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waqas dar



A movement to project a positive image of Pakistan to the world, started by cricketer Shoaib Malik, has captured not just the hearts of patriotic Pakistanis but also the chaotic world of social media.

#PakistanZindabad, the hashtag defining the movement, is dominating Twitter, becoming among the top trends as enthusiastic Twitterati show off to the world the many facets of their motherland they are proud of and hold dear.

?Let?s do our part in showing the world the side of Pakistan we all love, cherish and share every day. We are Pakistan?s ambassador ? to the people around, or on social media, print, or where ever we have influence, however far our voices reach...? says the description of the #PakistanZindabad movement on Shoaib Malik?s website.

?So here?s an idea; what if we all tweet once per day on something great about Pakistan, it could be a picture, or a quote, a moment, about history, achievements, records, a fact, anything that we love our country more for ? using #PakistanZindabad ? for at least 40 days. Why 40? the current record for the longest trend is 39 days smth hours,? the post reads.

Malik's teammates threw their support behind the movement.

People flocked to the call and started tweeting about the things they love about Pakistan:


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