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Release Notes Tutorial

So after following a guide from IPS located here and some people wanted to re-create it i found out i did it myself and sharing the work here to simplify things for others.

Let's get started!

Pre - Download the files from the download section below

1) Import the Database
AdminCP > Pages > Database > Create New >Upload Templates > Release_Notes_DB.xml
For Permissions, EVERYONE can SEE Database and VIEW Records. (Else you can't see the release)
For those that are to ADD and EDIT releases give permission "Add Record" "Edit Records"
Comments, reviews and  rate are turned off so this does not matter

2) Permissions for the database
AdminCP > Pages > Database > Fields

Please repeat the steps from Title to Additional Information (Anything in publish fields you don't need to touch)

  • Click on padlock & Follow from screenshot (Those that needs EDIT and ADD are people wanting to add or edit information)


3) Delete the default template that gets created 

AdminCP > Pages > Templates 
Here you should see ReleaseNotes (Might have a number after it)

  • Click on the cogwheel and DELETE

4) Upload Template file 

We are still in AdminCP > Pages > Templates

  • Click Upload Templates
  • Select the "Release Notes Template"
  • Click Next

5) Add the CSS and JS

In Templates click New > New CSS File
Name: releasenotes
Group: Add to an existing Group
Existing Group: CSS
Make sure you name it "releasenotes" (Do not add .css or the "")

You should now have 3 tabs (HTML | CSS | JS) Like the photo below

  • Click on CSS > Page CSS > releasenotes.css
  • Paste in the content from the releasenotes.css file that was provided in the zip you downloaded at the first step here ** LINK *** (Just open it in notepad)
  • Save

Now we do the same for JS.

Admin > Pages > Templates > New JS file

Name: releasenotes
Group: Add to an exisiting Group
Existing Group: JS

  • Click on JS > Page JS > releasenotes.js
  • Paste in the content from the releasenotes.js file that was provided in the zip you downloaded at the first step (Just open it in notepad)
  • Save

Now we are half way there and its starting to take shape but we need to get some other things done as well, as every database is different we need to find a ID so lets continue.

6) Finding and adding the correct field_id

AdminCP > Pages > Databases > Fields

  • Find Current Release and click on it

The ID is displayed in the address bar see image below


Take a note of this as we will need it now. So lets continue.

AdminCP > Pages > Templates > HTML > Database Templates > Releasenotes > recordrow

Find the code (its first a href link from the top)

<a href='{$row->url()}' class='cRelease' data-releaseID='{$row->$idField}' {{if $row->fieldValues()['field_22']}}data-currentRelease{{endif}}>

Should look something among those lines now change it to something like this

<a href='{$row->url()}' class='cRelease' data-releaseID='{$row->$idField}' {{if $row->fieldValues()['field_YOURID']}}data-currentRelease{{endif}}>

Where YOURID is the id you just found (see highlighted images a little bit up) And SAVE

Great so now The current release is the one that you have in your database, we are missing to fix some small things in the database then create the page

8) Editing Database Settings

AdminCP > Pages > Databases > Edit
Now lets edit the small changes

Listing Template Group: Releasenotes
Display Template Group: Releasenotes
Database Key: release-notes

Go to the Options Tab
Sort: Long ID
Order: Descending (9-0) 

That's it Lets go to the last step. 

9) Creating the page

Admin > Pages > Add Page > Manual HTML

Leave things default, but change the values below I will go from tab to tab left to right.

  • Details
    Name: Releaste Notes
  • Page Includes

Select both your CSS and JS file from step 5

  • Content 
  • If you want you can add it to your menu as well thats up to you ;)  Anyways hit save.
  • Permissions - Who can view the release notes and SAVE.

There we go. Created and done, so now you should be able to visit yoursite.com/release-notes

Congratulations you got it, should look something among these lines now.


So for the information you can click ADD release and this is how it works.

  • Its sorted on LONG ID (So higher the number the higher to the top it goes. (If you select 0 it will auto increment so it will be the highest)
  • Current Release will be displayed as a green badge at the side
  • If you do not put a date it will become "In Development"
  • Adding Beta Release will show that its a Beta
  • Adding Security will add a red Triangle to it and show its a security release.
  • Additional Information is just notes for admins

If you liked this tutorial please remember to give it a thumbs up. where you see this icon bottom right corner of this post.

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hm it look like this, i fixed it in my opinion thank you for tutorial again! Please share new Plugins :)


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if this create error please let us know where u fixed tht so i can edit tht. :) thanks for liking and fixing error :) 

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