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Ryan Reynolds Is Pushing Again For A Deadpool-Wolverine Crossover & Now Even Chris Evans Wants In

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Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman love each other, like really really love each other. Sorry Blake, seems like your husband is into another man. 

When it comes to the fans, everyone loves them separately as superheroes but everyone loves them even more together and Ryan is also a huge Deadpool-Wolverine fan, because he's always trying his best to make that crossover happen.

Hugh just posted a 'tbt' for one of the biggest characters he's ever played. Very innocent. (And it's in Hindi!)

#Mumbai #Logan #ThrowbackThursday pic.twitter.com/XL68UMDpX0

— Hugh Jackman (@RealHughJackman) December 13, 2018

And obviously, Ryan found the opportunity to do what he does best - troll Hugh.

It'd be cool if they made a new poster. For a new movie.

— Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) December 13, 2018

Yes Ryan, it would be cool, very cool. Full props to Ryan for being so subtle.

Hugh is obviously used to his friend's antics and knows how to troll him back.

The obsession is real. @VancityReynolds https://t.co/HrM9daAPb6

— Hugh Jackman (@RealHughJackman) December 13, 2018

And, their banter continued.

It's true. I'll never forget how much I mean to you. https://t.co/JOZyErPjG1

— Ryan Reynolds (@VancityReynolds) December 13, 2018

While I look for my violin ... perhaps you'd like to answer my challenge?! https://t.co/YxlwITDWmd

— Hugh Jackman (@RealHughJackman) December 13, 2018

Honestly, everyone loves to see both of them interacting on Twitter.

Ryan is the bad cop, of course.

Buddy cop, bad cop, worse cop.... We need some sort of partnership here ð

— BossLogic (@Bosslogic) December 13, 2018

This works.

What, like this? pic.twitter.com/vVsEiBWwhr

— Big Al ðªðº (@Big_Al_Warren) December 13, 2018

Not much.

Your adoring fans aren't asking for much... pic.twitter.com/7XJwVHUxtT

— Jeffrey Mendez (@JeffreyJMendez) December 13, 2018



— Jon Kautza (@KautzaJon) December 13, 2018

Yes, we deserve it!

GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT!!!! pic.twitter.com/eTyQ9K9FAx

— Laura Ryder (@Ryder_83) December 13, 2018

Take notes.

Okay Hollywood producers and or directors please make a movie with these two incredible actors in it. Ryan and Hugh are freaking hilarious https://t.co/R8vNKWIww1

— DC (@vibalacy) December 13, 2018

But then, the best reaction and contribution came from none other than Chris Evans.

I have my audition monologues prepared. https://t.co/LU1b0iTNRR

— Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) December 13, 2018

A Deadpool-Wolverine-Captain America crossover is not something that we knew we wanted, but now we desperately need it.

MeToo And The Sum Of Its Parts

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