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Chinese Man Tries To Bless His Rs. 50 Lakh BMW With Incense Sticks, Burns It Instead

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In India, the common tradition when you buy a brand new car, is to take it to a temple or any other religious place of worship and have it blessed by the priest. Well, turns out that the Chinese are pretty religious and sentimental about their materialistic things just like us.

However, all didn't go well with a certain Chinese man in Jiangsu city. He purchased a brand new BMW worth Rs. 50 lakhs and like any normal person, wanted to have it blessed.

However, things went downhill after he placed some burning incense sticks around his car which ended up in the vehicle going up completely in flames!

In the video, you can see him covering the car with a red cloth for offering prayers. It is quite possible that the material was highly flammable and it caught on fire from the burning incense, which ended up burning the BMW.

Honestly, some people should just let some sense prevail when mixing their sentimental thoughts and actions with logic. 

While we can't even imagine the pain the poor man must be going through, people on social media, however, are joking about it on the lines of how perhaps his 'sacrifice' was accepted by the benevolent Gods!  

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