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160350_2534071_updates.jpgPhoto: courtesy LG

If you are fed up of mosquitoes hovering over you all the time, then you are in luck. 

LG has introduced a new smartphone that will keep the mosquitoes away from you.

The phone, LG K7i, is equipped with mosquito repellent technology. It produces ultrasonic waves which are not audible to human beings but audible to mosquitoes. So it will repel the mosquitoes away from you if you have the phone near you.


The mosquito away technology provides better protection against the midge-like flies and requires no liquid repellent or refilling. 

The phone also comes with a ?Mosquito Away? stand which allows the phone to be used as a mosquito repellent. 


The mosquito-repellent technology is a part of the back cover as you can see in the image. 

The phone has been designed keeping in mind India, which faces threats by diseases such as malaria and dengue. However, the phone can also prove to be useful for users in Pakistan. 

"The company has set a benchmark for ensuring the health of Indian consumers," Amit Gujral, LG's chief marketing officer in India, told CNNMoney.

According to LG, K7i had a success rate of 72% during clinical trials in repelling disease-spreading mosquitoes.

The phone is currently available in India for INR 7,990 (PKR 12,800) and is expected to come to Pakistan soon.


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