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Colored/Styled User Titles in IPS 4.1

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Hello my lovely friends!

somebody was asking at the IP.Board support section how he could color his user titles and I found a quite easy way to help him out.

I think theres no plugin out there to do this job, so we do it ourself! I think it will help alot of people here.


1. Go to Admin CP -> Customization -> Themes -> YOUR THEME -> Edit HTML and CSS

2. Search the Templates Tab for -> forums -> front -> topics -> postContainer

3. Search the following code:

{{if $comment->author()->member_title && $comment->author()->member_id}}
	<li class='ipsResponsive_hidePhone ipsType_break'>{$comment->author()->member_title}</li>

and replace

<li class='ipsResponsive_hidePhone ipsType_break'>{$comment->author()->member_title}</li>


<li class='adm_{$comment->author()->member_id}'>{$comment->author()->member_title}</li>

Save the postContainer template, we are done here.

4. Go to the CSS Tab and search for core -> front -> custom -> custom.css, now add the following code/class:

.adm_1 {

and save it, voilá!

Important:  This code will color the user title of the user with the ID 1.

To give other users colored user titles you just have to create more classes in your custom.css.

Example: Morpheus want's black and has the member_id 666.



I hope this helps, btw. you can also change the member_id variable in your templates to member_group variable and give each user group a static user title color/style!

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