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ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Spokesperson Fawad Chaudhry said on Sunday that the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has still not submitted any objection to the JIT report.

Addressing a press conference, he said the ruling party is having trouble finding any worthwhile lawyer to represent them.

?We hope the Panama case will reach its logical conclusion by the end of the week,? said the PTI leader.

Chaudhry said there was a substantial increase in Nawaz Sharif?s assets after he came to power, adding that the premier was sent Rs1 billion from 2010-2015 as gifts. ?He gifted Rs82 million to Maryam who then gifted it back to Nawaz,? claimed Chaudhry.

He claimed the PML-N was used as a tool to whiten ill-gotten wealth.

The JIT report stated that Hussain Nawaz owns 13 companies of which nine are loss-making enterprises, Chaudhry said.

The PTI leader said those defending the Sharif family should first become defenders of Pakistan. He advised those looking for conspiracies to first read the JIT report. ?When the Urdu translation of the JIT report is out, it?ll be clear what ?seems/likely? means,? he said.

Everyone must be held accountable but it should start from the ruling party, stressed Chaudhry.

He revealed that an indoor event of the PTI that was to be held today and attended by PTI chief Imran Khan was sealed by the local administration of Islamabad. ?We strongly condemn this act,? he stated. 

Chaudhry was accompanied by Senator Shibli Faraz of the PTI. 

Shafqat Mahmood's presser

At a press conference in Lahore earlier, PTI's Shafqat Mahmood said the money trail of Sharif family is connected to Gulf Steel Mills as United Arab Emirates has no records of the company?s dealings.

He added that Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif signed on the sale agreement of Gulf Steel Mills, but now he has refused to admit to what he did.

He spoke further about the ownership of properties by Sharif family, saying it has been proven that Neilsen company belong to Maryam Nawaz. He said it has also been proven Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was the marketing manager of FZE company on a salary of DHR 10,000. ?Now they claim Nawaz was the chairperson and manager but did not take salary.?

Mahmood said the public elected Nawaz to rule the country, not carry out corrupt activities.

The PTI leader said the Panama case is nearing its conclusion, which is why the ministers were worrying with the passage of time.

He maintained the ministers talk about conspiracies but do not name anyone.

?Leaders have also been calling Panama case an international conspiracy,? Mahmood said. ?But it is surprising that different countries have collaborated to conspire against them.?


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