. If it was her, then you automatically took it to mean that she cared enough to lose it to you because you were such a man. Wrong. In your case, you took it to mean it made you into a full grown man. Again, wrong. And that's why it was stupid. You took it to mean that somehow, it made you an adult. Unfortunately, you would learn much later in life that being mature, adult and growing up are three very different things.

The 10 Most Stupid Decisions We Make In Our Early 20s & How They Affect Us In Our Later Years© Pexels

2. Being A Part Of A Posse

Years later, you'd either look at photographs of yourself, or at a mental picture that is somehow still engraved in your brain and wonder how stupid could you even be. With that hair style that could qualify as that of a psychopath's and those jeans hanging a little lower than the crack of your butt hole—and how you thought no end of yourself. Look at you now.

3. Fucking Like A Gorilla At Every Chance You Got

Because all of a sudden you realized this new thing about yourself that you never could understand before, for the longest time. Because suddenly, you realized that this new thing is the portal to all kinds of pleasure chests you had no idea existed and all you wanted to do was get it on with someone like your life and the existence of the entire human race depended on it. Only, later you sit back on a couch, or a bed, alone and masturbating, wondering what the hell did that even amount to anyway? Okay, maybe your *** count went up to soaring heights; but, look at you now.

The 10 Most Stupid Decisions We Make In Our Early 20s & How They Affect Us In Our Later Years© Pexels

4. Drinking Till You Passed Out

Or till you puked on someone's shoes; or worse, on your own self; day after day, every day. It was so fucking cool back then, no? Sounds familiar? Do you still remember what you smelled like—alcohol with or without puke? Do you still remember what it felt like the morning after? Do you wonder how moronic you were on a level of one to a trillion? It sure seemed like you could conquer the world with nothing but a bottle in your hands back then. Now, you can barely conquer your work assignment without being called out by seniors.

5. Driving With Reckless Abandon

For some reason it felt good to show off to your guy friends that somehow, your balls were bigger than theirs; and to your girlfriends that you were such a daredevil, hoping that would make them wetter for you. It didn't even strike you that you could be in a terrible accident because you were under the blinded impression that you had it under control. Well, you never really did and look at you now.

The 10 Most Stupid Decisions We Make In Our Early 20s & How They Affect Us In Our Later Years© Pexels

6. Doing Drugs Like A Cartel Leader

Because it was so damn cool. Everyone who was ever classified as cool was doing it—in the abandoned floor of the school, in the dark alley behind the college campus, in the backseat of the car in the dead of the night. You were scoring and doing it as much as you can while you kept telling yourself that you were never really addicted. And slowly losing grasp over the difference between control and addiction. It started to blur to a point where you couldn't tell anymore.

7. Disrespecting Your Folks

You were, after all, so damned busy having a life, any which way. So, why would you ever want to spend your time listening to your parents' just try to ask after you because they were concerned about your wellbeing? Remember how you found it such a waste of time spending the day with your family when you could be doing something cooler like laying waste like a rotting vegetable, doing drugs, talking trash about some girl you found hot and how you'd really like to be like that dude you think is the coolest? Years have gone by; that dude is in rehab for the third time and your “friends” are nowhere to be found... Look at you now…

The 10 Most Stupid Decisions We Make In Our Early 20s & How They Affect Us In Our Later Years© Pexels

8. Being Such A Player

It was the bar for measuring how much of a man you really were—after driving recklessly, making a big deal about virginity and acting out. You were so proud of yourself when you announced how you were two-timing the women in your life. And then again, your friends looked at you like you were a God when you were cheating on your girlfriend with every other girl you met. How you never even thought it necessary to even announce to the “other” woman that you were taken? It felt like such an ego boost for an alpha male to have. But, what really alpha about the male in you, aside from the fact that you could hold an erection for a few good minutes just to ram it in and out and ejaculate on how manly you were?

9. Throwing Money Like You Were Creating It

It felt good to have a fat wallet that you could use to splurge on men, women and toys just because your father and mother worked really hard to give you that and because you seemed to think you were entitled to that just because you were their kid. Did it buy you great friends, loving relationships and unbroken promises? Did it make you less of a jerk and a little more human? Or did it just make you dispensable and by extension, disposable… just like the cash in your big fat wallet?

The 10 Most Stupid Decisions We Make In Our Early 20s & How They Affect Us In Our Later Years© Pexels

10. Not Giving A Single ****

About the road signs, the street animals, the rules of the administration, the feelings of the people around you and anything in general. It made you the coolest stud around. You liked how your response to almost everything in your life back then was “I give zero fucks”. It somehow made you seem like you were unfuckwithable. Wrong. It just meant you had no strings attached to anything or anyone. That you were a lose nut who didn't care enough about anything and so could cut lose at any given moment. It made you untrustworthy. Do you still give zero fucks about the next person who does that to you?


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