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  1. View File WinRAR 5.50 [English] [x84 + x64] + Universal Patch. MAKE WINRAR v5.50 - 40 day Trial to FULL registered version using simple (CLEAN CODE) with easy rarreg.key or you can apply a patch. Here is a working rarreg.key With just a simple CLEAN SMALL CODE I scanned with anti-virus but feel free to scan again. HOW TO :- First, install the winrar application. I tested v5.50 (32bit) & works fine. Once installed run your winRaR U can see it's trial for 40 days. NOW:- copy the rarreg.key and paste it to your WinRar installation directory. For 64 bit win: C: \ Program Files \ WinRAR For 32 bit win: C: \ Program Files (x86) \ winrar (Or which ever drive U have winRaR installed too. (D:) drive etc. So now in your winrar main folder/directory you will also have rarreg.key in same folder. If U did all correct you have successfully activated WinRar then, now just continue to use without fear anymore Submitter FRiEND Submitted 05/03/2018 Category PC Softwares  
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    Welcome to Fundayforum.com - Pakistani Urdu Community Forum.

    Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

    Please click here and find out your name post at the end of last page of topic. So lets start your 1st post with your introduction. How about that  




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      Hi, Thanks for having me on your forum - Best wishes from the UK


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      waqas dar

      u welcome nd thanks for wishing :)  hope u will like it here. :) 

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